Incredible Hulk & Edward Norton

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . Edward Harrison Norton (born August 18, 1969) is an American actor, screenwriter, film director and producer. 5.0/5

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currently 1/3 into the Incredible Hulk. And I'm just glad they recasted Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo
Fun fact. For the Incredible Hulk movie, they originally wanted Mark Ruffalo, but ended with Edward Norton. Ruff got the last laugh.
Edward Norton is the king of dual personality roles: Primal Fear, Fight Club, Incredible Hulk, The Score.
I'm still waiting for Stan lee to go hulk after drinKing Edward Norton's blood infested soda in Incredible Hulk
What do a neo-Nazi, a magician and the Incredible Hulk have in common? Join as we count down our top 10 favorite Edward Norton perfo...
Bryan Cranston is going to do for Godzilla what Edward Norton did for the Incredible Hulk, revitalize a god. It looks epic as all *** in my opinion.
Watching 2008's Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. Some major hommages to the TV show. The Lonely Man theme and Lou Ferrigno, both make appearances. Liking it so far Better than the Ang Lee film. although I did enjoy it. So far Ruffalo's Banner is my favorite to date.
I really hope Edward Norton plays the Incredible Hulk in Avengers 2.
"Don't make me hungry. You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry." -Edward Norton 'The Incredible Hulk'
Edward Norton as the Incredible Hulk?how bout no.
These hulk movies don't make sense to me! The only one I have enjoyed is the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton!!!
I finally saw The Avengers the other night. While the movie was fantastic and Mark Ruffalo was great as the Incredible Hulk, I can't help but wonder how Edward Norton would've been in his place.
I was rewatching the Incredible Hulk and now I see why some people were let down that Edward Norton was replaced in the Avengers
I will say that watching the Incredible Hulk with a bunch of girls instead of a bunch of guys mean that a lot different things are pointed out to you: Liv Tyler's different hairstyles, how many needles are in the movie, Edward Norton' different hairstyles, etc. It's an interesting perspective.
I'm sitting here watching the Incredible Hulk and, as much as I appreciate Mark Ruffalo stepping in to fill the role, Edward Norton definately played a better Bruce Banner.
The not bad at all 'Incredible Hulk' is on, starring the brilliant Edward Norton. Not as good as Mark Ruffalo though, sad to say
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Oooh, Incredible Hulk on ITV2... Prefer this version with Edward Norton in, didn't like the Eric Bana remake at all x
Going to watch Edward Norton like a beast in "The Incredible Hulk" one of my fav. Actors ever since Fight Club.
Or The Incredible Hulk but tbh Mark Ruffalo's depiction was awfully better than Edward Norton's.
Just watched the Incredible Hulk. I love Edward Norton but Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk >>>>>>>
I am hurt and offended they have the Incredible Hulk movie a part of this set... are we just supposed to ignore Edward Norton's god awful performance and pretend that nintendo 64 Hulk is the same well done one in the Avengers? fergetaboutit!
So, based on box office returns, we’ve all seen The Avengers by now, right? Thus we are all aware that the best Hulk, by far, is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Eric Banna and Edward Norton both...
Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he...
watching the Incredible Hulk just makes me wish Edward Norton was Bruce Banner in the Avengers :(
Watching the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, not the crappy one with Eric Bana. I wanna see one w Mark Ruffalo.
Why is it Poor Ned Beatty is always remember from his "I want to hear you squeal like a pig, boy." scene in deliverance and when you think of Edward Norton you don't think of his rape in American History X you think of rounders and Fight Club or the Incredible Hulk?
I can see why Edward Norton didn't like the final cut of The Incredible Hulk.
I'm in full AVENGERS mode this week..while sick t home on Sunday I revisted the first, 2003, "Hulk"; yesterday, my day off, it was enjoyable to watch the first "Iron Man", keeping the chronological order in balance, I'm watching "Incredible Hulk" with Edward Norton, tomorrow, obviously, "Iron Man 2" on Blu Ray..(I own ALL the DVDs..)
**Spoilers for though's who haven't seen the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton or the Avengers, you've been warned*** I don't think Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are going to be friend's once we find out what Tony Stark and Colonial Ross developed after there little talk at the end of the movie
Avengers Trivia: Edward Norton was originally set to reprise his role from "The Incredible Hulk", but...
Edward Norton leads an all-star cast in this explosive, special effects-packed epic that delivers a mind-blowing final showdown that can only be summed up with one word...INCREDIBLE!
We loved Mark Ruffalo's performance as Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers, but back when he was cast, people were not so kind. They didn't think this indie cinema star could pull it off, and they wanted Edward Norton back. Well, Ruffalo has a message for everyone who raged...
While I liked the Edward Norton Bruce Banner in "the Incredible Hulk," Mark Ruffalo in "the Avengers" pretty much owned the part. Awesome!
Mark Ruffalo is by far my favorite Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton has got nothing on him. Don't even get me started on Eric Bana.Nobody likes Eric Bana.
There's a lot of inside references in the Incredible Hulk. 1) Lou Ferrigno 2) the computer is running "Norton" security (Edward Norton)
After seeing the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton seems offensive to the Hulk.
Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton >>>
Sorry, Official Edward Norton Fan Club, but Edward Norton isn't the Incredible Hulk anymore. An official statement released by Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has revealEd Norton, who played Bruce Banner in the most recent Hulk film and...
You know the one thing I don't like in the new Avengers (as I'm watching the Incredible Hulk) even though he's growing on me ... It SHOULD have been Edward Norton!
Craze over Incredible cuzins and family would know...n even though Edward Norton wasnt the hulk...It was really really awesome in Avengers!! relieved it was the best line up so far!!Iron Man & Capt America did fairly Good Job!! Satisfaction!!
I feel asleep before The Incredible Hulk. It's too bad, Edward Norton is a good actor. But Leterrier become a bad director :'/
Done watching 2008 'Incredible Hulk' film for the nth time.Nirefresh lng role ni Edward Norton & ready for Mark Ruffalo role in The Avengers
Edward Norton is Bruce Banner who rages out into the "The Incredible Hulk". Jeremy gives you his final review of the final movie leading into "The Avengers"!...
My new superhero that I wanna be is The Incredible Hulk - specifically Edward Norton.
The Incredible Hulk: Edward Norton as Bruce Banner: Great Original Movie Photo Print Ad!: This is the actual pri...
I'm just still so utterly disappointed there was no association with Edward Norton's "Incredible Hulk" and the rest of the Avengers movies.
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