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Independent Living

Independent living, as seen by its advocates, is a philosophy, a way of looking at disability and society, and a worldwide movement of people with disabilities working for self-determination, self-respect and equal opportunities.

Independent Living Fund National Council

The Galleries Cafe is located at our Centre for Independent Living on Beaufort Street off Liverpool Road. Open Mon…
It's our second Independent Living Skills how-to blog this week! Today’s topic is how to avoid impulse spending.
Homes for Independent Living On-Site Recruitment, August 29th from 9-1 & August 31st from 10-2 @ the Fox Cities Workforce Development Center
What age and country are we living in?
That's because minimum wage jobs are for teenagers living at home, not independent adults. Develop some…
Government’s VAT attack ‘sends out mixed messages on independent living’
The SNP are safeguarding support for over 3,000 disabled people across Scotland with new Scottish Independe…
Imp rights statement - Commissions warn about erosion of people's right to independent living https:…
Hardworking women are attractive. There's a bliss that comes when you know someone is trying so hard to earn a living and…
You and I weren’t created for independent living. We were created to be dependent on God. Tripp
MD Department of to lead partnership of local Association of Centers for Independent Living/in…
The amount of eating the cake and having it is too *** high. We are living the Brexit Comedy Show
Not at all lmao this nutty, black people better not buy this too many qualified living artist, too…
Revised Framework for Action on Independent Living- perfect opportunity for WG to rise to this challenge!
Or were just able to be branch out and be independent! I mean who wants to be grown living at home Still?
See my blog on illness politics of v. Pence's rhetoric of personal responsibility. . https:/…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
You can now find out if there's a sex offender in your area
UK Commissions warn about erosion of disabled people's right to independent living: http…
Educating our students on independent living options! Thank you for the tour and instruction in affo…
Last week our Shared Housing team were able to take in nine people, helping them towards independent living.…
What to do when everyone agrees it's time for a move to EXCEPT your aging loved one.
How can I find the best community for my budget? Great Question!!.
Independent Women Quotes | Living Independently That is true to me society wants and takes ur freedo
Looking into senior living options? Learn the difference between independent and assisted living here:
They really are living in fantasy land
"The end of life is not just about dying. It is about living well, right up until the end."
Origins and consequences of technology acquirement by independent-living seniors: towards an integrative model
Go home Britain. You're drunk. (This would be so much funnier if I wasn't actually living here...)
Homeowners living in properties are being asked to pay extortionate prices, the reports.
Love her profile picture. Her living room screams "I'm a strong independent single woman who doesn't work and has 3 kids"
This Saturday at 1pm, the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center presents on finding affordable housing options:
Moving into their own home is a big step for many vulnerable people. We help them live independently
After 7-years of Tory rule the UN is investigating what they've done to their own citizens.. vi…
Excited to be speaking at on how tech can aid independent living.
MCH partnered with Wells Fargo to provide money management lessons to our young adults in the Independent Living...
If you missed Mission of Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living live today, tune in now !
SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living was delighted to welcome Baroness Jane Campbell, a cross bench peer in the...
Canine Companions for Independent Living out for a game!
.the bedroom tax, the Independent Living Fund - they hurt the most vulnerable in society
Juniors that are about to schedule for senior year, take Independent Living. Everything you've wanted to learn in school is in this class.
living with my family. Alhamdulilah my parents taught me to be independent from an early age, in case I'm away from them.
That's not what Cuadrilla says will happen in the UK:
1. It's all about being you, being free, being independent and living fullest!
Chinese Business Community living in fear of being chased out of Uganda Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde has asked...
8yrs living without a mom and 4yrs living away from dad made me real independent that I know I'll survive alone. Should I boast? Be sad? Idk
These grow girls be talking about how independent they are and crap yet they're living with there parents though 🤔
Electronic Device Insurance
Thank you to all who participated in the Independent Living Tech Conference
Today I had the privilege to emcee the Independent Living Technology Conference hosted by
Thank you for the keynote, breakout session & panel discussion Independent Living Tech Con…
Thank you Amy from for the amazing presentation on Assistive Tech Independent Living Tech Conference
Looking for a home away from home for a loved one? St. Joseph's Home Seniors Lodge has independent living rooms...
The Take - Trailer: Michael Mason (Richard Madden, "Game of Thrones") is an American pickpocket living in Par...
Our Transitional Living Program prepares our high school graduates for independent living.
My only long term goal is to be financially independent so I can retire by 30. Everything else I'm living in the moment.
Independent living has never been this great and affordable! At Bloq Residences, your monthly rent money can get...
Former Dublin Rose Hannah McDonnell on the difficulties of living w/via
If you're Scottish and living in Scotland, you should consider this carefully.
Project set to double number of independent living centres in Wales
Supporting students with autism in the classroom: what teachers need to know
This is why the fight for the right to Independent Living is so critical NOW! There is a complacent assumption...
whats the point of me being independent if im gon end up living in my moms basement lmaO
Hamilton Collection
Better than every living Muslims, better than me and you, Better than so called Muslim world
time to acknowledge we are now living on Orwell's 1985 the much darker and more surreal sequel
Tired but let me tell ya. uwco Project Diversity Cycle 25 did our thing with Independent Living…
"Empowerment is key to transitioning from institutions to independent living"
Got further than we thought. A very viable task mgr for people we empower for independent living. Go team…
80% of councils have cut funding for Disabled people, following their transfer from Independent Living Fund (ILF).
It's OCD Awareness week. Last year I wrote about what being a sufferer is like. Hardest piece I ever did
Rip Martin naughton a starward for independent living my his legacy live on
I will either change my voter registration to Independent or be living out of the country by then if Hillary gets i…
people In the Republic are not living in the real world. They will never learn.
HomeWell Senior Care supports independent, safe living. Home Care can help reduce the risk of falls. Transferring...
Thank you for being part of the Independent Living Tech Conference!!!
The Independent Living team at yesterdays job fair.
Capitalising on people's suffering. isnt 'fun'/glamorous its a living *** U want THAT with ur handbag??
How assistive robots can help older people stay healthy, independent and living at home:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If you're unsure how you'll pay bills when the money runs out, reach out to these great resources:…
Don't forget!! Join your friends at PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living TOMORROW for the DIsABILITY Resource...
I cant wait to get a job&move out, not because Im unhappy living with my parents, but because I want to be more independent and self reliant
I Agree. Hospital Fees should have been in place years ago for people not living in UK
Architectural Firm Honored by Vermont Center for Independent Living for Having Eye on Accessibility -…
'I found out that the children at school had created an I Hate Hannah Club'- Former Rose on living with dyspraxia…
Today's adjournment debate on Costs of independent living for disabled people, moved by MP has started htt…
Lively enables independent living with Vodafone
Perception is key: changing attitudes about
We are well and truly screwed with this lot - the living useless
Very sad Martin Naughton our colleague, disability activist & pioneer of the Independent Living movement passed away. Ma…
Access Living, Chicago's Center for Independent Living, is suing Uber for discriminating against people with...
Check out this great event coming up that the Resource Center for Independent Living is having!...
Thanks to supporters of autism walk: ... Center for Independent Living), Community Bank, The Gregory Center f...
At PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living, we want to be sure EVERYONE has access to vote this November. Did...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We got a sneak peak at the Southwest Center for Independent Living's new model apartment. Very impressed by the height adju…
As part of today's Day of Service, scholars volunteered at the Center for Independent Living
CANNED FOOD DRIVE. Galloway will be supporting the Center for Independent Living a/k/a The Friendship Connection...
Independent Living of Newburgh to be named Recovery and Community Outreach Center
The Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL) is seeking nominations for the 2016 Deborah Lisi-Baker Youth...
I am a 20 year old, independent, living on her own, going to university and working a full time job and I just got denied fin aid lol
Need a fully accessible video? Did you know that one of our Independent Living Canada Centres offer this service?... https:/…
Will our pasar & markets ever be autism friendly? Otherwise people living with autism can only shop in...
Want to to lose weight? Try eating chocolate and drinking wine | Healthy Living | Lifestyle | The Independent
Love living so close to & turning out to support independent films! Finally sitting down to the now 🎥
.. . Except if your a Kaffir living in a muslim country under the Sharia... ...
Especially the indie guys. No one knew who Stephen King was before Carrie. Night of the Living Dead was independent. . Keep that in mind.
No other moment in history did more to raise awareness of the disease, or to inspire the millions worldwide living…
The Manor Village Preservation of Independence program has Independent & Supportive Living Lifestyles.
2 days to celebrate the Independent Living Across Canada Day
The Village to host arts and crafts fair: The Village, a large independent and assisted living facility for older…
The lack of data on people with disabilities is severely constraining the ability of the international community...
I'm always weak when privileged kids claim to be independent living through the struggles.. Why lie? Enjoy it.
I may be an independent college student that does whatever I want but when I'm living at home I'm a young child and prisoner
What people living in the Middle East really think of Isis
A Pakistani living in Sweden invents an exoskeleton to help old and elderly live independent life.
Outcomes of the 2015 SAYes Transition to Independent Living Youth Mentoring Programme are on the website.
Living in tomorrow's Sunday Independent has a interview with and
Living magazine in tomorrow's Sunday Independent features a interview with and
News | : Poles make up some 800,000 of EU citizens living in the UK Rex ... or less impossible to predict with…
I seriously doubt there are many who can conceive the idea of Blks living independent from whites There are few who wou…
never liked diesel cars anyway. It's like low alcohol drink. Pointless. And I don't drive for a living
Has great potential in supporting independent living too!
Brexit warning signed by every living former Labour leader - but not Jeremy Corbyn
"We are living in a computer simulation, Elon says" .
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Chance we aren't living in a is 'one in billions said
Bathroom adaptations for easier independent living
Did you know that focusing on someone’s abilities rather than disability can contribute to creating a fair...
Hacker News - Musk: The chance we are not living in a computer simulation is 'one in billions'
I hated people questioning me. I hate feeling obligated to do anything. I've become so independent, living w/ my family now is really hard
Good day for yard work! volunteers help disabled people for independent living
vs Independent Living. Which is better for you?
Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton is 'more dangerous' than Donald Trump
Hi guys we are soon to be looking at putting together starter furniture packs for people moving from services into independent…
We are living in a computer simulation, Elon Musk says
NHS (living in Glasgow) nurse 'denied British citizenship because he volunteers for the Red Cross' - The Independent
A group from the Three Rivers Center for Independent Living protests outside AMC Loews Waterfront 22.
The Center for Independent Living and the Living Well Fitness Center recently collected 92 items for a great...
We at PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living not seen the film Me Before You yet but it's sparking quite a...
People can also contact their local Center for Independent Living for help to access resources.
Our friends at the New York Association for Independent Living (NYAIL), passed along news of a setback: on...
Self Reliance Center for Independent Living office, will be closed on Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial...
E4i Insight Ability Center for Independent Living of New Mexico: This is one of several centers fo... Employment
Wishing friends of PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend. As a...
Great conversation with Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living on cross disability work & cultural competence.
Self Reliance Center for Independent Living, wishes you all a Happy Mother's Day weekend!
2 former students moved into their new apt today. Thx to accessABILITY, Center for Independent Living, Inc.!
This weekend, our area Deaf Grassroots Movement - DGM members met at PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living to...
E4i Insight Appalachian Center for Independent Living, Inc. of West Virginia: This is one of sev... (Technology)
Having a great support group tonight! Kristen from the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living is teaching...
Maybe someone from a Center for Independent Living can contact Mr. Fields.
E4i Insight Peninsula Center for Independent Living in Hampton, VA: This is one of several cente... (Technology)
On today's "Open Line" - the latest from IVCIL (Il Valley Center for Independent Living).airtime @ 9:32 am!
Lakeshore Center for Independent Living hosts event for Disability Awareness Month
We had a great time volunteering today at the East Texas Center for Independent Living's Ability Expo!
Hi Good to connect :) Do you have any online posts about Independent Living?
Trafford CIL (Centre for Independent Living) together with Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People...
Old Pueblo Placement Services, helping seniors and their families to find Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care communities.
We hope you enjoy reading the first Independent Living newsletter of 2016.
Four million Australians are living with the leading independent risk factor for HT …
Mafia bosses ‘living like rats’ in luxurious bunkers to avoid arrest. Read more:
Seeing as how Patreon lets a lot of independent artist types make a living off their work
for example, the fetus is only part of the woman's body but not completely. it has its independent DNA and living cells
Independent Living Fund: Government silence 'suggests something to hide'.
The Independent Living Skills Program provides training and help with necessities for those who have aged out.
Living the independent life ... Don't need nobody but me myself and God
Being able to be comfortable with just you & yourself around is surprisingly something not everyone can do.
Important letter to read re independent living:
The evidence is that the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) was without doubt a cut, not a transfer, as claimed …
'Shocking' drop in support after ILF closure …
Quarter of former recipients in one London borough had awards cut by half or more on reassessment
We've been awarded 2 stars by for our independent living schemes for people aged over 55 :-)
'Shocking' drop in support after ILF closure. .
A courier\'s guide to city riding: From fixing a puncture to dealing with furious driv
Help make your parents move as as possible! by
Martin Dooher appeared on speaking about independent living. Segment starts 37 mins. http…
Small shops to charge 5p for plastic bags despite being exempt from new rules making
"So a registered independent, Wiccan mulatto beta-edgelord living w/ his mom shot up a school. How do we spin this?"
4 years after getting rid of my DC apartment, I share insights & photos from living a location-independent lifestyle: …
Not living next to chavs who have parties that start at 4 am.
As much as I like living on my own and being independent, it gets tiring sometimes... You wouldn't understand.
and the mad monster wants cheap housing, a living wage & QE for infrastructure not b…
Greenham Reach: The families trying to prove that compact, ecological farms can make
We're exhibiting at Independent Living Scotland next Weds &Thurs. Register for FREE tickets here:
Looking for independent living in Visit us and find out what we have to offer:
Independent Living Fund: ‘Shocking’ drop in support after ILF closure.
national lottery fund 5million£ investigate diff have integrate in society
news about lower prices for owner-occupied suites in heritage church - great independent living in walkable on TTC.
Disability Rights UK (DRUK) has a Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) Roadshow event...
External factors & the Living Wage: Costa says it will cost £20m other retailers are more supportive
Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi
I dont care about the Oromo people okay? Ethiopia is Christian and if you really want an independent Oromistan, stop living in Sweden.
Get to know the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research
I wish there was an independent living program for foster children
Aside from the continual fatigue and stresses of living financially independent, I'm so blessed to be…
My favorite Amazon Prime deal is: walk to your local independent bookstore and make your community one that's literate and …
Again wishing I could be living my independent life
Tired of living with delusions, German homeopaths give hallucinations a try. .
You have the power to create your own life. . (photo credit-Erin Lovely-young living independent distributor)
Beautifully said: "the rising and the setting of the sun is a welcoming gift that we should never take for granted"
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I want to be independent, living on my own in a city & also have all my friends live 10 minutes away but they'll be like across the country
All this crap about how "you're not independent if you're living at home/ catered" by people using their parents money to pay accommodation.
There’s a Difference Between Independent and Mainstream Authors? | Living a Life of Writing
…such as communication, self-care, vocational, & social/emotional. These help maximize the students' potential for independent living.
i've become a lot more independent living in Florida..i don't feel like I always need a crew around me
Living wage legacy: Costa says it will cost £20m, but other retailers are more supportive
Living Off the Grid Box Set: Your Guide to a Frugal, Independent and Self Sustainable Lifestyle! (F…
Performing my show tune set tomorrow at an independent living facility. I absolutely love playing for those residents!
The It List: Five things to do in Berkeley this weekend Center for Independent Living's Annual Authors …
Center for Independent Living to remove garden project in Berkeley: For years the Center For Independent…
The Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA has a new website. Take a peek:
A welcome smile from Alex at Berkeley Center For Independent Living. The 'mecca'!
Alana Theriault, Center for Independent Living/Berkeley joins our panel ht…
The groups consulted in the planning of this map include: Center for Independent Living, Rolling Quads
Don't forget about PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living's free amplified phone program, made available by...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Center for Independent Living to host fundraising dinner Sept. 24
1st day at the "The Garden" independent living center for the elderly. So far so good.
Women that's making a honest living and independent . Those woman that value themselves
I'm so disappointed I don't have independent living with you this year😭😩
Clearly living in an "emotional led hippie-state", right Prof Thank God this couldn't happen in
Next City -. Jenn Stanley is a freelance journalist, essayist and independent producer living in Chicago. She has...
. I was a nurse for 35 years, now barely living on disability in US. This guy makes me sick(er). What a con man.
Hi, we are an adult day service based we provide Sports & independent living skills. Take a 👀 h…
Fifty years working with the best view in Dublin
UK job prospects are falling because of the National Living Wage
CostaCoffee prices to rise because of the National Living Wage, says owner Whitbread good news for some CDG staff
Whitbread says that £20m to implement living wage will mean price rises, yet it made £488m pre-tax profits last year.
Photos: These "living fossils" are among the most elusive creatures in the sea
Business Office Coordinator: Sagora Senior Living is a leading developer and operator of independent living an...
Debbie Anderson, Commissioner for the Dept. for Aging and Independent Living in discusses Home/Community based waivers.
Independent Living - is it right for you? Learn more about retirement living in the Columbus, Ohio area
Center for Independent Living of South Florida Advocacy Blog: The Florida Chartbook on Disability and Health
This alert comes to the New York Association for Independent Living (NYAIL) from the Empire Justice Center.
Delisle named executive director of Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida, in biz announcements http:/…
that we are working on in collaboration with the Center for Independent Living and Down Syndrome Ireland.
We were honored to have visitors from the South Korea representing the Seoul Center for Independent Living.
MOCEANS Center for Independent Living. Invites you to . . . The Stress Care . “Dream Catchers” Presentation. Wednesday, August 19th, 2015...
Congratulations LV Center for Independent Living on their 25th Anniversary. Thank you for letting me celebrate with you tonight
Check out the ADA Anniversary celebrations from the Research & Training Center on Independent Living! Like their...
Thanks to a generous donation from The Center for Independent Living, we will have new scoreboards for our gym this year.
The Suncoast Center for Independent Living would like to thank everybody for coming out to our event to celebrate...
3 accessible wearable technologies currently being piloted at the DC Center for Independent Living
Clerk of Judicial Records Mary Rinaldi was honored by the NEPA Center for Independent Living
Center for Independent Living launches program for on spectrum
The turns 25! Executive Brian Hughes celebrates with Scott Elliott of Progressive Center for Independent Living
NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell to speak at Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living event
I'm at the Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living, 412 Locust St. in Sterling, where Executive Director Michele Miller .. (1/2)
I liked a video Independent Living - Dizzy Wright feat. SwizZz and Hopsin (Official Vide…
"Alleviating suffering is different from eliminating the sufferer.". Jose Rodriguez. Community Organizer. Memphis Center for Independent Living
Legis: Enjoyed a recent visit to the Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living. Always...
"Disability history you should know: Charlie Carr co-founded the National Council on Independent Living with Max...
Joan Burton's PA on 75k??. What sort of a world are they living in?
Maybe God doesn't have that person out there for me, maybe he made me to be independent and living with 4 cats. I don't know
When Carpenter did "Halloween" with $325,000, he proved to everyone that anything’s possible
ILF? Independent Living Fund? If so I hope it is maintained. Utterly essential
My demise much exaggerated by autocorrect: Looks like I’m LIVING the dream.. at least the top dream job in Britain … "
I cant wait until Im independent and 25 living in Phoenix. Thats where I see myself in 6 years tbh
I don't think I really see myself living my life out with anybody. I'm too independent. My raising has a lot to do with it.
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent now playing on Living Education eMagazine Internet Radio
Being location independent isn't just about working from anywhere, it's about living anywhere.
Football supporters across the country are urging their teams to play fair - and pay staff the living wage
Girls gotta be independent and make their own money and set their own goals and make a living. Girls have to stop depending on men for that
We gone be doing this without a deal independent living how you ppl feel,we gne this without a major,cause we known of kpn it real
This is the secret to living past 100
Anyone who has take independent living what were your thoughts on it? Should I take it next year?
Newdegate Independent Living Units & Lesser Hall Update. Brickwork, tin and gutters is underway on units 1 & 2.
- Scottish Independent Living Fund. of - C £50k.
- Scottish Independent Living Fund. of £40k - £45k.
LOL I don't think they are still here and living better than u or me.
Our members voted that children shouldn't be forced to leave care homes at 18 htt…
jen now. The Cold War's back and poised to take out our power grid | Independent Living News …
Can't wait to present sexual responsibility to the young folks of v the Independent Living Skills Program in about 5 minutes!
Registration is advised for the free education program at the ATSA Independent Living Expo at Rosehill Gardens on 13-14 May 2015...
“If I can’t do what I used to do, what can I still do that feels of value to me?”
Have you saved enough for your super? Most us us look forward to retirement but don't really consider the financials.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ophelia Lovibond on 'Elementary', schooldays and living with that name
If you need support or advocacy with issues relating to leaving care and independent living, please contact us so...
"The number of people living with dementia worldwide is to reach 135 million by 2050" via
After two years of being independent and living on my own being home is stressful 😁😐
He wants them to EARN their benefits. It's never too early to realise the world doesn't owe you a living
Young leaders carry our movement toward. Continue this tradition with the
Probs for kids leaving care by Refers to 'moving' doc on directed by
Im retiring,(accounts say I have)U can't make a living challenging extremism so .
This is why living in London *** Big time thank heaven for the North
IMO for Term Products with Living Benefits: We are a health and life agency in South Florida with 10 retail lo...
Homes for Independent Living would like you to work for them in Janesville, WI.
New position available at Homes for Independent Living in Janesville, WI.
I mean if you're independent and a college student then kudos to you. But not everybody can/is living that life
Your parents may still be independent, but it won’t hurt to research options for later on:
If there's work needing doing, EMPLOY young people & pay them living wage. Otherwise this is slavery.
I really do think wants to bring back slavery! How about a decent job with a living wage? Is that …
37 Factsheets on Independent living. Wow - what a resource.
BCC have agreed to ringfence Independent Living Fund, thanks to all those who campaigned led by Jacqueline Robinson
Living the dream: author, academic and librarian voted most desirable jobs and we get to work wit…
Stopped by the Mini-Stand Down Helping American Veterans at the Center for Independent Living in Atwon this morning...great program
On November 19, 2014 the North Shore Chamber of Commerce at its 2014 Annual Meeting presented 7 Distinguished Leadership Awards. Chosen for this honor is Mary Margaret Moore, Executive Director of ILCNSCA. See award photo of presentation and photo of award. Mary Margaret Moore has been the Executive Director of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc. since Fall, 1998. She has started the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore, and has been the President of its board since incorporation in September 2012. Her advocacy and involvement locally with human services organizations, LGBT events and organizations, statewide with the MA Association of Centers for Independent Living, Disability Policy Consortium, Statewide Independent Living Council (including former Chair) as well as on the Board of the National Council for Independent ...
Mark your calendar October 26th for the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living annual . gonna be a fun event.
Here is the Video that everyone has been talking about. What an AMAZING Day for the Fishing Dreams Through the Legends of Fishing in Honor of Jack Emmitt. This is what this event and Fish Tales is all about. I guarantee Jack was watching this with a Tear and a Smile. The most special part of the video is what Mr Jansen says at the end of the video about his mom. Thank You Bass Pro, Big Cedars, BentHook Marina, Camp Barnabas, Southwest Center for Independent Living, US Corp of Engineers, White River Elite, Western Taney County Fire, Odd Duck Designs, Plano, Zebco, and all the Anglers and Volunteers that made this event the most Special. God Bless you all.
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