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Origami Owl - Sharon E Penner, Independent Designer wants you to believe in the magic of holiday charms.
Do your kids believe in santa clause? @ Origami Owl- Kym Whipps, Independent Designer # 204328
Tired as fug!!! Been up since 3 a.m. (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Catching up on recorded shows! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Make sure to stop by and get some candy from our very own Origami Owl - Sharon E Penner, Independent Designer
Brooke in her birthday mermaid blanket. @ Origami Owl, Nancy Tompulis Independent Designer
Fall 2016 Collection from Origami Owl available from Origami Owl - Michelle Dickson, Independent Designer
Time to get moving for work! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
I will be there next week! LOTS of stock :) Origami Owl. Tina Chamness. Independent Designer
Carrie Ruttman Hartsell you are the winner of the Origami Owl - Kim Miller, Independent Designer giveaway.
Off to the city today! Hate this ride! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
As a ( Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer ) I need lighting for my...
Come see Origami Owl - Christina Chapman, Independent Designer under the Simply Smashing overhang today!...
As an Independent Designer for Origami Owl from WV maybe Origami Owl could help with flood relief in WV!
see why I love Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer ~ let me know if you wish to host a...
Getting ready for the next job! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Oragami Origami Owl - Sharon E Penner, Independent Designer and The Lauras are here to help you find your...
Let's get this day started! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Go and check out joining Origami Owl as an Independent Designer if you have questions...
Home and missed 1/2 of Empire! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Home with the babies! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer
Origami Owl has an amazing Owlette program for kids aged 12-17 to join with a parent Independent Designer. This...
If you can help support Autism Awareness through Origami Owl - Robyn Drothler, Independent Designer it...
The winner of the triple wrap leather bracelet from Origami Owl- Beth Bell, Independent Designer is Ashley...
Come by and see me at Madison Reserve till 1. With Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer —...
happy mail day! @ Origami Owl by Amy Marek, Independent Designer
Join me and grow your own Origami Owl business as an Independent it fulltime or part-time...earn...
Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer is offering a promotion today to celebrate Tax Day!...
So excited to have everyone in Join us on this amazing Journey with Origami Owl ~ Independent Designer,...
The new Spring catalog from Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer has been released!...
Origami Owl - Leslie Mata, Independent Designer will be showing guests a great way to commemorate all the happy...
Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer will be there!!!
How many animals can you see.? @ Origami Owl - Jasmine Brase, Independent Designer
Congratulations to Origami Owl, Theresa Theisen-Independent Designer for being this week's feature! . Every...
Independent Designer for Origami Owl, my website is: take a look, hope you enjoy!
Chillin' in the cut!!! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
What's your story? Tell it today with Origami Owl - Amanda Woodward, Independent Designer at...
Make the leap!! Join us tonight, and find out what being an independent designer for Origami Owl is all about.
Go to my Origami Owl page Origami Owl- Lynda Price, Independent Designer to see my special for today October 7th!
Today's vendor spotlight is on Origami Owl - April Hayes, Independent Designer . "Origami Owl is a...
Ladies and Gentlemen….we do believe Origami Owl - Danielle Delfanian, Independent Designer has officially...
Hello Crossroads Community. My name is Missie and I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. We are a direct sales company that just launched our new fall catalog. I'm looking for some people that would love to host a party. It does not have to be in your home... it can be a catalog party or a fb party! I carry a lot of inventory so there is also the option of make and takes! Our if you would just like a catalog...that's fine too! Please message me if interested. Below is just a few of our new items!.Sorry the picture is a wouldn't let me upload it from my phone!
Why did I become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl?   First of all, I've always been a fan of tiny and cute things...remember when we were in elementary school and we used to collect erasers and other small knick-knacks?   And do you remember that store "Have a Heart" at Puainako Town Center? Oh my gosh! That was my favorite store! I'm so sad that they had to close down... oh and I loved buying Sanrio items as well! I wish they still had Pochacco on board. (I even have a tattoo of him). And so, I guess I never lost that feeling of being attracted to tiny, cutesy things. (Even my motorcycle is 3/4 the size of a regular bike). And I have a couple of those Micro Machine cars collecting dust somewhere.   So when I first saw Origami Owl online, I was very interested in it! I wanted to see the products in person and made arrangements to meet with an Independent Designer while visiting my hometown this summer.    And let me tell you, it was love at first sight!   A couple of weeks later, I became an ...
So excited for Bethany McBride jewelry bar today!! — at Origami Owl ~ Samantha Meadows, Independent Designer
Say what?? ~ all of this .with, Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer contact me ;)...
Lisa is cleaning! Floor project must be ending... — at Origami Owl - Lisa McNally, Independent Designer
How is your day going?! — at Origami Owl- Sherry Arnold, Independent Designer
It's an kind of morning @ Origami Owl - Jennifer Jackson, Independent Designer
And the winner are: Origami Owl - Gwenn Frasco, Independent Designer on the T-Shirt, AVON with Lisa Maslyk on the...
Lovebug and her craziness! — at Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer
Today from 8am until the last dog leaves, the Mutt Hutt Pet Grooming in Perdido is holding a dog wash to benefit the North Baldwin Animal Shelter! All washes are $10 each, and no job is too big or small! Donations of unopened dry or canned pet food, blankets, and pet toys gladly accepted to go with the Shelter donation. There is a food truck on site, raffles from various local businesses, Hillary Johnson representing Scentsy and more! I am representing Origami Owl - Sarah N. Peaden, Independent Designer from the hospital while my daughter recovers. Feel free to contact any of us for more vendor details or Misty Yarbrough with the Mutt Hutt for directions. 364 Pleasant View Dr Perdido, Al
Origami Owl designers Blake Fearon and Danielle Fearon will be in this show today and Mom will be there with their mobile jewelry bar. In the mobile jewelry bar are items from the new collection launching on 8/18. Look for her, she will be in the black polo with ORIGAMI OWL on the back. Origami Owl - Dani Fearon, Independent Designer
Eventually I'm going to get someone partying with me ;) Origami Owl-Dawn Carden, Independent Designer
Get these pieces before they are gone! Origami Owl - Izzy, Independent Designer
I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl! I love their beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry!
Off to a jewelry bar! — at Origami Owl ~ Samantha Meadows, Independent Designer
Really trying to get caught up! — at Origami Owl - Shannon Lang, Independent Designer
Hey! I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl! Would love to help you design a Living Locket :)
National Police Wives Association and Origami Owl - Kim Miller, Independent Designer are teaming up once again...
Please everyone if you would go like my page, One Charm At A Time I am now an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. (: Here is the link to my website the orders begin! (;
Better get my butt moving! Gotta roll out and get to Tashina Williams' baby shower! Be there by NOON folks! Games to be played! And then I will see all of you right back there tomorrow for her Origami Owl Party with Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer Have a great day fam and friends!
Come see our friend Origami Owl - Christina Chapman, Independent Designer - she has all the fab fixins' to...
sending a SHOUT OUT to our FEATURED VENDOR:. Deborah Jones, Independent Designer, Origami Owl...
My name is Cassie, and I'm an Independent Designer with Origami Owl! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with Linda's Online Jewelry Bar. It'll be fun! Happy shopping. :)
Next Thursday night in Cheshire! Shop for a good cause! Origami Owl - Melanie Yardley, Independent Designer...
A Huge thank you to all of the local businesses that participating in our event: HAPPYFAMILY, Boise Betties, Origami Owl - Brittany Joplin, Independent Designer. Shady Lane Studios, Pinky Printz, Michele Gibson with Blush Photography, Push 5K "The Stroller Run", Mommas Sneakycakes, Jaybird's Barefoot Books, Christina from Saint Als Baby. Cassiskids, Julia Davis Park. Toys ''R'' Us. Can you believe everyone left with some sort of raffle prize!
On the 17th there is an Open House at 522 L3 Cedar St! Shonda Elkins with Enchanting Scents will be there representing Scentsy, Kevin-Makenzie Hartzel with It Works Wraps by Makenzie Hartzel, Simone Brandon will be representing Thirty-One Gifts, and Nicole Kallbreier will be representing Origami Owl by Nicole Kallbreier, Independent Designer, So come check out It Works products there if you aren't sure about them already, then come and actually try a wrap at my wrap party. :)
I have an online Origami Owl - Liz Sanders, Independent Designer 33858 AKA Locket Liz party going on...SO fun jewelry and people are designing their own Mother's Day gifts!! If you've been thinking about checking them I'll leave my link below...or ask questions!
What a great weekend that was! Great times with my folks and MIL at Dade City's Wild Things and an amazing relaxing day yesterday. Not to mention signing up as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl! I'm ready to start this week upbeat and excited and really looking forward to a double payday on Friday! lol :) Origami Owl - Mindy Choate, Independent Designer
Excited to spend tomorrow afternoon with one of my favorite Mother/Daughter Duos D'Aun Schoenrock Butler and Brittany Butler , who are hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. These customizable lockets are a great way to Celebrate the Women We Love. It starts at 2. Call for directions or shop at or Like my fan page Origami Owl- Joy Butler, Independent Designer
Please like my page!!! Origami Owl Living Lockets ~ Independent Designer ~ Nichole Reams Midgett I am going to be doing a special for all of you when we reach 1300 likes!!!
The Jewelry Bar is coming to a close! If you would like to stay in contact with me and see what's new with O2 you can follow me at Origami Owl- Sarah Bernstein, Independent Designer
About Time = sweet movie — at Origami Owl - Lisa McNally, Independent Designer
This will be a very long post. BUT SO WORTH IT.. if you have any inkling of becoming an Origami Owl designer or want to know why many of us chose to have this as our business. It's written by one of our Men Of Origami Owl but is very relevant to all. Men of Origami Owl (Moo's) By Director Marty Miller Why Men Can and Should be Selling Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry July 27, 2013 by Heather I am a man … Good afternoon ladies (and hopefully gentlemen). My name is Marty Miller and I am Heather’s fiancé and today’s guest blogger. I am an Independent Designer and Senior Team Leader for Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. And I am a man. That’s right, although it’s not my full time job, I make pretty good money selling jewelry on a part-time basis. And I love it! If you are a woman reading this right now, go find your 14 year old or older son and/or your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, etc. and have them read this with you. It’s my hope that after reading this post, they will be convinced to at least ...
Come out this Thursday to the Faith Lutheran Church. I will be there with Kim's Origami Owl, Independent Designer...
For my fellow Shocker fans ... Check out the awesome necklace my girlfriend Amy Doane designed for us! Take a peek at her page to customize yours! Origami Owl- Amy Doane, Independent Designer
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
You were born to shine; so was Origami Owl (@ Origami Owl - Faith Gaubault, Independent Designer) [pic]:
March is here! Spring is coming! (@ Origami Owl - Faith Gaubault, Independent Designer) [pic]:
Contest ends tomorrow! Don't forget to like Origami Owl - Danielle Riley, Independent Designer and let me know...
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out to the Pure Romance Party! You guys were great! Thanks again, Mary Waldron for all the fun!...And Polly Hunter, you are too funny! I hope to see you guys next month when I'll be hosting a Origami Owl Party - with Sabrina Cooper, Independent Designer!
**GAME within a GIVEAWAY** Comment here what you would do with $750 in Cash if you won it. ONE LUCKY PERSON WILL WIN A FREE CHARM JUST FOR COMMENTING BELOW WHAT YOU WOULD DO! Let your friends know about it too! TO ENTER THE $750 CASH GIVEAWAY KEEP READING! **$750 Cash Giveaway** What would you do with an extra $750!!! Origami Owl - Kim Sweetser, Independent Designer helped sponsor a $750 Cash Giveaway over at Tuck My Fans in With Business!! Enter using the link in the comments below or stop by their page and click their Giveaway tab at the top of their page! Good Luck everyone!
DARLING necklaces over at Origami Owl - Lisa Lawrence, Independent Designer! Go check her page out!
.and the list just keeps on growing! Don't forget to purchase your tickets early for an additional entry into the raffle. Early bird tickets are on sale now through February 7th! * One night free stay with the Crowne Plaza Dallas Market Center * Spa Gift Basket from The Purple Crate Company * Gift Certicicate from South Hill Designs- Abilene, Texas with Sylvia Barone * Basic cleaning service for your home or office from P Smith Ceo of Talk of the Town... * (4) Fitness classes from Bodies in Motion Health & Fitness Studio * Jewelry set from Sha Divaa Seabrooks of Nubia's Natural Designs... * (2) garments from KURVZ Boutique * Miche Bag from Paula L Wingo * Gift certificate from Fierce N Sassy Salon * Book by Author Devin Brown titled Be Your Own Beautiful * Gift certificate from Origami Owl - Shevette Maultsby, Independent Designer * 7 day accelerator start up kit from Tekiyah Plexus Slim: The Pink Drink * Gift Basket from Tenna Adams Independent Beauty Consultant * Gift certificate from Tina It Works Jone ...
Mark Your Calendars! Saturday, February 1st, Origami Owl-Kim Burke, Independent Designer will be set up in our store taking orders. Come in that day and receive your order in time for Valentines Day. There are so many cute items on the menu. Can't make it into the store that day? NO PROBLEM! You can come in sometime before and we can have your order ready for her. Each customer who places an order will be entered into a raffle to win FREE product! Perfect for women and girls of all ages. We look forward to seeing you.
Origami Owl Sherri DiPaolo Independent Designer is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
Awesome Giveaway this week! Your pick of a Cupcake Club book and a specially designed cupcake charm necklace from Origami Owl- Michelle Ridge, Independent Designer ! Entry info on the blog:
Hi GTU my friend from Origami Owl is running another contest for the Grief The Unspoken Family. You have to go to her page. Under neath she explains exactly what you have to do. I wish everyone the best of luck your gift is beautiful! Direction: Remember go to her page: I would love to give one of your fans a Living Locket from one of my collections. All they have to do to enter to win this locket is go to my site Origami Owl - Deni Tweedy, Independent Designer, "like" my page and leave a comment that they were sent to my site from "Grief The Unspoken". I will run this give-away from now through Jan. 14th. The more likes, shares, and comments they leave, the more times they will be entered to win. I am so excited to get to meet more wonderful people from your groups! Thank you for this chance again and here is a picture of the beautiful locket they will be winning.
{ Contest Time! } Show me your tree! The most creative, Best Dressed, interesting, or just prettiest tree will be determined by a fan vote! Winner will receive a $25 gift certficate to spend with April Slipsager, Origami Owl, Independent Designer! Winner will be selected and notified on Dedcember 21, 2013. To enter: Post a picture of your tree as a comment here or on my page. I will add all entries to an album for voting! Entries need to be submitted no later than December 15th Voting will last from the 16th - 20th! $25 Gift Credit must be used by January 31, 2014. Open to US only; ages 18+
Thank you Tandem Dinner & Wine Bar for such a wonderful ladies night for Hopelink. And thank you so much to all of our raffle contributors: The Summit at Snoqualmie, Sparta's Pizza & Spaghetti House, Chaplins Subaru, Do Tell Mill Creek, Origami Owl, Shari Leid, Independent Designer, Pederson Properties and others. Thank you!
Head on over to my Origami Owl :: Charity Plaster, Independent Designer page to enter today's giveaway! Winner will be announced TONIGHT at 8pm! Good Luck!
Adventures of A & Katie Perry-Origami Owl, Independent Designer are doing a over on
WOBC Member!. Lisa Dillon - Independent Designer - Origami Owl. Creating life stories one at a time through custom...
What she said - what are you waiting for? Message Origami Owl - Jennifer Webster, Independent Designer to get on the calendar so you can host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and share all the amazing O2 jewelry.
Great Gifts for the Holiday,check out Origami Owl-Barbara A Beam, Independent Designer # 48463
Join me as I start this journey as an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. Some tell stories with words, we tell stories with jewelry. Every jewelry creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going and the dreams you carry in your heart. Origami Owl encourages...
If you haven't yet, please check out and like my page! Origami Owl - Jodie Lotti, Independent Designer
Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a social selling company and I am an Independent Designer in Burlington, NC. I love how these Living Lockets tell a story! Let me help you create your Living Locket today!
I'm excited to have joined Origami Owl as an Independent Designer! Next week, I will be giving away a free charm! Like my page in order to stay tuned for the details!
In March of this year I was faced with a decision that could make or break me. I went with my gut, and now, I have made an extra $400 every month since then. How? I joined Origami Owl, and became an Independent Designer. Since joining, I have gotten married, and some of my commission helped pay for some of the wedding essentials we needed. I have also become a Leading Designer and I hope to promote to a Team Lead by the end of December, but I need help doing that! Do you want to earn extra money by basically doing nothing?! Origami Owl Custom Jewelry sells itself! Origami Owl is the Direct Sales company of 2012/13, with over 50,000 designers, we are the highest commission paid company. Now tell me how this doesn't sound amazing! There are great men and women apart of Origami Owl, and we all have uplifting stories and why we joined. But who doesn't want extra income!? Contact me today! Join My Team!!! You wont regret this decision!!
Today I am thankful for my 3 jobs...LOL Thanks to Origami Owl- Anna Anderson, Independent Designer and In A Pikle- Anna Anderson, Independent Consultant and AccessLimousine Corp I am ready for Xmas this year!
Have you been thinking about booking an Origami Owl- Anna Anderson, Independent Designer party and have been putting it off? Now is the best time, Holiday Gifts and so much stuff that is completely NEW. Including our NEW Bracelets that are available this week. BOOK YOUR ONLINE OR IN-HOME SHOW TODAY!
Origami Owl - Ashley Finfrock, Independent Designer will be at Ladies Night Out tomorrow night! Stop by and see me! New Origami Owl Bracelets can be ordered as of Friday November 8th! Get your order in now!
BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on our Origami Owl - Cathy & Lindsey Poe, Independent Designer page...go check it out! And "like" our page while you're there to keep up on ALL exciting announcements and specials!
If anyone is in the Natomas area tomorrow between 11a-4p, stop by this Multi-Vendor Event! Origami Owl (me!), Thirty One, Scentsy, Jamberry, crafts, and more! Start your holiday shopping off right with a one stop shop. If you can't make it to the event, but are interested in either ordering or hosting an Origami Owl party, contact me or visit my page at Origami Owl - Veronica Hamel, Independent Designer
I a now an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. Learn how easy it is to tell your own story.
Origami Owl-Beth Zimmerle, Independent Designer says I sent catalogs to all who asked for them. But I still...
domain names
I'm going to host an online Origami Owl- Christin Steele, Independent Designer party in a few weeks. My...
Origami Owl - Erica Lang, Independent Designer is having a giveaway. Link is in the first comment.
Getting ready to post the celebration giveaways over on — at Origami Owl - Lorri Moffatt, Independent Designer
win a $60 credit to create your own personalized locket with Origami Owl - Victoria Oscari, Independent Designer...
Hi everyone, it is official, I am an Independent Designer for Origami Owl...Yay! Follow my page for news, products, info, sales and events!
Preparing for new team members!!! — at Origami Owl - Lorri Moffatt, Independent Designer
WOBC Member!. Katie DeVito - Independent Designer - Origami Owl Create a Living Locket™ with custom designed charms that tell the...
Watch my video on called "Origami Owl - Independent Designer Kattie Nepper"
Preparing for new business Origami Owl Independent Designer 31263, Sangria gone doing great with !
You MUST go to Origami Owl - Nancie Oxley, Independent Designer fan page and tag the photo there...Show...
Back to work! — at Origami Owl - Shannon Lang, Independent Designer
Last day to get those entries in for the $40 GC to Origami Owl giveaway from Katie DeVito, Independent Designer,...
I'm an independent designer for Origami Owl, if you have questions!
I am an independent designer for Origami Owl, I would love to help you through the process & answer questions
Origami Owl lockets are unique and one of a kind! Like the Origami Owl Angie Trimbach, Independent Designer...
Origami Owl by Amy Marek, Independent Designer. Like this page and leave your tags...
some Wonderful Businesses! Please LIKE these pages from your personal pages & mention we sent u. Tag your page in a comment when your done so we know u did. * Tots and Tiddlers Toys * Fiona Morrow - Your Inspiration At Home Consultant * Momma Rachaella's Closet * Pink Zebra Angela Knight (Sprinkles, Candles, & More) * Mia Bath and Body - Melissa Snead * Little Usborne Readers * Tucker's Trinkets and Treasures Blessings Unlimited by Alice * {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer * Skinny Wrap Revolution *
Michelle Ivanis, Carol Berg, Shannon Wadinski, Janet Bushy Clark, Amanda Baumgartner, Denise Karczewski, were any of you planning on ordering anything from my Origami Owl - Carmen Sauceda, Independent Designer party? It's was supposed to close yesterday but I still need 4 more orders to gety locket. Anybody?
I am an Independent Designer (a rep) with Origami Owl. How can I help you?
Thank you Liz for ordering from Origami Owl - Carmen Sauceda, Independent Designer. Apparently you are my only order. I know of no others. Thanks.
Today marks my 1 year anniversary with Origami Owl!! I'm so lucky to be part of an amazing company that has helped me and my family more than I imagined. I planned to join because of the amazing product! I never thought I would create a team of 7 wonderful designers and 3 designers in waiting and more in my downline. Thank You Origami Owl Living Lockets and Origami Owl - Karla Savage, Independent Designer
The Crazy Huge Giveaways is now LIVE! 50+ prizes and $50 paypal cash and Origami Owl: Cheney Gadrim, Independent Designer-is sponsoring! Links to enter are in the comments! Good Luck EVERYONE! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!!!
Had a great jewelry bar with great gals last night. Lots of food, fun and shopping!! What could be better !! :) Origami Owl-Terri Farmer, Independent Designer
Here's the list of products that are included in the Giveaway! It is very likely that this list will grow even longer! ** "In God We Trust" Sign by Elizabeth Grace, Gift Certificate ($15) for Origami Owl - Shelley Lancaster, Independent Designer, Gift Certificate ($25) for Dotsy Designs, Hair Bow by Emm's Bowtique Hair Bows, Planter by Wojack Creations, Cross by Luv2playinclay, "Freedom" Block by No Ortinary Crafts, 2 Avon Products, lil' Monster doll by Birdsong Lane, Gift Certificate ($30) for The Burlap Butterfly, "Faith" pillow by My Bella Bean Creations, apron by V and Co Events... to be continued!
Origami Owl by Holly Mc Nally, Independent Designer in memory of my mom. :) My dad is awesome!!!
Remember, send me a message by tomorrow night to book your Origami Owl party & get a FREE dangle of your choice (when we close your party), in addition to what you earn for hostess rewards. Message me your date & get some friends together. Like my fb page, Origami Owl - Angie Rubash, Independent Designer. Only 7 more likes & someone will win a prize. Thank you.
{Origami Owl Living Lockets} Kathryn Perkins, Independent Designer is an Independent Designer for Origami Owl & sells Living Lockets that tell your personal story which you can customize with charms, dangles, plates & their Tagged line!
I {LOVE} when I share the {LOVE} Origami Owl - Dawn Sanborn, Independent Designer
Origami Owl - Julie Lobos, Independent Designer will be a featured vendor at our swap on June 14 again! Thank you, Julie for your support! Check out her page in advance, then stop by her vendor table at the event!
Giveaway ends tonight! Please go and visit Origami Owl - Kristen Bowman, Independent Designer and like her page! Enter to win a Bellanonna Banana Scrub! Click on her giveaway tab to enter :)
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR BECOMING AN ORIGAMI OWL DESIGNER? The basic requirements of becoming an Origami Owl Designer are as follows:Must be at least 14 years of age with a legal guardian signaturePossess a government issued Social Security numberBe a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.Sign + submit a completed Designer Agreement HOW DO I GET STARTED? What do I do first? Complete a DESIGNER Agreement online. Then you'll need my last name: (Cabrales) and my DESIGNER ID .Anticipate the arrival of your Business Kit.Kick off your new profession as an Origami Owl Designer by holding your first Origami Owl Jewelry Party! Due to the amazing success of Origami Owl, they are currently extending a limited number of exclusive opportunities to join the Origami Owl team as an Independent Designer selling their unique line of customizable jewelry. Which basically means there is a wait list :) How it works: Submit your information  to receive your official wait list number via email. r ...
★ ★ Join My Team ★ ★ ► 30-50% Commission ► Work at home ► Make long lasting friendships ► Start with a company from the ground up ► Exclusive training ► Payday every Friday ► Lots of Fun Message me to find out how Origami Owl - Sarah Westendorf, Independent Designer
I am so excited - 2 more days until my my new full time career begins! I resigned from State Farm and my last day is this Friday! June 1st I will be 100% full-time a Mompreneur working my Origami Owl - Karla Savage, Independent Designer business! I thank my team for helping to make it happen and for all my family and friends for your continued prayers and support!!!
Seem Check out this page! You can get me a locket gift lol! :) Origami Owl/ Melissa Floyd, Independent Designer
"SHARE IT TO WEAR IT" still going on at Origami Owl - Cindy Mcqueen, Independent Designer. Just "like" the PAGE (not the post) & share the pic to be entered(MUST DO BOTH)...only 52 away from a winner!!
Hi my lovely friends and family. Can you do me a huge favor and go to my page Origami Owl,Dinette Kaplar-Male, Independent Designer and like it. I would appreciate it. Thank you ever so much.
There is a new contest on my page Origami Owl-Brandy Clegg, Independent Designer
Thursday Night Ladder!! Please follow the instructions so your tags don't get deleted or hidden!! ~ Like featured pages first - Let them know you found them on DSD ~Like or share post (networking pages required to share) ~write a comment with a single word and publish - then edit comment and tag your page using the @ before you write your page name - this will keep your page from being hidden ~Like at least 5 above and 5 below you Play fair - if you aren't liking other pages on the ladder your tag will be deleted. Featured Pages - South Hill Designs With Sherri Burton Independent Artist, Origami Owl - Kristin Raven, Independent Designer, Mialisia Jewelry- Tammy Brown, Stella & Dot
This Wednesday evening come check out what all Origami Owl- Cassi Huntley, Independent Designer has to offer!!
In early 2013, I met a good friend for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Almost immediately after being seated at our table, she handed me an Origami Owl Custom Jewelry catalog saying she thought it was right down my alley. Good friends just know you like that. It was love at first sight. I took home the “Take-Out Menu” and enthusiastically browsed its pages. I then went online and visited every corner of their online store. I read their story. And as simple as one, two, three, I went to a Jewelry Bar™, hosted a Jewelry Bar™, and became an Independent Designer. And that’s only part of my story… Let me make it clear: I have never been a big jewelry wearer or a fashionista; nor have I ever been the social butterfly who is comfortable in a party environment, much less willingly entertaining a group of ladies. Yet, I chose to embark on a journey in direct sales of jewelry. Ironic. But what’s more important than what I am not is what I am. I am someone who loves to create and inspire. I am a photo ...
A great gift for first communion! Origami Owl, Robyn Easlick, Independent Designer
Love this! Check out her other lockets! Origami Owl Mary Jo Rucinski, Independent Designer
Be sure to check out our new Shopping Mall - Stop by and see It Works With Kristen , Simply Said Independent Consultant Lynne Mathis , Origami Owl - Kristin Raven, Independent Designer , and more vendors -
Only 3 more hours to "like" Origami Owl~ Jilleysue (McCarthy), Independent Designer and tell her I sent you! Thanks in advance.
It's giveaway time at {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer! Don't miss out, head over this morning and get entered to win!
Go layered so you don't have to limit yourself to one locket. {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer
Have you seen the new lockets at {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer? I love the chocolate and the black!
LOVE this!! I'm getting one :) Are you a runner or know someone who loves to run and need a gift idea? Feel free to contact my sister, Origami Owl - Marie McLean, Independent Designer for more information.
get at my wife Origami Owl Robyn Liston,Independent Designer and create your locket today..also get info on how u can get free items by hosting a party of your own either online or at your house.thx her make money so i can make money!
HURRY and Order your Mom a unique gift from Origami Owl ~ Jen Bowman ~ Independent Designer!...
Click on "Origami Owl-Sherry Whaley, Independent Designer" at top of this post. then, like our page to be notified of any specials or giveaways.
I'll be there representing Kel's Custom Designs and Origami Owl - Kelly Barton, Independent Designer!! Dress in layers and come see us!!! Free admission, free-to-enter door prizes, swag bags for our first 75 guests, amazing food and vendors! You don't want to miss this event!
This is my new business venture. I became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl in February. I attended a Jewelry Bar at a friends house while we were wintering in AZ. I fell in love with the Living Locket concept, the quality of the product and the price point. The rest is history. My website is
If you haven't heard of Origami Owl - Stacey Hunt, Independent Designer, be sure to visit this page and "Like"...
It all starts with a story. Your story! Origami Owl, Robyn Easlick, Independent Designer
It's your story so create it with some charms with special meaning. Head over to {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer and see what's new for Spring/Summer
Liking Origami Owl - Terry Walker, Independent Designer page qualifies you for this FREEBIE
I can't wait to be there with horn Origami Owl-Jennie Horn, Independent Designer
Origami Owl - Liz, Independent Designer offers the most adorable and thoughtful lockets and necklaces we have...
Today's business spotlight is on April Schumacher an Independent Jewelry Designer with Origami Owl. Their lockets...
So many great new charms from Origami Owl - Cherise Stevens, Independent Designer released today!!! Build your...
Hi! I'm an Independent Designer w/ Origami Owl. Please take a minute & consider becoming a fan. I'd love to have U!
Raising Funds with Origami Owl - Cherise Stevens, Independent Designer!!! From today until April 30th, 15% of...
fantastic custom jewelry! check out this independent Designer for Origami Owl!...
I love my Origami Owl Living Locket from Origami Owl - Amber Ravatsaas, Independent Designer What a...
Janet Roe, Origami Owl, Independent Designer It's like scrapbooking with charms. You tell a story with words; we...
thanks to u in 6week I will be an independent designer for Origami Owl story charm…
Officially an Independent Designer for Origami Owl!! =) or ! yay!
Special gift for a Mom you love! Like my FB page Origami Owl-Shelly Helling, Independent Designer
Enter to win over at Origami Owl, Kara Newton, Independent Designer, it ends on 4/13
Go check out all of the Awesome Neckalces and Charms over at Origami Owl, Kara Newton, Independent Designer, and...
Contact me to order! {Gifting Made Easy} Origami Owl - Khristy Caskey, Independent Designer
Owl - Jennifer Breeden, Independent Designer - make your...
Thanks to our locket-lovin' peeps who came out to see Origami Owl - Christina Chapman, Independent Designer and...
Don't miss the Origami Owl - Stacey Hunt, Independent Designer Open House here at the Hunt Industrial Park this...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
CONTEST, yes CONTEST, still going on! "LIKE" Origami Owl- Erin Kane, Independent Designer for a chance to win a...
{HOT or NOT?} What do you think about these? Thanks Origami Owl - Jodi Ocken, Independent Designer for...
To help us celebrate my Big 30 Birthday month, Mandy Asher, Independent Designer with Origami Owl, is giving away...
Just added a $50 GC to Origami Owl, Samantha Dell, Independent Designer to the auction! Click photo to bid!
Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone. Anyone up for some networking? Simply comment on this status with a link to your business page (the @ sign and then your page name will create a link). Once you've done that, click on everyone else's name that has commented and "Like" they're page. If every one does it, we can get some new friends and fans for all! Also keep in mind that my wall is always open which means you can post any sales and events that you're having on there for everyone to see. I won't take it down :) Here's a new page with under 100 Likes that we can help: Origami Owl - Maritza Morales, Independent Designer
Happy winnner of Origami Owl - Chelsea Thomson, Independent Designer from the Good Golly Graphics giveaway!!! : )
Who wants free jewelry? Stop by {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer and check out the one time special offer!
Origami Owl-Nicole Bisson, Independent Designer everybody, come visit my website. I have recently become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl and am excited to show you their amazing jewelry. I love how you can make it your own. The lockets are a fresh way to tell you story or show off things that are important to you. You can order off my website or we can set up a time for you to host a party with friends and gain hostess rewards. Please pass the information along if can.
I am SUPER excited to have become an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. Each 'Living Locket' tells it's own story and each locket is personalized for you. With Mother's Day coming up this would be such an awesome gift that any person would L-O-V-E to receive.
Who's ready to "launch into something great"?!!! Message me if you'd like information on becoming an Independent Designer for Origami Owl!! {thank you!!}
Dear Des Moines friends, I recently became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. As a designer my job is to help people put together beautiful customized glass lockets. Please check out the website below: would like to book a party for someone in Des Moines on Saturday, March 30th. The first person to comment on this post to sign up for a party on this date will receive a free medium silver locket (chain, charms, plates, and dangles not included).
LOVE jewelry? Check out my two new faves! Origami Owl- Kelly Pirkl, Independent Designer.custom created lockets that tell your story!
Got my Origami Owl starter kit today! More info on my Independent Designer page! So excited!
Had such a nice time at my Origami Owl party. Johna Rosser is the best rep ever! Surprised by some very sweet hosting and birthday gifts! I can't wait to meet my locket. :) Anyone who loves this "Living Locket" concept and would like to design and order your very own can contact Origami Owl- Johna Rosser, Independent Designer or let me know and I can hook you up! My party will close Wednesday afternoon at close of business day (5PM EST). Happy Birthday to me! :) Thanks for coming, ladies!
On pins and needles waiting to get my starter kit for Origami Owl!! Was hoping it would get here today, but not looking like it. Estimated delivery day is Monday anyway. Thinking of having the kick off party towards the end of March. That way Drew and I will be settled into our place. Most of my updates for Origami Owl, from now on, will be on my Independent Designer page. So if you are interested in purchasing from me, and want all the info on specials and dates and everything, you should go like my page. I'll share the link again just in case you need it.
Check out this awesome deal over at ~~Origami Owl~~ Libby Johnson, Independent Designer! YAY!
Giveaway going on Origami Owl - Jennifer Breeden, Independent Designer to celebrate reaching 500 fans! Be sure to like the page and like the giveaway comment to enter :)
Fabulous Day! Me time getting my nails done by Jammin' Nails by Jessie, then Placed my orders with Origami Owl-Brittany Morehead, Independent Designer for Michelle and Erin parties that I had to miss this week. Came home to not 1 but 2 packages from It Works! Pretty great day! Now if only our Tax money would arrive so I could pay off debt and get my truck ready for our Trip to Michigan!
Have you entered our Origami Owl giveaway?? Go "LIKE" Origami Owl- Erin Kane, Independent Designer and let Erin...
Sorry to do this again...but I've been asked how. "Like" and "share" my business page by first clicking on this link Origami Owl - Vivian Freeman, Independent Designer, then clicking on the "Like" box, then share by clicking on share. Hope that helps and thanks to all who have already liked and shared! Love you all. Gift certificate drawing March 31, or sooner if I hit 100 Likes!
Read my raving review of my Origami Owl experience and win a $25 Gift Certificate from {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer! ~Megan
I'm running a last minute February sale over at Origami Owl.Gail Harris.Independent Designer!
Check out Origami Owl-Kerri Palmer, Independent Designer...beautiful jewelry! What a great way to personalize your life into a locket!
Any fans of Rascal Flatts? Be sure to check out the limited time "Changed" tag! (@ Origami Owl - Ashley LaPrade, Independent Designer)...
Who loves I sure do - and you've got to see the Whoot warmer from Scentsy! Ferguson Burk, Sarah Pinger, Sarah Westendorf, Origami Owl - Lacey Ogden, Independent Designer
Check out this awesome giveaway at Lani Hill ~ Independent Designer with Origami Owl I adore these lockets. Who wouldn't want to win one!
It's that time of the year again... TAXES! But wait! Just think what you could do next year... Brand new Vera Bradley bags... TAX WRITE OFF. Brand new iPad... TAX WRITE OFF. New bookcase/shelving... TAX WRITE OFF. Supplies for your business... TAX WRITE OFF. Food for Open House gatherings... TAX WRITE OFF. All of these things and more could be used for your Origami Owl business as an Independent Designer! You can sign up for just $149! Join My Team! Go to and click JOIN. Then enter 8824 and click SUBMIT to get started...
Fb mommy's check out Origami Owl by Stephanie Krepps, Independent Designer!! Simply amazing:) spread the word to your friends! I promise you'll love them!! :)
Sorry for the delay..Kayleigh is having a sleepover.. I am super excited to announce that the Winner of the Origami Owl Giveaway from Origami Owl - Megan Andrewski, Independent Designer is Karen Honeycutt...WOOT! WOOT! Congrats Girl.. Message me & I will tell you how to receive it! ;)
I would like to thank Sugabe This & That, Cowgirls & Chotchkies, "Baubles For Bellas", Origami Owl - Lisa Hollier, Independent Designer, Cajun Belle Boutique for sponsoring my 1000 LIKE GIVEAWAY!
So excited to share that my Independent Designer kit has arrived and I am now officially ready to start sharing the Origami Owl Product! I recently attended a party, hostessed a party, and made the decision to become an independent designer to sell the product as well. I was so impressed and intrigued with what Origami Owl has to offer. It allows you to create a peice of jewelry that represents you! Please contact me for more information and if you have not heard of Origami Owl go out and visit my webpage at
Working a Vendor Event today...1-6. Stop by to see my Origami Owl - Chrissy Pagnotti, Independent Designer...
Have you ever heard of Origami Owl? For Valentine's Day, Origami Owl-Pat Plante, Independent Designer is giving...
Free shipping promo still going on over at ~~Origami Owl~~ Libby Johnson, Independent Designer! She is awesome, fun to work with and these lockets are adorable! (I know because, I have one! :))
Don't forget you can get free shipping through Friday at {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer. Just ask her how!
Ooh this year's Snap Happy Minis will have some awesome sponsors! (Kathy's Just Desserts DBA) Kitchen Wizards is on-board, Voilà! Customs by Nicole, Origami Owl - Devon Weaver, Independent Designer, Mama's Lil Guide! Please go check them out! We still need at least two more sponsors! Please email me if you're interested! caitlin
WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN THIS? (Sponsored) by Origami Owl ~ T.Graham, Independent Designer!! Contest (Ends Feb 27) - Click on the picture for more info and Good Luck!!
On my way to my Origami Owl- Caitlin Waguespack, Independent Designer's jewelry party! =)
out the amazing lockets that are made over at {Origami Owl} - Sarah Pinger, Independent Designer
Did you know that you can earn Free jewelry with {Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer? Host an online party and get the hostess rewards!
Stop by the Kelly Inn in Bismarck today for a Valentines vendor show! I will be here until 3 Elizabeth Kadrmas ~ Independent Designer with Origami Owl
To continue to get updates from Origami Owl-Sarah Fry,Independent Designer.
Check out my Origami Owl fan page then "Like". Register for a free account and you're entered in my FEB GIVE A WAY. Origami Owl-Dianna Niklas, Independent Designer
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Independent Designer with Origami Owl. Become the family historian and create a living legacy for family. Scrap booking sits on a shelf while charms in a locket reveals oneself.
Mark your calendars Ladies. Origami Owl party in Leesburg on March 5, 5:30 to 7:30. Refreshments will be served. These make wonderful mothers day gifts or even a little something for Easter. All is welcome. Just give me a heads up closer to time so we know how food to prepare :) Origami Owl - Joy Allen, Independent Designer
Don't forget the Mount Dora Art Festival Today! Check out Origami Owl- Lisa Vining, Independent Designer and North Lake Macaroni Kid both there today and tomorrow!
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I am Mary Beth Denney, Independent Designer with Origami Owl. Shop, host a party or join my O2 team and "tell your story." Visit my website: TO O2?! Origami Owl’s jewelry is intended to be completely personalized by YOU! Choose from over 250 adora...
I started as an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. They are beautiful lockets that I hope you will love as much as I do. I am available for in home locket design as well as online and catalog events and vendor shows. Contact me for more information.
By the end of the day I will be an official Origami Owl - Independent Designer! I am excited to share my successes as this journey unfolds! My website should be up and running in the next few days! Stay tuned!
everyone go like her page 98 more likes till her amazing giveaway you wont want to miss it Origami Owl - Julie Perez, Independent Designer, Greensboro, NC
Owl} - Sarah Pinger, Independent Designer says- Say "I Do" with an Origami Owl Living Locket this Valentine's Day! You can even spell out "Marry Me..." how great is that?!
This would be fabulous for Valentines. Check out Origami Owl by Kristi Swanson, Independent Designer for many more fabulous necklaces!
Show your love this Valentine's Day with a locket from Origami Owl - Kayla Tannehill, Independent Designer!!
Milly Jamison, you were the winner in Origami Owl - Darcy Earle, Independent Designer's drawing!! Contact me to get your prize ($25 gift certificate) to make your very own custom Origami Owl neckace!! {I'm sure it will be It Works! themed!} =)
Make sure you check out our pages too! Melody & Me, Julie's Lia Sophia Page, Origami Owl - Julie Perez, Independent Designer, Greensboro, NC, and Simply Scentsible by Julie, Scentsy Consultant, Greensboro, NC You guys are amazing! Thank you!
Welcome to my new Origami Owl page! I was able to sign as an Independent Designer tonight and am ready to 'fly'! It's a great time to host a party or place an order- just in time for Valentine's Day!
Do something sweet for your sweetie this Valentine's Day with the help of Origami Owl- Lexi DeSanta, Independent Designer!
Finally looking over my 2012 for Origami Owl and blown away that I added ONE person to my team last January- 1!!! (Shout out to Kristen Wilson Huebschman) and this January we have added 32 already! Hoot Hoot!!! Excited to welcome some more today! Wow! This calls for a celebration: Check it out: Origami Owl, Heather Zimmerman, Independent Designer
Hamilton Collection
My next drawing for a FREE charm will be at 50 likes, so please tell all your friends to come like my FB page, Origami Owl - Amy Cook, Independent Designer, for another chance to win :)
So Stunning! Theres so many different styles to make your own locket, you pick the pieces and ill help you design it! Origami Owl Living Lockets Alicia Graham, Independent Designer
For all the hairstylists out there, check out this locket from Origami Owl - Deborah Robinson, Independent Designer! =)
Im sure you all know by know I am now a Independent Designer for Origami Owl and I am currently running a valentines special and need your help getting the word out, Do you know a special man who could use some help this Febuary? I am going to be helping the guys make very special Living Lockets to tell the greatest love story this Valentines Day, YOURS! When your order comes in I have a special Valentines Day Package available for just 15 dollars more and it will include assembling your locket and gift wrap as well as a blank card for them to fill with sweet words and a half dozen JUMBO chocolate covered strawberries!!! If you know anyone who might benefit from this special please send them my way!!! Origami Owl - Kelsi Walters, Independent Designer
I'm giving away FREE CASH!! Seriously!!! Head over to my business page, "Origami Owl Living Lockets *Stacey Michels, Independent Designer!" Like the page and contact me!! (The free cash is actually free cash you can spend on gas, shopping, spa days, etc!)
for a gift for Valentine's Day? If so, check out the different packages that {Origami Owl} - Sarah Pinger, Independent Designer has to offer over on their page.
I'm so excited to be an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. This personal and inspiring brand of jewelry is sure to be a perfect piece for yourself or even someone else. Let me get you started on designing your perfect piece today.
{Origami Owl} - Megan Burk, Independent Designer wants to tell you why she loves Origami Owl. Stop by and ask her why!
Create a pendant that has special meaning for that special someone or yourself ;) from Origami Owl ~ Jill Snowden, Independent Designer
{Origami Owl} - Sarah Pinger, Independent Designer says- Are you or someone you know having a baby??? Origami Owl Lockets are the PERFECT gift!! Not only for Christmas, but for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements.the possibilities are endless!
Thanks to everyone for joining in and playing our 12 Days of Christmas game. Congratulations to Holmes for being our Grand Prize Winner as chosen by Rafflecopter for the $50 Live Love Dew Gift Certificate, $25 Leafy Greens Gift Card, $25 Gift Card from Origami Owl - Danielle Duke, Independent Designer and a Gift Certificate from Mane, Body & Sole! Don't forget you can still earn $5 DewBucks back for every $25 you spend at Live Love Dew (minus discounts/before shipping & tax) through Sunday!
I love it when we get GREAT FEEDBACK!!! : Origami Owl - Mona Patterson, Independent Designer thank you ! The Sunny Side of Advertising for everything you do! We will always to try do our best with reasonable prices =)
looking for a unique jewelery idea? why not tell your story with these awesome lockets. you can change your charms for different occasions or to suit your mood. So check out origami owl and like my friend Amy Bronkema page she need 23 more likes and then she is doing a give away. Her page is Origami Owl - Amy Bronkema, Independent Designer
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