Imran Khan & Talat Hussain

Imran Khan Niazi (born 25 November 1952) is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, playing international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century. Talat Hussain (also spelled as Tallat Hussein), is a Pakistani Film/Television/Stage actor. He was born in Delhi, India, His complete name is Talat Hussain Warsi. 5.0/5

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Rauf Klasra again started his day by criticising Imran Khan.. I told you guys Talat Hussain part 2 😁
Talat Hussain whining about Imran Khan: Watch from *16:40*- Talat Hussain, it seems has been hurt emotionally ...
You as a journalist can confirm&ask Imran Khan this directly, be courageous like Talat Hussain. Don't be like Mashedullah.
When it comes to Imran Khan,one person seldom fails to come out with 'high quality ''sarcasm.His name is Talat…
Imran Khan should think before he speaks Talat Hussain: via
Imran Khan speaks for polio workers. Talat Hussain just talking rubbish
If Imran khan would have supported this march, he would get the votes from all those people because Dr. Tahir ul Qadri was not going to be a candidate in the next Elections. I mean Imran Khan did a mistake if we think diplomatically :P
In the answer of the fact that N League media management where we say that there s a brigade of anchors and journalists who support N League, Anchors and Journalists who hv soft corner for IMRAN KHAN r also in quite huge number.Few of them are : Talat Hussain, Fahad Hussain, Mujeeb ur Rehman shami, Dr.Danish,Kashif Abbasi(little bit),Dr.Moeed,Wasi Shah,Hamid Mir,Dr.Shahid Masood,Ansar Abbasi,Mazhar Abbas,Rauf Klasra, etc.All these names r very high profile Anchors and Journalists. There r many among these names who didn't like politician Imran Khan but now they do, So ppl who don't hv belief in IMRAN KHAN they will also like him one day becoz truth prevails
Imran Khan views on Tahir-ul-Qadri and his March on 14th January.. with Talat Hussain
sir plz search "Talat Hussain interviewing imran Khan" on it ll tell u wht can do.
I request all Ghairatmands to contribute their best spinners - The events of the last couple of days has dealt a big blow to the positive advocacy for the Taliban that was done by such Ghairatmand studs as Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Talat Hussain, Kashif Abbasi and Dr. Shahid Masood. Hazrat Imran Khan (HIK) needs your support to spin this situation back in favour of the Taliban. Remember a team that is trying to portray the Taliban in positive light needs some good spinners Jamal Omar Ali Cyril Almeida Ali Naqvi Jamal Nasir
Imran Khan - Hard Talk with Talat Hussain in News Night With Talat on Dawn News
Suddenly the so-called intellect media giants are against IMRAN KHAN.. from Nusrat Javed to Najam Sethi, Nazir Naji to Talat Hussain, Sana Bucha to Absar Alam all are doing their best 'HATE' against Imran Khan & PTI. Simply wanna know WHY?
I added a video to a playlist Talat Hussain exposed Imran Khan on Dawn News (Pa
Imran Khan is very Important for the party as well as for the COUNTRY: Talat Hussain
Talat Hussain, a senior anchor person, exposed Imran Khan. IK is confused as ever and doesn't know what to do. He always wants to take a popular decisions to...
Must Watch.. Establishment hand behind Imran Khan is really over rated (Talat Hussain)
comment? " now on Imran Khan should only give interview to Talat Hussain. Baqi sab bikay huay hain
For every Riaz Bahria, there is an Imran Khan amongst us. For every Najam Sethi, there is a Talat Hussain. We won't let Pak be dragged down.
Talat Hussain is Imran khan of Journalism .. always stand tall .. Mehr Bokhari is Marvi Memon of journalism .. both shameless
Malik Riaz may suffer from identity crisis :-O!:..Imran Khan refers to him as 'Riaz Bahria' & Talat Hussain calling him "Riaz Thekhedar" :-D
Malik Riaz & Sharifs working against and IMRAN KHAN to stop media coverage according to Talat Hussain
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