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Inauguration Day

The inauguration of the President of the United States takes place during the commencement of a new term of a President of the United States, which is every four years on January 20. Prior to the Twentieth Amendment, the date was March 4, the day of the year on which the Constitution of the United States first took effect in 1789; the last inauguration to take place on the older date was Franklin D.

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President Trump is at his Virginia golf course, marking his 30th Trump golf property visit since Inauguration Day
ACLU sues over police actions in DC on Inauguration Day - WASHINGTON (AP) - The American Civil Liberties Union ...
Inauguration Day is turning out to be a Native American in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!
‘Black bloc’ protester pleads guilty to felonies from Inauguration Day rioting via
Incidentally, this headline could've been used on George W. Bush's Inauguration Day in 2001—just swap Ailes's picture wit…
Inauguration Day: Macron to Become France’s New President France’s new president Emmanue…
Trump sued 134 times in federal court since inauguration |
In Chicago, large crowds come out for Women's March the day after Pres. Donald Trump's inauguration https:…
Hypothetically speaking, what if I actually became president one day? . 😂. In my inauguration speech, I'd say . "Y'all.…
President Trump has been named in 134 lawsuits since inauguration, becoming an unprecedented legal lightening rod:
Trump admits 13,224 to US since Inauguration day including over 1,000 each of Syrians, Somalis and Iraqis. ht…
Would this be a number that Trump would be proud of
The last time the weather was this crappy was on Inauguration Day 🤔 everything is connected
Trump has been sued 134 times in Fed court since inauguration
Textiles Min. and MoS, at inauguration of 2-day National Workshop on Promotion of Unique Textil…
Donald Trump, Barack Obama have not spoken since Inauguration Day: Why would the Emperor talk to him? He's …
Watching GRIZZLY MAN to unwind after a long Inauguration Day.
Police have had their hands full protecting Trump Tower since Inauguration Day
According to the pps, The Donald Problem, debuting in upcoming AQU 3rd. was gelded on Jan. 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day). Go…
The number fired is still the same. Who gives a flying fwhat day it was? We're nearly 2 months after inauguration.
Every minute past Inauguration Day was a gift...
Only 5 students from chemical engineering placed. We rely on your commitment to us made on our inauguration d…
Dismal placement scenario.We make a call to you to hear our plea & fulfill your commitment made to us on our I…
me neither, that’s legit. I was out of the country until inauguration day and I’d say most non-Americans saw it coming too.
If doesn't stand by their FRONT PAGE reporting on Inauguration Day of wiretaps, THEY MUST BE BANNED FROM…
Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, on this day in 1861.
Many of these conflicts put the President in direct conflict with the Emoluments Clause. See analysis: https:/…
^^^ UPDATE Trump team knew Flynn was a possible foreign agent before Inauguration Day >>
Morrison-Novakovic Center for Faith and Public Policy to be dedicated Thursday, March 30 on Inauguration Day:
This is the exact amount the federal government reimbursed NYC for protecting Trump Tower before Inauguration Day.
I saw transfers of $750M in funding commitments to U.S. companies come to a halt on Inauguration Day. Lots of lost j…
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740,000 immigrants are praying for Christmas Miracle as Inauguration Day grows near.
Politics aside, Inauguration Day is a tradition and celebration of our rights in the Greatest Country on Earth. God Bl…
-- Dr Lance Wallnau is guy whose Limo was torched Inauguration Day.. Driver was Hispanic.. Owner Muslim. Should contact him
Take on Inauguration Day in DC 8 years ago. Feeling cold, happy and hopeful. Letting the memory…
She looks as happy as Melania did on Inauguration Day
Happy Birthday to the Capitol on Hoover’s Inauguration Day.
Happy we all deserve a good stiff drink, especially since Inauguration Day.
We'd like to wish Gambia a happy independence day and congratulations on the inauguration of their new president 🙌
On inauguration day, Donald Trump swore to protect, preserve, and defend a concept that either he is unfamiliar with, or doest not respect.
Gambians came out en-mass to witness Barrow's inauguration/independence day - - FlashInfoNG
Photos of crowds unable to get into Inauguration / Independence Day venue as it is full to capacity. . Photo C…
It was our pleasure to cater the inauguration of Virar's majestic Siddhivinayak Temple this Angarki Day.
.The White House does not understand how much their credibility has eroded since inauguration
LOOK: In sweet moment as Pres. Trump signs orders, Barron Trump plays peek-a-boo with his nephew in the background
I guess that these are "the forgotten people" that he talked about on Inauguration Day
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The inauguration was so lit. I was glued to my TV all day. 😂
hope so the inauguration of bullet train and wardha-Ytml-Nanded train will occur on the same day.
what did he say 2 U on inauguration day that made U have such a pained and sad look on your face. U can find support from his abuse.
Inauguration Day: to become America's 45th president. .
Trump filed his paperwork for reelection on Jan 20th, Inauguration Day. By comparison, Obama didn't make his official u…
Happy Independence Day for The Gambia and congrats on the inauguration of H.E. Mr. Adama Barrow as President of the smiling…
Day 48: The inauguration of our new parking system! Go to our instagram stories to check how it works 😊👌.
Today : at the inauguration of National Inclusion Cup 2017 ⚽ & his Valentine Day Portfolio Shoot is out!
Everyday since the has been a good day to drink wine or vodka or any booze really. Sad, but true.
Lol, remember when Trump declared his Inauguration Day a "day of national celebration?". Ooh, last month me, you were so innocent then
Special day in the today with Pres. Barrow's Inauguration & Independence Day celebrations! Peace and Prosperity…
day has almost arrived!!! The last 19 months have been remarkable but this amazing journey is just getting s…
Here is the difference: those journalists were not trying to take the President down the day after his inauguration.
When two goats suddenly stumbled on poster somewhere in downtown Banjul on Inauguration Day, Feb. 1…
There is only one enemy of the American people, hence the epic demonstrations one day after the inauguration.
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Gambians celebrate Barrow's inauguration, independence day
On inauguration day I listened to Savages on repeat which was therapeutic but the downside is the residual association
Demand Mayor Bowser discipline officers who beat, arrested & overcharged inauguration day protestors
More people attended the anti-Trump protests the day after his inauguration then attended his inauguratio…
Gambia's Independence Day & President Barrow's Inauguration on Gambian soil. The say it all, is truly fr…
I mean. He registered for 2020 on Inauguration Day so...this is the new America I guess? 😭
Tens of thousand gather for Independence Day and the public inauguration of president Barrow
Over 200 Inauguration Day Rioters Indicted, each 1 is facing a fine of up to $25,000 and a maximum of 10 years in...
has been posting this since Inauguration Day, you hack.
INAUGURATION DAY, 2036:. *me, leaning so close to mic that my lips touch it*- p e p a r o n y a n d c h e a s e
More pictures of this momentous day President Inauguration
Obama had a billion dollar war chest for 2012. He started raising money the day after inauguration
Thousands flock Barrow's inauguration & independence day in Gambia
The day after the inauguration he filed for his 2020 campaign. That way he can raise money for 4 years and that's how he's paying
Congress is home for their longest break since Inauguration Day. 9 days. Go say hi with
Congratulations to on his presidential inauguration day. Look forward to continuing strong UK - U…
Watch celebrities raise money for social justice in Inauguration D
If the crowd is anything like Inauguration Day then you won't need to hire extra security on the tax payers dime.
Thousands of Gambians flock Barrow's inauguration and independence day
I'm completely convinced that this is exactly what was said on Inauguration Day
This is amazing. Bad Lip Reading from Inauguration Day reveals what Trump and Obama really said
Imagine if Obama made his Inauguration Day a holiday? Republicans would spin it as part of the War on Christmas. They'd riot.
Trump names his own Inauguration Day as a 'National Day of Patriotic Devotion,' by
and then king Trump did this: named his Inauguration Day a ‘National Day of Patriotic Devotion’
Clark Griswold wouldn't even celebrate this. Trump names his Inauguration Day a 'National Day of Patriotic Devotion'
230 charged with felony rioting after Washington, D.C. protests on Inauguration Day
Chelsea Clinton comes to defense of first son Barron Trump following Inauguration Day via h…
Happy 58th Inauguration Day! Honored to walk in the our own hero and legends Navajo Code Talkers
Barron Trump wins Inauguration Day by playing peekaboo with his nephew while his father signs his first Executive Orders.
Jackie Kennedy on Inauguration Day in 1961 and Melania Trump on Inauguration Day in 2017
Student charged for aiming laser pointer at helicopter on Inauguration Day
Bet they couldn't handle a little drizzle on Inauguration Day.🤣
Gregg Popovich reveals if he watched Inauguration Day & responds to LeBr...
"The man is a miracle worker." —Dispatches from Chicago's Trumplandia on Inauguration Day.
lol Inauguration Day is a federal holiday so not really much of an excuse
Inauguration Day is a federal holiday in DC, wanna try another defense?
thousands of joints were handed out in the city on Inauguration Day to support the reform of federal cannabis law.
Because all of the Federal employees in DC stayed home today but not in 2009. Inauguration Day is a paid Federal holiday for them.
Wow this must be the I hate Trump station. Did anybody tell this woman that Hillary Clinton lost. Inauguration Day
Inauguration Day should be a federal holiday
Watch prepare for disaster in an Inauguration Day short
.braces for Trumpocalypse in a hilarious Inauguration Day sketch.
And it's an even more pathetic excuse considering Inauguration Day is a federal holiday in Washington D.C. Most people…
you do know Inauguration Day is a federal holiday in DC right? They have a three day weekend. Next.
Inauguration Day: Trump to become America's 45th president
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On this Inauguration Day, my prayer is that Trump will Make America Great Again, such that Clemson never wins another Champio…
Inauguration Day is a federal holiday in Washington. No work or school. Here's this from when Obam…
On this Inauguration Day, I bumped into Senator Harry Reid in Utah!
Katris is the real American hero, Inauguration Day came around the corner and the man fr left the country and is halfway across the world
New first lady Melania Trump dresses in Ralph Lauren for Inauguration Day...
CBB's Kim has some words for Trump on Inauguration Day via
➜ Inauguration Day: Donald Trump to become 45th US president (video)
'House of Cards' teaser makes an Inauguration Day statement - CNET via Amanda Kooser
Melania Trump went with an all-American favorite for Inauguration Day.
Both Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton selected the all-American designer for Inauguration Day.
Donald Trump LIVE: Hillary Clinton at the Inauguration Day ceremony for Trump
This is already the iciest photo we'll see on Inauguration Day
Inauguration Day: Trump sworn-in as Bay State residents look on: Inauguration day traditions started Friday morning…
Trumps Agenda off our campuses! Join us Inauguration Day for national student walk-outs! Demand
Trump attends Inauguration Day prayer service at DC church
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President Trump's Inauguration Day. Let's see when him, Dark Helmet, and Col Saunders start building SpaceBall 1 to rule the galaxy.
I'm remembering and re-reading Joseph Lowery's benediction from 8 years ago—the best part of that Inauguration Day.
The Hill will provide live coverage of Inauguration Day throughout Friday. Trump leaves Blair House for church s...
The markets have been waiting for Inauguration Day today along w/ & earnings reports
Reunion Tower in Dallas is animated with patriotic stars and stripes for Inauguration Day.
Everything changes today. Here's a good primer on some ways to protect our interests and take action.
Trigger liberal tears!!! Help me break 4 million impressions on day !!!
El Chapo in America the day before Inauguration? That's weird lol
Happy Inauguration Day America. Good luck with your guy, no WW3 any time soon please! 🇺🇸
this technology just boggles my mind. Happy Inauguration Day
Photos from the day Barack Obama become the 44th President of the United States. Great memories.
Kids aren't happy. Told them they couldn't open their Inauguration Day present on Inauguration Eve. Will have to wait until…
I've been crying a lot as I count down to Inauguration Day.
Trump asks some 50 senior Obama appointees to stay on
It's Trump inauguration day. . The dawn of a new error.
North Korea PREPARES MISSILES as the US says it’s ‘READY’ for Trump day strike htt…
It's 12:02 am Inauguration Day. . Still donating to rad charities. Still creating art. Still holding on to hope. See you on the flipside.
Good Morning. It's Trump Day! The probability of rain is one hundred percent.
Just wondering. Can make it to day 1460?
President-elect Trump and future First Lady Melania Trump exit military plane at Joint Base Andrews the day before Inauguration Da…
Family of President-elect Donald Trump deplanes at Joint Base Andrews ahead of Inauguration Day.
Day before Dow: -72, NASDAQ: -15. Should be rebounding by now from September...
Incredible. On Day, headlines not about taking oath but questions about links to https:…
It's midnight. That means it is officially Inauguration Day
At MLK Day dinner in Portland, I announced that I would not attend Trump's inauguration. Here's why:
BBC in solemn mood as day begins. They dig up a butt hurt Robert De Niro to badmouth
Trump wants his Inauguration Day to be beautiful and tremendous—but it's turning out to be sad, a total disaster.
TIME CHANGE! Our post will open early at 8am this Friday, Jan 20th, for Inauguration Day. We will resume normal operating hour…
WOW REALLY???. This is called tradition. Every PEOTUS does this before inauguration day. Monkey brain
Trump’s inauguration is a day to celebrate
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Today will be sworn into office at the 45th US president. Take our insider's tour of how Day…
The artist who made the Obama 'Hope' poster brings the resistance to a printer near you via
On Inauguration Day, I'm participating in the Love-a-thon to support Planned Parenthood. Donate at
Tomorrow will be an incredible day. Goodnight everyone!
CNN gives assassination tips on Week. Fake news is terrorism. CNN is a terrorist organization. .
El chapo in New York, the day before the Inauguration.
More than half of the Inauguration Day parade’s participants are active-duty, veteran or military-university groups https:…
Tomorrow's not only the inauguration, but a day of celebration. Looking forward to the next 4 years.
El chapo was moved to the US one day before Trumps inauguration. Coincidence? I think not.
25,000 hit the streets in massive NYC anti-Trump rally hours before Inauguration Day
New song to celebrate Trump's ascension. I give you "Inauguration Day"!. thx to
FBI releases batch of Trump-related files day before inauguration
Hairstylist says she was asked to do Marla Maples's and Tiffany Trump's Inauguration Day hair for free
1 Days to : Counting down to Inauguration Day and in the White House!
Trump arrives in DC ahead of Inauguration Day
The only thing that could make Inauguration Day worse is if Tom Hooper announces he's directing the Hamilton movie
Will you be at the first major gathering of American Jews after Inauguration Day? Register for today ↓ ↓ ↓…
Inauguration Day music: in the "tribute to Putin" segment ought to sing Tammy Wynette's STAND BY YOUR MAN
San Diegan thrilled to get tickets to Inauguration Day ceremony - CBS 8 San Diego
Bless you, for free access to League Pass this week. ball is exactly the self-care I need before Inauguration Day :/
THIS is what I'll be reading on Inauguration Day. 👀
full throttle. Trump Transition Team in High Gear Heading into Inauguration Day - Breitbart
Inauguration Day is turning out to be even bigger than expected. January 20th, Washington D.C. Have fun!
There is a protest on Friday, Inauguration Day, @ city hall. This is in addition to the action on Saturday
Musicians confirmed for Inauguration Day:. B Street Band. Sled Zeppelin . Dog that can howl My Way. Scott Baio farting alphabet with his armpit
Trump Orders Head of DC National Guard to Resign at 12:01 PM Inauguration Day – as Troops Are Protecting Thousands http…
BREAKING: Commander of DC National Guard (who serves at pleasure of POTUS) fired effective 12:01 pm Inauguration Day htt…
.and will anchor Inauguration Day coverage. Will be joined by Hemmer, Bream, Perino and…
SOURCES: President Obama will accept FBI Director James Comey's resignation before Inauguration Day on January 20th.
Thank God Obama is leaving office. Inauguration Day will be great, I can't wait to watch all the cry
What happens to the digital legacy of after Inauguration Day?
2017 Emotional Prep List. -Inauguration Day. -Donna Murphy in Hello, Dolly!. -National Theatre LIVE telecast of Angels in America
Artists and Critics Call for Culture ‘Strike’ on Inauguration Day: Artists like Cindy Sherman, Richard Se…
An art world strike on Inauguration Day, endorsed by Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman & more sparks debate.…
Doc Thompson discusses a protesters plans for Trump's Inauguration Day on -
Free marijuana will be given out on Inauguration Day to protesters. Half will march to the White House, the other half t…
We will be meeting with members in DC on Inauguration Day. Help us by subscribing to our outlet!. Link: ht…
U.S. ambassadors appointed by Obama must quit by Inauguration Day - Thomson Reuters Foundation
CNN: two ounces =4200 joints. 😂😂where do I sign up? organization to hand out free joints on Inauguration Day
A pro-weed organization says it will hand out free joints on Inauguration Day
Jack Harris · Gab Haven't been on or around all day, getting my bike ready for the ride to DC on Inauguration Day.
I want to organize a Day of Service on Inauguration Day. Let's do the work of kindness, compassion, equality, & dignity…
With judge's sign-off, to pay $25 million in Trump U case before Inauguration Day htt…
Confirmed: Inauguration Day poet will be Scott Baio reciting Andrew Dice Clay.
Join the Green Party and other frontline progressive groups on Inauguration Day to tell Donald Trump, "We do not...
I expect to hear plenty of Phil Collins and Huey Lewis on Inauguration Day.
If Hillary were as crooked as Trump, Inauguration Day would have been cancelled three weeks ago with Congressional hearings…
Tbh I was looking forward to Tim Kaine playing the national anthem on the harmonica on Inauguration Day and I'm sad it won't…
Thanksgiving, Christmas and then Inauguration Day. It's great to be an American who loves his country
Are Leftist revolutionaries planning to take over the U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day?
I wasnt afraid until I saw all these military guys marching like the Soviets down Constitution Ave on Inauguration Day
In a secret handover on Inauguration Day, President Trump will receive control of America's 2,000 strategic...
councilwoman calls on protesters to shut down Inauguration Day.
(Trump's an) ***hole w/ Denis Leary That's what I'll be playing on Inauguration Day!
Here's what stock market has done between Election Day and inauguration since 1928
Um yea, trending. turns out you're right. He's not until Friday, January 20. AKA Inauguration Day.…
Donald Trump will never have my support. Not on his Inauguration Day or for his next 4 years in office. I pray congress…
Trump ain't president 'til inauguration day lmao you guys still have time to assassinate BOTH Trump and Pence.
Surely on Inauguration Day, Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and tell us we've all been punk'd...
Dont forget -book your flights to Washington DC. Inauguration Jan 20 2017. 2nd Best day for America
release a new single every week till inauguration day Shkrel's.
Remember: we still have 2 more months of Obama! Don't start protesting until Inauguration Day! Let Obama have a peaceful end of term 😊
Friday January 20th, 2017 Inauguration Day. The purge will commence. Crime is legal for 12hrs. Nobody is protected even g…
The paper shredders at the DOJ,IRS, and White House will be running 24/7 until Inauguration Day
Wearing this proudly on Inauguration Day cause it will always be Thanks to FKM
On inauguration day-wish we had something akin to baptism scene at end of godfather...No forgiveness-NO going back
Please help me attend the inauguration. I want to witness this monumental day!
bought mine months ago. Couldn't put it down. There's more to come here before Inauguration Day. Thanks dcj
Inauguration Day is January 20th go back to 7th grade social studies
Trump officially takes office at noon on Fri, Jan 20, 2017, Inauguration Day. Take note of the damage Obama causes on his way out.
Trumps inauguration is literally the day before my birthday which is probably god punishing me for being ***
people act like Trump has cattle cars lined up and ready to haul muslims and lgbt+ people off on inauguration day, cut…
So should perform on Inauguration Day in honor of Trump 😂
D.C. is gonna be a scary place on the day of the inauguration. smh.
My birthday is Inauguration Day. I'm trying not to have a terrible birthday this year so I am going to move it. Which day?
Let's get everyone to wear purple for women's suffrage on inauguration day! Keep up the fight against sexism and inequality.
It doesn't matter what Trump does on Inauguration Day, but what he will do fix the mess over the next 4 years.
Inauguration day gonna be one big protest
As someone who voted against Donald Trump may I suggest to all those who also voted against hatred that we wear black on Inauguration Day
Early queues form for Trump Inauguration Day tickets...
The presidential election is now behind us. Now, what happens on Inauguration Day?
I hope my dad gets his prosthesis before Inauguration Day since Trump swears to repeal ACA. Greg may never walk again 🙃
President Trump! Can we fast forward to Inauguration Day?
The presidential inauguration is the day before my birthday LOL
Democracy was subverted last night; on inauguration day, Liberty will die!
I'm really gonna miss Obama. Catch me crying on Inauguration Day.
To crush any claims of conflict of interest the Clinton Foundation should donate everything to on Inauguration Day.
IKR! Of course I remember bc I was counting down to my Bday/Inauguration Day (Jan. 20th) like always *cheering*
Nate Silver needs to stand on the National Mall on Inauguration Day with a big sign that says "suck it, haters".
This is what America should be...the letter the elder George Bush left Bill Clinton on Inauguration Day
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Do people care? Neither not would survive a recall election on Inauguration Day.
Donald Trump will show up and "talk him down" just like Howard Stern did that one time. Classic stunt. See you on Inauguration Day.
Obama has asked Michelle to stock up on duty free cigarettes...he's looking at a four-pack Inauguration Day.
It's Inauguration Day. May the next 6 years bring a change that puts human rights and dignity at the forefront of everythi…
We can't sleep until Bill Murray is drinking an Ecto Cooler in The White House on his Inauguration Day.
Only 240 days until Inauguration Day, when the White House is cleaned of that little piece of crap
Only240 days until Inauguration Day, when the little piece of crap is evicted from the White House.
Final offer, Mitch. You can have a center-left justice now, or we can give Scalia's seat to Wavy Gravy on Inauguration Day. Think it over.
Inauguration Day for the Tornillo/Guadalupe Port of entry. Mexican president and U.S. Homeland security present.…
In the most Catholic state of all, Louisiana bishops open Inauguration Day for new Gov, Legislature with Mass:
TSU alumna Yolanda Adams singing at Inauguration Day for new Houston mayor Sylvester Turner.
Inauguration Day for Philadelphia's new mayor. . WURD will carry live coverage of Philadelphia Mayor-elect Jim...
Inauguration Day for Philadelphia mayor: Jim Kenney will be sworn in as Philadelphia's 99th mayo...
Republicans secret meeting on Inauguration Day by... Bengazi Investigation began in 2009
Republicans secret meeting on Inauguration Day by... Not a good person
Republicans secret meeting on Inauguration Day by...
Republicans secret meeting on Inauguration Day by... The worse financial crisis..GOP loved it,keep the people down,d
Republicans secret meeting on Inauguration Day by... Where is the DOJ, Investigate the Investigator
When Obama leaves on Inauguration Day and if Trump or Carson takes his place.
Inauguration Day. Pres.-Elect Trump strides to the podium, his blond coif flapping in the brisk breeze. Chief Justice Roberts: You're hired!
Today is the Inauguration Day of the National Assembly and while the Alaafin of Oyo has arrived Abuja for the...
Inauguration Day: Captivating highlights from Buhari's swearing-in - Pulse Nigeria
Indiana's only President, Benjamin Harrison, was inaugurated on March 4, 1889. March 4th was Inauguration Day...
Remember they were released on Ronald Reagan's Inauguration Day. We need a Reagan in the Qhite House.
Sabi nga, "action speak louder than words." You can declare a day to mourn for them, it is different to actually...
Afghan economy stagnates amid political deadlock: Four months after the inauguration of a new president, Afgha...
They'll probably try to make BHO vacate WH the day after the Election; leaving a vacuum there until Inauguration Day...
Valentines day and your inauguration day to your presidency is the only days you can tap your wrist watch and expect her to put out.
York County music and art is key to Wolf's Inauguration Day activities | News
"It was freezing that day Outside feels like inauguration 2008."
Celebrating the 66th Republic Day of India and Inauguration of Festival of India in Indonesia and followed by a...
O: It's your inauguration day, I wanted to give you something special.. F: You are my something special.
we walked miles to the castle and up 100 steps. And it was shut for inauguration! Had to go next day
Today is the inauguration of new NHS members, so I have to wear a suit at school all day...
With my Sis. on her mother's day inauguration. Congrats BabySis... MoDA of d 2 best niece and nephew I know
Gas price was $1.85 on Obama inauguration day, but rose quickly to $4 following Obama/Fed stimulus in 2009-as demand fell/unemployment rose
Mati Utsav - 7 day long festival is held for encouraging cultures and traditions of rural Bengal. . Inauguration...
"Please don't mess up America," said President Bush before passing the torch on that tragic day in 2009. 😢
“Inauguration Day in Illinois. Otherwise known as pre gaming till prison.
Why has it taken & his admin 6 yrs to develop a strategy against radical Islam jihadists when he knew about them on inauguration day?
Inauguration Day intertwined historic events - Montgomery Advertiser: Inaugurati... your world
Guess they were going by the forecast? Cancelled school here on Inauguration Day 2008 for a storm that didn't amount 2 much
This list of shame should be on Kenyatta's desk day three after his inauguration instead of this theatrics we been put through.
Beautiful day for this special inauguration, what views!
Thank you again to Alabama for re-electing me as Governor. Here are photos from Inauguration Day 2015. Link:
Rumour has it HH was gonna play the song on his Inauguration day...
happened to me over and over on Inauguration Day!!
Mr. Rand Paul will put that hand on the bible for Inauguration day, hope he wears that Hemp suit on that day too.
"Andrew Jackson held a kegger at the White House on the day of the inauguration for whoever wanted to come"
Great day in when the students of cut the ribbon at the inauguration of their new campus!
First day postal card, Philippines, 1953, inauguration overprint
Inviting Kejriwal (who had insulted R-Day)for Republic Day is lyk inviting Kasab for inauguration of renovated Taj Hotel after 26/11 repairs
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