Imran Khan & Prime Minister

Imran Khan Niazi (born 25 November 1952) is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, playing international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century. A prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. 5.0/5

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Thoughts on why Imran Khan is our real Prime Minister:
we love u our next prime minister Imran Khan
A strange demand by Imran Khan: Name of Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister, Pakistan be placed in ECL. (Exit Control List) 2-9-16.
Imran Khan should have been Prime Minister of Jishn-e-Azadi Pakistan. His Ihtisab March converted to Jishn-e-Azadi March ;-)
supposed if Pervez Musharraf became the President, Imran Khan as Prime Minister and Mustafa (1/2)
is Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan!Do you want the same?.
[ What will be Imran Khan's stance on US if he will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan ? ]. BY :: Tehrik-e-Inqilab
Finally! Imran Khan got what he deserved. I'm proud of them parents who finally realized. May Allah guide all of us Pakistanis to the right path. United we stand. We do not need such fake leaders. Where were you when the kids were dying ? A bird dies in Punjab and the CM and PM is to be blamed and 155 children die in your province and you're busy celebrating your marriage ? And now you show up with such security pushing innocent people away, misbehaving with them, disrespecting them ? And you still claim to be the leader ? You still claim to be fearless ? Shame on you Mr. Khan! All you aim for is to be the prime minister may it be at the cost of thousands of Pakistanis! And more interestingly, your information minister comes and says yeh log hote kaun hain Khan Sahab ka rasta rokne wale ? Hello ? Dear sir, Yeh log apki awam hain. Yeh wo mazloom log hain jinhon ne ap jaison ko vote diye yeh din dekhne ke liye. Friends.. Do you really still wish to support such people who even reject to recognize you ? Who ...
"Imran Khan may become Prime Minister if fair investigation of Election Rigging is held" Dr. Shahid Masood
Nawaz Sharif was a right-hand batsman who made a duck in his only appearance for Railways against PIA in 1973-74. He then served two terms as Pakistan's prime minister, firstly between November 1990 and July 1993 and then from February 1997 to October 1999 when he was ousted by a coup led by General Pervez Musharraf. He was subsequently banned from holding public office for 21 years, and was exiled to Saudi Arabia. He returned in 2007 and won the 2013 general elections - in which his main opponent was the former Pakistan captain Imran Khan - and secured his third term as prime minister.
" This is clear that Imran Khan hasn't said to attack on PTV/Parliament Building . FIR on Imran Khan is very weak . Bigger attack was inside the parliament . When Prime Minister apologize from Aitazaz Ahsan . Why FIR was not register against Chaudhry Nisar , Aitazaz Ahsan & Nawaz Shareef " Rauf Klasra (November 13 , 2014)
Pakistani's have given me more respect than a Prime Minister: Imran Khan
Imran Khan lauds Prime Minister for anti-black money initiatives
Imran Khan shows a strong determination and a commitment to the participants of Azadi Dharna. He will definitely achieve his goal to get resignation from Prime Minister.
The Baghi Route. :D Imran is my leader. – Karachi, 25th Dec’ 2011 Nawaz Sharif is still my leader – Parliament, 5th June 2013 Ops, I take that back, only Imran is my leader. – Multan, 7th June 2013 I want to see Imran Khan as the Prime Minister. – D-Chowk,16th Aug 2014 Only Quaid-e-Azam is my real leader. – Kal Tak, 4th Sept 2014 PML-N is my family and Nawaz Sharif is my leader. – Multan, 12th Oct 2014.
There is absolutely no doubt that if the projects (that have been started by PMLN govt.) would be completed, then Imran Khan will never be able to complete the dream of becoming Prime Minister.
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Next Prime Minister will be Imran Khan - Asad Umar challenged Shahzeb Khanzada in writing
akistan Top Stories9 hours ago MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qurashi said Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shairf onboard Ramin Davis to the flight. PTI vice chairman while talking to media said that he have decided not to go after the ministry or for the government. He got the out most respect in his entire political carrier standing with PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood said. “Honestly I don’t have any personal jealousy with Javed Hashmi” he said and added, it’s his desire to go to Hashmi’s house and say not to leave them. It is to mention here that, Shah Mehmood was the foreign minister at the time when American agent Ramin Davis left the country in Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Government while Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz was ruling in the Punjab province. On not excepting the Ramin Davis American ambassador Shah Mahmood had to resign from the post.
The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is addressing the general assembly and two persons, sitting in Islamabad destroying the image of Pakistan. Telling lies and repeating allegations, WITH NO PROOFS - just sheer shouting and addressing in loud voice - but this exercise will IN-SHA-ALLAH bear no fruits for either Imran Khan and tahirul Qadri. Neithr Imran can become PM nor TuQ president.
Imran khan thoughts in 1992 when Nawaz Shareef was Prime Minister
Imran khan i Must say you have changed the mindset of Pakistani youth much passion for Naya Pakistan truly witnessed today ! I wish to see Imran khan As our Prime Minister of Pakistan .InshaAllah :)
I do not accept Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister, he has come through fake votes in power, says Imran Khan
Pakistan protest leader Imran Khan vows to keep fighting to unseat prime minister via
Imran Khan asks if a tax evader, money launderer and a liar become a Prime Minister of a country.
We seem to have come full circle in the quest for change in Pakistan and we are back to square one. Pakistani establishment has succeeded in taming the elected Prime Minister of the country but in the process they have managed to discredit Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri. Both will recover and fight another day but the Bonapartism has extracted a high price from the economy and poor people of Pakistan. Sharif brothers might not have planned adequately for the monsoons I talked about yesterday but they seemed to have planned well for their own survival in the face of Bonapartism of Rawalpindi crowd. There is nothing worse than a group of retired military generals who have seen their day in the sun and want the Old Glory back. I have employed quite a few of them in the organizations I have been affiliated with in the past and I can tell you they are competent people who know technical details of the tasks at hand very well. But they are almost always wrong about their reading of the minds of the serving generals. ...
My letter to Imran Khan : Dear Khan Sahb, I am a practicing lawyer and have been a supporter of PTI before, during and after the elections of 2013. I was happy that PTI managed to get a few seats in the National Assembly but also upset that PTI missed out on some seats due to rigging at some polling stations, which if reversed would still not change the fate of having Nawaz Shareef as the elected Prime Minister. I was happy that PTI had made progress and now had a say in the Parliament and also formed the KPK government because now my Political Party had a chance to show to the people what they are capable of doing with honesty and integrity and also would be continuously highlighting the wrongdoings of the ruling party. I then thought that the fact that my party had lost on some seats on account of rigging may actually be a blessing in disguise as this would be helpful in the next elections in which my party could get majority seats and form the government, as PTI would be working in KPK and showing res ...
Imran Khan didn't announce to invade the Prime Minister House last night. His plan was to move the sit-in in front of th…
THE ATTACK ON PAKISTANI PARLIAMENT IS REMOTE CONTROLLED PTI Party President Javed Hashmi on Sunday addressed a press conference and clarified that “Imran Khan had assured the party of not moving ahead towards the Prime Minister House.until Shaik Raheed brought him a message with someone". Imran then said that the situation required us to move forward. Hashmi said that the entire PTI Party leadership was against Imran's decision to attack PM House and Parliament. Read more. ABOVE IS AN EVIDENCE THAT BOTH QADRI AND IMRAN KHAN ARE ZIONISTS AGENTS TO DESTROY PAKISTAN In a related development Pakistani Chief of Army summoned a meeting of the corps commanders on Monday, Sept 1, 2014 to discuss the course of action on the internal security.
VIOLENCE IN ISLAMABAD: Clashes erupt in the streets of Islamabad, Pakistan, on Saturday night as supporters of opposition politician Imran Khan and fiery cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri tried to force their way into the residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The protesters are demanding the resignation of Sharif over election fraud allegations. (AP and AFP photos)
KHAN I promise you and all ov your supporters, You won't be a prime minister ever ever...only a agitator .And one thing more.for last several years i been looking for my political alliances. Since last night it has come crystal clear to me that it will always be against Imran Khan.
ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq has advised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to get in touch with Pakistan Tehrek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan. Haq's call comes as clashes are under way in Islamabad between PTI and PAT protests and law enforcement personnel in Islamabad's Constitution Avenue and at least one protester has died as a result. The clash began when the protesters began to march towards Prime Minister House from D-chowk where they were previously camping. The situation in the capital is taking on critical proportions with three deaths reported so far among the protesters and the prime minister having left for Islamabad a day before he was originally scheduled to. source:dawn
Imran Khan says: Army Chief told me that govt has asked him to do negotiations. The Army Chief assured that fully independent investigations will be carried out in the rigging. Imran Khan said to Army Cheif, that in our opinion independent audit can not be held till Nawaz Sharif is Prime Minister. And, If govt does not accepts our demands till tomorrow afternoon, we will continue our protest and I will give our further line of action. He said, PTI is for dialogue and a PTI delegation will be going tomorrow for negotiations. We stand on our stance of Nawaz Sharif's resignation.
khalid humayun PakistanInternet ExplorerWindows says: May 8, 2014 at 11:49 am Imran Khan is back to the basics i.e. from where he started his political career. Gen. Musharraf (in the general’s hay days) had promised him to manipulate 100 something seats in the National Assembly to play Prime Minister (B Team). Out of blue something happened (maybe core commanders were not happy with Imran’s choice) and lottery of B-Team came out in favor of Chaudhury Brothers. The first sentence during the first meeting in a gathering between Gen. Musharraf and Jemima Khan, the latter asked “Didn’t you promise my husband for PM slot?”. Gen. Musharraf smiled and replied “Did I?”. On the second occasion, M/s Goldsmith and Rothschild agreed to fund for Imran’s success as PM. Gen. Pasha was given a hefty amount for arranging Imran’s success. Imran was so desireous, so childish, he started boasting on TV channels from day one “We will sweep the election”, “Tsunami” and what not. What happened in the E ...
I will make independent NAB which would be authorised enough to catch even Prime Minister. Imran Khan at
The Man of Determination - The Fighter - The Captain This we know for sure that this man, Imran Khan, never gives up, he is fighting to remove corruption culture from Pakistan and bring culprits to Justice. Now that nation has woken after decades, Inshallah with your support everyday these Dharnas will result in resignation of undemocratic corrupt Prime Minister.
Imran Khan wanted Prime Minister to step-down, but instead Supreme-Court has stepped down, from its Moral Authority.
Message for General Raheel Sharif: Fresh Update: Civil War or Hope for Pakistan? At this moment in time, August 23, 2014, 10:35 PM one can safely say that the situation in Pakistan is nearing the equivalent of a nuclear explosion. On the borders, India is actively shelling in Sialkot and Neelum Valley, engaging an army already stretched by an internal call for change. On the streets of Pakistan it’s a different story. Imran Khan and Tahir Ul Qadri’s call for change has drawn masses, one can question how many, but they HAVE drawn people out of their homes and workplaces calling for primarily change of Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab, the two Mian Sahebs. However, the Mians are in no mood to Step Down as reiterated by their party and allies like Asif Ali Zardari who gave a cautious show of support asking for restraint. The government is being questioned in its sincerity in allowing protests. Chaudhry Nisar, the Interior Minister warned of Terrorism, Tahir Ul Qadri seems to believe that the Gove ...
Listen up folks, we accept no lesser than Imran Khan as the deserved Prime Minister of Pakistan
As a lay man, I don't understand what Imran Khan wants by forcing their members to take an illegitimate action, raising the unreasonable pressure, creating instability and making fun of Pakistan at International level. Does his aim to make Pakistan again a country governed by Martial Law. Is a democratic party? I can't believe any leader (so called) can go so far for his personal satisfaction or for his desire to be a Prime Minister. I couldn't find any logic or reason behind his that act.
Today we have decided: Nawaz Sharif has gone. Imran Khan is our Prime Minister. Javed Hashmi. http:…
Viral it-Nawaz Sharif must go. We want Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan
"Imran Khan will be a very strong Prime Minister for Pakistan and will not bend" Senior Anchor Kashif Abbasi
TOP TEN NEWS OF THE DAY :- 1. Nation celebrates 68th Independence Day today. 2. Speaking from Ramparts of Red Fort, Prime Minister says, a new Institution will soon replace the Planning Commission. 3. Narendra Modi says, he wants to take the country forward on the strength of consensus and not majority; Invites global investors to come and manufacture in India. 4. Emphasizes on the need for protecting girl child and preventing violence against women. 5. Prime Minister calls upon people to give up violence and get rid off divisive forces of caste and creed in 10 years. 6. Chief Justice of India R.M.Lodha says Parliament and executive should not interefere in the domain of judiciary. 7. Major Mukund Vardarajan awarded the nation’s highest peacetime gallantry medal, Ashok Chakra posthusmously for valiant fight against terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir. 8. In Pakistan, clashes erupt after an attack on convoy of protesters led by Imran Khan, heading towards Islamabad. 9. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki re ...
I have a Question for Imran Khan (PTI), Chaudhary Bhai (PMLQ), and the Mentally Disordered TUQ, IF you All want the current PML-N Government to Step Down, than WHY ARE YOU NOT BRINGING A NO CONFIDENCE MOVEMENT IN National Assembly ... ??? Instead of Dharna and Long March, use a Peaceful way as per Constitution show your majority of supporting MNA's (include MQM and PPP) to support the No Confidence movement in National Assembly and IF the Prime Minister is unable to get the required number of votes, he has to Step Down. Why all the Pain / Suffering and Drama ... !!!
Let us rephrase the timlines. The events after election 2013: 1. All parties said the rigging took place. The rigging was caught on camera. Multiple national and international media reports suggested blatant rigging in many constituencies. 2. Imran Khan on hospital bed told that rigging has taken place and they see towards Chief Justice and Election Commissioner for justice. 3. Imran Khan on his first debate in National Assembly told that massive rigging has taken place. He put forward his demand for verification of four constituencies only. He also congratulated prime minister and PML N for winning the elections. 4. PTI's petition on election rigging gets dismissed in Supreme Court where Ifftikhar Chaudhary completely rejected to hear and proceed with the CASE. The case was dismissed on simple notion that no rigging took place. 5. The Punjab governor during election (Najam Shathi) was nominated as a PCB chairman. Nawaz Sharif himself said that he will do whatever to keep him PCB chairman. He blatantly di ...
Shahbaz Sharif lobbying to replace his own brother as the Prime Minister. Chauhdry Nisar placating Imran khan to become CM Punjab. All demands of Imran Khan to be met and elections to be held in late 2015 if he allows Choti tind to become the PM for one and a half year!
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Shahid Afridi wants a cricket match between Imran Khan and Prime Minister. . Nice
Imran Khan has already visited IDPs camps, they need help not publicity stunt and photo shoot out Mr. Prime Minister
"Mein Aisa Wazeer-e-Azam Banna hi nahi chahta" Chairman Imran Khan responds to a claim by Shahzeb Khanzada that candidates for Prime Minister must be accused of the Punjab bias. Chairman also talks about the injustice of Sindh and Punjab Governments as they have banned IDPs from entering their provinces.
A new biography of Imran Khan has claimed the former international cricketer and Benazir Bhutto, the assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan, were romantically involved while they were both students at Oxford University.
Imran Khan always wanted to get Prime Minister portfolio,. But Altaf Hussain elected Mustafa Kamal as Mayor Karachi.
A PIA VVIP plane was about to crash in Arabian sea there were 5 passengers on board, but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, "I am Nawaz Sharif , the Prime Minister and the man with mandate . The Pakistanis needs me and I have to establish more metro bus projects so the steel of our steel mill can swallow all reaming blood of poor *** . I can't afford to die." So he took the first parachute and left the plane. The second passenger, Asif Zardari , said, "I am Mr. 25 percent and the former president of the Pakistan and I have to collect more money from poor Pakistanis , so Pakistan don't want me to die." He took the second parachute and jumped out of the plane. The third passenger, Imran Khan, said, "I'm the Youth and real leader of Pakistan!! I will make the change and establish a new Pakistan as Chairman of PTI, a lot of people depend on me." So he grabbed the parachute next and jumped. The fourth passenger, Abdul Sattar Edhi, said to the fifth passenger, a 10-year-old Boy, "I have lived a full . ...
BOLLYWOOD -i have no idea what i earn and a richness is not material related items rich person is someone who has pleasure of love,happiness and satisfaction-Shah Rukh Khan -Director Anurag Kashyap who separated with his wife Kalki Koechilin last year is now dating his assitant director -From paying high on loacation charges by Delhi Government, Donations and Handling star-struck fans producers says Shooting in New Delhi the capital city of India isn't easy -all is not well between Imran Khan and Karan Johar after the debacle of their last film Gori Tera Pyaar Mein Karan blames Imran for the dismal performance of the film -Anupam Kher who is shooting now in New Delhi planned a quick meeting with the new Prime Minister of India Narender Modi -Deepika Padukone has started shooting Director Imtiaz Ali film without Signing any official documents Deepika alongside her ex Ranbir Kapoor -impatience-Salman Khan's fans who are desperate to see the poster of his upcoming film they have created a fake ones -if it g ...
Miracles do happen :P LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan on Thursday wondered how the Prime Minister and PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif secured 8000 votes from a Sargodha constituency where, he said, the number of total registered votes stood at only 1500. Addressing a ceremony held in connection with launching of a book by Brig (retd) Aslam Ghuman, the PTI Chief regretted that the people’s mandate was robbed during the general elections but ‘the judiciary did nothing’.
Chairman PTI, Imran Khan met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday. PTI was informed of the latest developments relating to dialogue. CM KPK Khattak also gave a brief overview of situation in KPK. PTI suggested to the Prime Minister and his team that progress on dialogue should be shared with the nation through regular government press briefings to build up and sustain public support for the principle of peace through dialogue. The PTI leadership also suggested that the dialogue should also include the assurance by the Taliban for the safety of the polio health workers and the continuation of the anti polio campaign.
Chairman Imran Khan gives crystal clear response on recent talks of Operations. He admits that public opinion is favoring Operations but he explains why he is not taking the easy way out by going with the public opinion. Imran Khan claims that some foreign backed groups exist in Waziristan and talks about what he would do if he were the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He says that Nawaz Shareef's tours to bring investments to Pakistan will not be fruitful before achieving Peace in Pakistan, hence all focus should be on the Peace initiatives. (Video length: 4 minutes)
Imran Khan is not the Prime Minister or COAS if PMLN wants operation against Talibans then who is stopping them? stop bla…
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has given approval on the application letter of Ministry of Petroleum for giving authorities regarding PESCO to Peshawar government.According to the 18th amendment, Prime Minister shall write a letter to minister of Kheyber Pakhtunkha Parvez Khattak in few days after which the responsibility of electricity will b shifted towards provincial government.Moreover, the founder of PTI Imran Khan had also given statement few days back saying that the hold and authority of PESCO should be completely handed over to Provincial government.
Dr Aafia Siddiqui: The Forgotten Daughter of Pakistan? The International Human Rights Day was celebrated in Pakistan on Dec 10, 2013 without a word from any of the key political leaders and the PMLN-led federal government about the repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan in the light of the directive of the Sindh High Court and the repeated promises of Mian Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and others from time to time. It has now become irrelevant to contest the merits of the case and the 86-year sentence to Dr Aafia Siddiqui. What matters now is her repatriation to Pakistan to serve the remaining part of her sentence as permissible under the international law and conventions. Without challenging the 'niyat' of any political leader or the government, we appeal to the President, the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister of Pakistan to EXPEDITE the repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui on TOP PRIORITY for the sake of humanity and justice to her and her family. Mumtaz A. Piracha Founder & Chairman Good Governan ...
Question - If a Prime Minister can be brought in for contempt of court, why not Mir Jaffar Shakil and Jang Group? If people today are still reading JANG and watching GEO, then you're either mentally retarded or simply uneducated. The choice is yours. The illegal activities of Jang Group and Jahangir Siddiqui (JS Group) In recent times, we have highlighted the nexus of Jang Group with the judges of our country which was very much responsible for the biased campaign against the PPP led coalition government and the bringing into power of Nawaz Sharif in the center and Imran Khan in KP. As it goes with holy cows or blackmailers, they can stop at nothing and want to accumulate clout and money on the way. We have seen the expose of Arsalan Iftikhar who was running a mint on the name of his father, and Jang Group, which is known for its blackmail by not paying taxes, defaulting on loan and running a war against Pakistan by talking about an anti-West policy, but at the same time accepting funds from US and Britis ...
If Imran Khan was the Prime Minister atleast we would've had a really cool PM.
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Imran Khan is going to be next prime minister.
Imran Khan : "I have heard that your prime minister is very honest.". Audiences laughed loudly.
Chairman PTI Imran Khan, who has started limited political activities following his recovery from backbone injury,has talked about prospects of his party’s Government in future and floated a proposal for hammering out a workable strategy to eliminate the menace of terrorism. While his dream for power at the centre is deeply linked to the performance of PTI as opposition at the National Assembly and as ruling party in KPK, Imran’s call for convening of an APC of major stakeholders – Federal and Provincial Governments of KPK and Pakistan Army – deserves serious consideration. Imran intends to write a letter to the Prime Minister on the issue and we are confident that Mian Nawaz Sharif would respond positively to the suggestion as it is also in line with his stated policy of taking others on board in addressing the problem of terrorism. Imran’s concern about KPK is understandable as PTI is heading a coalition there and the province is no doubt bearing the brunt of both terrorism and the war against ...
ATLAST DEPRESSION FOR MR. ZARDARI A letter was published entitled ''An open letter to Mr Zardari'' in Daily Dawn dated 19 May, 2008, indicating danger of stubbornness and inflexibility from a circle of courtiers encircled around him who will not provide a good source of advices but only misguidance, insanity and illadvices to serve their own vested interests.The same thing happened and atlast they depressed Mr.Zardari and became a bad source for his besiege and degradation.At last sanity prevailed and a good decision for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan was taken in the early hours of 16th March 2009 under the sane and sincere efforts of Yousuf Raza Gilani, the able and sober Prime Minister of pakistan belonging to the PPP the biggest Political Party and force of the country.The credit also goes to all lawyers, particullarly Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd, Mr Aitizaz Hussain and political leaders like Muhataram Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Mr Shahbaz Sharif, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan, Ghous Ali Shah .. ...
Drone Strike Killing 2nd in Command of Pakistan's Taliban Proves that President Obama even lies to our Allies. U.S. President Barack Obama recently indicated he was scaling back the drone strike program, winning cautious approval from Pakistan, a key ally in the U.S. fight on militancy. Prime Minister-elect Nawaz Sharif said this month that drone strikes were a "challenge" to Pakistan's sovereignty. "We will sit with our American friends and talk to them about this issue," he said. Obama's announcement of scaling back drone strikes was widely welcomed by the people of North Waziristan, where drones armed with missiles have carried out the most strikes against militants over the past seven years, sometimes with heavy civilian casualties. This drone strike also coincided with the first session of the newly elected provincial assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the former Northwest Frontier Province. Former cricketer Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party won most seats in the assembly and denounced the stri ...
am not sharing it for political scoring. But if it is true and keep in mind it will be about an ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan twice and at that time leader of the opposition. I fully acknowledge and understand that personal life should not be dragged into politics. However if the person concerned is causing ridicule to whole country and nation then it has to be. I wish, pray and hope it is false. And if it is false, I will request PML-N to please sue her and teach her a lesson. I also want to make a point that if at all you want to flirt, keep a regard of your age group and DO NOT BEG at least. And for those illogical people who will immediately want to compare it with past of Imran Khan, 2 wrongs do not make 1 right, Whatever IK did was not as an ex Prime Minister but as a youthful most established celebrity of his time. He also had a regard of the age group and he NEVER BEGGED. So please just ask PML-N to sue Kim Parker and finish this disgraceful reason of shame as a nation.
if Zardari resigns, and Imran Khan becomes President, Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister & Bilawal Bhutto as Ambassador to US.
When I switched on the tv yesterday, some women were protesting at some chowk in Defence. A tv reporter asked them what they were protesting about so she started to say, "We do not accept any other leader, we only want Imran, only he is our Prime Minister. He will give us a New Pakistan, we want a New Pakistan. We voted for him, where did our votes go, we want the result of our votes. We cannot accept anyone else. We want a New Pakistan."     This young woman was talking as if she wasn't giving the response to a tv reporter but to her mommy. The mommy who couldn't buy her what she wanted and here she was wanting a New Pakistan. And because she couldn't get the Naya Pakistan, she was sitting in a 'protest of mourning' where no one was willing to accept the defeat of PTI. According to their responses, the rule of the election was that only those voting for Imran Khan would get out of their houses to vote - so now that the opposite team has had so many votes, it's impossible. So we don't accept the results ...
When the mighty do not fall, they are felled, but Imran Khan is still going strong despite serious injuries this week at a campaign rally. He’s come a long way since I first interviewed him in 2011: he’s the most important person in Pakistan right now and the biggest election in his country’s history is all about him. Unlike in the United States, campaigning in Pakistan has time limits and the brief period of campaigning ended Thursday at midnight with a massive Islamabad rally for Khan followed by a smaller rally for his main opponent: Mian Nawaz Sharif, the two-time former Prime Minister and head of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) party. Sharif, sweating under the grand lights of his stage, with a combover lightly flapping in the night’s breeze, and his microphone being held for him by a hand other than his, was — as his campaign has been — focused on Khan. Khan, bandaged but vibrant, spoke to the millions from his hospital bed adorned with the national flag, all of the symbolis ...
Election main dhandli hui hae. Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are both fair-skinned and hence do not represent the majority of Pakistani people who are dark-skinned. I, therefore, reject these two American and European Agents. Zardari for Preseident and Altaf Bhai for Prime Minister!
The likely prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, says Imran Khan agreed to work with him after a…
Voters in Pakistan have given a mandate to PML-N's Nawaz Sharif, who is set to become Prime Minister for a record third time. With 272 National Assembly seats, 137 is the simple majority mark - and right now PML-N is leading in 125. The big gainer is Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf Party which has won…
The chioce of every Pakistani must be respected .. Pakistanis have decided their fate themselves .. If Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif have delivered during their tenure of govt in Punjab then the people of Punjab have all the right to vote for them .. Imran Khan has got the chanse for the 1st time in a province and unexpectedly got ample of seats in National Assembly .. Now he has got a chance to Prove himself in Sarhad .. If he proves himself in Sarhad, then He may be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan .. But if he fails to do so, then surely he will not be able to stand again ..
Shared from a first-hand source: First hand account: During Nawaz Sharif's first tenure as Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif was admitted into Services Hospital for a minor surgery. My father was serving as MS Services Hospital at the time. He gave Shahbaz Sharif TWO "V-VIP" rooms. That wasn't enough. My father was asked to vacate the entire floor and ask the patients in the surrounding rooms to leave their hospital beds because Shahbaz Sharif's security was going to be threatened. I remember my father being extremely upset and stressed out for his other patients, who had to be dislocated in an already cramped GOVERNMENT hospital. Mind you there was no terrorism back then and Shahbaz Sharif would have been perfectly safe with his army of policeman surrounding the 2 rooms originally given to him. Imran Khan is in the ICU ward with 7 other patients in a hospital that HE BUILT HIMSELF with money that you and i collected for him as children. That is precisely the difference between him and PML-N.
It’s really very shocking news to watch so serious accident of Imran Khan – the Chairman of “Pakistan Tehrik - e - Insaaf” - PTI. Imran Khan is an outstanding legend, commendable & admirable Hero of Pakistan, I honestly request to entire nation to pray for him by the depth of their heart & height of their soul. Meantime, I do request in the best interest of our homeland that the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Care Taker Government of Pakistan, Election Commission of Pakistan, our Judicial & Military establishment, and all of the “National-Stakeholders” whether belongs to Government, NGOs and/or Political Leaders, please sit together and keeping all on-going facts of: - terrorism, - bomb blasts & - killings of important political figures & hundreds of innocent people of Pakistan during political campaigning for this bloody “dirty” political election-2013 of Pakistan, - boycotts of well prominent Political Parties PAT & APML that stands with perceptible “silent-majority” of Pak ...
PTI Amazing Song from RAHAT Fateh Ali Khan for PTI. This is one of the best songs there is for PTI and Imran Khan. Imran Khan PTI the next Prime Minister of ...
Who would be next Prime Minister of Pakistan? - Nawaz Sharif - Imran Khan - Asif A. Zardari
Imran Khan will be the second Oxford educated Prime Minister of Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto. Z, as we know graduated from a college, nobody can find and NS is about as good as Z.
Imran Khan demands Government To Step Down/resign over Quetta blast/killings. Imran Khan Demands Army's Control In Quetta till next elections. Imran Khan says he would announce Education Emergency in the country if he becomes Prime Minister. Watch an exclusive interview With Imran Khan in tonight's "Kal Tak" with Javed Chaudhry.
21. Imran Khan on anti-drone ‘peace march’ to tribal belt : Imran Khan on 6th October 2012 set off on a motorcade “peace march” to the terrorists-riddled South Waziristan to protest US drone strikes in the tribal belt. 22. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Re-Elected for fourth term : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been re-elected for the third term. Mr Chavez defeated opposition leader Henrique Capriles. Mr Chavez garnered 54.42 per cent of the vote while his rival bagged 44 per cent votes. 23. Pakistani youth support Malala Yousufzai : Pakistani teenaged rights campaigner, Malala Yousafzai, who was on 14th October 2012 shot by the Taliban for publicly opposing them against the girl education.She got the support from all over the world. 24. Ali Zidan elected Libya PM : Libya’s 200-member General National Congress has elected a former congressman and human rights lawyer Ali Zidan as the country’s new Prime Minister on 14th October 2012. 25. Austrian skydiver breaks sound barrier : Austria ...
"Imran Khan said Asma Jahangir is not acceptable as caretaker Prime Minister to his party"
Pakistan, being an Islamic Republic, has two models to get stability, growth, prosperity and economic recovery. These models also allows Pakistan and people of Pakistan to restore their repute, respect and pride among the nations in the world. First is Malaysian Model which Imran Khan Chairman PTI is very keen to experiment with and give it a go in Pakistan. I heard Imran Khan calling Mahatir Mohammad, his source of inspiration. I am going to discuss and elaborate some of the policies and practices of Dr. Mahatir Mohammad in this post. I would like to leave a trail of thoughts for those who support Imran Khan by perturbing the thought of unconditional acceptance of Mr. Khan. Mahatir Mohammad (a medical doctor) is a progressive politician. During Mahathir's tenure as Prime Minister, Malaysia experienced rapid modernisation and economic growth, and his government initiated a series of bold infrastructure projects. He became active in the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), Malaysia's largest politic ...
IMRAN KHAN : A PRAYER FOR PAKISTAN Cricket's world former champion, international playboy, wants to be Prime Minister. After fifteen years of struggle in political world, he's about to achieve. The pipers and drummers beating a frenzied pace, speakers blaring Pakistani pop and rap. The crowd presses against the gates of the cricket stadium despite the baton of the officers attempting to control the crowd. Gujar Khan's stadium is in a lost village in Punjab, its an dusty field surrounded by rickety bleachers, but the 20.000 or 30.000 people didn't come to see a match. Imran Khan captain of the team that had won Pakistan's only World Cup in 1992, he no longer plays cricket. He embarked on a sport more ferocious : politics. The former playboy, with his rock star look, who haunted the London nightclubs with wife at this time, Jemina Goldsmith, a British-Jewish millionaire, now frequent the electorate ultra-fundamentalists and tries to gather Pakistan's Taliban modern wing. He exchanged the jet-set for help po ...
We, as a nation wish to see our future President or Prime Minister as Jose Mujica of Uruguay is . He is the poorest President in the world . Not only our wish but every President or prime Minister must follow him . Now example has arisen for the world's powerful and richest President and Prime Minister . David Cameron and Barak Obama . Both should leave the affluent life style at no 10 and in White House respectively . Imran Khan surely on a way to follow Jose Mujica and must select his own house to lead the country instead of the largest PM house in Islamabad . His act will please the whole nation .
Imran Khan has taken oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan & Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as senior minister in IK cabinet
saw interview of Imran Khan by Barkha Dutt, it seems he will be good Prime Minister of Pakistan,atleast people should give him 5 years
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan will be a Great President of Pakistan with Imran Khan as the Prime Minister. Dr. Khan is NO Lota.
"The day Imran Khan walks into Prime Minister's Office, Corruption will be finished" - Hassan Nisar via
Nawaz Sharif is bigger version of RIAZ BAHRIA!!! Allah will help Imran Khan and Inshallah he will be next Prime Minister of this country.
Jemima Khan's Interview with Musharraf - Proposed: Musharraf as President and Imran Khan as Prime Minister
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Leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that even all parties jointly cannot stop PTI from succeeding. Speaking to the dinner reception of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Sunday here he said that his party will not join hands with any of the parties that are part of the present coalition government. He said that economic stability was not possible without good governance. Imran Khan said that the success of the PTI was need of the hour and people will start seeing the real impact and face of the Tsunami just three months before the election. Strongly criticizing the election of the prime minister, he said that it seems as if the National Assembly was an auction house where a person was elected to the position of the prime minster despite all the charges of corruption leveled against him. He said that the conspiracy against the Chief Justice has become known but still no party, except his PTI, has enough courage to criticize Malik Riaz Hussain. He said tha ...
Must Watch..Prime Minister-ship is not a success for Imran Khan (Jun 07, 2012)
I request Mian Nawaz Sharif,Imran Khan and Syed Munawar Hassan please for Allah sake do'nt tell a lie whereas avoid from wrong statements.These three heads of three political parties vowed that if the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani will not leave chair after decision of Supreme Court then we will start Long March whereas Imran Khan said I will start tunami march but these leaders have failed for starting long and tunami march.It has been approved these leaders are purely lier and they can not start any march and movement against present rulers.The public do'nt believe on these leaders and these leaders have lose their value in public.
"And to the Prime Minister, well there's no Prime Minister, so to Asif Ali Zardari" - Imran Khan
Show us that you can be Pakistan's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, not the PM of Punjab. - Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan has said that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should immediately resign from his position after being convicted by the Supreme Court (SC).
To All PTI Our Supporters, if you truly believe in Justice, Humanity, and Self-Esteem, and in the Vision of our Chairman Imran Khan, please listen to constructive recommendations by our friends and allies. You are the image of PTI, please treat everyone with respect and dignity. When you see a supporter start using hateful language, tell them to calm down and be courteous. Not only will you win friends, but you will help Imran Khan become Prime Minister of Pakistan. We may not agree with our opponents, but we must deal with them in a civilized manner. The best way to deal with opponents is to be courteous and respectful. That is true Justice and the language of change and being part of civilized nations. We are Insafians, we must live up to higher standards.
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