Incredible Hulk & David Banner

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . Lavell Crump (born April 11, 1974), better known by his stage name David Banner, is a former American rapper, record producer, and occasional actor. 3.0/5

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Great character study of Bill Bixby's David Banner in the Incredible Hulk.
The episode when they close the jail on Sunday. A young Bill Bixby, aka David Banner from the Incredible Hulk...
OTD - In 1993, actor Bill Bixby passed away;best known for his roll "Dr. David Banner" on the Incredible Hulk.
Not a lot of people know that Bill Bixby who was the original David Banner who became the Incredible Hulk if you...
wWasn't David Banner the Incredible Hulk? Is this his brother? I thought it was envy of Alan Brazil that made u go green?
"Rodeo clowns save lives every day." -David Banner, from season 3, ep.5 of Incredible Hulk
My sister DuoAtta Duo gave me 23, she trippin' so y'all gettin 12 things about me lol 1. My first name has 11 letters in it. 2. My first name means: Where there's life, there's always hope. 3. My childhood nickname was "Bull" (don't ask lol) 4. My favorite kicks are Nike Dunks 5. First rap song I memorized was "Boyz N Da Hood" by Eazy E 6. The song I sing in the shower is "Anytime" by Brian McKnight 7. First solo I ever sung was "He's Able" by Kirk Franklin 8. I had a t-shirt line in high school called "DoughMeechie Threadz with my homies Meechie and KeOndre Threadz Hampton 9. My sister Rica used to call me Mikey from the little boy in the Chex commercial 10. I'm non chalant like my mama and stubborn like my daddy smh 11. I have David Banner syndrome. I'm slow to anger but when I am angry I'm Incredible Hulk. 12. I love my family and wish that we all lived in the same city.
SUPERHERO FAN CALLOUT: My son Jack, 3 1/2, is insisting that the Incredible Hulk's "real name" is "Jaden Jaw" or something similar. His speech isn't clear so I'm not clear on the last name. I've told him that his real name is David Banner, but he learned this Jaden Jaw thing someplace. And when I repeat it he says it isn't Jaw. My daughter and I have suggested Jaden John, Jaden Jog, Jaden Jot, Jaden Jock. You get the picture. Any comic folks out there who have any idea what I'm talking about so I can know what my sweet Jack is talking about?
I can see why. David Banner [?] the Incredible Hulk is coming out...
Bill Bixby will always be David Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno will always be the Incredible Hulk, Arnold Schwarnegger is the only Conan, the original A-Team was the bomb, Jackie Chan will NEVER be Mr. Miyagi, only Robert Englund can play Freddy Krueger, still wish Tron was real.
FROM G. CRAIGE LEWIS. Something Within Mark 3:27 - 'No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.' I remember enjoying the TV show, "The Incredible Hulk" when I was younger. I remember when David Banner would get into trouble, his eyes would turn green and he would turn into something else much more powerful than he was before. A monster would literally take over his existence for a brief period to fight for him until his enemies were defeated! You already know where this is going right? Although that was make believe, I have learned that God can do the same thing in the Spirit. There are times when our enemies seem to be in a more powerful position in our lives, or the sin that we struggle with so often seems to have us cornered. Bottom line, there is something within us that is there to fight for us. When we are not strong enough in the flesh to handle it, there is a "strong man" that dwells in us that is prep ...
1 Year Unlimited Yoga for $1199. Coming this Spring our space will be increasing to ~11,600 sqft. We're going from David Banner size to the Incredible Hulk! ;) This promotional offer is a steal! AND, if you would like to support our expansion (we can always use support), then consider becoming a Founding Believer. For $1500 you will receive 1 Year Unlimited, a limited addition FB equa towel, and a spot on our Recognition Wall acknowledging those earliest believers in this dream! Do you believe? ;)
The Incredible Hulk TV show is on Netflix! David Banner finds out that Hissy Fits are the reason for super strength.
For the record David Banner's a rapper, Bruce Banner is the incredible hulk, and Joe banner is the new brown CEO.
My Morning Prayer: Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. I am so, so glad that there is never a day that I walk into that You are not walking with me. I can make it with You. I know I can! Lord, I was watching some of the movie The Avengers the other night with my family (notice I said "some", because I know You saw me fall asleep in the middle of it). I was noticing how some of my favorite comic characters have been given a serious upgrade since when I watched them as a kid. Especially the Incredible Hulk. Father, I remember as a boy watching the live action series on the Hulk. In fact I saw that version before I ever saw the cartoon or comic book version of him. At first I was afraid to watch it because even the end of intro of the show has this green monster standing in the dark with lightning flashing behind him as he raged in the rain. But I watched it anyway. Even though it was a simpler version compared to today's high tech adaptation, Bill Bixby's portrayal of David Banner and Lou Ferrign ...
Up all night contemplating deep quandries and stuff because I'm like smart and stuff. But most specifically the duality of man. Common theme all through americana...Dr Jekyll/Mr.Hyde--David Banner/Incredible Hulk--Simon and Simon. And that's as far as that went. That's the deepest I get. Think I'll go eat a bearclaw.
I'm watching "THE INCREDIBLE HULK", and it's funny, everywhere that he went, he would invariably be pushed into transforming into the Hulk, and yet even as the hulk he always did good and helped people, but David Banner couldn't see that, he just saw that he had a monster living within him, and that he could never have any peace, as long as he did... This is sort of true for everyone, we all have a bit of a monster living within us, anger that can do so much damage, we have to control that monster, because there are times where anger can be good, when we see an injustice, or see someone being hurt, and get angry enough to do something about it...
Well, they say the first time's always scary... During a rainstorm later that evening, Dr. David Banner (Bill Bixby) suffers a flat tire and injures his thumb while trying to change it, the resulting anger from the pain causing him to morph into The Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferigno) for the very first t...
David Banner's search for a cure to the malady which turns him into a monstrous creature whenever he gets angry takes him to New York where he is unable to avoid his transformation after he gets involved in a Times Square skimming operation.
Oh no, Netflix went out and now we'll never know...Will the David Banner fall for the girl, will the bad guys try to hurt him, and will it make him angry and make him turn green and Lou Ferrigno-bad? lol, seriously though, we love the old Incredible Hulk show :D
What exactly is with the proliferation of gift bags in this society? We buy them, give them, receive them, save them, give them again... I have hundreds of these things in my house, of all sizes and shapes, with countless designs on them. I have enough gift bags to use them to move again. I feel like David Banner in the old Incredible Hulk tv show, walking on down the road after every episode in my awesome 70s/80s denim, a gift bag with Elmo on it slung over my shoulder with that sad piano music playing behind me. And pouring out of that Elmo gift bag? Colorful tissue paper.
Been watching the old Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk tv series (scored it at a tag sale for almost nothing). For all of the the shots that David Banner (why he's not Bruce I don't know) has taken to the head, he would have suffered from hundreds of concussions. Maybe that's why the Hulk was so angry all of the time. Post concussion syndrome.
Whoever has Netflix, please, I beg you, watch the 70s Incredible Hulk TV series. It's a fantastic show that focuses more on the man, not the monster. You spend more time with Bruce, or in this case, David Banner, and you start to care about him and his... problem. But let me tell you, when he hulks out, it's flippin' awesome, even for the 70s.
Jus went Incredible Hulk on sum chicken. Now back to being David Banner.
incredible hulk in avengers is awesome than the other past hulks (excluding the old tv movie and other two movies made by them) a puppy face hulk came in 2003 and a happy handsome cute hulk came 2008. still i think the hulk isn't full clear in motion picture. anyway i miss Bill Bixby the real Dr. David Banner and happy that the real hulk Lou Ferrigno gave his voice to the hulk in the avengers, but still un-credited ! lame people !
Kirk Franklin & Plies = David Banner & the Incredible Hulk.U will never see either 2 at the same time
Watch The Trial of the Incredible Hulk online - David Banner drifts into New York and goes on a subway. And with him is a woman and two guys. When the two guys attack the woman, David tries to help but is beaten and turns into The Hulk and saves the woman. When he turns back, he finds himself arrest...
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