Incredible Hulk & Bill Bixby

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the . Wilfred Bailey Everett “Bill” Bixby III (January 22, 1934 − November 21, 1993) was an American film and television actor, director, and frequent game show panelist. 5.0/5

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Great character study of Bill Bixby's David Banner in the Incredible Hulk.
The episode when they close the jail on Sunday. A young Bill Bixby, aka David Banner from the Incredible Hulk...
To be honest what I'd miss is watching the Incredible Hulk & Bill Bixby and also anything to do with Gary Ridgway really.
I'm an Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby man, myself
OTD - In 1993, actor Bill Bixby passed away;best known for his roll "Dr. David Banner" on the Incredible Hulk.
Not a lot of people know that Bill Bixby who was the original David Banner who became the Incredible Hulk if you...
He's Big Green and on the Screen, it's the Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby version of the Incredible Hulk in 1989's...
Minnie thanks for the Incredible Hulk marathon ahead of Avengers Ultron movie! Will always love Bill Bixby.
Watching the old Incredible Hulk series. Bill Bixby was very good, but the supporting actors that came and went were absolutely TERRIBLE.
Weirdest nugget so far from this new Zodiac Killer book: Dude claims Zodiac was high school friends with Bill Bixby. Good to see the Incredible Hulk tangled up in this mess.
Introducing Allan to the original Incredible Hulk tv show with bill bixby great stuff
the original 1980's Incredible Hulk television show is on Netflix. Bill Bixby is the man
found my name lol:) i don't agree with some of it thou lol(: Felipe Spanish for Phillip, originally comes from the greek Philippos or "friend/defender of the horses" as those who were the friends/defenders of horses were often kings and conquerors. Often males named Felipe are strong-willed; committed; proud, sometimes to the point of fault; masculine, without being a total jerk about it; organized, even if others don't see it, they have their system; practical, because Felipe doesn't get too bogged down with idealism and often seeks the best solution for the most people; intellectual, sometimes even a bit nerdy, but Felipe never forgets to apply his knowledge as opposed to simply contemplating all day;witty, because he loves to argue, often to understand a complicated issue, Felipe develops quite a verbal repertoire and his colleagues and subordinates know it; slow to anger, but fierce when angry, you don't want to *** him off! remember Bill Bixby in the Incredible Hulk? ; athletic, because he usually h ...
Loving this Incredible Hulk 77 TV show rewatch I'm having. Already had William Daniels and Jeremy Brett as guest stars - awesome stuff! Bill Bixby is perfect in the role - I know I watched it as a young kid, but don't think I properly appreciated how nuanced his perormance was. And, of course, there's that theme tune :)
I dreamt the Incredible Hulk saved my life last night. Unfortunately it was the Mark Ruffalo version and not Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno.
I always liked Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in the original Incredible Hulk. I thought they had great chemistry when they worked good together. I watched the other remake Hulk movies. I didn't think they were good at all.
As walks away from crowd in street magic segments I can't help think of David Banner/Bill Bixby as the Incredible Hulk
How retro is Ben, Christmas list includes a Colin baker doc who figure, the Incredible Hulk 5th season box set (Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno) and a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde DVD in Black and white! And then Lego! Love it!
So last night I watched the first Incredible Hulk movie from 1977 and I have to say I really liked it! Good story, good acting, good plot development, and a good (although sad) ending. Starred bill bixby and Lou Ferrigno and was the pilot to the tv series that I watched on the sci-fi channel when I was a kid
98 years ago . . . in 1915 - The FIRST NUDE SCENE in a movie was shown with Australian actress Annette Kellerman stripping in "Daughter Of The Gods". 50 years ago . . . in 1963 - The U.S. Post Office began using five-digit ZIP CODES. 38 years ago . . . in 1975 - Disney's "The Apple Dumpling Gang" was released . . . starring Tim Conway, Harry Morgan, Don Knotts and (future "Incredible Hulk" superstar) Bill Bixby. 33 years ago . . . in 1980 - "O Canada" was proclaimed the Canadian national anthem! 24 years ago . . . in 1989 - 63-year-old HUGH HEFNER married 26-year-old Kimberly Conrad. As Miss January 1988, her ambitions were, quote, "To be financially self-sufficient, do a cover for 'Playboy' and travel the world." She divorced Hef in 1998, and is now set for life. 22 years ago . . . in 1991 - Michael Landon died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 54. 18 years ago . . . in 1995 - Legendary disc jockey WOLFMAN JACK died of a heart attack at age 57. (He passed away almost immediately after returning home f ...
Landed. Lou Ferrigno was on my flight for anyone old enough to remember he was the ordinal Incredible Hulk :) yeah, Cool flight!
Try to balance, its real the Incredible Hulk turned back to Bill Bixby.-DOOM
On a scale of 1 to Incredible Hulk, I'd say that crossed Bill Bixby territory last night.
I wish I had a 1978 Incredible Hulk poster signed by Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee..
On to season four of the Incredible Hulk, and it opens with a meteor coming to Earth and the radiation halting David's metamorphosis half way through, leaving him half Banner/half Hulk! Oh, this seems promising.
Bill Bixby will always be David Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno will always be the Incredible Hulk, Arnold Schwarnegger is the only Conan, the original A-Team was the bomb, Jackie Chan will NEVER be Mr. Miyagi, only Robert Englund can play Freddy Krueger, still wish Tron was real.
Love my MP3. Soundclip of Bill Bixby as David (Bruce) Banner from the Incredible Hulk: "Don't make me angry..." next song Duality by Slipknot.
I am a happy man...watching the pilot episode of the original Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby!
Watching The Return of the Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby, Lou Ferigno, and Eric Kramer as The Mighty Thor!
Apperently bill bixby was the original Incredible Hulk , thanks to taijaun
Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno on Netflix...awesome
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Tales of a Nerd Dad: I walked into the living room to make my Sunday morning coffee, Katie had been up before me and I noticed she was watching on Netflix the original Incredible Hulk pilot episode starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I sat down to watch the rest of the episode over my coffee. That show still holds up (despite the 70's hair) and Katie thought it was adorable. I remember being 11 and watching the premier on tv with my mom. I appreciate that I can share that little moment with my kids today.
Bill Bixby, John Colvin, and Lou Ferrigno in 1978's Incredible Hulk tv show series. I know its old as *** but its new to me and the best tv series I've ever seen.
So I have been watching the original "The Incredible Hulk" series on Netflix, and I have to say that nostalgia aside, it still holds up pretty well for writing, direction, and production value. Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno kick
Tagg Romney looks like Bill Bixby in Prometheus episode of INCREDIBLE HULK where he was caught in mid-transformation.
My Morning Prayer: Good morning Lord. Thank You for another day. I am so, so glad that there is never a day that I walk into that You are not walking with me. I can make it with You. I know I can! Lord, I was watching some of the movie The Avengers the other night with my family (notice I said "some", because I know You saw me fall asleep in the middle of it). I was noticing how some of my favorite comic characters have been given a serious upgrade since when I watched them as a kid. Especially the Incredible Hulk. Father, I remember as a boy watching the live action series on the Hulk. In fact I saw that version before I ever saw the cartoon or comic book version of him. At first I was afraid to watch it because even the end of intro of the show has this green monster standing in the dark with lightning flashing behind him as he raged in the rain. But I watched it anyway. Even though it was a simpler version compared to today's high tech adaptation, Bill Bixby's portrayal of David Banner and Lou Ferrign ...
Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno. I used to love this television adaptation of the Incredible Hulk. I am glad the se…
Time for a little Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby and Big Lou's been a long time since I have watched this show.
Is sitting at home watching old "Incredible Hulk" DVD's starring Bill Bixby. Superheros before CGI !
My dorkiness knows no bounds. I ordered a birthday present for myself: The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series and Death of the Incredible Hulk. I miss Bill Bixby.
Going to relax in a bit. Incredible Hulk, w. Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Episode: Mystery Man, 2 parter. That, and my delish tuna salad.
I watched the old Incredible Hulk movies with Amanda (starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno). The end theme song is so sad :(
Bill Bixby (70's Incredible Hulk), Bill Brasky (SOB) and Bill Ding, brother of Lee Ding on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
been watching the old Incredible Hulk series this week with autistic guy. he loves Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby
Anyways, I have breakfast to eat, and Bill Bixby's Incredible Hulk just started, restoring my faith in network TV. Peace, folks.
Watching the classic "Incredible Hulk" played by Bill Bixby and Lou the classics ^^
John Inverdale looks exactly like Bill Bixby did when he was aboot half way to turning into Lou Ferrigno in the Incredible Hulk.
Thinking back to Chad Everett's 1983 show "The Rousters", I remember another show that debuted that year; called "Manimal". It starred Simon McCorkendale (Greg Reardon on "Falcon Crest"). It was about a guy who inheirited his Dad's ability, to change into any kind of animal and fight crime. Unlike Bill Bixby's "Incredible Hulk", he could control his ability. I was never allowed to watch it, because my Mom and Grandmother refused it. Because of their Bible beliefs, they said it was demonically influenced. I thought it was just their being "hard shell" Christians. Today, I watched a clip of "Manimal" on youtube. It was the infamous scene of McCorkendale turning into a panther. Although the show is near 30 years old, the transformation sequence made me uncomfortable. Even as an adult, I didn't like it one bit; though I can't put my view on another. I wouldn't let any child watch it, because of the nightmare influence alone. For that, I admit my Mom was right, in not letting me watch it. So, don't count on me ...
Who’s ready for another Hulk TV series? Marvel and ABC are developing a TV return for comic icon the Incredible Hulk. CBS last produced a memorable series featuring the jade giant that ran from 1978-82 and starred Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. The news comes as DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman, who h...
Hello, and welcome to "TV Car Trivia!" First question, who was the driver of a '73 Firebird? Uh, Otto? Uh, Jim Rockford, "Rockford Files". Gimme "Columbo". A Peugeot convertible. What color? Gray. How do you know that? 'Cause I love that show. Man, I got three words for all of y'all: Get a life! What's on Magnum P.I.'s license plate? "ROBIN-1" Wait, wasn't Robin that faggoty guy that always hung with him?Naw, that was Higgins. That was Higgins. Hey, hey, ten points for our fearless leader. Sway, how about giving us the Bill Bixby trifecta? Drove a Corvette in "The Magician", a Ford pickup truck in "The Incredible Hulk", and in "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", he walked.
Aw man! The perfect combination...I miss Bill Bixby, these two really made the show. Unfortunately, the actor that portrayed Jack McGee hasn't been in anything in a long time. The writing was perfect and the actors involved really carried the ideas off with absolutely perfect timing. That sort of chemistry in a group of actoprs and actresses is rare.
I bulked up to the Incredible Hulk like Bill Bixby
Watching the Incredible Hulk tv show 1978 with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno
If anyone of you who grew up with "My Favorite Martian," or "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," or even my favorite, "The Incredible Hulk," then, please remember Bill Bixby! He played second-fiddle to Michael Landon, and was just like Michael.
So were watching the old Incredible Hulk tv series with Bill Bixby. Is it just me or is that music at the end the saddest music ever. I mean hes hitchiking and im like he looks like a Nice Guy, somebody stop n pick him up already. Lmao...just had to share my deep thoughts today ;- p
Cat arrested for imitating Bill Bixby as the Incredible Hulk in tv show. Court records reveal, she previously imitated Bixby in his other roles in the Magician (sp?) and the courtship of Eddie's father. Also, Made Steven Segall disappear at Premiere of Executive Decision. Goldie Hawn thinks she has a crush on Kurt Russell.
The Death of the Incredible Hulk: He's Mean, He's Green and he's back! In a daring chase when the incredible Hul...
The Incredible Hulk Returns / The Trial of the Incredible Hulk: Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno reprised their '70s ...
Bill Bixby when he "transformed" into Lou Ferrigno on the Incredible Hulk. They way he looked @ the camera sent me running.
I just saw "The Avengers" and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys witty, adrenaline-pumping popcorn flicks. It also makes me reminisce for one of the best TV shows I used to watch as a child - "The Incredible Hulk" with Bill Bixby.
Horray! :) All my faves will be back on TV... via PVR...! ;) NCIS, NCIS: LA, Rizzoli & Isles, Blue Bloods, Scandal, the annual Jesse Stone TV movies plus Young Justice: Invasion & ThunderCats. And, I still have several Classic TV shows to watch on DVD. I'm currently wrapping up Season 2 of the Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk.
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incredible hulk in avengers is awesome than the other past hulks (excluding the old tv movie and other two movies made by them) a puppy face hulk came in 2003 and a happy handsome cute hulk came 2008. still i think the hulk isn't full clear in motion picture. anyway i miss Bill Bixby the real Dr. David Banner and happy that the real hulk Lou Ferrigno gave his voice to the hulk in the avengers, but still un-credited ! lame people !
Prefer Mark Ruffalo to Bill Bixby but the computer generated Incredible Hulk is nowhere near as scary as Lou Ferrigno
is about to finish off the day w/ some Chocolate Therapy (Ice Cream) & "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk" (which also has Daredevil in it. But this is no animated movie, it's live action. And it doesn't have Eric Bana, Ed Norton, or Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, or Ben Affleck as Daredevil. It's got Rex Smith as Daredevil & Bill Bixby as the Hulk. Yes, it's a movie made, post the cancellation of the awesome "The Incredible Hulk" show. There's also another (Bill Bixby) Hulk movie w/ Thor. Check the $5 bin at your local Wal-Mart, you might be able to find a DVD w/ both movies on it, like THIS GUY!!! HOLLA & g'nite!!!
23 yrs ago 2day, the movie "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" aired on NBC, a follow-up to the 70's TV series starring Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno
One of the things I loved about the Incredible Hulk film were the shout out to the original cast from the tv show: Lou Ferrigno & Bill Bixby
Ok , you know why the 1970's TV Incredible Hulk was lame? Because Bill Bixby was not on the run from the US Gov't. Instead, he was on the run from a dingdong reporter. Who cares about a reporter - File a restraining order if he wont leave you alone.
Ive purchased the complete Incredible Hulk series...great stories...ta look back 30 years Bixby was a cool guy..Not many know this but the ladies DUG him!! Lol.4real...n for all u youngins.Lou Ferrigno Was n is the HULK...B4 cgi garbage.
So my mother and I had a debate on the current state of The Incredible Hulk. She feels CGI ruins the human feeling of them not casting a body-builder like Lou Ferrigno while I think the CGI is meant for him to go beyond that. He has higher standards then the Bill Bixby show in which the angrier he gets, the more his power increases. She feels the hulk is not a monster, him dying in The Death of the Incredible Hulk is more realistic. She thinks Jekyll & Hyde, where I think Gamma Power. Whats your take?
Twilight Zone always has old actors when they were just starting their career. I watched one that had Bill Bixby playing a small part. He was the Incredible Hulk back in the day.
Here are some outtakes and bloopers from the 1970s "The Incredible Hulk" TV show that starred Bill Bixby. Like most of these, the quality is pretty raunchy, ...
The Death of the Incredible Hulk: The Movie: Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, stars of the late '70s, live-action te...
These grandmas used to watch Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby. They're kinda awesome.
"Don't make me angry... I don't think you will like me when I'm angry..." -Bill Bixby aka The Incredible Hulk
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