Imran Khan & Najam Sethi

Imran Khan Niazi (born 25 November 1952) is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, playing international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century. Born in November 1944, Najam Sethi is an award winning Pakistani journalist, editor, and media personality, is the editor-in-chief of The Friday Times, a Lahore based political weekly, and previously the editor of Daily Times and Daily Aajkal newspapers. 5.0/5

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Najam Sethi have been speaking against Imran Khan for months. How do you expect IK fans to treat him? Obviously with
Najam Sethi again put 32 puncture through Muneeb Farooq during andar ki baat, we lost, we protest- Imran Khan
Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq makes fun of Imran Khan and PTI:
Najam Sethi acquired PCB chairmanship as reward for rigging election: Imran Khan
Najam sethi have personal grudges with Imran Khan that's he alway criticise him
Najam Sethi, Ch nisar are poodles of the most corrupt leaders of my country . We know Imran Khan patriotism as we know our father
Pakistan Army ask Imran Khan to Called OFF his Protest – Najam Sethi -
Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid want Govt to put them in jail - Najam Sethi: via PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO
Najam Sethi appointed as ICC President & Imran Khan left 4 Dubai to set-in front of ICC head office.
Najam Sethi is praising Imran Khan big time on Geo. Saying, Imran Khan is the most powerful leader of present time. Am I dr…
Najam Sethi utterly destroys and buries alive TuQ and Imran Khan under a mound of dirt in Apaas ki Baat
What was role of Najam Sethi in May 11 elections who was later rewarded Chairmanship of PCB? . Imran Khan
Imran Khan doesn't want to come to power thru backdoor, Najam Sethi trying thru backdoor
Watch the video «Najam Sethi Replies to Imran Khan's Allegation» uploaded by Amanasif737 on Dailymotion.
Arsalan Iftikhar had the same qualification for his appointment – the one which Najam Sethi had – of election punctures! Imran khan
Whats the main reason behind the rivalry of Najam Sethi & Imran Khan
If the government had any sense (or respect for themselves and the country), they would send both Zaka Ashraf and Najam Sethi home permanently and select a new head for the Pakistan Cricket Board. Sethi said himself on his GEO program that he supports Imran Khan's position of no government position for caretaker government officials for a minimum of 2 years. Guess he believes that he wasn't really the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab ;)
Najam Sethi is US state department's spokeperson in Pakistan - Imran Khan
2 things I never understood of PTI/Imran Khan, Why we accepted Najam Sethi as Caretaker CM? Why we didnt stand up for ex-NAB Chairman?
Right, so u act'ly blv that Imran Khan, Dr. Shahid Masood & Sheikh Rasheed r lying and Najam Sethi alone is telling the truth.
I have proof that Sethi facilitated rigging: Imran khan by Muhammad Anees Feb 13th, 2014 ( No Comment ) KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed that Mr. Najam Sethi facilitated rigging in 35 constituencies during 11 May elections 2013 for which he has enough proof. The PTI chief said that Mr. Sethi is not appointed PCB chairman on merit and his only qualification is his “35 punctures” promise to Mian Nawaz Sharif. Mr. Sethi was interim Chief Minister Punjab at the time of elections and supervised the process. About proofs, the leader said that he has his own ‘chirya’ (sparrow) and this sparrow will show all proofs of rigging at the right time. The leader revealed that the ex NADRA chief Tariq Malik’s cellphone record shows that the officer was threatened and forcefully removed from his post because he was ready for finger prints verification of votes. In an interview with Pakistan’s Jaag TV,Imran Khan said that his party has accepted the 11 May elections in larger national interest but ...
ARY, ARYNEWS, HOTSHOTS, PAKISTAN, PCB, Sethi is to send Legal notice to ARY NEWS and Imran Khan, Najam Sethi
Najam Sethi rewarded for 35 Punctures in 11th May Elections - Imran Khan
Why not if Irfan Siddiqui.. "Najam Sethi got the reward for his services in elections to PMLN - Imran Khan"
The fact is.. That Geo Tv won the rights to air matches played by Pakistan Cricket team. PTV lost billions due to this, all Imran Khan said was there should be an independent inquiry into this since Mr. Najam Sethi is Chairman PCB and also an employee of Geo. Please let me know if you find anything logically wrong in the request above.
So easy to bash Imran Khan & Ansar Abbasi, so difficult to bash Nawaz Sharif, Kayani & Hamid Mir. This is how Najam Sethi gang operates.
Najam Sethi gang is busy in Imran Khan bashing, remaining completely silent on Nawaz Sharif & Gen Kayani, key sympathisers of Taliban-ASWJ
He does not know what he does not know ! Najam Sethi said for Imran Khan.
Najam Sethi says Imran Khan is lying blatantly. Nawaz is coward or confused
Najam Sethi lobby punching Imran Khan the soft targret is dead silent on Nawaz Sharif & General Kayani. Hypocrites.
Managed Sir MT Najam Sethi is building up the case as if the Scotland Yard moved against Altaf Hussein due to Imran Khan's...
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Najam sethi wanna be So PTI already won 2 seats i.e. NA 126 and one Mianwali seat, from both places Imran Khan will be the Candid
Najam sethi says that Imran Khan and PTI have qualified from the quarter final stage n have put on a bloody good show!
Najam Sethi in Apas Ki Baat on Geo News @ 11 to 12PM (05/03/2013) said: PML-N felt a major jolt from the PTI’s major gathering in Lahore during last year. Traditional politics has again been gaining momentum which is directly affecting the PTI which is a nontraditional party. Obviously, the Imran Khan’s meeting in Lahore will boost the popularity of PTI. Imran Khan will now gain the momentum again. PTI, though, ready to hold public gatherings but PML-N and JUI-f will also do the same. Imran Khan may not be able to get many votes from Baluchistan. People think that Imran Khan should be given a chance to make government. Imran Khan will gain more in urban areas of Punjab. A new competition will be start within the PTI between Ideological leader and new leader. Biggest challenge for Imran Khan is to choose the candidates. Whether he will choose the traditional leaders or electable? Imran Khan has only one month to take all the decisions and two months is very short period. PTI needs to be work hard becau ...
Najam Sethi: "Imran Khan's party is the only one have real [intra-party] elections."
Sethi should decide has Nawaz Sharif best team or Imran Khan?.Ya jo bhi money filled briefcase bhijwa day woh din uska?
N is for Khan. Column this Sunday about Najam Sethi's interview with Imran Khan.
Imran Khan has literally made Najam Sethi speechless! He doesnt know how to disagree with Imran Khan . IK hitting sixes all over
Taliban agreed on dialogues if guaranteed by Nawaz, Fazal ur Rahman, Munawwar Hassan. There is nothing special in this news except Imran Khan being ignored by even Taliban also. This is not fair on part of Talibaan, they should have shown some courtesy for IK as he has been their sole supporter for so many years when they were even abandoned by their masters or promoters. Well its a good news at least for me. In my view its IK's liberal past for which he has not been forgiven despite his best efforts by those forces who are more interested in personal lives of people and they judge everyone according to their standards and condemn anyone forever who had little deviated from their standards. Recently IK's policy and statements were showing a shift in his stance and he had started rationalizing his policies by saying that operations should be focused, targeted and result oriented against these people and in his interview with Najam Sethi, he said that article 62 and 63 should only be applied in financial ma ...
"The decisions of my life have rarely been made through rationality or logic and more by impulse and passion" - thus spake Imran Khan in "A personal memoir" published some years ago. His passion for cricket in the 1960s enabled him to scale the heights of sporting greatness in the 1980s. And his imp...
Say hello to me. I am a liberal fascist and I am not amused. First of all, Imran Khan is back and he is back with a bang. Did you see his new haircut on Najam Sethi’s show? This man is up to som ...
Najam Sethi says Imran Khan is changing. But it appears Sethi sahib is changing not Imran Khan. A classic case of Earth moving or the Sun moving.
Imran Khan and Najam Sethi complimented each other in interview,Now Nawaz Sharif shudd find an anchor of his compatibility i.e Kamran Khan
What an awesome interview of Imran Khan with Najam Sethi, today i.e. Part 2. Great sizzling questions & Just awesome visionary replies by Imran khan. Imran Khan had proved that he is just a great leader. His today's quotes, his vision about Islam & leadership, his ideology for handling the tribal areas, his reply on being called an anti-american person, his reply to personal life questions, his regrets over the decisions of history, Every thing fascinated me a lot, His last answer, Awhhh, last answer was just above than anything. Pakistaniis are unfortunates, they have leader like Imran Khan and they are not following him. I'll simply say "KHUDAA NE AAJ TAK OUS QAUM KI HAALAT NAHI BALDI NAA *** JIS KO KHAYYAL AAP APNI HAALAT K BADALNAY KA"
I must say Imran Khan's interivew with Najam Sethi was one of finest interviews, memorible fine words..
Imran Khan (official) is a Charmer,who infuses a New Lease of Life and Hope in the Sagging Body of His Embattled People :) Najam Sethi was Coherent n Khan was His Usual Brilliant :)
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Brilliant interview by Imran Khan with Najam Sethi. Honest, straight forward and from the heart.
Watch on Jan 28th (1) Imran Khan at 11PM on GeoNews with Najam Sethi (Rgds
Statement of Shared Purpose for Journalism In 1997, the Committee of Concerned Journalists began their research to outline a Statement of Shared Purpose. After four years, the original Statement of Shared Purpose outlined nine principles of journalism to comprise what could potentially be described as the theory of journalism. 1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth (read: assemble facts and verify them) 2. Its first loyalty is to the citizen (read: not to any political party or politician) 3. Its essence is the discipline of verification (read: separate yourself from fiction, propaganda, and entertainment. Refer to principle 1. Also refer to Shamsul Anwar) 4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover (stay neutral; stay fair. Your credibility as a journalist comes from accuracy, not your devotion to Imran Khan or your fondness for the judiciary) 5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power (read: journalism can serve as a watchdog over those in power; that fr ...
Nation achieved... Pakistan will now remain in the hands of the elite and the illiterate. Middle class arrogance and divisions were cleverly exploited Shareef has proven himself to have matured democratic leader of substance...EXPERIENCE Imran Khan might lost the chance in scene of differentiating,no matter if he,Dr Qadir,JI,diffa-e islami came in front of these elite (even u know MQM,PPP,ANP & PMLQ is not natural alliance). Hussaini lashkar and Yazeedi lashkar sign an agreement bcz nobody favored the stance of TUQ,needs sacrifices and homework like IK.
Today it has been proved that Imran Khan didn't read the situation correctly! PTI must be thinking about their bad decision in which they declined to join the Dharna
Extremely disappointed from Imran Khan (official) Interview with Kamran Khan and his decision . imran khan lost the moment to reform the election clauses and just let the waste more then 70 people sacrifice :(
I suggest not to take so early conclusion regarding Tahir qadri support by some hidden powers like establishment OR WEST You have to understand the working of establishment by reviewing the past. They hadn't got into adventure on the basis of single party lauNch. They used to establish grand alliances to make the justifications. But here things are quite opposite. Initially his sLOGAN was supported by some parties but gradually they all had gone. This is not the way of hidden powers. He is lonely but stands firms on his logical agenda. He has exposed all the opposition parties along with Islamic parties like Jamat-e-islamai (having pro-establishment record in past). I salute TQ the way he exposed even Imran Khan. See the channels how he is presenting case of Pakistani people all across the world and see how determined his team are. Slam to him for preparing such team
Come to scene as quickly as possible Imran Khan, This is your time, cash it unless it gets too late.
Najam Sethi :: Pressure is on Imran Khan whether to join TUQ Long march or not but he has cateogorically rejected!
So far Imran Khan is playing with a Straight bat.My hats off to him beascuse there must be alot of people who were encouraging him to join Dr.Qadr. - Najam Sethi
Najam Sathi Admit only imran khan can bring the inqlib in pak . PTI is the only party who has street power to bring the change in pakistan & Imran Khan clearly mention he is not supporting Tahir ul Qadri, MQM, PMLQ Long march. so it's not going to successful with out Imran Khan
From Asma Jahangir to Najam Sethi; from Nusrat Javed to Sana Bucha; all the Indian trolls will renew their hostility towards Imran Khan and will sing praises in the honor of India's biggest patsy Nawaz Sharif!
See also this video of Haroon-ur-Rasheed exposing the funded propaganda against Imran Khan :
Our FANS will again say that we are obsessed. yes we are so obsessed of the lies of Imran Khan. Yet another lie busted. The same was told by chirya of Najam Sethi and we shared the link yesterday. Use BURNOL dear Insfii
Glad IK never listened to charlatans like Sethi sb.So Mr.Najam Sethi has some special 'love' for Imran Khan:)
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An outstanding piece by Najam Sethi in TFT. Takes apart Imran Khan's lies one by one. a MUST read.
nope, its Imran Khan's fault. Najam Sethi is gonna dedicate an entire show to it while Kamran Shafi will write an article on it
Imran Khan has played counter negative Role in Pakistan Politics and confused the nation One side waziristan March and on other side,supporting Military Operation...Najam Sethi
Dear Najam Sethi & Asma Jahangir : Please forgive "Imran Khan" this time, he won't raise voice agianst Drone Attacks ever again.. :-(
Imran Khan managed to obfuscate Malala issue with the CIA's drone attacks: Editorial: Jiye Malala! by Najam Sethi
Don't worry. Najam Sethi will b singing for Imran Khan then.He knows how to swing it either way irrespective of all conditions
Asma failed to endorse Imran Khan and PTI Jalsa to Quetta as success which is even praised by his rivals like Najam Sethi , Nusrat Javed etc
Surprised to see Najam Sethi praising that flimsy op-ed on ET on Imran Khan's peace march.
Najam Sethi latest analysis on PTI & Imran Khan (25 Sep 2012) Also said Lootey Leaving PTI has no impact on PTI Popularity
Suddenly the so-called intellect media giants are against IMRAN KHAN.. from Nusrat Javed to Najam Sethi, Nazir Naji to Talat Hussain, Sana Bucha to Absar Alam all are doing their best 'HATE' against Imran Khan & PTI. Simply wanna know WHY?
Not sure that Imran Khan said this about Najam Sethi and Ahmad Rashid to New York Times because NYT losing credebility
Sina Kawa(Najam Sethi)..If you have a little bit of concsious..Take a lesson From Azizi of HasbeHall and he is no a supporter of Imran Khan
Najam Sethi does not like Imran Khan. What a surprise.
Imran Khan being paid back in his own coin... Najam Sethi
Imran Khan clean bowled and humiliated by Najam Sethi in Aapas Ki Baat.
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I liked a video Another sick blame of Najam Sethi on Imran Khan Exposed
Najam Sethi in his program alleges that Pasha helped Imran Khan & PTI. He speaks without proof again.
Imran Khan statement about his opponents and tensions between Pakistan and America and Difa e Council...
Imran Khan lovers will be pleased to hear that at last, Najam Sethi has declared himself one of the followers of Imran Khan.
Okay, I don't watch BNN but their Lala, Imran Khan and Najam Sethi impressions are hilarious!
Seeing Imran Khan's popularity in the recent PEW survey, even Najam Sethi admitted that PTI's popularity is rising.
Today, even Najam Sethi admitted and Imran Khan's popularity. As elections come near, everyone will be a believer like us.
Key question how much credibility can you give to any criticisms of Imran Khan and PTI by Najam Sethi. Questions arises was he paid
For every Riaz Bahria, there is an Imran Khan amongst us. For every Najam Sethi, there is a Talat Hussain. We won't let Pak be dragged down.
PM Gilani: Imran Khan is my Favourit - Imran Khan is a Threat to not only PML(N) but for PPP…
Sethi agreeing 100% with Imran Khan ..strange but I like it!
Najam Sethi once again lied against Imran Khan..Shame on him.
Excellent analysis of politics of Imran Khan by Najam Sethi and plot of Pakistani Establishment against Nawaz Sharif
The video shows the real ignorance and prejudice of Najam Sehi about a true hero of Pakistan, Imran Khan
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