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The Export-Import Bank of China (China Exim Bank) is one of three institutional banks in China which chartered to implement the state policies in industry, foreign trade, diplomacy, economy and finance to provide policy financial support so as to promote the export of Chinese products and services.

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US Chamber of Commerce: Export-Import Bank of the United States:. Its Impact on U.S. Competitiveness, Exports, Jobs
Trump says he wants to increase manufacturing jobs in US...but his draft budget kills the Export-Import Bank
: IKPEAZU IN EGYPT!. Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu led a team to discuss with African Export - Import Bank...
African Export-Import Bank will soon unveil an online tracking scheme to help fight illicit financial flows:
. Eco Watch - . . U.S. Export-Import Bank, Ex-Im Bank, which is supported by taxpayer dollars, is...
# . Dr. Rodriguez, a former director of the Export-Import Bank of...
PSU banks-SBI, Bank of Baroda& UCO Bank-hiding details from DRI in Coal Import Scam. Bank heads must be interogated: h…
Lagos yes but the whole of Nig too. There's no electricity , good road , good water supply, import of raw material, bank loans
Food drive today: Today is the annual food drive for the St. Albert Food Bank, and it’s most import...
When an important bill is moving through Congress, members love to attach ridic stuff to it. True story. Ask anyone.
CFG calls for no export-import bank lifeline on funding bill
The Export-Import Bank provision that could be a problem in government funding negotiations https:…
Steve Griffith: Finish the job on the Export-Import Bank
I talk w/ Chair of Export-Import bank about its important role in financing small biz. Saturday at 11am & 7pm
Hey look what GOP is doing... Conservatives Protest Possible Ex-Im Bank Provision in Government Funding Bill via
Some lawmakers are still trying to boost the corrupt Export-Import Bank through a must-pass government funding bill.
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The Export-Import Bank looks like it's going to be a sticking point in the CR next week because of course it is.
“This is cronyism working behind the backs of the American people to protect more cronyism.”
Want to import data from your online bank? Moving to Toshl from a different finance app?. How to Import
Business groups ramp up push for to make larger loans.
Moody's affirms ratings of The Export-Import Bank of Korea
Lawmakers must ensure taxpayer money doesn’t get funneled to Iran through the Export-Import Bank
Know that Export/Import Bank you hate so much?. Govt is actually running a bank just to keep jobs here.
There’s a huge fight in Congress right now over the U.S. Export-Import Bank.
Good investment or corporate welfare? Debating the U.S. Export-Import Bank:
Why US Export-Import Bank backers are lobbying furiously
Export-Import Bank's lack of quorum puts 30 deals on hold (and other news from Washington today) - L.A. Biz
signs agreements with the Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank
Izmirlian bid welcome, CCA considering bid for Baha Mar. While he would not say what the Export-Import Bank of...
The Banking Committee will hold a hearing at 10am ET on “Perspectives on the Export-Import Bank of the US.” WATCH:
Groups backed by Koch brothers sing Bernie Sanders' praises on Export-Import Bank via
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Fred Hochberg, Chairman USA Export-Import Bank "we need to establish a more universal metric for LGBT issues.
The Export-Import Bank is one of the most important tools America has to cr...
Kevin McCarthy thanks Steny Hoyer for still finding a way to work the Export-Import Bank into their colloquy. Strong McCarthy moment imo.
Congress should block the Obama Administrations Export-Import Bank nominees.
Obama says he opposes corporate welfare ... why did he fight to save the Export-Import Bank? that was free money to banks, a…
Exim Bank looks for president: THE EXPORT-Import Bank of Thailand is seeking a candidate to take up the positi...
"Export-Import Bank of Thailand (Exim ]Thailand) looks for president". >Last seen heading for the border with 2 suspiciously large suitcases…
SCV Firms Breathe a Sigh of Relief as Export-Import Bank is Revived - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Congress Larry Bucshon voted to reinstate the Import-Export Bank. Corporate welfare paid for by American taxpayers. Why Congressman?
African Export-Import bank to offer $500m for trade between Egypt, African states: Egypt's Trade and Industry ...
Someone ask Mr. Shuster why 'Re-Funding' of Export Import Bank was in Highway Bill but 'De-funding' of Planned Parenthood was not?
The flavoring used in Coca-Cola is still extracted from the same plant used in Cocaine, it is the only company allowed to…
How to use Auto Import Bank Settings tab: via
Israeli govt restricts residents of the West Bank & Gaza to only import medicines registered in Israel. BOYCOTT TEVA
Obama to meet with small business owners in push to get Congress to renew Export-Import Bank
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
: Afreximbank pledges support for Ethiopia exports: The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has...
A Nauseating Example of Cronyism, Sleaze, and Corruption at the Export-Import Bank via
Central Bank tightens import controls to boost local production.
Exim Bank of China grants loan to Timor-Leste: The Export Import Bank (ExIm) of China has granted a soft loan ...
The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has selected Nigeria as one of three countries to benefit from...
I hear folks are opening bank accounts in Cotonou to deal with forex/import issues, is this true?
Export-Import Bank close to reopening after House includes authorization in highway bill
Frank Lucas had one thing right: we killed the Export-Import Bank. and now he and Democrats are trying to revive it.
The Export-Import Bank has been closed for 123 days, don't let Congress walk back this conservative victory.
GraniteGrok. And that would be to resurrect the zombie Ex-Im Bank – better known as the Export-Import Bank, that...
Good for U.S. House for voting to reauthorize Export-Import Bank – no thanks to 3 of 4 KS reps
BREAKING: House GOP teams up with Dems to force a vote on reviving the Export-Import Bank
62 GOP Join Dems to Vote Reviving Export-Import Bank via Gop traitors to be dumped...
GE plans to close Wisconsin factory Obama visited & move 100s of jobs to Canada cuz of Export-Import Bank's closure.
Heritage Action urges no vote on effort to resurrect Export-Import Bank on Mon. Notes 42 R's are helping the effort: https…
What to watch for next week: Transportation, energy and the Export-Import bank
The Reauthorization comes up before the House of Reps next week. Learn why they should vote YES here-->
As Congress works on Ex-Im renewal, businesses small and large suffer -
For opponents of "All Congress has to do is what is does best: nothing." -- Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio
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.- Vote NO on H.R. 597 resurrecting the now-defunct Export-Import Bank.
As much as I love my Volvo, my bank account does not appreciate these import prices
In a blow to House conservatives, a sizable group of Republicans joined with Democrats to force a vote to renew the Export-…
The Export-Import Bank is one of those issues like the TARP, the 2008 bank bailout. The big money types really want it, …
in support of reauthorization offers 5 Facts on the
JPMorgan was selected by the feds to run a key export-import bank in Iraq.
.the Export Import Bank has expired. Please vote No on the reauthorization.
By Robin Respaut SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 16 (Reuters) - A team of Chinese firms, along with the Export-Import Bank of China, wants to build and
Effort to reauthorize Export-Import Bank faces key vote in Congress
Ron Johnson was against the Export-Import Bank, and now he supports it via
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Richmond, Boustany sign petition to save Export-Import Bank
Glass Steagall is the Democrats' version of the Export-Import Bank: a sideshow that people have decided to fixate on for some r…
A clear majority in the House supports the Export-Import Bank. Same in the Senate. But a few in the right wing held it up. .
GOP finds big ally in in fight against push by Obama & for the Export-Import Bank
Dems’ campaign for the Export-Import Bank runs into a powerful opponent:
EXPOSED: Many Dem lawmakers now defending the Export-Import Bank voted to kill it when George W. Bush was president http:/…
350 jobs: Mayor Barrett drafts letter to Gov. Walker on GE, Export-Import Bank ...
GE, citing lack of Export-Import Bank financing, open engines center in Europe, not U.S. - Milwaukee Business Journal
Sen. Donnelly explains support of Export/Import Bank & how it benefits Indiana. Says it's not "crony-capitalism"
QUOTE The Export-Import Bank offered sweetheart financing to make the deal happen. As Carney summarized: “The...
Central Maine Blog by | National Democrats buy radio time hitting Poliquin on Export-Import Bank
New radio ads from will hit on Export-Import Bank lapse. via
exclusive via buys radio time hitting on Export-Import Bank
Despite the very best efforts of the Washington establishment, the Export-Import Bank remains closed.
With the House scheduled to begin their August recess, it is clear the Export-Import Bank will remain shuttered.
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Mitch McConnell sold out to the democrats in Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.
Mitch McConnell agreed to a vote on the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Whose side is McConnell really on? …
Jenny Beth Martin speaks outside the Capitol on the Export-Import Bank via
via Bloomberg: Reinvent the Export-Import Bank Have it act like a venture...
How "unusual!" do Koch bidding again AND hurt USA manufacturing! A Republican twofer! …
Congress Allows Export-Import Bank Charter to Expire, for Now | by kslaw
Ex-Im Bank should be less bank and more venture capitalist
.we the people won't forget you voted for the and to extend the Export-Import Bank
Legal update: Lapse in authority of the US export-import bank
why, they vote 4 Import/Export Bank means they help corrution 4 the worse, leaders of scoiety
House GOP leader faces big risks in vote for Export-Import Bank:
Good morning. The Export-Import Bank has been in liquidation for almost a full week.
Ex-Im vote holds peril for McCarthy - A possible House vote this month on whether to renew the Export-Import Bank ...
Conservatives are forcing the Export-Import Bank to expire. And here's what happens next:
Rep. Steve Knight shows change of heart on controversial Export-Import Bank
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday said that importers of rice, cement and other products will no longer...
China is out-investing America in its Export-Import Banks. It's time to start changing that → http:/…
These graphs show the future of the Civil War don't support the Export-Import Bank will help.
Recruitment of Officers in Junior/ Middle Management levels in Export-Import Bank of India…
Losing "would be devastating to small exporters and entrepreneurs looking to grow." -h…
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Loss of U.S. Export-Import Bank financing would put Boeing Co at a "huge competitive disadvantage" since its rivals s
Boeing: Shutting down the US Export-Import Bank would put us at a 'huge ... - Business Insider
Shoring Up Revenue Collection From Rice Import Policy: The decision by the Central Bank of ... Via
Great blog on Export Import Bank. "Principles or common sense: Which should prevail for Ex-Im?" from .
The Export-Import Bank’s authorization expired: What does this mean for Africa?
"Questions and Answers About the Expiring Export-Import Bank" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via
Associated Press: Questions and answers about the expiring Export-Import Bank
Associated Press: McConnell: Export-Import Bank supporters have the votes
Cheri Bustos and Rodney Davis working together to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank:
We should not be providing corporate welfare to multi-national corporations through the Export-Import Bank.
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U.S. Industrial firms warn they'll move production abroad if the Export-Import Bank goes away http…
.Urge Congress to Act on a Long-Term Reauthorization for the Export-Import Bank!
Marginal Revolution- What if the Export-Import Bank expires?: Politico is now reporting this is very likely to…
The vast majority of Ohio exporters -- 99.3 percent -- don't use the Export-Import Bank. Hardly a critical tool for trade finan…
Heritage Action, Club for Growth statement on Export-Import Bank via
.calls out the Export-Import Bank as the corporate welfare program it is via
."If we can’t allow the Export-Import Bank to expire, what good are we?"
Good read: "The Export-Import Bank is to corporate welfare what the 'bridge to nowhere' was to earmarks"
is wrong about Export-Import Bank. When you're on same side as Maxine Waters, time to rethink.
House Speaker John Boehner is warning against job losses that could result if the U.S. Export-Import Bank is not...
Maria Cantwell: Mr. Donahue, can you please tell the Republican Presidential candidates that they're wrong about the Export-Import Bank?
Export-Import Bank on track to be reauthorized, reminding everyone how useless Elizabeth Warren is
Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB), has signed a cooperation agreement with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank).
Facing extinction, Export-Import Bank courts more small businesses
Tea Party Divided by Export-Import Bank. Ignoring, among other things, the fact that ExIm turns a profit.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) stakeholders' round-table, & press briefing on project exports - Slideshow -
"Export-Import Bank levels the playing field." Reauthorize ExIm to keep US exporters competitive
President John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday stated that the establishment of a Ghana Export and Import Bank (EXIM)...
ICYMI: Illinois congressmen back bill to renew Export-Import Bank
Export-Import Bank superior to Keystone in terms of jobs and economic impact.
Export-Import Bank fuels fight between pro-business GOP and free-enterprise GOP // my column >>
. discusses why Congress should let the Export-Import Bank expire in -
The Economics Society, SRCC is proud to announce Dr. Deepak Nayyar as the Keynote Speaker at Shri Ram Economics Summit 2015. Dr. Deepak Nayyar has served as the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government Of India and is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A Rhodes Scholar, he is one of the most highly acclaimed professors in India having published more than 50 papers in academic journals. He has authored, co-authored or acted as the editor for 12 books over the years. Dr. Nayyar has been a Director on the Boards of State Bank of India, Export-Import Bank of India, Maruti Udyog, ICRA, Steel Authority of India Limited, and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.. He has received the VKRV Rao award for his contribution to research in Economics and has been President of the Indian Economic Association. It is indeed a privilege to have Dr. Nayyar with us at the Shri Ram Economics Summit this year. To attend the same, register through the following link - NOTE: Entr ...
Ecuador: China Lends Billions As Oil Prices Fall The Export-Import Bank of China granted Ecuador a $5.3 billion credit line following the decline of the price of oil, Bloomberg reported Jan. 6. Finance Minister Fausto Herrera said in a statement that the country would use some $1.5 billion this year to finance infrastructure initiatives, including irrigation and transportation projects. Crude oil is Ecuador's biggest export, and the country was forced to cut spending after its drop. Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa traveled to China this week to ask for the loan.
Okay, oil revenue has fallen so bad that Nigeria is now going to borrow the sum of $5.7 billion (that's close to N3 trillion) from the World Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and China Export-Import Bank. The country's 'Prime Minister' and Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said they need the money to finance infrastructure projects contained in the 2015 budget. Wait a minute, is that not the same budget that Jonathan said he wants to buy a new jet and allocated N4 billion for himself and his vice to eat and travel? See, I am not even trying to scare anybody but this 2015 will not be funny, especially for civil servants. Either APC wins o or PDP wins o, oil revenues are dwindling and unless a miracle happens, most civil servants will not collect salaries this year. You can see that many of them already danced tactical kukere into the New Year without kobo. The rich will keep getting richer and the poorer will keep getting worse because many people just don't want to reason. An ...
You've not heard much about the Export-Import Bank, but Gary Palmer needs to ... -
Ever notice this faggoty import/export bank only cares about the heroin, wine, salt, hipster truffle oil and caviar markets?
Top official asking to reauthorize Export-Import Bank in wake of natural gas discovery in
blocks Export-Import Bank & Overseas Private Investment from enforcing new restrictions on projects:
Obama ordered US Export-Import Bank to stop funding as Thanks to will ensure order blocked.
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The central bank of Nigeria has assured its stakeholders that they will continue to provide resources to support ent…
You might want to link to Flipkart for the Mi power bank, since the one on Snapdeal is a parallel import.
QBO is the file format Quickbooks uses to import bank transactions, FYI.
Republicans trying to sneak more into including Wall St,Import/Export Bank & Blue Cross/Blue Shield pork.
Conservatives hate the Export-Import Bank, except when it's bailing out coal
If only she realized govt. was the problem. And why isn't she fighting the Export-Import Bank?
That was awesome. I just wish she'd be as anti-Export-Import Bank. Consistency, consistency.
Leroy Shurseay wrote a new page titled I’ve Got the Power in My Hands from a Lipstick Power BankIn today's pro...
DAI improvements wanted: Bank, character customization import/export, save file renaming, better PC UI. Fixing crash bugs would be nice too.
Hi Paul! Tim here. You can add your bookkeeper as a staff to upload expenses. We also have auto-bank expense import.
Hi! It's classified as cash since it's not through a bank import - unfortunately can't change that for now.
QBO Just switched from QB2011 to QB MAC 2014, cannot see anywhere to add a class to bank transactions that I im... @
ahem... "provides funding to promote exports of U.S. goods. and services for the Export-Import Bank"
The new omnibus bill would "prohibit the Export-Import Bank...from blocking..." Umm...what happened to just ending the *** thing?
Lots of enviro riders made it in: sage grouse, WOTUS, fill material (mining), export-import bank coal financing.
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I can Gove you want I can?. My XY was on 600 or so. I could probably just import everything though bank and be around 550
The case for reauthorization of US Export-Import Bank
10 giant corporations that don’t pay taxes A few of these companies are on import export bank list tax payers money
You can now import a bank .csv file into QuickBooks Online! Huge time saver if your bank is not compatible with QBO.
US Ex-Im Bank guarantees loan for export of lattice transmission towers to Canada: The Export-Import Bank of t...
TOUGH TIMES AHEAD. The country's Central Bank has disclosed that it does not have enough import cover in its...
On 14 April 2009, the Export-Import Bank of the United States approved a $2 billion loan to Brazil's national oil Co not BUSH
How to import PDF copies of Bank Statements or Credit Card Charges to QuickBooks
Job Opening for the position of Operations Team Supervisor – Remittances – Import for a leading private sector bank
don't thank me - I'm just an import! All you guys. And think, if only you'd gone to the nightly phone bank!
Oman Investment Fund expects to BGN 2,3 billion cash capital for CorpBank, import assets and cash. Bulgarian bank
WATCH: Who really benefits from the Export-Import Bank's subsidies?
That is true. Some of this is Money Laundering. Some tied in with the Import/Export Bank disaster.
When the Export-Import Bank was created, the massive private credit markets of today didn't exist.
Check this out from countries with firms that received the most Ex-Im assistance 2007-2014
Free market Republicans want to shut down the Export-Import Bank, claiming it is a rancid example of crony capitalism
Multi-Industry Letter:. Reauthorize the Bank of the United States! . htt…
Read how is a critical resource for small businesses:
The business lobby is pushing hard for the survival of the Export-Import Bank, which has supported U
Supporters of the Ex-Im Bank just can't seem to get their stories straight:
Central Bank of covered the import bill for fuel subsidies & basic goods during July/August.. total cost was $163 million
Deutsche Bank sees potential for China to impose iron ore import tax
Its all abt availability of Credit. Export-Import Bank of loans in 2 yrs > US Exim Bank in 8 decades via
Outdoor publicity import inasmuch as bank account: FVYXR
Paypal bank statement import for v8 via new framework: Alpha version, needs testing and fine-tuning.
Instead of fixing any identifiable market failure, the Ex-Im Bank is creating problems for the markets:
Export-Import Bank sent $675 million to the Treasury in fiscal 2014 -
Bloomberg reports Support Declines Amid Private Lending Growth - but remains key for
Bank Reconciliation to import and match automatically. Come and see how with Nolan at SuiteConnect
Will the Export-Import Bank's Office of the Inspector General Ignore Human Rights Violations? via
Export-Import Bank's Office of the Inspector General Ignores Human Rights Violations in Sasan? via
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Export-Import Bank is ‘Cronyism Financed by Tax Dollars’. Never more true words were spoken!
federalism! New York State to start it's own Export-Import Bank
New York to Create Export-Import Bank as Cuomo Travels Abroad: Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking ...
Recent House Votes Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution - Passage - Vote Passed (319-108, 4 Not Voting) The House voted to pass a joint resolution that would provide funding for federal government operations until Dec. 11, 2014, at an annualized rate of $1.012 trillion. It would provide $88 million for government efforts to fight the Ebola virus, provide U.S. border agencies with budget flexibility to maintain current border protection and enforcement activities, and extend the Export-Import Bank's operating authority through June 30, 2015. Rep. Rich Nugent voted NO _ Once again! This is who we sent to represent us... He robotically votes to obstruct and impede progress! We desperately need DAVE KOLLER in Congress!
Exim Bank extends USD 100 million Line Of Credit to Vietnam The Export-Import Bank of India (Exim) on Wednesday said it has extended an additional Line of Credit (LOC) of USD 100 million to Vietnam to finance the purchase of equipment and supplies. With the signing of the LOC agreement, Exim Bank has so far extended four LOCs to Vietnam taking the total value to USD 191.50 million, the bank said in a statement. The LOCs have supported export of items like equipment for hydro power project, cold rolling steel, carding and spinning machines, hydraulic power equipment, tea processing machinery and the Nam Chien hydropower project in Vietnam. The agreement was signed on September 15 by Exim Bank's General Manager (LOC and trade finance group) Geeta Poojary and Deputy Minister of Vietnamese Ministry of Finance Truong Chi Trung. Under the agreement, Exim Bank will reimburse 100 per cent of contract value to the Indian exporters, upfront upon shipment of goods. The LOC will be used for sourcing of goods and serv ...
Rep. Ann Wagner’s Heritage Action Score is a disappointing 59. It’s about to drop even lower. Last week, the Republican from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District came out strongly in support of cronyism by endorsing and vowing to fight for extending the Export-Import Bank. From Wagner’s interview w…
Sen. McCaskill: Charter extension for Export-Import Bank would be ‘really good news’ for Missouri businesses
Tim Phillips: Politicians who decry corporate welfare should let Export-Import Bank go out of business. via
Fellow Conservatives: Several weeks ago, we warned you that congressional leaders were setting the stage for another "lame duck" session after the November elections. Now we have the proof. According to press reports, House and Senate Republicans plan to pass a short-term funding bill that expires the week of December 11-14. Rather than addressing these issues now or postponing them until next year when the newly elected Congress can tackle them, they want another lame duck. Specifically, they want a "must-pass" funding bill to come up after the November elections so that they can turn it into a Christmas tree full of bad policies and pretend they have to pass it in order to prevent a government shutdown. Congress could use the lame duck to increase spending, extend the Export-Import Bank corporate welfare program, create a new Internet tax, ratify the United Nations Treaty on Disabilities, and even pass amnesty. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other special interests in Washington have spent tens of mil ...
AP: Unresolved is whether the spending bill will include an extension of the charter of Export-Import Bank // hint: it shoul…
Obama Urges Renewal Of US Export-Import Bank: (AP) — President Barack Obama is trying to rally support for a taxpayer-subsidized bank that he says creates jobs.In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama urges business owners to lobby Congress to renew the U.S. Export-Import Bank.The bank provides loans, loan guarantees and credit insurance to foreign buyers of U.S. products. But it will cease functioning unless Congress renews its charter before October. Some Republican lawmakers who supported the bank in past years now want to put it out of business.In the Republican address, party chairman Reince Priebus says there will be less government spending, flexible health care and better education under complete GOP control of Congress. The party needs to pick up six seats in the November elections to win back the Senate.
"Your members of Congress are home this month. If you’re a small business owner or employee of a large business that depends on financing to tackle new markets and create new jobs, tell them to quit treating your business like it’s expendable." —President Obama on why Congress needs to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank
Weekly AddressThe White HouseSaturday, August 23, 2014 Hi, everybody. Nearly six years after the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, our businesses have added nearly 10 million new jobs over the past 53 months. That’s the longest streak of private-sector job creation in our history. And we’re in a six-month streak with our economy creating at least 200,000 new jobs each month -- the first time that’s happened since 1997. Thanks to the decisions we made to rescue and rebuild our economy, and your hard work and resilience, America is leading again. Areas like manufacturing, energy, technology, and autos are all booming. And here’s the thing: we’re selling more goods Made in America to the rest of the world than ever before. American exports are at an all-time high. Over the past five years, we’ve worked hard to open new markets for our businesses, and to help them compete on a level playing field in those markets. And we’ve broken records for exports four years running. Last year, our exp ...
So is going to vote against The Export-Import Bank just to spite ?
The Income Fund of America -- Page 5 OBLIGATIONS BACKED BY THE "FULL FAITH AND CREDIT" OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT -- U.S. government obligations include the following types of securities: U.S. TREASURY SECURITIES -- U.S. Treasury securities include direct obligations of the U.S. Treasury, such as Treasury bills, notes and bonds. For these securities, the payment of principal and interest is unconditionally guaranteed by the U.S. government, and thus they are of the highest possible credit quality. Such securities are subject to variations in market value due to fluctuations in interest rates, but, if held to maturity, will be paid in full. FEDERAL AGENCY SECURITIES -- The securities of certain U.S. government agencies and government-sponsored entities are guaranteed as to the timely payment of principal and interest by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Such agencies and entities include the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), the Veterans Administration (VA), the Federal Hou ...
Nation: (March) 1. Hamid Ansari released the book titled "Akbar- The Aesthete". Written by Indu Anand. 2. In Nepal, a joint millitary excercise between India & Nepal is on at Saljhandi in Rupanadehi District. 3. India, Sri Lanka and Maldives held National Security Advisor-level meeting on maritime security cooperation in New Delhi. 4. The foundation stone of a 212-meter (700-foot) high Krishna temple, reputedly the world's tallest, will be laid in Vrindavan. 5. On the occasion of International Women‘s Day, President Pranab Mukherjee presented the Stree Shakti Puraskar to 6 persons for their distinguished services for the upliftment of women. Note: The awards are named after six legendary women of India, Rani Lakshmibai, Rani Rudramma Devi, Kannagi, Rani Gaidinliu Zaliang, Rani Ahilyabai Holkar and Mata Jijabai. 6. The Central Bureau of Investigation filed a charge-sheet in a Delhi Court against Hyderabad-based Nava Bharat Power Pvt Ltd and two of its directors in a coal block allocation scam. 7. India h ...
Business owners rally to save Export-Import Bank from extinction - Los Angeles Times
Obama to Business: Lobby Congress to Renew Export-Import Bank 1 more reason to kill ExImBank: obama supports it
If there is something both and can agree on, it's Ex-Im Reauthorization
Export-Import Bank helped Lugar family business in 1960s, but could end - Journal and Courier
I just listened to the Import Export Bank commercial on It use to be I would hear all the %'s and trends Bla
Obama urges reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank via
Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank - WASHINGTON, DC In this week's address, the President highlighted the pro...
Obama: Americans should pressure GOP to reauthorize Export-Import Bank -
I added a video to a playlist Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank
Obama's Weekly Address: Supporting the Export-Import Bank: In this week’s address, the President highlighted t...
President Obama's weekly address: It's time for Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank →
Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank: . President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Blue...
Please buy one toy for a homeless child. Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank see more
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President Obama tries to rally support for US Export-Import Bank's renewal -
Obama Lobbies for Export-Import Bank: Saturday in his weekly address, President Barack Obama urged Congress to... http:/…
Obama urges Congress to reauthorize Export-Import Bank in weekly address via
Thanks to tricky accounting, the Ex-Im Bank claims to be saving $14 billion while really losing $2 billion:
CONGRESS MUST do away with this DRAIN on Taxpayer dollars. Obama Urges Renewal of US Export-Import Bank
Break the First Bank of Cronyism, The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Video): Ex-Im is set...
This Congressman in favor of Export-Import Bank has personally benefitted from the bank:
Must read by colleague | Export-Import Bank: What the Scholarship Says | |
Just heard from a source at the summer meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC) that the RNC voted down a resolution in favor of shutting down the Export-Import Bank by a vote of 67-63. While the vote was closer than it would have been as recently as four years ago, it is sad to …
Export-Import Bank: What the Scholarship Says (hint: it ain't good): via
The Export-Import Bank: What the Scholarship Says - and benefits accrue only to those who are subsidizedat the exp...
Export-Import Bank loan program, in fight for survival, has bipartisan backing in NY delegation, says
Corporate and Wall Street Republicans fear Tea Partiers more than they do certain Democrats. The current battle over the fate of the Ex-Import Bank is just the latest example. Last month, during the Republican primary for Virginia's 7th Congressional District that resulted in the ouster of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, victorious Tea Partier David Brat repeatedly charged that Cantor “does not represent the citizens of the 7th district, but rather large corporations seeking insider deals, crony bailouts, and constant supply of low-wage workers.” Meanwhile, dozens of major GOP donors, Wall Street Republicans, and corporate lobbyists have said if Jeb Bush decides against running and Chris Christie doesn’t recover politically, they’ll support Hillary Clinton. “The darkest secret in the big money world of the Republican coastal elite,” says the inside-the-beltway rag Politico, “is that the most palatable alternative to a nominee such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or Senator Rand Paul of Kentu ...
Examining Allegations of Corruption at the Export-Import Bank | Committee on Oversight & Government Reform:
An official from the Export/Import Bank has just plead the 5th in front of the House Oversight Committee.
Fun Accounting and the Export-Import Bank vs. Larry Summers gobbledygook
On CounterSpin from CityWIDE on WIDE-LP at 4:30 pm Mon 7/21: Detroit water shutoff, Ralph Nader on Export-Import Bank
Two interesting facts about Senator Elizabeth Warren: she was the administrator in charge of handing out the bailout money from the Wall Street bailout to corporations, the first 350 billion of which she admitted they just gave to banks and had no idea what they did with it (see also: lost). She also supports reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, a slush fund for crony corporations, which Barack Obama called "little more than a fund for corporate welfare."
2008 Obama calls the Export-Import Bank "Little more than a fund for corporate welfare. Progressives love (heh)
The Export-Import Bank by its nature is a massive fund for corporate welfare.
Let's reauthorize the Export-Import Bank to support American businesses so they can create jobs & grow.
Tammy supports reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to support economy .
WASHINGTON, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) today announced Scott Schloegel as Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg.  Since January of 2011, Schloegel served as the Senior Vice President of Congressional Affairs at the Bank, where he successfully led Ex-Im Bank to a multi-year reauthorization through Congress, secured increases in the Bank appropriation level, and helped to lead five board members through Senate confirmation.  He replaces Scott Mulhauser, who recently departed for Beijing to serve as Chief of Staff at the U.S. Embassy in China to Ambassador Baucus. "Scott understands the Bank extremely well and has a clear sense of the Bank's mission to support U.S. exporters, especially small businesses, whose jobs are at stake in a fiercely competitive global marketplace," said Hochberg.  "His 25 years of political and management experience will now influence all aspects of the Bank's oper ...
Max Ascari, Expand the Ex-Im Bank, Don't Eliminate It - In one of the most bizarre congressional fights in recent memory, conservatives, joined by some liberals, are pushing to eliminate the Export-Import Bank, an obscure federal agency established in 1934 amid the economic wreckage of the Great Depression. Critics have portrayed the bank, whiContinue reading ...
Samuelson: The misleading debate on the Export-Import Bank
KEENE: A cloud over the Export-Import Bank: Wall Street was not happy when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor l...
"JC" Jim Clyburn is loving all up on the U.S. Export-Import Bank ... OF COURSE.
U.S. Export-Import Bank chief faces heat from Republicans in House hearing
Lawmakers Spar Over Whether to Renew Export-Import Bank: Republicans and Democrats on the House Financial Serv...
NEI CEO Fertel: Testimony on reauthorizing US Export-Import Bank in U.S. House of Reps | Energy Institute
Treasury Sec Jack Lew: To fail to extend the Export-Import Bank would be a unilateral action that I think would hurt the American economy
It's clear is not about small business; it’s about big businesses deferring risk to the American taxpayer:
Second biggest beneficiary of the Ex-im bank is “unknown” by its own accounts. read more here:
Will politicians who decry corporate cronyism show their true colors with the Export Import Bank?
Republicans say they oppose corporate welfare --- they can prove it by killing the Export-Import Bank
ongoing debate over future of Protect the Export-Import Bank and U.S. jobs
The Kronies don’t want you to know what is truly behind the Export-Import Bank (attach Kr…
NEXIM disburses N92.5bn to exporters: The Nigerian Export Import Bank said it had disbursed about N92.5bn as l...
If you read one thing today, make it this: Our economy needs these jobs, the world wants our produ…
Remember Solyndra & Enron? They benefited from the taxpayer backed Export Import Bank
Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit are taking their businesses global.
Why r u garnering support in the House to have the Export-Import Bank reauthorized? This is crony capitalism! Shameful!
Export-Import Bank loaning money to drug cartels: In an op/ed published Wednesday in the Dallas Morning News I...
Writing in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips called on Congress to let the charter for the Export Import Bank
It's time to pull the plug on beltway corporate cronyism. End the Ex-Im Bank.
I'm in the today relating defeat to expiration of Export-Import Bank.
Note to Congress: Protect the Export-Import Bank and US jobs - Chicago Tribune
By NRO Staff The anti-cronyism movement played as much of a role in Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss as opposition to comprehensive immigration reform did, George Will argued.Cantor’s relationship with the financial industry and his support of institutions such as the Export-Import Bank became a “symbol of crony capitalism” for his challenger Dave Brat and his constituents, Will said on Fox News Sunday. As a result, voters wanted Cantor out.”Cantor is the nexus between the Republicans in the House and Wall Street and the financial community, generally,” Will explained, as evidenced by his efforts to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank. “They’re all part of …read more Source: National Review
EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY COUNTRIES GETTING THE BASICS RIGHT “Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania plan to allocate money in their annual budgets to spur investment in infrastructure to exploit oil and natural gas deposits. Kenya is building a port in Lamu in the country’s southeast linked to a proposed pipeline to export crude, while Uganda expects to select a company by December to build and operate the country’s first oil refinery. The neighbors aim to start oil production within three years. Tanzania, which already produces natural gas for domestic consumption, wants in 2014 to complete construction of a gas pipeline from its south to the commercial hub of Dar es Salaam on the coast. Kenya expects to increase its spending on infrastructure by 15 percent to $2.9 billion in 2014-15. Tanzania is building the $1.23 billion Mtwara gas-pipeline project with a loan from the Export-Import Bank of China, while Norway-based Statoil ASA (STL) and BG Group Plc (BG/), based in London, are working on a project to build a ...
KARACHI: Federal Government has decided to establish Exim Bank (Export and Import Bank of Pakistan) to boost up business activities and economy through facilitating them on export credit and cost of borrowing on long-term basis. This was announced by Senator Ishaq Dar while presenting the federal b
After 80 years of enriching corporate America, the Export-Import Bank should close.
taxpayers will lose $2 billion over the next decade to cover the Export-Import Bank's financial activities-->
After nearly one day of Negotiation at ADB HQ in Manila, Philippines, the Minutes of Negotiation on Rural Road Improvement Project, Phase II (RRIP II), attached with 5 appendices, namely, Loan Agreement, Grant Agreement (Financed by the Government of Australia), Grant Agreement (Financed by Nordic Development Fund), Initial Procurement Plan and Project Administration Manual, has been signed yesterday evening by Representatives of ADB and Royal Government of Cambodia. The total amounts of Financing Budget (Grant and Loan) are as below: 1- Asian Development Bank (ADB): 54.00 $million 2- Government of Australia: 6.67 $million 3- Export-Import Bank of Korea: 41.00 $million 4- Nordic Development Fund: 5.40 $million 5- Government: 11.16 $million - TOTAL: .118.23 US$MILLION So, this 118.23 million of US$ will be using for Improving or DBST Paving Laterite Rural Roads in the length of 729 km in 9 Provinces, namely, Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Speu, Kampong Thom, Pursat, S ...
The doesn’t cost the American taxpayer a dime -
After careful consideration & studying the Export-Import Bank through out year and a half, I believe the Bank is not benefiting taxpayers.
.rightly calls for end to corporate cronyism of the Import-Export Bank.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans must get behind a push to scrap the U.S. Export-Import Bank when its charte...
Why does Congress continue to reauthorize the US Export-Import Bank?
The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. - National Association of Manufacturers - Manufacturing Association
The supports American companies and workers! -
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