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Indian Idol

Indian Idol is an adaptation of the Pop Idol format.

Indian Idol Junior Indian Idol Jr Ek Tha Tiger Sonu Nigam Boogie Woogie Mini Mathur Katrina Kaif Sonakshi Sinha

News: WATCH: How Sonu Nigam grooms Arunachal's Jeli Kayi for his upcoming performance in Indian Idol...
After a gap of 10 years, Sonu Nigam to return as 'Indian Idol' judge
Indian Idol *** after you have seen Sa Re Ga Ma Pa & The Voice India !!
4th promo clip for Indian Idol auditions
3rd promo clip for Indian Idol auditions
Indian Idol and Sa re ga ma pa aspirants - The trick is to have your heart broken right 😜😜
Only person who went to perform solo in Indian Idol but got selected under chorus category: Neil Nitin Mukesh
Conflict escalates in Indian occupied Kashmir reports
How ridicules itself. Pakistani 'spy' pigeon with msg for Indian PM has wings clipped.
It will take some time for Indian people to realize what has done to geopolitically.
This Chaman Gota gave an Indian Idol audition.. Anu Malik was the judge den.. u can imagine what level of insult it was!
you sing so well really.. Must try in Indian idol 👌
India idol Judge: Why do you want to participate in Indian Idol? . Participant : I want to win Nobel Prize.
you are the Indian idol I can idolise. Finally.
I think you will realise that you may have discovered the next East Indian Idol.
Indian idol me video bhejna hai i have choosen one of lots of sur song
How u can jump the queue on Indian Idol 7 Audition?. Upload ur singing video with & tag .
Indian lobby entrenched in theGovt of Pakistan has declared war on this nation & its army.Talal Chaudhry's latest statement is…
United Nations human rights official reiterated his call for access to disputed region۔.
stressed that ongoing movement in Kashmir is indigenous &result of sustained Indian repressi…
Today in 1993 : In Kupwara, indian forces killed seven Kashmiris in indiscriminate firing.
Today in 1993 : In Doda, indian forces killed 11 Kashmiris in indiscriminate firing.
JUD says its chief Hafiz Saeed is being wrongly quoted by the Indian media as saying ties with India be improved https:/…
rejects statements attributed to Hafiz Saeed by sections of Indian Media claiming that he suggested 'Strengthening Ties…
Hafiz Saeed a strong voice against Indian state terrorism in Kashmir, how can say to strengthen relations wit…
forces battled two militants for 56 hours in held-Read more:
Indian lawmakers decide to ban 4 marriages & divorce system in Muslims. in
Its now officially confirmed that 2 rebels in EDI carried only 2 AKs & 2 grenades. Indian army fired more than 100 roc…
Happy Birthday have fond memories of watching you on TV right from Kumkum to Indian Idol. Looking forward to see you more!
You should try in next indian idol audition. 😍👌
lmao why you gotta be so rude. Common now, we gotta practice our duet to make it on Indian idol 🙃🙃🙃🙃
₹206 crore from its first weekend !! becoming the first Indian film to do so :). ♡ 3 DAYS TO SULTAN WTP ♡
Indian security forces banned Ashura procession all over Kashmir tear gas shells fired on them 2day in Srinagar
Defying restriction order of West Bengal government people of Jalpaiguri on the way of immersion of Ma idol https:/…
127 crore people of country & Indian armed forces deserve credit for the surgical strikes: (my contribu…
Shiite mourners detained by Indian forces in Srinagar to foil Muharram procession
Happy to get shortlisted in Indian idol web audition. Now waiting for call or email confirmation
Finally cleared my Indian Idol audition selected for Mumbai 🙌🙋yuppie I m so happy thanks for d blessings dearies
Awww! I am big fan of his voice from the Indian Idol. Loved it.
is my fav since Indian Idol... Much excitement to see him again
Indian hindu devotees carry the idol of Demon King Mahisha...
Huge fan of him since Indian idol Can't wait to see him in the show now! 😍
Oh and Kashmiri insurgents still battling the Indian army in since 54 hours
The only word Indian DGMO forgot to say at the infamous presser weeks ago was.BAZINGAAA...!!!
is my fav singer too I like him from Indian idol days  
attack saw huge supplies of Pampers being delivered to Indian forces, dare I say.
3rd day, 3 boys, whole Indian army. What coward army😊 How could they do surgical😂😎
Indian forces are oppressing Kashmiri women, children, old people. It's high time for Indians to realize Kashmiris wants fr…
Meanwhile in Pampore, Indian Operation to clear a *** Building entered 2nd Day. This is the reality of your begherat ar…
in , Indian Op to clear ONE Building entered 2nd Day. This Is Same Army that Claimed "surgical st…
Do you want to be the judge of Indian Idol 7?? please do approach to her😭🙏
Katrina Kaif on the sets of Indian Idol during Ek Tha Tiger promotions (created by our lovely admin
Didn't know Indian Idol and Indian Idol Junior was happening at the same time.
considering the iraivi movie u need to give this idol to Indian govt!!! "Lol
:( I think she didn't sing complete song; it was just a short performance in Indian Idol.
wo sirf Indian Idol me hee mil rha... it was just her performance on a live show :) Hav been searching n asking around..
How the Indian liberal is killing Hinduism via
Wen Indian team need a gentleman nd Msd need a frnd there came my IDOL . Congrats my love
Why Indian Interior Minister Rajnath Singh will participate in SAARC instead of the Foreign Minister?
he was a hero and you are our hero and our idol boss. We love India and we love modi as our PM. Proud to be Indian. Luv u
For those who have been following Indian Idol since season 1 one of the best performances in the history of the...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Three years back on set of Indian Idol, Thanks to Dhara for getting us VIP entry.
i'm ready for the next indian idol :D
3 years ago. The biggest fans -the children: and Deepika promote Chennai Express at the Indian Idol Junior.
Indian fake narrative & propaganda to malign indigenous Kashmiri freedom struggle as supported from outside has failed;…
Political &  Armed struggle is basic right of Kashmiris. We morally support every organization struggling against Indian…
why your channel do not support Indian army nd why you can not have better idol/ inspiration other than terrorist and anti nationals?
HueWire is your site source for all things multi cultural
I added a video to a playlist Harshi Mad - UK Indian Idol Winner - We found Love
Do not Disgrace our freedom movement by pellet riddling the faces of Indian Hindu Politicians .
MH370: Captain's home simulator had Indian Ocean course plotted: The home flight simulator belonging to...
30-members Muslim Medical Mission team ready to occupied Kashmir, seek Indian visa.
Preparing for Indian Idol next season . Hope you all like my voice 😊. ► 🔘_ ♪ ²°²⁴
Katrina Kaif sang to on the Indian Idol when they promoted Ek Tha Tiger
painted on the Indian Idol promoted Ek Tha Tiger
indian idol Parabhoo Have Fortune 15th of Moon or He is Example For Duplicate,Copy Them+His Break Dance. Other indian are Rejected   10% Off
An Indian friend was telling me of his village temple where he went inside and accidentally broke an idol.
I'm coming live on video here in couple minutes to speak on and extremists demonizing journalist…
disabled my account after I report of posts.
Grave of a Kashmiri freedom fighter in Indian Occupied Kashmir
My Religion-INDIAN,My Caste-INDIAN,My Dream-In my next birth I wish to born again as an INDIAN.INDIA is The idol of d whole universe.
gabbard's idol modi let 2,000 people die in Gujarat. how much is a indian's life worth?
Get you a woman with West Indian descent RT
I liked a video Indian Idol Junior !Awesome Performance by Nithyashree & Vaishnav
I added a video to a playlist Indian Idol Star Launches her New Single "Ankhan Sharabi"
That Happy moment when Indian SInger cover your idol's song. :D :D .
event of day. on the set of Indian Idol promoted Ek Tha Tiger
money works.Indian Hindus worship idol as god. its too old can you say no and stop.
Srilakshmi B was top 10 contestant of Indian Idol. She can sing in various genres. click
Rajinikanth: Meet the superstar you may not have heard about: Many people outside the Indian community ...
,when AAptards abuse women & Kejri will ask for compermis.Khalid-Kanheya gaddar will be idol for AAP,
Dagney. - remember when you were in love with Rocco. - Guinea pigs. - sexiest Indian in Peter Pan. - my rave fashion inspo😻. - iconic. My idol
It's always fun to see Sreerama Chandra perform, since Indian Idol.
Papers publish JUD/FIF ads on front pages asking for donations to provide food & medicines in Indian held Kashmir. http…
My new Indian idol. Killing it at jeopardy with a 5 day total of over $120k
When Kabir 1st came on Indian Idol,which Mini Mathur was hostin,every1 knew him as Mini's Husband.. Now? This transformation is coz of SK :)
and waiting for the title song to sang by a Indian Idol Junior!!!
Indian Idol Junior: Top 13 finalists- tell us who is your favourite? via
Ma'am, I really wish to see You, Sir and Sir judge the Indian Idol Junior show.
I liked a video Ranita's spirit in Indian Idol Junior 2015 auditions
Farah Khan, Mini Mathur at Indian Idol episode special in Filmcity on 15th Sept 2015 / Mini Mathur -
When was the last season of KBC ?. and last season of Indian Idol ( Senior) ?. seems these two shows have come to an end
Unsung heroes of Mangalore. Far better than SaReGaMaPa, Indian Idol contestants. Watch it. 󾮟
Ammadey is reminding me of Javed Akhtar's comments on Indian Idol. So dramatic except Javed sounds much convincing.
I really miss idol junior..season 2... and all.
thank you for introducing yourself. Ur idol, wears an indian hair weave, blonde as a white girl
An Indian Court has sent a notice to a PARROT for abusing an old lady. . Also, to Lord Hanuman's idol cause his temple is causing some issues
Real talent in Indian idol.. really amazing..
After the Sonu Nigam singing fiasco, organisers of Indian Idol have decided to host the next show on jet airways 747 aircraft. ROFL
Sonika Vaid among Top 24 in Know more about her
Sonakshi Sinha in a cool blue jumpsuit at the launch of Indian Idol Junior.
Please See Indian Beliebers. We want our idol to come here too! Help Us please!.
With the Creative Director of the Indian Idol Show at our OmniDELL Greens in Kolkata
Indian idol will b coming soon in March :)
he want your hole say you look like Korean Idol , get your hole already say you look like Indian dancer
That awkward moment when looks sadder than the Indian Idol finale stage.
Every EXO-Ls feeling !!! 😘😘😘 I guess that's the closest we can be with our idol !!! Trying my…
Judgement has been passed Indian Idol Junior style!!! Thank you it means a lot that you liked it 😁 http…
US Indian in last 24 of American Idol: Sonika Vaid. Sonika Vaid, an Indo-American singing sensation from the pi...
Lionel Messi's biggest fan is only five years old and he's one step closer to meeting his idol.
I liked a video Mohammed Irfan with Niharika Nath on Indian Idol Junior 2015
Watch Shah Rukh Khan dance and sing with the Kids (Indian Idol Junior August 3rd 2013). Also with him is Deepika...
Thanks to Indian idol, it's not zubbi dubbi pam para, it's zubbi dubbi param para 😂😂
Disgraced looted idol dealer Subhash Kapoor appeared before Indian court today
Indian-American Sonika Vaid makes it to American Idol top 24
My votes always go the wrong way, whether in politics or Indian Idol.
Sonika Vaid makes it to top 24. Click here to see one of her performances:
ever since she judged Indian idol she had this craze of singing lol the song doesn't even make sense
Indian American singer Sonika Vaid in final 24 of American Idol
Taking part in a show. Indian Idol Junior. Feeling tensed 4 do show
Indian-American Sonika Vaid Advances, Makes to a Cut of 24 in American Idol Competition - India...
Tried calling that Indian Idol winner Rahul but couldn't get through because 'Dial kelela number Vaidya Nahi hai'.
Seeing and hearing, my favorite contestant from the first Indian Idol - Rahul Vaidya after a long time!
Remembr Amit Sana, d talented singer from Bhilai who lost to Rahul Vaidya in Indian Idol? His new song. via
Hi, Angel nithyasree. Indian Idol Junior please watch this song.this is my first music video.
I liked a video Indian Idol Junior amazing performance by prerna
Update your maps at Navteq
Upload your child's song for him/her to share the stage with Indian Idol Juniors!
Indian Idol should be renamed to Indian ***
i guess yeh aaya tha dmg me.. Not sure.. But i knw he was an indian idol 1 contestant .. He sings well too
Too bad he is not a judge on Indian Idol lol
Indian film star on his top Baahubali scenes, regional cinema & his idol.
Indian Father Bleeds to Death After Cutting Off His Tongue in Sacrifice to Hindu Idol (Photo) -
Abhijeet Sawant won the first ever Indian Idol and now see where his music career has taken him! Ah showbiz!
Indian Idol, Indian Idol Jr or Boogie Woogie you've always given new talent a chance and how! SONY Terrific 20
Indian Idol, Indian Idol Jr are my fav reality shows
is always good for exploring new talents with Indian Idol, Indian Idol Jr. & Boogie Woogie!! love them on stage😇
. Indian Idol & Indian Idol Jr. are my favourite shows! Sony Terrific 20
has always been known to promote young talent. Be it Indian Idol , Indian Idol Jr or Boogie Woogie
Huge collection on shows events and movies on I have enjoyed watching Indian Idol Jr! Thankyou!
Reading "Indian student dies in road accident in China" on Business Line
I liked a video from nithyashree and vaishnav Indian Idol Junior 19th july 15 HD
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I liked a video from Nithyashree Singing 'Barso Re' - Indian Idol Junior 2015 [1080p]
I liked a video from Indian Idol Junior 2015 by Nithyashree second performance.
really liked your 'kede kandoro' performance on Indian Idol Junior! Extended version please?? :)
New post (Ganesh idol installed in Kuwait Indian Embassy) has been published on
Who ever spread the fake news abt Thala. they are not born for humans including their idol
Angelina Jolie is d only actress I like n love apart from Indian idol Mala Sinha n of course Hema Ji
It is a great occasion to practice your to meet many -
when i see u in Indian Idol Junior i got inspired frm u to becme a singer ..thnx for this whn my wsh fulfl I met u at anycost
Just saw a hoarding a building of The Indian Idol Academy ! I have seen everything in life now .
Indian Hindu women perform rituals on an idol of goddess Durga during the last day of Durga Puja festival in...
In India as people grow up see Sachin as their Idol, I grow up seen Ponting as leader & that kind of leadership never seen in Indian cricket
I'm singer on chance Indian idol please
Indian idol worshipers badly if Israelis able to destroyed alqsa Hindus idol worshipers could be attacked tortured to
we chased idol worshipper even from mecca. Ab tumhare paas bas indian and nepali culture bacha hai. Don't go out of range
Communal clash in UP village over idol procession
The indian Idol in you is noisy. Keep it low for the neighbors. ;-)
A 25-year-old farmer died of excessive bleeding after he slashed his tongue and offered it before idol of Godd...
Indian girls are having a logic. It's an idol which saves...they took the blood for u Israel .stop causing cancers.
loved to see u in Indian Idol Junior 2015 as the senior judge
I liked a video from Anjana Padmanabhan, the First Indian Idol Junior Testimony -
search it on the Internet, Indian Idol Junior finally September 5th
Holding French Indian Idol, we will need your help to have the media coverage, Plz send me ur details on pearljindal
Look at idol of Goddess Durga, many identities co-exist: President Pranab Mukherjee.
"Happy Dussehra" to all indians lets burn Raavan inside us not just an idol. peace and prosperity for evey indian. jai hind jai bharat
Did u actually audition for Indian Idol 1??
Indian Hindu devotees offer evening prayer in front of an idol of the Goddess Durga in New…
wow of all rookie idol, ive known hanbin the longest. Since his indian boy era which is way back bfore WIN (ಥ_ಥ)
I liked a video Fun With Raghu at Indian Idol Auditions
from Indian Idol To what a journey...u killed it...keep up
Indian Idol Juniors is really nice .sweet kids nd vishal & shekhar,shreya r good as judges
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It makes me happy knowing Sean uses Ganeshji's murti(an Indian God's idol) while he does his homework or while studying.
She is overrated. Indian Idol (Jr) has actually pulled my crush off her.
Badshah is rapper like Yo Yo! He had come to Indian Idol Junior and sang old songs with his own added raps!
once I mixed salt instead of sugar in Halwa while watching Indian Idol & Amit Sana was singing
Time to visit a kolu at neighbors. Hope not to meet aspiring Indian idol types singing raga like RaGa. Considered risk with free sundal.
We Support Raina on India Idol, or any singing reality show, as long as he's not in the Indian team.
Finally we have a western music talent show on Indian television. At last media people know there is world beyond Indian Idol.
Hope you all are watching indian idol right now! Some fab performances.. ht…
Deshapriya Park Puja: 11 hurt in stampede as people throng to see world’s biggest Durga idol | The Indian Express
Sir..i have started following cricket after watching you...thanks 4 being my Idol.definitely indian team will miss you
Speaking of Hindu hair being untouchable to Jews "to burn Indian wigs in bonfires" ... all them idol worshippers!
also Indian culture unique in providin so many feminine forms 2 worship.Narendra threw out Ram's idol frm his house(1/2)
In Hindi Songs, After Lata Mangeshkar, I guess Shreya Goshal has the magical voice. Kavita Krishnamurthy too and Ananya from Indian Idol.
A3. I sharpen my singing talent for Indian Idol 😂 .
Big Salute to Indian idol named Virendra Sehwag who retired from international cricket today.
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Sir, you are an idol and we all love you. I hope indian "seculars" and media understand wt ur saying
Happy Birthday My Idol of Childhood Cricket... You're a treasure to Indian Cricket..Proud to be your fan & to be an INDIAN:)
sir. thts why u r the idol of any batsman in the world. Salute you sir 4 ur efforts in Indian cricket
you just wait, Sehwag just cant go like that. He is way above all. He is an Indian idol. Let's get a fitting farewell for him.
Regarding his experience with Mr Bachchan, Hussain said: "I have interacted with Mr Bachchan when he had come to the Indian Idol stag...
I liked a video Indian Idol Season 3 - Audition.
I liked a video Garhwali songs in Sare gama pa and Indian Idol.mp4
Today is a super lazy day . In bed watching Indian Idol , and The Voice . East to West 🙏🏻
Catch me on Indian idol tonight at 8 pm on Sony. This one with the one n only
I wait for indian idol at. tonight..8pm !! Jashn-e-. idol .. Celebrating 10. years of.
No matter how many seasons they run of Indian idol. But * Ganpati bappa is our all time Indian idol*
Behind-the-scenes action at shoot of to celebrate 10 years of
I liked a video Singer Nithyashree | runner up of Indian Idol Junior 2015
Evrytym u compare ur idol with him, becoz u know he is better. He is the only Globally Acclaimed Indian Super Star ♚
With the Indian idol fame cute girl
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Let's enjoy watching Nepali actor instead of Hindi actors. I've unfollowed many Indian actors, now it's your turn. They can't be our idol.
Foto: afp-photo: INDIA, MUMBAI : Indian devotees throng the streets as a huge idol of elephant-headed Hindu...
u r d best host in d world ma'am loved u in Indian idol
# add d one u performed in junior Indian idol...awiii...just lvd it... Glad to hv artist like u in bolly! hatts off
There will always be a bunch of people who will sing each and every song played in disco. Arey bhai Indian Idol mein jao yaha kyu aaye.
Amit Sana is one of the most well–known and beloved voices of the earliest season of Indian Idol, which ran from...
'Indian Idol celebrates its 10 years journey with 'Jashn-e-Idol''. Indian Idol celebrates its 10 y…
Catch me tom on sony TV celebrating 10 years of Indian idol . . Plan for your Sunday evening 󾌵
mebwerthless, still don't get why she was judging Indian Idol. That was dumb move for her career.
ever since sung first two lines on Indian idol finale, I have been lipsing it like never before
This Indian Idol host is so irritating that she makes you want to go into kitchen, take a knife and slit your wrists
Indian Idol Junior 2015 Sachin - Jigar with Ajay Brijvasi and Moti khan performance HD.
This is called Indian Version of Secularism v ve not seen any debates on this. Kuwait embassy 2remove Ganesh Idol.
Indian idol fame vishvash rai with me
PM met Ananya Sritam Nanda, the winner of Indian Idol Junior (Season 2).
@ song is awesome and your voice too, specially d one u performed in Junior Indian Idol. work indeed
4/4presence in the Indian Idol platform to justify your views here,
Indian Idol Junior 2 best audition.
hi, except indian idol, u have also hosted show 4 piramal healthcare in lonavala. It was lovely, i remember v had Truecare Idol
You may like to see this.Indian Idol Junior Ananya with PM. Bless her to be a very prolific singer
I have voted for a performance from the performances on
hi when is indian idol starting...i am in South Africa
Jashne Idol with the first Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant Catch us on Sony TV on 27th September 2015. 8PM onwards.
She was at her best as always .. One of d best hosts Indian Idol has ever had
B4 informing an impotent and bised UN, Pakistan Army should in retaliation break the teeth of Indian Idol worshipper Army.
Happy Birthday Arvind Kejriwal ji.U r an idol for ppl. U r doing in politics..what lots of ppl couldn't do in Bollywood..…
Watched all the episodes of Indian Idol Junior 2 I had missed..^_^ These kids are just mindblowing.
Indian woman journo frm Chennai called "Malini" is idol smuggler!! They publishing today's adition of The Hindu? :P.
Happy Birthday to you.You r my only idol in indian politics.Live Long Life.
recently he had cm to Indian idol. That guy who has sang with sonam kapoor in khoobsurat movie.
My Inspiration was a I liked his speech, book, life style. He was my Kalam sir was an "Indian Muslim"
yu and salim ji have done a gr8 job on indian idol.Earlier show was little dull in comparison to ZEE show.
leaving aside yr political views,wish to congratulate yu on yr excellent work on Indian Idol Junior.
Indian idol smuggling: journalist confesses, rolls on other members of the trafficking ring
you are a great musician,I have seen you in INDIAN IDOL
you are great singer I have seen you in Indian Idol
Indian Idol Jr. Thank you and those wonderful young talented kids http:/…
Guess what I forgot that it's Saturday so there's Indian Idol Junior today 😣 50 minutes over already 😣
Thank you Indian Idol Junior Team. Wish you all Happy Independence Day. U R the best.
when I watched u in indian idol I was shocked, big difference in past adnan & present adnan, u r now slim,how u changed urslf
Taymiyyah:. “They (Shia Alawī) are greater disbelievers than the Jews, Christians, and Indian idol-worshipping Brahmans.”. …
watched Indian Idol 5 and now Excited for todays Episode
in sony Tv piku film is running on,then Indian Idol Junior will not play
it's my sad Saturday without indian idol today
is there an episode of Indian Idol Junior today on But they r showing piku
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is there Indian Idol Junior tonight on Sony HD?
TV now piku Flim i witing for Indian Idol Junior sutday was close the plz repley me. and wait for song sing
sona di 30mins to go Indian Idol Junior...fully new episode of independnce day..i'm waiting fr the 30mins.☺
. No idea about Indian Idol timeslot, but piku
Sony ?? No Indian Idol ? I am waiting for Independence day special.
eager to watch with my family members. N we have just tune to Sony TV and watching Indian Idol repeat telecast
Sonakshi Sinha as Indian Idol judge. Chetan Bhagat as Dance show judge. Now I'm waiting for Rajpal Yadav to judge a bo…
Sehwag at Indian Idol, Irfan Pathan at jhalak dikhla ja. Srisanth with clean chit . What's wrong with Indian cricket team.
Kids just love Salman Khan.. Watch this from 2:20 .. Sakshi -Indian Idol
Sir you are superb in Indian Idol Junior, giving fair decisions. I am already a big fan of your singing,now going crazy 4 u.
Indian Idol Jr is all about music and half of the show is muted. Thats not fair. We hope u resolve it soon.
I think this time Indian Idol got lot of amazing talents...hats off to the whole cast n Jr. s 😊😊😺😺
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