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Imran Khan

Imran Khan Niazi (born 25 November 1952) is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, playing international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century.

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PTI chairman Imran Khan to visit on 7th & 8th Feb. This will be a follow up visit to raise 'Kachra' & Water is…
There is a smart game behind this new trick.As Shakespear said in Hamlet "there is a method behind madness". Imran Khan shdn…
I seriously pray that Imran Khan comes in power here in Pakistan & Kejriwal there in India! Ideal for both In…
Imran Khan and CM KP Pervez Khattak arrives at PC Peshawar to attend International conference on Gynae Obstetrics.
. Asad Umer never looked more stupid trying to justify Imran Khan on visa ban statement.
It indeed is! Imran Khan and his shrieky voice singing that "Jaane Tu ya Jaane na" phrase! I do remember that! Quite relatable!😂
Learn something: Imran Khan and Jahangir are already available for accountability. Ask govt to take action.
Imran Khan talking to media outside Supreme Court On Panama Leaks Hearing and Fight in Natonal Assem: via
Jahangir Tareen, Imran Khan and Sheih Rashid should be disqualified at any cost
I wish Imran Khan & Jahangir Tareen go through same intense accountability as Sharif Family is facing now.
Imran Khan is master of u turn, Haleem Khan is land mafia and Jahangir Tareen is corrupt man. .
you're lying! Akram, Imran Khan, Viv Richards and etc all hail Malcolm Marshall as the best ever
like Babar Awan ? Zardari's lawyer and now Imran Khan's ?
When a Pakistani told an Australian that now Imran Khan is in Politics, Listen what he Said 👍❤️
Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen Khan on way to SC for Case
Meeting with Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen along with MPA's regarding Party issues
. Liar. It's not the PM seeking indemnity but Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen pleading for immunity from CEC.
Indian cricketer, Irfan Pathan has named his baby boy after Pakistan’s legendary cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan h…
I thought he will be talking about Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool Jan, DPC and Hameed Gul, Jamat-e-Islami and Imran Khan :p
Imran Khan conspiracy orchestrated by Jewish political lobby to undermine Pakistan authority Read:…
Nawaz Sharif giving a talk on how to fight corruption is as ridiculous as Imran Khan giving a talk on giving up & movin…
Mark Taylor "I played alongside Imran Khan for New South Wales. Our bowlers learnt a lot from him. He was a very good s…
Imran Khan says PM lied in the parliament. Read More:
Imran Khan says PM lied in the parliament
PTI chairman Imran Khan is speaking to media outside the Supreme Court after hearing of the Panama Leaks case
Imran Khan is jealous of Maryam Nawaz's social work - Maiza Hameed. Dont think defaming a cancer hospital qualifies as socia…
Nawaz Sharif’s own speech has got him in hot water: Imran Khan
mran Khan blows off steam against PM in Panama Case.
Imran khan strikes back at PMLN. Now people of Pakistan should understand the meaning of the word U-turn .
own speech has got him in hot water: Watch this report:
You may have your reasons to not like Imran Khan but what's the point of supporting Nawaz Sharif? He is exposed to limit.
Not by chance that N-League lawyer skipped disqualification hearing against Imran Khan in ECP. Not by chance Nawaz Sharif went for immunity.
College President Mr. Imran Khan met with the team to discuss the achievements and challenges…
Imran Khan presiding Strategy Meeting at Secretary General's camp office in Islamabad
Live: Imran Khan says letter from Qatari prince is the only money trail available in Panama Leaks case
Gippy Grewal's "Lahore video" reminds me of Imaginary Girl by Imran Khan 🤔
Imran khan is trying to destabilise democracy which gives right of immunity to PM for hiding his corruption. Expected Logic
Today's post hearing media talk by PMLN was about Imran Khan's wrong doings not what happened inside the court room. Why?
All eyes set at IK. . . Nation looking towards one man only. Imran Khan
Asking for immunity means PM lied in parliament: Imran Khan
PTI Imran Khan has already won the case.
Thank you Imran Khan for exposing them in
There is absolutely none like Imran Khan! He is a real champion!! Ma Sha Allah😊😊.
Can someone please get Imran Khan something useful to do with his life? Maybe get him married again? A long vacation? An…
Saad Rafique took Liar Imran khan to task who was standing close to him. Ik is so Shamless that he has No Respect for him. QALABAAZI KHAN..
Supreme Court won't give justice and Imran khan is stupid.
Opposition has right to ask Accountability in democracy. ( Imran Khan ).
It is shameful that someone representing Imran Khan and PTI at every forum should stoop so low. This is filth. Totally…
Nawaz Sharif trying to take refuge behind immunity to hide corruption: Imran…
If Tehreek Insaf doesnt do anything,Imran Khan will still win Panama Case,and whatever NS do he cannot Win Panama Case.
case: When did i abuse? calling PM as 'King of corruption' is not abuse, says Imran Khan. Updates:
Imran khan has won the case, he has brought PM to seek immunity under article 248. Now judgment remains barely piece of paper…
More: Ishaq Dar prays in his petition Imran Khan repeating false allegations against him
Ishaq Dar approaches Supreme Court seeking action against Imran Khan, watch now
: PM's lawyer , in his arguments , is talking about case of Jahangir Tareen , Imran Khan and Pervaiz Musharraf.
Can't speak for all, but in Pakistan, Imran Khan gets domestic control based on foreign policy agenda. PMLN isn't good at that.
Who will come out stronger in the scandal? Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif? Live vote here!
VIDEO: Full press conference by Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen on PANAMA. Qatri letter killed https…
Today BBC has strengthened Imran Khan's stance on Panama case - Dr Shahid Masood reveals what BBC has revealed...
Smashing response by Imran Khan to SC's unprofessional and ridiculous remarks.
Bad bad dream. Saw Hanif Abbasi joins PTI and sitting with Imran Khan :@ :@ :@
My struggle is not to become PM: Imran Khan: ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan said……
PTI chairman Imran Khan talks to media in Watch Live:
Imran Khan do anything but he never achieve his goal.
Imran Khan arrives at Supreme Court of Pakistan for Panama case hearing
Lord Nazir says that Imran Khan is a good and honest man, but he doesn't have a match winning team.
Sheikh Rasheed says 3rd Dherna will be staged under the leadership of Imran Khan after two Dhernas failed spectacularly
um. Been there twice met Imran Khan & Lord Ahmed of Rotherham. Been to:. Lahore. Islamabad. Mir Pir
Imran Khan is National Hero this channel twisted his news just for rating
When I asked Imran Khan about his plan to stop rigging/irregularities in the next elections, he said PTI already had a pl…
Join the largest SM volunteer force of PTI and help us in spreading Imran Khan's ideology through out Pakistan…
Chaudhry Sarwar says Imran Khan promised him to make PTI president in place of Javed Hashmi but Jahangir Tareen stopped…
Junoonis, there is a pic of JJ,Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Imran Khan & me from 1994, can you search & send?
Imagine if it were Altaf Hussain/Asfandyar Wali and not Dr Qadri/Imran Khan who attacked parliament and police during 2014 dherna thru goons
Imran Khan will provide documents obtained from international institutions regarding Maryam's ownership of BVI companies…
Don't be ridiculous, it's only Imran Khan's job to build hospitals for the poor in Pakistan.
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Imran Khan's Parody. Our founder, Hamza Ahmad Sahi, at his school's farewell. Cracking some jokes at: via
Why is Javed Hashmi targeting Imran Khan and maligning Army and Judiciary in the process now? Linked to Panama Leaks?…
Imran Khan? Mohammad Asif? M. Abbas took 70 odd wickets in Quaid-e-Azam trophy. Sohail doesn't deserve to be in the team man
Our country has true gems like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ansar Burney and Imran Khan who plays a pivotal role in the betterment of society
Amir Liaquat had abused Insafians. He had even abused Imran Khan & Asad Umar's father. He is not accepted in PTI.
Modern bowling speed measurements are >10% higher than old. 'Jeff Thomson and Imran Khan on recording bowlers' speed'
Lol, I ask ,he declines to answer a close ended question and bring in Imran Khan. Fais…
Great fight back by Pakistan after a long time,reminded us time of Imran Khan, Javed Miandad
Geoffrey Boycott picked a World XI, has Imran Khan as the leader. Team features the likes of Don Bradman, Garfield Sobers & Vivian Richards.
Imran Khan's broken chappal is BREAKING NEWS on our news channels, but not even a ticker on the Chakwal attack
Chaudhary Sher Ali is seeking PTI's help in Faisalabad District Council. Abid Sher Ali is abusing Imran Khan.
PPP repeatedly said "Imran Khan is strengthening Nawaz Sharif". It is proved now. Judicial Commission is bail-out package f…
Imran Khan's lawyer announced boycott of court proceedings if commission formed, says Abid Sher Ali . Watch Updates:…
From the sources under which Imran Khan father being SDO pulled out from services during tenor of Yahya khan re?
Which player would you select in your Test team? Garry Sobers, Imran Khan, Ian Botham or Jacques Kallis? - See more:
Imran Ismail has been with Imran Khan since 1991. And, Plastics think that he will leave Imran Khan & is MQM's agent. Respect his loyalty.
but Rahat Ali is good Test bowler! Imran Khan is better than Sohail in terms of fitness! He can bowl more overs than Sohail
Mohammad Asif "I don’t think there is anything special about Sohail Khan, Imran Khan or Rahat Ali, they are average bowlers"
► Anushka Sharma, Imran Khan, SRK, Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan on the Poster of Big Star Entertainment Awards ◄
I added a video to a playlist EPIC Mimicry of Imran Khan, Shehbaz Sharif, Bilawal Zardari by Syed
Imran Khan: "It is not the PTI, but the entire judicial system of the country that is on trial.” .
Imran Khan seems to have the Morne Morkel start to his run up going on.
Borus Johnson wants to take a selfie with Imran Khan & on the other hand Bilawal is forcing to get a selfie with…
and the final result will be just like at Survivor Series. Goldberg (Imran Khan) vs Brock Lesner (Status Quo).
Sarfraz Nawaz, Aamir Sohail and Imran Khan all are back 😱
Comments of famous actor Anil Kapoor on Imran Khan at a wedding they were both invitees of. Both are internationally lo…
I really think Imran Khan's interaction with Anil Kapoor at a wedding is being over hyped. It was a social event. People meet.
Indians are so humble , a super star Anil Kapoor calls Imran Khan his ideal
ok then to eliminate boredom just say something mildly critical about Imran Khan & youthias will lit-up ur timeline for sure
She can open up anything she needs to. But the fact is that Imran Khan's silence is the biggest slap on her…
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Manchester pictures of Wedding of Saira and Sam (who is now a convert Muslim). Imran Khan joined along with Naeem...
"Imran Khan is my hero , i would like to visit Pakistan & once IK comes in power" .
British Pakistani businessman Imran Khan, 37, left with horrific burns after acid attack in Dagenham, east london, by a…
Sadanand Dhume is to Modi what journalists like Haroon Rashid and Moeed Pirzada are to Imran Khan.
On failure of PTI chief Imran Khan to submit response about his offshore company, SC has given him 7 more days to do so.
Judicial Commission is the news. .Any how another baycott option for Imran Khan .
Asghar Khan : Failed. Imran Khan : Failed . Now establishment is launching Pervez Musharaf to counter mainstream parties (PMLN and PPP)
Read an analysis from the Herald's archives on Imran Khan's political prospects in 1995. https:…
No one will give you free food & living, you have to earn everything. So why are you supporting Imran Khan and Nawaz Sh…
According to Ahmad Noorani's probe, Imran Khan's father was never sacked on corruption charges. is perhap…
Asif Zakir, Tabish, M Abbas ignored for NZ tour but Sharjeel, Rizwan, Imran Khan picked. Merit my foot
So now PTI has started believing in Ahmad Noorani? What about his other revelations about Imran Khan?
Flashback 1995: Gen Hamid Gul's key role in Imran Khan's first foray into politics...
Imran Khan should quit politics and resign if he loses the Panama Leaks case in Supreme Court: Pervez Musharaf
Forget PM, I dont want to see Imran Khan even as a Councillor. Hope this clarifies your misunderstanding.
Update your maps at Navteq
Should Bilawal join hands with Imran Khan to lead movement against PM? Vote!
Abid Sher Ali is funny,advised Bilawal not to follow his Chacha* when it is the matter of his Marriage 😂😅. Chacha* = Imran Khan.
Imran Khan says he will accept SC's decision on Panama but Kh.asif says IK will take U-turn if it is in PM's favour ht…
A message was delivered to Imran Khan forcing him to abort the lock-down. And, then he conveyed his message back
- Imran Khan and Asif Iqbal were first Pakistanis whose postage stamps were issued by ST. Vincent Grenadi…
Here's Mr Absar Alam introducing Imran Khan's father to the nation.
Asad will never tell who put the matti on paintee painchars that Imran Khan vehemently accused Nawaz Sharif of applying in GE…
Though, Imran Khan is Mr. Clean but suspected. Why he supported his ex brother-in-law in Mayor election in London in place of Sadiq Khan?
Imran Khan is Asad Kharal of Politics and Asad Kharal is Imran Khan of Journalism
My Column: A thrilling tale of three Revolutions&three Revolutionaries.. From Zardari, Nawaz to Imran Khan. Part-1.
9:30 pm. Just before Imran Khan speech,intelligence and police estimates of peak numbers at Pti jalsa: ten to 11 thousa…
Imran Khan's father Ikramullah Niazi was terminated from Government service after he was found guilty of corruption.
Imran Khan must know that Asif Zardari faced 11 years of imprisonment & trials, not a single case proven by the Judiciary h…
Imran Khan put allegations on my mother as well, even blamed her for the Oct 18; 2007 blasts:
Imran Khan, tell the people how Pasha helped you:
Good advice to . Nawaz Sharif. Asif Zardari. Imran Khan. Read today express news.
If only Saad Rafique would stop doing 10 news conferences per day to bash Imran Khan & focus on his job
Khawaja Saad Rafique bashed Imran Khan in front of press today but did not say a word about Train Accidents. What a pri…
All *** of who say Imran Khan ne Supreme Court se ki talashi krwa dee - should look at this photo and think.…
Correction: Sharif family & Imran Khan own offshore companies. IK dragged himself from Container to Court, from Com…
addressing press conference after Imran Khan's address in rally. Link:
Imran Khan is a failure. He should be ashamed of his actions.
Imran Khan is in Pakistan's politics. We have seen such vulgarity in 1990s. He will face the music by soon.
There were more people at Gaddafi's funeral than at Imran Khan's rally.
There were more people in rally by local leadership in Gilgit yesterday, then Imran Khan's
What Justin Trudeau did for Canada, Imran Khan would do a 100 times better for Pakistan! .
Notices to ‘PTI’ Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen sent by ECP.
Petitions against dismissal of Imran Khan and Jehangir Khan Tareen is rejected by Supreme Court.. Good Luck.
Election Commission summons PTI leaders Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen on 16th of this month in two references file…
case ; stops its proceedings against PM, Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen till decision by Supreme Court.
sends notices to Jehangir Tareen and Imran Khan.
ECP sends notices to Jehangir Tareen and Imran Khan - ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) sent...
Haroon Rasheed analysis on Imran Khan's decision of Islamabad lock-down
Pakistan Supreme Court decision is good for country and democracy. Imran Khan's decision to quit dharna show how bad politician he is
Thank you imran khan, for letting your supporters down one more time
Today very bad day for Imran Khan because Imran Khan Third Mind man
Nawaz Sharif is for Vision.. Imran Khan is for Television..
Nice of Imran Khan to choose parvez Khan as CM .he is an honest hardworking & loyal person.
Pakistan's Imran Khan backs off from threat to shut down capital - TODAYonline
Instead of changing the system of the country, Imran Khan should change the system of his party... which pushed him to this…
Imran Khan will give the nation hope again and leave them even more dispirited, disheartened and frustrated. This revoluti…
I expected this from Imran Khan. However Gen Raheel is becoming disappointment with dealing of dawn news handling
Heavy contingent of police in Swabi interchange to stop Pti Caravan of insafians. But Kp stands with Imran Khan.
Imran khan is taking the credit of yoom e tashakar. As it was the decision on petition by
Zardari is an evil genius, Imran Khan a honest fool while Nawaz Sharif is just an evil fool
Upset on the decision of Imran Khan
Insafian: what imran Khan do so you say its okay. Patwari: whatever ,we will bark
Imran Khan should visit the family of Shaheeds in Peshawar ahead of celebration at Bani Gala. I love Imran Khan
what has world's best army with guns done in maryam gate scandal? Imran Khan is atleast not corrupt himself. Pak politics complex
Pashtuns are favorite fuel for power lusty, from Kashmir War to Afghan And now by Imran Khan
I bet within two months, Imran Khan will be back on the streets, calling for another lockdown.
Imran Khan does it again. What a legend this guy is. A course on U Turns may be named after him at Karachi University
Finally Imran khan go to parade ground ☺
Zafer Hillalys reply to those who say Imran khan"s Decision is a U Turn 💥
Regardless of peraonal liking or disliking,it's a mature political move from Imran khan saving lives of many
Atleast Imran Khan gave us a reason today for memes. Appreciate that.
ARY now reporting that Imran Khan are disappointing with some PTI leaders coz they remain in Isb and didnt bring people from other cities.
Watch an exclusive interview of PTI Chairman Imran Khan with Shahzad Iqbal in AWAZ at 10:03 pm
PTI leader Imran Khan backs down from threat to shut down Islamabad on Wednesday, to hold celebratory rally instead ht…
I can bet every body if Imran Khan call, again million people with more passion will لبیک him, He changed entire political T…
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So finally ARY admits Imran Khan called off the Dharna because the party officials failed to bring public out 😂
VIDEO: A must watch - Latest Speech by Faisal Javed on Why Imran Khan has turned protest into a Jashan.
Today's move by Imran Khan vindicates At the age of 28, Bilawal foresaw what Imran Khan at the age of 6…
Imran Khan vows people make foolish Thanksgiving
BREAKING: Shaam-e-Ghareeban begins at 2 news channels after imran khan lets down these channels by scrapping Islamabad l…
Bilawal Bhutto making all the right choices. Maryam Nawaz Sharif will prove a formidable opponent. Imran Khan will nev…
Whatever people say about him he was my hero he is my hero and will remain my hero whole my life. Love you Khan Saab.
Dr Qadri recited the ayah of quran after u turn of imran khan.
Whatever anyone says Imran Khan broken heart
This has not ended well for PTI. In a zero sum game one party has to lose. Imran Khan has lost this round
Imran khan tried his politics & miserably failed now its time he join way of politics, NS can only be h…
When Nawaz Sharifs was all ready for political martyrdom by using excessive force against opposition, Imran Khan opened l…
Supreme Court decision has nothing to do with imran khan's plan 2 call off revolution, its lack of public support becau…
Imran khan promised he will make opponents cry. He ended up humiliating and making his own workers cry
We called off the Dharna because of the grave plan to kill all the protestors. This was revealed to Imran Khan says th…
Reports coming that several Dherna anchors pondering suicide after imran khan exposed as them liars n biased by cancelli…
I was stand with imran khan and will be till last breath..Insha Allah
Nawaz Sharif is lucky to have Imran Khan as opposition in Punjab
Imran khan's punjab and sindh leadership can't deliver results. Big zero today.
Watch an exclusive interview of IMRAN KHAN in Jawab Chahye channel 92 tonight at 11pm
Time out for Imran Khan and PTI to ponder over policies, defining status quo, changing what, bringing what, What is me…
Imran Khan is the Shahid Afridi of politics. Entire field changes for him and he throws his wicket away for nothing.
Imran khan is near to his victory point.
Imran Khan got a chance to hit a 6 on a no-ball, but instead got out, and himself walked back to the pavilion.
Imran Khan must tell what he got out of whole exercise? regardless of declaring a false victory, he may Lok towards 20…
Imran Khan has earned massive respect after accepting court's decision.This is how democracy flourish in a country
Asif Ali Zardari very rightly said:. "Imran Khan is a Bubble". Quick it expands, quicker it explodes.
What is common between Imran Khan and Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehaman?
Imran Khan is not alone Honorable Haroon ur Rasheed is with him
Weldone Pemra. Haroon Rasheed uses this plateform to promote Imran Khan in the shield of Quranic verses & Ahadees.
Imran Khan on Sunday asked his partyworkers to reach Islamabad on Monday two days before a planned lockdown of the Capital…
1985. Imran Khan's match figures of 9-95 against Sri Lanka set up a 8 wicket win over Sri Lanka in Sialkot.
What happened yesterday in Rawalpindi was net practice - the real match is on November 2: Imran Khan this morning outside his…
A happily fascist Imran Khan wanting geo to fall in line
Sheikh Rasheed position somehow upfront. Tough contest going on between Imran Khan and Hanif Abbasi.
Yes it is Verified so is Imran Khan which is handled by , Basically SHK sb is not Tech Savoy
Shukriya !! Imran Khan . The only true hero of the nation. Beware of capycats
Nawaz has very "intelligently" bailed out Imran Khan from all possible chances of failure by blocking Islamabad & imprisoning…
policy is to save Nawaz's corruption money says Imran Khan.
There are only two names in opposition right now; Me and Imran Khan. Said Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Kashif Abbasi k sath!
Junaid Khan has international pedigree. Yes he was injured but surely he is superior to Sohail Khan and Imran Khan as a test bowler
Imran Khan should be holding a dharna at Wagah border if he is sure that India is supporting PMLN and behind the a…
he has a soft corner for Imran Khan, never bashed Imran Khan and yesterday in Kashif Abbasi show he clearly supported IK
Whole nation is facing Supreme Court of Imran Khan, he is the jury & prosecutor. He pose like a lone angel in the country:
American are now involved in backdoor deals, NRO in progress, Imran Khan will also be told to call off 2nd Nov protest by t…
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This is not Minister of defense job to protect PM's corruption. Imran Khan talking to Media.
I liked a video Imran Khan says Pakistan Army killed innocents in Bangladesh, Balochis…
Imran Khan has lost the plot. Going to SC and then insisting on protrst is like going to the doc but refusing to take the medicine.
Imran Khan must meet with Tahir Qadri & Raheel Sharif before 2 Nov. to discuss real revolution in PK. .
Please give your opinion about Imran Khan
Imran Khan holds important meeting in Bani Gala watch details now in 12pm bulletin
Imran Khan calls a important meeting at Bani Gala
PM Nawaz is a true leader and Imran Khan is playing the blame game.
Umar CHEEMA RT'ng a photoshopped image ..can't see the white area around name Imran Khan. investigative journalist
Jahangir Tareen must present full facts about his offshore companies before the nation, he must not hide behind Imran Khan: Danial Aziz
Imran Khan with strategy team in Bani Gala to review preparations for Islamabad Lock down.
Best of Luck Jahangir K Tareen , Imran Khan ,Asad Omer and PTI...Buck up...Break the status quo of dynastic politics...
Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Mr Sun Weidong, called on Chairman PTI Imran Khan at Bani Gala earlier today.
# Pakistan Election Commission ,it's unbelievable Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen have been victimised for Panama Leaks but Nawaz goes free.
There r many former players who praise Imran Khan's talent. Muhammad Yousuf is latest one, though he did not play with Imran Khan.
Imran Khan is not a democrat, he only believes that he should get the power: Javed Hashmi .
Isn't it strange that 4 out 5 "cricket hall of fame" played together under great Imran Khan ?
Just in: Petition filed in Lahore High Court, against Imran Khan's plans to shut down Islamabad on Oct 30
"Javed Miandad has always talked about money, that's the difference between Miandad and Imran Khan," Shahid Afridi.
Bilawal Bhutto says no any contact with Imran Khan over protest of Oct 30
Imran Khan has suggested minus one formula for PPP.
Rob Smyth compares Pakistan Test teams led by Imran Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq
If thats how Parliament is discussing Kashmir issue... Imran Khan did the right thing to stay out of it
All Parties Conference condemned for undermining national unity by refusing to attend Imran Khan -
Imran Khan has damagd national unity stance.
Imran Khan not giving up on Panama corruption; holds ground over boycott decision
Imran Khan to boycott joint parliamentary session on Kashmir | Dunya News -
.shaikh rasheed is AAROO GERNADE of Mega comedy show conducted by Imran Khan...
Mark my words. Bahadur Shah Zafar would lie down in Islamabad too and hand Imran Khan the oil bottle as well for you know what.
Breakfast with Imran Khan,Naeemullah haq n Hassan Nisar,. no wonder the yesterday speech was so forceful...
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First mistake is the last mistake by Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister. No permit should be allowed to Imran Khan lock up Islamabad.
Lock up Imran Khan by Government?. Lock up Islamabad by Imran Khan?. Fallen from stone once a time. Ch.Nisar Ali Khan is lenient on Imran Khan
This iconic image of Motorway entering Lahore is key to understanding the "impact" of Imran Khan's Raiwind Jalsa! History pres…
Imran Khan warns PM Modi: Not all Pakistanis as coward as Sharif via
You mean like when you called Imran Khan idle and unemployed... was that a reflection of yourself/NS?! 😊
Kamran Khan tum bee dakoo *** Your whole program was against Imran Khan...when your program will be against thief of Pakistan? Nawaz Shareef
You showed MQM leaders, PPP and Qadri sayeb and saying Imran Khan solo flight. Shame on you.really hate people like Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan you are a corrupt journalist same as other politicians. Did you see Imran Khan alone today. Innshallah you will get punished.
Jalsa: A PMLN leader admitted (while talking to me off camera) that Imran Khan was able to pull out a good crowd
Sheikh Rashid offered his polluted blood to Imran Khan may b that will do some good 2 Imran Pakistan does not want S Rashid polluted blood
We ar with Imran Khan he is hero of
It seems Modi and Mian have a joint strategy to deal with Imran Khan's Raiwind March.So-called surgical strike by India is tim…
Imran Khan adressing a crowd at Badami Bagh.
Zaheer Abbas shares how Imran Khan used to do training -
Miadaad captain in the presence of Zaheer Abbas and Imran Khan ??
Did Farhan Virk tell his abusing strategy to Imran Khan ?
'N' for 'Narendra Modi' is a best buddy of 'N' for 'Nawaz Sharif'. 'I' for 'Imran Khan' is anti-war as 'I' for 'Islam' te…
Imran khan always speak truth. This is the proof of it. That's the reason we love Imran Khan. https:…
Imran Khan should look to this KP, Chief secretary matter now, hot news circulating that PTI want to replace Amjad Ali Khan
waiting for Imran Khan dance and give courge to him and his non sence un political steps taken by him
Imran Khan to announce Raiwind March on this Sunday in Party Convention in Islamabad. His address will be live on TV a…
Would have loved to see Moin Akhtar with Anwar Maqsood interview with Imran Khan.. RIP Moin Bhai..
Imran Khan is all alone now: Pervaiz Rashid.
Imran khan is a great leader of the world
I love you Imran Khan I miss you do much
Imran Khan is the only honest politician in Pakistan. If he was not trying to expose corruption, it would have been 10 times worse. Our hero
Same like yahoodi Imran khan dictate Rangers and Army😅😅😅
Went to a Burger King in Lahore. Did not see my leader Imran Khan there. False advertising.
Steel mill workers who have been on the road for more than a month demanding their wages listening to imran khan
. Why u agree with imran Khan for dharna. Let tell him that's not solution. Pmln. Lions is most strong than pti
Nuras hv nothing to bark on our dear qaid Imran Khan so they accuse him of false allegations Nura is axis of corruption
Imran Khan I support you because you are loyal with Pakistan 💜
Imran Khan is a very good political Leader. Imran Khan is a very famous Leader our country. Geo Imran Khan. Good work
Today we continue at on the Day of Arafat with . Watch on Instagram: aljazeera
Watching interview Imran Khan, brilliant comments on leadership, team building and having the courage to take tough decisions.
The story of 9/11 CNN will NEVER tell you. my program with General Hamid Gul in 2011. ! Every Pak must watch.. ht…
Spot on.Seriously Imran Khan should take you on as an advisor.
Father of the Nation . Allah Rest his soul in EternalPeace
Nawaz Sharif and his fierce opponent Imran Khan’s tax contributions significantly declined in tax year 2015 amid...
Now you know where those uncircumcised TTP fighters come from.
elegance ki akheer level :) Love you quaid . 68 years after your death you are loved as much as in 1947
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