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Independence Day

An Independence Day is an annual event commemorating the anniversary of a nation's assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another nation or state; more rarely after the end of a military occupation.

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SyFy killing it today. Independence Day and Armageddon back to back? What a killer 6 hour block of television. Elite films.
The man responsible for music of Independence Day, James Bond and Damien Rice is coming to Dublin
Guys, Jeff Goldblum says "must go faster" in Jurassic Park AND Independence Day!. He says it in BOTH movies!
Do you know: Apartheid South Africa planned to kill Mugabe and Prince Charles and occupy Zimbabwe on Independence Day,…
Sierra Leone's Independence Day will be celebrated in Hull on Thursday 27th April. Please see poster for more info…
Cute dog plays American Football. Happy Independence Day all y'all!
Independence Day is one of the most American movies ever
Divine liturgy and doxology in honor of Independence Day at St. George Cathedral in
i just now realized Brent Spiner is in Independence Day.
Know the scene with Brent Spiner trapped in the room with the Independence Day alien? They try to save…
Independence Day celebrations to be held in as celebrates the founding of the mod…
See the parades in this wkend to commemorate Independence Day https:/…
Does she like Brent Spiner's turn in Independence Day then?
Bill Pullman gave a great "presidential speech" in Independence Day. That doesn't mean he is a president.
The Black Star Square is a site for Ghana's Independence Day parades which falls on the 6th of March every year.
I keep thinking it's Brent Spiner from Independence Day
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Gorgui said it's my countries Independence Day, square up. 😂😩
National Beer Day is like Independence Day. There is a specific date with historical significance tha…
That said, National Beer Day is a lot like Independence Day in that there is a specific date we recogniz…
This will be Britain's real independence day!
Roland Emmerick made Michael Bay look like David Fincher with Independence Day Regurgance
Keystone XL permit APPROVED: “It’s a great day for American jobs and a historic moment for North America and energy in…
43 seconds into the new Independence Day movie
Terrorism in Bangladesh in its independence day.
BNP brings out Independence mean solar day rally afterwards v yrs --
Zombies why would anyone pick aliens we would be screwed. Has no one seen Battle For L.A or Independence Day lol
Oh WOW! That was the girl from It Follows in Independence Day Regurgance! Why did she take that job?!?!? Well good money I suppoze
Just learned *Independence Day 3* has been green-lit & is in production. I liked ID:Resurgence. Not as much as the 1st one, but still good.
Independence Day: Resurgence was so bad I hate myself for sitting through it.
This Greek Independence Day, while the EU is concerned with Greece's debt to Europe, we all need to remember the world's de…
Photo Album: The Annunciation of the Theotokos and Greek Independence Day at the Church of Panagia in Toronto…
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From inside the White House celebrating Greek Independence Day! Proud of immigrant stories of resilience & triumph…
found his new favorite movie, Independence Day Resurgence. Best 2 hours he has ever spent!
How did Will Smith not get involved with the Independence Day sequel? All of this is so epic.
Independence Day. Once after the 1970 Pakistan Elections, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman linguistically and culturally of Bangla background..
PM extends his greetings to the people of Bangladesh on their Independence Day.
. Just take care of your country and celebrate last few independence day , after that there will be no Pakistan.
Happy Independence Day. We deserved it. Millions of lives lost to preserve our culture and identity. Be proud🇧🇩 we fou…
Im confused about Independence Day 2. So the aliens were like 30 seconds away from killing the earth. They quit right when the queen dies
The last Really Bad™ movie I watched was Zoolander 2. I just finished watching Independence Day: Resurgence.
Celebrating Greek-Canadians at their Independence Day Parade - and everything they do to keep Hellenic traditions alive…
Happy 46th Independence day to our Bangladesh community
Greek Independence Day honored by proclaiming 25 March 2017 A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American De…
Wishing all the people of Bangladesh felicitations on Independence Day while also urging everyone to renew pledge to regain…
.& host a Greek🇬🇷 Independence Day Celebration in the East Room of the this afternoon.
Despite (Or perhaps because of) my low expectations, I actually enjoyed Independence Day 2. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was servicable.
Volunteers at their best of saving lives of school children at the 60th independence day celebration at Accra.
Happy Independence Day to all the Bangladeshis out there, the day we decided to not stay under a power dominating us. Here's to freedom! ❤️
watching *Independence Day* again... Thank you Sir for another GREAT Movie...
Happy 46th Independence Day Bangladesh! Commemorating the three million lives lost after the 9 month war with the Pakistani…
also wishes you all a wonderful Independence Day and is dedicated to bridging the wounds of Pakistan-Bangla relations. 😚
They are all AMAZING but King Kai doing the Independence Day speech had me crying lmao 😂😂
Honoured to MC the Independence Day flag raising ceremony at City Hall today. Proud to represent the communi…
Namibian National Academy head coach Roger Thompson and his team working *** Independence Day
- RE: Ghana celebrates relationship at 60th Independence Day celebration
This dude is a cross between "Cousin it" and Randy Quaid in Independence Day"
u cldnt launch channel on Repl day? R u planning 2 launch it on Independence Day? 😤come on Arnab plz kep us posted vth progress
Movies like Dr Strange, Avengers, Transformer, Independence Day all portray a big alien invasion w big mothership type thing 4 the world 2 c
Independence Day! Who you think among the armed forces will MASH up the pace? Police, Prisons, Army, Red Cross,...
June 23rd will be forever 'Independence Day', when took back control. No reason we shdn't have *2* annual bashes :)
Lived in Greenwood for two years. Can confirm. Independence Day is a 2+ month holiday there.
Why does America only celebrate Independence Day on one day, but celebrate St. Patrick's day for 2 weeks...?
The houseless one you pass on the street is in fact a person. "Independence Day", SKYHOUSE.
New York Magazine? Chuck u r a pathetic excuse for reality! Read up on why we celebrate July 4. A 2nd Independence Day is coming
In 2022 India will celebrate its 75th Independence day & the world will witness a new India:
The Ghanaian Independence Day ball was lit. My entire body aches lol Runtown did well. I'll be back next year
Ruth Davidson: Corbyn has 'made SNP's day' by giving thumbs-up to second independence referendum via
1.2 billion barrels..USA consumers use 33 million barrels a day...It's a big straw but not energy independence.
Happy Independence Day to our friends, followers, participants & alumni in
Happy Independence Day to all the other Mauritians out there. I'm so proud to be from somewhere so cultural and div…
Today, is celebrating the 49th anniversary of its Independence! . Happy Independence Day to all Mauritians! https…
Alec Baldwin returns to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump in Independence Day spoof (News)
Trump can't handle alien invasion in SNL's Independence Day parody.
Kellie is like one of those knock off disaster movies. If Trump is "Independence Day" Leitch is "Independence Warz".
To celebrate Independence Day, we look at 5 young Ghanaians destined to become the next superstar. https:/…
There'd be no Independence Day celebration if the whites didn't colonize and we didn't fight back for freedom. Scripted. Schemed.
Scots Wha Hae (Robbie Burns poem re Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn). Or Bill Pullman in Independence Day. ;)
the best part of Independence Day is the dolphin engagement ring Will Smith proposes with
Sporks are advantageous. Blockbuster could've hung in there. Judd Hirsch was an underwhelming Jew in Independence Day.
First trip to Texas to play baseball and it's on their Independence Day
In honor of Independence Day take a look back at the rich history of Houston, one of the original TX capitals http…
Any state that gave us George Strait, Tex-Mex, & Blue Bell deserves celebrating y'all! (Emphasis on the y'all). Happy TX Independence Day!
"Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may." - Sam Houston. Happy Independence Day fellow Texans!
Gary! On your 6-2-2000 show you said Bill Paxton played Dr. Okun in Independence Day! It was Brent Sp…
He reminds me more of Brent Spiner's character in Independence Day (Dr. Okun).
Photos of crowds unable to get into Inauguration / Independence Day venue as it is full to capacity. . Photo C…
Special day in the today with Pres. Barrow's Inauguration & Independence Day celebrations! Peace and Prosperity…
Gambia's Independence Day & President Barrow's Inauguration on Gambian soil. The say it all, is truly fr…
Tens of thousand gather for Independence Day and the public inauguration of president Barrow
watching country's 52nd Independence Day parade live outside the stadium which is full to capacity
I remember the first kosovan Independence Party at trafalgar square. Day ended with ambulance and police 😩😂 Happy Independence Day 🇽🇰💕
Venezuelan soldiers in Caracas parade along the Walk of Heroes for Independence Day, also Armed Forces Day, July 5t…
Remember a scene from Independence Day?, ppl @ the Empire State Bldg. rooftop with Welcome signs? Got wiped out!
Meteor take us out. Cool. Aliens show up like Independence Day. Whatever. But our downfall can't be a lemon meringue pie w/…
.becomes Sri Lankan Airlines' brand ambassador on the country's Independence Day
'Independence Day: Resurgence' is 90s nostalgia at its absolute worst
This Cruise Sell off.Flags on the Sea.Independence Day we Partying aboard the Rhum Runner 2.For Info...
name them. I saw every movie this year minus Bad Santa 2. I thought Independence Day was easily one of the worst.
Two years ago, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Independence Day announced the launch of the Swachh Bharat...
Note that Texas’ Independence Day began on March 2, 1836. Cool concept!
y'all can send me presents on 2/27 (S/O DR Independence Day, aka I am mrs. DR)
I added a video to a playlist Independence Day: Resurgence | Official HD Trailer | 2016
Zoolander No. 2, Ratchet and Clank, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, and Independence Day: Resurgence.
Also Bill Pullman, he done a turn in Independence Day. He tried 2 welcome aliens no ban them!.
Well the second Independence Day was an absolute waste of 2 hours of my life and not even a Will Smith in sight 😒
scans nose of space shuttle Columbia following Independence Day landing at Edwards Air Force…
velkr0 is now listening to Independence Day by Chris Thile
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau - Independence Day (Live) this might be my favorite thing on the internet now
June 30 is our Independence Day weekend fireworks game, since July 4 is a Tuesday
The next 4 years I refuse to accept that fart face as my president. Bill Pullman from Independence Day is a perfect substitute, in my mind.
It's right up there with Bill Pullman's speech in Independence Day.
why does Independence Day always hit me so hard??? . i think its Bill Pullman honestly
I keep thinking about Bill Pullman's speech in Independence Day. We will not go quietly into the night...We're going to survive.
Rick Scott is now claiming he reached out to President Bill Pullman from "Independence Day" after Forte Lauderdale shoo…
His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has sent congratulatory cables to Cuba, and Haiti, on their Independence Day.
Brought my flag out last night in honor of Independence Day 🇭🇹Bon ane tout moun 😝~
If Trump was president during Independence Day, instead of a rousing Bill Pullman speech, the ending would just be this t…
Sounds a lot like Putin's message to PEOTUS. Nothing special... Putin writes Independence Day message to Obama
I'd mark today down as "Independence Day" if you're savvy. Americans are fed up and sick of it.
Wait?! the real Independence Day is July 2 - not July 4? Answers in this podcast episode
Today was burkina's Independence Day and one of my favorite 2 year olds told his mom I was his wife so today's been pretty g…
Just saw "Fantastic Beasts" and someone it is the worst Independence Day sequel. 2/10
The director of 'Independence Day,' 'Godzilla' and 'The Patriot' ...
Bill Pullman did not fight the aliens in Independence Day for America to turn out like this.
I'm thinking more of Bill Pullman's speech in "Independence Day"...
Men In Black, Independence Day and Bad Boys...or maybe I love Tommy Lee, Bill Pullman & Martin so much!
you gotta get to the end, max. out of nowhere he starts pretending he's President Bill Pullman from Independence Day
Will Smith's reveals why he turned down the 'Independence Day' sequel for 'Suicide Squad.'
Yes! was an independent country and it will be again! Find out more on Independence Day:
I'm going LA-NYC through southern states in June. 26 Days + 3 in NYC over Independence Day :) can not wait!
Hope my fellow Nigerians had a good Independence Day. The real can relate🇳🇬. Want to be like my little sister when I grow up…
Happy Independance Day all my dear friends in Finland! Hurray:) — celebrating Independence Day
Thank you to the staff of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados for their amazing work over Independence Day and beyond…
When I saw 'Independence Day,' I said, 'I want to be like Will Smit...
I had forgotten that James Monroe was the third president to pass away on Independence Day. Amazing fact
Jill Stein,. If you can pull this off, you'll be like Randy Quaid in Independence Day; the loony, unexpected hero that liter…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I updated my Roland Emmerich Power Rankings on after watching "Independence Day: Resurgence"
Two years pass like nothing and this mystery woman is working in the lab from the first Independence Day.
and Im super happy to attend the flag hoisting on Republic Day and Independence Day.. cz I get to visit my school 😊😊
In a few hours, it's Independence Day in Lebanon. A day where Lebanese with their 28 sects remember what makes Leba…
Independence Day commemorations at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in More photos:
USA oil Independence Day! Massive oil field found in west Texas. Goodbye Middle East. No reason to be there
Nothing like watching a GOOD, OLD - FASHIONED WAR movie.Independence Day, Resurgence ☺️
Independence Day and 1st Holy Mass Celebrated in Temple of Divine Providence – ZENIT – English
I'm going to put this out there. . My most disliked movies. 1. Napoleon Dynamite. 2. Independence Day: Resurgence. 3. Starship Troopers 2
Every time the talking heads say "we still may have some votes there" it reminds me of the troops in the Sinai Peninsula in Independence Day
"Today is our Independence Day!" President Donald J. Trump in Michigan it's almost 1am! Savage! Trum…
Two significant announcements today in run up to Independence Day 12th November... 2)
Question of our Independence Day "Pop Quiz": How many people signed the Declaration of Independence? https:/…
This country is going to celebrate 2 Independence Day this year on the nov. 8 we will do it again for Donald John T…
Independence Day: Resurgence, Tonight at Take 2. Doors open at 7:15 and the movie starts at 7:30. Tickets are £3 with a purple card £4 without
not 2 stoop 2 trump tactics but she isn't even that pretty. She reminds me of the Alien n Independence Day
Independence Day: Resurgence is really similar to Robotech, but it doesn't have fighter jets that turn into robots. Robotech- 1/ ID4 pt 2- 0
Ok I'm glad I only wasted $2 on Independence Day: Resurgence instead of a potential $20.
keep up your incredible efforts America must declare new national holiday when trump wins 11/9 Independence Day 2 USA wins
Independence Day 2 is a complete sham
Happy 70th Independence Day to all of us !
Just watched the new Independence Day movie...
all a citizen has to do is speak honestly to themselves. we r at our next Independence Day. let's "Drain the Swamp"
Well I mean, it is National Sandwich Day (and Panama Independence Day)
Independence Day is one of the greatest action films of all time : )
Did you happen to see the new Independence Day when the ship flies over London?
Hate the fact that I'm not in Panama right now for Independence Day.
Starts today with Separation Day ends on the 28th with the actual day of Independence
Happy 38th Independence Day Dominica 🇩🇲 Much love to all 🙏🏾 Enjoy a productive & Blessed day ❤️️💚
Ferrari's 60th texas independence day highlighted as to deny evolve preliminary: knCaLBD
The movie was Independence Day, and that I had nothing to worry about.
Then todays slave Independence day tripn
A very Happy Independence Day to all. See you all in morning live 9 o clock inhAllah.
To our in the nature isle of Happy 38th Independence Day!! Looking forward to seeing more...
Happy Independence Day to the people of Dominica. .
Happy 38th Independence Day to Nature Isle of the Caribbean, the one people always confuse for the DR lol get hip!…
Remember Thomas Jefferson? The president who wrote the Declaration of Independence, loved farming, and studied 15 hours a day? Good times
Last night we perform at Panama's Presidents Home... Celebrating our Independence Day. We had…
I congratulate my dear colleague Amb. Loreen Bannis Robers for the Independence Day of her country Commonwealth of
Jin's independence day everyone, he didn't want to cook. .
Happy Independence Day to our in keep pushing for excellence as you serve your country!…
Added a new video: "The Steve Spires Band rocks the Barn on Independence Day weekend, 2016"
1776 vs.2016. The new Independence Day is at hand!. We'll declare independence from special interests&Gov't corruption!. Patriots…
Let's give it up to Panama for there Independence Day today! November 3, 1903 😁
Blackout independence day Nike air max 1's are on another level
Agreed. It's the Independence Day of (partially) animated movies
.I'm hearing early reports that Melania Trump will be reciting Bill Pullman's (Paxton's?) speech from Independence Day
Independence Day, celebrates the adoption by the Continental Congress of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Legal document.
4 of 5 stars to Independence Day by Richard Ford
Deuce Bigalow is a hilarious movie as far as i can remember therefore good. Need a rewatch like now Independence Day sequel can wait
A British representative hands over the instruments of power to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda on Independence Day, 24th October,1964
that's a real thing. He is not like Akshay. That patriotic movie on independence day. Republic day..
Let's not forget that Quetta is capital of Baluchistan province of Pakistan which will attain Independence any day
Our life is full of Colors … I hope this 15th August will add more colors to ur life Happy Independence Day. h…
The day Jacob Zuma resigns as President should be called Independence Day in South Africa, and be marked as a public holiday
Happy Independence Day AUSTRIA. . Austria October 26, 1955 Restoration of sovereignty and signing of the Declaration of Neutrality in 1955.
"We very much value presence of PL President at UA Independence Day celebration. We got reconfirmation that we're real partn…
Their day starts with cards and ends with cards. They will say one day that India got Independence in '14 and "modi…
Independence Day drawing competition. KG3 C will nail it ✌
Happy Independence Day tho we still slaves of our own economy.
domain names
Zambia has today Monday the 24th of October marked its 52nd Independence anniversary from colonial rule. Happy Independence…
Last year our Independence Day "guest" was King Mswati and this year it's President Museveni. Show me your friends etc etc
Will be celebrating Independence Day today!! 12 glorious years!
A Tory MP has called for an 'Independence Day' Brexit bank holiday.
omg dont get me started!! 😕😕😑 but THANK GOD I have Thursday and Friday off because of our independence day 🙆🙆
We are celebrating with which achieved its independence today. Happy Independence Day to all our bro…
It is deeply worrying that after the EU & make June 23rd our Independence Day Terror.
My day has consisted of 7am workouts and driving to independence and back 3 times 🙃
Tory MP calls for 'Independence Day' Brexit bank holiday
"Don't take this the wrong way, but you know the queen alien in Independence Day 2? I think that's you."
The LeBron 11 July 4th Independence Day sneaker is out in stores and so is our matching tee with…
Independence Day is celebrated every year with the triumph against terrorists in
He might have a point if the day job of Unionists wasn't carping about independence constantly?
Anticipating the next Final Fantasy seems like the movie _Independence Day_, you're evil.
Tory MP's steal UKIP's idea to make June the 23rd a UK INDEPENDENCE DAY bank holiday.Make it our independence day http…
Exactly, I was right. SNP were UKIP of their day & were consistent in their beliefs of what TRUE Independence meant
I know that I will be celebrating Independence Day each year. I hope it becomes a national Bank Holiday. We could…
have no gumption even to term Gandhi-Nehru anti national as they deem 2014 Independence Day
President Edgar Lungu has pardoned 336 prisoners as part of commemorations of the 52nd Independence Day...
Oct 24, Zambia: Independence Day. Marks Independence from the United Kingdom on this day in 1964.
President greets Zambia on its Independence Day eve Read More :
Two days a year, you're guaranteed to find me watching Independence Day. 7/4 and 10/22. Today should be a national holiday.
FORMER national team players yesterday thrashed members of Parliament 6-1 in a pre- Independence Day football...
II Story of JULY then 4 July of LIBERTY RESERVE to Independence Day of USA
Rihanna will sing the Bajan National Anthem accompanied by a choir on Nov 30 for Barbados' 50th Independence Day. https:/…
The Ceremonial National Flag office visit to the MD’s office. We always do it floor by floor on Independence Day. https:/…
On this Independence Day, remember that our majestic national symbol the bald eagle, also hates https…
I'm watching Independence Day and every time I see Bill Pullman, I think "We're storm chasers, it's what we do!
Independence Day = Mike Lowry, in the Navy, as a pilot, vs Aliens.
Transfast, Arik Air fete customers at Independence Day parade in New York
Hamilton Collection
(1 of 2) Remember Trump's 'doctor'? He who looked like the love child of Independence Day's Brent Spiner and Cannonball Run's Jack Elam? No?
Nigerian Society presents Independence Day party!!! 󾓭🇬 Make sure you're there!!!
Adams Oshiomole and wife, Lara celebrate Independence Day with Kids:  The outgoing governor of Edo state, Ada...
Photos of Adams Oshiomole and his pretty wife 's Celebration of Independence Day
An authentic Nigerian adventure dream will herald the nation’s 56th Independence Day celebrations on Saturday...
President Yoweri Museveni will on Independence Day honour the Uganda Cranes for breaking the 38 year absence from...
A “marching band” was formed this year in my university, to perform in the Independence Day parade
IN response to Mary Berry,Mel and Sue leaving bake off...I will be showing Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall tonight with orchestra
Tonight we're turning into Europe's largest cinema again, for Independence Day! Here's how:
Getting a little excited about going to the Royal Albert Hall tonight to see Independence Day and we have front row seats too :-) :-) :-)
Empowering ambassador by India reminds us of pre Independence Day of British rulers.
Armenia celebrates its Independence Day today. Congratulations from Vladimir Putin
We have one ticket to give away for Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall this Thursday evening. What was the name of Will Smith in ID4?
Lost in Durham Market Hall & someone is playing bagpipes. Currently reliving the scene in Independence Day where the alien says "release me"
President greets Govt & people of Armenia, Malta on eve of their Independence Day: President Pranab Mukherjee...
President Shri Pranab Mukherjee’s message on the eve of Independence Day of Malta:
Support PICS Diversity Village, buy tickets for Fiji's Independence Day celebrations on Oct 14 at Riverside Signature Hall…
idk all my fav Bruce songs are the depressing ones. Independence Day and Downbound Train being another two examples
Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day with a Coke can or Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park with his chest slightly showing?
Four main things he did. Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Cats & Dogs, all the commercials.
Camped there on Independence Day weekend a few years in late 90s. It is indeed a really great park.
NOW: Independence Day rites here at Rizal Park in Davao City. Pres-elect Du30 not in sight |
Cheers to the weekend! Got my favourite lady round for Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Prosecco…
Independence Day, Twister, Jurassic Park just to name a few...
The boat parade at Lake Toba Carnival to commemorate Independence Day on 17 Aug https:/…
What would ISIS do against flying fortress, aka Spaceships like Independence Day do we have that technology because if you park oneof Syria?
at Independence Day parade and the opening ceremonies of the Paralympics:
Mexican communities York,Malton,Manchester come and find me 4 your Independence Day feast,Poblanos for chilies en nogada, keep it real
Still time to sign up for our Sept. 14th Dinnder and Celebrate Fiestas Patrias: Mexican Independence Day!...
US congratulates Macedonia on our Independence Day: US Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated Macedonia ...
Battalion of Dzokhar Dudayev made Video for Independence Day of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
Desh kobita - Bengali poetry released on the occasion of Independence Day of INDIA
HAPPY 25TH INDEPENDENCE DAY, ARTSAKH! It is because of the strength of our nation that we can celebrate today 🇦🇲 https:…
Had a day to reflect on Independence Day. The fireworks were nice and all but everyone seems to forget about Macy's every d…
dId space aliens really invade earth on Independence Day? SO much video footage. . jail deniers.
Watching independence day.if we were attached we'd come 2gether as 1.if we won we'd go back to killing each other.I reckon.weird
"Dissent, and risk your soul" warned now deceased Uzbek leader Karimov. . What comes next?. .
Massive Independence Day UFO mothership stalks the skies in astonishing footage
Australian army marching in our Independence Day cause they involved in the war too. Happy Independence Day 🇲🇾
You cannot talk of Ramanujacharya in ur Independence day address to Nation & send ur EAM to canonisation of a fake saint ter…
People should because they want to, not because they have to -
♥ Ralph Crane ♥. Couple cuddling as they sit down in a hole in the sand on a hot Independence Day at the beach 1949. https:…
Independence day in the country miarma.
Don't ask me who I am coz there's only one word Happy Independence Day
Taking off work for “Labor Day” is so American. Like the 4th of July when we buy fireworks from China to celebrate our i…
Independence Day by the numbers via
On the eve of Independence Day, Mexicans to march in their capital city to demand the resignation of |
I liked a video Greek Independence Day in Sydney, Australia
Happy Independence Day fellows from We're glad to celebrate in Montana with you h…
Just noticed your doctor had a role in "Independence Day".
Independence Day travel to break record
Today 1969: 24 yrs to the day after Vietnamese independence, *** Chi Minh dies. Spoke 6 languages fluently!
Happy Independence Day! I started my holiday with independently rubbing one out.
Today Republic celebrates 25th Anniversary of independence. Happy Day and many victories!
I strongly urge the Moroccan, Algerian + Tunisian government to rename our independence day from France to "Journée Nique la F…
It's like the scene in Independence Day, people & rightfully so, leaving the Coast, I head towards
SNP to hold 'away-day' for all its MPs to bolster case for independence
Pakistan rings Nasdaq bell to mark Independence Day. “We are open to business, and we are open to foreign...
Another view of Independence Day event in Manhattan
Click here to watch the movie: Independence Day
3 Sep 2016 is Independence Day in Qatar. It became independent of the UK in 1971.
Hilariously close to real life as we know it.
"When one wld ask Uzbeks when they thought would change, they wld always say, 'When is gone'." https…
Sickening that only ~70 yrs ago Vietnamese still lived under the French colonialism. Happy Independence Day https:…
Artsakh turns 25. Happy Independence Day . No one can take the right of self-determination from you.
Happy Independence Day! Here is a message from Thomas Jefferson.
Bruce Springsteen - Independence Day - Frognerparken Oslo. How good is this? I love how he counts off on his fingers
Happy Independence Day to you. Hoisted the National Flag at my residence on the occasion of https:/…
70th Anniversary of India's independence day organised by the Federation of Indian Muslim Organisations UK.Wonderful
Independence Day comes twice this year: November 8th ht…
All-inclusive Day Trip to Olumo Rock & other sites in Abeokuta on Independence Day for 12k only. Email thevillagepotfor info.
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Mrs Sharon Rowley at the Independence Day celebration in Port-of-Spain
What is your Independence Day wish for T&T? - Trinidad & Tobago Express
US President Barack Obama congratulates President Atambayev and people of Kyrgyzstan on Independence Day
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