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Independent Living

Independent living, as seen by its advocates, is a philosophy, a way of looking at disability and society, and a worldwide movement of people with disabilities working for self-determination, self-respect and equal opportunities.

Independent Living Center Independent Living Fund Training Center Assisted Living Home Health Skilled Nursing National Council

and the mad monster wants cheap housing, a living wage & QE for infrastructure not b…
Greenham Reach: The families trying to prove that compact, ecological farms can make
We're exhibiting at Independent Living Scotland next Weds &Thurs. Register for FREE tickets here:
Looking for independent living in Visit us and find out what we have to offer:
Independent Living Fund: ‘Shocking’ drop in support after ILF closure.
national lottery fund 5million£ investigate diff have integrate in society
news about lower prices for owner-occupied suites in heritage church - great independent living in walkable on TTC.
Disability Rights UK (DRUK) has a Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) Roadshow event...
External factors & the Living Wage: Costa says it will cost £20m other retailers are more supportive
Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi
I dont care about the Oromo people okay? Ethiopia is Christian and if you really want an independent Oromistan, stop living in Sweden.
Get to know the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research
I wish there was an independent living program for foster children
Aside from the continual fatigue and stresses of living financially independent, I'm so blessed to be…
My favorite Amazon Prime deal is: walk to your local independent bookstore and make your community one that's literate and …
Again wishing I could be living my independent life
Tired of living with delusions, German homeopaths give hallucinations a try. .
You have the power to create your own life. . (photo credit-Erin Lovely-young living independent distributor)
Beautifully said: "the rising and the setting of the sun is a welcoming gift that we should never take for granted"
I want to be independent, living on my own in a city & also have all my friends live 10 minutes away but they'll be like across the country
All this crap about how "you're not independent if you're living at home/ catered" by people using their parents money to pay accommodation.
There’s a Difference Between Independent and Mainstream Authors? | Living a Life of Writing
…such as communication, self-care, vocational, & social/emotional. These help maximize the students' potential for independent living.
i've become a lot more independent living in Florida..i don't feel like I always need a crew around me
Living wage legacy: Costa says it will cost £20m, but other retailers are more supportive
Living Off the Grid Box Set: Your Guide to a Frugal, Independent and Self Sustainable Lifestyle! (F…
Performing my show tune set tomorrow at an independent living facility. I absolutely love playing for those residents!
The It List: Five things to do in Berkeley this weekend Center for Independent Living's Annual Authors …
Center for Independent Living to remove garden project in Berkeley: For years the Center For Independent…
The Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA has a new website. Take a peek:
A welcome smile from Alex at Berkeley Center For Independent Living. The 'mecca'!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Alana Theriault, Center for Independent Living/Berkeley joins our panel ht…
The groups consulted in the planning of this map include: Center for Independent Living, Rolling Quads
Don't forget about PACE, Inc. Center for Independent Living's free amplified phone program, made available by...
Self Reliance Center for Independent Living office; will be closed on Monday, Sept 7th in observance of Labor Day. htt…
Center for Independent Living to host fundraising dinner Sept. 24
1st day at the "The Garden" Independent Living Center for the elderly. So far so good.
Women that's making a honest living and independent . Those woman that value themselves
I'm so disappointed I don't have independent living with you this year😭😩
Clearly living in an "emotional led hippie-state", right Prof Thank God this couldn't happen in
Next City -. Jenn Stanley is a freelance journalist, essayist and independent producer living in Chicago. She has...
. I was a nurse for 35 years, now barely living on disability in US. This guy makes me sick(er). What a con man.
Hi, we are an adult day service based we provide Sports & independent living skills. Take a 👀 h…
Fifty years working with the best view in Dublin
UK job prospects are falling because of the National Living Wage
CostaCoffee prices to rise because of the National Living Wage, says owner Whitbread good news for some CDG staff
Whitbread says that £20m to implement living wage will mean price rises, yet it made £488m pre-tax profits last year.
Photos: These "living fossils" are among the most elusive creatures in the sea
Business Office Coordinator: Sagora Senior Living is a leading developer and operator of independent living an...
Debbie Anderson, Commissioner for the Dept. for Aging and Independent Living in discusses Home/Community based waivers.
Independent Living - is it right for you? Learn more about retirement living in the Columbus, Ohio area
Center for Independent Living of South Florida Advocacy Blog: The Florida Chartbook on Disability and Health
This alert comes to the New York Association for Independent Living (NYAIL) from the Empire Justice Center.
Delisle named executive director of Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida, in biz announcements http:/…
that we are working on in collaboration with the Center for Independent Living and Down Syndrome Ireland.
We were honored to have visitors from the South Korea representing the Seoul Center for Independent Living.
MOCEANS Center for Independent Living. Invites you to . . . The Stress Care . “Dream Catchers” Presentation. Wednesday, August 19th, 2015...
Congratulations LV Center for Independent Living on their 25th Anniversary. Thank you for letting me celebrate with you tonight
Check out the ADA Anniversary celebrations from the Research & Training Center on Independent Living! Like their...
Thanks to a generous donation from The Center for Independent Living, we will have new scoreboards for our gym this year.
The Suncoast Center for Independent Living would like to thank everybody for coming out to our event to celebrate...
3 accessible wearable technologies currently being piloted at the DC Center for Independent Living
Clerk of Judicial Records Mary Rinaldi was honored by the NEPA Center for Independent Living
Center for Independent Living launches program for on spectrum
The turns 25! Executive Brian Hughes celebrates with Scott Elliott of Progressive Center for Independent Living
NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell to speak at Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living event
I'm at the Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living, 412 Locust St. in Sterling, where Executive Director Michele Miller .. (1/2)
I liked a video Independent Living - Dizzy Wright feat. SwizZz and Hopsin (Official Vide…
"Alleviating suffering is different from eliminating the sufferer.". Jose Rodriguez. Community Organizer. Memphis Center for Independent Living
Legis: Enjoyed a recent visit to the Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living. Always...
"Disability history you should know: Charlie Carr co-founded the National Council on Independent Living with Max...
Joan Burton's PA on 75k??. What sort of a world are they living in?
Maybe God doesn't have that person out there for me, maybe he made me to be independent and living with 4 cats. I don't know
When Carpenter did "Halloween" with $325,000, he proved to everyone that anything’s possible
ILF? Independent Living Fund? If so I hope it is maintained. Utterly essential
My demise much exaggerated by autocorrect: Looks like I’m LIVING the dream.. at least the top dream job in Britain … "
I cant wait until Im independent and 25 living in Phoenix. Thats where I see myself in 6 years tbh
I don't think I really see myself living my life out with anybody. I'm too independent. My raising has a lot to do with it.
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent now playing on Living Education eMagazine Internet Radio
Being location independent isn't just about working from anywhere, it's about living anywhere.
Football supporters across the country are urging their teams to play fair - and pay staff the living wage
Girls gotta be independent and make their own money and set their own goals and make a living. Girls have to stop depending on men for that
We gone be doing this without a deal independent living how you ppl feel,we gne this without a major,cause we known of kpn it real
This is the secret to living past 100
Anyone who has take independent living what were your thoughts on it? Should I take it next year?
Newdegate Independent Living Units & Lesser Hall Update. Brickwork, tin and gutters is underway on units 1 & 2.
- Scottish Independent Living Fund. of - C £50k.
- Scottish Independent Living Fund. of £40k - £45k.
LOL I don't think they are still here and living better than u or me.
Our members voted that children shouldn't be forced to leave care homes at 18 htt…
jen now. The Cold War's back and poised to take out our power grid | Independent Living News …
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Can't wait to present sexual responsibility to the young folks of v the Independent Living Skills Program in about 5 minutes!
Registration is advised for the free education program at the ATSA Independent Living Expo at Rosehill Gardens on 13-14 May 2015...
“If I can’t do what I used to do, what can I still do that feels of value to me?”
Have you saved enough for your super? Most us us look forward to retirement but don't really consider the financials.
Ophelia Lovibond on 'Elementary', schooldays and living with that name
If you need support or advocacy with issues relating to leaving care and independent living, please contact us so...
"The number of people living with dementia worldwide is to reach 135 million by 2050" via
After two years of being independent and living on my own being home is stressful 😁😐
He wants them to EARN their benefits. It's never too early to realise the world doesn't owe you a living
Young leaders carry our movement toward. Continue this tradition with the
Probs for kids leaving care by Refers to 'moving' doc on directed by
Im retiring,(accounts say I have)U can't make a living challenging extremism so .
This is why living in London *** Big time thank heaven for the North
IMO for Term Products with Living Benefits: We are a health and life agency in South Florida with 10 retail lo...
Homes for Independent Living would like you to work for them in Janesville, WI.
New position available at Homes for Independent Living in Janesville, WI.
I mean if you're independent and a college student then kudos to you. But not everybody can/is living that life
Your parents may still be independent, but it won’t hurt to research options for later on:
If there's work needing doing, EMPLOY young people & pay them living wage. Otherwise this is slavery.
I really do think wants to bring back slavery! How about a decent job with a living wage? Is that …
37 Factsheets on Independent living. Wow - what a resource.
BCC have agreed to ringfence Independent Living Fund, thanks to all those who campaigned led by Jacqueline Robinson
Living the dream: author, academic and librarian voted most desirable jobs and we get to work wit…
Stopped by the Mini-Stand Down Helping American Veterans at the Center for Independent Living in Atwon this morning...great program
On November 19, 2014 the North Shore Chamber of Commerce at its 2014 Annual Meeting presented 7 Distinguished Leadership Awards. Chosen for this honor is Mary Margaret Moore, Executive Director of ILCNSCA. See award photo of presentation and photo of award. Mary Margaret Moore has been the Executive Director of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc. since Fall, 1998. She has started the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore, and has been the President of its board since incorporation in September 2012. Her advocacy and involvement locally with human services organizations, LGBT events and organizations, statewide with the MA Association of Centers for Independent Living, Disability Policy Consortium, Statewide Independent Living Council (including former Chair) as well as on the Board of the National Council for Independent ...
Mark your calendar October 26th for the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living annual . gonna be a fun event.
Here is the Video that everyone has been talking about. What an AMAZING Day for the Fishing Dreams Through the Legends of Fishing in Honor of Jack Emmitt. This is what this event and Fish Tales is all about. I guarantee Jack was watching this with a Tear and a Smile. The most special part of the video is what Mr Jansen says at the end of the video about his mom. Thank You Bass Pro, Big Cedars, BentHook Marina, Camp Barnabas, Southwest Center for Independent Living, US Corp of Engineers, White River Elite, Western Taney County Fire, Odd Duck Designs, Plano, Zebco, and all the Anglers and Volunteers that made this event the most Special. God Bless you all.
The CORE Performance Dance Company will return to the University of Central Arkansas as Artists in Residence Oct. 1-4. The highlight of the residency will feature CORE, accompanied by the Arkansas Saxophone Quartet, premiering an original dancework in and around the new Patrick Dougherty sculpture at the McCastlain Hall lawn on the University of Central Arkansas campus on Oct. 3. CORE will be joined by consumers from Independent Living, facilitated by UCA occupational therapy students during the 5:30 p.m. performance on the Baum Gallery Lawn. CORE will perform alone at 6:30 p.m. There will also be an open rehearsal at 1:40 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 2, along with a Q&A segment with the dancers. All events are free and open to the public.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2014 Hunigan for Knox County Clerk Hosting Fundraiser Saturday, 9/27 at McGillacuddy’s Knox County — Knox County Clerk candidate, John Hunigan, will be hosting a fundraiser and Meet and Greet to meet the candidate at McGillacuddy’s at 58 S. Cherry Street, in Galesburg Saturday, 9/27 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Hunigan currently serves as the Chairperson for the Galesburg Community Relations Commission, and is an Independent Living Advocate for people with disabilities at Stone-Hayes Center for Independent Living in Galesburg. This will be one of several events Hunigan plans to host during the upcoming election which will be on Tuesday, November 4th. “This community has embraced me since moving to Galesburg over seven years ago,” Hunigan said. “What I bring to the people of Knox County is a background in customer service, operations management and technical experience which is lacking in some of areas of the office.” Hunigan said that he plans to make it a p .. ...
The mission of the Research & Training Center on Independent Living is to further Independent Living for people...
The Research and Training Center on Independent Living is made up of a team committed to research that can be used to enhance Independent Living (IL) for people with disabilities. Our team is based at The University of Kansas, but we collaborate with researchers at other universities and professionals at a variety of other disability organizations.
Relations with the Police. I have had wonderful assistance fthe police in my city. They have been nothing but professional, courteous, and helpful. But I cannot discount the experiences of others, so I have mixed feelings. Some years ago two professionals, a white woman and an African American man who were both employed by the Independent Living movement of people with disabilities were driving to lunch to talk about their work in differing cities. They were stopped by the police and questioned though they hadn't even broken traffic regulations. I would not want the job of a police officer for any amount of money! Police see constantly the worst of human behavior. And the things we humans are capable of are truly horrible. I know of another situation which happened a couple of years ago to a man with a mental disability. He is white, his lady partner was African American. This man is mouthy and can be quite rude. When ina situation where the police were talking to him they began calling the couple's child ...
It was great having one of the directors of the Center for Independent Living representing at the…
Business Office Coordinator Brookdale - Winston-Salem, NC Full-Time Clare Bridge of Winston Salem - 275 South Peace Haven Road; Winston-Salem, NC 27104 A career with Brookdale has never been more rewarding. As a senior living solutions company, Brookdale is committed to providing the best options for the residents that we serve, for all of the places life can go. The services that we offer ensure that residents continue to live the lives that they want while also meeting all of their needs along the way. Every day our 50,000 associates collaborate to guarantee that this promise is fulfilled in more than 640 communities. Our Senior Living Solutions include: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Therapy, Hospice, Home Health, LifeCare, Continuing Care Retirement Communities. More than a company, it is a calling. To learn more about Brookdale and how our associates make a difference: Fulfilling Dreams * Record-Breaking Fundraising for Alzheimer’s * Best of the Best Awards * Bro ...
RSB Employees Tony and Noah (pictured front) are attending the 8th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology in Singapore this week! Here they are pictured at Singapore General Hospital. Thanks for sharing Independent Living Centre NSW.
Seriously love living alone..bed all to annoying emotions or opinions or mood swings to deal with..
Show Me Loans, Services for Independent Living and the University of MO Extension offered a class on financial literacy and understanding Credit in Columbia.
I go to where the person lives, who has experienced trauma to their brain, and want to work on ways to improve, enhance, or develop independent living skills.
I added a video to a playlist Dizzy Wright - Independent Living ft. Hopsin, SwizZz
Why almost no studies in Oz about what living right next to a coal mine does to human health?
Learning to be more and more independent everyday. Beside living with my parents I depend on myself for everything.
In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality
Living on subsidy and government assistance doesn't make you Independent... Your are a dependent!!
*** think they're independent because they sell bundles for a living. I hate y'all.
Independent Living Fund Consultation - share your views on how current users of the ILF in NI can be supported-
According to another member of if Scotland became independent we would be living in "mud huts"
One month and I'll be living away from home. In uni. All independent. EXCELLENT.
The pioneering apartment block that offered a blueprint for modern living is back to its former glory
Town Village retirement community sold: One of Birmingham's largest independent living homes has been sold. Town...
Hundreds of police officers investigated for racist or threatening social ... - The Independe...
Have a good paying job, living in an apartment downtown,traveling and being independent. That's my goal 😋🙌
Care Predict™ | Empowering independent living for seniors
Over 32 percent of family caregivers spend more than 30 hours per week on care-giving tasks:
Benefits of your loved one forming new friendships
Living independently and being independent in your everyday life is hard but it teaches you the harsh reality of life.
Having good neighbours can help cut heart attack risk, study shows: Living in a close-knit community and havin...
ILRU Directory of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Associations - 2014 (Vol. 36) | Independent...
I truly care about you so much :") but I've been busy lately! .. busy living :) .. getting my life together as an independent young lady
Living in a close-knit community and having good neighbours could have hidden health benefits and may even reduce...
The best worst uniforms in living memory
Brain fitness helps with successful aging and it is never too late to start
- Proposed two-child policy for families living in cities in China:
I have article in Health & Living section of today's on sharing children's images online
An Independent Living lifestyle at Grand Villa is perfect for active seniors with few medical problems:
MT . Why almost no Oz studies re what living next to coal mines does to health? / …
"Independent living is not doing things by yourself, it is being in control of how things are done." - Judy...
I have called my mom like 7 times today! So much for being independent and living on my own 😂😂
Telemarketing scammers are targeting seniors. Make sure you and your loved ones are one step ahead:
Kerry Rose Mary Hickey discussing the perils of living so close to the Cork border
Benefits of seniors using technology on different mediums
The letter from a Jewish man living in London you must read today
Are you 16 or 17 & living in Scotland? We’d like to hear whether you plan to vote or not? Pls email o.quine
Is your aging loved one feeling stressed? Here are 6 Helpful Tips!
Is it possible to earn a living as a fiction writer in Ireland? (Or anywhere for that matter?)
Heat from rivers could supply energy to thousands of homes - The Independent   10% Off
I choose to be with moms wasn't going teach me👔💼
This week, The Department of Human Services held its "Regional YIT Independent Living and Resource…
Marin Center for Independent Living is a great resource and has a caring staff.
Can’t hear on the phone? Illinois has a FREE amplified phone program. LIFE Center for Independent Living is a...
Interesting infographics about urban/rural housing from Research & Training Center on Independent Living!...
The Stavros Center for Independent Living in Springfield, MA will hold an ADA festival on September 20. Learn more!
Disability History 101:1972 . The Berkeley Center for Independent Living was founded by Ed Roberts and associates...
Me I'm independent but I'm living like I'm platinum
🎶 Im just a downtown girl living an uptown life. Mi independent and mi a one man wife 🎶
Independent Living teens went to the North Canton Skate Center to focus on staying active over the summer!
Disablist Britain 2006: Barriers to independent living ...- then this 'thinktank' started supporting
Position: Youth Worker - 20 hours per week (could become 40 hours in the future) Responsible to: Practice Leader of Apopo Youth Centre (Taupo) Purpose of Position: The purpose of this position is to implement effective Youth Work practices for Young People and their whanau in the community, engage with young people and maintain a safe place that will support and provide practical assistance improving outcomes. To ensure the provision of high quality, evidence-based practice that meet stakeholders’ requirements. To develop effective assessment and treatment strategies for young people who present. Apopo aims to work directly with youth, their whanau, community groups/organisations and other key stakeholders to address issues impacting on our youth by following the six principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa. 1. Youth development is shaped by the ‘big picture’. 2. Youth development is about young people being connected. 3. Youth development is based on a consistent strengths-based appro ...
MCIL is going to be on a local public access show in September! via
Listening to the responses to FOI request re Independent Living Fund. Worrying times for people with disabilities
TODAY IS THE DAY! We can't wait to see everyone this weekend for the Price Cutter Charity Championship! Want to attend today for FREE? Visit the Southwest Center For Independent Living for tickets. See you on the greens!
Independent Living does not equal loneliness! .
Sometimes independent living can be a bum when you can't be bothered to do the practical stuff such as food shopping
So here's the scoop. I applied for waiver services, and the social worker was supposed to be helping me argued the point that though I presented a waiver need, but I didn't present a need to qualify for Cadi Services. I argued the point that I just got out of the hospital and a ILS worker would be helpful for me to check in with somebody who presented care and could monitor me to make sure I wasn't getting sicker. Then the social worker asked me would I allow an ILS(Independent Living Skills) worker in my home? What kind of question is that? I responded it's there job to help me and not harm me so yes I'd let them in my home to help me, unless they harm me and that's against the law so yes they can help me. Just because I have paranoid scizophrenia doesn't make me fearful or paranoid of help. To me this question is off base and discriminatory. This question that she asked me was I felt uncalled for. What do other people think?
so after a yes vote what do you want to happen as your now living in an independent Scotland!
Micro Home - a pocket sized transportable house. How & where would you imagine using this little number? This micro backyard shack contains everything one needs for complete Independent Living, not to mention for under 30K. Kitchenette, bathroom & mezzanine sleeping area. Check out the full story here cool & quirky mirco home stories here
Worried about your elderly parents living alone? With iWatchLife, you're virtually there.
Why should you schedule a tour at one of our communities?
Independent living and enjoy life to the full.
Our independent living services are designed to open a world of possibilities for retirement living :) Call...
Twice as many people with jobs need housing benefit now than 5 yrs ago Living Wage and housing suppl…
Thanks for following us Heather :) No worries, fall semester is just 18 days away. You'll be living that independent life soon.
How to help your aging parent enjoy the warm weather
Want a home without maintenance or housekeeping?
it is such a struggle living on your own.. I'm in independent woman who doesn't need a man to cook. For her ☺️ but thanks!
feminist hero? Is that an oxymoron? Like the sound of silence, or the living dead?
I am now officially an Independent Sales Representative for Red Cup Living! I will be representing the company...
Serious about your music career? Check out and get tips from real Independent Music Artists making a living from their music!
Maximizing independent living is a priority for Thanks for showing me around.
PHYSICAL THERAPIST - - Details: Part time position in Chelsea and/or Watertown. Toward Independent Living and ...
When people swear they're independent but are really living off of their parents 😩😭
These people were protesting the closure of the Independent Living Fund at Westminster Abbey
I suppose so. But you get quite independent living alone. I can look after myself.
Video footage from the Independent Living Tea Party earlier today outside Caxton House. Save the...
Keep up the fight to Save the Independent Living Fund
Support at Trafford NHS birthday party for the Save The Independent Living Fund - postcard campaign
Shadow minister admits colleagues need schooling on independent living
The benefits of seniors using technology
Disability Rights UK: Independent Living or new visions in neo-liberalism? via
Some of Britain's most famous universities pay their fundraising teams less than the Living Wage: Some of Brit...
New Nurse pgm goal to id issues asap to help independent clients continue to do well living at home.
A worrying time for those with severe disabilities? We look at the future of the Independent Living Fund on the 6 o'clock …
James Franco addresses 'homophobic' Gawker report he's living with *** partner' Scott Haze
Come to WNY Independent Living's SUMMIT ON AGING on September 24-25, 2014 at the Niagara Falls Conference Center.
James Franco addresses 'homophobic scoop' report he's living with *** partner' Scott Haze:
Even losing 10 pounds can reduce the risk of developing diabetes
Your input as people within the community will help and other Independent Living Programs like the DCCIL improve a lot
If you're 22+ and you live at home, you should probably work on living an independent life, get a roomie if you have to.
Ian has received feedback for exemplary work supporting independent living
"Our local Ambassador has been very supportive helping with Independent Living" Read more about
fantastic speech at the launch of The Alf Morris Fund for Independent Living, great charity in honour of a great man
New Mass Schedule Starting July 20th! With Fr. Ed becoming pastor of St. Michael in Whittemore on July 15, 2014, the weekend Mass schedule will need to be adjusted. There will be just ONE change for St. Cecelia: Sunday Masses will be 7:30 a.m. (instead of 8:00 a.m.) and 10:30 a.m.(same). The Saturday schedule will remain the same with 3:30 p.m. confessions and 5:00 p.m. Mass. Mass will be at 9:00 a.m. EVERY Sunday at St. Michael’s. The new schedule will begin on the weekend of July 20-21. Fr. Ed will be celebrating Mass at St. Michael’s three of the four weekends of the month. When he is at St. Michael’s, Fr. Ramaeker will celebrate one of St. Cecelia’s Masses. Fr. Ramaeker will alternate between the three masses offered at St. Cecelia. Communion Routes to the Homebound will continue to follow the first Mass on Sunday, i.e. after the 7:30 a.m. Mass. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Independent Living institutions and the individual homebound are all being contacted about this change.
Don't forget The Low Vision Club support group/social time JUNE 14Th Sat. It's every 2nd Saturday of the month @ 9am to 11:15. Meetings held at: 311 Notingham SAT 78209 The Forum of Lincoln Heights. Enter the Independent Living entrance. A volunteer will be at the door to assist you to the Club lounge area where we have meetings. It is always nice to talk to others who can relate/understand/sharing our experiences. See ya soon!! Any question contact LVC Facilitator Julie Rondan jvrondan
hi I'm a strong independent white woman living in the 21st century who don't need no man to buy her presents (only joking boys 😏)
Oh it wasn't my parents. It was one of my house mates when I was in the independent living program at blind school
Brookdale Place of Paradise Valley, located in Arizona offers independent living.
"Swathes" of European citizens living in Britain turned away from ballot box in the EU elections on Thursday
Grow yo own hair since you so independent 😂😂😂
Hello Ketchikan friends, the Only Fools Run At Midnight race to benefit SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living) is coming up on the night of Saturday, June 21. I am looking for volunteers to help runners stay on track out on the race course. Let me know if you are willing to help out, or expect me to come asking. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You've been warned. :)
"How did he EVER get a gun with bullets?!" The reaction from suspected Isla Vista gunman's Independent Living Dir.
MARIAN FINUCANE must have been living in a cave"
This independent living has transformed me... I don't find it exciting filling up my wardrobe anymore. I get excited filling up my fridge
It feels so good living on my own and being independent!
What do we know about the Independent Living Institute and why is the media not mentioning in its coverage of
"I'm independent livin" - dude still living at his moms house
- you may need to spell it out to your MP - Save The Independent Living Fund
Steve Gibson adds his support to the SAVE The Independent Living Fund - Postcard Campaign
What an AMAZING 'Community of Grace' I belong to at Community Christian Church. Great message today Dave! THANK YOU for all that read my post on Wednesday asking for prayers. The prayers worked along with just having an INCREDIBLY LOVING GOD, and my work in living in trust and dependence on Jesus instead of battling independent living. Danny and I are blessed with being selected on Wednesday night by Bridge Communities to aid us in moving into our OWN apartment!! We are BEYOND thankful and excited. It reminds me how wonderful our God is and what a huge blessing this will be for Danny and I. We will be able to be our own Family - just him and I again and I couldn't be more thankful to all those that were praying for us, some not knowing me well why I was even asking for prayers. Thank you to all those at the Bridge organization that they heard my situation and 'story' and saw hope in me. Very touched on many levels. Love to all and thank you again for everyone's support. :) I've never had such an amazing . ...
Finding it strange that lists methodically each move he makes all his life, until his last move, to
what I find hilarious is people who are not living here and not part of the discussion think we are already independent
Kyungri's background Story . Kyungri was just another young adult living the YOLO life. She's independent, sass…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Despite a court ruling the Independent Living Fund which over 18,000 ppl with disabilites rely on to close. TORY UK
DPAC Suffolk (Disabled People Against Cuts). A day of peaceful protest at the DWP/ATOS Assessment Centre St Felix House, Silent Street, Ipswich, IP1 1TF. Monday 2nd June 2014 10am - 4pm. This is Suffolk DPACs on-going campaign to high-light the coalition governments unfair & discriminatory treatment of Suffolk's disabled people and their family's. We Demand the coalition government: 1. Scrap work capability Assessments of Sick & Disabled People. 2, Scrap PiP (personal independence payments) & Restores Disability Living Allowance. 3. Restores The Independent Living Fund. 4. Stop Unjustified & Deliberate Sanctioning of Disabled & non-disabled Claimants. 5. Scrap Bedroom tax. 6. Scrap unpaid work for benefit claimants - If work needs doing, people should be paid for doing it. (Forcing the unemployed to do UNPAID WORK takes away work and undermines wages). The Coalition Government is trying to turn the clock back to Victorian attitudes & policies for disabled people by labelling us as welfare scroungers, whil ...
Father of Transition to Independent Living retires from TC via
Virtue 3: INDEPENDENT THINKING - accepting the responsibility of forming your own judgements. Living by the work of your own mind.
Join the campaign to save the Independent Living Fund via
He accused one roommate of stealing $22 of candles. He was in an Independent living fac.
I wish I could be at today's event but I have to work, but know that I support you in spirit and in independent living.
Independent living is retirement living with a fresh twist
I grew up living with 4 generations. My great grand taught me to be a fierce, kind, independent woman.
From Bill Lough: I included this article to show that we are not alone in our concerns. This article appeared in the English newspaper, The Guardian, April 21, 2014 Scope is turning its back on disabled people like my sister The charity wants to move away from residential care homes – but independent living is simply not an option for some. My sister is 54 years old, and has lived very happily in her residential care home for the last 38 years. Nicky has cerebral palsy and relies entirely on her carers, many of whom have worked at this home for years. Last October, myself and other family members of residents received a letter from the charity Scope, which runs the home, informing us of ts proposed closure some time in 2015. Scope is a charity whose mission statement is that it exists "to make this country a better place for disabled people and their families". Yet it has decided to close 11 residential care homes under its control, including Hampton House in Northamptonshire, because it wants residents ...
We are independent distributors for Forever Living Products. We are not medically trained therefore we can not give any medical advice.
If my wife wants to talk tough to a *** that beats *** for a living, then she can be a strong independent woman that don't need no man
Ok folks, time to let the cat out of the bag & tell everyone what God is up to in our lives. Jim & I have become painfully aware over the last number of months that we are no longer physically able to do the maintenance & upkeep that is necessary to keep a home in good working order & repair & eye pleasing so we decided to look in a different direction of life. We began praying & seeking God's direction for alternatives. Where He has led us is to adult independent living. Oh believe me that might sound a little "old person-ish" but it is far from it. First & foremost for me is I will NEVER EVER have to cook again.NEVER! Three meals a day are provided if we so choose to eat in the dining room but hey with a culinary arts institute trained chef who wouldn't want to, right? We get house keeping once a week, all utilities are included, transportation to appointments if we want to utilize it, trips & activities planned & organized to enjoy with other folks our own age, a bank & beauty shop in the buildi ...
"To live a life independent, apart from God, is to live a life of living death." - Tim Kirk
Elliot Rodger was living w/ roommates @ Independent Living Institute in says No answer now.
Update your maps at Navteq
Difference between The Government and Yogurt is that Yogurt is an 'active living culture' htt…
there's also a butcher that advertises in Dartford Living. 1 of the few independent local butchers left!
Paul from shares how to help your parent live independently with
Decisions stem from clear and independent thoughts - living thru and with them comes thru interdependence !
Living alone and independent gives you so much freedom, but people often don't see the challenges that come with it.
Labada at night. Independent living problems. Sigh... :'(
now an independent distributor for Forever Living products yay!
"Living" is often a mental state quite independent of physical environment or occupation. What does it mean to "LIVE" intensely?
Age does not disqualify a person from fulfilling his or her life in ways that are meaningful.
Parents said i was independent . I said im not if im still living with my parents .
Take time to watch. Mary Laver on the importance of the Independent Living Fund
How does hearing loss affect independent living?
The stories behind the individuals set to lose the Independent Living Fund are shocking in the extreme an attack on their …
Mobility bathrooms for improved accessibility, independence and quality of life
Moved my daughter Whitney into her new place, yesterday. She and her 2 little girls have been living with us for nearly four years. It's been exciting and hectic, as Whit prepared to return to independent living, in her own home, with her children. Her mother and I are very proud of her. She has recovered quite nicely from a tough divorce and done a terrific job of rebuilding her life as a single parent. She's a strong and loving mom and just an all-around beautiful person. She'll be fine. And, Tori and I now begin to reclaim our house and our life, as old people with adult children. Sarah's family plans to move out to their new place, as soon as next week, and that will just leave our youngest son, Jack, who is starting high school in the fall. Just the 3 of us in the house, for the first time since soon after we bought it. Seems like we've had every room full for so long. It'll be nice to have it all to ourselves again. So why did I wake up, so sad, this morning?
We're looking for great independent artists. We want to propose a fair deal & another way of living. Contact us on
An adjustable foot board could mean your patients can move more easily, avoiding painful pressure sores
EU citizens living in the UK denied the right to vote in the Euro elections - this happened to my Greek partner.
Live photo update! :D Adventure Mania in the city- Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma Fame. 55 Kids.. Enjoying First Step into the Wild... Learning their way to Independent living!
So I have been thinking. I know, it's a miracle. Recently I have felt like I have no purpose. So, I was pondering the possibilities. I've decided that I am going to put my hustle to good use in a new game. Real Estate School. My Papa made money as a successful Broker and Investor. So I am going to check into it. I plan to use the money I make to start the Foundation for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury. The main goal of the Foundation will be to educate Patients, their families, and the public about Traumatic Brain Injury and the stigma associated. Ensure that Victims dignity is held in the digest regard. So these unique people can integrate back into society and lead productive lives. It is my intention to ensure certain rights for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury thru legislation. The most important if these is guaranteeing independent living without fear of discrimination or abuse. While also gauranteeing safety from all who choose to be ignorant.
Big day for my folks as they left their condo in Skokie and moved into independent living facility at Hawthorn Lakes in Vernon Hills. Great to have them close by !!
Week 3 : May 19, 2014 : This was the week of transitions my husband was taking a class in my hometown and we stayed with my mom. When we arrived my mom informed me that she was going to have to leave to Mexico to transition my aunt (her only sister) from independent living to Assisted Living. With FasterEFT I've learned that tapping in the moment is what helps the most. So there I was tapping about abandonment, tapping on growing old (me and family members), tapping on financially affording to care for my husband and I and other family members we want to help in their transitions while supporting our children in their own transitions to adulthood. So the cycle went...and then came the need to snack.interestingly enough Of look for something in the kitchen and be moved to drink water. This had been slowly happening since I started talking on food issues in my Level 2. FasterEFT has been instrumental in helping my cravings to eat and feed my emotions in order to silence them to ultimately subside to whisper ...
When people ask how my dad is doing, and I reply that he's now having dialysis, they all say, oh, how sorry they are -- but I correct them. "No, this is a really good thing!" Honest. Here's the intriguing tale. And also a bit on the whimsical life of an independent living residence.
My gramps needs an "independent living" place around the Orlando area for under $1500/month. I'm feeling defeated and like there are few (no) options. Please help if you know a place with openings immediately or very soon.
On May 15 I posted some details on my older bro' schizo' Bob's case. His wife died last Jan. so I've been getting over there to Mt. Holly each week to try to help him. Cleared 50 lg. bags of trash, cleaned 18 lg. bags of laundry & organized, replaced broken toilet & tried to get him a health aide. It seemed to me that his schizo' symptoms were much alleviated from what they were years ago. Perhaps new neural pathways had developed in his brain to help things. At this point in time it seemed that all he really needed was four hours of Home Health aide help 3X per week. The doc' wrote a script' for Home Health services evaluation. The state then intervened unknowingly by canceling Bob's Medicaid ins. when it canceled his wife's policy that he was on. Several visits to welfare office & 3 case manager interviews later, Bob had a new food stamp card and also once the state completed investigating (now 3.5 months since the doc' wrote the script' for the eval.), Bob had his Medicaid coverage restored. I h ...
This Memorial Day, Durham veterans have a Durham County Extension Master Gardener to honor for his singular leadership and commitment to their housing needs. Alex B. Denson, a Durham County EMG, Naval veteran, retired US Magistrate Judge, and long-time advocate for the Triangle community’s homeless, is working in partnership with the nonprofit Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes (CASA) to build The Denson Apartments for Veterans. The construction project will offer a total of 23 units of permanent, supportive housing for homeless Durham veterans with disabilities. “Any of us could suffer a tragedy, accident, illness or bad luck at any time that could cause us to lose our jobs, our possessions, and our homes causing us to become homeless. If that happens, we are the same people we always were, but we need a hand up to be able to return to independent living in safe, comfortable housing. As a veteran, I feel that I am in a special group of people who have served their country, often at great s ...
Looking forward to seeing our adults with Spina Bifida next Wednesday, May 28th at our Monthly Adult Group! Taylor Grace will be presenting on the health benefits of Hand & Ear Reflexology & teach us how we can do it ourselves! Taylor is a Reflexologist, Energy Worker, Toe Reader & so much more! So meet her by joining us from 6-8pm at Arizona Bridge to Independent Living on the first floor in the Café!
With the recent story of the life for orphanage graduates living under the streets of Bucharest. I thought you all might enjoy these two comparison stories about my daughter Daniela that I shared with friends and family this past week! Tina It's with great joy that we are announcing that Daniela Goldstone is graduating on June 7th from Shepherds College in Union Grove Wisconsin. The past 3 years having been very exciting and challenging for her and she has worked so hard to accomplish her goal of becoming an independent adult. She has overcome so many barriers and is now a poised and confident young woman. She will soon complete her program in horticulture and small animal care. She has been living in her own apartment on campus and in the fall will be moving into her own apartment (maybe with a really lovely friend from college!) in Walworth Wisconsin. She will be, hopefully, starting her own career. She will live in a wonderful supportive community called Inspiration Ministries where she will continue t ...
Congratulations to four employees at Easthampton Savings Bank that recently received promotions. Making news: Area business briefs Saturday, May 17, 2014 (Published in print: Monday, May 19, 2014) Easthampton Savings Bank promotes four EASTHAMPTON — Williamsburg resident Nancy A. Lapointe was promoted to Easthampton Savings Bank’s senior vice president of branch administration. She as worked at ESB since 2000, and before that, she had more than 20 years of retail banking experience with BayBank, BankBoston and Fleet, where she held various management positions and was a vice president. Lapointe will be responsible for community involvement, business development, management of the Main Street office and branch administration. She is on the board of directors and treasurer of the Northwestern Children’s Advocacy Project, Inc. and the Ella Clark Home for Independent Living, Inc. Lapointe is chair of the Cooley Dickinson Health Care Golf Committee and a corporator for the Association for Community Livin ...
Huge thanks to OU Independent Living program for providing staff w/ training today! Positive transitions for our boys are our top priority!
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Doncaster members of the 'Freedom Ride' will be gathering at Doncaster station foyer between 10.30 and 10.45. We'll be catching the 11.03 to Meadowhall and picking up some members on our way. At Meadowhall we'll be joined by the Barnsley and Sheffield contingent and will hold our protest meeting to discuss strategy. Anyone with a South Yorkshire bus/train pass is invited to join our protest or to come and just wave us off. Members of Doncaster 50plus Older People's Parliament are particularly welcome as most have these passes. All disabled members of SYCIL (South Yorkshire Council for Independent Living) and blind or partially sighted members. If we do not protest then our rights will be trampled on. Here's believing Doncaster people do have some moral courage and I'll see you all tomorrow at 10.30...:)
The Arc of Luzerne County and host PA Independent Living online radio show -
Vocational Rehabilitation for some advice on how to do this...I called ABIL (Arizona Bridge to Independent Living) and they told me (cont)
After getting back on days, I'm feeling better getting off nights. I'm still not working in my ideal niche, but it's getting ready to happen. I'm really getting ready to roll out my Wellness Coaching program. AND I've been approached by an educator in the hospital system where I work to be a vendor in an upcoming Wellness Fair. I'm also teaching classes in a local Independent Living community. I met with my biz coach for an intensive ALL day yesterday. I'm excited because my system is all coming together. Because of my own burn-out mid-life, my focus group is mid life professional women (no offence guys, Im not excluding men, just not focusing there) I've also met with a Human Design coach, and now understand why I reached the burnout state I did. I feel so alive when teaching and sharing my wellness passion. AND I'm excited because I just found out that Wellness Inventory (The program I use) may have a retreat center built in the mountains of NC. And I'll be able to have retreats there. (actually it's a ...
IN AID OF LONGFORD Centre of Independent Living (CIL). Legan Drama Group are putting on the John B. Keane play Big...
COPA leaders turn out for the Salinas economic development plan. St Mary's of the Nativity church, Center for Community Advocacy, CHISPA housing, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, Central Coast Center for Independent Living.
To kick off Full Circle Festival, we have beloved poet Naomi Shihab Nye's Keynote Address: "A Shadow or a Friend - How Words Travel With Us All the Way." Nye will talk and read from her work, followed by Q&A and book signing. Friday April 11, 7pm, UVM Campus, Ira Allen Chapel The next morning, the official Full Circle Welcome Address will be given by Susan Wehry, M.D., Commissioner of Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living. Saturday April 12, 9am, Main Street Landing Film House
A final budget agreement has not yet been reached, there is still time to contact Legislators! PLEASE call Legislators today and ask them to increase Independent Living Funding! Independent Living Funding has decreased or remained flat for the last 10 years. Ask for an increase in funding from $12.361 million to $15 million. This is an increase of less than $2.7 million. In 2012/2013, ILCs served 85,541 people, a more than 7% increase in service utilization compared to five years ago. As New York continues to implement major systemic reforms to the state's Medicaid system that drastically change the way health care is delivered to New Yorkers with disabilities, this number will continue to increase. The State should pre-invest Medicaid savings in Independent Living Centers to support their efforts to transition and divert individuals with disabilities from costly institutions to fully integrated community based settings. Data from the New York State Education Department, ACCES-VR, show that the work of IL ...
NEWSPAPER ARTICLE ABOUT COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR Palestine Resource Center for Independent Living (PRCIL) will host their tenth annual Community Health Fair on Friday, April 4th. The fair, which includes speakers, free screenings, and free restaurant samplings, will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Evangelistic Temple, 3011 North Loop 256 in Palestine. “Each year we have tried to give emphasis to a particular health issue that is rampant in our county. In past years we have targeted diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and promoted health and wellness alternatives, as well. These issues will all continue to be a part of the fair, however, since it is our 10 year anniversary, we wanted to call attention to another disparity which is very high in Anderson and surrounding counties,” said PRCIL Executive Director, Sara Minton. “The focus for this year’s fair will be colon cancer. The facts that we now know to be true in our area are as follows: • of all Texas counties, Anderson has one of the highest ...
What do we mean by Independent Living? - Digital Agenda for Europe via
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