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Indian Act

The Indian Act (An Act respecting Indians ), R.S., 1951, c. I-5, is a Canadian statute that concerns registered Indians, their bands, and the system of Indian reserves.

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell Who is practising in Indian politics?
Sir there is a dire need of drastic change in ages old Indian Police Act. Police System needs total revamp
Regional party menace. Mamata sent Ahmed Hassan to Rajya Sabha-guy who helped Jamaat to park Saradha Chit Funds in Banglad…
Many people confuse Indian Act rights with Treaty rights.
You shd consider sending troops. RTIraqi Doctors on Unspeakable Abuse of Yazidi Women by IS.
If you are a status indian then you get a whole slew of tax breaks under Sec 87 of the Indian Act & other Acts
well, if I act like an Indian.god save ur home
WE INDIAN should support those party /leader who think and act in the interest of the country only.
In the 1820s, my ancestors were driven off their lands because congress passed the Indian Removal Act.
So sad how people believe everything the media puts out. Do your own research. Google treaties & Indian act for a start.
Due to HYPE in POCSO Misuse cases, faith on Indian Legal System is at stake?!.
Sitting here at the National Museum of the American Indian, thinking about the power of memory and ritual to shape how we…
Post offices to act as ATMs from January 2015 to provide to hard cash at places where ATM are rare.
Arranged marriages for Indian nationals living in Australia via
wasn't imposing your stupid leadership & election criteria with Indian Act already the source of 3/4 of the problem.
right now it's still same racist base that created Indian Act & Canada is trying to become Canadian Only state for citizenship
Indian accent is still by some distance the best restaurant in India.It's not just creative to act cool...Every *** thing…
Indian act benefits are NOT Treaty rights and can NOT be enforced as 'sovereign inherent rights'.
Power minister Piyush Goyal says government will act soon to resolve fuel scarcity issue
Feds have used Indian Act including pass laws to keep Indians from economically competing w/ Settlers-still the case
the act of promoting indian actors/actress is so disgusting indeed... why blaming GEO BUTT only ?
I'm in full support of Dixie. But I'm not gonna act like I attend their school and start chanting their stuff. I'm an indian!!!
know about the seven major crimes act? That is today. A complete failure of justice in Indian Country. Lots more injustice
Indian Removal Act of 2014 was put into action tonight.. see Ya Stephens 👋
Indian press and continue the shamful act not calling y'day jerusalem massacre a
Tell Obama to enforce protocols developed by Indian Health Services to protect indigenous women’s rights.
NepaliMedia promotes Indian influence. E.g by highlighting foreign sec's visit. Let's see how they act when FM & PM visit Nepal.
Emotion and thought together brought us the civil rights act, the women's vote , Indian independence, victory in Carmanah
Just wish goverments would get their act together and work on If its good enough for the chinese and indian gover…
Tsilhqot'in: indigenous group or nation is defined by the indigenous group for purpose of Sec 35, not by Indian Act or other legislation.
. It's disgrace that our citizens have been left to rot for over a year in India. Why won't you act?.
That may be true, but a number of Indian tribes have opposed the project, they consider it an act of war. .
Chief Phil Fontaine- Canada's Indian Act is archaic, racist, the only one like it in the world. It ought not to exist.
There is no place for the Indian Act or the Department of Indian Affairs in our lives. - Chief Phil Fontaine
Bill Richardson: climate change affects Indian Country more than most.
If Indian Gov.wants black money back, simply change the currency & ask peoples to exchange through nationalized bank act. within fix period.
ur late mother's act is a bad example to any sensible humanbeing & it doesn't mean we all Indian have todothe same
If we take serious action to save india & indian we must act against muslims else by 2020 they will reach 60% population join SI 2 stop them
Asian females curved me by saying Indian removal act I can't take this anymore .
Its unwanted foolish act to make sanskrit a compulsory subject.If so why not all indians should learn all indian languages?
my old boss, Bill Richardson, has an OpEd on the need for Clean Power in Indian Country. via
Btwn 1884-1948 Indigenous culture was made illegal through section 1:40 of the Indian Act. .
Here is liberal response to an act of confident Indian leader! Shift the goalpost at 1/2 term of Obama
Civil groups urge Indian government to act against racism
important book by LynnGehl on Discrimination, land dispossession & unstated paternity and the Indian Act
don't forget the White Paper! Or even the amendments to the Indian Act.
Our Challenges as Indigenous Peoples continue on a daily basis. As a people, we have survived numerous attempts to assimilate our people beginning with the Indian Act and residential schools. As Duncan Campbell Scott head of Indian affairs from 1913-1932 stated ‘’Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed. It became one of the biggest acts of genocide in the history of this country, The experiment of the Residential system and it’s after effects continue to this day. As the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has documented children were innocent pawns subjected to experiments, deprived of proper nutrition and faced all kinds of abuse. The sixties scoop in which over 3,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their communities and in many cases outside of the country was equally shameful. Like residential schools survivors, I believe they deserve an apology for the abuses they experienced even compensation. I’m not downplaying residential .. ...
There are No DNA Checkpoints under the Tree of Peace ~ Kahente Horn-Miller Stand before a mirror. What do you see? What do you want to see? The colour of your eyes and hair, your skin, the marks on your face tell a story about you – who you are, where you come from, where you believe you “belong”. You might ask yourself: Why are my eyes this color? Why is my skin this color? Why do I look the way I do? And you may even ask – Why am I here? From the last century and beyond, Indigenous issues of community and belonging have been coloured red by the furor stirred up amongst the people through the imposition of ideas such as “blood quantum” promoted through Canada’s Indian Act. Blood quantum is an imposed mechanism for establishing peoples’ connections to reservation communities and enables those in power to determine who has access to resources. So, in essence, identity is about getting one’s share of the figurative “pie”. No doubt Indigenous conceptions of identity have been weakened . ...
Supporters and Allies Re Unknown and Unstated Paternity and the Indian Act, Some good news, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of...
My Caucasian friend was appalled when I educated her about "kill the Indian" purpose of Indian Act & Dept of Indian Affairs. It was recent.
My Caucasian friend told me Indian affairs employee told her all the great things Indian Affairs does. I educated her re Indian Act& abuse!
We are not rebels, terrorists, activists etc...we are the original people of this land and we come from the same bloodline of people who helped generations of settlers survive here over 200 years ago. We are the same people who allied with the British in the War of 1812 and who volunteered (when we were exempt) in World War I and II. We are against racism and discrimination perpetuated by government legislators and media monopolies like Sun Media and the National Post...There are over 1,000 Missing and Murdered Indigenous women in Canada with the Prime Minister rejecting a call for a public inquiry every time it's suggested by members of the opposition or national women's organizations...Legislation aimed at a specific race of people in the interest of a government agenda is called apartheid, yet the 1876 Indian Act and all it's regulations for First Nations on and off-reserve remains firmly intact in Ottawa...Criminalizing First Nation families and youth continues to be a conservative agenda as the First ...
Atleo resigns... ok. So does it make the entire situation better? Does it magically make the AFN a functioning system of advocacy? Does it make the Indian Act system, which fuels the AFN, effective in representing who we are as indigenous peoples? NO! It wouldn't matter if Pam Palmater or Taiaiake Alfred or Che Guevara was the leader of the AFN, it is an oppressive and colonial dysfunction inflicted on our indigenous ways of living and draws such huge amounts of our true power and dissipates it into ineffective political posturing. Atleo resigning is of no more benefit than having Harper resign. The system of oppression remains intact. The system must die. Get your head back in the game and stop falling for the bait.
tells how Indian Act betrayed First Nations and the Royal Proclamation, and led to residential schools.
in my rez, we are drafting up a tribal constitution outside the Indian Act.
beyond identifying citizenship via Indian Act. We have our own ways. Indian Act is destruction.
BC First Nations ppl, NOT the Chiefs, have a right to more than 1% revenue sharing. Chiefs are creatures of federal statute Indian Act.
The White Paper 1969 In spite of all government attempts to convince Indians to accept the white paper, their efforts will fail, because Indians understand that the path outlined by the Department of Indian Affairs through its mouthpiece, the Honourable Mr. Chrétien, leads directly to cultural genocide. We will not walk this path. —Harold Cardinal, The Unjust Society In 1969, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chrétien, unveiled a policy paper that proposed ending the special legal relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Canadian state and dismantling the Indian Act. This white paper was met with forceful opposition from Aboriginal leaders across the country and sparked a new era of Indigenous political organizing in Canada. What is a white paper? In the Canadian legislature, a policy paper is called a white paper. For many First Nations people, the term ironically implies a reference to racial politics and the white majority. The 1969 white paper proposing ...
No1 on Mansbridge talked about Indian Act, lack of voting & silence of the ppl by AFN. That's causing dysfunction now, not Rez school.
BCCLA will be remembered as the self-promoting "human rights" org that did squat while Burns Lake ppl dismantled the Indian Act.
So now BCCLA can sit back while the people of Burns Lake dismantle the Indian Act, AFN & Chief without their help! Useless organization.
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Burns Lake Band governance is classic example showing reason Indian Act & all legislation has 2 be repealed. Oppressive Chief.
It's "do or die" now. Time to challenge the Indian Act, FNLMA & new governance act coming out. Chiefs are imposed on us. Need 2 challenge.
Tonight, I will go over the Indian Act. The history, changes and reason of origin. After that, I will go over court cases - landmark court cases and consultation & accommodate cases. I post a little bit of information daily because I do not want want anyone to be overwhelmed with too much information. Legislation and policies is dry so I try to break to down the best I can. There is nothing more empowering than knowing your rights and asserting them - when asserting your rights, refer to the constitution and quote how The Royal Proclamation is enshrined in Section 25 of the Constitution Act. I am a proud Gitxsan because we still have our culture and our language - thru adversity, we still stand strong. Our connection to the land, to our people, our stories, our laws, and our songs .supersedes all that the Canadian government has tried to impose upon us since the 1800s. Have a wonderful day, hamiiyaa :).
So…… I stop at the res gas bar on the way home today. Fill up with fuel… The lady at the counter says to me inquisitively, "Treaty?"….. I respond, "Yup"….. She inputs the total purchase price into the register and I pay. She then says, "write your status number down here then", and hands me a clipboard full of peoples names and Indian Act status numbers. I can see who was in the store and at what time, based on the clipboard information... I respond by saying, "Oh, I don't have an Indian Act number, I thought you said Treaty." She says, "they're the same thing…." I respond, "oh no they aren't..!"…….. She then proceeds to walk away and ignore me….. The moral of the story is, lets find a way to stop calling the rebate programs that are attached to the Indian Act status indian surveillance numbers 'Treaty'….. In equating 'Treaty' to the 'Indian Act status' cards and evolving provincial and federal policy respecting tax rebate programs on-reserve, we have become the purveyors of our own i ...
The Six Nations of the Grand River Teritory is a Sovereign Nation as expressed by our historical alliance with the British Crown.  On 25 September, 2013 the 55th Elected Band Council, under the authority of the Indian Act, informed us that the Canada Revenue Agency wants taxation at Six Nations.  Ou...
Terrance Nelson It is all about money! I spoke of the Urban Reserves and Treaty Land Entitlement for many years. We can break our Berlin Wall, the Canadian Indian Act, the Canadian Economic Sanctions against First Nations, if we can access the money to develop our economies through issuing a $500 million bond. This is what we will discuss on February 26, at the Marlebourgh Inn. The Indian Act was legislated in 1876, but it is still law today. It is economic sanctions in Canada for the Reservations. Read the Winnipeg Free Press article about the February 26, 2014 Long Plains Urban Reserve Conference. There are 11 comments that followed the article that were removed by Staff at the Winnipeg Free Press. You can only imagine what they said, but remember we will succeed because we will never give up. Winnipeg is six times larger than Kelowna yet Westbank First Nation had a GDP two years ago of $500 million. They operate two shopping centers and 75% of their Urban Reserve lands are CP. If you don't know what CP ...
Kwitsel Tatel shared a link. January 14 near Vancouver Sharing! January 14, 2014 Dear Mark Hume, Thank you for taking my call yesterday! I told you I would take time to write out what it is I am trying to say to you, how to get there in a few words is another story! The number of layers of law, legislation, rules, and regulations are many! Our Traditional Governance vs. the Indian Act regime is what I am talking about right now. Just how many lens must we perceive ourselves through? In law, there’s one lens. On the doors of each provincial court house in British Columbia, a sign reads, “Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations”. So, what does that mean? There is a built in bias against us Indians as soon as we enter those courts. Not everybody understands this bias, evidently. For the Greater Good of our “Indian” Peoples in Canada, and on May 9, 2013 I beat Canada in the Chief Judge of BC’s court over whether or not I have the right & title to possess fish. I won after nine long years! The ...
A Canadian Bomber Command May Day pub party of '43 had an "Indian Act" and singing of "Deutschland uber Alles" & "the Horst Wessel Song" !?!
btw, the 2nd part of my series will cover the historic land code vote & how FNs are opting out of provisions of the Indian Act - runs Friday
Dear Mps pls pass the Lokpal today in Loksabha.Anything happened to Annaji by ur selfish act then u have to suffer fr it.
Wow! If the Indian govt decides to execute something this stupid, it would be beyond pathetic! .
Is not India overreacting?The Indian diplomat was arrested on doing illegal act on the behest of (an Indian)US state prosecutor.Is it wrong?
For those students who have me Green 4 for USII. The study guide that I gave you has a question about the Indian Reorganization Act.
If they have broken an Indian law let India act on it
“Why does everyone think I'm Indian!?! 👳”. Cuz you act like a white person lol
Tiara act like I won't beam a ball at her head at practice 😂😂😂👌 try me Indian
.India in turn informed State Dept. about Indian court order against the maid. Apparently US didn't act on that. Now judge...
aah..ok. ..Does he act in indian dramas
"Indian parents act like getting A's is a piece of cake" preach👌👌
India should act like a big neighbour: Jamaat leader - Indian Express
West Indian girls make me act retarded 😂😂😂😍
Beig honest here, it's such a good thing we aren't managing Treaty Rights right now, but only failing to manage Indian Act benefits.
I can't imagine what things would be like if they just terminated the Indian Act as of right now, today.
If the Indian Act was to be done away with right now, as of today, would we be ready? IMHO and in all honesty, no. Too many ppl would suffer
Us diplomat ko indian act 377 me under kro tihar jail me we are not a banana republic show them
Indian diplomat's arrest in NYC 'barbaric:' official You act like a criminal you get treated as one.
Leadership has become dictatorship in Indian politics ...A true leader try to take sense of its ppl n then decide to act
McDonald's terminating its joint venture agreement with Vikram Bakshi was "not a good act" and "is ...
Ludhiana News/SAD-BJP Fateh Rally to act as game changer of Indian...
Respected President, as Indian I would like to register my strongest protest towards the treatment of Devyani in US. Pls act!!
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I just love the way the Indian Government has reacted on the whole diplomatic row. US trying to act smart, India proving they are smarter.
Can Indian govt look into prosecuting american officials under prevention of atrocities to dalit act.
Land acquisition Act to come into effect from January 1: The legislation also...
hv you forgotten work of just one tenure of NDA. Golden Quad,gram sadak yojna,freedom info act etc
You act as if nothing is happening. When the Indian economy collapses, y'all shall see. It's headed in that very direction.
I have only your word for it - and the USG can't "arrest" Indian govt; so it would act against the one who has duty-of-care.
Sir American official working in india hire indian labour as per minimum wages act he will be paid
Indian citizens - 'When in Rome, do what Romans do' but for Indian diplomats - 'When in Rome, still act tough as if in India'
U.S. Act to indian diplomat not justified.
On Devyani issue- If Indian agencies can't act agnst illegal, if any, by US consular staff, doesn't mean US agencies ll do same.
So let me get this straight. The Indian government is threatening *** American diplomatic couples... to defend an act of worker abuse?!
Finally Indian Government act with some Balls against US. It was About Time. Don't take us for Granted !!!
people struggle was left behind and one upmanship became important, team Anna didnt even act with grace..ego was clear
whole of India is disturbed & offended with the way the Indian diplomat Divyani has been treated in America. Condemn the act.
Indian Diplomat protest by Indian pulling out barricades ..a juvenile kid act by 84 ys old PM and his senile cabinet.
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Since both Khobragade & her domestic help are Indians, does US Minimum Wages Act apply to Indian citizens?
Indian Lady diplomat arrested,humiliated on minor issueThis is not first time In past too such humiliation act done by US,incl our president
Suddenly Indians are becoming more aware of te US min wages Act rather than the Indian Act which no one cared much abt
The US have crossed their limits with this act of humiliating an Indian Diplomat. Revenge should be taken!
i guess indian govt's reaction is more embarassing than Devyani's act..
A very shameful act by NYPD on Indian diplomat Devyani . NYPD has stripped their reputation. Very cheap act.
I actually live in Togo the indian government has taken the country for granted. They need to act tough with them.
Replacing Indian Act yes scrapping it no. Self-Government NO, democracy yes.
Devyani Khobragade is an indian woman diplomat, cannot be treated like that. Will US dare to act agnst chinese or russian diplomats
Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS told Indian oil refiners it may no longer be able to act as an intermediary for... http:…
Dawes Act of 1887 broke up Indian reservations
Given the fact that illegal employment in US is such a rarity, the authorities must have been very shocked to discover Indian diplomat's act
I dont get it. A US drone attack in Pakistan on terrorist targets is acceptable. But an Indian Drone attack against Dawo…
Political Correctness is a form of propaganda that makes the assertion that truth is irrelevant- what is more important is that peoples feelings aren't hurt. Political Correctness is a real evil because it tries to get us to ignore great evil (the Indian act as an example) because calling it out truthfully hurts feelings. In this case - what is the "great truth" we are trying to conceal? Political Correctness is an evil - but that doesn't mean we can't respect one another
Even though the opportunity has always been present - it's never been a more critical time then now for Chiefs and Councils to decide whether they want to continue to be the administrators of the Indian Act... Or to be Leaders of a Nation, mandated by the people, governed by the Land.
DESKAHEH DESKAHEH line DeskahehBorn into the Cayuga nation in 1872, Levi General is one of the most renowned members of the Haudenosaunee to date. His dedication to his heritage and courage to preserve it make him stand out as one of the heroes of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Working as a farmer on the Grand River territory Levi gained the respect of his people as a linguist who could speak the five dialects of the Haudenosaunee as well as English. As an honest and sincere father of nine and supportive husband he was selected to sit on the traditional Cayuga (235kb/2sec)sound bite council under the name Deskaheh (147kb/1sec)sound bite in 1917. It was his skill for speaking that lead him to represent the nation when the Canadian government, suffering for fighters during World War I decided to assimilate the nation, disregarding the old treaties. It was Levi who headed the delegation which explained to the Canadian Government in Ottawa that they had no jurisdiction over the nation and pointed out that th ...
Two Anishinaabe men attempting to renounce their Indian Status under Canada's controversial Indian Act are being rebuffed by the Canadian government.
My letter to the editor. I thought maybe Tony Clement could pass my Christmas wish list on to Stephen Harper this year. If Stephen Harper and conservatives can fork out $90,000 to commit bribery, fraud and breach of trust dealing with a Senator, spend $600,000 a year for limo service, and give great tax breaks to the wealthy, maybe I should be asking Stephen not Santa to fulfill my wish list. First wish. Return the 57 billion dollar surplus Jim Flaherty took from the Employment Insurance program. Canadians could really use that money now. We have been paying into it for years and it only seems right that we should be able to benefit from it seeing that your government has failed to create the jobs Canadians need. With these dollars your government could create a Canadian jobs training program for all those jobs your government is giving to Temporary Foreign Workers. I read 25% of all jobs created in Canada go to TFW. Last year in Alberta it was 65% of all new Albertan jobs. WOW. Second wish. Stop dismis . ...
Did you know that Canada’s federal animal cruelty law was originally enacted in 1892? To put this in context, in 1892: Canada numbered roughly 4.8 million people Women were not considered “persons” under law and were not eligible to vote in federal elections Aboriginal religious ceremonies such as potlatches and dances were outlawed under the Indian Act Chinese immigrants coming to Canada were singled out and forced to pay a fifty dollar fee to enter the country – a substantial amount of money at the time. So much has changed in Canada since those times, mostly for the good. As a nation, however, we have failed in bringing progressive positive change to improve the welfare of animals. Did you know that a new bill to change this antiquated legislation, the first substantive change to animal cruelty laws in 113 years, was passed by all parties in the House of Commons twice in 2003, but the Senate stood in its way? Did you know that the outdated wording of the current law prevents the prosecution of ...
Ron Sterritt It is funny how easily the Assembly of First Nations are conned "Back into Line". The Government just cut their wages a bit, and they are back to singing "We don't like the Indian Act" like a bunch of crows on a fence. The boneheads, especially the little screwball with the bulrush hat, can't see far enough ahead to realize that when they lose their "Status as Indians", they won't be needed any more. Their jobs and wages go down the toilet. I guess they have an attitude that they are somehow better than "Indians", or that they would get other "Government Jobs". Meanwhile the "Genocide Program" by the Government comes into its final stage. It is down to "Steal our Land and Resources, and Status as Indians". The jailing of Indian Men, "Legal Stealing" of Indian Children by the Government leaning Court by putting them into "Permanent Foster Care", killing of Indian ladies and girls, Jailing of Indian men will go on until the last Indian in Canada is stuffed and placed in a Museum. Canada has und ...
Definitely, our Founding People need recognition and more respect than it traditionally gets from all governments. We've gone from the "Martin" accord, where all levels of government, the Territories, and aboriginal groups from coast to coast to coast were at the table to challenges in the Supreme Court and the advent of Idle No More. If you start thinking things are about to improve where aboriginal groups are concerned, go look at the Indian Act. I went as far back as the Indian Act of 1985; it reflects more the policies of our time and I don't think I could have gone further back without jumping off a cliff! Definition of an Indian means a person registered as an Indian or is entitled to be registered as an Indian under this Act ... Wow, isn't that revealing. In these times of transiency, where you may travel across the country or even around the globe to find suitable employment, what does on-reserve or off-reserve have to do with anything? Can one become a lawyer, a nurse, an engineer or a doctor if ...
"This is a good reason for our leaders to consult with the people instead of making unilateral agreements on their own. Chiefs come and go.the people don't. Individual decisions versus community participation.doesn't work. The Indian Act Chiefs are failing their responsibilities to the people." - Nadine McDougall
FRCN SIGNS First Nations LAND MANAGEMENT REGIME By signing the Framework Agreement, Fisher River Cree Nation can now begin the process of opting out of 34 land-related sections of the Indian Act and assume greater control over their reserve land and resources. The FNLM regime enables First Nations to manage their own land, resources and environment according to their own land codes, laws and policies. The regime also helps First Nations get out from under 34 land-related limitations of the Indian Act in order to take control of their land and resources.
*** “Is it not rich with irony that South Africa imposed its legislation on those peoples, those tribes, in 1948 and they learned from the Indian Act of the government of Canada, that they built their apartheid system on the Indian Act in Canada?” Bill Erasmus, national chief of the Dene and the AFN’s regional chief for the Northwest Territories, said it is important to understand that Mr. Atleo did not go to South Africa as part of the Canadian delegation but as a representative of First Nations. “They have been calling our people, in the last year, terrorists,” Mr. Erasmus said in reference to a threat assessment Canada’s Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre prepared in January of the First Nations protest movement Idle No More. “That’s what they used to call Mandela.” *** Nizo Raccoon Al-Tamimi
OTTAWA — In a rare moment of harmony between the Harper government and First Nations, 28 bands signed a First Nations Land Management Regime (FNLMR) on Thursday. The latest signing ceremony brings the number of bands that have signed on to 110. The FNLMR allows signatories to circumvent 34 sections of the Indian Act that give decision-making powers over land use to the minister of aboriginal affairs and the department. The FNLMR covers daily land use issues such as licensing, leasing, and obtaining a forestry permit. Once bands have signed on, the next step is to develop land-use codes and establish their own laws for land and resource use — all things they would otherwise have to ask the feds for permission to pursue. Chief Robert Louie of the First Nations Land Advisory Board said the agreement gives First Nations more opportunities to contribute economically to their own communities and to Canada at large. "Adding more First Nations into land management will help propel much-needed economic prosper ...
Still looking for an English course for next term at Cap U? ENGL 107-01 First Nations Writing and Film This course draws on a broad range of work from contemporary indigenous writers, artists, and filmmakers. Students will read creative and critical works from indigenous voices on matters of realism and fantasy, the history of colonialism, reconciliation, the legacies of residential schools, treaties and land claims, the Indian Act and self-government, decolonization and territorial claims, Idle No More, women’s and ‘Two-spirited’ voices, media representations of Indigenous peoples and many other issues. Special focuses of this section include new forms of interactive storytelling that make use of digital and new media and a selection of readings in the flourishing genre of indigenous science fiction.
Today FRCN signs on to the First Nation Lands Management Act. This means the removal of 34 sections of the Indian Act dealing with lands.
As a result of the November 2012 vote,the Ha'wiih and chief and Council are re-evaluating the treaty strategy and examining all options available for the nation re-building. To meet this objective,the chief and council and the Ha'waiih have set up a Nation Re-Building Task Force. The task force is looking at the following list of nation re-building tools: * Provincial Reconciliation Agreement * Legal duty to consult and accommodate aboriginal title and rights * Constitution * Indian Act By-Laws *Inherent Right Resource Management Laws *United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples *Direct Action *Legal Action *Continuing into Final Agreement Negotiations *Self - Government Negotiations *Custom Election Code *Citizenship code *Federal Land Management Act *Other ideas brought forward by the membership We will be providing regular updates on the work of the task force and are interested in your ideas for nation re-building
I have a power point presentation this afternoon I am doing it on colonialism with treaties and the Indian Act.
They've been regulating First Nation People and still do with their top down approach...seems they have almost completed their Colonization process and what they've started out to do. If we look at the gov't system that FN's follow according to the Indian Act...and we see how the people are separated from their leadership, it is quite similar to how our leaders were turned away from the Parliament doors last year. Very similar in that either they are afraid of the people or fear for their own safety...hmm makes one wonder, why put a barrier of sorts from your own People?
Mr. Speaker, I thank the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands for her speech. I should talk about the magnificent riding of Saanich—Gulf Islands, even though it is not as magnificent as mine. She spoke about International Human Rights Day. I was at the international conference on human rights in Vienna, in order to make the entire world recognize that aboriginal peoples are also peoples, just like all the other peoples on the planet. We have fought that battle for a long time. However, I would like to come back to an issue that I find to be important in this debate on relations with Canada's first peoples. It is an important issue because, at present, we are celebrating the life of the extraordinary Nelson Mandela, who defeated a system that made no sense. Does my colleague not have the impression that with the Indian Act we are dealing with almost the same system as apartheid in South Africa? December 10th, 11 a.m. First Nations Elections Act
Having all your gifts under the same roof is a indian act
© Troy Media The architects of Apartheid used Canada’s Indian Act as a template to design the racial segregation policy.
MERRY CHRISTMAS NEW CREDIT ON DECEMBER 14TH 2013 CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR STEPHANIE L. LAFORME FOR COUNCILLOR My name is Stephanie L. LaForme (Stephi). I am running for Band Councillor for our First Nation on December 14, 2013. I would like to have the opportunity to Represent/Contribute to our First Nation in the next two years. I am a confident, determined, committed individual to the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation that truly believes that we need to mentor our youth who will lead this First Nation in to the future for generations to come. BACKGROUND: I have lived, worked for our First Nation for 20 years in various departments since I was 19 years old and have raised my family here at New Credit. I am currently the Secretary/Receptionist for the Social & Health Department; I am also an active volunteer in our community for over twenty plus years for various committees/community events. I have always promoted our community in a positive and professional manner to our surrounding communities ...
Idle No More is a sustaining and successful grassroots indigenous sovereignty movement that all activists can learn from. Built on the frustrations of systemic oppression through the Indian Act and the horrific legacy of the residential school system, Idle No More is a continuation of indigenous res...
We have been involved since we were Born Qelmuc - Nenqayni. This movement has taken on many shapes and forms since Columbus landed. LOL. The movement needed a Facelift to "Idle No More" so young generations and the world could Identify with. Treaties and the Indian Act is a shame, how were our old ones ever swindled to such Agreements??? Conniving Thieves of the Queen Corporation. Our time has finally come to rise as change is already in motion.
Even the Indian voters are getting their act together…why can’t the Indain bowlers!
If you in watch carefully, would support Modi but criticize BJP. He would act neutral but severely criticize VHP. Beware
So much4the legal law of the Bald &Golden Eagle Protection Act & the American native Indian laws that protect Eagles
Some indians be like " Don't act like a typical indian "..Don't forget who you are, Your great grandparents also cut sugarcane on the fields
Indian Fans Support will Motivate team India...After all Fans are integral part of game and act as 12th man
Shivraj Chauhan deserves some credit, BJP shud not act like Cong, all credit to 1,discredit to local leaders
is GOOD for Indian politics. BJP & INC will both need to clean up their act - but having AAP in govt will be dangerous for economy
The Mantra for 2014 and beyond: Defend the unprotected Indian from the greedy corporate world. Strengthen consumer protection act.
It gets me when people act like ggey really care
Important Speech by NC Ovide Mercredi in 1997 on Chretien's/Irwin's Indian Act Amendments-still relevant
lol mixed with Indian so act some way
That's what every Indian Muslims fear. They going to suffer for the idiotic act of some *** :(
*** got a gf now and don't know how to act 😂😂😂😩 idec . Y'all could do y'all while I'm worrying bout me 😐
U kicked Ramdev 4 fighting corruption but India may b out of Olympics becos u cant act-hand in glove
Under the Indian Act, indigenous men were required to wear mullets until 1998...
Absolute class act. Next big indian bowler if they'll ever give him a chance!!!
I cut *** off and act like I never knew they *** . that's just how the game go 😏
Big day for Indian politics. What a debut Mr. Kejriwal. It's not a victory for Mr. Modi but Mr. Gandhi needs to get his act together.
If your ACT score was lower than our winning streak sit down
Photoset: 5centsapound: Nadia Myre, Indian Act Indian Act speaks of the realities of colonization - the...
Ur Indian too lmao atleast I don't post fake selfies and lie to my friends and act all desperate or send people hate.. :P
and if you don't hit the admin targets, got to cover it somehow, if not; 3rd party. Ppl suffer. Poverty continues. Indian act bs
Steyn warning for India New venue repeat act
Atleast Domi aint act up. thats all that I was worried about.
South African legislators visited Canada to study Indian Act & reserve system before writing the Bantustan Act
Such a cheap act to lead an argument to Pakistani vs Indian Intellectuals by for? Some cheap publicity? Sad!
Did you guys know hitler learned our techniques off the indian removal act?
They're trying to teach me about the Indian Removal act of 1830 smh everything is invalid information.
Stephan Harper-anything BUT Canadian! Apartheid in Canada Produced by The Indian Act & Crown Corporations of Canada
A civilization so rich in history,tolerant by nature,progressive by thinking can not be subdued by a regressive gov act…
All five episodes on the Affordable Care Act and Indian Country. This one is my favorite, .
P. In a bold symbolic gesture, Nepinak threw his government-issued Indian status card into the trash — a sign of...
My cousin just downloaded some Indian Version of Act of Valor
Indian Act must b abolished. Cda must invest in FN health schools roads. Show world how bad things really are.
Canada's truth commission learned from Mandela, says head - Remember that Canada's Indian Act was model for apartheid
The Indian Education Act of 1972 was a turning point for Native education, writes Corey Still
Why does Yo Yo Honey Singh act like he's Indian Tupac
(On Indian Removal Act) Natives: *** Jackson I thought we were tight. U were taking me to Hollyball!"
Wondering: why are all Cdn FNs,aboriginals NOT loudly vs Indian Act? Am I mistaken?
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The parallels between the Apartheid and the Indian Act are very similar and yet only one still exists
On apartheid policy in Zuid Afrika based on R Indian Act. Madeba conquered oppression with R help. What about FN's?
.Correct. Not just the Indian Act. Constitution n Charter of are being amended to make them comply with neoliberal FTAs
Despite Harper saying at CFNG he wouldn't amend the Indian Act it's clear now he lied & is amending it for greater control over FN's!
“Good on for calling out...Indian Act for that it is.
Is there any hero in Indian cinima other than Thala Ajith, who can act with white hair...
Indian Act of Canada should protect us but rather it assimulate us into believing we have no rights to our Land. Its still all ours 4ever...
The compatition included in the Text manual of the Indian Act has changed without notice to its constituance since it was signed. Crime 2 H.
We've been over this, squirt. Abolish the Indian Act,not the treaties. Honoring the treaties with FNs is in the constitution
All Atleo is doing is pushing a modern Indian Act on us when he shd be leading us out of colonization. He's taking us deeper into it.
The distraction and smokescreen provided by the ROB FORD debacle, is taking away attentions the public might otherwise focus on FRACKI|NG, NUCLEAR WASTE dumps, NORTHERN GATEWAY frightful pipeline etc, the changes to the Indian Act and Environmental rules, regulations and monitoring...all in the name of big oil/big gas Harper. Media outlets from all over the world are distracted by Mr. Ford. Comments arise, something to the effect, that the image that Rob Ford has projected all along, represents his constituency of Toronto! Reflecting badly! No! No one would think that of the wonderful diversity of citizens of Toronto! Far be it! But ...I am more scared about my country as a whole!. Perhaps ROB FORD does indeed represent a large portion of this country...has buffoonery and conspicuous consumption arrogance taken over beyond the borders of Toronto itself. I am slowly becoming aware of this. Perhaps we should not be so *** Mr. FORD, as the way I am starting to see it "He is us!".
I googled "social injustice examples in Canada" and found a government PDF with some startling facts from the timeline of social and cultural injustices in CANADA. I tried to post the link and it said I couldn't post it due to privacy reasons of the attachment. So I tried to copy and paste it into my status and it said the same thing!! Must be very secretive info! I pasted it into Word, and copied it from there. Hope it works this time: Timeline of Social and Cultural Injustices in Canada 9.1.4 c 1876 The Indian Act is established and controls many aspects of First Nations persons’ lives, from birth to death. Indian Bands are created and many decisions are made by the federal government about the relocation of First Nations. (Since then, the Indian Act has undergone many amendments. Until 1951, laws defined a person as "an individual other than an Indian." Indians could obtain the right to vote by renouncing their Indian status, and were not considered to have the same rights as citizens until 1960. ...
The Ontario Superior Court has issued an important decision regarding the ability of an Indian band to seize a certificate of possession in reserve lands held by its members. As a result of the decision, the certificate holder was ordered to give up his interest in the land in favour of the band. The case expands the ability of bands to satisfy court judgments by seizing certificate of possession lands.   Certificates of possession are granted to individual band members with the consent of the band council and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Once the certificate has been granted, the certificate holder has an exclusive right to use and possess the reserve land in question.   The case arose from an apparent conflict between two sections of the Indian Act. Section 29 states that “Reserve lands are not subject to seizure under legal process.” Section 89(1) says that “Subject to this Act, the real and personal property of an Indian or a band situated on a reserve is not subject to...seizure...or e ...
I Will Dm you to Simon Doniya or idk what you want just please vote for for the best Indian Act! Ema
Here's a very informative video about how the Indian Act takes away property rights from natives:
How was the Westbank First Nation in BC ever able to escape the Indian Act and succeed spectacularly? They worked at it.
WOW! Your ignorance is amazing! Maybe do some research and open a book! Have you ever even read the Indian Act of Canada?!
Without such capability, all modern "traditional systems" are really just Indian Act-traditional hybrids. 3/3
The Indian Act flows throughout the First Nations Governance Handbook for Effective Councils.
From a governance point of view, the Indian Act is incomplete to the extent that it establishes a legal...
Cons continue to spread misinformation - NDP wants true consultation in any attempt to replace Indian Act not unilateral actions by govt
Hey Honourable Ted Hsu and Honourable Jean Crowder, LOOK WAY BACK IN MY POSTS, the ABOLISHIN of THE INDIAN ACT, BILL C-428, and if I 2bcont
The Indian Act and the Government is still paternalistic.
Soon to speak on Rob Clarke's ill advised bill 9 428 re Indian Act - where is the reconciliation + respect in this approach
First Nations ppl are EXISTING, not living. See what AFN & Indian act has done? Cons/Libs/NDP r doing this 2 us. They treat us like animals.
Canada is worse than Syria. I'd rather be killed like Syrians than remain enslaved under Indian Act & AFN, which is actually the MAFIA.
Syria is overtly killing ppl. Canada has had a slave ring (Indian Act/AFN) in place since 1876.
Canada is biggest breacher of human rights in world. PM has modern slave ring in place called AFN/Indian Act. Syria doesn't even have that!
When r we & Chiefs going 2 accept that AFN & Indian Act is NOT r friend & we have to stop it NOW & NOT in baby steps. Baby steps killing us.
Cons/Libs/NDP have new running Apartheid via Indian Act since 1876. S. Africa is ahead of Canada by 20+ years.
"PSCP...facilitates sharing information between Indian Act Chiefs and the RCMP on Indigenous unrest" Sounds all too familiar...
Choreographed for an Indian act for DLF - 5 . It was 1 of my most fav experience. She ws so sweet wimme h…
There is nothing beneficial in the Indian Act. Yr Chief is Indian Act Chief!
Bob Rae: Indian Act should be "blown up"... Wholly dated and unworkable. Fed. Education plans equally unsustainable and wrong headed.
Blood Quantum is a colonial import. Indigenous peoples reject it and the Indian Act. You're the one being evasive.
"First Nations" are a colonial construct sustained by the Indian Act. Actual nations have different rules for membership.
It's not in the band legislation. It's in the Indian Act. Try again though. You're making yourself look ridiculous.
Nah, I'll produce clip calling for recognition of sovereignty, restoration of governance, repeal of Indian Act, & resource revenue sharing!
I shink I'll produce a Utube clip calling 4 peace, implementation of UNDRIP, recognition of s.35, & protection of the Indian Act! LOL
oh... no. I wouldn't accept any restriction on land use. I'd be ok with axing the Indian act at any time though
Disappointed that Lawrence Hill didn't mention the Indian Act
I don't lump them together, the Indian Act does. As do those who wish them to be assimilated as "equal Canadians".
Tweeps! I need your help for a presentation I am giving: what is the most ridiculous clause of the Indian Act? (in your opinion)
No, reserves are themselves a colonial imposition of the Indian Act. While there are about 600 FNs there are only about 50 nations.
do not care about any of this, only the tiny fraction of students receiving tuition subsidies guaranteed under the Indian Act
Tweeples vote to Yo Yo Honey Singh for Best Indian Act at MtvEMA!!
is letting Indian Act Chiefs abuse their ppl. Watch the consequences on Ottawa!
Dear God, let the Indian Act Chiefs who abuse their ppl, reap what they sow upon the ppl. Enuff is enuff. Amen!
Dear God, have yr way with the Indian Act Chiefs. Amen!
Then as First Nation people, we need self governance and cut ties with the Indian Act.Our treaty relationships need to be intact
Abolish the Indian Act. Our treaty rights are upheld in the Canadian Constitution.
That's misinformed. Treaties are made to help us continue our way of life unmolested. Indian Act hindered that and oppressed us.
Really? You disagree? You think we should keep the Indian Act? Strange.
Tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favorite Indian Act on Have you voted yet? Vote now:
Like listening to 'Tum Hi *** from Aashiqui 2?. Vote for Mithoon as the Best Indian Act on Click...
Tweeps! I need your opinions: what is the most ridiculous piece/part of the Indian Act?
Why does the Indian Act have to be so long.
The break is over which means I have to turn off this Funk Hunters mix to listen to a lecture on the Indian Act.
Why don't you read the Indian Act nimrod?
Are residential schools good examples of Canada's "generosity?" How about the Indian Act? Or the still unsigned and broken treaties?
Harper knows what God wants him to do: restore First Nations governance & repeal Indian Act. More chastisement to come on PMO!
what do you know of Ezra? have you watched his show when he talks about the Indian act or just hate?
if hated the Indian Act so much, he wouldnt use its existence to justify his use of the word
no actually, what has he been saying about the Indian act this whole time
And that's actually the law in Canada. Judges are compelled to give a lesser sentence to Natives. Repeal the "Indian Act."
whos the hypocrite? You despise the Indian Act, yet use it to justify your use of the word 'Indian'
Indian Act needs to be abolished not overhauled!
Indian act needs overhaul, much debate about new direction
Are those defined in the Indian Act? “the proper term is not "Indian", it is Aboriginal, Native…
What good is a majority Conservative gvmnt if they won't grow a pair & defund the CBC, trash the Indian Act, …
Ezra, indigenous people are deemed "wards of the state" in the Indian Act. It's a pretty brutal, archaic document.
Pre-independence Sultan Muhammad Shah, the Aga Khan III (1877–1957), led a delegation in October 1906 to Viceroy Lord Minto (1845–1914) for a separate electorate for Muslims. During the talks, the viceroy told the delegation that Indian Muslims rights could be achieved only if they established a political party of their own as Hindus have the Indian National Congress. It was in this background that the All-India Muslim League was founded at Dacca (now Dhaka, Bangladesh), Bengal Presidency, in December 1906, as a political party in British India. It was after the AIML was founded that Muslims of India got the political right of the separate electorate. The Minto-Morley reformatory constitutional law of 1909 incorporated for the first time the provision of allocating one-thirds of parliamentary seats for Muslims. This provision was sustained in all the subsequent constitutional reforms introduced by the British rulers, including the Montagu-Chelmsford law of 1919 and the Indian Act, 1935. After the inde ...
Based on Hawthorne Report, Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien decides to create wholesale changes to the Indian Act
Yes, the Indian Act is in the way. It's a big stone on our path. Crown & AFN Gathering 201 - Ovide Mercredi Speech..:
"Indian Act of 1911 forbade Indians to wear traditional garb & dance outside their reservation"- today they honor their freedom of culture!
Not true. Harper said straight out he would not rescind the Indian Act.
Sandra Lovelace succesfully challenged a sexist provision in the Indian Act of Canada.
Monotheism and hierarchical theism are as Indigenous as the Indian Act. In fact, they are very similar in intent and effect.
Attempts have been made to abolish the Indian Act, always in vain cos FN have opposed this.
A few jobs, 1% revenue sharing agreements, & Indian Act will NOT change anything for the better. Wake up!
Indian act is condemned. Our forces should shoot down at least indian drones. Public will not tolerate. Inq 2 be conducted.
We are indian - Act as a citizen. Show your mankind fraternity of the human.
The Indian Act was Canada's illegal claim that they owned me and therefore the land where I am from. Slavery never ended for the NDNs.
"The Indian Act is federal legislation that provides the basic legal status and entitlements of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples."
"Elections" in my question don’t exclusively mean the Indian Act type (which also didn’t happen until the 1980’s for some bands).
.After passing of Indian Act, Canada claimed all "Indians" as wards of the state, irregardless of treaties.
do ppl from un-treatied nations have status under the Indian Act? Apologies if Im confusing unrelated concepts.
Not Indian Act / band council chiefs, if that's what you're asking.
there weren't elected Chiefs until after the Indian Act and that was in 1876. It was a foreign system not well understood.
What i would like to see CDN gov cut: The Indian Act, Band Council System, Gas exemption-replace it w/electric/biodiesel rebates/incentives.
It's up 2 ppl in each community 2 rally the members into action & outside the Indian Act Chiefs. Chiefs can't do it all.
An "indian" lives in complacent bliss under current Indian Act policies. An aboriginal is the only one who'll stand up for the "indian"
Okay Ang the Indian act is over stop ✋
I can see Phil Fontaine as "Clearing the Path-Dialogue". He luvs oppressing First Nations ppl thru racist Indian Act! Phil loves Indian Act.
Apartheid modelled after Indian Act. First Nations person (Clearing the Path-Dialogue) says video causes division?!
If you indian act indian atleast how... The way sum ppl carry on like the ashamed of being a charO.. GHANDI wid nt be …
Ms. Sandra Lovelace Nicholas has been a driving force in securing rights for Aboriginal women in Canada, and is also a wonderful example of the impact one woman can have when she sets out to correct an injustice. Challenging discriminatory provisions of the Indian Act, which deprived Aboriginal wome...
MIRAMICHI, NEW BRUNSWICK - Roger Augustine's 'Fishermen's Pow Wow' is a weekend celebration that attracts, among others, the who's who A-list of Indian Act Chiefs and New Brunswick provincial politicians. With anti-shale gas actions continuing about an hour's drive to the south - at the sacred fire…
Thursday, June 27, 2013 – Supreme Court Ruling on Baby Veronica Case The US Supreme Court issued a decision on Tuesday in the case of Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl. In the 5 to 4 decision, the justices struck down a lower courtruling and found that Baby Veronica did not have to be returned to her father, who is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. What are the potential long term effects of this case in Native America? What does the ruling mean for the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which regulates adoptions of Native children outside of their tribe. What does this case mean to you? Guests include: Terry Cross (Seneca), Executive Director of NICWA; Chrissi Nimmo (Cherokee) Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation and the Lakota People's Law Project.
Happy to see the Supreme Court ruling on Indian Child Welfare Act. The child wins.
1970 A private limited company named 'Maruti technical services private limited' (MTSPL) launched on November 16, 1970. The stated purpose of this company was to provide technical know-how for the design, manufacture and assembly of "a wholly indigenous motor car". 1971 In June, A company called 'Maruti limited' was incorporated under the Companies Act and Sanjay Gandhi became its first managing director.[1] 1977 'Maruti limited' goes into liquidation. 1978 A commission of inquiry headed by Justice A. C. Gupta, which probed the 'Maruti scandal', submits its report.[1] 1980 On, 23 June, Sanjay Gandhi dies when a private test plane he was flying crashed. 1981 The Indian Central government at the behest of Indira Gandhi salvages Maruti limited and starts looking for an active collaborator for this company. Maruti Udyog Ltd was incorporated under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 [2] 1982 License and Joint Venture Agreement(JVA) signed between Maruti Udyog Ltd. and SMC of Japan 1983 Maruti 800, ...
The Supreme Court handed a major victory to the movement for marriage equality today. This term, however, also saw the court weaken the protection of the right to remain silent, the ability of the federal government to monitor states who seek to restrict voting, watered down the Indian Child Welfare Act, and made it harder for workers to seek protection from on the job harassment. How should peace and social justice activists view all of this term of the Court?
Once again SCOTUS demonstrating that it's the only branch of the Federal government with its head on straight. Solid, logical decisions on all 4 of the issues they ruled on in the past two days.
An Act providing for the organisation of the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, and for the management of Indian and Ordnance Lands. Date: Assented to 22nd May, 1868.
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COMPLIMENTS OF POEMHUNTER.COM Biography of Charles Dickens Charles John Huffam Dickens was an English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian period. Dickens enjoyed a wider popularity and fame than had any previous author during his lifetime, and he remains popular, having been responsible for some of English literature's most iconic novels and characters. Many of his writings were originally published serially, in monthly instalments, a format of publication which Dickens himself helped popularise. Unlike other authors who completed novels before serialisation, Dickens often created the episodes as they were being serialised. The practice lent his stories a particular rhythm, punctuated by cliffhangers to keep the public looking forward to the next instalment. The continuing popularity of his novels and short stories is such that they have never gone out of print. Dickens's work has been highly praised for its realism, comedy, mastery of prose, unique personalities and concern for s ...
There are around 1500 Indians behind bars without doing any unlawful activity against the nation because of UAPA. We know the pathetic state of...
The following are a preview of unpublished Federal Register documents scheduled to appear on the dates listed. Special filings: 3 Regular filings: 163
On Feb. 24, snow blanketed Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site in southeastern Colorado. After it quickly melted into muck, a Fort Carson commander had to decide whether to continue the 2nd Brigade Combat Team's training there, or stop.
Dear Vent Act - I notice that this afternoon the GB Pound fell against every currency in the world, except the Indian Rupee. Result!
Menace who has lived in Ghana all his life, just got admission into one of the Nigerian higher institutions. At the first day of lecture, the following conversation erupted... The Lecturer said, lets begin by reviewing some Nigerian history. The Lecturer asked who said, "I shall return to die in the land of my fathers?" She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Menace who had his hand up. Menace replied: "King Jaja of Opobo, 1875" Very good! said lecturer. Then, she asked again, who said,"The land use act will feed the nation?" Again, no response except from Menace: "obasanjo , 1976." The Lecturer snapped at the class; class, you should be ashamed. Menace, who is new to our Country, knows more about our history than you do. The Lecturer heard a loud whisper: "Ghana must go". who said that? she demanded, Menace put his hand up, "Buhari 1984". At that point, a student at the back scornfully said; Hmmm, you think you are smart? The Lecturer glared and asked;"All right"! Now, who said that? Again, Menace said, ...
What you are doing is unacceptable and when this movie comes out I hope people refuse to watch it. I'm getting sick of Hollywood exploiting an oppressed peop...
SPREAD THE WORD: WHAT A COMMON MAN CAN AND MUST DO TO ELEVATE INDIAN ECONOMY 1. Don't buy gold 27% of our imports consist of Gold. People buy gold and keep them in their lockers. Keep your money in circulation because 1 rupee spent by you today is creating a value of 10 rupees somewhere else. If you really want to invest in gold, gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) is the best way to go. Chidambaram to Indians: Please, don't buy gold - The Times of India 2. Pay taxes If not anything else, PAY YOUR TAXES! Not just Tax Evasion(illegal), even Tax Avoidance(legal) should be avoided. 3. Ask for bills Make others follow point number 2. General tip: When you eat out and are getting charged Sales Tax & VAT, check if the TIN Number and Sales Tax number is present on the bill. You can also verify if the taxes you are paying on the bill are going to the right people by entering the TIN number here. TIN Search 4. Use less electricity/ Install Solar panels We do not have ample supply of electricity in India. Less usage ...
Lost amid coverage of the Voting Rights Act ruling was a decision in a complicated and emotional adoption case.
1.International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is being observed today (26thJune) to create awareness about the harmful effects of drugs. The theme thisyear is, ‘Make Health Your New High in Life, Not Drugs’. Various functions, symposia and rallies are being organised in different parts of India to mark the occasion. 2.Oprah Winfrey has been named as the most powerful celebrity as per the list published by Forbes today.Total six women and four men made up to the top 10. Singer Lady Gaga, , director/producer Steven Spielberg, singers Beyonceand Madonna have secured 2nd, 3rd4thand 5th rank respectively in the same list. 3.The US economy growth has been revised downward for thefirst quarter of the current year due to weak business investment and lower consumer spending. US GDP grew at an annualized pace of 1.8% compared to earlier estimation of 2.4%. US consumer spending, which accounts for three-quarters of US economic activity, grew at a weaker pace of 2.6%, compared to previously estim ...
Published on Jun 25, 2013Reno, NV – In a 5-4 decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl the United States Supreme Court upheld the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), but reversed and remanded this case back to the South Carolina courts on a technicality. The narrow decision focused on the standard to de...
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