Incredible Hulk & Eric Bana

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . Eric Bana (born 9 August 1968) is an Australian film and television actor. 3.3/5

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wait! I'm just "hulk" not the Incredible Hulk? Never mind. Not sweet. I'm Eric Bana.
As an Incredible Hulk fan, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the 2003 Eric Bana version. It never happened.
Fortunately, Eric Bana's Incredible Hulk was the first & last phase of Marvel's "use actors whose names sound like character names" project
Billy Crudup as the Incredible Hulk in Ang Lee's Hulk! Original actor choice before Eric Bana came on board.
Blocking pain of loss by watching Eric Bana as the Incredible Hulk... at least makes me feel a bit better... alert!
Sometimes to prove to myself I'm not an *** I watch the Eric Bana version of the Incredible Hulk
Is the Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton a continuation of The Hulk with Eric Bana? And also, 3 different actors for The Hulk in 3 films? Why?
Oooh, Incredible Hulk on ITV2... Prefer this version with Edward Norton in, didn't like the Eric Bana remake at all x
Watching the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, not the crappy one with Eric Bana. I wanna see one w Mark Ruffalo.
is about to finish off the day w/ some Chocolate Therapy (Ice Cream) & "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk" (which also has Daredevil in it. But this is no animated movie, it's live action. And it doesn't have Eric Bana, Ed Norton, or Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, or Ben Affleck as Daredevil. It's got Rex Smith as Daredevil & Bill Bixby as the Hulk. Yes, it's a movie made, post the cancellation of the awesome "The Incredible Hulk" show. There's also another (Bill Bixby) Hulk movie w/ Thor. Check the $5 bin at your local Wal-Mart, you might be able to find a DVD w/ both movies on it, like THIS GUY!!! HOLLA & g'nite!!!
Mark Ruffalo is by far my favorite Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton has got nothing on him. Don't even get me started on Eric Bana.Nobody likes Eric Bana.
3 actors hv played da role of Hulk so far Eric Bana in 2003(HULK), Ed Norton in 2008(Incredible Hulk) & Mark Ruffalo in 2012
I liked Incredible Hulk. I hope you mean the one with Eric Bana. Cos that did kinda suck lol.
The First Hulk movie with Eric Bana wasn't that good, the Incredible Hulk one with Ed Norton that's set in the Avengers
Ammon's Avengers Review: 9.9/10 I remember when the first Iron Man came out, and everyone on the planet (minus all of five or so people) loved it. It was huge, it was big, it was the talk of the town, etc. It was hard to imagine anything in the world being bigger than Iron Man right about then. At the time, nothing could be cooler, except maybe an Iron Man 2. I look back on those days with fondness, and get a real kick out of thinking about how, when a certain eye-patch bound bald guy tells Tony Stark in a post-credits scene that he wants to talk to him about ‘the Avengers Initiative’, the coolest thing I could imagine was that maybe the Avengers would serve as secondary characters in Iron Man 2. Now look at us; it’s been a much longer, much bigger road than anyone could have anticipated, with the films Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: the First Avenger dropping smaller and not-so-smaller hints mostly only noticeable to comic book nerds that something big was com ...
Why does Chop insist on watching the crappy Eric Bana version of Incredible Hulk?! The Edward Norton Hulk was WAY better. I hope The Avengers is awesome :D At least the Mark Ruffalo Hulk is hot! :D
Watching the Incredible Hulk, I like this one it's the Ed Norton version. Much better than Eric Bana's one!! :)
I still think that Eric Bana should've been the Incredible Hulk, rather than Mark Ruffalo.
Which actor has given your favorite portrayal of the Incredible Hulk? A) Lou Ferrigno B) Eric Bana C) Edward...
I pity envious people whose purpose in life is to interfere in a happy married relationships of others. Who tries to build walls but can't reach it . Too short. Be like Eric Bana (incredible hulk) or eat lots of star margarine.
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