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Independence Hall

Independence Hall is the centerpiece of Independence National Historical Park located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, on Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets.

Liberty Bell Ben Franklin National Treasure Liberty Bell Center Benjamin Franklin National Constitution Center George Washington Commodore Barry Independence Visitor Center

Brexit is the Declaration of Independence of Britain from the federation of EU. . To hinder or corrupt Brexit is to betray…
Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall. A Mrs. Powel asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got,
Catalan independence: arrogance of Madrid explains this chaos.
8th graders Declaration of Independence debate. Visiting Independence Hall in a few months.
Sign of a Philadelphia tourist:. Start taking photos of the bell in Independence Hall (not Liberty Bell) because you saw National Treasure...
Why do the Independence Pass never scan at the turnstiles? Both directions at City Hall backing up lines.
Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in one photo
CU Boulder highlights the music of Norway tonight at 7:30 pm in Grusin Music Hall celebrating Finnish independence.
VIVA HALL PARTY'17 | NIGERIA'S 57th INDEPENDENCE | VLOG go check out my vlog, SUBSCRIBE too 😘
8th Grade Social Studies Colonial City had a Town Hall meeting to discuss reasons whether or not to seek Independen…
The problem with the EU refusing to address the Catalan crisis
Independence Hall is growing, are you? Celebrating Indy
US History classes take on at Independence Hall!
Ipswich declares independence, becomes a bingo hall. Norfolk is sawn off and sinks into the sea. Farage no longer s…
The gathering of who is who in security matters at Independence Hall , Abak in Akwa Ibom State to dialogue on secur…
Independence Hall on a rainy Tuesday morning.
Independence Hall in Philly at the start of WWI and people blindly believed him.
Is that the best comeback you could think of? Me and will see you outside Indepen…
The American Adventure was designed by architect George Terpatsi, who took inspiration from buildings in Williamsbu…
New Bourse food hall in the works! Chef Sylva Senat, Chaat and Chai, Bluebird Distilling & more coming to Independence Mal…
In Philly for Eagles game, quick stop at Independence Hall
90% of the exterior of Independence Hall is original!
70% if the inside of Independence Hall is original!
Dickinson takes Philly! President Margee Ensign poses in front of Independence Hall before leaving Philadelphia for…
My morning walk to work includes a vantage, taking in Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell
Independence hall is always the go to when the sixers are playing on national TV, every time.
The independence movement returns to the Usher Hall – join us!
I added a video to a playlist Independence Party 2013 Hall Medan
Good list, but the Penn Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology is way better than anything…
The Convention Center and Independence Hall Park/Visitors Center are close. They might both have covered areas.
I worked in the Bucks County DA's office, I know the demographic. Fitting that Ivanka chose North Philly over Independence Hall to speak.
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this weekend @ independence hall, I made a Hamilton joke to my sis and some stranger lol’d at it and I can honestly die happy now wow
Independence week Eritrean flag city hall
Monaco near Independence Hall is a great hotel in Philadelphia
Quick trip to Philadelphia. Yes, finally visiting Independence Hall.
First half highlights from the opening fixture of the annual Independence Hall Inter floor…
Oh alright, I'm near independence hall today so I was like, I should hit up the homie.
Join the Scottish Independence Convention on Nov 4th in Edinburgh as we discuss where we go from here as a movement. ht…
All the national park stuff is free, you do need a ticket (free) to go inside Independence Hall. E…
On our way to Independence Hall in Philadelphia and to see Terra Cotta Warriors on tour🙂
Our Philadelphia hotel sits right next to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
Standing in line for Independence Hall, in front of exhibit on Declaration's deleted anti-slavery passage, thinking, This…
Independence Hall commemorates creation of slave state not by "men of their times" but by men who knew it was an "assembla…
Beautiful Friday evening in Philly -- Liberty Bell pavilion with reflection of Independence Hall.
Have you considered doing meet ups at the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall? Or rallies there
Saw the Liberty Bell today. Pretty cool!! @ Independence Hall
Pennsylvanians, What do you remember about your first trip to Independence Hall? The Liberty Bell?
Ride free to Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! Get $50 Lyft credit to ride there free, use code PIX
blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. DisneyQuest, scheduled to open on July 4, 2000, at 8th and...
Liberty Bell at night with Independence Hall reflection (finally sans scaffolding) 💛
One of my favorite things to do is travel & visit historical landmarks. Independence Hall & Liberty Bell, a couple…
Fun in Philly with Jaclyn, Brent & Bethany. Independence Hall, Museum of American Revolution & the Italian Market
Philadelphia PA, Visit for the Mint,Independence Hall,Liberty Bell,Franklin Institute, Largest playable organ in the world.
Park bathrooms at 5th and Chestnut Streets, near Independence Hall, have also closed because the agency can’t hire anyone to clean them,
Next up, Sen Tim Kaine on the ACA! About to start in the Independence hall
Join Independence's town hall at 6:30 p.m. to give feedback on KY’s new accountability system. INFO:…
. You are wrong, FM but if you go ahead remember that independence means independence not part of federal Europe.
Get your FREE timed tickets to tour Independence Hall right here at the Independence Visitor Center!
Scotland demands new independence vote:
Great to join my brother & welcome the leaders of Ireland to Independence Hall Philadelphia…
Also, I'm displeased to see the gas mask rendering bug after the Independence Hall mission has not been resolved.
Med Bay, Mess Hall and USMC Check point at Camp Independence -…
City Hall was Mauritian day for its Independence - Flag Raising - sry proud day for all Mauritian - very happy...
Raising the flag at City Hall for Mauritius Independence Day w/ His Excellency Sooroojdev Phokeer & Honu…
Getting ready for the St. Patrick's Parade! @ Independance Hall and…
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Declaration of Independence signed here and US Constitution adopted.
Getting ready for the Ghana 60th independence thanksgiving service today at Methodist Central Hall Westminster Rev…
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Chaz spelled it right. Independence Hall was built over an ancient school principal cemetery.
*** that's good!Can we all go 2 Phily n run down Independence Hall?!
Make sure to be at the grizzly hall for the Texas Independence fest on April 15th for this kick *** show!!
Spending some time in the city of brotherly love. @ Independence Hall
Soaking up some history at the National Constitution Center and Independence Hall.
AMB Anne Hall celebrating restoration of Lithuanian Independence with Dr. Vytautas Landsbergis tonight
Winner gets independence from a union of their choice; loser gets a state visit from Donald Trump.
Independence day in Lithuania! I performed lithuanian instrument at concert hall. I enjoyed listening some lithuani…
Blazers exploring Historical Philadelphia.Outside Independence Hall, the Birthplace of the United States of Amer…
Great fringe announcement at conf. 'Brexit and independence have already happened.Oppression of Turkey continues in the main hall.'
.As I leave work every day across from Independence Hall, I see this; DJT…
Pre conference tourist plans have been scheduled. Tickets to Barnes Museum and Independence Hall are booked!!
All the women, who are independent 👋🏼 @ Independence Hall
Extreme weather in Philly today! Independence Hall taken 1 hour apart!!
12,000 people worshipping Jesus in Philadelphia PA at Independence Hall. You Can Watch It Now: https…
This time next week. Come along to the Evergreen hall to hear Paul Kavanagh talk about Scottish Independence.
To mark Mauritius Independence Day, Bdn City Hall has raised the country's flag
Powerful words from on September 26, 2015 at Independence Hall. Video produced by
A school trip to Knott's Berry Farm to visit Ghost Town & Independence Hall. Didn't go on rides but was memorable.
Proud to have Kylie Hall from promoting financial independence & career advancement for women…
Independence Hall (but must be at visitor's center at 8:30 AM to get ticket (
Philly Stands against Hate rally at Independence Hall. Sponsored by Jewish Federation of Phila.…
Lincoln Day Parade 1:55pm League, north on Broad Street to Chestnut, east on Chestnut to Independence Hall, with a ceremony.
Was wondering why Chestnut Street in front of Independence Hall was blocked off tonight; in town tomorrow.
We are open today until 6:00p! Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall are both open 11:00a - 4:00p!
Tourist time in Philly before tonite. Independence Hall and Franklin Field, site of '60 NFL title game.
Independence Hall, inarguably the most historic place in America.…
Hey Dan, just put my order in for independence hall print from DNC. Do you still sign the prints?
Why is on my tour at Independence Hall?
Come to a special Monday, November 28 @ 8 p.m. in the Frank Collymore Hall.
just heard "Merry Christmas Baby" in a DD in Port Richmond, Phila. Who was that guy with Obama at Inde…
Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall is what Independence Hall wishes it was. Awon copy copy.
Independence Hall is still offering tours today (no tickets needed!) and Liberty Bell Center is open until 4!
WATCH NOW at Independence Hall in Philly. Already an amazing Rally!
Just ran through to Independence Hall. I am for the freedoms this country affords.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Independence! Liberty Bell Center & Independence Hall are open from 11am - 4pm.
JackPosobiec: Here is how Hillary voters left Independence Hall last night
American Joseph Saxton built the clock for the steeple of Independence Hall in Philadelphia!…
I contested in 2 major elections in UI. One for Post of PRO of the Independence Hall (Hall of 1,300 Inhabitants).
Independence Hall looks awesome at night
We just had some free time to do a walking tour! Here is Independence Hall! 🇺🇸
The Lyndon is next door to Washington Square Park and Independence Hall- we'd call that a prime location:…
In Independence water is available at the temporary city hall on Laurel and at the ICC on W. Main. ICC will also ha…
We’ll be at Brighton Town Hall helping to celebrate Albanian Independence Day on 28 November between 12.30-3pm. Come and join us!
Our partners at WHCC ready to serve 500 dinners to physically handicapped folks from Independence Hall…
We're ready to serve meals to Independence Hall residents today!
Please note: The Independence Visitor Center & City Hall Visitor Center will both be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday!
already loving the City of Brotherly Love 💙❤️ @ Independence Hall
in action come and 'touch and feel' our assistive technology for independence Hall 12 stand H50
I'm trying to remember if I've ever been on a tour of Independence Hall or if I'm just remembering National Treasure too well.
Had 4D experience of Korea's history 😮📺. @ Independence Hall of Korea
Cos fits right in at Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Gazing at the largest historical museum 🌇. @ Independence Hall of Korea
The first black president passing the torch to the first woman president in the shadow of Independence Hall. Our country is a…
required viewing before taking oath of office 1962-7-4 President Kennedy at Independence Hall
"The theory of independence is as old as man himself, and it was not invented in this hall." ~JFK speech in
11/22/63: JFK is assassinated in Dallas. He gave remarks at Independence Hall on July 4 1962. Plaque marks the spot. h…
Lebanese Independence Day at Haverhill city hall today. We celebrate diversity!
Fire still burning. Person injured is reportedly 57-year-old worker. Shelter set up at MEMORIAL HALL in Independence KS
"Independence Hall", Sweet Land of Liberty Series. What does it mean to be free? .
Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, FF endowed its citizens with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Xcept Blacks&Women
No, but we saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
First day of Philly was fun! :) went to Independence Hall where history was made and a double decker 2 hour bus tour!
By the end of the Civil War, Independence Hall seems to have matured as a shrine to liberty and national monument.
Independence Hall. George Washington's personal copy of the Constitution. Bad pic but wow! Constitution!
Park Service buffing up statues of Washington and Commodore Barry outside Independence Hall
IN response to Mary Berry,Mel and Sue leaving bake off...I will be showing Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall tonight with orchestra
Tonight we're turning into Europe's largest cinema again, for Independence Day! Here's how:
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Getting a little excited about going to the Royal Albert Hall tonight to see Independence Day and we have front row seats too :-) :-) :-)
George Washington, Commodore Barry statues at Independence Hall get their shine on. via
The photos from last Friday's Mexican Independence Day party at Tapton Hall! Many thanks for Hanif Mohammed for...
Everything you need to know to visit Independence Hall!
I just told my teacher I went to DC and saw Independence Hall. 😂 her face was like "😳 that's in Philly"
FALL ETIQUETTE DINNER. The Fall Etiquette Dinner will be on Tuesday, October 11 in the Independence Hall Banquet...
☡ This kid just threw up all over the door into independence hall. ☡
The Vision Gap Morning Workshop with Join Us on 10/11 with in Independence
Took a trip to Philadelphia today to see independence hall and constitution hall
I think the only appropriate artist to listen to while touring Independence Hall is Aaron Copland.
What do you really know about Independence Hall?
ya, i'm going to check out independence hall. idk if I'm staying late at night in philly tho cos i have to take the bus back
Matt Niskanen was born on Finlands Independence Day, Dec 6th. His MN home town comm. hall is called Kalevala Hall, built by Työmies Society.
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence at City Hall today!
went to Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and Benjamin Franklin's grave for project with friendo. then we walked aro…
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Where should I eat in Philly tonight around midnight? I'm near Independence Hall at the moment.
229 years ago the Constitution was signed in Independence Hall!
I'm torn between visiting the US Mint in Philadelphia, or Independence Hall. It's been years since I've been to both.
Oh *** no, I'm not going to Independence Hall, I'm Phillyphobic.
I just published a ton if you need any!
We have one ticket to give away for Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall this Thursday evening. What was the name of Will Smith in ID4?
I woke up at 4:45 this morning to film in Independence Hall w/The history there is overwhelming.
Independence Hall . The Torah portion for the week of Israel's independence, reads…
Today is Funny T-Shirt day. Come to the Student Commons by the grill in Independence Hall and get a free shirt.
In honor of the recently passed take a trip to Independence Hall
Here's your history lesson for the day!
I can never tell if Independence Hall smells or if it is just unshowered me...
Lost in Durham Market Hall & someone is playing bagpipes. Currently reliving the scene in Independence Day where the alien says "release me"
We're @ the Showcase of Services for Older People tomorrow come & see us for advice to support ind…
Another shot of Independence Hall in from our trip in the spring. Just a little…
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Old Ben was a champion PokemonGO player, set up the first gym in Independence Hall. Tootles... Wade
Support PICS Diversity Village, buy tickets for Fiji's Independence Day celebrations on Oct 14 at Riverside Signature Hall…
Wentz has to go to DGB there. That mismatch is Liberty Place over Independence Hall.
One of the most historical places ever h…
One of the most historical places ever
The Philadelphia Mint is located in Old City about two blocks from Independence Hall & is the city's fourth mint building.
Celebrate 100 yrs of by visiting Independence Hall, Liberty Bell or Valley Forge Park
The Franklin Institute, Independence Hall and Christ Church all influenced the new Mormon Temple.
How have I not realized teaser for includes a shot of a Ben Franklin statue & Independence Hall...and Geno's.
Under the chandelier in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall.
RSVP now! Hillary and Tim will be at Independence Hall this Friday in Philly!! h…
Christopher Naughton and reporter Gina Passarella at Independence Hall for a new season video opening/promo shoot.
Philadelphia is such a historic city. Today we're in Independence Hall seeing the sights
Shot of the Day for the 4th: Pope last Sept in Assembly Room of Independence Hall, where the Declaration was signed. https:…
We found the lone British soldier at Independence Hall ☺️
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Happy 4th of July! Commodore John Barry at Independence Hall - Father of US Navy, Philadelphia PA
Police State tactics in the City of Brotherly Love,Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Dec of Independence,Ben Franklin
Vermont declares June 23 as Ethan Allen DayOn June 23, 1775, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress recognized Alle…
A statue of John Barry the father of the American Navy stands in front of Independence Hall,…
Rowdy Rangers in boat in the Dragon Boat race. Racing for Independence Hall.
there's no Independence Hall show but tomorrow we will be at Independent's Fest in downtown Columbus.
On this day in 1787 was the opening of the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. 55...
I cannot wait to be in Philadelphia next week, seeing Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Rocky statue etc 😍
Taking a tour of Independence Hall on the anniversary of the Second Continental Congress. Awesome.
Currently in Philly, by Independence Hall; wishing a Happy Birthday to founding father Thomas Jefferson. You were so great in Hamilton.
to Independence Hall with RISE TO REBELLION by Jeff Shaara. . Great novel about the…
Our doors are open! Start your time in Philadelphia at 6th & Market sts. for free tickets to tour Independence Hall. ht…
I miss Independence Hall,Theatre Arts dept,Faculty of Arts University of Ibadan
It's so in the middle of everything! Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are right there. Concierge gave a great tip for...
Sorry, Ms. Miller. I completely forgot to say that if you get to Philly, don't miss the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall.
irony tonight-I’m advocating for very democratic service of KS public libraries while near Independence Hall in Philly for conference
The slaves in Independence Hall when they heard Jefferson read ".all men are created equal"
I'm going to the Independence Hall, which is where you're supposed to be guarding.
I climbed onto a structure to take a pic in front of independence hall in Philadelphia & da police yelled @ me to get down; o the irony
Patients can see Independence Hall, Pennsylvania out our window thanks to Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. One...
Do let me know if you ever come to Philly. I would like to hang outside Independence Hall with you and a bullhorn.
hey a vote for is a vote for a 2nd independence referendum eh? I'm looking on the bright side!
so the only hope for is that Scotland votes because they want another referendum ?
Couple handcuffed at Independence Hall for passing out pamphlets. GONE via
I've never seen Independence Hall until today.
to cover story on the resurgence of Independence Mall
In celebration of Ghana's 59th Independence with a flag raising at City Hall.
Catch The biggest team at the independence music bash 18 march 2016 grootfontein municipality hall...
It's 12 & I had no prob getting free tickets for Independence hall later this afternoon. Or cya by booking online.
..." the future of the church is bright...not b/c of promises made at Independence Hall, but at Caesarea Philippi." Mt16.18
We will be meeting tonight at 7:30pm in Independence Hall, room 100. Come through and join the cypher!
All set up & ready to show off our fab independence van at Pop along and see us: hall 4, stand 148.
Start of the tour at Independence Hall. the official declaration of the state of Israel…
We are celebrating Ghana's 59th Independence Day. Come and join us at 17:00 Venue: Çevik Uraz Conference Hall...
Half empty hall, speeches praising SNP and advocating independence, no mention of Dugdale in 3hrs. That went well 😂
It was the perfect day to explore UNESCO World Heritage Site, Independence Hall!
Independence Hall. A great reminder that the gov't established by/for We The People is special and worth preserving.
Ready for the screening of Chi-Raq in Independence Hall. Come join us right now!
like the bell itself isn't much but the history aspect is cool, u could also try the Betsy Ross house or independence hall
The Chi-Raq screening is TONIGHT in Independence Hall at 6 p.m. Join MSP and writer Kevin Willmott for a post-screening discussion!
Tonight! Watch the screening of Chi-Raq with artist talkback from Dr. Treva Lindsey. Join us at 6 p.m. in the Independence Hall Auditorium!
Good to see Tony Hall asserting independence of the against incessant Govt bullying. Bravo!
My view looking out the Assembly Room window in Independence Hall on Flag Day. Nice landing.
Tony Hall issues warning over political and editorial independence of if UK gov appoints future bosses
Could Government appointees threaten the BBC’s independence?
Ngl if their was a hall party for Nigerian Independence Day, Uncle Tolu & Uncle Femi will be trying to bottle each other fam.
Upcoming: will host a Veterans Career Expo on Friday 3/18/2016, 9AM-4PM, 200 Independence AVE SW, Washington, DC in the Great Hall.
Friendly reminder no meeting tomorrow. However join us for the screening of Chi-Raq 5:30p Independence Hall.
Independence Hall is where dreams go to die
would make a good Ben Franklin impersonator, give him a wig + send him to Independence Hall asap
The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in the background with
This old house/building next to Independence Hall was so charming. It had a lovely green in…
In this humble building modern Texas was born. Independence Hall in Washington-on-the-Brazos
60th will be held tomorrow at D303 hall from 3.30PM onwards. Theme - Independence day. Wear Cream\White top
In 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17 in the Assembly Room …
Stopped by Independence Hall over the weekend, very apropos for our SS lesson today
Nothing like a little history lesson to dampen your spirits. Just kidding. Was it your first time checking out Independence Hall?
The National Fiddler Hall of Fame Gala is coming to Independence, Kansas.
Family field trip to Philadelphia: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and free learning resources -
When Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall, . just after the second draft of it, . he was approached by a woman.
I just want to go to independence hall and sit on that one bench out front of it
We've been sitting outside of the locked lecture hall at Independence for 45 minutes
Independence of thought - Near Memorial Hall Hook. Media ads by Edgei
13c Flag over Independence Hall Hand Painted Ben Kraft add on cachet
Philly is cool, Independence Hall, Museum, Princeton and battlefield is very cool. I lived there
"Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia freedom" - eltonjohn 📜🇺🇸 @ Independence Hall
I had two hours to spend in Philadelphia. I went to Independence Hall, Jim's Steaks, and bought that mug.
Sen. speaks at an Independence Town Hall in Iowa 1/24
How have I not seen the film Independence Day before now
One of the great things about the Scottish independence referendum recently was town hall meetings returned
Quick stop to take a tour before the concert tonight!! @ Independence Hall
We hold these truths to be self evident. @ Independence Hall
Independence Hall. Getting all historic up in Philly.
Just Activated! REO property with great investment potential ... 7550 Independence Circle, Charlotte Hall, MD...
Last night visiting Independence Hall and what an amazing place it is! 🇺🇸
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As a boy, the very words 'Liberty Bell' and 'Independence Hall' fired my im...
On the maps in Independence Hall, some maps spell "Pensylvania."
Reason I need to visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia! Flown in but never been.
Now here's an idea: Independence Hall as a LEGO set. Help make it happen! Vote for Philly designer Chris Elliott at
Drove past Independence Hall + Liberty Bell this morning hoping to see Nicholas Cage running around, but alas - only National Treasures 😂
I have lived in Philly for almost 2 years and just today decided to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
Amazing. Thanks! Definitely going to visit Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall. Hopefully I can see as much as possible. :)
Breakers is outside the park in the picnic area near Independence Hall and Knott's Soak City.
Here at Independence Hall hanging out with George Washington.😄
I'm watching National Treasure, and all I can think about is how bad the guy at Independence Hall roasted me on Constitution Day
Back from 1783 - I've got to stop getting drunk with Ben Franklin behind Independence Hall -
Great atmosphere today at Independence Hall for ESPN College GameDay. .
ESPN College GameDay at Independence Hall this morning in Philadelphia.
A huge piece of our US history, Independence Hall were the declaration and constitution was adopted…
Why not do ESPN GameDay from campus instead of Independence Hall? Wouldn't do it from South Bend City Hall. https…
.will host at Independence Hall. Perfect follow up for James Madison, the father of the constitu…
KevinOnCFB: Plus, it would just be cool to see CollegeGameDay set up in front of Independence Hall or on the st…
I'm still rooting for the 'Edberg Olsen' rumor…but, beggars can't be choosers. Independence Hall would be incredible
Learning about the Declaration of Independence in Independence Hall
That's what happens when you go on trips to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, Ben Franklin house every year in school.
FOX Sports equates Philadelphia with Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and a fictitious boxer from 2 good movies and more bad ones
Attending conference on religious liberty in Philly at National Constitution Center. Down mall from Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Pope Francis speaking in front of Independence Hall. Huge crowds all over the Center City.
Pope is arriving now at Independence Hall, birthplace of American democracy
It was an honor to be a part of Independence Hall's tour video in Philadelphia, PA last year. 4th from right. ht…
When visiting the City of Brotherly Love.. Independence Hall, Please bless. the S. S. United States, America's Flag Ship in Philly
Governor Wolf to Speak at Independence Hall, Attend World Meeting of Families Events jobs-...
Katie Lawhon is a Gettysburg park ranger. She's in Philly to speak about the pope's Independence Hall visit.
The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall is the biggest tourist trap I've ever been to. $7 parking for 30 min. and a wrong turn is a $5 toll.
had stern words for those selling free tickets to see Francis speak at Independence Hall:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Verizon LTE trumped my Comcast connection. My iPhone got me four tickets to see the Pope at Independence Hall! Woo hoo!
Be sure to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the hidden gems to explore on your excursion.
so the Liberty Bell is not at Independence Hall?
You ain't off no slave boat,your government was dissolved on these shores.Hence,Drew Ali retrieving the National Flag from Independence Hall
Times Square, NYC -Statue of Liberty, NYC Independence Hall,Philly-Maybe Boston?!(I know it is a bit far!)☺️
You can ring my bell. @ Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, National…
It's true. All of Philadelphia gathered at Independence Hall and collectively decided that the *** robot just had to go.
Friendly robot tour guides at Independence Hall
Did you know that in 'National Treasure' there was a scene shot in front of Independence Hall?
Pope's itinerary for Philadelphia visit includes stops at prison, Independence Hall
Euclid City Hall will be closed on Fri., July 3, 2015 for Independence Day. Trash/Recycling collection will remain on schedule all week.
Currently standing in Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed
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