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Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress (abbreviated INC, and commonly known as the Congress) is one of the two major political parties in India, the other being the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

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Aap is not even a patch on the Indian National Congress!!
March 8, 1776 . Congress bans the enlistment of any Indian lacking prior assent of both Congress & his tribe’s national council.
You missed one stage. Indian Notional Congress. Nothing National about the party since then
Indian National Congress INC, is now Italian Nose Congress gone r the days of freedom fighters
It's critical that Indian politics should have two strong national parties. If Congress is to be saved, who should…
Indian National Congress hastening its own complete downfall by justifying terror. Absolutely shameless!
Congress is the root cause of terrorism in India.. INC has become Indian Anti-national Congress..
. INC should now become IANC meaning Indian Anti National Congress.
in. Indian National Congress is so humiliating
Indira P. Gandhi was an Indian politician and central figure of the Indian National Congress party,and to date the…
Congress (I) only wants to extract political mileage out of the "Indian National Congress" that had fought for... https:/…
Indian National Congress is neither Indian nor National - it is the Muslim League of Independent India that perpetuates Mafia culture.
Shame double shame to congress.shame to PC Chaco.Cong is the anti Indian party.It must ba banned for being anti national
Why we providing importance to this anti national party named congress..Please remove Indian from your party name
Indian National Congress is now "Lashkar-E-Congress".Earlier every Congressperon were merely Pakistan hearted,now they advocate terrorism.
Purna Swaraj’ was announced in the Indian National Congress Session of . (a) Calcutta. (b) Lahore. (c) Nagpur. (d) Karachi
Massive upsurge in support of terrorists because Congress & National Conference are fully backing these protests to bring…
Sulochana Modi, of Indian National Congress ,bcm the Mayor of Bombay in 1956, the first for any woman in India
Party(Maragaret Thatcher in 1975). The second woman head of the Indian National Congress, Nellie Sengupta was elected in 1933.
But even the national movement for Indian Independence led by the congress party, there were many more women in positions of importance
,Indian National Congress have a major limit since positive thoughts of reservation for a period oppressed in favour…
leaders of the Indian National Congress and Muslim League to the negotiating table ;law and order had collapsed in most parts
The Indian National Congress is neither Indian nor National.Just a Congress of Crooks.
The only good for BJP to do to Indian politics is to bring the Indian National Congress out of complacency.
tomorrow if u vote for Indian national political parties like then u are screwed :)...
Breathtaking!!. The duo of progress, from Indian National Congress & Samajwadi Party, are enjoying thunderous &... https:/…
We pay tribute to Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant on his Death Anniversary Indian National Congress
Tharoor himself suffers from “historical amnesia” when it comes to understanding the history of Indian National Congress…
Shows the sad state of affairs in Indian National Congress...
Who was the president of Indian National Congress at the time of independence?. (a) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. (b) J...
NSUI Blood Donation Camp Conducted on the occasion of 132nd Foundation day of Indian National Congress.…
Our National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana" was first sung at the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress on 27 December, 1…
The Vandemataram movement in 1906, Bipin Chandra Pal's tour in 1907, attracted many to the Indian National Congress then.
Is avoiding adoption of Gunda Raaj politics in 90s major reason for decline of Indian National Congress in Bihar and UP ?
Indian National Congress pays tribute to the Iron Lady of India, Smt.Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary today.
Feb 1937:Indian National Congress wins elections in 7 out of 11 provinces & gains the attention of the Empire…
ruled by the opposition Indian National Congress and Left Democratic Front respectively.
Today & CLP leader With members and workers of Indian National Congress at Balachaur h…
Indian National Congress stands committed to taking on BJP-RSS and fight their anti-Dalit mindset with all its might.
All frontal organisation of Indian National Congress marching towards Sansad against price rise and anti people policy of govt
Congress will support bills on basis of merit: Ghulam Nabi Azad via
Rate cap on GST demanded by Congress unfeasible: Venkaiah Naidu via
Joined Indian National Congress in the presence of and other senior leaders of party
Nehru, seen here with the President of the Indian National Congress, and a senior member of Indian Foreign Service
Good afternoon guys I am very thankful to Indian national congress to gave very successful face as a chief minister of up
Indian National Congress...with a common plan..assemble with other face..opponents of harmonised &die!
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Indian National Congress can bring back the Good Old Days of UP.
Indian National Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was at Thyagraj Stadium yesterday to watch Vijender Singh in...
An article by Praneetha Mutyala on " Indian National Congress" and its future positions.
Congress had its strength in hereditarily devoted rank & file Not developing talents is the Biggest failure
The National Planning Commission of Namibia is a politician belonging to the Indian National Congress party.
Twists & turns of Indian Democracy..Rebel MLAs ditch BJP return to cong fold in Arunachal ..Congress strength 45/58
Indian national congress the Modi Govt is murdering you did in 2010. Do you have anything to say
why Indian national congress is quite ?
Best National congress leader,Best Tamilnadu chief minister,Best contributor of the Indian people society from...
Yes you are right . He was a visionary of the Indian National Congress and sadly what is left is a sore "Congress Eye"
Indian National Congress is the most honest party in India. They exposed their own Telecom scam worth 46K crore in a Pre…
she is a member of Indian national congress
Government reaches out to Indian National Congress over passage. M Venkaiah Naidu...
”Kumarasami Kamarajar, better known as K. Kamarajar, was a leader of the Indian National Congress, widely acknowledged as the "Kingmaker"
But please ask Congress that why no Dalit or a Muslim candidate for greatest secular party like Indian National Congress?
A.O Hume was the first President of the Indian National Congress, set up in the year 1885
. Sanjeeve reddy is a leader from indian national congress not from indra congress .
Congratulations SMT. SHEILA DIXIT JI on announced as CM candidate for the UP elections . Very good move by Indian National Congress .
The Indian National Congress abolished the scourge of untouchability.
Supreme Court verdict on Arunachal government: lesson for Governors to not act -Congress.
Arunachal verdict a lesson for Governors to not act as BJP, RSS members: Congress via
Why do the top leaders of Indian National Congress not defy/oppose Rahul Gandhi & Sonia Gandhi? by
BJP targets Congress over Imran Masood: 'Move to communalise state politics' via
Congress is vanished from National big face of indian politics today is Mr.Modi . he has outshined everyone.
it's a national security issues not political. for God shake please sometimes be Indian then being Congress leader.
NEDA launched, BJP says 'time rife for making Northeast Congress-mukt'
First meeting of RPCCVV with Madam Girija ji Vyas, All India Chairman of Vichar Vibhag Indian National Congress
SC verdict will deter Centre from misusing power: . Indian National Congress Bharatiya Janata Party...
Indian National Congress is a family party of so called First Family of free India.
How well did shame work in reshaping the Indian National Congress in it's decades long slide into corrupt nepotocracy.
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should apologize for all SCAMS done by UPA Govt!. Why is Indian National Congress so corrupt?
What are the best ways to educate people esp.youth about achievement and contribution of Indian National Congress in India ?
who was the first to brought Dynasty in Indian politics.wasn't Indian National Congress become Congress(I)
Not bigger than Modi, coz they don't have INC ( Indian National Congress ) as his competitor ...
If Pakistan is a nation harbouring Terrorists, than Indian National Congress is a party harbouring corrupt politicians.
The Mathura Civil War3 has Exposed that neither Indian National Congress or Bharatia Janata Party are Happy with Netaji Subash Chandra Bose?
should be called anti-national after this article ! listing all had done to india,yet BJP is bad!
Lists all of Congresses' harrowing accomplishments against the Indian people & then says INC only one who can govern
is oli asking us to vote for Indian National Congress because i cant understand what hes doing
When Rahul Gandhi took the charge of Indian National Congress.
The Indian National Congress has been written off in the past too. I thinks most journos who are lacking in topics to write ab…
Provocative is the word. The writing is interesting. .
uncle let's change Indian National Congress to GANDHI GAFLAT CONGRESS. What do you say?
Obituary: (1885-2016):Death was slow but sure over 20yrs Italian Presidentship! via
What are the biggest failures of till now? by Sandeep Bs
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
As PM, Rajiv Gandhi endeavored to eliminate the corrupt and criminal faces within the Indian National Congress party.
casualty for INC after injuries inflicted by Rahul Gandhi, son of the current owner, proved fatal.
Indian National Congress should rename itself to Indian Muslim League..
Very interesting read.. Innovative style to make a point::
Indian National Congress wins in Puducherry, wins 15 seats.
.to the Congress:"I want to shake you by the shoulders until your bones rattle"|
Obituary for Indian National Congress (1885-2016): 'Death was slow in coming' via scroll_in
.sparkles once again, critiquing Indian Notional Congress, "a bunch of entitled, low-energy dinosaurs":
Shovon Choudhury writes an obituary of the Indian National Congress. Very funny stuff
Future books of History will have this lesson.
Obituary: Indian National Congress (1885-2016). is in mourning. via
There seems to be a competition going on between Indian National Congress (INC) and Indian Army
Indian National Congress (INC) leaders and their supporters were planning to cordon the civil secretariat in...
History Birth of flag symbol of Indian National Congress
No honest politician can survive in our democratic,poor friendly,nation building Indian National Congress..
mentioned character of Indian National Congress rule of 60 years as .
it shud be anti indian anti national Congress. This is perfect.😂😂😂
the swaraj flag was in fact officially adopted by the Indian national congress in 1931
Swamy saved Ram Setu from demolition n challenged Congress/Communists to not touch Setu. He appeal Setu for National Monumen…
At last, Gandhis (Indian National Congress) is set to become a state level party! God is great!
Every 2nd day there is a news about wrong doings by congress which is proving INC as Indian national chor
Haryana Janhit Congress has formally merged with Indian National Congress ... https:/…
Is there anybody here who still loves Indian national congress?
INTUC pledges support to AIADMK in TN Assembly polls Leading trade union, the Indian National Trade Union Congress…
Hey LOW IQ SANGHI..could you compare job generation in Indian National Congress govt (2009-14) with pseudo nationalist of modi
With both the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) having promised full statehood for...
After scam expose, I think. Indian National. Congress should. rename itself as 'Eat. India Company'.
Real hero of our Freedom. Late.Subhash chandra bose of indian National army.Congress hides history.
Congress to gherao Parliament on May 6 - The Hindu: The Indian ExpressCongress to gherao Parliament on May 6T...
"Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone." Secretary of the Interior, Columbus Delano, 1872. Voted today our National Mammal…
BJP is a Union party which has presence in most Indian states, that doesn't make them or congress national parties.
Along with education, carried the spirit of the Indian National Congress in his veins from his school days.
encouraged by Indian National Congress by allowing Ishrat jahan like ppl as daughter, sister of India. S…
Nexus Between Arvind Kejriwal and Indian National Congress Badly Exposed. . Shiela was corrupt on Odd year 2013,...
National Students' Union of India is the student wing of the Indian National Congress party, established on 9 April 1971.
1999: Haryana Gana Parishad, a political party in the Indian state of Haryana, merges with the Indian National Congress.
.sums up the stakes for BJP and Congress in ongoing Indian assembly elections.
Will Gogoi "Crusader of Ahom Pride" deliver for the Indian National Congress as Assam rejects Turn Coats?
INTUC demands 25% quota for labourers’ children in pvt schools members of the Indian National Trade Union Congress…
Who will win the Rangia Constituency in upcoming 2016 Polls? Indian National Congress (INC). What do you think? INC
Dude you are not a part of Indian national Congress. It's just Indira NC.
during that period INC was Indian National Congress not Italian or Indira Congress.😀
if so then why congress was INDIAN national congress, why there was QUIT INDIA movement before promulgation of constitution
KBM is like Indian National Congress, they have 2 caption is like our Ex PM & is like driving caption
Can Prashant Kishor guide a demoralised to victory in UP after 27-long years?
The party has moved away from being national & being Indian LOL ...what left is communist congress
Still not resolved Indian National Congress party leaders problems,it will effect for the result definitely!! Wake up all!!
Now No Indian National Congress / Cpm Vijayawada (I) *** talks about this.because...they cant politicize...
TIL that the Indian National Congress demanded independence for India before it would help Britain in WWII in 1942. London refused, and whe…
The indian national congress ,the party of Ghandi lost their last election because people started perceiving them as corrupt organisation.
- Sir just ask.. wt hs Congress (I) done during freedom fight? jo bhi kiya Indian National Congress ne kiya..this is a dup Con
With the recent issues going on in India, I feel like the Indian National Congress (INC) will win… by Waleed Hussain
What Bengal needs is a moderate left and a progressive governance, and only Indian National Congress could deliver it.…
Leaders from AIUDF, BJP, Bajrang, NCP and various other parties joins Indian National Congress today .
Facts: BJP is not RSS Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee left Indian National Congress founded nationalist...
"If we need to develop we all need to hold the hands of Indian National Congress party.".
The return of KPs question must be asked to the past UPA, Indira congress, Indian national congress, vp Singh governments 1st
Dear this is Indian Cricket Team not Indian National congress .
Freedom movement was steered mainly by the Indian National Congress Party.
Show your support to Indian National Congress. Please visit my page and Like it.
Indian National Congress has prove that they haven't any mother's son who can lead the India any states while depend…
Lacking powers, China's legislature a venue for the wealthy - The Indian Express
The Indian Express: Lacking powers, China’s legislature a venue for the wealthy.
What does Indian National Congress do when terrorists attack India?
Answer on by to Why is the Indian National Congress stuck on Rahul Gandhi?
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UP Congress to hold poll strategy meet, to attend. Indian National Congress Bharatiya Janata...
Shame that Indian National Congress is led by a Foreigner. Don't you have one Indian to lead ?.Colonial mindset.
What happens to Indian National Congress NDTV Barkha Dutt when President of India praises Narendra Modi PMO India
Indian National Congress is the only alternate for Punjab prosperity and to get back the glory
Congress should be ashamed of Rahul's visit to JNU campus: Amit Shah. via
India only needs Azaadi from Indian National Congress if the country really wants to succeed any further.
Corrupt congress now turning to a freind of terrorists and plotting to fix Indian political leaders. National security safe???
This is One Government which is even lauded by the Opposition. . Indian National Congress tried to make mockery of...
Who benefits from attacking National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) promoted by and Congress? Via htt…
that too for an unholy alliance congress + communist... Indian National communist (INC)
Easter Vin Mano is following the Interest "Indian National Congress" on -
.as long as Sonia is around, it is futile to expect her party to behave like Indian NATIONAL Congress
is the cradle of Anti Indian activity,People r being groomed to become Anti national.Corrupt Congress is the reason.
Congres shud change its name from Indian National Congress(INC) to Ishrat Anti Nation Congress(IANC) http…
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Well that's because Congress is being Indian National Kaiki.
Someone is having a BAD day at work I am sure... Indian National Congress admitting that in 2 years the Modi GOVT...
They are the same as INC(Indian National Congress) in India. *** keep letting illegals in with flimsy excuses
members of UPA is Indian National Congress president .
members of UPA is Indian National Congress (INC), whose president Sonia Gandhi is also the head of the UPA. Rahul...
members of UPA is Indian National Congress president . .
Go tell that to the so called Seculars of India, especially Indian National Congress, Raul Vichi, Sonja Gandhi and Co.
Humble tributes to former president of Indian National Congress - Motilal Nehru on his death anniversary today
Today on gamma Leo A b: Indian National Congress, a political party of India is founded in Bombay Presidency, British India (1885/12/28)
Sanghis milk KPs similarly to how the the Indian National Congress milks Muslims & SC/ST.
Thank u for ur love and support. Cast ur valuable vote in favour of the Indian National Congress (INC) on …
Tharki chacha, 60yrs of Congress rule how many graam swaraaj did it bring. . You guys should be branded as Indian national chor
Indian National Congress still has majority in the State Assembly in Arunachal Pradesh but President's rule imposed.
This guy is from Indian National Congress. Is this the congress party's strategy to burn trains & instigate people?
Anti-Hindu orientation of the Indian National Congress via
JD(U) mulling umbrella alliance with RLD, Congress in Uttar Pradesh. via
SHRI Rahul Gandhi ON. 'FREE INTERNET' and 'NET NEUTRALITY'. Indian National Congress has always stood for...
Indian National Congress has always stood for 'Freedom of the Internet' and 'Net Neutrality'
From the streets to the Parliament, the Indian National Congress will fight the autocratic behaviour of the Narendra Modi Gov…
Glimpses of 131st Foundation Day Celebrations of the Indian National Congress at AICC Headquarters in Delhi
engagements: Indian National Congress: Garlanding of statue of former Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha…
Quaid e Azam had started taking interest in politics.Now he joined the indian National Congress and began to work for the independent of the
1939: Indian Muslims observe a "Day of Deliverance" to celebrate the resignations of members of the Indian National Congress ove…
like the Indian national 'Corrupt' Congress. Can't find any avenue for embezzling public money? Must be painful. Coffers dryin up?
It is very difficult to decide which one is the worst political party . Indian national congress or Aam Aadmi Party.
Some heretofore unknown facts about the National Herald case.
DDCA row: Congress MPs walk out of Lok Sabha. via
similarly the Indian national Congress which fought for freedom is different from Sonia Congress .. agree
Discussion on the JJ bill begins in the Rajya Sabha. First speaker is of Indian National Congress
what more proof you need that Indian National Congress became Indian Christian Congress under Sonia. Diggy confirms
Congress lawmakers have no national interest, only vested interest: Lok Sabha Speaker
Anti-national congress should learn from how to be true indian
Absolutely dear we all know, Mani Shankar Aiyar is about to dissolve Indian National Congress. No doubt about it!
Is the case of Nirbhaya not of national importance to Indian National Congress Why they stalled Upper house.
Bilawal Bhutto of the Pakistan's People's Party is akin to Rahul Gandhi of the Indian National Congress. Political dynasties are a joke..
"Its all happening at a time when Congress found itself amidst serious National Herald case And…" — Indian by heart
My answer to What is the likely future of the Indian National Congress if Rahul Gandhi continues to be it's …
Why don't you chose "Hands-on Science" education for Man ki baat. Indian National Science Congress is also coming
This is what Indian National Congress & opposition wants
Officially Boss Swami Naidu Garu is the General Secretary for Indian National Congress party -Andhra Pradesh...
Next Date in National Herald is Sat 20Feb'16 Dr filed case against Corrupt Congress! https:…
Bcz Congress is a or can say National Liability for not dismantling it after Indian Independence
If Jaitely is innocent then Indian National Congress is the most corruption free party in world
hamelessly congress dogs of Sonia parivar bark AJL was acquired by Young Indian for reviving NH -
AS a common National of this Great Country,I see Congress ruining Indian Society for Past 60 yrs.Still doing it
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What a great contribution by an Italian to Indian National Congress. The Office of the President was occupied by...
National Herald case: Congress workers burn effigy of Subramanian Swamy in Tamil Nadu. via
'Still with Congress', insists rebel leader, accuses CM Tuki of graft. via
Bites, crowd, camera, politics: At Congress HQ, all goes as per plan. via
National Herald case: Indira on lips, Cong in line, Sonia, Rahul Gandhi take on Narendra Modi. via
National Herald case: BJP mocks Congress 'drama', says party 'fighting for corruption'. via
Indian National Congress respects and has full faith in the judicial system (8/n)
We have full faith in the Indian Constitution, judiciary and law and we will get justice: Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad on National …
RaGa National Herald case: Indira on lips, Congress in line, Sonia, Rahul Gandhi ... - The Indian Express: The...
Indian National Congress in as fake as Jayalalitha saving Chennai from floods Rajdeep as journalist Katrina as Actress Sa…
Indian National Congress the culprit in both cases: Women Empowerment for Buddhus
Time for Congress to change its name to "Indian Anti-National Corruption Party"
Two windows life story cusp our Nation Republic India. UPA Chairperson, Indian National Congress; MP and...
needs"" Sonia Gandhi Mukt Bharat"". She has damaged the image of Indian National Congress of Smt. Indira Gandhi.
she is for spokperson 4 Rahul baba & Indian National Congress which has no nationalism left in it
Coverage of paris attack?. Did you hear any comments from opposition party ?Time for Indian National Congress to learn sense and ethics.
This sums up Indian National Congress party's agenda in my opinion...
2- SRK films are Indian National Congress. Grand Old Party with a pathetic new crop, trying to milk its followers from better olden days
Sonia Gandhi - President of the Indian National Congress party since 1998
Indian National Congress party has a golden chance to bring PM real face in front of international community. …
Indian National Congress can easily sideline the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) along with its allies JDU and RJD.
ROFLMAO! Indian National Congress a party that won 25 and was not considered worthy of even contesting more than...
Amidst all the election chaos, let us all remember a certain political party - Indian National Congress. RIP
He served the President of Indian National Congress all his life as maiden servent -
The Indian National Congress unequivocally condemns the attack by Shiv Sena on Sudheendra Kulkarni :
pertinent question, Indian National Congress needs to answer!
Indian National Congress with leader incapable to counter govt. on facts are indulging writer's protest.
Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition press release: “This proposal originates from the heart of Indian Country."
This is the handle meant for Media Updates of India's Most Vibrant Political Party- The Indian National Congress
Catholic church fields 20 candidates in Trichur Corporation with the support of Indian National congress. Jai *** Secularism
"Manufactured revolt" - bribe the media, sow the seeds of discord. Sounds like the Indian National Congress alright.
these awardees are the SLEEPER CELLS of Indian National Congress
Activists of Indian Youth Congress staged a protest in the national capital accusing the Narendra Modi-led...
How the Gandhi family bought assets using Congress money speaks to
Just like Indian National Congress, making futile attempts to overpower the opponent, unaware that they are at fault.
Modi is a disgusting liar. He said only Hinduism has woman as gods. Nonsense. Indian National Congress too has.
Where the Seculars and Adarsh Liberals. President Saheb is part of Indian National Congress.
Thee flag of India is based on the Swaraj flag, a flag of the Indian National Congress designed by Pingali Venkayya.
It's time to stop playing petty word games and start getting your act together Indian National Congress
Aam Aadmi Party and Indian National Congress can suck it!!
No need of a legal trademark or brand expert, but any common man can tell that the Indian National Congress party...
Seven-year-old Sasmita Rana succumbed to aplastic anemia on Saturday, a day after Indian National Congress vice...
like u r taking money from antinational party like Indian National Congress.
I would be happy if Political parties like Indian National Congress or Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Could ban...
Indian National Congress: Corruption is here - Reality of Gujarat Police
Update your maps at Navteq
So funny. Indian Express is hardly Indian. The Hindu is anti-hindu. AAP not for aam admi. 'Indian National Congress' is almost anti-national
Indian National Congress is capable of handling all aspects of BBMP & serve constantly growing Bangalore population. Pl Vo…
India is a funny country.'Indian Express' is hardly Indian, 'The Hindu' is anti-Hindu and 'Indian National Congress' is …
In 1973, the Indian National Congress (INC) government headed by Indira Gandhi, (3 CPC), in an "ex-parte" decision terminated OROP
Dadabhai Naoroji founded the Indian National Congress & was 1 of the most important Indians of the freedom struggle
Condolence to Shri.MuniKoti Indian National Congress (Congress Worker) who has attempted suicide about Special...
What exists today is Indira Congress, not Indian National Congress.
Make as many names for as many parties,but leave INC as Indian National Congress only.That itself is apt description for most corrupt party.
Indian National Congress welcomes any initiative taken by the government under the Constitution of India and Federal Structur…
Congress has transformed from being . "Indian National Congress" to . "Anti National Party of India". Thanks to Sonia Gandhi.
unfortunately history of independent India tells otherwise. A curse in the form of Indian National Congress party.
Arnab Goswami on NewsHour : A party (Indian National Congress) should never consider itself bigger than a nation. 1/2
An Italian Barmaid can end savy Oxford oratory of Tharoor. That's Indian National Congress of late
AIR and Doordarshan banned Kishor kumar at the time of emergency as he refused to sing at Indian National Congress rally.
why the Sushmaji resign first of Roman Soniya Rahul Gandhi must resign from Indian National Congress
Which Congress is he talking about? African National Congress, US congress or the sinking Indian National Congress.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Please understand that you are not being compared to Indian National Congress or Aam...
Political party in India - Arunachal Congress . In the history of the Indian National Congress, a lot
Indian National Congress alwaye stood with the farmers, will stall in democratic way.
Communist Party of India was also side by side with Indian National Congress & Muslim League in the struggle for independence from British
Dr.Man Mohan Singh, Ex-Prime Minister is not involve in coal and other scams in regime than who is that or those in Indian National Congress
3/Mar/1952The Indian National Congress secured absolute majority in the Lok Sabha in the General elections.
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