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Indian Idol

Indian Idol is an adaptation of the Pop Idol format.

Indian Idol Junior Indian Idol Jr Anu Malik Pakistan Idol American Idol Reserve Bank Sunidhi Chauhan Sushant Singh Rajput Latin America Michelle Bachelet Shreya Ghoshal Karan Wahi

Arijit Singh's voice gives me the goosebumps in this Indian Idol Junior performance
Bollywood super star Mithun Chakraborty let off steam and lost his cool during the special episode of Indian Idol, with SAlim, Sunidhi Chauhan and Anu Malik ...
Indian Idol, Master Chef Junior, DID all these reality shows are made just to make my parents realize dat their kids are absolutely useless.
Anu Malik's fan on Indian Idol writes a song for him.
look like an Indian and come to gator idol on Thursday :-)
Idol, had a great week in Indian Wells, always proud of you.
INDIAN IDOL TRYOUTS ARE THIS THURSDAY! You can still sign up all week in room W176, open at anyone with any talent! 🎤🎸👯
Indian Idol Junior - June 8 , 2013.check my other videos to get all episodes.
Why does Indian idol have to be on such an inconvenient day?
It's decided that I am singing Norah Jones at Indian idol 🙊
Singer Sriram the winner of latest singing reality show Indian Idol 5 set to act in a Telugu film
i was so happy for Bhoomi winning . she has come such a long way from indian idol with ur guidance, experience & support
Just finished show with saregamapa fame Rini Chandra n indian idol fame parleen gill had a great show now time to sleep morning holi party at private farm near shivji murti
One of the best in indian idol Bhumi trivedi in kampala..
Awesome performance of Arijit with Debanjana in Indian Idol Junior...
Judges of Indian Idol Junior, Vishal Shekhar and Shreya are extremely hungry.
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Check out - Vishal Dadlani, Shreya Ghoshal and Shekhar Ravjiani performing live at Indian Idol Junior 2013 Get more updates on Bollywood here: ...
This channel will now upload Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah and CID and Indian Idol episodes.. Enjoy..
Neha Sargam is a singer and actress from Patna. Neha Sargam has appeared in Indian Idol 2 and Indian Idol 4. The uploaded video is a clip from Indian Idol 4 .
Indian Idol Junior - June 2 , 2013.check my other videos to view all my other videos.
My point is India- Indian Idol. America -American Idol. But why Pakistan Idol just to go with N at the end? When it should be Pakistani!
Karan reveals the 4th judge of Indian Idol Junior.
One of my favourite songs of abhijeet sawant(indian idol season 1 winner)
Sugandha Amol Date | 8 yrs | Nagpur Indian Idol Junior Contestant Sugandha started learning music from her mother when she was 5yrs old. She also started ...
Anu Malik, you can't sing. That's a fact. Then how the *** you used to judge contestants so rudely in Indian Idol? 😔
i love devenerpal singh's voice Indian Idol
Indian Idol Junior is singing reality show of country . This show is best for junior kids to showcase their singing talent to only India but the world.
Now again Indian Idol Oditions is bot to start in dlhi,and thz time im full wid fire and a good hop to b in top 20 inshawallah :)
Yuppp.i'm big fan of her,indian idol main only ussi ki vajah se dekha krta tha, btw shez on twtr?
she was the most stylish performer of that season of Indian Idol.
Arre Ye Bhumi Trivedi to Indian Idol ki contestant thi yaar,remember sum1 had compared her voice with Sunidhi Chauhan,today she got an award
... still ur voice touch my hearts .. U r my 1st idol n coz of u m in Indian media
Indian idol told the number of votes. voting in Pakistan is just like kicking ur own *** -_-
Arvind Kejriwal evaluating development in Gujarat is. like Indian Idol contestant evaluating Lata. Mangeshkar's singing skills and voice.
Today 8 years boy Are participanting in Kbc... singing in indian idol Dancing todu In DID.. When I was 8 I was busy calculating who is more powerful... Pikachu or Raichu or Balbasur xD
yaa. didn't you see Indian Idol Junior?
verifying development is like Indian Idol contestant verifying Lata Mangeshkar's singing & voice
If Spongebob were Indian he'd probably live in a Lord Ganesh idol under the sea.
bhai take it as a compliment to your thinking. We Indian love idol worship in every walk of life. My theory.
smh how you gonna disrespect the first ever Indian idol winner like that
Finna bump Indian Idol winner Abhijeet Sawant and go to bed
no that song is reserved only 4 Indian idol
Indian Idol Junior | ..., Mp3 songs videos lyrics YouTube karaoke | Get it for free just on
*** I'm so jealous my cousin is hanging out with a guy that was on Indian idol tn
thunders on into the final at the Indian Wells 😊 Going for the second title this year! 👊
and I can't believe you asked me who I voted for in the last election...this isn't Indian idol ka voting u know! :p
You know what I really miss? Watching Indian Idol Junior on Saturday nights. Yes.
Purbasha wishes Raka Das and Atanu Das all the very best for Atlanta Indian Idol 2014 Finals. As a part of...
thought it was a major US hub. Or am I confusing it with another island in Indian ocean.
8 year kids are participating in KBC, Singing in Indian Idol, doing todu dance in DID... . . . . . . . . . . .
- Oxygen for the next step in the ladder!
should better be an Indian Idol, u ask me why? Not a single song she's performed in is .
Holi-the day every person thinks they are Indian Idol winner :D
Music has no boundaries. It doesn't matter whether the idol is an Indian or anyone as a matter of fact
sad state of affairs then. Best slogan wins? We could have done Indian Idol instead of elections.
A child protege showing her prowess. Winner of Indian Idol Junior Season 1, Ms Anjana.Padmanabhan, during her...
Harry is racist bcoz hes white ànd wearing an indian hat. Wow and you cant call him an idol unless youre british. Stupidity erwer
Missing this look... All time fave !!! Indian bruno mars...
sir when will be the next audition for indian idol..sir I m sure u ll definately admire my voice quality
KarmYog Media to roll out Indian Idol Academy pan-India - Economic Times
KarmYog Media and Entertainment Education Network, a Kolkata based organization focused on education in the Media...
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A4) I wish that my singing talent gets noticed and I become an Indian Idol! :)
My saas tell me I have very nice voice but when I auditioning for Indian Idol.. Salim tell me I sound super very bad.
lol. I too find it lame but i'm sure it works with the 'Indian Idol' watching audience
This little Indian man being held by Harry is THE WEIRDEST THING I've seen on tv. geez
Why is American Idol wasting my time with this Indian guy and Harry’s boring *** performance?
Indian Idol. Because being an Indian is not depressing enough.
lololol amber says more than hi to me she sings for me ❤️ she shud go on the Indian idol
Have we become obsessed with the ultra wealthy? American Idol / Indian Idol / Arab Idol ~Sh Yasir Fahmy
What can you learn from Indian television ads? If you have got an insurance policy, your wife and children would be happy after you die. You can't eat Dairy Milk Silk without spreading it all over you face. Girls feel like dancing, cycling, playing etc. only when they are on their periods. Your mother would really feel great if you come home after taking a mud-bath because, daag achche hain (Stains are good). The only time mothers and daughters talk to each other, it's usually about either hair oil or sanitary pads. Swapping your cellphones with your Mom or Wife can create a sense of mutual understanding. Every other car is No. 1 according to their satisfied customers. No matter what kind of expert one is, he'll always wear a white laboratory coat. The worst thing to happen to a human being is to have dark complexioned skin. A girl can become the Miss World or the next Indian Idol only if she uses a particular sanitary pad or fairness cream. You only need a deodorant with a good fragrance to approach a gi ...
Is the the world's de facto government? | Read more:.
I knew missed that one!. By the way, I rediscovered Tarkeebein after your Indian Idol performance.
"please tell them that this is not Indian Idol that they are seeking janata's votes every week!!
Amartya Sen takes in the Indian left. Aww your idol ditched you fellas ?
Garhwali songs in Sare gama pa and Indian Idol.mp4: via
Bamboo now asking xtians not to shop in Indian shops that display their gods and goddess like Nakumatt coz that is idol worship .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Anchoring a Marvelous Private Function of BOTHRA Family (Medreich Ltd) with 1500+ guests & a performance by the Indian Idol Jr Fame AKASH!
you haven't seen Indian idol's yet :P
I m in top 3 contestant in Indian Idol 5
Historical moments in our lives..Rishi Shrimali will go down as the first paid registrant to Indian Idol Academy. No…
Saw a Narendra Modi poster on a bus saying 'Ab bas thoda der aur, Namo is coming'. Seems he's running for Indian Idol and not the PM post
1)Must be unique visionar like idol of everyone. 2)Capable to take strong decision for indian Economy.
They should organize Indian Idol on soundcloud.
The Indian Idol Junior and Comedy Circus is ready to end its finale with an incredible performance. Date:Thursday, 23rd January…
Most of people in Pakistan love "Pakistan Idol" with mostly Indian songs because it entertains them, but of course "hate" Indian because Ind
The Fifth Season of Indian Idol started broadcasting from April 26, 2010, on Sony TV. Anu Malik returned as the judge while Salim Merchant and Sunidhi Chauhan were the two new judges this season. The top-17 finals format is used in this season, one among whom will emerge as 'Desh Ki Awaaz'. The cont...
The irony of Pakistan Idol being full of indian song. -.-
I already have a favourite in Pakistan Idol. American Idol and Indian Idol kee history kay mutabiq he wont win. My favourites never win.
indian idol's format got completely changed after a season or two. At least Pak idol is sticking to the original format
Watching and comparing it with Indian and American Idol . Worst edition ever
I remember Indian Idol main marks bhi hote thay. Not that they mattered but it helped in voting.
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Are you an American Idol fan? Cheer on Aranesa Turner, a current student at Northwest Indian College.
For all those criticising should know that now Pakistan has its own Idol Show. We dont need any American & Indian Idols now.
If I were to write today's Indian Idol Jr. Article as printed in today's KT wknd, i'd probably come out and puke. Itna dramebaazi.
This man really must be a tharki to recognise a 10 year old Indian Idol Jr. winner at the Airport. I wouldn't be able to.
I always say indian idol instead of Pakistan Idol
I liked a video indian idol 4 great talent- mimecry of hrithik -shahid -fardeen-aamir khan must watch
hm..!! hehehee u didn like? talking abt indian idol Sreeram...his one more movie is coming..
I added a video to a playlist Indian Idol - Surma Bhopali (Layeek Masoom)
Yeo they be sooo mean to ppl on American Idol, laughing in their face lmaoo
I liked a video Karan Wahi gets emotional talking about his Father on Indian Idol Junior
From American Idol to headlining tours! Amazing what a couple years does! Can't wait to see y'all @ Indian Ranch! 198 days!
like my idol Joan Crawford I live on black coffee, saltines, mustard & vodka.
Sitting in for the faculty band practice for Indian idol >>>
Pakistan Idol then should be Pakistani Songs not Indian..
i agree if Idol then should be Pakistani Songs not Indian..
How is idol???. Its all based on Indian Music... indian idol style n all !! . Thumbs Down !
Even set is similar to Indian idol. :(
Indian Idol Junior 2. OMF. And if the judges are changed then I'm boycotting the show for sure:P but hey well yaayy.…
To ALL THE ASPIRING SINGERS who are waiting for , I must tell you, You have to Wait One More year because Indian Idol Junior is Coming again This Year. SO KIDS START PRACTICING .. AUDITIONS . !!!
This video has 2749100 views. Amazing! doing mimicry Indian Idol 4
The scenes at the Delhi Durbar are reminiscent of Indian Idol or Roadies Auditions.
A very Happy Birthday to Rahul Dravid a.k.a TheWall of Indian Cricket.
feel like singing almost like being on Indian Idol
"are engaging Meiyang Chang, singer of Indian Idol 3 fame, for a well-known financial organization's event today in Mumbai!"
Follow my client contestant I who my other client co-wrote her single debuting …
Why r the judges making such terrible faces .. I wish they were made to watch american and indian idol.
An Indian Idol contestant once told a cabbie his story. It was so heart-wrenching that the cab broke down.
Indian Idol, Season 7 : have been signed on as the host. Sony TV, time to be announced . .
Indian Idol,Season 7:Around July, gear up for the seventh season of Indian Idol on Sony TV. cont..
Do more people remeber ur name than those who remember names of last yr BigBoss Roadies& Indian Idol combined? If Y- you are AAM AADMI
They will make sure the number is the same that many contests like KBC Indian Idol etc use and all who call are trapped
Indian Idol is going to start ma'am?
I have no idea why YouTube promoted Pakistan Idol to me. I am seeing it. They are as champak as Indian Idol. Lekin Annu Mallik ka jawab nahi
lovely to know the news of ur re-union of Indian Idol Junior. we really miss u SG, plz jaldi se aa jao next season lekar :)
I don't know how the *** I ended up here but, I'm watching Indian Idol Junior and having the time of my life. 😂😭
OMG I love Indian Idol Jr. Hope you guys had fun :)
Pakistan Idol or shall I say Indian Idol with Pakistani judges and junta
I wanna be the first Indian belieber to get noticed my you are my idol for some reason and I have no reasons to love you.
American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is coming back to the Indian Ranch on August 2nd! Tickets on sale next...
Before some years program like, hum paanch, saregama, indian IDOL,Ramayan, Mahabhart all with good dialogues and dress
Indian idol season 7 Audition Details visit on join us Auditionfest
Indian idol 8 silent audition in delhi 1st week of feb.
Indian Idol is very famous singing reality show of country. There is no need of introduction to give about this show. audition of Indian Idol 7 will starts from first week of February of year 2014
Indian idol, masterchef junior, all these reality shows,,, . . . . . . . . . . . Are made just to make my parents realize that their kid is absolutely useless..
Indian Idol Junior amazing performance by prerna
Indian Idol is a copy of American Idol :p
Indian idol and dance india dance is my favrate programe
Shreya ji and Vishal - Shekhar Promised Adarsh that theywill provide him with good Learning faclities , So Now he is LEARNING AT "INDIAN IDOL ACADEMY - KOLKA...
Arvind kejriwal, the indian idol..:P
Arvind kejriwal...the real indian idol!!
Next indian idol with stand up comedian sangam pawar (must watch)
Indian Idol 5 winner Sreeram Chandra at BEMETARA city.tonight lets be with firebrigade
Millions of Muslims are busy jumping with joy or crying for contestants on Arab Idol, Indian Idol, American Idol...
Can't believe but it's true. My Indian Idol-4 co-contestant Sunakshi Raina is no more.. My 3 singer frnds: Shoaib Sheikh, Sandeep Acharya, Sunakshi Raina left us one by one.. God pls don't be so rude.. :-( RIP all of them..
Indian Idol fam viswash rai n me in manis hotel in howrah.
Current updates as of dec 16, 2013 1. Left-wing candidate Michelle Bachelet has been elected Chilean President for a 2nd time. Ms. Bachelet won 62 percent of the votes, easily defeating her conservative rival, Evelyn Matthei, who got only 37 percent in the worst performance by the right in two decades. Chile is the world’s top copper exporter, and its fast-growing economy, low unemployment and stable democracy are the envy of Latin America. But millions of Chileans who have protested in the streets in recent years say more of the copper wealth should be used to reduce income inequality and fix public schools. 2. India's forex reserves rose for the fifth consecutive week, adding 4.41 billion US dollar to 295.71 billion US dollar in the week ended December 6 on account of a rise in foreign currency assets, the Reserve Bank today said. Last week, the reserves recorded the single biggest weekly gain since October 2011 surging by a whopping 5.04 billion dollar to 291.3 billion dollar. 3. Indian Idol winner S ...
It's very sad news .. I remember whn he got selected in audition of Indian Idol n my frnd Sharad Kumar Vyas told m that Sandeep is his cousin ...frm that time v did talk a lot about him n m felt like I know Sandeep personally. May his soul rest in peace .
Rest IN PEACE Indian Idol Season 2 winner Sandeep Acharya passed away at a Gurgaon hospital on Sunday. The 29-year-old singer was suffering from a liver disease. Born and brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan, he was the winner of Indian Idol, a reality show in a popular TV channel, in 2006. Bollywood stars such as Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal expressed grief. Married last year, Acharya is survived by wife and a child. After the Indian Idol success, Acharya had participated in TV show Jalwa Four 2 Ka 1. Born on February 4, 1984, he was science graduate and the youngest in the family of two sisters and a brother. He had also won the best Bollywood talent award at an event in New Jersey in the US. Bikaner parliamentarian Arjun Ram Meghwal expressed condolence, saying the music world had lost a bright star. Gopal Joshi, MLA of Bikaner-West, said, “I am shocked to know that Sandeep is no more. May his soul rest in peace.”
CURRENT AFFAIRS:15.12.13 * 1.The Central Board of Reserve Bank met at Kolkata and was chaired by the Governor of RBI, Raghuram G. Rajan. 2.China's first lunar rover named Jade Rabbit landed on Moon. 3.Dubai International Film Festival: Irrfan Khan won best actor award for his film The Lunchbox 4.Ahmedabad-based Torrent Pharmaceuticals signed agreement with Mumbai-based Elder Pharmaceuticals worth 2004 crore rupees. 5.Sis Ram Ola, the Union Labour Minister died after a prolonged illness in Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana. 6.Sandeep Acharya, who won the second season of Indian Idol in 2006, passed away at a Gurgaon hospital at 9 am on Sunday. 7.Former footballer, Babul Phukan died in Guwahati. 8.Thousands of people led by Olympian Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore participate in 'Run for Unity' in Jaipur. 9.500 Indian athletes fail dope tests in last four and a half years. 10.Former world champion Viswanathan Anand bowed out of the London Chess Classic after losing the quarterfinals against Vladimir Kramnik o ...
Sachin has been an idol for each and every Indian thankyou Sachin for showing us a good and real cricket god bless u.
"GUJARAT" govt is 2nd best State Govt in the world as announced by International Council of UN. Before 10yr they had 50,000 crores loan from World Bank. But today they have deposited 1 lac crore in World Bank. In Gujarat "NO BAR" "NO POWER CUT" "100% ladies studying" "100% Job " "15% of WHOLE INDIA EXPORT is FROM Gujarat" After 10 yrs it wil beat Singapore. Think ! who is INDIAN IDOL? "Rahul Gandhi" or "NARENDRA MODI" Share to all indans
What you pray for reflects what you believe about God, ~ tonights Indian Idol will celebrate Kishore
that's from the Indian Idol auditions, these people are actually paid to do these things on TV!
Idol Elkeson joins Trophy Tour in Guangzhou: Guangzhou Evergrande striker Elkeson and assistant coach Li Tie stopped by as the... Indian
worship everything from snakes to rats.Why not ? Add another idol.Idol worship is the best thing we do.
8 year kids are Participating in KBC, Singing in Indian Idol, dancing Todu Dance in DID when i was 8, i was busy in calculating who is more Pownerful "Pikachu & Raichu"
now a days 8yrs old kids r participating in KBC singing in Indian Idol...n performing faadu dance in D.I.D. And When i was 8...i was busy calculating who was more powerful pikachu or raichu"󾌴
the people at my job are blasting Indian idol. bye
So..I'm just now watching Indian Idol Junior...I haven't been this blown away and speechless in a while.
Watch the video «Indian Idol Junior 3rd August 2013-Part-4» uploaded by shows5053 on Dailymotion.
Salim ji mujhe indian idol 7 main participet karna hai.please inform me when will start sesion 7
ek ladke se pyaar krti Hun,vaise to Hun brave but thodi darti hun koi yr usko koi to btado Ki m usse bht pyaar krti Hun, woh mera nobita m uski schuzka i want him nd meko nh pta, my baby i really love u nd want u for my entire life. kya gaate *** wah wah ... Try for Indian iDoL lolzz
I have a serious koschan for Sachin fans: As he is retired now, how soon can we see him in comedy circus, DID, Indian Idol? :P
hai tia,,hw r u? im from was ur journey after indian idol? .did u sing in any movie?
I pretty much guess it'll be a combination of both. In Indian idol they sang Pak songs for example atif aslam
RAMLEELA...RAMLEELA..RAMLEELA. Just got time time to listen to some music...switched on to ramleela songs! Yes as expected again a wow to this album. Sanjay leela bhansali might be a part time musician,but gave music at standards of ace & classical music directors like A.R. Rahman & illayaraja!! The sought of magic in that music can't be seen often in now a days music! hats off to him... Wh en i had look at track list, got shocked to see name of bhoomi trivedi,the indian idol girl,beside the item number of this film!! well so nice that young musicians,not only bhoomi trivedi,but also like aditya narayan(son of udit narayan),also getting a chance to give voice to bhansali's tunes!! LAST BUT NOT AT ALL THE LEAST. The two songs sung by the nightingale...Shreya Ghoshal are excellent & nostalgic!! Dhoop song reminded me of devdas!! ish. is most fabulous among it!! Undoubtedly i would rate it album of the year!! THATAD THATAD.
As it turned out, the Indian Newspapers have also learnt a few tricks from their American mentors. I guess the Macaulay's children of india are always trying to find how the Americans do it so they can copy in India. Thank God at least they changed the name from the American Idol to the Indian Idol. So at least they know how to copy. When the Boeing 737 crashed the Indian newspaper started churning story after story how the plane crashed, and that they never forgot to mention in the same breath that the aircraft maintenance issues are a perennial problem in Russia. That coming from Indians is *** - as the Mangalore crash was also a Boeing 737.
omg 4 days to go For my Desi beat Show @ ITF ground guys rock on with Pearl Events with indian idol fame Kapil Thapa & Rini chandra Sa re ga ma pa Fame :@ come for our show :0
Annoyed of a Bad Singer? Get him/her Indian Idol Form and let them taste the reality :P
If you wish to be forgotten and left all alone, win a season of Indian Idol.
did u notice how much srk laughed in Indian Idol Junior when they showed him the kids videos doing his scenes hehehe
Subhash Ghisingh Subhash Ghisingh Born 22 June 1936 Manju Tea Estate, Darjeeling, British India Occupation Politician Subhash Ghisingh (Nepali: सुवास घिसिङ) is the leader of Gorkhaland National Liberation Front (GNLF) which he founded in 1980. He was the chairman of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council in West Bengal, India from 1988 to 2008. He spearheaded the Gorkhaland movement in the 1980s. The Gorkhaland movement grew from the demand of ethnic Gorkha(Nepali) living in Darjeeling District of West Bengal for a separate state. The Gorkhaland National Liberation Front led the movement, which disrupted the district with massive violence between 1986 and 1988. The issue was resolved, at least temporarily, in 1988 with the establishment of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council within West Bengal. Life He was born on 22 June 1936 at Manju Tea Estate in Darjeeling. While a student of Class IX in St. Robert’s High School, Darjeeling, his father died. As a result, he left school and joined the ...
India’s Tendulkar Bids Farewell With Tears and Cheers. Cricket’s highest run scorer and an Indian national idol...
True legend..indian idol.. doest compeir with...actors and politiceans.. I love u sachin..for ever.
in fact, she was all over TV channels for Heroine. DID, JDJ, Indian Idol, & several TV soaps including CID :|
When we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me, Wish they spent that idle time on Idol! Indian Idol))
Meanwhile, I'm here at University of Texas at Delhi watching Indian Idol. The fun never ends.
India in all three formats at the top 3. This has got to be the golden period of indian cricket. brought this change.My idol.
What's the worst show on television? — Indian idol...i hate that show
I hate Indian players coz am a fan of Srilanka. But I can't hate you . You're an idol for No 24 .
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I pity the generation who will watch Indian cricket with Virat Kohli as their idol!
Personally I don't think we will ever have an indian S.A idol,just won't work.
I was referring to other shows where he was overshadowed by others (DiD and Indian Idol).
I liked a video Bhige Oth Tere by Indian Idol Prashant Tamang
Stuck in traffic ... Driving to indian idol sets
The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we cHere goes ,,, Indian Idol Junior Season 1 ,, Au
sachin is a living he is my idol and i m proud to be an indian because of his talent and hardwork love u SRT
Being alone will never cause as much loneliness as the wrong relationship, hai ~ Anu Malik, Indian Idol 6 Auditions ))
It is enough reward for me, that Allāh considered me worthy of allowssan Indian idol, OUTSTANDING TONIGHT
Sachin,you are the IDOL for every INDIAN.i'm very proud to be an Indian for only you
Nothing in life is more remarkable than the unnecessary anxiety which Whatte a night! Vipul is the Indian Idol,, Morning
I don't believe in this business of being behind, better to be in fron shoot,, Indian idol moves into the studio Tom !!
8.30pm. TOP INDIAN IDOL live in Accra at Banquet Hall for ghc125 with &more!
yeepp Indian Idol winner Anjana came to Ghana here but i could not goo:-(:-(anyways
toh mei kaunsa regular dekhta hun. you asked about her so i had to google. & google told she was indian idol :P
hmm..i dont watch Indian Idol..its boring...DID is cool..
u should try out going in INDIAN IDOL to meet SG ..
If Congress thinks giving Sachin the Bharat Ratna is going to translate to votes - they should participate in Indian Idol or something
Karan Wahi: There couldn’t be a better debut than Daawat-e-Ishq! Karan Wahi : The TV actor will be making his Bollywood debut with a Yashraj film titled Daawat-e-Ishq. Karan was last seen hosting Indian Idol Junior, and finally we will get to see him showing off his acting chops after a slew of anchoring assignments. Since this is a great piece of news, we got in touch with the cute stud and asked him to reveal more details about his dream entry in B-town. Well, there’s not much we could extract out of him but this is what he said, “I can’t talk much about the film ‘coz I just started shooting today. I am really excited as I have been waiting to do something like this for a really long time. I couldn’t have had a better debut. Working with Parineeti Chopra, Aditya Roy Kapur and Anupam Kher is going to be a learning experience.” On asking if this film is going to help him establish a strong foothold in Bollywood, Wahi said diplomatically, “I hope it works well for me.” The actor is visibl ...
Indian Idol: Indian Idol is an adaptation of the Pop Idol format. It started airing in India with the first season in 2004–2005 and followed that with second (2005–2006), third (2007) and fourth (2008–2009) seasons. In February 2010, Sony Entertainment Television announced the launch of the Fifth season. The Fifth season of Indian Idol started airing on Sony TV from 26 April 2010 and concluded on 15 August 2010, when Sreeram Chandra, participant from Hyderabad, India was named the Indian Idol 5. In addition to a recording contract with Sony BMG, the winner of Indian Idol 5 was awarded a one-year contract with Sony Entertainment Television worth 50,00,000, a Suzuki GS-150R motorbike, a Tata Winger Platinum car and a chance to be a playback singer in a forthcoming movie of Yash Raj Films, said a press release issued by Sony Entertainment Television.[1] One of the Top 5 Contestants will also be given the opportunity to become an RJ in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Indian Idol 6 – started from 1 June 2012 an ...
Sonali Bendre: Sonali Bendre (born January 1, 1975)[1] is an Indian actress and model. She has mostly starred in Bollywood films. She is best known for her commendable performance In Telugu films like Murari, Khadgam, Indra, Manmadhudu and Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.. She has also acted in various Marathi, Tamil and Kannada films. She was also one of the four judges in the fourth season of Indian Idol and India's Got Talent. She has been the brand ambassador for Pril soap, Surya bulbs and tubes, Omega watches, Dr. Morepen, Dabur, Vi-John Group etc. in Maharashtra and Kalyana Kanchi in Andhra Pradesh.[2][3][4] Personal life and education Sonali was born in Maharashtra. She studied in Bangalore and Mumbai in Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram and Holy Cross Convent High School, Thane.Thereafter she went to Welham Girls School, Dehradun. She married film actor/director Goldie Behl on 12 November 2002.[5] On 11 August 2005, she gave birth to a son, Ranveer, at the Breach Candy Hospital.[6] Career Bendre started out as ...
Its interesting how Pakistan Idol is starting as American & Indian Idol looses its charm.
Congratulations Anjana on becoming First Indian Idol Junior. You are our pride. You shined Bangalore and Karnataka.
Thank u Indian Idol Junior.. mandira and karan n the kids..incredible talent..
After Junior Indian Idol and Junior Masterchef, Junior Crime Patrol is all we need to start get started.
i m very very happy that Anjana won Indian Idol Junior,,she is a mind blowing singer :-)
That was one magical moment for Indian Idol Juniors, kudos to the judges and the victorious Anjana. All were grt. Keep it up. Cheers
Sony introduces Indian Idol Junior only this year...and Ladoo,a Tamil girl to grab that first title!!!
Zee News,Mumbai: She doesn't know Hindi, but her powerful and melodious rendition of Hindi songs helped...
Priyanka Chopra looking chic in blue Arpan Vohra dress on the sets of Indian Idol Junior.
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Salman Sir is looking fitter than before. Loved JDJ episode. Followed by Indian Idol and Comedy Nights With Kapil :D
Super happy to know that our Laddukutty Anjana bagged the Indian Idol Junior title for the year 2013 :) God bless 󾌰󾌰
Indian Idol Junior Best audition ever . we love you alot
Last night, Sony TV was finding Indian Idol Junior, and GEO Karachi,s solution. Alas! Our channels still continue
Congrats to Anjana for becoming the first Indian Idol Junior
Indian Idol had the best Judges this time! It was impossible to trace Unwanted Comments, Pride, Arrogance etc. How gud!
Anjana Padmanabhan is the first Indian Idol Junior - The Times of India
TV news : After Junior Masterchef and Indian Idol Junior, now comes Crime Patrol Junior
is over what next? Indian idol toddler? All kids programs are brilliant way to destroy their educational career
Junior Indian idol? For me, it is the 10-year-old in Lucknow who sells balloons and when offered money, says proudly "Bhee…
Indian Idol Junior must give the gifts to the Runner up competitors not only to the finalist.thia ia not fair na.
Yup. Watching Indian Idol Juniors. This is one of those moments where I start to reevaluate my life.
India gets its first Indian Idol Junior as Anjana: Nagpur Today : Nagpur NewsNagpur News: The show tha...
Crime Patrol serial should come up wit "Crime Patrol Junior" for juvenile after successful hits by Junior Master chef and …
Anjana Padmanabhan is the first Junior -
Breast Cancer Awareness
So can't wait to watch Indian idol on Sony
Hey Congrats To Anjana for being the 1st Jr.indian Idol winner. . .
As i expected anjana is the first Indian Idol Junior:)
We are very sad for .debanjana should've the title but nevermind you have such a gr8 gr8 voice
Indian Idol Junior finals was happening one side and on d other side India Idol 6 winner was making waves …
you were fabulous during the Indian Idol Jr. Show. Also how did you feel to hear the Abhiman song sung by Depaanjana?
Was watching Indian Idol Jr. They were singing your Iconic songs and i was dancing to every single one of them!
First Jhalak with and now Indian Idol Jr with Two of my fav men!! :)
watching Indian Idol Jr . its awesome to see the jr singing so well
well done & team on Indian Idol Jr. Excellent content & production. why should there be a winner? They are all so good
I'm sitting here watching Indian Idol Junior (which is way better than American Idol) and eating Maggi noodles. I'm the epitome of a fob lol
I wanted Sugandha date to win Indian Idol Junior :/
Sushant Singh Rajput & Parineeta Chopra are on Indian Idol and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa at the same time. Mysteries of science.
Mufti saab will be judging Indian Idol next season, alongside Anu Malik & Sunidhi Chauhan, in his over-sized robes and karakuli cap
confused where to see u jhalak or Indian idol
these kids on Indian Idol Junior are just... ...well words won't do justice to their talent. Judges Vishal-Shekhar-Shreya - kudos to you!
anjana should undoubtedly win Indian Idol Junior. She's so perfect.
News~~ will be in Indian Idol Junior finale for PPNH promotion on 31st Aug & 1st Sept. So guys r u ready
is looking so beautiful today at the Indian Idol Junior. muuuaaah.
Watching Indian Idol Junior, these Kids are just awesome... God bless them !
I just voted for my favourite contestant! You can vote too on the Indian Idol Junior App. Download it today!
This Anmol on Indian idol is a facial replica of my ex boyfriend. Yes, I have no taste.
Indian Idol Junior is like the best show ever !
Indian Idol Junior, nice to see the team of have *** to grace the elegant as always
Mam! U looking superb in green drees in Indian Idol Juniour.U are my favorate... Exited for Shudh Desi Romence yahoo!
Shekar&Vishal hv givn hint on last2Saturdays clearly implying who's turn is next4eviction in Indian Idol Jr supposed2b viewers choice based!
These Indian Idol kids my god. Singing, which elicits goosebumps at age 14. Way to make me feel like a useless boar.
my fave contestant on Indian Idol Jr just got life is basically over 😭💔 brb bawling my eyes out
I'm so sure..."Anjanna" gonna win the title of idol junior...:)
Whenever i see Indian Idol Juniors singing songs of Zayed Khan or Aftab Sivdhasani, i feel like Humanity is still alive
wears her simplicity in d green dress to the best she luks lovely on Indian idol
I like her she doesn't understand the language yet she sings soO beautiful my fav ! Indian idol!
*** ! u looked stunning on Indian Idol Jr ;)
watching Sushant Rajput nd at indian idol on I'm speechless,u r looking like a doll...
Sushant Singh Rajput on the sets of Indian Idol Junior...!! Theese kids are so talented wid a magical voice...Just luved it :)
is New Indian Idol - we are going to Give a Lot of Vote to her same like Prasant Tamang From Nepal
hi, karan, today in idol junior, sugandha is eliminated, I feel so bad.unfair, 4 me, she is d winner.
Nirvesh on Indian Idol Junior is just too good!!
Agree. If cricket can be fixed, surely Indian idol too can be fixed.
Really sad to see my favourite singer leave Indian Idol Junior tonight.
Very unfortunate to hear elimination of Sugandha from Indian Idol Junior.
Can't believe Sugandha Date out of competition!! She sure is Indian idol for me
What is the idea of Indian Idol Junior? Their voices are going to change when puberty hits them.
Indian Idol Junior! SUGANDHA is out,feeling sad but was expected!
Sweet 8 yrs old baby Sugandha out from the top five of Indian Idol Junior. She is really good.
I will miss u sugandha in junior Indian are my favourate.
Prepare your kids for disappointment early in life. Send them to Indian Idol Junior or any other child competition shows
Indian Idol Junior: Sugandha singing thru her tears. Heartbreaking
Also, kids on this Indian Idol Junior are so good. My babies better be this good or….somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!
really sad to see little Sug. leave as she was my favourite on Indian Idol Junior.
Absolutely shattered.. Sugandha Date not in TOP 4 of Indian Idol Junior..That's why I hate these reality shows especially kids :(
I want Debanjana to win Indian Idol Junior..Though all juniors are great but Debanjana is awesome and very well classically trained
watching Indian Idol Junior to watch
So today young tadka guest on indian idol.
ya great.. fun out there.. awesome show Indian idol.. this kids Rock..
Don't forget to tune in “Sushant Singh Rajput and Parineeti chopra on Indian Idol Junior 25 Aug, 8:30 PM”
The thought of 31st August is making me feel sad :(. It Feels like this season of Indian Idol has been short
Indian idol is really a very great show.anjana has god gifted voice .she sing really wow.god bless her..
and ..!! Indian idol rocks.. U guys hv mde d show wat it is...
r u attached to one specific Indian Idol Junior...??
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You're just fabulous as a hostt in Indian Idol Junior! Classic showw.. You're jokes are hilarious too :P :(
I saw Indian Idol Jr. U rock. Really you r d best female singer in India.
Watch for promotion on Indian Idol Junior Finale on 31st Aug & 1st Sept on Sony at 8:30pm
Omg Indian Idol Junior. every night is just O M G
Ahhh even watching Indian Idol Jr. reminds me of you.
Shuddh Desi fun today! Watch Sushant with Parineeti on Jhalak Dhikla Jaa on Colors at 9pm and Indian Idol Junior on Sony at 8:30pm!
Indian Idol :') These kids take my breath away. Especially Debanjana ♥ She is the second lata mangeshkar.
Indian Idol Junior kids really rock its nce to listen them and the best part to like is everyone is the best and winner of hearts !!!
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