Incredible Hulk & Bruce Banner

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . 5.0/5

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the Genie App, just guessed that I was thinking of Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk…
you guys are failing us nerds All Over America right now. Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.
It's also kind of weird that it came out in 2007, 1 year before Iron Man & the Incredible Hulk. And Mark Ruffalo wasn't even Bruce Banner
Interview Panel: Tell us about your strengths. Bruce Banner: *turns into Incredible Hulk*. IP: Related to the job. IH: . IP: W…
Bonds SKULL CHANGED SIZES He started out as Bruce Banner and became the Incredible Hulk! He get that way from drinking a coke?
also Bruce banner is the Incredible Hulk, not ba'man, FFS
Once a year, my Dr. Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk. He also is not pleased with me. Happy…
Slim Farrell felt like one of the characters out of a Marvel Comics. Doctor Bruce Banner was always left worn out and with his clothing in tatters after he'd transformed back into his more mild mannered self after having rampaged about the countryside as the Incredible Hulk. Slim was pooped mate, yeah he was too pooped to pop. The last few weeks had been the bomb the absolute bomb. He and his little Sweet-Pea had been out and about having a little rock and roll style rampage themselves. The two middle aged delinquents had been having great fun out at gigs and at parties. They'd enjoyed too many late nights and they'd indulged in far too much of the champagne and other trappings of the good life. It was the grouse worries about that mate. They'd also somehow managed to have kept the wheels turning with the proper and required attention to their careers and to their healthy exercise regimes. However with all of the excess joyful adventure and mad partying, the big galoot now found himself wit ...
Best Price Marvel Incredible Hulk Man Or Monster Baby Tee CLICK LINK BELOW FOR BEST PRICE Incredible Hulk Baby Tee Is he Man or Monster!?! Bruce Banner can't control who he becomes when he is enraged; the Incredible Hulk!!! This amazing Marvel Comic t-shirt displays the similar images seen on the comic book cover from 1962 ?The Incredible Hulk The Strongest Man of all Time?. The artwork by Jack Kirby and George Roussos perfectly details the dual personalities of Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. This light green cotton t-shirt looks like you are wearing a Marvel Comic book cover in a classic style. The form fitting baby doll fit of this shirt will look perfect on any Incredible Hulk female fan!!! Get best price here :
how come the Incredible Hulk manages to keeps his waist size when transitioning from Bruce Banner.
If the Incredible Hulk was married, he would never turn back into Bruce Banner.
No one's safe when Bruce banner becomes Incredible Hulk
you Bruce Banner or Incredible Hulk at the moment?
BestofPisces: When a Pisces gets mad they can be noisy but once they calm down, they will be a happy person again. I don't call it noisy, I call it beast mode, just shut up, get out the way and let us cool down... I've said it before, I can from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk in a matter of seconds... You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.ijs Pisces Rule
Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk, Bruce CAMPBELL is the star of Evil Dead. Need coffee, some applications still opening in brain.
SUPERHERO FAN CALLOUT: My son Jack, 3 1/2, is insisting that the Incredible Hulk's "real name" is "Jaden Jaw" or something similar. His speech isn't clear so I'm not clear on the last name. I've told him that his real name is David Banner, but he learned this Jaden Jaw thing someplace. And when I repeat it he says it isn't Jaw. My daughter and I have suggested Jaden John, Jaden Jog, Jaden Jot, Jaden Jock. You get the picture. Any comic folks out there who have any idea what I'm talking about so I can know what my sweet Jack is talking about?
(Carter) Who should get more screen time in the potential "Incredible Hulk" sequel - Bruce Banner or The Hulk? - The most liked idea for an MCU Valentine's Day special came from Richard Fink, who said, "1 hour special, showing dates of Thor & Jane, Tony & Pepper, Bruce and Betty, Hawkeye and Black Widow and in the end showing Captain America remembering Peggy and then going for a guy's night out with Nick Fury, and bringing Maria Hill along to join the single's night."
When I get high, then I'm horny, my *** is like Bruce Banner just yearning for the moment to Incredible Hulk out!
My Question of the Night is: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk?
when Bruce Banner gets angry he turns into the Incredible Hulk .An angry.Hulk turns into Chuck Norris .lol
In the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) describes his experience as the Hulk as being like one big exposed nerve. Funny. That's how I would describe the experience of preaching. Sometimes, you just want it to be over and your human frailties and insufficiencies to be masked once again.
TASK FACT OF THE DAY!!! TASK1ne was once asked by Marvel to be the Incredible Hulk in a movie because they were tired of using special effects...
Geek Trivia - Though he's known for being mean and green, the Incredible Hulk actually had gray skin when he first appeared in comics in 1962. The Hulk's original colorist had trouble maintaining a consistent shade of gray in that first comic, and Hulk's skin color was changed to green in the second issue. The gray version of the character has returned at various points in the character's history, and is officially explained as being an aspect of yet another, more intelligent, more emotionally stable personality of the Hulk (aside from the regular green Hulk and his alter-ego Dr. Bruce Banner) who occasionally goes by the name of Joe Fixit.
However, milk is still the magic elixir that turns my Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, my Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk.
(So, when I get home from school I'm going to try and start up an Avengers stroyline. So, anyone I've made an Avenger is aloud to join. Still, there are some people who may not work out. Seeing how I wanna use people who were actually Avengers in the comics. But we'll see how this ends up.) Captain America, Hawkeye - Clint Barton, Thor, Black Widow, Dr. Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk),
explores how nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk.
FUN FACTS ABOUT THE INCREDIBLE HULK Comic book writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Hulk in 1962. Lee and Kirby tell the story of physicist Robert Bruce Banner who is seeking a cure for the radiation that has poisoned him. The poison transforms Banner into the Hulk whenever he gets angry.. In the first issue of the Incredible Hulk comic book, the Hulk wasn’t green, but gray. The Hulk stands nearly 7 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 1,040 pounds. Bruce Banner is 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 129 pounds. The Hulk can lift billions of tons. He can breathe underwater. He can go without breathing for over a year. The Hulk has a cousin called She-Hulk who was created in 1980.
the Incredible Hulk is on tv! ^__^ as Bruce Banner will always be my favorite Hulk❤
Bruce banner vs Incredible Hulk.the within
Barry Bonds went from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk overnight.
please .. Mercy ..“dr. Bruce banner has all the science factsa but the Incredible Hulk just goes smasha”
HULK smashes. HULK crashes. HULK is an unstoppable mass of muscle and greenskinned fury. He bears little resemblance to his alter ego (the mildmannered Bruce Banner) save for the selfless scientists tattered pants. While HULK fights for good, his unpredictability and sheer strength make him a big...
Up working out...welp Incredible Hulk is coming back bruce banner was just a shell
are you staying with us or will you be wandering off into the sunset like Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk?
A silly song I wrote about the Incredible Hulk because my little brother loves him. This song follows the Bruce Banner character throughout the 2003 and 2008...
I'm a horrible dancer, so I've learned how to NOT move my body instinctively to music when I hear it. It's like how Bruce Banner controls his anger so he won't turn into the Incredible Hulk, however I'm like, "Don't get me drunk, you wouldn't like me when I'm drunk, cause then I dance and think I'm good"
"Don't make wouldn't like me when I'm angry" - Bruce Banner - Incredible Hulk
I get green and mash whatever is in my way. There's only one cat that does it better than me and they call him Bruce Banner! On my Incredible Hulk, biatch!
Mrs. Paige: Banach, what's a gamma ray? Me: It's what turned Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk. Mrs. Paige: You know THAT, but you don't know what one actually is? Happy Mole Day and cheers to the woman who convinced me to take 3 years of chem classes even though I hate science.
Actually, that’s not true. In the Incredible Hulk, number Dr. Bruce Banner found th---you know; Never mind.. my girlfriend’s a ***
For the record David Banner's a rapper, Bruce Banner is the incredible hulk, and Joe Banner is the new brown CEO.
When the Incredible Hulk gets home after beating up bad guys & saving the day & transforms back into Bruce Banner, he has to deal with all his aches & pains that he's endured through out his day ... Well that's about the way I feel & it's keeping me awake...
While studying for my AFAM midterm, just realized that I remember so much about Benjamin Banneker because I automatically associate him with another (albeit fictional) scientist, Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Yep.
I'm sitting here watching the Incredible Hulk and, as much as I appreciate Mark Ruffalo stepping in to fill the role, Edward Norton definately played a better Bruce Banner.
You could push Dr. Bruce Banner. You could push him but not too far. Eventually he'd turn green and burst the seams of his good shirt and become the Incredible Hulk. You could pin Muhammad Ali down but not forever. When Foreman had Ali on the ropes during the Rumble in the Jungle, when he was poundi...
separating me from the Internet has the same effect radiation did on Dr. Bruce Banner (aka the Incredible Hulk)...
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Despite what others say, Church attendance for me, is a necessity! You can gain such inspiration,empowermt, encouragemt & so much more! & it shows a level of Spiritual Committement. Missing out on Church gatherings, causes us to forfeit all of that! I also think recreation & entertainmt are necessarities,, but put n perspective! so we can be inspiring to be an "Incredible Hulk" vs. a "Bruce Banner" 4 Christ!
Episode 1 of the Incredible Hulk cartoon... well recording a tape journal Bruce Banner refers to himself as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. I can honestly say I never knew his first name was Robert, definitely thought it was just Bruce.
movie question. What actor starred in Fight Club and as Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk was born this day in 1969?
in Ohio "like watching the mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner turn into the Incredible Hulk"
Strange gym thing Homemade muscle shirts say more Bruce Banner weilding dull scissors than the Incredible Hulk look you're going for.
Im like Bruce Banner im 1 of the calmest,sweetest,most humble, super laid back dudes ever u meet but when u get on my bad side its all bad u will get that monster and if u dont know what monster im talking about its the Incredible Hulk but I rarely get that mad
So. I finished watching Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, and I recently saw The Avengers. All that's left is Thor and the Incredible Hulk (the 2008 version with Norton and not that 2003 Ang Lee piece of crap.) Though I am kind of digging Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.
Incredible Hulk: The Complete Collection DVD brings together more than four decades of adventures that star a classic superhero. Nuclear physicist Bruce Banner created a new kind of nuclear explosive, the Gamma Bomb. On its first test, he was caught in the blast - but instead of being killed he w...
Lauren was reading me something earlier which told you what your Zombie Apocalypse Survival team would be. Included amongst my team members was the Incredible Hulk. This led me to ponder the question: What would happen to the Hulk if he was bitten by a zombie while in Human / Bruce Banner form? (I should mention my other two awesome team members were Ari Gold and The Rock)
If you want a little peek into my psyche, feel free to analyze this: last night I dreamt that Audrey was Dr. Bruce Banner (from the Incredible Hulk). Someone attacked her, and she turned in to a very large, very angry, Lydia.
My top three Marvel film characters would probably be Agent Coulson, Pepper Potts and Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk
Adorable, eight year old little kid Bruce Banner gets teased by a group of mean bullies in the park, who steal his hat and play monkey in the middle with it.
The literal meaning of "terrible twos on steroids" is truly a sight to behold, and one I hope you never experience, friends. One more day then hopefully the Incredible Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner.
Dr. Bruce Banner or Incredible Hulk .. Yep, that kind of day. Feeling the green. ;)
I liked The Dictator. Had a funny reality and Mad truth 2 it.. Waiting 2 take my son 2 watch Tht Snow white and the Henchman movie next. I think he'll enjoy it. Getting it all done one day at a time. U have 2 B a real life super Hero to do all tht needs done. I'm one Incredible Hulk out thiz Bi**h. If U ever think u see mii slipping, it's just a mirage of my alter ego Bruce Banner. Still a genius no matter how U think U seen it. Just never cross tht line and get mii upset. Cause U know I could get mad and bring Da other guy out. (Hulk Smash) What was his secret. Oh yeah. I'm always Mad.. Lgreen Haterz.
Bruce Banner ( The incredible Hulk ) & Westbrook are just alike. Wen they get angry, they cant be stopped !!
Gamma rays are blamed for making Bruce Banner the Incredible Hulk. But what are gamma rays and what can they really do? Gamma rays are the highest energy form of light. The rainbow of visible light that we are most familiar with is just part of a far broader spectrum of light, the electro magnetic spectrum. Past the red end of the rainbow, where wavelengths get longer, are infrared rays, microwaves and radio waves, while beyond violet lie the shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet rays, X-rays and, finally, gamma rays.A gamma ray packs at least 10,000 times more energy than a visible light ray. Unlike the incredible hulk gamma rays are not green — lying as they do beyond the visible spectrum, gamma rays have no color at all that we can describe.
I wonder who would win in a fight Bruce Banner/ The Incredible Hulk or Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde
Am I the only one who has realized and angered at the fact that no one has played Bruce Banner twice? Hulk: Eric Bana Incredible Hulk: Edward Norton The Avengers: Mark Ruffalo Why can't Hollywood be consistent?
Just saw "The Avengers". It so tied together every awesome movie I've seen in the last year. If you haven't seen it then go. Now I have to see "The Incredible Hulk" even though theres a different actor playing Bruce Banner.
Incredible JeggingsRT How does Hulk not rip through Bruce Banner's pants during transformation?
The Avengers was hands down the best movie I've seen since Dark Night.I couldn't stop was mad intelligent,and at one point did Tony Stark ask Bruce Banner if one of his ways to keeping calm was a big bag of weed.Cheah That real incredible hulk!
Everyone's watching Pursuit of Happiness, but I'm watching Incredible Hulk.ah great love story. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross.
I am sooo stoked. I read that there's an Incredible Hulk sequel planned with Mark Ruffalo starring. Screw Norton! He sucked! Ruffalo is gonna own Bruce Banner and get nominated for an Oscar - in this role, the man deserves to win it!
Fifty years ago this month, comic book artists Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the Incredible Hulk to the world. The Hulk is the volatile alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, a physicist who's inadvertently exposed to radiation. As a result, whenever Dr. Banner gets angry or upset, he transforms into a...
Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he...
Chronicling the final days of the Green Goliath! Peter David and Dale Keown, creative team on some of the Hulk's most memorable tales, reunite to produce this searing vision of the future in which Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, is the last man on Earth. It's the Hulk's final battle, as "The L...
Just had theee funniest thought. Bruce Banner, pre Incredible Hulk. Dating a black or puerto rican girl, and she's mad, going off on him and says "your momma". Bruce says like all men, "alright man take that somewhere else". She gets typical and says "what are you going to do. You aint gon do Shiit!" Then she hits him while he tries to walk away! He's turning green! She's like "I wish you would!" and pointer finger pushes him in the forehead. Hulk Smash! LOL! Oh Man i'm bored.
watching the Incredible Hulk just makes me wish Edward Norton was Bruce Banner in the Avengers :(
Apparently the most indestructible part of the Incredible Hulk isn't his body, but his pants... I really need to find out where Bruce Banner does his shopping...
"It's like Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. I wound up in Miami once because I didn't eat breakfast!"
1/4 cup of coffee later ... I went from Bruce Banner to Incredible Hulk!.Im ready to SMASH todays WOD!!
It's hard to act like Bruce Banner, when I feel like the Incredible Hulk! Usually I can laugh it off but it's been over and I'm still HEATED!
To all u Celtics haters.We're like Bruce Banner when he turns into da "Incredible Hulk---Don't make us angry...U wudn't like us when we're angry!! We turn "green" and get "mean"!! 107-91 S.T.F.U.!!! Gr!!
Skylar just got a text saying that Banner is testing a new drug for Alzheimer's. For a second he thought it meant Dr. Bruce Banner, as in the Incredible Hulk...too funn
Imagine if the went the other way with the Incredible Hulk and every time Bruce Banner got sad he turned into a little pale emo kid.
If my friends were the avengers who would be who: Iornman-Tony Stark = Ben Schneider. Captin america = Rory Carlisle. Thor = Cory Portner. Hawkeye = Brett Merritt. Bruce Banner/ Incredible Hulk = Nicole Tolmie. Black Widow = Anne Ulrich. Please look at your friends ant tell who would be your avenger team. P.S. Nick Fury = Suzi Ji.
**Spoilers for though's who haven't seen the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton or the Avengers, you've been warned*** I don't think Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are going to be friend's once we find out what Tony Stark and Colonial Ross developed after there little talk at the end of the movie
"In the 1970's Incredible Hulk TV Series, David Bruce Banner's name was changed as such, because just 'Bruce' was considered 'too homosexual.'" This is amusing. Also, saw The Avengers. Liked Ruffalo. They finally got a good actor for Banner. Make Banner interesting and The Hulk will be interesting. He captures that twitchy Bill Bixbyishness at least for the most part. Over all, the movie was the best of the bunch. Recommend it. Will be doing an article on it for BRWC soon.
Bruce Banner off the field..Incredible Hulk on the field 👊💢💪
Who ask you go for holiday when the movie comes out. SPOILER: Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk :O
Thoughts are at the heart of man's advancement or stagnation. A man's circumstances are a mirror of his thoughts. There's no getting around it: Think low - live low. Think elevated - live elevated. GOD wants to elevate - as my good friend Jason Janifer used to say - our thoughts so that we can live in the manner in which he is calling for. As long as we treat our minds as trash cans, our life can only reflect that. But no sooner than we begin to feed our mind that which is spiritually wholesome, sptiritually nutritious - the Word of GOD - we will begin to grow in strength. In a way we will almost be like Dr. Bruce Banner changing into the Incredible Hulk. Not for any foolishness or evil though - but for good. You will notice that as you take in GOD's manna or the Word of GOD, what used to trouble you will not. And things that you thought you were too weak to do will be within your ability. Through listening to GOD's word, your thoughts will enable you to rise and keep rising. -Psalms 119:9-
Nah, Incredible Hulk. Only cos I fancy him when he's Bruce Banner.
Saw the movie "The Avengers" yesterday,awesome movie,kids enjoyed but one doubt still remains.When Dr Bruce Banner changes to Incredible Hulk all his clothes tore off except for the pants .any comments...
We loved Mark Ruffalo's performance as Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers, but back when he was cast, people were not so kind. They didn't think this indie cinema star could pull it off, and they wanted Edward Norton back. Well, Ruffalo has a message for everyone who raged...
Mark Ruffalo is the third actor in less than 10 years to take on the role of Dr. Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk...
Sorry, Official Edward Norton Fan Club, but Edward Norton isn't the Incredible Hulk anymore. An official statement released by Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has revealEd Norton, who played Bruce Banner in the most recent Hulk film and...
Hulk (2003): Crappy dialog as well as acting by Banner's character. The Hulk is way too calm to be The Hulk. Also, a little TOO green for my taste. BUT really fun movie non the less. give it a 8 The Incredible Hulk (2008): Hulk is a bit smaller than 2003 Hulk, but more monstrous. Which makes it funner to watch. BUT too much Bruce Banner, too little Hulk. Makes the movie slower, less fun to watch. Also, not many open takes, makes it difficult to see what the Hulk is actually doing. nor better or worse than Hulk (2003)... stays in 8. The Avengers (2012): Combine both past Hulks, you get a mindless monstrous beast that you can actually see what it does. Very exiting to watch. Makes it the best hulk I'v ever seen. Also prefer Rufalo way better than Norton or Banna. Give this Hulk a 10. Best thing about the movie.
I think my favorite Incredible Hulk movie is where Ed Norton played Bruce Banner.
Just watched Incredible Hulk in prep for Avengers. Mediocre film with a couple great performances. Ed Norton made a good Bruce Banner
Dr. Bruce Banner continues to find a cure for his gamma-radiation induced affliction where anger causes him to become the giant, green-skinned Incredible Hul...
I swear, with the way I have been acting lately if I was Bruce Banner I would be the Incredible Hulk all the time. I need to chill
Comic Book Resources - PREVIEW: Incredible Hulk - Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Incredible Hulk from the superstar creative team of Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo. Whatever happened to Bruce Banner? Red She-Hulk knows and is determined to make those responsible pay. In this ...
There were many different animation sequences showing Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk during The Incredible Hulk series of 1982. This one from "The Cycl...
Take a look at a detailed new photo of The Hulk in ‘The Avengers’, and hear what actor Mark Ruffalo has to say about both the Bruce Banner and Incredible Hulk sides of the role.
In recent years, the Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner) was transported to Halfworld via energies released during the destruction of the energy creature Galaxy Master. The Hulk met Quadrant guardian Rocket Raccoon and his partner Wal Rus, who tried unsuccessfully to figure out how the strange green huma...
Edward Norton is Bruce Banner who rages out into the "The Incredible Hulk". Jeremy gives you his final review of the final movie leading into "The Avengers"!...
I can't believe I just barely realized the brazilian guy helping Bruce Banner at the beginning of The Incredible Hulk is Rickson Gracie
Eight year old Bruce Banner gets teased by a group of bullies, so he walks into a portable toilet, turns into Hulk and scares the *** ...
The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The Incredible Hulk (May 1962). The Hulk is cast as the emotional and impulsive alter ego of the withdrawn and reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner...
The Incredible Hulk: Edward Norton as Bruce Banner: Great Original Movie Photo Print Ad!: This is the actual pri...
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