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Indian Act

The Indian Act (An Act respecting Indians ), R.S., 1951, c. I-5, is a Canadian statute that concerns registered Indians, their bands, and the system of Indian reserves.

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Indian Soldiers never act against True Indian's !. Believe in them.
Supremacists don't want to sully the Caucasian bloodline. Having a child with an Indian woman intention…
Dear Why can't all of u see misuse of ipc 498a&dv act by Indian females.Accept it that they mis…
Indian Railway is most hopeless department and most torturing. You talk more and act very l…
This is exactly how politicians fight in Indian Parliament. When its time to really act..its all silence😋😂
It is time now for a Reichstag (=Indian Parliament )fire,locking up Opposition members, Enabling Act,&making Jai Shri Ram compulsory. Hari Om
Members of Congress: Petition to Pass the AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act of 2017 - Sign the Petition! via
Mom: if you want to act a fool in this store. WE can act a fool together. I'm not the one
Give two options to Muslim women at the time of marriage. 1.nikkah. 2.indian marriage act. Let them decide
ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂well its shameful act to me that 1 talk to that person who has no identity. Indian p…
It is right time to think by all Indians to act and proceed for negative growth of Indian population
Tell their comeback,says them comeback too given awards to celebrities for best act in south indian film yaa y…
The brave Indian army vs the Chicken Hawks: darpoks who have never fought a war but act brave on social media. Virtuosity 1…
Real daring Indian wife flashing boobs to Room Service guy while her hubby records the act Hindi audio have a listen !!😋😋…
The Indian should urgently pass an Act which equates on forces with:. .
Its MCF by the way, written IMF😉 And also read Indian Navy Act 1957 with Information Technology Act 😎
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Lynn Gehl wins in Ontario Court of Appeal. More sex discrimination in the Indian Act identified. Congratulations Lynn!
Wringing the sexism out of the Indian Act. Congrats on another step ALST
In all fairness to Trudeau, we shouldn't be surprised that the leader of a Nation that created the Indian Act said some…
A cousin of mine, objects to my request to gut the "Indian Act" because we are infringing on other First Nations...
Muslims act as majority in India. They can stop construction of temple, degrade our god's and much…
The hierarchy of "race" was legislated in Canada to maintain "white" supremacy. We did NOT enact or enforce the Indian Act o…
Don't forget the Indian removal act by democrats & President Jackson.
With the Indian Act, some are more equal than others.
In occupied troops, in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred one Kashmiri in dist…
Anyone that supports the Indian Act supports the inequality of Indians.
She raised her daughter alone with no recourse because of the Indian Act. How is this a good thing? Equality for some?
Caught in the act! An Indian Spotted Eagle alights on my terrace and gives me a quizzical look when I take a shot. D…
Repeal and Replace Canada's Indian Act?. 'Apartheid system' of reserves to blame for Innu suicides: Quebec coroner
that is, even if she got rid of the Indian Act, she would still have to somehow remove pesky Eskimos’ treaty rights, plus Métis too!
Those two articles and the original Prince Arthur Herald are only that mention Leitch & the Indian Act…
.Can you address changes to or support of the permanency/reauthorization of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act?
why not Indian SC act like Bharat deshwasi not deshdrohi ban this bloody game if islam idd ban all slaughter houses in India
Here's the thing. The Indian Act administered by the feds deprives Canada's indigenous of a level playing field.
In fairness, abolishing the Indian Act is not a new idea in Canada, nor confined to one Tory leadership candidate.
What are the positives they could focus on, but don't? Repeal the Indian Act. Don't judge indigenous people differently.
cato institute report are you Indian enough to avoid Obamacare mandate Civil rights act title 6 1/2
There is nothing to debate over UCC Mr. Just table the bill and pass the act.
Show them to the supposed HM of the country and ask him to act. Has he forgotten he has the 2nd most…
And I remember kids ALWAYS questioning it. How do you even explain the Indian Act when you're just a kid?
What an amazing win, India. From 63-4 to 356-7. Class act. Come on India. Congratulations indian cricket team
then can i ask Democrats for which favor i've to send Thanks to President Obama !for which act!for which favor!instead send to Indian!
UN survey indian women amongst top three in beating their husband why dv act not gender neutrl
must "prove Indian enough" CR act title 6 no fed$ to any program that uses race as qualifier "Indian enough"2/3
Indian people act as if they've been personally victimized if u don't eat the food they offer 😭😭
responded : “I would abolish the Indian Act”, adding that “every Canadian should be treated the same.”by smallpox rez schools rape??
The people don't follow AFN so forget about them when it comes to Indian Act repeal or any issue. We want 2 shut that place down.
There's a big discourse in the way forward regarding Indian Act repeal. My way is the only way. I will fight anyone who fights me on it.
I'm going to Manning Centre Conference & questioning Kellie Leitch about her Indian Act agenda during her presentation. :))
Well, what do we expect from the man who oversaw demonetisation: the biggest act of extortion in Indian history?
should give us the details of her plan to abolish the Indian Act.
If you're looking for opportunity, stop looking. You are the opportunity. Act on your purpose and you'll see..
I love Kady b/c she is "small but mighty " in speaking truth to Canada's stuffy musty power elites. In…
The Dawes Act passed most of the Nez Perce Reservation land into non-Indian hands. Today only ~13% is owned by the tribe or…
North Indians: *watches one Rajnikanth movie*. North Indians: lol south Indian Actors are so ugly old and potbellied but act like superheros
I would say that the Indian Act needs to go - and let's lose the word Indian too, as that is an entirely different continent.
Wonder what would make attack the Indian Act? 🤔
Liberals created residential schools and the racist Indian Act, all Canadians have paid billions for those stupid decisions in history
Good morning, update about Affordable Care Act & Indian Country. What's ahead & what people should do in re…
Indian act needs to be abolished its an archaic document from a time that should not be extended further
The love for Our brother Is Everlasting & this may be a seditious act for Indian Authorities. Then we all are
MSM not treating it all. Focusing only on "letters". I've quoted her Indian Act comments several times but no one no…
What a class act this man Amir Liaquat is.😀Miles ahead from Indian news channel magicians.
Here's an iPolitics article that mentions Indian Act abolition and then goes on to talk about letters instead
Fight for yourself,fight for justice,fight against criminal
We can't get anything done because Charlie Angus doesn't do his job properly. He props up the Indian Act.
Parts of Johnny Mac's history ignored in celebrated colonial memories of him: role in Indian Act, Residential School System
I thought an Indian Act slave couldn't go any lower than Shawn Atleo but racketeer-Justice Min Wilson-Raybould makes him look like an angel.
Bringing up removal in 2011. Dedam charged under s78 of Indian Act for giving away lobster,he says. "That's all the government said"
Law Societies want PM and Premiers to promote them to Supreme Court so they refuse to demand an end to Indian Act slavery in Canada.
Indian Residential School law under Indian Act was Canada's "Draft Laws" to draft children into medical experimentation hubs.
“And yet for me, there was the Indian Act, there were these reserves, expectations that we were worth less than... https…
Roger Jones like Atleo & Jody Wilson-Raybould want 2 keep Indian Act bcuz they steal from taxpayers using the Indian Act Chiefs as pawns.
.jeopardizes credibility by enabling sex discrimination in Indian Act
Great interview w/ former Judge John Reilly on how the Indian Act does not meet the needs of First Nation peoples. htt…
Chief Jim Bear, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation "We have to get rid of the Indian Act and keep the treaty intact"
So Ed John & Premier Clark bought a few months of time 2 keep Indian Act slavery in place for the Indian mafia running out of AFN.
Bob Rae manipulated unconstitutional Indian Act Chiefs at Matawa Tribal Council to make money off the backs of Indian Act slaves.
That's often used to deflect criticism as well: "We are also on Council." You mean, the C&C put in place by the Indian Act?
Oh yes, but you're missing my point - the problem is the Indian Act. Are you arguing in favour of the Indian Act?
Ed John, Littlechild & Jody Wilson-Raybould just love the AFN & Indian Act with all their might. They're holding on to it tightly too.
Our reserves are so screwed up bcuz of Indian Act slavery that CHRC child welfare case is only going to pump millions into the status quo.
water was poisoned, culture taken away, way of life destroyed from the Indian Act and Indian Residential Schools.
It's the policy that informed the Indian Act. It's the policy that informed residential schools. Have we learned so little?
so true. Indian Act is racist and should be done away with, but no gov't has the balls to do it.
For Attawapiskat, and for all First Nations, the Indian Act is not a suitable system of government. It is not...
Maybe "Renewed Relationship" means he'll do away with Treaties & Indian Act. Divest any responsibility.
The Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act would expand tribal jurisdiction over non-Indian offenders.
interesting times ahead as gov't begins to move forward on Aboriginal file hopefully scrapping Indian act
I have decided to act on the yearning. Taking myself out for Indian food. Oh yes.
Given topic moderating,I'd have asked: Why is that Indian Muslims oppose India's Child Marriage Act?
Poetic Dedication to the Anniversary of the Indian Act. Read More:
We're seeing the situation in Attawapiskat prove to be more complex and deeper than thought. Is the Indian Act...
140 years + 3 days of Indian Act indoctrination will make you turn on Treaty. That's what INAC wanted all along.
My new sounds: Getting rid of the Indian Act: A message to on
Medicaid expansion of Affordable Care Act provides needed revenue to the Indian Health Service.(Kaiser Fdn)
The Indian Act does everything it can to keep FN in poverty...
That's not honest opinion, that's fact. Again, for those in the back, DANIELS IS NOT ABOUT THE INDIAN ACT.
If you see anyone asserting that Daniels has anything to do with status, the Indian Act, benefits etc. stop them in the…
A good time for a conversation. We need to find better ways to engage, move towards reconciliation.
“Don’t let the Indian in!” The aforementioned phrase is one among many caustic one liners that suffuses the...
and a colossal lack of knowledge of the Indian Act. That too.
A comprehensive history of the Indian Act - with references. And a history written for settlers, by settlers -...
thinks shutting down Indian Affairs offices across Canada will make his Indian Act slaves go away quietly. He thinks wrong.
Cancels zero shows as a result of the Indian Act.
thought he had his Indian Act slaves tucked away quietly under his Indian Act belt. He found out wrong. LOL
king of act great actor king SRKToday Awesomemost important movie in Indian Cienma Industry,Ali's
This brilliant initiative of Delhi Govt got published in a UK newspaper but not in Indian Media. .
Ashton blames Indian Act and colonial oppression for suicides
People do not have to live under Indian act, they can choose to work as live life like any other Canadian.
Official statement of Winnipeg calls for abolition of the Indian Act & gov't to honour ancient treaties:
listen, everyone: the Daniels decision does NOT mean that are now status Indians. This case has nothing to do with…
"to 'complete the unfinished business of Confederation' and replace the Indian Act with a 'reconciliation framework' http…
I think what the win also does is it proves, once again, that our rights as Indigenous People do not ste…
2ND half of the film is gripping. The pri climax scene can make anyone cry. as Gaurav is one of d best Act…
When you kiss a south indian and her mama catch you in the act
21 things you may not know about the Indian Act
Dozens outside of Regina INAC office because no one here to let us in.time to end the Indian Act https:…
During suicide debate Justice Minister says it’s time for First Nations to shed Indian Act ‘shackles’ via
21 things you didn't know about the Indian Act:. It: . Denied women status. Introduced residential schools. Created...
Mandatory attendance at Indian Residential Schools under the Indian Act? Was that a reflection of Canadian values?
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the blame rests solely on this governments past – the legacy of the Indian Act and Indian Residential Schools
Indian Act assented to April 12, 1876, 140 yrs ago. Indian Affairs Minister of the day described it's purpose:
right now it's still same racist base that created Indian Act & Canada is trying to become Canadian Only state for…
Organized crime ring, comprised of a few Indian lawyers, must be telling Chiefs that the Indian Act is the Constitution & protected by s.35.
Chiefs think the Indian Act is the Constitution for some reason. Funding flows from s.91(24) of Constitution, not the Indian Act.
Like Chiefs think they'll take over Nationhood! no way! =>Joint Chiefs Assembly Discusses Abolishment of Indian Act
It's true! All Premiers use the AFN National/Regional Chiefs to run Indian Act slavery & to deny services to Indigenous people.
The Fed's Indian problem is that they run Indian Act slavery using AFN National/Regional Chiefs.
Those at the top of Indian Act system have the most power. Chiefs are one step from the bottom.
The whole Indian Act Chiefs & Band Council system is what keeps Indian Act slavery alive and well in 2016 Canada.
So, AFN National & Regional Chiefs can shove Indian Act up their butts. My DNA is actually on Treaty 9 via my Great-Grandpa Sam Iserhoff.
AFN is forced on the Chiefs too, by the way. Indian Act Chiefs are forced on us too. Indian Act is non-Indigenous concept.
Indian Act was designed to destroy the collective thinking of Indigenous people & that it did. Chiefs are selfish & the people are selfish.
If Justin Trudeau wants the Indian Act, he can have it. He just won't have any Chiefs to run it for him!
I have 2 take out the source of the power, which is s.74 of Indian Act, the Chiefs. Rest will fall without the Chief system.
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Indian Act will forever continue as long as FN people vote IndianAct Chiefs and Councils into power.Treaty Election is the answer
"Again, all we have in Canada is the Indian Act. We're very impoverished and of course the provinces aren't much...
No "nation to nation" relationship when you exclude Indigenous women. That's Indian Act thinking https:/…
Justin Trudeau is making arrangements with Phil Fontaine right now re Indian Act agenda, i.e. "Kelowna-like" process. Funds will flow 2 AFN.
Many bands still get their governance from the Indian Act..which tells us how to hold meetings and that's about it.
. Indian pol. does need to get its act together for its people other wise in few years we will be facing bigger problems
I don't even consider Justin Trudeau a rival. I'm just going to knock him off his Indian Act pedestal.
White man didn't see Indian Act Chief-AFN Reg Chief Jody Wilson-Raybould's abusive & bad behaviour until now that she's Ju…
New CHRT decision: Beattie v AANDC - Complaint re unregistrability of buckshee leases=collat'l attack on Indian Act:
your customer care ( mr.rohan) he was not take the complain request. now amazon is violating the Indian consumer act rule.
Canada's judicial system are the real protectors of racism. Including Canada's Apartheid of the Indian Act.
Support allies&demand World Bank listen 2 residents of Nagpur before promoting its “success” in another Indian city.
Chairman introduces the “RAISE” Act to reform the Bureau of Indian Education
7th grade learning about the Indian Removal Act through role play
Ottawa hopes to eliminate grey areas from Indian Act.
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4 as long as Aboriginal Canadians are regulated by an "Indian" Act we will be divided as a nation
Till now JU students & professors go unpunished. Wasn't their act sedition?
Hopefully they'll now repeal the Indian Act,& truly make ALL CANADIANS equal...Unlikely,due 2 Gov/Corps benefiting for Indian Act!
The way opposition is ganging up against Govt shows they r nervous & hv a lot 2 hide They act as though our Govt wasn't Indian
To get 7.5 million Indians to act selflessly is a great achievement, and should keep the cynics quiet. https…
Police Report behind implies a foreign hand .Liberals this debate has gone beyond Sedition.This is Act of WAR ! https:/…
So long as the INDIAN ACT exist equality will NEVER B.Repeal the ONLY RACE based law...How do you say EQUALITY for all??
to amend Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses
“I work at the IRA (abbreviated for Indian Reorganization Act and refers to the tribal gov…
please save Indian males from 498A, DV Act and see the storm brewing on fake cases.
They should just get ride of the Indian Act...
Six states sue Obama administration over Affordable Care Act
Will believe when I see. "Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses"
currently preparing material for my history class on Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears.
The Palestinian Authority functions for Israel in the same way the Indian Act functions for the Canadian government.
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Both elevated corridors, Churchgate to Virar and CST to Panvel will act as the life line of Mumbai and MMR.
Canada is an Apartheid regime who uses race laws of the Indian Act to legalize First Nations Poverty. AntiEconomylaw
They forgot to mention Canada's long standing Apartheid Laws of the racist Indian Act. Legalized Legislative Racism Template
No Indian Act, Minister of Indian Affairs, Assembly of First Nations or Congress of Aboriginal Peoples at treaty signing.…
President bound to act on Home Minister recommendation on mercy pleas or sit on them. interview in ET wit…
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate "discriminatory" clauses...
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses Beginning to change things for the bett…
Canada will not appeal the Descheneaux decision in Quebec that once more found the Indian Act discriminates based…
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses: via .
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses http…
Nepal's growing tensions with India are pushing it toward China:
The Indian Act is Canadian Apartheid legislation and needs to be abolished even though how to do it is a challenge
News :- to act in Kabir Khan's film, film is 1st joint venture between Indian & Chinees production house !
INAC to amend discriminatory provisions of the Indian Act which exclude descendants of First Nation women:
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate 'discriminatory' clauses
Little Giant Ladders
Ottawa to amend Indian Act, eliminate discriminatory clauses. Move could affect thousands of Indigenous people.
I feel like I'm sitting in the stands behind the Governor General as the Indian Act ponies dance 4 him under circus tent called Rideau Hall.
Face truth. AFN is organized crime ring who engages in racketeering by keeping Indian Country in poverty by silencing them via Indian Act.
I can say whatever the *** I want about Justin Trudeau & his Indian *** who deny 2M Indian Act slaves all civil rights in Canada.
Is he ending, Canada`s Apartheid of the Indian Act.less than 4 years and the clock is a-ticking.tick...
Mass healing of Indigenous ppl is contrary to the goal of the Indian Act, AFN/CAP/NWAC & political parties who want to steal our land/$$.
As if I'm going to follow Justin Trudeau's corrupt Indian Act or non-Indigenous version of incompetent/submissive/silent June Cleaver.
Yes, I'm a Registered Nurse in the non-practising class at the College of Nurses of Ontario for all you jealous Indian Act baboons.
ISIS ''fast-tracking'' Canada's Apartheid of the Indian Act. Hitler did while the world ''watched."
He is well versed in Canada's Apartheid of the Indian Act. He should consult with Pope Francis.
He speaks well of; 'Canada's Apartheid of the Indian Act. *** hitler used it..
Indian Act is non-Indigenous way of life & Chiefs are not leaders of a Nation. They're s.70 Chiefs of s.2 Indian Act Bands…
Perry Bellegarde & Phil Fontaine et al need to get lost & leave us alone. They're corrupt indians who run Indian Act slavery via a mafia.
White man created Indian Act without the grassroots people and look how badly that turned out. Kelowna Accord is the same thing.
PM Martin says "act now". Who is supposed to act??? 2M Indian Act slaves don't have any civil rights under Justin Trudeau & Carolyn Bennett?
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Egyptian Sadek running AFN: Resign and stand for trial, all you pesky Indian Act slaves who are demanding civil rights in indian Country!
Canada doesn't have famous Prime Ministers who world remembers. All forgotten cuz they were disobedient & ran/run Indian Act slavery.
Indian Act slave mentality: She has no culture cuz she didn't grow up as a s.6 Indian as part of s.2 Band who dances on s.2 reserve land.
Industry is giving AFN money for land that belongs to the grassroots who have zero civil rights on their land due to Indian Act slavery.
Those guys have no business doing what they're doing. Grassroots own the land & Indian Act denies them all civil rights 2 speak, vote, etc.
Colonization, treaties, Indian Act, reserves, residential schools the access to land and population look different.
"truth: act out your first kiss. what? we're Indian, we haven't had our first kiss yet. we probably never will." -14 year old cousin
The indian Act is still a major obstacle , Garrow
Racial Mascots Act? The censorship is getting out of control. .
you act just like Jeb.they need to vote you out of flordia.
Indian rock artists way too under rated. Gingerfeet too cool for the opening act!
sirji what cash or kind u got for this. For ur earlier act of Anna ur wife got LS will u get RS for this?
Ah, u mean a common man must still act like Kala Kutta infront of Jurnos? Like they did in brit/ cong rule
Friends! A senior journalist getting violent with public outside Madison Square in NY is a not an act of Tolerance.:)
but these jornos r pampered lot. They expect common man to act like lame dog. . Remember Kala kutta attitude of Brit?
BTW it was a Dem POTUS that signed the Indian Removal Act. Just in case you forgot.
Get your act right Indian media and give us proper neutral insights on happenings in India.
BJP people misbehave with lady reporter in your rally Wat you say Mr.kher if you r true Indian plz do March against this act
Do we need an Indian Act? If we were starting from scratch today, would we create an Indian Act? Seems an anacronysm to me. 1/2
do you think the Indian Act or Rez system might be somewhat to blame ?
Sons of soil my salute...your act is as valuable as Indian Army does at border. .
Here is more great reading from THEIR "bent" INDIAN Act of 1952
: Don't act cheap HuffpostIndia like Indian media. She was perhaps called a Press-ti-tute, and never a prostitute. CONTD
This INDIAN act of 1952 is a very creepy read! But Isn't It All! Just because it ain't our history! Stand up
Seen three music videos today set in Bollywood seems where the act is very much not an Indian person. Think Iggy Azalea was one?
The Black box in indicates bomb attack. Aircraft act 1947 still holds Fort of Indian AVSEC aren't we 2 primitive.
&Laws to be Amended for Protection of Maids&- The New Indian Express
Act of fanatics is Gandhi & Nehru blessings Secularism Act of killing cow and attacking Indian Culture is Tolerance
"The Indian Independence Act 1947" an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom - Reality of our neighbour
The only one left out of the book was the pre-America native genocide. The Indian Removal Act and the "Trail of Tears".
march against awardwapsi which was an act of assault on Indian ethos was effectively countered by shri anupam kher
Pakistan should give clear warning to India that in occupied Kashmir Indian can not build any Dam. Pakistan should act NOW
Those who return them are spitting on the face of Indian people. This is a very disgraceful act.
Act of a handful dont make me intolertant. I love my brothers of other religious faith. Proud to be an Indian
They have violated Section 17 and Section 18 of Indian Contract Act (2/2)
finally my logo is resisted under the Indian government act
How can Indian enterprise act on Join our partner for a regional summit:
Returning awards == anti democratic act. Coz this govt is elected by millions of Indian voters.
Indian army has unleashed a reign of terror under the cover of draconian AFSP Act in occupied
They deserve to live independently! I condemn this outlawed act by Indian govt.
Same. We all don't or can't choose to speak about what it's like living under, as Wards of the Indian Act.
.making historial links from colonial Indian Act to to C-36. Her voice must be heard. http…
In 1934 the Indian Reorganization Act, passed by the Franklin D.
In Indian Democracy you have all right to criticize govt but don't try to demoralize nation with your act.
The people of Kashmir want Freedom from Occupying Indian Forces. need to act on UNO
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Wouldn't Indian Act be more paternalistic if it was well funded?
I haven't seen anyone on the Hill with integrity yet. Justin Trudeau runs Indian Act slavery so he lacks integrity like Harper.
Americans better start talking and tell...the Prime Minister to end Canada's Apartheid of the Indian Act. The...
I was scrapping with Indian Affairs b4 law school totally oblivious & clueless about Indian Act slavery.
Dept of Indian Affairs created a one-size-fits-all funding formula 4 Indian Act slaves (not Phil). Phil Fontaine agreed to it.
Wrong C51 is the most fascist bill. Those that they think they are need to take the time to read the Indian Act.
"Six Nations was the last FN to resist imposition of Indian Act governance. Do researchers engage band council or traditional council?" 1/2
Elizabeth May is the biggest fake I've seen on the Hill, ie her "nice smiles" & silence on Indian Act slavery. I see her type all the time.
Indian Head Massage & Relaxing Foot Massage synergistically act on the body in providing a truly holistic...
Rationalists no longer tolerated in Indian society... Intolerance growing by ignorant youths nd leaders ... Stop instigating... Think nd act
Indian government and courts still act like British colonial rulers. They have no right to lecture Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists.
Indian Independence Act 1947 provided for creation of two independence Dominations.India n Pakistan. Which had a Gov-Gen appointed by king.
The SC agreed to examine the validity of the Rajasthan HC order declaring Santhara as criminal and suicidal act.
The thing that indian tv and cinema should learn from hollywood is to not take fans for granted and not act arrogantly after you're famous
Act East: Myanmar oil and Indian insurgents at one shot!
Driving - and doing anything else apart from driving, is dangerous. Not just drinking or texting. via
ndtv: Indian-origin man jailed for sex act in BMW, girlfriend was killed
How shud Indian ITservice firms act to remain relevant in global markets?
Blessings never fall on people who prop up corruption & Indian Act slavery.
Recent Court ruling in Québec: Indian Act must be revised. Will it affect Métis? - The battle is ongoing.
The Lord also gave me a love of Constitutional Law & now I'm going to take down the Indian Act and Chiefs/AFN/CAP/NWAC.
Liberals were smart. They couldn't impose an updated Indian Act under Chretien so they decided 2 make Chiefs think they created rights.
Kelowna Accord is a new Indian Act which Liberals will use 2 extinguish all our rights via signatures of Indian Act Chiefs via AFN.
Canada's Chiefs are being led to enter into "partnerships" that won't change Indian Act slavery or 3rd world conditions in our communities.
Chiefs deny civil rights to 1M Indigenous via Indian Act slavery admin by AFN/CAP/NWAC and not one word by Canada's fake Indian activists.
At other spectrum, dysfunctional Indian Act Chiefs, "Feds only want one voice. We know. One-size-fits-all Indian Act voice is needed."
Indian Act Chiefs, Tribal Councils, & Indian Orgs mistreat the people daily that the people identify with abusers ie Indian Act captors.
But 4 Aboriginal industry lawyers who use Chiefs 2 silence slaves & siphon Fed/Prov dollars, Indian Act slavery would not be in place today.
The only difference between CJ McLachlin and Duncan C. Scott's attitude towards Indian Act slaves is the year they govern in.
(4 of 10) Residential Schools by the Numbers 1920: The year the Indian Act is amended to make it co
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5July. 1658: Aurangzeb arrested Murad. 1947: Indian Act presented in British Parliament, which was then accepted by d emperor on 18th July.
Pam Palmater knows that a universal vote 4 National Chief is not how Indigenous people governed themselves pre-Indian Act slavery.
I'm always strategizing ways to bring down the Indian Act, AFN/CAP/NWAC & Chiefs to set my people free from Indian Act slavery.
Bob Rae wants the Indian Act money so he tells Chiefs who silence the collective that using mainstream modes 2 defend rights is good.
Bob Rae is an example of a lawyer in Aboriginal industry. He props up Indian Act just so he can leech the taxpayers money attached 2 Chiefs.
Those creatures of statute called Indian Act Chiefs are not duly elected by the people cuz Indian Act is forced on the people against will.
Maybe I should really launch a constitutional challenge against AFN and the Chiefs, and their Indian orgs? Time to end Indian Act slavery.
All the National Chiefs do is smile nicely at the PM and then berate/fight with with their Indian Act slaves behind closed closed doors.
If Alberta NDP only talks to Indian Act Chiefs/AFN/CAP/NWAC,then she runs Indian Act slavery like the rest of the politicians.
Actually, many Indian Act Chiefs are not Indigenous. Their brain is so indoctrinated with Indian Act, they lost concept of Indigenous ways.
my Chiefs refused Douglas Treaty all Nuu chah nulth did. Violence began with Indian Act and British Shelling Us
Indigenous people don't want Indian Act Chiefs or AFN/CAP/NWAC. Kelowna Accord is just another Indian Act with new name.
How Canada enacted a coup and imposed an Indian Act band council on the largest reserve in Canada.
Canada, hunger is along each Indian Act reserve. This song is 4 my people. =>>Tears Are Not Enough - Northern Lights
Chief Clarence Louie could have made booze without extinguishing title/rights, btw. Little tidbit of info for the Indian Act slaves.
Update your maps at Navteq
Indian slavery in 1876 was called Indian Act. In 2015, Indian slavery is called Aboriginal Affairs or First Nations Land Management Act.
Listening to MCK CHIEF KAHSENNENHAWE SKY DEER on K103 and it sounds like the MCK r going to try & sell self-gov't as freedom from Indian Act
Former dean at my law school would not even talk about Indian Act repeal & AFN corruption via National Chief Fontaine who was NC at time.
Indian academics are scared of AFN National Chief & Indian mafia so they won't tell the Indian Act slaves they are slaves. Fear stops them.
Rob Clarke's controversial bill to change the Indian Act passed into law
2) Royal Proclamation of 1763, Constitution Act of 1867 and Indian Act are superceded by Constitution Act of 1982.
1) Indian Act of 1876 implements terms of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and Section 91(24) of the Constitution Act of 1867.
These lines speak nt nly about actor Ajith kumar.. bt also about his fans adore him.. This is nt abt comparing !!.actor vijay.!! to Thala.. but speaking whose better.. So pls read 1. Actor vijay's first 5 movies wer directed by his father director s.a.c Around 18 movies of vj wer directed by his dad until he gt noticeable by the people.. Actor Ajith kumar has studied nly till 10th.. he was passionate towards bike racing.. so he worked as a mechanic in a garage n later gt chances to participate in races He won 4 state championships n 2 national trophies.. still his photo is seen in the wall of fame in kari motorway, coimbatore.. Later he gt into car racing n gt qualified as a formula race driver.. which no indian actor has achieved.. During his qualifier race fr indian oil race trophy.. He met with a horrible accident n gt 13 fractures all over his body.. he had a serious spinal cord surgery n fracture in rib cage n his right knee.. after which his racing career came to an end.. Speaking abt his acting car ...
Respects, as ever. "The 1876 Indian Act deemed First Nations people as legally inferior. Later amendments banned them from leaving their reserves without permission, wearing aboriginal clothing off-reserves or performing the Sun Dance or the Pot Latch ceremony of feast...
this Nehru somehow has always been a pro Brit...n dis act shows he was cunning too..
Its funny watching Americans try to act Indian
"Innocent Indian Citizens are suffering due to HYPE in Misuse of POCSO act. Is POCSO Misuse justified?!"
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell Who is practising in Indian politics?
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