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Indian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of India, as addressed to in the Constitution of India — Prime Minister for the Union, is the chief of government, chief advisor to the President of India, head of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament.

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PM hails Indian youth for resisting radicalisation
Man I'm gonna miss President Obama. Come be the Indian Prime Minister, sir.
The conference is being held in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. The Prime Minister will address the conference via video conferen…
From all the great people I had the chance to meet in my life, I had the chance today to meet our Prime minister.
Global insight in 1 hand site:Necessity is mum of how did this help
The sooner Europe accepts what Indian Prime Minister Modi has been saying dat there is no good or bad terrorism,d better for it
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said “independent thinking and free expression in Indian universities "are now under threat"
Here are a few pictures from the second edition of attended by the Prime Minister yesterday.
An open letter to the Indian Prime Minister: We’re about to build ‘Obsolete Cities’, not ‘Smart… – Ketan’s...
Former Italian PM says the EU dream is dead
PM hailed the Indian youth for resisting radicalization . via MyNt
This statement gives exact picture of the present Indian prime minister and the opposition faced by him. 😠😠
criticizes Indian Prime Minister for his “rhetoric” about state terrorism.
Women are miss using the dowry Indian dowry low . Our prime Minister has to improve this soon for the social problems.,😚☺
khan Bacha khan with the former Indian prime minister Andra Gandhi during his last visit to India. Rest in peace
defends decision to demonetize high-value bills: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended his
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Mr. UK's Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs met the Prime Minister.
One the most humble, greatest Indian alive and a great Former Prime Minister of India Very Happy Birthday.
PM hailed the Indian youth for resisting radicalization & asserted to take this heritage forward.
JAN19. 1966 Indira Gandhi becomes Indian prime minister. She was India's first female head of government. 2017...
I am very thanks to my god because my prime minister has improve the Indian economy.
Nigel Farage joins Donald Trump, Beyoncé and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a candidate for Time Magazine's person of the y…
Canada prime minister celebrate Pongal, Indian prime minister removes Pongal from list of holidays
Minister, kindly hear the voice of Indian people for Jallikattu all over the worldJallikatu
as a Indian prime minister u shd not say this ji. Youth protest has a power to change anything...
A humble request to the prime minister, . sir if you are making a committee for the Indian films so they can be... https:/…
Breaking news: Indian prime minister missing !! Can somebody find him ?? tamilnadu CM as well !! Pls…
The Indian ExpressThe three-member panel, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also including Chief...
Grateful to the Indian community for the warmth. Delighted to interact with them at the community programme.
dispicable, you should ask your father, the prime minister, to have Indian secret services investigate them
give him the Indian citizenship let him be the next prime minister of India.
.ABOUT POPULARITY AND LEVEL OF OUR INDIAN HNBLE PRIME MINISTER SHRI SIR! then and then too as if u res g can have idea
first Indian prime minister to connect with every Indian thru maan ki baat radio program.
in indian constitution there is no option to take leave for prime minister. Before namo also no one had taken leave.
We Indian feel proud that we hv a world class leader as our P.M. he is not only good prime minister but also a good man .
Anybody can live in world without liquor,women,money and family? YES.Only one person in the world. Indian prime minister N.
The Congress Party's Charter of Demands on demonetization on behalf of the people of India. The Prime Minister must answer…
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the decision to scrap high-value bank notes will ...
Condition of kejriwal after hearing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to address the nation before the dawn of New Year…
it's a very good job I salute Indian prime minister Mr Narendra Modi
The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the sale of surplus land of Hindustan...
should be the next prime minister of Pakistan. I watched him talking to an Indian anchor. He was so respectful. So proud.
India is anxious as PM Modi prepares to address nation on New Year's Eve . The last time Indian Prime Minister Nar…
The last time Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a televised address to the nation, citizens found most of th…
"The Indian government is not telling anyone to have four children nor is the Prime Minister"
I added a video to a playlist Astrologer Reveals Secrets of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji - Indian
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif writes to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj after her kidney tran…
stupid. Sikh is plagarized religion from islam and hinduism. Sikh bodyguards of indian prime minister indira gandhi murdered her
Praise God! Our Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi accepted the Bible. May God's love prevail in his heart. God bless PM…
Prime minister Nawaz Sharif visited Azad Kashmir. Look the van which is destroyed by Indian firing
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go into 2017 watchful but unbowed
welcome to Indian comedy circus n our host is Mr prime minister sory prime monster modi
If Indian Prime Minister visit the area and ask the state govt to give compensation to these Hindu victims,
has a great faith in the power of the Prime Minister and to every Indian citizen, and that they had corrupt bank employee
Our Prime Minister's initiative of Skilling India has laid down the foundation of a dedicated...
Prime Minister likely to address the nation before New Year. . . . Result wali feeling aa gai BC. . 😂😂😂
Former West Indian Cricket Team Captain Wishing the Prime Minister of Pak Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.
Demonization by prime minister of India is very good decision for Indian economy.
as I represent Indian citizen if you possible stop the corruption other wise support to prime minister against corruption
all the optical party me as a Indian citizen say support to our country and our prime minister against corruption
our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is the most popular on with 32.9 Million followers.
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our prime minister for taking the boldest steps of reviving the Indian economy. This'll change.
Indian actor, film producer and politician Rajesh Khanna with Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
I have some familiarity w/ Jerusalem, and Kerry is far more rooted in the complex realities of the city than our Prime…
'Why does prime minister follow trolls,' responds to via
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins reader's poll for TIME's 'Person of the Year'
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says more changes are on the horizon to bolster &
India is my country and aur dont compromise to any good decision. . All Indian person to support to Indian prime min…
The word 'ENTIRE' to be added before every available degree to show respect to prime minister Narendra Modi - SC
Each successive Prime Minister holds onto Indian Act Apartheid tighter than the last one. What is with them?
Indian PM focuses on tourism for boosting jobs: For employment generation in the coming days, Prime Minister…
3. he commiserates with the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and the families of the victims.
Government leaders feel that the sudden move by the Indian Prime Minister has brought new respect for him. A...
Indian Prime Minister inaugurated website built by
But You should control your anger because you are speaking to Indian Prime Minister.
"The best way to find yourself is to lose it in the service of others,” former Indian Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi. What do y…
"Why so silent?" is a question that will haunt any Indian Prime Minister. They called Narasimha Rao indecisive,...
Do you know Thy Enemy? Yes He is Narendra Damodardas Modi, the Indian Prime Minister is Thy enemy but a GOOD FRIEND OF NS
Indian Prime Minister arrives in for business trip
So eNCA doesn't think its in the Public Interest to cover the visit of Indian Prime Minister - member of BRICS we're part…
So the Indian Prime Minister is at the Union Buildings, Pretoria...
Is it me or does the purpose for Apple creating an App for the Indian Prime Minister seem awfully obvious?
Indian Prime Minister meets his wax double in Madame Tussauds: LONDON (Reuters) - Indian Prime...
Kate and Wills discuss steel crisis with the Indian Prime Minister. via
EU welcomes Indian Prime Minister with open arms. Read and Share via NM App
Modi want Nawaz Sharif as prime minister in every cost because he is fulfilling Indian agenda
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is heading to Brussels to discuss an India-EU free trade deal. But wh...
Prime Minister to pay homage to victims and to address the Indian diaspora
EU welcomes Indian Prime Minister with open arms
EU welcomes Indian Prime Minister with open arms.
EU welcomes Indian Prime Minister with open arms. .
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi being warmly welcomed by the people of Indian Community, on his arrival at...
Ever seen an Indian Prime Minister schooling foreign policy makers, industrialists and heads of states?
Oracle CEO Meets Indian Prime Minister, Details Bengaluru Campus Plans: Oracle is of the view that the plans a...
hold official session of talks with Indian Prime Minister on bilateral relations and discuss interna…
and Indian Prime Minister witness the signing of agreements & MoU's between the two countries
ISIS threatens to kill Indian Prime Minister and Defense Minister
As humans we r bound to get frustrated. .but Kejrival's angst shouldn't harm country' image abroad about Indian Prime Minister
Controversy as Hindus prepare to welcome Indian Prime Minister
Modi in London: Protesters say Indian Prime Minister is not welcome -
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today with Indian Prime Minister at in Paris.
"Namaste Wembley," says the British prime minister as he introduces Indian Prime Minister
The Congress Party seems to believe that any foreign national meeting an Indian Prime Minister is interfering in India’s internal affairs
The RAF Red Arrows were delighted to take part in a flypast to mark the visit of the Indian Prime Minister.
Disappointing that Straw is distorting the words of the Indian Prime Minister: Responding to BSE Executive Dir...
And now the Indian Prime Minister has just driven past me down Horse Guards in an escorted old taxi. Who will my number 3 spot be?
"Prime Minister Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to play host to the Bose family" -
Narendra Modi first Indian Prime Minister to visit California after 1978. via NM App
How does a man responsible for Gujarat Roit become Indian Prime Minister?
Narendra Modi first Indian Prime Minister to visit Silicon Valley in 33 years via
September 13 47 Indian Prime Minister suggests the exchange of four million Hindus and Muslims between India and Pakistan
Prime Minister of India: Cancel the proposed visit of Indian Prime Minister to Israel and total...
Meeting with Indian Prime Minister done, Hon. Semisi Fakahau now is escorted from Rashtrapati Bhavan
Be ready for traffic queues and chaos around Dubai Sports City this afternoon, as people queue to hear the Indian Prime Minister.
Follow live updates of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's visit to Masdar City. 'Science is life' wrote PM...
NarendraModi’s visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque is interesting in the sense that it is first ever trip by the Indian Prime Minister to a Mosque
PM Modi to travel to UAE on August 16-17: In a first visit by an Indian Prime Minister in over…
Dear please sign the petition so we can place a woman of note on our currency! Sign the petition and RT!
We strongly condemn Indian Army's aggression against Pakistan. It seems Indian Army is out of control of the Indian Prime Minister.
Mr prime minister don't waste your time.please start a macnisam .who create opportunity to equal health and education for the Indian.
Don't focus on growing rich and building only, but focus on building…
Prime Minister of India: PMOIndia "RT narendramodi: Achievements of Indian contingent at LA2015 SpecialOlympics ar…
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has softest possible belly when it comes to confronting Indian terrorism inside Pakistan.
Prime Minister of Pakistan is yet to respond to hawkish attitude of Indian Counterpart.The question is Why?
Oh sorry Indian Prime Minister,oh sorry he has not yet visit Nigeria nor Africa ! Love !
And the Techiest head of state is Indian Prime Minister who now has his own iPhone app:
In 2012 sacrificed support because did not answer letter sent by Indian Prime Minister
is Narendra Modi not behind bars for causing deaths of thousands at hands of Gujrat death squads? Indian Prime Minister!
The position of the Indian Prime Minister makes one deaf and mute. Earlier, Manmohan Singh. Now Modi.
Bharat Thakur: My yoga story: Today yoga has become a world phenomenon. At the behest of Indian Prime Minister...
Shri Narendra Modi to be first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel
Hey learn how to respect an Indian Prime Minister! Be professional, not an *** .
14. For the first time after 42 yrs Indian Prime Minister visited Canada not to attend some meeting but as a specific state…
Newsmaker of the day: Narendra Modi: Newsmaker, April 14: John Geddes sets the tone for Indian Prime Minister ...
Indian Prime Minister is expected to use his 3-nation tour of & to promote
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Indian Prime Minister: optimistic about Rafale fighter jet talks
Indian Prime Minister is optimistic about fighter jet talks Via
Check out our first article! It looks at new Indian Prime Minister leadership on the subcontinent.
Bach to meet Indian Prime Minister as world's 2nd most populous country considers 2024 bid
First time in political history an American president will try to impress the Indian Prime Minister during his visit & not the vice-versa.
Part of Indian Prime Minister national cleaning campaign: Someone's got to pick up the trash on Mount Everest
Modi will also be the first Indian Prime Minister to travel to Sri Lanka in 28 years,
Indian Prime Minister brings pro-growth policies to world's largest democracy
Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister born after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947
Indian Prime Minister asks IT experts to innovate for m-governance via
President Obama and Indian Prime Minister praise partnership that led to rotavirus vaccine via
Watch what Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister really thinks of Pakistan and find out whether there is a possibility of peace between the two nations.
Indian Prime Minister calls for paradigm shift in global attitudes towards climate change
What do the Indian Prime Minister and an Italian company have in common?
♥♥ GENERAL AWARENESS ♥♥ 1) Who was appointed as the new CBI Director on 2 December 2014? Ans. Anil Kumar Sinha 2) 26th World AIDS Day was observed across the world on 1 December 2014 with the theme? Ans. Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free generation 3) Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi was on 5 December 2014 named as the Asian of the Year 2014 by The Straits Times. 'The Straits Times' is the leading newspaper in which country? Ans. Singapore 4) Mahaparinirwan Diwas was observed across India on 6 December 2014 on the death anniversary of? Ans. Dr B R Ambedkar 5) Who became the first Indian Footballer to be conferred with Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Hall of Fame Award on 30 November 2014? Ans. Baichung Bhutia 6) Which film won the Golden Peacock Award at the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) which concluded in Goa recently? Ans. Leviathan, Russian Film 7) Name the mascot for the 2016 European football championship announced recently? Ans. Super Victor 8) As decided .. ...
It seems Russian President Vladimir Putin  just found an ally. On Thursday, Putin and Indian Prime Minister..
Manmohan Singh (born September 26, 1932) is the 14th and current Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He is the first Indian Prime Minister since Pt. Jaw...
Between a 10-day visit to Myanmar, Australia and Fiji and a three-day visit to Nepal, our Prime Minister is on a five-day visit to India. On arriving in India, Narendra Modi went to Jharkhand to do what he is best at doing - election campaigning. To be fair to him, he addressed a public meeting in Sydney too but, alas, there were no elections in Australia. His event managers are likely upset that there were no votes to be collected after the Madison Square Garden event in September. Of the six months that Narendra Modi has been in office, he has spent one month abroad (this includes the upcoming three- day trip to Nepal next week). For the first three months of next year, there are already three visits being planned - Sri Lanka in January (coinciding with elections there), UK in January/February and Germany in April. There is no problem with the Prime Minister traveling abroad to secure the country's economic and strategic interests in a competitive world. In Japan, the Indian Prime Minister criticized th ...
This kind of comments by Indian Prime Minister can only achieve Jononetri Sheikh Hasina from his Indian...
What is it about incumbent Indian Prime Minister that makes the stereotypical Aam Aadmi hurl invectives at him and continually take pot shots at him no matter however misplaced and misguided the same may be. At the outset; let me confess that I am neither a Modi fan; acolyte; campwallah; hold no brief for him and if anything have been a staunch and virulent critic of his style of functioning and increasingly divisive communal agenda that has only served to create deep rooted fissures within an already hopelessly divided polity and nation. But what gets my goat is the senseless and meaningless political invective that is hurled at Modi for no fault of his by so called political commentators who seem to know no better and want to score political brownie points no matter how. Sample this for example; one comment that featured prominently on the Headlines Today Ticker tape last night poked fun at Modi's sterling foreign policy achievement vis a vis ensuring US president Barack Obama's presence as the guest of ...
Ministers grabbed central funds J&K hub of corruption: Amit Shah Banihal, Nov 20, CNS: Taking a dig on Jammu and Kashmir politicians for filling up their coffers and indulging in mass scale corruption, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) national president and close aide of Indian Prime Minister, Amit Shah Thursday said that Jammu and Kashmir has become the hub of corruption where hundreds of scams go unnoticed. Addressing an election rally at Banihal Railway Station, Shah lashed out at National Conference and Congress party leaders for propagating corruption in the state. “The poll affidavits filled up by these National Conference, People’s Democratic Party and Congress candidates surprise and shock us all as they depict how much wealth they have amassed during all these years. Every candidate is worth crores of rupees. These politicians have grabbed central funds and have left people at the mercy of God,” Shah said. Amit Shah according to CNS said that the ultimate motive of BJP is to put an end to dyna . ...
It has taken an Indian Prime Minister to make a forgotten Australian rightly famous again
Indian Prime Minister greeted by other dignitaries for
Youth Ki Awaaz : I Did Not Vote For Modi, But Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Am Modi-fied Now! Let’s get the basics right. I did not vote for Modi but 171,637,684 fellow countrymen and women did. What followed has been and still is history in the making. The world has warmed up to the Indian Prime Minister and many Modi sceptics around the globe have become his ardent fans. Here are 5 reasons why I choose to be Modi-fied: 1. He is talking the talk: Love him, hate him, you have to credit him. He is a phenomenal orator. Since ten years, every Indian’s ears had been longing to hear the leadership talk. For a country plagued with scams, crimes against women and corruption, the silence from the top quarters was heart-breaking. Enters Modi, and we have a leader who is not just talking the talk, he is saying all the right things. Things every Indian has wanted to hear. 2. He is walking the walk: Inviting SAARC country’s including Pakistan to his swearing-in ceremony was a master-stroke in diplomacy as well as e ...
The Chief of United Jihad Council (UJC), Syed Salahuddin has said that the visit of Indian Prime Minister,...
Joke of the year : Dr. Manmohan Singh gets an Oscar. Lifetime achievement award for acting as Indian Prime Minister.
Pakistani Govt has sent Sweets to Indian Prime Minister,President and Foreign Minister for festival of Diwali shameless appeasement
Former Pakistan President and Army Chief, Pervez Musharraf, has hit out at PM Narendra Modi. In an exclusive interview with Rahul Kanwal, Musharraf has said that the Indian Prime Minister is not for Indo-Pak peace.
2007 - Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, arrived Nigeria on a two-day working...
Indian Prime Minister,Mr Narendra Modi will be the first Indian PM to address in Australian Parliament next month at a G20 summit. Among host of world leaders,only 3 will address at the federal parliament. 1. Chinese President,Xi Jinping 2.Britin's PM,David Camaroon 3.Indian PM,Narendra Modi
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that they think Manmohan Singh is still an Indian Prime Minister.
Editorial appearing in People's Democracy of CPI(M) dated October 5, 2014 Indian Prime Minister's Visit to New York and Washington Lack of Substance: A Dangerous Portend Prime Minister Modi's visit to New York and Washington on the occasion of addressing the annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) turned out to be, as the PTI reported, of the nature of a "rock star celebrity". His speeches at the Madison Square Garden and the annual rock star ritual that takes place every year on the occasion of the UNGA at New York's Central Park confirmed once again that the mindset of a continuing Indian election campaign has not yet been discarded by Prime Minister Modi. Commenting on his first address to the Nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, this column had noted that the election hangover appears to continue. We had suggested that the PM should be politely told that the elections are over and people expect him to start "walking the talk". But the talk continues and after Tokyo has now reached New Y ...
Honored to speak with Indian Prime Minister about NY-3 today
The menu for Narendra Modi's private dinner at the White House Monday night was a simple one--warm water--as the Indian Prime Minister arrived in Washington in the midst of a strict nine-day religious fast.
Abraham Lincoln becoming US President & Narendra Modi becoming Indian Prime Minister is reassurance to power of Democracy indeed.
At least 46 elected US officials, including a Governor and 45 Congress members, have confirmed their participation at a reception hosted by Indian-Americans for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will address the gathering at the iconic Madison Square Garden. Besides the main venue, there would be at least 50 other locations across the country where special arrangements have been made for the live telecast of the Prime Minister's speech and other events that include a nearly two-hour long entertainment programme. Indian Prime Minister rocking in US ;)
FROM HERE AND THERE. This is The US of A. An interesting read. The best part is when I had brought out some more similar things with my American Green Card Indian friends when they were shouting "the killer of Godhra Minorities is to become the Indian Prime Minister, shame on India". The reply was why do you go into our past to justify today, we are talking of today. The chipmunks are not even US citizens yet but talk of "we and our past" A nation of Hippocrites. Courtesy Col Ajay Vir. Via Col Anil Kaul. USA & Human Rights --- A Joke !!! Here is SOME historical information on the United States: 1. First, since the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission is so worried about the religious minorities in India it needs to request the State Department to provide these minorities with permanent visas to migrate to the US. It is the Congress Party that ruled India since independence. The Congress Party must be held responsible for the poor economic condition of religious minorities in India. It has betrayed and negle ...
This would be the first time an Indian Prime Minister would have so many public and private engagements during a US visit.
Indian Prime Minister is a devout and a pragmatic statesman, who can take Americans with his idea of "Make in India." I
Modi’s Operandi: When Barack Obama received an Indian Prime Minister at the White House for the first time in ...
First Plan (1951-1956) The first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru presented the First Five-Year Plan to the Parliament of India and needed urgent attention. The First Five-year Plan was launched in 1951 which mainly focused in development of the primary sector . The First Five-Year Plan was based on the Harrod– Domar model. The total planned budget of Rs.2069 crore (2378 crore later) was allocated to seven broad areas: irrigation and energy (27.2%), agriculture and community development (17.4%), transport and communications (24%), industry (8.4%), social services (16.64%), land rehabilitation (4.1%), and for other sectors and services (2.5%). The most important feature of this phase was active role of state in all economic sectors . Such a role was justified at that time because immediately after independence , India was facing basic problems —deficiency of capital and low capacity to save. The target growth rate was 2.1% annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth; the achieved growth ra ...
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first Indian Prime Minister to speak in Hindi at the United Nations General Assembly!
DTD 09 TH SEP 2014 LONDON 19.40 HRS [PAKISTAN TERRORISTS,MUJAHIDEEN,TALIBANS PROPOSES,GOD DISPOSES] AS PER GEO-SETTALITE INFORMATION,48 OF THE 54 OF PAKISTAN TERRORISTS,MUJAHIDEEN,TALIBANS GOT BADLT MUTILATED IN RECENT FLOODS IN OCCUPIED KASHMIR,THUS CONFIRMING GOD DISPOSED THERE EVEIL PLANS OF MURDER AND KILLING OF INNOSCENT CIVILIANS. +Offer given by the Indian Prime Minister for giving all possible assistance to the Pakistan occupied Kashmir with details of assistance needed by them, funds of the order of Rs 1000 crores already announced and liberal support for people dead and injured already announced, which is commendable with formal declaration of National Disaster.But the Chief Minister of Pakistan occupied Kashmir says it is salt sprinkling on wounds,is really shocking and distressful,specially when India also announced ready to discuss Kashmir also with the Elected govt of Pakistan unlike with the ISI and ARMY of PAKISTAN ,it is time the USA ,BRITAIN AND OTHER DEMOCRACIES OF THE WORLD PUT PRESSUR ...
his archive provides an important historical record of international media reporting of the events of 1984. No foreign or independent journalists were allowed into Punjab for over a month and those already in the State prior to Operation Blue Star were expelled. Most of the news accounts from Punjab were provided to journalists by the Indian government and hence provide for the most part a one-sided view of events. Very few independent news reports telling a different story from the government position were ever reported. A classic example of strategic misinformation can be found in an article reporting that huge quantities of heroin and drugs had been recovered within the Golden Temple Complex and that they had been used by the militants to illegally fund their operations. This story was picked up internationally based on a June 14th Press Trust of India news report from government sources. One week later the initial report was officially retracted by the government and it was revealed that the drugs had ...
The Prime Minister reviewing the flood situation at a meeting in Jammu.
Requested Indian Prime Minister in 2003 to help Sri Lanka by providing an Air defence system
Brett Lee and Adam Gilchrist on Friday exchanged pleasantries with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
I assure people that the problem is not of J&K alone, it's a national tragedy: PM Modi on Highlights
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated Indian tennis player Sania Mirza for winning the US Open mixed...
Dear All, Pls Do not donate any Kind of Money to anyone donate only Prime Minister relief Fund .
Some Indian leaders are criticizing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for playing drums in Japan. My advise for...
We warmly welcome the prime minister of Japan HE Shinzo Abe to the pearl of the Indian ocean.
Deadly floods hit Indian Kashmir's main city of Srinagar on Sunday (Sep 7), forcing scores of residents to flee as Prime Minister Narendr...
PM Modi Greets Malayalis on Onam: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday greeted Malayalis on the oc... via
Legendary Australian cricketers Adam Gilchrist and Brett Lee met Indian Prime Minister for dinner on September 5 in New Delhi. (
PVNR was the greatest Indian Prime Minister of the 20th century- therace is open for the greatest Indian PM of the 21st centur
India's Secular Journalists: How can your country sign nuclear deal with Indian Prime Minister who is accused of involvement in 2002 riots?
For all his faults, Nehru is India's greatest Prime Minister ever. Modi knows it. Given his ambition, he would would like…
Jammu and Kashmir floods: Death toll mounts to 116; Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves to review flood situation
Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah while on his visit to the flood ravaged valley today
Four days later, Indian prime minister will only review and *** the situation. Send the *** boats!!!
VIDEO: Modi's first 100 days in power: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed his first 100 days as...
Tremendous courtesy shown by Indian Prime Minister Thank you! It was wonderful meeting you.”
Narendra Modi completes first 100 days as Prime Minister – a look back – Indian Express
And now the Indian Prime Minister is congratulating Kei Nishikori. Unable to provide much context there...
Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Onam . Our honorable Prime Minister of India. From a whole hearted Indian from Dubai..
Indian Actress called "one of the hottest film properties in Bollywood"-Australian Prime Minister
Indian biggest oppositon party president is women bangladeshi prime minister is women there are reservation in parliament fr wo
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi explains that climate hasn't changed, its people who've changed.
? On 5 October 2008, the Indian prime minister has decided to call a special cabinet meeting (cont)
Indian Prime Minister will Sunday visit affected areas of Jammu & Kashmir, an official statement said.
Indian Prime Minister has invited suggestions to connect with people through an official statement said Saturday.
This old rare photo of HH Dalai Lama with the Indian Prime Minister Nehru, and President Dr. Radakri
Lottery to decide participants at Honable Indian Prime Minister ... -
A delegation of Pashtuns living in India congratulating Indian Prime Minister in a meeting
Modi will be first Indian Prime Minister to give a public speech in US
Indian Prime Minister uses biggest speech of the year to slam rape culture
Especial Salute & thanks to Indian Prime Minister,Narendra Modi ! Addressing his great speech to the Members of...
PM reaches Nepal, first bilateral trip by an Indian Prime Minister to Nepal in 17 years
Indian Prime Minister spoke on the phone Thursday with Chancellor Angela Merkel during his...
Indian Prime Minister has arrived in the Country.
Ajit Kumar Doval Ajit Kumar Doval 5th National Security Advisor Incumbent Assumed office 30 May 2014 Prime Minister Narendra Modi Personal details Born January 20, 1945 (age 69) Village Ghiri Banelsyun of Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India Citizens hip Indian Nationa lity Indian Residen ce Delhi Alma mater Rashtriya Military School Ajmer , Agra University, National Defence College Website Ajit Kumar Doval is the National Security Advisor to the 15th Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi . He was appointed as the NSA to PM on 30 May 2014. [1] He was formerly the director of Intelligence Bureau , India 2004-2005, after spending a decade as the head of its operations wing. He was the first police officer in India to be awarded the Kirti Chakra . [2][3] He has been inducted into Narendra Modi 's team as the Government of India's new National Security Advisor. [4] Early life An Army officer’s son, Ajit Doval was born in (Ghidi-Banelsyun) Garhwal, Uttarakhand in 1945. He received his early educ ...
A foreign journalist asked Indian Prime Minister "why are you not keeping your wife with you @ 7 Race Course?", his only response was "I promised Ram Rajya, and I live by example".
Today in Indian History Events for June 7 7-June-1539 Sher Shah defeats Humayun near Buxar at Chausa and becomes emperor of Delhi. 7-June-1606 Guru Arjundev, fifth Guru of Sikhs, passed away. 7-June-1631 Begum Mumtaj Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan, Emperor of India, passed away at Burhanpur a few hours after the birth of a daughter. She was married in 1612 and the Taj Mahal was built for her. 7-June-1955 Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian Prime Minister, visited U.S.S.R. 7-June-1965 Ashutosh Kali, great revolutionary, passed away. 7-June-1974 Mahesh Bhupathi, Tennis star, was born. He is the winner of French Open 1997 (mixed doubles) and 1999 (doubles) and Wimbledon 1999. 7-June-1979 Bhaskara-I, first experimental satellite for Earth resources/meteorology remote sensing and the Second Satellite of India, launched. This satellite carried TV and microwave cameras. It was launched by Russian launch vehicle 'Intercosmos'. 7-June-1984 Indian Army troops, sent to Punjab to quell Sikh violence, stormed the Golden Temple in Am ...
PM Narendra Modi moves into RCR residence, with no requests for any change: Narendra Modi on Friday moved into 7 Race Course Road, the official residence of the Indian Prime Minister. Modi didn't asked for any changes to be made before he shifts, something that's surprised officials who are used to incoming occupants of government homes seeking several modifications. A PMO official said the residence, vacated by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week, needs only a coat of paint and some cleaning of the furniture and curtains. No new furniture or decor is required.
While the country remembers the Indian Prime Minister beloved of millions, . If Nehru did not exist.
India's leadership crucial for SAARC, says Sri Lanka Colombo, May 28: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on meeting new Indian Prime Minister said that he looks forward to working with India in taking forward SAARC ventures, media reported Wednesday. During the two leaders' bilateral meeting in New Delhi Tuesday, Rajapaksa stated that India’s leadership is crucial for the success of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation's (SAARC) operations and the countries must focus on common issues that can benefit the region on a global platform, the Daily News reported.
Narendra Modi 15th Indian Prime Minister. Modi wave started as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi, 63, took oath of office and secrecy by President Pranab Mukherjee as India's 15th Prime Minister along with his 44-member Cabinet on Monday evening .nearly 4000 people were present at the ceremony held in the forecourt of the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhavan. Lakhs more, including Mr Modi's mother, watched on television. Along with Modi his cabinet ministers who were sworn in included Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani, Nitin Gadkari, Venkaiah Naidu, Gopinath Munde, Ravi Shankar Prasad, VKSingh, Ram Vilas Paswan among others. The new PM also said, "Together we will script a glorious future for India. Let us together dream of a strong, developed and inclusive India that actively engages with the global community to strengthen the cause of world peace and development." He promised in his signed message to use the "website as a very important medium of direct communication between . ...
There are expectations that the new Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, would set out to accomplish what former BJP PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee began on Indo-Naga political dialogue— ‘peace with dignity and honour’.
Perspective from Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif's visit to India for Narendra Modi's swearing in is welcome, but is still just a step - All eyes are on Indian Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counter-part Nawaz Sharif, who, in an unprecedented move, is visiting India for the former’s ina…
People are in a hurry to remove article 370 of Indian constitution, (which gives autonomous power to J&K), without understanding why was it is incorporated, who hailed and participated in the formation of the article, what was the objective and the deadlock in removing it. While the new Indian Prime Minister is only endorsing for a debate before taking an action, the party factions want it to be removed. Article 370 was and is about providing space, in matters of governance, to the people of a State who felt deeply vulnerable about their identity and insecure about the future. At the Bharatiya Janata Party’s recent Lalkar rally in Jammu, its prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, called for a debate on Article 370. This is encouraging and suggests that the BJP may be willing to review its absolutist stance on the Article that defines the provisions of the Constitution of India with respect to Jammu and Kashmir. Any meaningful debate on Article 370 must, however, separate myth from reality and fact ...
10:50 Witness: The assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi
Congratulation.Modiji..( Shri Narendra Modi ).Go ahead & take charge as Indian Prime Minister to create history in our India.I am confident you will do that Job with your outstanding Gujarati talent honesty dynamism & great feelings for our nation..Kindly do not forget me.I want only Rs. 200 Crores INR for my dream life sacrificed worldclass Projects ( Bengal & Gujarat ).I want to set up these 2 Projects being the permanent Faculty- Professor.Entrepreneur of my dream most loving University...SDAU Gujarat, .Kindly take immediate action & bring back huge Black money from Foreign/ Swiss bank & use it for national development. First of all offer me only Rs. 200 Crores INR from that as exclusive Donation/ grant.for my dream Project. Kindly remember.Indian genuine Innovators/ Scientists/ Technocrats were most neglected during CONG/ CPM/ TMC.Ruling.They simply put their best effort to kill India s national ...
Kashmir Valley happy over Modi invite to Sharif Srinagar, May 22 (IANS) Indian Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi's invitation to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to attend his swearing in ceremony has evoked a positive response in the Kashmir Valley.
Mbeki Congratulates new Indian Prime Minister Former President Thabo Mbeki has congratulated Indian Prime Minister elect, Narendra Modi, for winning India's just held national elections. The former President expressed confidence that India would continue to strengthen her relations with the African Continent and the rest of the developing world to realise shared development goals, the solidarity needed to achieve a better life for all and the creation of a fair and just world. He also congratulated outgoing Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh whom he said was among Africa's true friends. Issued by the Office of former President Thabo Mbeki Johannesburg May 19, 2014
A post to Mr. Narendra Modi Dear Mr. Modi, With the Bhartiya Janata Party heading for a clear majority, the National Democratic Alliance's existence seems rather unimportant. The end of coalition politics could be here! (Which is HISTORIC?) India has voted for you as the only strong alternative to an inefficient Congress. However with the image of a burning Gujarat still fresh in my as well as in others mind, I just hope and pray that this change is for good and we don't end up in 'Hindustan' instead of 'India'. You have a strong task ahead. You have to build an Incredible India from scratch and you have to make sure you do not kill people in the process. You have to make sure you are secular and efficient. Gujarat was a small state in comparison to the gargantuan Indian subcontinent. You have to prove us, 'Non-Modi folk', wrong. I really hope you do! For the majority of my country have chosen you, I now accept you as the next Indian Prime Minister. I will also continue to be one of your biggest critics. ...
US president Barack Obama congratulated BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi within hour of his thumping victory in 2014 Lok Sabha elections on Friday. But the non-resident Indians (NRIs) settled in the US had begun celebrations much before that. Hundreds of NRIs, thronged the streets in America to cheer for Modi. Many said NRIs celebrated Diwali well in advance. A popular politician among NRIs, Modi had ensured that he remained in touch with the diaspora despite him never being allowed to step on the US soil as Gujarat chief minister. That shows the importance of a POWERFUL Indian Prime Minister...!!!
"Growth will pick people up from poverty," says India's newly-elected prime minister. Do you agree?
The political alternative is craving for is already here, it's called
Congratulations to the BJP and sincere best wishes to Shri Narendra Modiji our next Prime Minister. Jai Hind
Finally a Prime Minister who speaks Hindi :-) Jai Hind
A look back at the best of our coverage on BBC World News throughout the Indian election. Indian Prime Minister Narendra has hailed a "landmark" election victory by his BJP party.
*** the next Indian prime minister is bad news for any Muslims. If these reports are true than May Allah guide our brothers and sisters
Wondering what the news about next prime minister means? Check out our primer:
Narendra Modi, India's nationalist prime minister, has a consigliere in DC who is advising the NRCC/House Republicans
Modi sweeped the elections with a victory and all set to stand as next Indian Prime Minister.
From Train tea boy to Indian Prime minister, , where ever you are your dreams a valid
Well guys. Let's all welcome the Indian version of Putin to the prime minister seat.
China bids farewell to outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, praises his "unremitting efforts" to improve Sino-Indian ti…
First Indian prime minister to be born after the Raj, and it's only taken 67 years.
What does Narendra Modi's victory in the Indian election mean for the world?
How Nawaz Sharif s protecting Indian interests while he is Pakistani Prime Minister. Shame on supporters
Jai *** :)calls Indian Prime Minister in waiting Narendra Modi to congratulate him, extends invitati…
The small & exciting celebration in Moscow for the New Indian Prime Minister H'ble Sri Narendra Modi, with the H'ble President of BJP Russia, our beloved Sammy Kotwani, with valuable short specches in different Indian languages, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati & Others
US President Barack Obama Friday called up Indian prime minister-designate Narendra Modi and congratulated him on his emphatic election victory, officials said.
Modi's emmerging as new Indian Prime minister wil definitely bring change not only in India but hopefully in other countries of the world,in terms of their foreign external affairs policy towards india. most expectedly, USA, Pakistan, China wil have to be more cautious,USA in particular
From now on - Indian Prime Minister can also, Speak!
Since the new Indian Prime Minister is from a large city in Gujarat, and Bolton has a very large Gujarati population, is he a Bolton Wanderers supporter? He certainly should be. Helen Flanagan very nice man!
Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister whose mother will see him enter the office. A special & sweet aspect of his win.
From a Tea Boy to Indian Prime Minister. Modi and his father used to serve tea at Gujarat Vadnagar railway station. Despite all the criticism, this is an absolutely amazing personal achievement a person can get, so let's congratulate Mr Modi on his personal achievement. Hopefully BJP government will work for the peace in South Asia especially for India where over 800 million people are living below the poverty. Hopefully BJP will not use religion as a tool of oppression. Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar :)
After 10 years I came to know that indian prime minister can speak also.
Narendra Modi.Indian Prime Minister... Once he was Gujarat assembly's Candidate from my area Maninagar, Ahmedabad... Now he is Indian Prime Minister. It's Proud Moment for Every Gujju.
Jayalalitha back to her old profession -the world's oldest profession. All the best to the new Indian Prime minister.
Aur kuch *** na *** .. but from now onwards Indian prime minister shall "speak" his own words! Puppet show is over now... India get independence.
Meanwhile at Delhi airport - Hi, may I have two tickets for Italy please? :P Congratulations to the new Indian Prime Minister
Chai.. vala become INDIAN Prime Minister. greatness of all Indians.:)
Finaly writing in the honour of Indian Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi-smiling n shining faces all around,a start of globaly emerging powerful India,political xitement all over,nw we can breathe fresh since al the political dust is swept away,several parties are not even off the mark,uttar pradesh lifts modi above all,just a one man and everyone in the homes without a parliamentary seat..feeling delighted being a part of ths historic time.. India..
A few decades ago, a man emerged from Gujrat got the freedom for the people of India. Now from the same sacred soil, another leader has come to be a leader of India.. both are different personalities... Lets have a hope that even the latter has the same potential as former to make our nation proud. P.S. Former is father of our nation - Gandhi and the latter is new Indian prime minister - Modi...
Narendra Modi: Once sold tea, now will govern India - Profile of new Indian Prime Minister
Watching 1st time 'INDIAN PRIME MINISTER' talking loudly!!! (Since last 10years) :/ :P
Narendra Modi our indian prime vote of thanks...LIVE
An alleged mass murderer is going to be Indian prime minister. Amazing to see all my Indian friends with whom I had such great time are celebrating. Time will say which direction India is starting its journey. We had mass murderers in our country, too. We got rid of them in 1971 and are now bringing them to justice. Opposite direction!
When sahrukh Khan was asked “can Narendra Modi become Indian Prime Minister?” he avoided giving any reply. When asked to comment on Mr. Modi, he said, “I can be in trouble in both cases if I say something good about Mr. Modi or bad. People would not allow me to leave Surat, please don’t ask questions on politics.”
Congrtz to Dr Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi - AAP MP Candidate, Patiala Bhagwant mann / and Narendra Modi / for great victory and Sad for Dr. kumar vishwas . Again conrtzz to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi ...And keep dreaming mr Arvind Kejriwal.
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So, NarendraModi will be only the 2nd Indian Prime Minister since 2004. Hah! We have had 1 monarch, 1 Interim Executive Head and 8-9 (lost the count) Prime Ministers since then. Talk about being a true Democracy now! :) lol
Proud moment MR.Narendra Modiji going to be Indian prime minister and coming days for all Indians bright future and happy never ever have we seen before. We want Mr. Modi to win the next 2 eiection so modiji can change all India and India will be some where else.thank you to all who voted for MR.Modiji
A tea boy of Shudder class, who worked on Railways stations, is going to take oath as Indian Prime Minister. But unfortunately he is tout of Brahman class in India.
Modi will be the 4th true Indian Prime minister after Shaastri, PVN, and Vajpayee. Good signs for India and the youth. I am sure Modi will take the country to new heights.
It's funny how no educational qualifications are required to become the Indian Prime Minister.So anybody dumb as F**K, who is a citizen of India, member of the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha, above 25 years of age can conquer the most important job, just like what's happening now!
At least now we can listen speech of indian prime minister on 15th august and 26th jan.
After a long wait of10 years, not only India but whole world will get a real Indian Prime minister with spine
Atlast here comes an Indian Prime Minister who knows to speak both in words as well as in action :) Narendra Modi be thankful to Arnab Goswami ;) INDIA 'MODI'fied
Well come to our Dynamic and petriotic Indian Prime minister sri Narendra Modiji. an incredible journey. tea boy became an indian Prime Minister what fantastic and motivational aspect for all of us. please like and fallow this blog for latest updates Regards Modi visions and missions to change the India. LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT ON THIS BLOG IF YOU LOVE INDIA AND MODI. one like is a most inseparable to Modiji ... realty come true..ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR...
Congrats Mr. Narendra Modi. Our new indian prime minister with solid majority.
Narendra Modi - From Chaiwala to Indian Prime Minister!! (Y) Where is Amul Baby and his Italian Mom and his Cheerleader Sister??? Have anyone seen the AAPtards??? Where is the Third Front??? These people may still say - "There is no MODI wave" :) I think I should agree with them. It was a not a mere Wave, but a TSUNAMI ;) !
At last we got the Independence from Congress. Heartly Wishes to our Honourable Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi ji.. Let's india will develop to the world's No 1 country.
a photographer like Claude Renault SHOULD NOT WRITE such things on FB. here is what he writes : "A very sad day for India and for me... The next Indian prime minister, Modi is a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and is described as a Hindu nationalist by media, scholars and himself.He is a controversial figure both within India and internationally as his administration has been criticised for the incidents surrounding the 2002 Gujarat riots."
Narendra Modi will take his oath as Indian prime minister on May 21: from May 21st
See the Indian prime minister. Sitting with his mother...Grt
Modi is going to win designation of Next Indian Prime Minister.
recipe to become Indian Prime Minister Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Spend Money to purchase everything... You will definitely become PM ... (Y)
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