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Indian Penal Code

Indian Penal Code (IPC, Hindi: भारतीय दण्ड संहिता) is the main criminal code of India. It is a comprehensive code, intended to cover all substantive aspects of criminal law.

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Supreme Court. Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Section 302/ 34 - Murder - The medical evidence revealed that in the...
Supreme Court. Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Murder - Death penalty - Rarest of rare case - Though we are convinced...
Dear INDIA, Happy Republic Day. But*INDIA* means the Territory of India excluding the State of Jammu &Kashmir (section 18 Indian Penal code)
Speeches and poems Volume 1 ; with the Report and notes on the Indian penal code -
Getting onto someone's nerves should be a crime under Indian Penal Code.
what do you suggest - delete the Indian Penal Code for there is no section in which false cases not made?
And the Indian Penal Code is a century older.
You learn the definition of cheating. Read Indian Penal Code. Don't accuse PM of such offence.
Supreme Court. Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Section 353 - Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from...
Way debate is going on, Am checking out Indian Penal Code if being sympathiser or joining BJP is a crime.
TOI:There are reports of misuse of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code by women to harass their husband and in-laws
Dog owners culpable AMBA: Dog owners are liable to be punished under the Indian Penal Code if ...
"Under the Indian Penal Code, marital rape is not covered by the ordinary rape laws and is a form of non-criminal domes…
The Indain Penal Code is an android application. Which is free of cost. It contains all about Indian Penal Code in English as well as Hindi.
Exclusive: 55% rise in rape cases in Mumbai last year Cases of rape rose by 55% in Mumbai last year as compared to 2013. The Mumbai police statistics, which HT has accessed, show 605 cases were registered in 2014 as against 388 in 2013. There was a rise in cases of outraging modesty of women, too, with 1,459 being registered till November 2014, a rise from the 1,161 cases recorded in the entire previous year. Apart from increase in cases of crimes against women, cases registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) also witnessed a rise, from 34,407 in 2013 to 39,903 in 2014. With 11,007 cases registered between Bandra and Jogeshwari, the western region saw the maximum reporting of crime, followed by the central region (Nagpada to Kurla) where 9,125 cases were registered. The least cases — 4,862 — were registered in the south region (ColabaCuffee Parade to Nagpada). source - HT
deadly weapon), 149 (unlawful assembly), 302. (murder), 307 (attempt to murder) of Indian Penal Code. and 17 Arms Act was made out (2/3)
It's a crime u/s 497 IPC but extremely difficult to prove in court. Read and
to attackers of C.Hedbo on last Wednesday.This time police invoked Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code (promoting enemity...
Supreme Court - Showing weapon to victim is also use of that weapon. Indian Penal code, 1860 - Section 397, 398 -...
Parekh for drawing attention of the court to their set noting that expressions from do not match up to the Indian Penal Code
Supreme Court: SECTION 376 OF INDIAN PENAL CODE/ RAPE. The absence of a conclusive opinion of the medical...
Sections 363/109/364-A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 ('IPC' for short). the Division Bench has reversed the…
Yes, S295A of the Indian Penal Code- upto 3 years in prison for offending anyone's religions sentiments. Totally unacceptable
sir then whats your view on movie like PK . Acc 2 section 295A of the Indian Penal Code.
. He should be punished as per Indian penal code
In a strong statement, Mr. Ban demanded that the Indian government repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal code that criminalises homosexual!
I condemn U.N cheif remarks on repeal section 377 of Indian penal code.
om ji,your statement on repeal section 377 of Indian penal code is such statements,by u will loose india's confidence.
(10/16) Under the Indian Penal Code, terms which restrict free speech have been clearly defined.
I can. Its called defamation. Defined in Article 499 of Indian Penal Code 1860.
just refer to section 498A of Indian penal code
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The Paris Attack: What Charlie Hebdo published would be an offence as per section 295A of the Indian Penal Code…
Attempting to commit suicide, and then failing, can earn you up to 1 year in prison because of Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code.
Fight the entire night? Sunanda should have real stamina. Revelation of questioning is against Indian Penal Code
Wonder what kind of have written Indian Penal Code! And what kind is not thinking to even amend it!
First anniversary of d reinstatement of Section 377. Hoping not to see many more anniversaries
So far, there has been no proper definition of acid attacks in the Indian Penal Code.
In 2013, Parliament enacted Section 326 A of the Indian Penal Code to ensure enhanced punishment for acid attacks.
On this day, 155 years ago Indian Penal Code (IPC) was enacted. It has been amended 73 times since then.
. IPC means Indian Penal Code. I think, Criminal cases are booked with IPC section
I am not a lawyer but from my research have come to know tht this law was introduced by the Britishers in d Indian Penal code
Make littering a 'punishable offense' under the Indian Penal Code.. and see the difference!! No campaign would be required !!
Mehdi had been booked under the Indian Penal Code’s section 125 which defines “waging war against any Asiatic Power in alliance
My roommates forced me to take bath on saturday..what act of indian penal code can i apply for this torture 😂
125. Waging war against any Asiatic Power in alliance with the Government of India lm
And here is the Indian legislation on "waging war against Asiatic powers" which cld imprison for life
3: Here is what article 125 of the Indian penal code of 1860 has to say about waging war against the Asiatic powers:
Indian Penal Code 1860 - Section 497, Women are not capable of adultery!. LOL scarp constitution!!
That would be section 153 A of Indian Penal Code.
.If tries to dilute anti law then .will kick up this storm
Scrap Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code and suddenly Irom Sharmila is in the news. And when Irom Chanu is in...
It is a section in the Indian penal code for cyber crimes.
Union Home Ministry removed Section 309 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) on December 10, 2014. Read the Full Article:
1/ Amit Shah was charged with murder, extortion, kidnapping besides five other sections of Indian penal Code in connection ...
Supreme Court: SECTION 302 OF INDIAN PENAL CODE, 1860 (IPC),. It is settled principle of law that benefit of...
So section 497 of the Indian Penal code allows men to file a case against any man his wife has an affair with...under the issue of adultery.
Huge. Govt moves to decriminalise attempted suicide (Section 309 in the Indian Penal Code).
In we ban men; even laughing or seeing women is crime as per Indian penal code :).
Indian Penal Code: Government decriminalizes attempt to commit suicide by repealing code's Section 309 dear Indian Govt why not too
In India we have the Indian Constitution and Indian Penal Code. Those are our social codes+law
the Indian penal code is the law. What's your point?
Yes,it is used as a political weapon in Pak just as Sec498 in Indian Penal Code is used as social weapon in India
Another glimpse of . Suicide is no more a crime very soon. Is not it going to be a misuse? .
Attempting suicide is no longer a crime in India. Section 309 to be removed from the Indian Penal Code.
: Attempt to Commit Suicide is no longer an offence in India as Government moves to scrap S.309 of IPC.
Supreme Court: SECTION 35 OF THE INDIAN PENAL CODE, 1980. Death is not an alternate punishment. STATE OF...
Attempting suicide no longer a crime, termed mental disorder; section 309 of Indian Penal Code to be deleted..kudos to NaMo.. peace&cheers:)
our final speaker aims to amend aspects of the Indian penal code pertaining to sexual violence.
It's good Govt is removing offence of 'attempt to commit suicide' from Indian Penal Code.Such a person needs healing not …
False dowry charge ground for divorce, Supreme Court rules NEW DELHI: If a woman's complaint accusing her husband and in-laws of cruelty under the dreaded Section 498A of Indian Penal Code turns out to be false, then the man is entitled to divorce, the Supreme Court has ruled. Allowing dissolution of marriage between K Srinivas and K Sunita, the court said, "We unequivocally find that the respondent-wife had filed a false criminal complaint, and even one such complaint is sufficient to constitute matrimonial cruelty. We accordingly dissolve the marriage of the parties." After the wife left her matrimonial home on June 30, 1995, the husband filed a divorce suit on July 14, 1995 on the ground of cruelty as well as irretrievable breakdown of marriage. The wife retaliated by filing a criminal complaint against her husband and seven of his family members under various provisions of IPC and Dowry Prohibition Act. The husband and his family members were arrested and jailed. A Hyderabad court on June 30, 2000, ac ...
PEOPLE IN GUWAHATI ! Join us for Global Day of Rage : SILENT PROTEST AGAINST SECTION 377, IPC on 14th DECEMBER, SUNDAY at 4 PM, Opposite DIGHALIPUKHURI PARK. Spread the word around and for any query, inbox XUKIA "Section 377 of Indian Penal Code is a colonial law which criminalises "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" irrespective of whether there are consent or not. Even though, technically the law criminalises both homosexual and heterosexual intercourse which are deemed "unnatural", the law is regularly used against LGBT people to harass, abuse, threaten and arrest them. In 2009, the Delhi High Court ruled that Section 377 cannot criminalises consensual sexual activities among adults of the same sex as it is unconstitutional to do so. But on 11th December, 2013, The Supreme Court of India revoked the previous ruling, thereby again criminalising homosexual sexual activities." Copied from SATRANG - The *** India. Thank you admins for supporting our campaign.
News updates : Kalyan Youth highly radicalised shows no remorse, NIA registers FIR: SOURCE: IBN LIVE The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday night registered an FIR against Arif Majeed, one of the four youths who had left their Mumbai homes to join terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and ISIS itself under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and Indian Penal Code (IPC) for joining […]
No punishment for these news channels, what is the use of Indian penal code ??
Most of Indian news channels helped the 26/11 Jihadi terrorists. Surprising,no punishment in Indian penal code!!
. Sections from two Indian laws:. Indian Penal Code and Indian Evidence Act (2013 amendment).
Dr Gaur Drafted Hindu Code Bill, age of Consent and wrote critics on Indian Penal Code. Let remember him today at Indian Law Institute, Delh
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4/n The case was lodged on a pvt. complaint by Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of Kejriwal Govt under sections of Indian Penal Code and the
A Penal Code: Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners, and Published by Command of the ... -
Mr. and with that law, Rajiv Gandhi deprived all Muslim women protection available to them under Indian Penal Code.
I'm legal espert in indian penal code :P
The Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Sections 489 (B) and (C) read with Section 34 - The Code of Criminal Procedure,...
//Section 497 in The Indian Penal Code. 497. Adultery.—Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and...
Smriti Irani should be booked under Indian Penal Code for spreading superstition.
Under the Indian Penal Code, the highest punishment for organised match-fixing is being locked in a lift with Kamaal Khan and Rakhee Sawant
Even under Indian Penal Code, the critic might fall under the exceptions to the defamation law. The context needs to be seen.
Include Section 498A and POCSO law too from the Indian penal code!
Dear Sir, What is your position on Section 377 of Indian Penal Code ? It treats *** as criminals and jail for 10 years.
should be sued under the Section 302 of The Indian Penal Code for assassinating my "Cheat Day and Joy".
full .Types of Cyber Crimes & Cyber Law in India What is a cyber crime? Cyber crime is a generic term that refers to all criminal activities done using the medium of computers, the Internet, cyber space and the worldwide web. There isn’t really a fixed definition for cyber crime. The Indian Law has not given any definition to the term ‘cyber crime’. In fact, the Indian Penal Code does not use the term ‘cyber crime’ at any point even after its amendment by the Information Technology (amendment) Act 2008, the Indian Cyber law. But “Cyber Security” is defined under Section (2) (b) means protecting information, equipment, devices computer, computer resource, communication device and information stored therein from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. What is Cyber Law? Cyber law is a term used to describe the legal issues related to use of communications technology, particularly “cyberspace”, i.e. the Internet. It is less of a distinct field of law i ...
** DID U KNOW **. Section 294 in The Indian Penal Code:. Obscene acts and songs.—Whoever, to the annoyance of...
and many other Crimes under various sections of The Indian Penal Code
Sad that Tejpal is jail under Indian Penal Code created by a British Thomas Babington Macaulay in 1860. My sympathy to
cobrapost : Sections 118, 119 & 120 of the Indian Penal Code clearly establish an offence in both scenarios
The Indian Penal Code states a punishment of death sentence, life imprisonment or watching an entire season of Bigg Boss.
Indian Law, penal code, police and judicial system along with government is apathetic towards women. Sanjay Choudhary
reports on upcoming amendments to the Indian Penal Code
The Indian Penal Code, ACT XLV of 1860: With All Amendments, and Notes, Analysese, and ... -
Changes in penal code to target custody torture, fake dowry cases - Indian Express
Sir, Namasthe. Indian Penal Code shall be updated with the increase of penalties ,punishments keeping in view of present status
‘Kiss of Love’ supporters face case for obscenity in Under the Section 294 of Indian Penal Code-The Hindu
IPC-147 says India on lease for 99 years, British can come back! . Article 147 of INDIAN PENAL CODE says...
Don't know how I'm expected to memorize and remember all of these trillion sections of the Indian Penal Code. WORST.
Human trafficking has become an organised crime. The police should charge pimps under some stricts sections of the Indian penal code.
The right to dissent - whether to an act of the Indian Penal Code, or the actions of politicians, or against the...
may be i know only in detail Abt Indian Penal code..Other Civil,Corporate & other laws i dont know
pl also mention that the original blasphemy law we had inherited thru Indian Penal Code was NOT the one we hv now 1/3
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TIL Under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code 'Bangalore Techie' Arrested Under 1861 Sex Law because he was caught…
Question- 24. Principle - Every person shall be liable to punishment under the Indian Penal Code and not...
When I now google the Indian Penal Code, Section 295A shows up as the top hit by default. Sigh.
Oh, India: "Under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, *** sex is an offence punishable with life imprisonment."
Sec 377 slapped on Infosys techie after wife catches his *** acts on spycam - Bangalore Mirror
There is no law against private person for corruption except Indian penal code. I asked bcz. U said I do.
The bold acknowledgement by Tim Cook (Apple's chief) about his sexuality " he is proud to be a *** and the legal notice served against actor Aamir Khan for promoting homosexuality in a recent episode in his show Satyameva Jayate made me think about this entire issue (ISSUE OF HOMOSEXUALITY) Here is my take on it. Before that i will put forward a few facts vis-a-vis homosexuality in India. 1) Indian Penal Code - dated 1860(sec 377) criminalizes sexual activities "against the order of the nature"including homosexual acts. 2) (2nd july 2009) Delhi High Court declared section 377 unconstitutional. 3) (12th dec 2013) Supreme Court of India overturned this judgment thus criminalising homosexuality. Now my stand on it.. There are two questions that are often raised about homosexuality First, Is it something to boast or brag about? Second, Is it natural? Answering the first, Sexual orientation is not something to boast about whethr you are Straight, *** or *** None of them is a privilege or a choice. *** ...
you are being abusive to a lady - which is violative of several sections of Indian Penal Code
Supreme Court: SECTION 292 OF THE INDIAN PENAL CODE. We have to examine the question of obscenity in the context...
. by our constitution even if a person is caught not singing the anthem, they are in breach of the Indian Penal Code!
Check the fines stipulated in our Indian Penal Code if Raja etc get convicted. And compare that to the loss genuine allottees would suffer.
Look at the economic penalties mentioned in Indian Penal Code !!!
for your info. that activist after being beaten up is charged under Indian penal code 295 A.and that is a real tragedy here !
Don't you know that, per Section 786 of the Indian Penal Code, it's a jailable offense to be "PM while Hindu"?
Modi should be booked under Section 786 of the Indian Penal Code which expressly forbids "PM while Hindu"
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Question for the lawyers on my TL. Under what provisions of the Indian Penal Code are allegations of, "Love Jihad" registered as an offence?
Marital Rape: . By an outdated law devised during the British rule, the Indian Penal Code (IPC) does not identify...
Acc to Section 153A and Section 295(A) of Indian Penal Code, You can be behind bars for a year
apaches indian population notification for the penal code of the USA
India is still under the British Penal Code, enforced by the British since 1862. Rumors of Indian independence are highly exa…
I think someone misread this: "Culpable homicide not amounting to murder" is an offence under s.304 of the Indian Penal Code.
LANDMARK JUDGEMENT BY THE Supreme Court-let the drs work in free&peaceful atmosphere. NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has held that doctors cannot be "unnecessarily harassed" by patients or their claimants to extract compensation for death or disability due to alleged medical negligence. A bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and H S Bedi said on Wednesday that it was the bounden duty of society to ensure that doctors perform their duties without apprehension of malicious prosecution though the interests of the patients should be paramount. "The medical practitioners at times also have to be saved from such a class of complainants who use criminal process as a tool for pressurizing the medical professionals/hospitals, particularly private hospitals or clinics, for extracting uncalled for compensation. Such malicious proceedings deserve to be discarded against the medical practitioners," Justices Bhandari writing the judgement said. The apex court made the remarks while dismissing the Rs. 45-lakh compensation c ...
Indian Penal Code, 1860 S.182--Calendra--False Information to police--Essential ingredients are-- (i) An information was given by a person to a public servant. (ii) The information was given by a person who knows or believes such statement to be false. (iii) Such information was given with an intention to cause or knowing it to be likely to cause (a) such public servant to do not to do anything if the true state of facts respecting which such information is given were known by him, or (b) to use the lawful power of such public servant to the injury or annoyance of any person.;; Santosh Bakshi v. State of Punjab : 2014(4) Law Herald (P&H) 2872 (SC)
# NEWS REEL ….. GENERAL – 419. Amit Shah booked by UP police for hate speech Lucknow, Sep 10 Uttar Pradesh Police Wednesday filed a chargesheet against BJP president Amit Shah in Muzaffarnagar over a speech delivered by him during the Lok Sabha election campaign, officials said. The speech was reportedly delivered by the Bharatiya Janata Party chief April 4. He was then booked by the local police for breaching prohibitory orders under section 144. He was at that time in charge of the BJP poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh. Now, more sections - 153(a), 295(a) and 505 of the Indian Penal Code have been added in the chargesheet. Under these sections, Shah has been accused of using foul words against a community and of trying to disrupt communal harmony, threatening the state and the people. If the charges are proved to be true, the BJP president could face a prison term of three years. All the sections are non-bailable, an official said, and Shah will have to present himself before a court. Reacting to the . ...
you are journalist if you don't know Indian Constitution and penal code pl read it. So that you can be a journalist
Indian territory is excluding Jammu & Kashmir according the Indian penal code,.., It should be removed and add J&K *
People found removing illegally from the river banks and beds can be prosecuted under the Indian Penal Code: SC
Great new book: Home The Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860 ... - Uttar Pradesh Police
By section 309 of Indian penal Code, 1860 a suicide survivor is a criminal Only dead are exempt from Jail Time.
Where's Islamic law in all this? It's clearly a crime under the Indian Penal Code and the rapist should be punished under IPC.
Indian Penal Code 375 is outdated. It was written in 1860. It needs revision that changes marriage age & age of consent to 18.
Moron accepting bribe is also a crime offences under Section 161 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).
this is simply mind blowing... Indian penal code having laws from 1850
Trolls like going on about Indian male victims have this goal. PLZ READ & ignore/block them
Can India hope to fight Al Qaeda terror with Indian Penal Code of 1860.Cr Procedure Code of 1973..Indian Evidence Act of 1872.
Prostitution is not a crime under the Indian Penal Code. Patriarchy is what makes it criminal.
Sections 96 to 106 of the Indian Penal Code deal with the right to private defence of body & property
Sec of the Indian Penal Code - a weapon in the hands of vamps: Article by a young law student. Speaks volumes. h…
Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code defines sedition as any act or attempt “to bring into hatred or contempt,...
You have been charged under Section 420 of Indian Penal Code for Cheating and Dishonesty inducing delivery of Property
Conversion is no crime as per Indian Penal Code. But when it is happening only in one direction, there`s malice
Question Paper of Indian Penal Code. Total Time 1 hour. Max. Marks 100. Instructions:- Please answer in audio only.
4•4 TV channel will be prosecuted under 66A of Information Technology Act., &182, 188 of Indian Penal Code. Whoever sends by whatsapp also
Now im fearless on ny section of indian penal code is like fashion or virus by to exort money nd harass
(ii) SECTION 295A of the Indian Penal Code. (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class
Section 295A in The Indian Penal Code with imprisonment of 4 years. Get that b$%^&.
A case has been filed against Rahul Gandhi in Khandwa. Indian Penal code section 153, 295,298,500 and 504 have been imposed on Rahul Gandhi.
Why IPC 498A is anti-social?: The Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code which deals with cruelty to a wife sta...
is AWESOME as she casually slaps criminals, feeds friendly homeless girls and quotes the Indian Penal Code :).
and what about humanity lost in iraq. Israel is taking actions as for their private defence. indian penal code allows that
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday August 20, filed a petition before the Election Commission of India seeking immediate disqualification of Mr Ranjit Singh, BJP MLA from Gokalpur (reserved) assembly constituency from the Delhi assembly. The AAP petition states that Mr Singh contested the December 2013 assembly elections from a constituency reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) on a fake certificate procured from Uttar Pradesh (Please find attached a copy of the petition). A Delhi court had last week directed the Police to lodge an FIR against Mr Singh under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code for having committed the offences of forgery and cheating, after a probe report was submitted in the court. The AAP has filed the disqualification petition, since it is of the clear view that such an individual can no longer remain a member of the assembly. Relevant provisions of the Representation of the People Act show that a clear case of disqualification is made out against Mr Singh. According to the AA ...
In 2013, Indian Parliament made amendments to the Indian Penal Code, introducing cyberstalking as a criminal offence.
A section of the Indian Penal Code gives a wide discretion to the courts as far as punishment is concerned...not good at all.
Just seeing this now. I think the Indian Penal Code needs some adjustment. "how can existing laws be enforced?"
Dear Friends, I lost my mother last year in September due to medical negligence committed by the doctors of the reputed Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi during a robot assisted surgery. No one in the family saw this coming even in dreams. We were shattered to the bones as my mother that walked smiling in the operation theater hoping to return in a few hours suffered death in the hands of people we consider above God. We knocked the door of the local police but they refused to register FIR against doctors of such an influential hospital. With no positive response from police we approached the Tis Hazari District court, where after long hearing the Hon’ble Judge was satisfied with our complaint and ordered police to register a FIR under section 304A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code against all the five doctors involved. I am writing this post as I want to spread awareness in this modern Indian society about the medical negligence committed by doctors of highly reputed hospitals which of ...
MUST READ!! A Brilliant Piece on the misuse of the Dowry law - Sec of the IPC
Section 383 in The Indian Penal Code . 383. Extortion.—Whoever intentionally puts any person in fear of any...
if u kno hw to read, read Indian penal code 1865, one reference is enuf fr u
Indian Penal Code, 1860 S.302--Death Penalty--Conviction under TADA--Causing of bomb blast--There was delay of 8 years in deciding mercy petition filed by accused--Accused has suffered severe depression and hypertension--Death Penalty commuted to life imprisonment due to supervening circumstances namely delay in decision of mercy petition and mental illness--Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act.;; Navneet Kaur v. State of NCT of Delhi & Anr. : 2014(2) Law Herald (P&H) 1611 (SC)
Lawmakers must be subject to the law before others. Throw the Indian Penal Code at TMC & TDP
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Indian Penal Code 233 :-. The most awaited one. Government has finally passed the most awaited one and...
Great new book: Students Code of Conduct - Surat Municipal Institute of Medical ...
** DID U KNOW **. Section 509 in The Indian Penal Code: Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a...
That is under Indian Penal Code ie a uniform criminal code , the law never treated them differently, judiciary might have
I just can't get over the fact that *Indian Penal Code* has nothing to do with Sex..
Section 377 of the colonial-era Indian Penal Code which criminalizes homosexuality remains in effect in many former colonies.
over should be officialy declared as an offence under the Indian Penal Code!!
When is the Indian Parliament going to debate of the Indian Penal Code?
If ignorance of law is no excuse, shouldn't a copy of the Indian Penal Code be available to every Indian free of charge, by right?
We don't need Indian Penal Code,1860 any more...Lets write our own IPC and
Cyber crime registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has shown a much higher growth rate of 122.5 per cent in...
Making promises with an intention not to fulfill is "cheating" under Indian Penal Code and is punishable. Akali...
Art 370 gives special status to J&K. All laws of the Indian Constitution and Penal Code are not applicable there.
Why is Govt wasting time on Direct Taxes Code? Top priority is re-write of Indian Penal Code,1860. Give us a Penal Code,2017
Finally a new law passed by modi govt today. As per Indian penal code 233. If a girl is suspected to be raped or...
1/5th of all prisoners in Tihar are accused in dowry cases under sections & 406 of the Indian Penal Code
and Which section of Indian Penal code (IPC) kejriwal is accused of , please see and Do u know IPC 302, 368 ?
Which court Somanth bharti case is goin on and on which section of Indian penal code ? right. Think
INDIAN PENAL CODE 306. Abetment of suicide--. Provoked me to suicide kinda Samntha meda
498a Indian Penal Code is being misused
Why is police reformation and review of indian penal code delayed for years and years? It's a money making racket for those in power.
High gold prices are evil? MT With 200 incidents in 6mths, gold chain snatchings at all-time high
It not the sex education but it is important teach the basics of Indian penal code to children . That will help in big ways .
: Indian Penal Code -233 Against Rape Crimes: Fact or Fake? I just wanted to confirm whether this section has been included or not
What is Section 406 in The Indian Penal Code:. Punishment for criminal breach of trust.—W...
What is Section 420 in The Indian Penal Code:. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery...
What is Section 403 in The Indian Penal Code:. Dishonest misappropriation of property.—Wh...
Great new book: criminal appeal no. 1765 of 2011 - Supreme Court of India
What is Section 120 in The Indian Penal Code: (1) Whoever is a party to a criminal cons...
# Excellent, Azagiri can be charged appreciate sections of Indian Penal Code including section 420 by Jurisdictional Police#
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err ..thats not job ..thats more of finding a place in the books relating to INDIAN PENAL CODE as citations
With 200 incidents in 6 months, chain snatchings at all-time high - Bangalore Mirror
Book review - 34th Edition of the oldest commentary on Indian Penal Code (118 yr old) - Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
dear Sec 377 of Indian Penal Code is archaic too. Pls amend it to exclude consensual sex in pvt between adults
Ram Jetmalhani. Conversion by persuasion is allowed by the Indian Penal Code. Conversion by force or bribery is not allowed.
As per the 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act' and Section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code one…
Article 19(1) of the Constitution . Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code. Section 66A of the Indian Information Technology Act. . When act...
In India, attempted suicide is an offense punishable under Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code
India prohibits hate speech by several sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure,..
Indian Penal Code is a system which forces everyone to follow it. Do you agree?
Here below I ‘am providing all the necessary information in a short manner. Less time consuming and more information friendly. “The Semantic meaning of crime against women is direct or indirect physical or mental cruelty to women. Crimes which are directed specifically against women and in which only women are victims are characterized as Crime against Women" The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women for neutralizing the cumulative socio economic, education and political disadvantages faced by them. Within the framework of a democratic polity, our laws, development policies, Plans and programmes have aimed at women’s advancement in different spheres. India has also ratified various international conventions and human rights instruments committing ...
Police arrest bridegroom for refusing to marry Hyderabad: Falaknuma police on Saturday arrested a man for allegedly demanding additional dowry and refusing to marry. According to Falaknuma police, the bridegroom, Mohammed Kaleemuddin (32) worked as an accountant in Saudi Arabia Resident of Tolichowki and the marriage was fixed with a girl of Jahanuma on Saturday at Basera function hall in Falaknuma. “A day before the marriage, Kaleemuddin and his father, Kareemuddin (67) a retired employee demanded additional dowry after which the bride’s relatives lodged a complaint”, Falaknuma Inspector Md. Shaker Hussain said. The police registered a case under Section 3 and 4 of Dowry Prevention Act and other Sections of Indian Penal Code and arrested them. INN
Via: India Today Delhi Police constable arrested for stalking and raping widow Mahender Singh Manral New Delhi, Sunday, June 22, 2014 A day after a nexus between a drug-peddler and the police came to light, the Delhi Police are once again facing humiliation after one of them was arrested for allegedly raping a woman after barging into her house in Delhi's Saket area. Initial investigation has revealed that on Wednesday, the victim, a widow, who lives with her son, was alone in her house in Saket's Sector 7 when 28-year-old constable Israle Khan forcefully entered her house, thrashed her and raped her. The victim told the police that she first met the accused a few months ago when she had made a call to the police control room (PCR) for an emergency and Khan, who was then posted at the Saket Police station - he is currently posted at the R.K. Puram police station - came to attend the PCR call, police sources said. The victim, in her complaint, said that after their first meeting, Khan started repeatedly ca ...
Which Section of Indian Penal Code (IPC) deals with the cases of dowry death?. a) Sec 304B IPC. b) Sec 498A IPC. c)...
EXTORTATION AND CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION BY THE BUILDER: M.K. Gupta, Free Lance Journalist, RTI and Consumer Activist. 22.6.2014. 8.00 a.m. Some buyers have called/ told me today me that his builder is asking to make payment of balance amount towards the booked flats without allowing them to inspect the flat citing security reasons without giving details of the security reasons. Even, a call was from outside India. In case, buyers fail to pay the amount without verification of the stage of construction, builder is threatening them to impose penalty, cancelling the booking and forfeiting the amount. Such acts come under criminal intimidation which is a cognizable offence u.s. 503 of IPC. An FIR can be lodged against this giving the proof, copy of the letter, email to the police. Gurgaon police has the facility of filing on-line complaint and the same should be filed by sending scan copies of correspondence/e-mails exchanged with the builder. The person threatening shall be punished with imprisonment or wi ...
Well, well ,well; Delhi's males certainly make no distinction with regard to the skin colour, age and nationality of women when it comes to the humanitarian and bestial issue of sexually violating them. A 30 year old Ugandan woman has alleged in a written complaint that she was gang raped by two men with two men with whom she had a monetary dispute (dispute regarding the repayment of monies owed to her) within the confines of her rented flat in the national capital's Dwarka area late on Friday night. According to the victim, the two accused men did not stop with brutally raping her but also made off with her mobile, cash on hand and other valuables as they were fearful about the prospect of the victim filing a police complaint about the incident. Local cops who swung into action the very minute they received a written complaint from the victim on Saturday morning firstly registered a case of gang rape under section 376 (G) of the Indian Penal Code in addition to the additional charges of robbery levelled ...
Q. Perjury means giving willful false evidence by a witness while under oath, the witness is liable to be prosecuted for perjury and the imprisonment amy extend to seven years. This falls under which section of IPC: A. 190 of Indian Penal Code B. 191 of Indian Penal Code C. 192 of Indian Penal Code D. 193 of Indian Penal Code97. .**KKES FMT**. -Share The Knowledge-
How a call by an alert citizen saved a 20 year old from being killed in Pune: Pune: An alert citizen prevented two ruffians from molesting a 20-year-old married woman near Dandekar bridge in the wee hours of Saturday. The woman along with her maternal uncle had come to city from her maternal home from Madhya Pradesh on Friday night. She had to travel to Mahabaleshwar to her husband's house. She along with her uncle was seated at Pune bus stand waiting for the bus to arrive. The two ruffians pretending to be policemen took both of them outside and made them sit in two separate autorickshaws. An alert citizen who was seated as a passenger found sometime suspicious and alerted the police. The arrested persons have been identified as Badshah alias Altaf Pathan (25) and his accomplice Ramya, who have been arrested under the relevant sections of Indian Penal Code consist of molestation, assault, kidnapping and an act done by them with common intention. The incident came to light, when victim (20), a resident of ...
We should be proud that we are Indians for noother nation is so diverse in language and culture and yet unity in diversity.We call our nation Mother India and Bharatha Madha because it has rich heritage and resources.Of late some foreign nations wantonly trying to disturb the tranquillity of our nation but they would not succeed in their evil conspiracy.Religious instability grows leap and bound.Attracity against women also increases day by day.Indian women are different in that they wouldn't surpass the social boundary,Man is a social animal.Unfortunately this animal has transforming itself into cruel forest animals.Forest animals wouldn't preplan. rape of innocent people .But the social animals do.The Indian Penal Code should be suitably amended so that horse deterant punishment awarded to culprits so that others dare not to commit the heinous crime.
Bhaut acha kare ban karo ye communal channel ku... Criminal case registered against TV9 L.B. Nagar police had registered a criminal case against Telugu news channel TV9 following a local court direction after an advocate moved it seeking action against the channel for belittling Telangana MLAs through a programme telecast by it. The Second Metropolitan Magistrate court of Cyberabad gave the direction after a lawyer Janardhan Goud filed a petition accusing the TV9 news channel, headed by Ravi Prakash, of showing the newly-created Telangana State legislators in bad light and making derogatory comments on them through a news programme called ‘Bullet News’ that was aired by it on June 12. L.B. Nagar Inspector E. Srinivas Reddy said Sections 4A and 6 of the Cable Television Networks Act (Regulation), 1995, along with Sections 504 (Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) and 505 (statements conducting to public mischief) of Indian Penal Code were invoked against the TV channel
Lethal Custodians-Arun Shourie Things work at two levels in India, that of paper and that of fact. On paper, for instance, we have section 167 of the Indian Penal Code under which a public servant is to be hauled up for preparing a false document; we have section 192 of the same code under which the punishment for fabricating evidence that leads to conviction for murder is the same as for murder itself; indeed, on paper, we have the entire Criminal Procedure Code which provides safeguard after safeguard for the accused. On paper we have sections 25 to 27 of the Indian Evidence Act which state that no confession made to a police officer shall be used as proof against a person unless it has been made in the immediate presence of a magistrate. On paper we have Article 20(3) of the Constitution which decrees that no one can be compelled to testify against himself. And if you read commentaries on these sections and Articles or the judgements in which they figure, you will find them becoming more and more liber ...
10 LEGAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN IN INDIAN LAW...PLS READ CAREFULLY AND SHARE WITH UR ALL FEMALE FRNS. legal rights for women in India and stand up for your safety. 1. Free Legal Aid Always be accompanied with lawyer when you go to file a complaint or FIR against any mis-happening. Because being in the world of MEN, a woman is never taken seriously and sometimes even the FIR is not lodged. Also, as per the Delhi High Court ruling whenever a rape is reported, the SHO should inform this to the Delhi Legal services Authority. The Legal body then arranges a Lawyer for the rescue. 2. Right to Privacy while recording Statements In any case if a woman finds inconvenient to record her statement she can always do the same in presence of only one Police officer and a lady constable in a less crowded place so that no fourth party can overheard. Also it is the duty of Police to keep the privacy of a woman intact and closed. Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a woman who is raped records her statement in front of th ...
After HC rap, cops pay Rs. 6L to 80-yr-old for illegal detention. But Vashi police's woes are not over: While they now face action for contempt of court, Mohini Kamwani says she will not rest till they are prosecuted as per law. An 80-year-old Vashi woman has finally got justice - or at least part of it - after the Vashi police on Wednesday paid her Rs 6 lakh as directed by the Bombay High Court for illegally detaining her and her 59-year-old son in January 2012. Mohini Kamwani was in the news after the police arrested her and her son Dilip "for attempting to commit suicide". Kamwani had earlier staged a sit-in protest to call attention to the police's refusal to book her estranged grandson who was harassing her asking for her bank details. Kamwani then wrote to the chief minister about the police inaction. A few days later, two Vashi police officers called her to the station on the pretext of filing an FIR against her grandson. Instead, they detained her and Dilip for a whole day without food or water, b ...
In today's 'Indian Express' ( issue dated 18.6.2014) at page 15 is a news item that the Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan has finalized a draft Muslim family law which does away with oral divorce and polygamy. I congratulate the organization. They have shown bravery in rising up against an oppressive law. I am totally against Muslim Personal Law because it oppresses Muslim women and discriminates against them. This is the modern age of equality, and discrimination against women is simply unacceptable in the modern age. Since a Muslim woman who seeks a divorce has to file a petition in Court ( under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939) making out a ground for divorce (like adultery, cruelty, separation for 4 years, etc), a Muslim man who seeks a divorce should also be made to do the same. Hence oral talaq is clearly discriminatory against Muslim women. It can even be given whimsically, without any ground. Also, polygamy is a feudal, outdated institution which has no place in the modern world. Monoga ...
The payment of a dowry gift, often financial, has a long history in many parts of the world. In India , the payment of a dowry has been prohibited since 1961 under Indian civil law. Subsequently, Sections 304B and 498A of the Indian Penal Code were enacted, making it easier for the wife to seek redress from harassment by the husband's family. Anti-dowry laws have been criticized by men's rights groups , who accuse women and their families of misusing the laws.
Child labour is the practice of having children engage in economic activity, on part or full-time basis. The practice deprives children of their childhood, and is harmful to their physical and mental development. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of informal economy are considered as the important causes of child labour in India. The 2001 national census of India estimated the total number of child labour, aged 5–14, to be at 12.6 million, out of a total child population of 253 million in 5-14 age group.[3][4] The child labour problem is not unique to India; worldwide, about 217 million children work, many full-time. In 2001, out of a 12.6 million child workers, about 120,000 children in India were in a hazardous job. UNICEF estimates that India with its larger population, has the highest number of labourers in the world under 14 years of age, while sub-saharan African countries have the highest percentage of children who are deployed as child labour. International Labour Organisation estimates t ...
LONG READ but IMPORTANT Cyber Security Do's and Don'ts - Good One. Increased dependency on information in various forms from computers to smart phones, cyber security has assumed importance for individuals and organizations alike, due to proliferation of cyber crime, intimidation, stalking and other forms of malicious attacks in this medium. Cyber gangs are increasingly using malware or malicious software such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, Crime ware, Joke programs, and mail bombs and so on to target victims. On the other hand growth of Spam and Phishing through email has rendered common users of computer networks vulnerable to cyber fraud. Thus cyber crime which is unlawful acts wherein computer is either a tool or a target or both involving criminal activities that are traditional in nature, such as theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief has become a major threat to individuals and organizations. Moreover abuse of computers has also given birth to new age crimes. Many of these acts are sub ...
Section 304 A of the Indian Penal Code is related to
Prime Minister of India: Read Down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code via
IP Cases :: A matter beyond mere compensation Criminal negligence matters are dealt under Ss 337(hurt), 338(grievous hurt) and 304A(culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. In order to prosecute a medical practitioner one has to prove malicious intention or gross negligence i.e., a high degree of negligent conduct... Read More: Magazine
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PROTECTING YOUR STREEDHAN Streedhan covers all the articles (movable and immovable property) that your parents, relatives and in laws give you when you get married. It is property and gifts that ensure that you are not left wanting anything after your wedding. However, sometimes your husband and in-laws, whether forcefully or not, could try to take that Streedhan from you. Here's how you can protect what is rightfully yours. Remember that Streedhan is covered under the Hindu Marriage Act. Protecting Your Assets If you feel like your Streedhan is in danger from your in-laws then you needn't worry because there are a few laws and legislations that will help protect your Streedhan." In fact if anyone besides the bride takes the Streedhan, then they are supposed to give those gifts back Remember, any movable or immovable property qualifies as Streedhan. This could be a house, car, jewellery, household items like furniture, ACs, refrigerators, phones and anything that you are given in your wedding. In case you ...
List of Important Legislations in 2013-2014: 1. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 Amends the Indian Penal Code of 1961, Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973, Indian Evidance Act of 1872 and Protection of Child from Sexual Offences Act of 2012. It aims at making sex...
Please sign this petition to the PM floated by the Humsafar Trust.
Does Natural Justice apply in India ? What is the base of Indian Penal Code ?
Penal Code If a male relative forces a woman to have sex against her will its Prostitution not rape
Passed by Indian Parliament in 1983, Indian Penal Code 498A,is a criminallaw,Most caseswhereSec 498A is invoked turnouttobefalse
This is why I asked if you are bots. Pls read up on Indian Penal Code's Section 354 & 509. Sigh!
Does have gutts to challenge why Indian Penal code is been given preference in KU & Ranbir P code deleted
pls read Indian Penal Code, u can google it. Sec 375
Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code deals with :-. A. Attempt to Murder. B. Dacoity. C. Attempt to Suicide. D. Homosexuality
Arun Jaitley, the lawyer now Finance Minister, wants to jail someone for rising vegetable prices. Hoarders apparently, are to blame. Yes, all these hoarders are hoarding vegetables in these cold-storages with 24x7 electricity supply! No wonder Delhi is without electricity - all the vegetable hoarders are consuming it! In most cases, Indian Penal Code can replace Economics.
To check milk adulteration in the state government will soon amend the relevant sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC).
In 1983, was recognised as a specific criminal offence by the introduction of section 498-A into the Indian Penal Code
wishes to O.P. Srivastava our author of Indian Penal Code book
WE WANT FINAL JUDGEMENT FROM SUPREAM COURT- Andhra High Court Iii Additional Sessions Judge, ... vs Gantela Vijayavardhan Rao And ... on 2 November, 1995 Equivalent citations: 1996 (1) ALD Cri 373, 1996 (1) ALT Cri 1, 1996 CriLJ 703 Author: S S Quadri Bench: B Rao, S S Quadri JUDGMENT Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri, J. 1. On the fateful morning of March 8, 1993 at about 4.45 A.M. petrol was sprinkled in Super Express APSRTC Bus bearing No. AP. 9z-4236, which was proceeding from Hyderabad to Chilakaluripet, near Kondrupadu village, which resulted in the death of 23 persons besides causing burn injuries to the other passengers and burning of the bus completely. The appellants were tried for various offences under sections 302, 392, 307, 341, 448 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code on as many as 31 charges by the learned III Addl. Sessions Judge, Guntur, and were convicted on charges 1 to 23 and 31, among others, and sentenced to death for the offence under Sections 302 and 120-B I.P.C. The conviction and sentence ...
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You know why IPC (Indian Penal Code) has an interest in the matter? Among the casualties, 41 were Indians.
Read the provision of sedition in the Indian Penal Code. And you will get how bureaucracy functions.
I mean restructure it to some Indian Penal Code, 2014. !1860 reminds me of British era.
Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Make it IPC,2014. TP,2014. If possible restructure it like Company Act,2013
Ok! Guy! - Here we go :-) Section 503 of The Indian Penal Code. With His blessings, action initiated and...
Employee or colleague manhandling in branch as per to instruction from boss or other colleague is a crime as per to indian penal code 321 voluntary causing hurt if hr listens to boss please complaint it to police and share such organisation name so that other will not get exploited.
Katra outpost incharge Ram Vilas Yadav, constables Sarvesh Yadav and Chhatrapal Yadav were suspended following the incident. Other accused, including three brothers Pappu Yadav, Awadhesh Yadav and Urvesh Yadav, and two unidentified persons are still at large, police said. Of the seven accused, Sarvesh and Chhatrpal have been booked under Section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code, while the three brothers and two others have been booked under sections 302 (murder) and 376 (rape) of the IPC.
370 must go!!!Why? Read this article . Rhetoric or Real? An open letter to Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on There is more of political rhetoric and less of research available on the present topic. There is a need of rigorous debate on the continuation of the present Article in the constitution which is temporary both in nature and its objective. Recently we have witnessed a lot of curiosity and misplaced controversy over Article 370 of the Constitution. Political executives with an unholy stake in the issue are often misguiding the existing curiosities of people for their own benefits. The Indian Constitution is the lengthiest constitution of the world. It has been graciously accepted considering the diversity it caters to. It lays the foundation for the governance of the world’s largest democracy. At the very outset, I would endeavour to briefly elucidate upon the origin and birth of Article 370. On the eve of Independence, we were fragmented into a number of princely states who were pr ...
BAREILLY: An FIR was lodged on Sunday against BSP's Badaun district in charge Jamshed Ali and seven others for allegedly gang-raping a dalit girl. The rape survivor told the police that on May 6, Ali and seven others abducted her near a petrol pump at Usmanpur village, Sahaswan city, in Badaun district. She said they dragged her inside a car and raped her. The accused allegedly held the girl hostage and took her to several cities, including Delhi. The girl alleged that the BSP leader and his aides repeatedly raped her until she managed to escape on Saturday. "The rape survivor claimed that she is a minor. We are waiting for her medical reports to confirm her age," said a police officer. After the girl narrated the incident to her family, her father met acting senior superintendent of police (SSP) Maan Singh Chauhan on Sunday and informed him about the incident. On the instruction of the SSP, a named FIR was lodged at Civil Lines Police Station against Jamshed Ali, Jai Kumar Thakur, Chote Lal, Abhisek Jata ...
12 year old boy rescued from an abusive employer in Pune: Pune: A 12-year-old boy, Sunil Prakash Mali, who was beaten up brutally by a owner of a mithai shop, where he worked, was rescued by volunteers of Dnyana Devi Childline and police. The boy is from Rajasthan and worked for Prakash Chaudhari (26), owner of Mataji Sweets, Sutardhara, Shivkalyan Nagar in Kothrud. The incident follows the arrest of a techie couple from Viman Nagar who had employed a 12-year-old boy as a child labourer hailing from Odisha and later tortured him. In the present case, the boy complained that he was given no food and kept locked up most of the time. A resident of the area where the mithai shop is located, witnessed the beating a few times before he informed Dnyana Devi Childline asking them to rescue the child. Anuradha Sahastrabuddhe, director of Dnyana Devi said, “The child had sought help from citizens previously. A resident of the area, who is a relative of a volunteer who works with Childline informed us about the ch ...
Rape and murder has now become one of the most frequent and threatening offences. According to an Indian survey it is estimated that every 58th second a rape case happens and on the contrary the UN report states that every 62nd report is being registered. Thus, if we take out the syllogism of these data we can notice that in less than a second a rape case is being committed. A fraction of Indian population advocates for the death penalty to the rapists. Recently during the elections it had been witnessed that some of the politicians, using their wittiness and not wisdom started favouring rapists and not the victim. On this social activist Mr. Nishant Mishra quoted "The victims need no sympathy or empathy from such leaders, I am with them and we can fight for justice while standing on our own legs." He also said that the offenders are the rapists and the society should boycott them and not the victims. He said that the girls against whom rape is being committed are not the victims but they are the survivor ...
INDIA PUNE ONE FRAUDSTER FIRST HACKED EMAIL ID OF ONE EMPLOYEE OF MULTINATIONAL COMPANY THEN USED THE SAME TO BOOK AIR TICKETS WITH TRAVEL AGENCY WITH WHOM THE COMPANY HAS ACCOUNT AND DUPED THE TRAVEL FIRM NAMED DATTA DIGAMBAR TOURS AND TRAVELS WITH RS.18 LAKHS WHICH ISSUED THE TICKETS AND FRAUD CAME TO LIGHT WHEN MNC EMPLOYEE CHECKED HIS EMAIL MESSAGES AND PUNE POLICE INVESTIGATING THE SAME 25TH MAY 2014 A travel and tours firm was duped of Rs 18 lakh after an impersonator posed as a client and booked 24 international flight tickets through them, between April 9 and 14. A case was registered with the Kothrud police station on Thursday against the unidentified person by Supriya Kulkarni, director of Datta Digambar Tours & Travels in Erandwane. According to police, the firm received an email on April 9 from a person claiming to be an employee of a US-based multi-national company (MNC), that manufactures and sells products to support oil and gas industry in a plant in Pune on. The MNC was already a client o ...
Shelter home HORROR: 'Children sexually abused, made to eat faeces' Two officials of a children's shelter home in Karjat taluka of Maharashtra's Raigad district were arrested on charges of sexually abusing five minor inmates, police said on Thursday. Based on the complaints of sexual abuse and harassment at the ashram by parents of some of the children, police arrested Chandraprabha Charitable Trust chairman Ajit Dabholkar and manager Lalita Tonde on Tuesday, they said. Dabholkar and Tonde were running the ashram at Takve village in Karjat taluka of Raigad for tribal and poor children. About 32 children, in the age group of four to 15 years, were housed there. The Karjat police, during preliminary investigation, found that four girls and a boy at the ashram, in the age group of 11-15 years, were allegedly sexually abused by the accused duo. The accused used to allegedly force the children to perform sexual acts in front of them, Karjat police station's assistant police inspector S M Jadhav told PTI. The a ...
Following memorandum was sent by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation of Frisco, Texas. They hope that Mr.Modi will follow their suggestions. They may succeed in getting some points adopted by the government. It is breathtaking in its fanaticism and bigotry. (Submitted from United States of America at the comfort of all the privileges?) . - Submitted by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Frisco, TX 75035 USA. February 28, 2012 Dear Friends: The following Memorandum was sent in February 2014 to Sri Narendra Modi, the then PM Candidate and Dr. Subramanian Swamy for their consideration. Now the country has elected the Prime Minister with such overwhelming majority, we hope that these items listed in the Memorandum will be considered, adopted and implemented for the preservation of Sanatana Dharma that has sustained the Bharath for thousands and thousands of years. Let us all work with determination and passion to restore the glory, grandeur and richness of Hindu dharma that embraced the philosophy of inclusivenes ...
Plz don’t reveal the victims photos.Revealing the victims photos is a crime in Indian Penal Code .
Breaking NEWs: Biggest Fraud Under PACL PONZI Scam STING OPERATION BY AAJ TAK on 29th MAY 2014 UNDER "OPERATION KARORPATI" For more detail: watch "AAJ TAK OPERATION KARORPATI" of 29th May on YouTube: Pearls Group promoter Nirmal Singh Bhangoo may be in CBI's net for alleged Rs.45,000-crore ponzi scam, but thousands of investors have been left in lurch. Bhangoo has been accused of running a ponzi scheme whereby investors were given fake guarantees that they would be provided plots of agricultural land. It is suspected that their hard-earned money has been pumped into Bhangoo's empire outside India. Most of the Pearls investors believe that they may not be able to get their money back following the allegations that a sizeable part of the money collected from them has been invested in foreign countries such as Australia. One of such investments was made in 2009 when the group purchased Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa in Gold Coast, Queensland. Highly-placed sources have told Mail Todaythat Bhangoo's investmen ...
what about a husband suicide in every 8 minutes due to a baised law like ipc 498A of Indian penal code and so many maintenance law ? its not a less pain to to a parents who lost there bread eaner son as weel not a less pain to a sister who lost her beloved son due to a draconian law ?
Irom Sharmila Chanu, also known as the Iron Lady of Manipur, went on a hunger strike on November 4, 200 after Indian military soldiers gunned down 10 civilians at a bus station in Malom. “I was shocked to see the dead bodies. There was no means to stop further violations by the armed forces…. It (fast) is the most effective way because it is based on a spiritual fight… My fast is on behalf of the people of Manipur. This is not a personal battle, it is symbolic. It is a symbol of truth, love and peace”, Irom Sharmila Chanu said. After just three days of fasting, the police arrested her for attempted suicide, which is punishable according to Indian Penal Code. The administration started force-feeding her via nasal tubes and confined her to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Imphal. Because the maximum sentence for an ‘attempt to suicide’ cannot exceed one year, Irom Sharmila Chanu is released on completion of one year, and re-arrested after 2-3 days, on the same charges. This has been going on for ...
IMPACT OF ARTICLE 370 Jammu & Kashmir is the most autonomous state in India. It even has its own State Flag, allowed by Nehru in the Delhi Agreement of 1952. This flag is hoisted on the State’s Council Hall and on the Ministerial vehicles along with the Indian National flag. The State also has its own anthem called Qaumi Tarana, which takes six minutes of singing time and during which senior police officials are required to keep standing. Article 370 is solely responsible for generating a feeling of separatism and exclusion amongst the Kashmiris. They believe “we are different”. It then benefits people who want power like the Abdullah family; they have exploited this Article, not allowing outside people to come to the State. They have thus created their own sheikhdom. Because of Article 370, there are a number of national laws which are not applicable to the state. IPC, 1860- This is the most comprehensive and exhaustive criminal enactment which applies to everyone without any discrimination of any ...
UNDER SECTION 197 CRPC SANCTION TO PROSECUTE WHEN REQUIRED AND WHEN NOT REQUIRED REDEFINED 2012 SC JUSTICE B.S. Chauhan, JUSTICE Swatanter Kumar of The Supreme Court of India in the case of General Officer Commanding vs Cbi & Anr. Decided on 1 May, 2012 WHEN SANCTION REQUIRED:-The protection given under Section 197 Cr.P.C. is to protect responsible public servants against the institution of possibly vexatious criminal proceedings for offences alleged to have been committed by them while they are acting or purporting to act as public servants. The policy of the legislature is to afford adequate protection to public servants to ensure that they are not prosecuted for anything done by them in the discharge of their official duties without reasonable cause, and if sanction is granted, to confer on the Government, if they choose to exercise it, complete control of the prosecution. This protection has certain limits and is available only when the alleged act done by the public servant is reasonably connected wi ...
My Dear ,Frnds i want pay your kind attention on "The Iron lady of Manipur" Irom Chanu Sharmila who is fating from last 13 years ,Irom Chanu Sharmila, who has been on a fast for the past 13 years to demand withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Manipur, Because On 2 November 2000, in Malom, a town in the Imphal Valley of Manipur, ten civilians were shot and killed while waiting at a bus stop. The incident, known as the "Malom Massacre",was allegedly committed by the Assam Rifles, one of the Indian Paramilitary forces operating in the state.The victims included Leisangbam Ibetombi, a 62-year old woman, and 18-year old Sinam Chandramani, a 1988 National Child Bravery Award winner.[12] Sharmila, who was 28 at the time, began to fast in protest of the killings, taking neither food nor water.As her brother Irom Singhajit Singh recalled, "It was a Thursday. Sharmila used to fast on Thursdays since she was a child. That day she was fasting too. She has just continued with her fast" Three days aft ...
Central Government Act Section 370 in The Indian Penal Code 370. Buying or disposing of any person as a slave
People who were abusing Honorable Prime Minister of India with vulgar language, photoshop/doctored photo and other indecent messages should be careful now. Narendra Modi is now not a PM candidate but the actual PM of India. They can be prosecuted under Section-153A, 295, 499, 504, 505 of Indian Penal Code along with Section 66A, 66F, 67 of Information Technology Act, 2008. So anti PM rumor mongers be careful.some body may be watching you and one FIR can put you behind the bar.nobody is above law.even popular leader and ex CM of Delhi like Kejriwal...
Using the freedom provided by Article 370, the J&K State has not accepted Indian Penal Code,...
We use Indian Penal Code "1860",. Which govt will hav as agenda on priority !.
Swastika Mukherjee admits her dowry harassment allegations were false Kolkata, Sept 23 (IBNS): Tollywood actress Swastika Mukherjee has confessed in a media conference that the dowry harassment allegations she made against her estranged husband were false, apparently bringing a closure to an episode that has been playing out amidst full media glare for ten years. . “I was young, I did not have enough sense back then and I did what my family, friends and peers advised me to do,” is how Swastika on Wednesday chose to explain why she falsely accused her husband singer Promit Sen of “subjecting her to cruelty” and “criminal breach of trust”. Swastika’s shocking but predictable confession comes a day after she apparently submitted an affidavit at a city court admitting that the charges she made against her husband and her in-laws under Indian Penal Code 498A and 406 were “unfounded, false, baseless and speculative”. Swastika and Promit, the youngest son of renowned Rabindrasangeet exponent Sa ...
Case booked under new law: Section 354 (d) of Indian Penal Code (IPC), which has been invoked, read...
In April 2013 the Indian Parliament introduced amendments to the Indian Penal Code making various changes to the...
No state in India has its own constitution except for J&K,which follows the Ranbir Penal Code instead of the Indian Penal Code.
Irom Chanu Sharmila is in Delhi today, nay, she was in Delhi today. For, by the time you read this, she will be back to her 15 by 10 ft. room of the security ward of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal (Manipur), where she has been kept in judicial custody since 13 years.  She was brought to Delhi yesterday to be produced before a Sessions Judge at the Patiala House Court.      Her crime?   According to the Police, Irom Sharmila ‘attempted to commit suicide’, which is a crime under section 309 of the Indian Penal Code. But Sharmila contests this charge by saying, “No, I love life and I want to live like a normal human being. I don’t want to kill myself but I only want justice and peace.”       Today, when I met her for the first time at the Court, I was amazed to see her levels of energy, strength and optimism. How could someone manage to be so energetic and full of life, I asked myself? That, after going through so much of pain. It was incredible to see her talkin ...
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Prevention of corruption Act, Indian Penal code, Domestic Violence Act, do not apply to J&K
Didnt realize Article 370 mandates Ranbir Penal Code instead of Indian Penal code in J&K. His girl friends must be experts on its deployment
Activists highlight rise in suicides among married men: ‘Section 498a of the Indian Penal Code is being misused’
According to Section 12 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), "India" means the territory of India excluding the state of Jammu and
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