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So proud :-) finished my first jacket, Hesse, independent German designer. And added my own lining!
One of ShangrilaGems' wishes is to support the fabulous British independent designer makers.…
Is that you implying I'm a sponge living off my parents? I'm an independent web designer. 😂😂😂 I make more than enough.
ISIS and the Clintons have the same bankers: Saudi Arabia & Qatar
Every time you purchase something, however small, from a Designer/Maker or independent shop you're valuing their passion &…
Google decided it can watch almost everything you do. Here’s how to stop it
This will feature many London based independent brands, with discounts of -30% up to -70%!. DETAILS:…
Want to unleash your creativity in the UK's largest independent agency? Look no further:
I have officially become a KEEP Collective Independent Designer!! I…
Senior for an independent design agency in £30-35k…
is an an independent video game developer founded in September 2013
Tired as fug!!! Been up since 3 a.m. (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
I'm not a fully independent designer yet, and still need to work retail to make ends meet
Work hard, play harder. Oh and be independent too.
Acclaimed fashion designer is taking on the beauty world with a limited-edition cosmetic collection https…
It will certainly help! Just imagining Vogue supporting designer zips for detachable/re-attachable boobs now. 😂
This week: an artist spotlight with Lis Grace, independent artist, fashion + textile designer, and social activist.
We're looking for an experienced designer with independent thinking;
We have put together the high street, designer and independent boutiques for the best evening clutches.
To celebrate one year as an independent designer, I've collaborated with the super in creating a showreel of…
Catching up on recorded shows! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
The bold accessibility of independent jewelry designer Liz Law
No...If you care about YOURSELF, put YOURSELF in designer😭☺ Its called being independent😍
Tired of your engagement ring because the setting isn't "you" anymore? An independent jewelry designer can do...
Become a Independent designer this month and get this gift plus your kit
Muslim fashion designer makes history with hijab collection at NYFW .
Digital Designer for a super creative Independent agency! Apply on the link or contact me on…
This Halloween, I'm dressing as an independent designer who works from home and has no real excuse to go out today. Just like any other day😉
Scenic designer at work creating a scale model for her independent study
A great article on the world of the designer maker in 1993, it turns out they were 'passed around' at dinner parties
Make sure to stop by and get some candy from our very own Origami Owl - Sharon E Penner, Independent Designer
this isn't Gucci it's handmade by an independent designer for her personal collection, IG: 👏🏼
Elizabeth Garver Artwear - Elizabeth Garver is an independent clothing designer committed to produ
Lovely new resin Jewellery from Rosa Pietsch designs independent designer and maker from London.
Iranian woman given 40 lashes for wearing miniskirt via
Brooke in her birthday mermaid blanket. @ Origami Owl, Nancy Tompulis Independent Designer
My *** Hurron from Brevort was the first independent fashion line designer that was legit, now everybody wanna have a clo…
Local game designer aims to make a splash with combat game a... Read Blog:
Have you heard of Vivi2Anna? This little-known, independent Latvian designer made 2 of my favourite everyday bras >…
You may not be a designer, but you can still create marketing emails that look clean and professional.
Thrilled to be an independent designer but emptying my pockets after this week's install has me a little nostalgic…
Irish designer creates show-stopping red carpet dress in just three days
This might just be the most painfully middle class newspaper correction of all time
New tech editor rate from an Individual Independent Designer for a sweater design.
The outside in restaurants in London - The Independent
Look back last collection 2014FW I am a real independent designer!
Hi, I'm David Olalekan. I'm an independent Creative Graphics Designer. Help get me some RTs.
Portfolio inspiration: see how independent Berlin-based art director & graphic designer Irvandy showcases his works
Senior Branding Designer for independent design studio
New in: Level Designer (f/ m): YAGER is an independent developer of computer and video games based in…
Designer creates custom collections & ready-to-wear separates from her chic studio.…
We are looking to add to our creative team. 1 curious + independent. Visual problem solver + team player. Champion of ideas
recently opened its first brick & mortar boutique. Find out how the brand began & what it's like to ru…
Designers obsess about independent, powerful women: NEW YORK — The designer Derek Lam was perched on a wooden chair…
Yes! "I have a friend who can mix a skirt from H&M and an Oxfam jacket with designer boots and get away with it"
Look at all the little TCM Models showing the newest designer collections at Bellevue Fashion Week!
What's it like working full-time as an independent lingerie designer? Read story > .
If you haven't already you want to check out on Pinterest! .
💡. ✔️ Buy an hour slot . ✔️ Use it for whatever you need. ✔️ No up sell, just independent advice.
New in store. We got these African print socks by another London based independent designer…
designer Anniesa Hasibuan showing her collection at NY Week.
Independent Designer Platform You can also submit your for more viewers & users!!
Muslim designer makes history with hijab fashion show at New York Fashion Week
Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens is back — and as an independent. He tells why his brand will succeed…
We're sure you care about the future of Designer/Makers & independent shops it would be ACE if you'd share our campaign 😀
NEW POST. Black is the most beautfiul color when worked by the talented designer
Designer registration for Baltimore & New York Fashion Week is OPEN! We also added an independent designer...
Learn more about fashion designer Qiaoran Huang who co-founded Babyghost, an independent clothing brand that has...
Independent designer and account admin he always on say what's good
I think your reader will love our new designer fragrance subscription box, would love to be featured :)
Preparing to head to Kravet for there Independent Women Luncheon. Today is the Designer Kick Off Breakfast and...
“What makes Affinity Designer my go-to vector tool”: an independent blog by Micah Ryan Johnson https…
The hero of this story is an independent developer who managed to design, develop, and rele….
Read more from the Fashion Week at Independent Designer Runway Show:
THE INSPIRATION! Lantern Sense is an Hong Kong independent designer label which established in 2014 by Trevor Ng...
Oh wow, because nothing can go wrong there...its time to end designer babies made in a lab! .
Q: Liverpool is a real hive of independent designer boutiques, but what else is the city famous for? https:…
Independent creative agency are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer |
I'm tired of this. Wearing your oppression proudly is NOT A FASHION STATEMENT!!! ITS A BETRAYAL TO SOCIETY & WOMEN! http…
Fall 2016 Collection from Origami Owl available from Origami Owl - Michelle Dickson, Independent Designer
Web Designer for Independent Film Production Company (Hancock Park): Bluprint Films, an independent social…
co-exists great Independent shops with Franchised services or product lineups by One designer, its how you evaluate relationship
No angel in the past myself but these kids will are being fed horrible designer drugs by scum.
the amazing is the FW Independent Designer Of The Year 2016, and looks like this are why
"I believe the small batch, independent designer is the way of the future." -
Acid NYC showing one of their designs during the Nolcha Independent Designer Show.
Single. Independent. Female. Designer. Has an unconditional offer on a GD HOUSE! Can I get a high five up in here?
Ladies learn how to be independent.💁🏼🙋🏽
I am an independent graphic designer, a website designer, a producer (music). Let me work for you
Pro tip for independent artists from a designer (that would be Ted). Print is still a thing.
Looking for an independent graphic designer to contract some work to. Message me if you or someone you know is interested
Some innovative designs coming out of the Independent Designer Runway Show
Latest news from Mondo*arc Magazine :)). If you're independent lighting designer/lighting artist and you like our...
Judging for took place this morning by independent judge & garden designer Lindsay Stanton. And...
Time to get moving for work! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Hi, I would like to know the best option for creating a site? Get an independent designer or upgrade to Wordpress premium?
I need me a strong independent black woman... whats a king without a Queen
I will be there next week! LOTS of stock :) Origami Owl. Tina Chamness. Independent Designer
Carrie Ruttman Hartsell you are the winner of the Origami Owl - Kim Miller, Independent Designer giveaway.
Visit Carlton on Sunday for a market full of vintage, independent and preloved designer fashion
Join Origami Owl as an Independent Designer this month and these beautiful one of a kind bracelets will be added...
Independent graphic designer, ready to network & colab with upcoming business'
If you're a Designer Maker PLEASE spread word of the campaign. We want to support independent galleries & artists! SUPPORT CREATIVES 👌
If people could see the effort and time that goes into a piece or a body of work created by a young independent designer in comparison
Barbie Ferriera reacts after designers refuse to dress Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones
Congratulations to SA handbag designer, - 10th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards in NYC! htt…
Off to the city today! Hate this ride! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
As a ( Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer ) I need lighting for my...
Come see Origami Owl - Christina Chapman, Independent Designer under the Simply Smashing overhang today!...
As an Independent Designer for Origami Owl from WV maybe Origami Owl could help with flood relief in WV!
I voted for in the Favorite Independent Handbag Designer Contest!
Looking for Designer Looking for an Independent and Freelance developer who have developed the following websites…
We are finalists in HBD101 IHDAwards 2016! Please vote for us on
I just voted for bag as my Favorite Independent Handbag Designer!
Best actor and independent designer . I'll be raw
I am pleased to announce that is a finalist in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards Handmade cate…
NewAlbum Liars will be out soon probably in 2017. Don't count on it. Being an independent song writer, book author and game designer is hard
Independent original designer mechanical watch steam punk bolo tie for men neck tie novelt
Exciting news. You can now get some of my patterns from
.campaign aims to encourage people to support independent shops, galleries and Designer/Makers ...
Vote for C.Nicol as your fav new independent at the
Order Miche Bag Online!
New additions to that indie designer directory:
InStyle : Vote now for your favorite independent handbag designer: …
Vote now for your favorite independent handbag designer:
Shushu/tong is a high-end independent designer brand based in Shanghai combining grunge street style with...
Who has joined and on the Best Accessories short list for an FW Award.
This week launched his womenswear collection, who else is nominated for FW Best Designer?.
see why I love Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer ~ let me know if you wish to host a...
Advert for designer *** surgery banned for being 'irresponsible' -
Shared by Tazy Dazy and check out | Vote For Your Favorite Independent Handbag Designer!
Interiors: Tables for the price of a car: The interior designer Mary Ryder has worked with Zelouf+Bell repeat...
. picked us the best seat mate! Independent brand designer from Taos who gave us awesome restaurant tips. We’ll hook up back in PDX.
If you're passionate about independent shops, galleries & designer/makers then spread word. https:/…
Good evening all do you know a creative/designer who would be willing to donate some design work, for an independent north London (part 1/2)
Shop our classic leather pouch at the place for independent designer brands!
Peter Saville in conversation – the independent communication designer |
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Established since 1998 is the largest kids clothing independent retailer in the Midlands - stocking over 30 designer brands
Fembot is modelled on Hollywood movie star: Like many children, Hong Kong product and graphic designer Ricky M...
Help An Independent Fashion Designer - project needs your support
Looking for Designer Minecraft Server Development. by CaseyVertz: I am an independent contractor working with a…
Designer Sarah in DIT final - Bray People. Designer Sarah in DIT finalBray PeopleThe judging panel for the DIT stu…
It's Independent designer TY again for button! xoxo,RT
Now it is much easier to give back to your community with !
was delighted to be mentioned for our upcoming Bag IT! Designer Handbag Auction in https…
Pick a hair color and IQ. Professor Henry Greely considers the future of lab babies in conception:
Watch an interview with Winner of Independent Designer of the Year. Talks about the future of web design
Help An Independent Fashion Designer - campaign is funding now
“What if a woman decided to make eggs from herself and sperm from herself,and then transfer them to her own uterus?
Such sad news... Brilliant designer, architect, creative...
Have you heard about our campaign to encourage people to buy from independent shops and Designer Makers? .
An expert has predicted the end of sex - in the next 20 years
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Adrian Iorga Branding: . Adrian Iorga is an independent graphic designer currently w...
I could fit that in. Independent designer, long-term Harvest time tracker; on and off. Mostly off. DM me if that suits
Help An Independent Fashion Designer - project - Check it out!
We should worry about this instead of global warming.
.Hank Greely: sex will be made unnecessary by 'designer babies'
How designer Hiromi Asai plans to take the kimono into the world of high fashion (-
Leading independent Retail design agency in London are on the look-out for a new Senior 2D Designer. The ideal candi…
Thanks for this great two-page spread highlighting our garden, & designer . h…
A Stanford professor thinks we'll stop having sex to make babies in the next 20 years
Throwback to one of my first jobs as an independent designer. Logo work for .
is Miss Independent! A nurse at Northside Hospital. Just got promoted. Track star. Graphic designer. And the list goes on!
Hey, my interview is online (with subtitles for my english folks) !
This is chilling- but also quite probably a perfect example of a scientist getting carried away with his own...
Fashion designer Matthew Williamson: 'I don't think that fashion should be an elitist thing'
The fantastic team at Kevin Kelly Interiors will be at
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Getting ready for the next job! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Oragami Origami Owl - Sharon E Penner, Independent Designer and The Lauras are here to help you find your...
Get your hands on Carven for less with this new designer collaboration
Really proud to be nominated Independant designer of the year by awwwards! I need your votes / shares & likes! .
What happened to 2% you could drink all night and not get sloshed? Too many designer at 5%+
Congrats to Monaghan artist/designer Helen Steele who was featured in the
London just reached its pollution limit for the year - after 8 days
Let's get this day started! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
"You want to take a few inches off that?" Boom! I'm a designer..
Like to work with an independent lighting designer? Lets talk!
We are in need of a designer to officially work for us ! Know any independent nice tagg them
André Courrèges, designer and 'inventor' of the miniskirt, dies, aged 92 - The Independent: The IndependentAnd...
Get ready to discover your new favorite footwear brand:
SO proud! Because you know how much work, commitment and effort it takes to be a designer.
As a Muslim designer I ask - what do Dolce & Gabbana know about how we women want to dress
CRAIG GREEN // The Independent. i.e. "the designer seen as menswear's great...
Designer Spotlight: Futura: Learn more about Futura, an independent design studio with a bright future, founde...
Fashion Collective pop-up: The Space plays host to some of Hong Kong’s hottest independent designer brands ove...
New things added in store daily, come and see for yourself | 281 portobello road .
Posts from Origami Owl Independent Designer Emily Allison - Locket Love for 01/08/2016 -
For an independent in the speak to https…
Really proud to be nominated by Awwwards in the Independent Designer of the Year category ! Vote for me :)
When you buy a piece of from an you really are buying a piece…
More evidence- so tough for independent designers. Bluestar Alliance Buys Majority Stake in Michael Bastian
is looking for a Designer in apply now!
Independent designer and Rap artist created DVPE GVNG as a result of the influence music, artist, and the... https:…
I’m nominated for Designer of the Year 2015,thank you for your vote,.
Go and check out joining Origami Owl as an Independent Designer if you have questions...
Home and missed 1/2 of Empire! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
Home with the babies! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Affluent has over 300 shops in the town centre, ranging from high-street stores & designer boutiques to independent retailers
For an independent web designer in the speak to
Thank-you for the goodies Beauty Tracker, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors Independent Designer Category sponsor.
Oxfam Bridal's sale to offer 100 at €100 price tag . .
If you are an independent, driven, & looking for a challenge, we have a job for you. We are hiring a web designer.
Check out these book cover design tips--then find a designer at
Independent Designer-Builders: You can now sell your products on (Via
How to get a designer wedding dress for ?100 - Irish Independent
The most powerful designer in fashion? might be it >
Is Miuccia Prada the most powerful and influential desiger in fashion?
Inputting an Index in InDesign by award-winning book designer via
Oxfam Bridal's sale to offer 100 dresses at €100 price tag.
I feel like I'm the only designer I know that prefers on a PC. The fact that every window is independent on mac drives me nuts
Now you have the option to snap yourself as you walk down the
"Listen up prospective brides,here's a date for your diary" on Bridal Sale http…
Miuccia Prada: The most powerful and influential designer in fashion?
Miuccia The most powerful and influential designer in fashion?
Saint Sava is considered to be a founder of independent Serbian literature.
Azzedine Alaïa: A designer who is a craftsman, an engineer and a sculptor -
Is Miuccia Prada the Most Powerful and Influential Designer in Fashion?via
Origami Owl has an amazing Owlette program for kids aged 12-17 to join with a parent Independent Designer. This...
If you can help support Autism Awareness through Origami Owl - Robyn Drothler, Independent Designer it...
The winner of the triple wrap leather bracelet from Origami Owl- Beth Bell, Independent Designer is Ashley...
Come by and see me at Madison Reserve till 1. With Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer —...
happy mail day! @ Origami Owl by Amy Marek, Independent Designer
Join me and grow your own Origami Owl business as an Independent it fulltime or part-time...earn...
Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer is offering a promotion today to celebrate Tax Day!...
Check out the new Spring line!!!. Shop now!. Origami Owl Cristina Hernandez, Independent Designer
. Contact Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer to get yours! Makes for a...
So excited to have everyone in Join us on this amazing Journey with Origami Owl ~ Independent Designer,...
Update your maps at Navteq
The new Spring catalog from Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer has been released!...
Why is the road to designer babies slippery? It could be a well designed, ethically sound product of human intelligence.
My piece for about Thea Porter and the uncannily good timing of the new exhibition
Graham Dwyer trial: Accused's designer life in spotlight via
Discover the online world of independent designer with my online boutiques | h…
Older women could be offered mitochondrial transfer to treat age related infertility The vote
“These are the designer tees to be worn on Red Nose Day to support the cause .
Graham Dwyer trial: Accused's designer life in spotlight - Irish Independent
Scientist who pioneered "three-parent" baby technique now wants to offer it to older women who are trying for a baby
Independent money be the most man I swear
There's no better time to become an Independent Designer than now!! For a limited time.
Graham Dwyer trial: Accused's designer life in spotlight: In the driveway of his Foxro...
Will this lead to designer babies? Should there be more restrictions applied to women who would qualify?
Graham Dwyer trial: Accused's designer life in spotlight
Pret-a-Porter, again: A flamboyant designer from the Seventies has a new following
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Portada Independent 08F : An IVF revolution, or a slippery slope to designer babies?
Origami Owl - Leslie Mata, Independent Designer will be showing guests a great way to commemorate all the happy...
Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer will be there!!!
How many animals can you see.? @ Origami Owl - Jasmine Brase, Independent Designer
Congratulations to Origami Owl, Theresa Theisen-Independent Designer for being this week's feature! . Every...
Independent Designer for Origami Owl, my website is: take a look, hope you enjoy!
Have you shopped the Marques' Almeida collection for Topshop yet? Out today:
I liked a video from TGT Independent Edition Episode 74 in HD: Game Designer
Simone Rocha (& JW Anderson (hailed by Vogue as designer elite 'transforming fashion'.
Topshop gets a Portuguese designer makeover: The combination of high-street brand and designer name is a winni...
Very excited to do our first bag in camo! @ Independent Designer Pop Shop at Chelsea Market
Chillin' in the cut!!! (@ Origami Owl - Roberta Carrington, Independent Designer in WI)
We'll be in Cambridge 4-5 Peas Hill 10-12th.Pop by for affordable designer wear.Everything made by independent labels
To all the kids who dream of being an independent fashion designer, I do more math than I design.
Hiring a graphic designer or developer? Use a contract template for >>
'Love life and love what you do': An interview with rising Irish designer Giovanna Borza: Freya Drohan. Publis...
‘Love life and love what you do’: An interview with rising Irish designer
Affinity Designer (from looks like promising tool for a resolution independent graphics.
Lining in Provo Utah studying at BYU working for BYU independent study as a student designer
Galliano returns. The empire strikes back
Singer and designer: Pharrell Williams designs train-shaped handbags for ... - The…
I challenge any aspiring designer not to see this page and instantly have a whole bunch of ideas...
New to our website independent jewellery designer with some exclusive pieces http:/…
dan might have someone for you, you still looking he did lots of legible Londons maps, independent designer...
Thomas creates gin palace for Bombay Sapphire
You know you've finally made it in your own career when you become a loyal VIP customer of a designer brand, independent of parents' money!
Cover photo changed to reflect the creative madness of a independent jewelry designer.welcome to my !
VIDEO: Rihanna Parties on a Boat With Family in Barbados - Irish Independent
Personalized T-shirt Independent Designer with Locket for craft fairs home parties etc
What's your story? Tell it today with Origami Owl - Amanda Woodward, Independent Designer at...
Who is your favorite independent designer this season?
Make the leap!! Join us tonight, and find out what being an independent designer for Origami Owl is all about.
F&L Designer Guides: showcasing the independent engagement ring designers that F&L like best!
'The empire strikes back as ex-Dior designer John Galliano makes his return to fashion at Margiela' v/
Naughty girl: Kim Kardashian 'gets even with Beyonce' with Paris Fashion Week ... - Irish Independent
Independent Designer Shana Luther Shares a Day in the Life of an Up-and-Coming Brand >>
Go to my Origami Owl page Origami Owl- Lynda Price, Independent Designer to see my special for today October 7th!
This Saturday super sale at Laurel Park Place... Origami Owl-Theresa Likert, Independent Designer will be there!
Today's vendor spotlight is on Origami Owl - April Hayes, Independent Designer . "Origami Owl is a...
Ladies and Gentlemen….we do believe Origami Owl - Danielle Delfanian, Independent Designer has officially...
Chamber Member, Origami Owl Living Lockets, Tiffaney Macfarlane, Independent Designer has a great offer...
Hello Crossroads Community. My name is Missie and I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. We are a direct sales company that just launched our new fall catalog. I'm looking for some people that would love to host a party. It does not have to be in your home... it can be a catalog party or a fb party! I carry a lot of inventory so there is also the option of make and takes! Our if you would just like a catalog...that's fine too! Please message me if interested. Below is just a few of our new items!.Sorry the picture is a wouldn't let me upload it from my phone!
Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. Your Independent Designer can't wait to hear from you!
Why did I become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl?   First of all, I've always been a fan of tiny and cute things...remember when we were in elementary school and we used to collect erasers and other small knick-knacks?   And do you remember that store "Have a Heart" at Puainako Town Center? Oh my gosh! That was my favorite store! I'm so sad that they had to close down... oh and I loved buying Sanrio items as well! I wish they still had Pochacco on board. (I even have a tattoo of him). And so, I guess I never lost that feeling of being attracted to tiny, cutesy things. (Even my motorcycle is 3/4 the size of a regular bike). And I have a couple of those Micro Machine cars collecting dust somewhere.   So when I first saw Origami Owl online, I was very interested in it! I wanted to see the products in person and made arrangements to meet with an Independent Designer while visiting my hometown this summer.    And let me tell you, it was love at first sight!   A couple of weeks later, I became an ...
So excited for Bethany McBride jewelry bar today!! — at Origami Owl ~ Samantha Meadows, Independent Designer
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
August 2014..coming to an Origami Owl Independent Designer near you... NEW Military charms!!! NEW State charms!!! NEW S. Crystals for birthstones!!! LOTS of new charms!!! Designer incentive program!!! Leather bracelets! Lockets for ID badges! BOOK YOUR PARTY!!! **The first FIVE people to book a jewelry bar with me, will get a gift from me. ***Stipulation, the party must happen and close with a minimum of $75.00, but remember the more orders, the more hostess incentives you get.***
my name is Yhanique Neil and I am a proud Origami Owl Independent Designer along with my sister Tischan Swaby
Kycm- Origami Owl Independent Designer allow you to express yourself in a fun unique way. Using locket to express your goal, dreams, and story.
Logo fatigue hits Prada as sales slowdown to three-year low: Italian designer Prada is the latest luxury group...
This independent creative agency in London are looking for a star Jnr to join their team
Joan Neel Independent Designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry Please contact me for more details...
Have these expert scientists heard of mtDNA? via These will not be designer babies says CMO Sally Davies
Say what?? ~ all of this .with, Origami Owl - Helena Trangata, Independent Designer contact me ;)...
I'm raising money for Independent Fashion Designer. Click to Donate:
New Edy & Bridge top in pop art inspired lips print!
Lisa is cleaning! Floor project must be ending... — at Origami Owl - Lisa McNally, Independent Designer
- Have you heard of ? I am a independent designer and would love to help you create a locket as a reminder for you
End the summer with a statement! Made by a talented independent U.S. designer, this stunner is perfect for any...
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