Indian Creek & Big Red

The Indian Creek Massacre occurred on May 21, 1832, when a group of United States settlers in LaSalle County, Illinois, were attacked by a party of Native Americans. The 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army is the oldest division in the United States Army. It has seen continuous service since its organization in 1917. It was officially nicknamed the The Big Red One after its shoulder patch and is also nicknamed The Fighting First. 4.3/5

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Working on some High School bows for the shows at the mall. I will have Weir High, Brooke, Oak Glen, Madonna, Indian Creek, Big Red, and Steubenville Catholic Central. I won't have them done until the middle of next week, but I will try to post pics as soon as they are done.
Big Red and Indian Creek both fell to West Holmes by identical 35-7 scores.
If you're not from Toronto, Edison, Indian Creek, Big Red, or Catholic Central, there's a good chance we have no idea who you are.
Congratulations to all the local Ohio High School football teams that made the playoffs. Indian Creek, Big Red, Catholic Central, Harrison Central, St. Clairsville, Bellaire and Shadyside. Good Luck.
For those of you really wanting Indian creek to host Big Red in 2 weeks here is what has to happen and my opinion for the odds of that happening. Indian Creek has to win( 99%) next week and Big Red has to lose to Akron Buchtel (25%). Dover has to lose to New Philly (75%). Struthers has to lose to Howland (50%). Either Maysville or Granville has to lose their final game but both schools can not lose. Maysville losing (10%), Granville losing (35%). Overall chances I put at less than 10%
After figuring out the Ohio High School football playoff points Indian Creek can not finish higher than 3rd place no matter what. And even for that to happen Creek has to win Friday, Big Red, Dover, Struthers, Maysville and Granville all have to lose. There is about a 99% chance that wont happen. However there are very few scenarios that would not allow Creek to make the playoffs so as long Creek wins this friday and they should win easily against 2-7 Edison. The scenarios I think are most likely to happen places Creek anywhere from 5th to 8th and they would have to be in 4th or higher to host a playoff game. If Big Red wins this Friday then Big Red should finish in either 3rd or 4th. Struthers would have to lose Friday for Big Red to be 3rd. If that scenario happens then that is also the scenario that puts Creek at 6th which means Creek would make the long trip down Sunset Blvd to Harding Stadium. I do believe that is the 2nd most likely scenario to happen with the most likely scenario having Big Red at ...
Indian Creek passes up Dover in the rankings but unfornuately Big Red and Maysville both has passed Creek up. So as of now Creek is ranked 5th and Steubenville Big Red is 4th. There is still one game left but if everything stays the same Indian Creek will be playing Big Red but the game will be at Harding Stadium. For those of you that wanted to come home to see Indian Creek host Big Red please dont let it stop you that roles are possibly reversed now. Because I can assure you this will be a game you will not want to miss. Remember last year Indian Creek was 8th when they took a bad beating from Big Red last year. This year both teams are 4th and 5th and each team has taken turns being ranked higher than other and the game if played will be a barn burner!. On a similar note the number 1 ranked team in Creek's division is Marlington. I have been saying for weeks now that they are truly over ranked and could and can be beaten by Creek. I also said that 4-4 West Branch would upset Marlington this weekend and ...
Indian Creek High School came into exsistence in 1993 with the first graduating class graduating in 1994. Since that time the Indian Creek Redskins football team has gone from division II to division III down to division IV an back up to division III again as where they are now. Since their inception Creek has made the top 10 in the region 5 times with their highest ranking in 1996 in 3rd. This year Creek is currently in 4th with 2 games left which they should be won by Creek. However Division III Region 11 is an extemely tough and talent filled region. Even with Creek winning out there is a very good chance they still could drop a place or two but I dont believe far enough to not make the playoffs which is the the top 8 places. Big Red is in 6th and if they win out stands to move up the rankings. Creek has only finished higher than Big Red 4 times since 1994, however 3 of those 4 times both teams were in different divisions which does make them hard to compare. The one time Creek did finish higher than B ...
There are 6 divisions in the state of Ohio for High School football with division 1 being the largest and 6 the smallest. Here is how they determine what division a school falls in. Division Male Enrollment Points No. of Schools I 494 and More 6.0 118 II 493-327 5.5 119 III 326-243 5.0 120 IV 242-172 4.5 122 V 171-120 4.0 116 VI 119 and less 3.5 122 They only count students in 9th, 10th and 11th grade. OHSAA will set new guidelines next year but they still will be close to the current ones. That being said Indian Creek and Big Red both have about 250 male students in 9th thru 11th and are on the verge of dropping to Divsion 4 which already includes teams like St Clairsville, Harrison Central, Martins Ferry and Edison just to give you some examples. What does all this mean? I personally believe if they did drop to division 4 both teams would have better playoff chances, not that Big Red needs it. LOL.
Indian Creek won last night, putting their record at 7-1. They are currently ranked 5th in computer playoff points and Big Red is ranked 6th after their win last night putting them at 6-2. As I said before in the first round of playoffs the top 4 teams get homefield advantage and plays plays plays and number plays That means as of now we would not play Big Red in the first round of the playoffs. However Bellaire is playing today and more than likely they will win which would put Indian Creek up to 4th. What does all that mean? Well, if everything would stay the same and if Big Red would move up one spot during the last 2 weeks of the season then Indian Creek would host Steubenville Big Red at Kettlewell Memorial Stadium in Wintersville for the very first time ever. Im keeping my fingers crossed.
The Indian Creek Redskins are 5th in the region in computer points and 11th overall in Ohio Division 3 High School football. Not too bad considering there are 120 schools in Division 3. Creek has 3 games left and are on track to make the playoffs for the first time ever in back to back years. Other first include, the highest state ranking Indian Creek has ever held in the schools history. Also this is the first year that Big Red has ever been ranked lower than Indian Creek. Big Red suffered their second loss last night ranking them 14th in the region and 37th in the state. Too all you Big Red fans out there please understand that I am not putting your team down in fact just the opposite. As far as Ohio Valley football goes Steubenville Big Red is the standard. So when the rare occurnce of Indian Creek being ranked higher happens then we take pride.
which game to go to Big Red or Indian Creek cant makeup my mind or might just work on my truck all night have to get the transmission back in its only been 3 months out
Big Red and Indian Creek boys soccer tied at 2. Stefano Lanni had both BR goals. Ian Gambill and Fernando Prestes had IC's goals
Good Luck to Madonna and Oak Glen in WV and Indian Creek, Big Red, Harrison Central, and Steubenville Central in OH on your playoff runs.
Eitel's numbers show Big Red and Indian Creek in the hunt in D3 Region 11 with Big Red 6th and the Redskins 10th.
21-7 Big Red, we're 3-0 to start for the 9th year in a row, and Indian Creek up 41-3 on Oak Glen, I think I'm startin to smell a 1st round playoff rematch with the same results
I simply don't understand why teams choose to play Big Red at home. Considering that Big Red is always talented you will never, ever get the calls so you have to play an absolute perfect gm to beat them at home. Tonights game: Woodrow Wilson 14 penalties and Big Red 2 and whats wrong with that picture. Did I mention that one penalty called back a game changing punt return for a td for Woodrow. Would love to play Big Red one day like the old days with them having just Steubenville kids against Indian Creek. Maybe Big Red needs to expand their players search beyond their current recruiting of the entire state of Ohio and recruit from Indiana, Michigan, and neighboring states.
Indian Creek softball beat Big Red in sectional play 7-0. Ashley Starr struck out 13, issued no walks, and gave up three hits in the win.
Indian Creek's Abby Orr rounds third on her way home against Big Red. Check out this and other results in today's HS.
Indian Creek softball beat Big Red 20-2 in five. Ashley Starr gave up three hits to pick up the win for the Redskins.
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