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Illinois Senate

The Illinois Senate is the upper chamber of the Illinois General Assembly, the legislative branch of the government of the state of Illinois in the United States.

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Hear what and other local lawmakers had to say about Monday's school funding vote in Springfield.
Illinois Senate to take up school funding overhaul
More detail on the education funding compromise bill. Senate vote probably today.
Illinois Senate passes measure to label white nationalists a terror organization:
He was the minority leader in the Senate during the time of the Civi…
Wish Michelle would run for Illinois senate seat. What a great one she would be.
The Senator from Arizona echoes the President from Illinois
Illinois Senate looks to address school funding plan via
Senate Bill 1 creates equitable school funding for Illinois
Clinton was a gov of a small state. Obama was a backbencher in Illinois state senate. ***
speaks in Beardstown, IL August 12, 1858 in bid for Senate seat vs. Stephen Douglas (p2, c2)…
Illinois Senate looks to address school funding plan |
Illinois Senate looks to address school funding plan
My thoughts on Senate Bill 1 and why we need a fair school funding formula in Illinois:
As IL Senate plans to take up school funding veto, districts left in limbo for getting state $$:
.There's a path to compromise - but if not, Senate is ready to override AV. . Listen: .
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Illinois Senate sends school funding bill Rauner has vowed to veto
Illinois Senate sends school funding bill to Gov. Rauner, who has vowed to veto it
House took action to save Illinois today. Senate gets their chance to do the same tomorrow. Call your Senator now to encourage yes votes!!
Gov. Rauner says he will veto Speaker Madigan's budget bill if the Senate approves it on Monday…
Gov. Rauner says he'll veto the bill if it passes the Senate.
The Illinois House passes revenue and spending bills. On to the Senate! Hold your reps accountable (thanks to…
Illinois House passes state budget plan, including a permanent income tax increase. The bill now goes to the Senate
BREAKING: Illinois House passes income tax hike 72-45. It will go to the Illinois Senate
Illinois says he will veto the senate bills on the just passed by the house. Statement b…
2/ Illinois House passes $5 billion tax package, so off to State Senate, then the Govenor... Will he sign...🤔.
I’m moving out of Illinois as soon as I can. The state senate passed a bill that increases the income tax. I rent a house so this does... /1
Exact example of what witch Hillary Clinton promotes. Obama bill in Illinois Senate denying babies lik…
BREAKING: Illinois House passes spending plan. Technically no budget yet, Senate needs to concur and Governor needs to sign. But, big deal
Today, the Illinois House passed a revenue bill (SB9) to support education funding. It is on its way to the Senate for a similar vote.
is there such a thing as a filibuster in the Illinois Senate? I'll send you a free copy of Green Eggs & Ham! Illinois House
Not yet - House is debating tax hike now, but Senate isn't back until tomorrow. Watch here:…
You only like him because MSM said you could. He bought his senate seat in Illino…
Bill Brady named the new Illinois Senate Republican leader - Chicago Tribune
Illinois Senate Republican Leader Abruptly Resigns via Passing an IL state budget just got even harder.
ALL elected representatives should be ashamed of themselves . Illinois Senate President John J.
Or the Illinois House & Senate could work with on prop tax reform. You listening,…
Illinois has a Democratic State House and Senate, so the governor can't get anything done since his party is the minority
LT Alumnus Christine Radogno abdicates her position in the Republican Leadership and in the Senate.
.Opioid funding increase would not make health care bill acceptable: "It's's not enough." https:/…
- Every day in every way!. A new poll shows the health care bill could crush Senate Republicans
If IL Senate overrides veto of 911 bill, the monthly fee would rise to $5 in Chicago, $1.50 elsewhere.
We need this in Illinois House & Senate, for we the People take back are…
The Illinois Senate and House should be the ones in crisis. Not the people. . In response to this morning's news.
If republicans keep caving to the new DNC communist party we will NEVER accomplish prosperity for our inner cities
Legislation to protect our water supply sponsored by .
I'm prepared to be jolted, bro. And maybe it'd wake up the folks in the Illinois House and…
These animated maps shows the states hit hardest by the Medicaid cuts in the Senate healthcare bill
Senate passed the VA Accountability Act. The House should get this bill to my desk ASAP! We can’t tolerate substandard…
Senate Dem budget appropriates funding for Illinois Solar for All program. SOLAR=JOBS Thx for your strong support…
He should be more empowered. Demons in Chicago keep making things worse. Eliminate Illinois…
Republicans lost two Senate seats: Illinois and New Hampshire.
but Obama was an Attorney, served in the Illinois Senate, and served as the Senator of Illinois prior…
Well well, plot thickens. This happened in Illinois when Barry was running 4 US Senate. Dems controlled everything.…
Illinois Senate OKs pension bill opposed by AFL-CIO -
HB375 and HB2545 both passed the House and Senate. The link below is to show support to the Governor. https:…
Chicago Tonight discusses Springfield budget stalemate with state Sens. Heather Steans and Chris Nybo
What some lawmakers have to say about prospects for getting a state budget by end of fiscal year:…
Well atleast its not like selling an Illinois senate seat, right Blago?
Illinois will still move forward with its program to help ensure workers can retire w/ dignity. https…
Do you support fair funding for all schools in Illinois? Tell you support Senate Bill 1 and demand he si…
Illinois lawmakers also approved a bill that would created an elected school board in Chicago & end mayoral control. h…
The Illinois Senate passed an iGaming bill, but the Assembly needs to be persuaded. CONTACT NOW:
"The Nevada Senate reached a deal late Sunday to end a stalemate that threatened the state budget.." Ahem, Illinois.
Senate could simply reject that TRUMP has any standing to stop someone testifying before them. Nixon's exec privil…
ONLY 8% of Americans want Senate to pass according to new poll.
Hey it's time to put politics aside and support the Senate's balanced budget. Illinois needs a budget now!
He was also taught Constitutional law and…
Democrats in the Illinois House and Senate refused to pass a balanced budget with real lasting property tax relief.
Both the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate have passed SB81, which would raise the minimum wage in...
Illinois Senate Passes 'Sanctuary State' Proposal - Chicago, IL Patch-Are we forgetting we need to protect our ST?
What we know about the late Illinois online gambling effort
BREAKING: IL Senate just approved SB 81, the $15 minimum wage bill for Illinois with a 30-23 vote!!!
The measure — also known as Senate Bill 1657, sponsored by Democrat Sen. Don Harmon — would essentially mandate...
**please share** :-). Sweeping bail reform (SB 2034) passed out of the Illinois House and Illinois Senate and is...
Illinois Senate's education finance bill bails out Chicago, fails at reform. The Illinois General Assembly has pa...
The IFP's announcement describes the organization having signed an "agreement with top Bollywood actress Shilpa...
Mark Clements and the Illinois Fair Sentence of youth cheers as the Illinois Senate advance…
BREAKING: Sen. Toi Hutchinson's $5.4 billion tax hike passes the Illinois Senate with 32 votes. No Republicans voted for the tax hike.
Revised version of expected to pass Illinois Senate today, said John Patterson, spokesman for Senate President John Cullerton
Illinois Senate is waiting on lawmakers to agree for passage of a State budget.
Illinois Senate delays votes on sticky 'grand bargain' bills
Rauner opposes bill passed by Illinois Senate on Wed that revamps state school aid formula.
Cook County Sheriff’s proposed data transparency legislation is voted out of the Illinois Senate.
The Illinois Senate will start a bit late today due to the group photo being taken.
This is how the Illinois state Senate passes time nowadays. Never mind we still don't have an approved budget
Illinois Senate Bill 982 by : Presidential candidates can't appear on IL ballot unless they release 5 years federal tax returns
DH: Illinois Senate returns to address budget compromise
Illinois Senate returns to address budget compromise: The Illinois Senate is back in…
Majority in 2018 Senate race states oppose taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood via Illinois ...
Illinois Senate returns to address budget compromise
Senate passed another day in w/o vote on its much-anticipated budget compromise, reports.
Sales tax hike discussed as part of Senate budget deal
Illinois senate proposal would end disability benefits for pro athletes at age 35 .
Illinois Senate working on budget bills.
Wisconsin Senate to debate bill limiting union influence
There are 2 Bills being voted in today in Illinois. One is Senate Bill 13, which proposes to reduce Physical...
Senate returns, promises to push budget deal
Illinois Senate discusses budget privately, takes no vote
In 1992, Carol Moseley Braun Aug 16,1947-(Democrat: Illinois) was the first African-American woman elected to…
editor of Harvard Law Review, elected Illinois State Senate 3 times and US Senate once
Illinois Senate looking at higher sales tax on food, drugs: "The times have pushed us to that point ..."
NFLPA to steer free agents from signing with Chicago Bears if Illinois Senate bill wiping out workers comp is passed
The Illinois Senate moves budget bills to the floor.
The deal would mark a significant step toward smashing the logjam on a state spending plan.
Senate moves budget bills to floor for possible afternoon vote.
Since he ran for Senate in Illinois, I was assigned to photograph Obama 3 times. Tomorrow, I start posting Obama-A-Day pic. End on 20th.
won 2004 spot representing Illinois in Senate.
Served THREE TERMS representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate for 7 yrs
4 years in US Senate and served 8 years as Illinois senator. Tell me DT political service.
Massive Illinois state budget proposal appears at the Capitol, but immediate movement looks unlikely .
I think you look like the Illinois Senate President.
Monday could be a big day: Illinois Senate hopes to break logjam on budget (from
Illinois budget plan could get Senate vote today. Read between the lines. Calls for just a two year property tax...
What's the "grand bargain"? As of Friday: Senate just introduced bills. . While House out w/ a st…
Senate bills cannot pass the House this week. BUT, this is the closest thing to a deal we've seen. Rauner said he stil…
Senate sending a message with a package of bills that could be the outline of a budget deal. Both parties caucusing no…
The Illinois Senate is going into caucuses to discuss bills representing budget deal. There won't be enough time for a lame-duck House vote.
side story, grew up on farm in Illinois, my ex-Navy dad (now gone) met O twice when he campaigned for senate, was a big fan
Illinois Senate could vote on budget bill today:
Good morning. The Illinois Senate is scheduled to convene at 11:00 am.
With two days to go a budget deal talks in are underway in Illinois Senate with major consequences for the...
Illinois Senate could vote on budget bill today
A light at the end of the tunnel? Illinois budget plan could get Senate vote today.
Pantagraph Reports: Illinois budget plan could get Senate vote today
In lame-duck session, the Illinois Senate is developing a budget plan that could get a vote as early as today → https:…
Illinois Senate hopes to stake out own budget position:
Senate lawmakers are only days away from deciding whether Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions will become the next...
IL senators working on a plan to end the state's 18-month-long budget impasse
Illinois budget plan could get Senate vote today
The Latest: Illinois Senate plans vote on budget 'statement'
Bloomington Pantagraph Illinois budget plan could get Senate vote today Bloomington Pantagraph…
Possible budget deal in IL could trade some new revenues for pol term limits, other Rauner priorities
WREX: Illinois Senate plan to end budget standoff could get vote
EC Voters remember Obama was a 1st term Senator, with 1 term in Illinois Senate, and a community organizer as qualifications, talk only 8yrs
Tammy Duckworth flips Illinois Senate seat from R to D. Democrats need at least three more before the night is done. h…
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Silver lining. Tammy Duckworth takes back Obama's Illinois Senate seat for Democrats via
BREAKING: Tammy Duckworth wins Illinois Senate race, the first Democratic pickup of the evening
BREAKING: Tammy Duckworth takes back Obama’s Illinois Senate seat for Democrats
Trump says most Republicans are doing well for Senate, but not Mark Kirk in Illinois; "That's his problem"
That would be mark Kirk for senate in Illinois. First time I'm not supporting him
Trump in NH on Illinois Senate candidate "He's not doing well and hey, that's his problem"
Fight over state Senate seat helps draw big bucks to Illinois: Republican money—much of it from Gov. Bruce…
Fight over state senate seat helps draw big bucks to Illinois
Tammy seems well positioned to defeat GOP in Illinois senate race.
New poll gives Duckworth 14-percentage-point lead over Kirk in Senate race; Mendoza leads by 8 pts for comptroller.
52nd Dis St. Senate candidates and differ on budget issues
Issues arise that matter in Illinois' U.S. Senate race
Tammy is extremely impressive! Please vote for her in Illinois & vote Democrat everywhere to take over the Senate & make…
Rauner ally Matt Murphy to resign from Illinois Senate
Another of Gov. Rauner's allies to resign, this time from the Illinois Senate
Rauner ally to resign from Illinois Senate
Read your bio should contact Mike Ditka to help him Ditka almost ran against Obama for '04 Illinois Senate seat
Property tax flexibility to fund teacher pensions OKed by Illinois Senate | District Administration Magazine
Illinois Senate trying to push the new law limits “Biometric Information Privacy Act”
Donald Trump looms large in Illinois Senate race
Illinois Senate approves $454 million more for higher education
Illinois Senate votes for $454 mln higher-education package: The respite for the state's higher-edu...
“We shouldn’t reward people who are lucky enough to not get caught” - Illinois Senate to end SOL for sexual abuse -
Illinois Senate now debating Sen. Martin Sandoval's bill to remove the word "illegal alien" from state laws.
New bill before Illinois Senate would give public high school juniors choice between ACT and SAT at state expense.
Illinois Senate approves reforms to avoid repeat of College of DuPage scandal
Domestic worker bill of rights up for vote in Illinois Senate
.at 34, was chosen by Marxist Alice Palmer to fill her vacant seat in the Illinois Senate
Illinois Senate race, Senator Kirk (R) multiple odd ball comments have not helped in a state that will go heavily blue on election night.
Happy 37th Birthday to former star He represents the 15th district in the Illinois Senate.
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Belleville native named chief of staff for Illinois Senate president
New Senate bill could free up state aid for low-income college students in Illinois. via
Thank you Illinois Senate Republican Fan Page for taking a stand in our region for girls in need. Together we...
Illinois is still without budget, regardless of Senate being in session briefly Wednesday
Actually, she's from Illinois, then Arkansas. She never lived in NY before running for Senate.
Electing a woman from Illinois via Arkansas and DC to the Senate.
"Tammy Duckworth raised more money than any other candidate for U.S. Senate from Illinois last quarter"
whoa..campaign says he raised close to $1M --3xZopp --possibly including personal funds
Duckworth led in fundraising for US Senate race last quarter
he is a Kenyan, it was widely reported here in Illinois during his Senate campaign
Our strongest nominee & President in generation came out of the Illinois State Senate. Bench debates are so silly.
Senate confirms George H. Sheldon as Director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services:
The Illinois Senate this week voted to name a section of Route 31 in North Aurora for Christopher A. Patterson, a...
FUNDING FOR GRANT SHORTAGE PROPOSED: Senate Democrats have introduced new legislation…
Illinois peeps, check out – House, Senate GOP Going Separate Ways in an Election Year
Bill passed in the Illinois House and Senate to rename Route 17 "Corporal Bryant J. Luxmore Memorial Highway."
.on Tammy Duckworth's outstanding Q4 fundraising haul
He visited them before he ran in the Illinois Senate.
Arlington Heights: Illinois Senate Race: Duckworth out raises top rivals Kirk, Zopp
Illinois lawmakers 2016 term starts with no budget - Crain's Chicago ...: (AP) — The Illinois Senate is returning…
Illinois Senate Democrats are making another push to fund grants for low-income college students:
Thanks to Angelica Alfaro candidate for Illinois Senate 2nd district, for joining Spanish IV students.
ILLINOIS - Voter registration changes brought to the State Senate floor
Morning Spin: Duckworth outduels Kirk in campaign fundraising -
Morning Spin: Duckworth outduels Kirk in campaign fundraising
Illinois senate's new proposal to support college students financially
2008: U.S. - the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was arrested for attempting to sell president-elect Barack Obama's Senate seat.
Illinois Student Senate meets for the final time of the fall semester
Illinois Senate sends bipartisan funding bill to Governor
Senator aims to take back resolution honoring disgraced Fox Lake cop: The Illinois Senate is considering a formal…
In the middle of the first televised Democratic debate on CNN Tuesday night, Illinois Senate candidate Andrea Zopp aired …
Democrats have controlled Illinois Senate, Cook County, and City of Chicago for 50yrs, and they are in debt billions
Illinois Senate committee hears testimony on impact of cuts on Human Services:
Ann Thompson-Kelly to run for Illinois Senate in Democratic primary - Rockford Register Star: Rockford Registe...
Hey big spender! $10,000.00 from Ameren Illinois PAC to Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate.
In 1876, John W.E. Thomas became the first black man elected to Illinois Senate!!! ‼️
There was talk for awhile about Michelle running for Illinois senate. This is my face
I'm standing with Andrea Zopp for U.S. Senate from Illinois! Join me for REAL change in Illinois and Washington! https…
General Funds spending obligations estimated by Senate Dems at $34.4B in FY16, unobligated spending at $4.2B
This failed in the Illinois Senate miserably. What do you think?
Illinois House votes to override Gov's changes to measure: . [Issue to be determined by IL Senate]
Way to go Illinois House. Senate stabbed to Governor. House stabbed Madigan. Even Stephen!!
BREAKING: Illinois House attempt to override Governor Rauner's veto of Senate Bill 1229 fails by three votes.
Senate Bill 1229: History of General Assembly voting record on union ... - Reboot Illinois
Student discipline in Illinois to change after Senate Bill 100 passes
Enough Senate Democrats side with Obama to ensure Iran deal survives; hunt for Illinois officer's killers continues.
Obama was a Illinois Senator 2005-2008, Member of the Illinois Senate 13th district 1997-2004!
Illinois Senate approves temporary budget: SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois Senate has approved over the compl...
PatQuinnNews: Sullivan won't run for re-election to Illinois Senate - The State Journal
BREAKING: Illinois Senate passes Same-Sex Marriage with 34-21 vote. Now on to the Illinois House. Equality is coming!
Illinois Senate passed House Joint Resolution 6, which designates the section of Illinois Route 47 over the CSX...
Illinois Senate passed bill, SB274 Amendment 4, to restore immigrant services! Call your rep, ask for their support!.
Tammy Duckworth taking 'serious' look at Illinois Senate race
Illinois Senate of the 98th General Assembly, recognize Streator District's 125th!
back in 2004 when he was running for Senate I followed him all over Illinois like a groupie
Dear how do your ideas about comity in US Senate benefit non-rich people in Illinois?.
Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus' Top 15 new laws for 2015 by via
Illinois Senator Bill Foster? (Not exactly a liberal dream in a blue state. Then again, who is that dream in IL?
Foster Eyes Senate Bid in Illinois via Political Wire - Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL) “has been ...
Dem Rep. Bill Foster talks to big donors about Senate race: Sweet
Tonight's vote by the St. Pete City Council might just top the sleazy Illinois Senate vote, after it's deadline to hose Tampa Bay baseball.
Children with seizures now qualify for cannabidiol in Illinois' medical marijuana program. Source: Illinois Senate Democrats
Thought he was running for Senate in Illinois. Better chance of that need new start guys like the chancellor.
Top 15 New Illinois Laws for 2015: "January 1, we wake up to a new year," the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus…
Went to visit our State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford in the Illinois Senate. Ja...
Well the republicans have clinched the senate and Bruce Rauner is the governor of Illinois 😤😤😤
Red controls house and Senate, great day for US and Illinois future. Proud to say not just Chicago impacted state tonight.
“Kass: Illinois governor still has to deal with Speaker Madigan ... And Senate President Cullerton.
Welp, a Republican Senate, a Republican House, & a Republican Illinois. Ready 2 be an ex-pat now
Rauner wins Illinois, GOP wins control over Senate. More reasons to flee to Canada.
Senate is flipped! Hagan out in NC and Illinois has turned RED in Governor's office!
Defeated GOP rival says he was outspent by Durbin and faced big hurdle in trying to beat an incumbent senator.
Durbin on Senate race against Oberweis: It was “the toughest political winds” of my career http:…
My life has just been one nightmare after another and a Republican controlled Senate and Illinois Governor are two more in a row
Rauner wins the seat in Illinois. Let's see what this kind of change is all about. Republicans control the Senate 🇺🇸
Can you explain how Illinois can elect a Republican governor but let *** Durbin win the senate buy a land slide?
"The worse part of the news is that the Republican Party (the party of the millionaries) won the Illinois Government and the US Senate."
Of that senate map, Cali, NY, and Illinois are the most shocking. Those are usually solid blue states.
Yep, this happened...And then this: And this: What happened? Seriously?
Went to bed early last night and woke up to the news that the Republicans took the Senate AND Illinois elected a Republican governor. 🐘👍
Today is a dark day. Illinois is basically republican now, and they've taken the house and senate. If we thought things were bad before...
Both Illinois and Florida got Republican governors. Republicans gained a majority in the Senate and they gained more seats in the House 👏
took that Senate seat D's thats good
Illinois sends *** Durbin (D) back to Senate where he can do no further harm for the next two years at least.
Democrats look to retain supermajorities in Illinois House, Senate
The lesser of 2 evils is still evil. . Rauner Claims Victory
The people have spoken! Illinois has a new Republican governor and Republicans have control of the Senate!...
I've got to remember Illinois has a Democratic controlled state house and senate.
Durbin wins Illinois, race called before 8 pm
Election: *** Durbin re-elected to US Senate; Illinois Republicans seek more House seats
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New Hampshire... there the four seats Democrats need to win in 2016 to reclaim the Senate
.is my favorite Senate win. in Illinois my fave governor flip.
That was a resounding BEATDOWN at the elections last night. Not just the Senate, but with Governors. Retained many, boldly gained Illinois
. After Bill was out of White House, Hillary looked at Ark and Illinois. for a senate seat. No love either place,
My wife Nancy and myself after voting in GOP landslide yesterday. Took Senate, record house win. Won Illinois Gov.
Um,no.Im a Republican but Illinois sent Carol Moseley-Braun, D to the Senate 20+ years ago. I agree we are not racists.
Congrats to taking the Senate and to Bruce winning in Now, time to reverse this mess!
Bryan Spencer won, Illinois elected Rauner, Wendy Davis lost, and THE GOP TOOK OVER THE SENATE !!!. why is no one else exc…
So, with Illinois governorship going GOP, was the Illinois Senate seat a missed opportunity?
RBender: Illinois House and Senate Results: Democrat Andy Manar of Bunker Hill has been elected to the State S...
Illinois - Wisconsin - Michigan - Florida -Georgia --Republican governors all winning --Plus control of the U.S. SENATE AND …
Sen. Durbin charges to victory, will serve record 4th term
Rep. Jeanne Ives and Sen. Michael Connelly to Host SB16 Forum September 29, 2014- Wheaton, Illinois - State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) and Senator Michael Connelly (R-Wheaton) will partner on October 9 for a community forum about SB16, a controversial rewrite of the school funding formula. As written and approved in the Illinois Senate, SB16 would divert millions in General State Aid (GSA) dollars away from hundreds of Illinois school districts. The event is open to the public and will begin at 7:00 PM in the Wheaton Warrenville South High School Auditorium, 1993 Tiger Trail in Wheaton. Ives and Connelly will be joined at the event by State Superintendent of Education Christopher Koch, Chief Financial Officer for the Illinois State Board of Education Robert Wolfe, and other Elementary & Secondary Education experts. Several State Representatives and Senators from affected districts will also be in attendance. “I know that in DuPage County alone $140 million in General State Aid would be diver ...
Elmhurst attorney, former state lawmaker to replace Kirk Dillard in Illinois Senate
Michelle Obama nixes politics: Illinois Senate not in her future - Chicago Sun-Times
Little Giant Ladders
Illinois Senate begins debate on budget - Danbury News Times
Illinois Senate votes to impose new ESL, disabled rules on charter schools.
Illinois Senate passes bill to fully fund Cook County pension fund in 30 years
Illinois Senate bill would drive 90% of state dollars to schools based on district need. Bill now goes to House.
Illinois Senate advances measure to ratify Equal Rights Amendment
NOW just got the SJRCA75 urging the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment out of the Illinois Senate's Executive Committee!
SPRINGFIELD --- Less than a week after a University of Illinois lecturer with ties to a 1970s radical group pleaded his case to keep teaching, the Illinois Senate passed a measure that would ban him from teaching regardless of whether the university rules he could stay on board. Sponsoring Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, said the bill was “absolutely pushed” because of James Kilgore, whose dismissal case from the university is pending review of university officials. His employment came under scrutiny in February after the News-Gazette in Champaign detailed his former involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army, which is most famous for kidnapping media heiress Patricia Hearst in 1974.
By IR CHICAGO – The taxi business in Chicago is lobbying the Illinois General Assembly to clamp down on competition from ride-sharing startup companies like Uber and Lyft – and they’re betting the Illinois Senate will deliver for them on Wednesday. The… …read more Source: Illinois Review
Illinois Senate committee OKs ban on crib bumpers
SB 2636, the medical marijuana law adding epilepsy as a debilitating medical condition, is now scheduled to be heard by the House Human Services Committee at 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 in Springfield, IL. On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the Illinois Senate passed SB2636. This amendment includes…
"Reverend James Meeks, former Democratic member of the Illinois Senate and founder of Salem Baptist Church,...
Sen. McCarter just introduced 4 pages for today, Seniors from Central High School in Breese, to the Illinois Senate. Welcome to Springfield!
Plan to fund mental health services in Rockford passes Illinois Senate.
In the race for U.S. Senate, Republican challenger Jim Oberweis is getting shunned by two top Republicans - one local, one national. *** Durbin is such a favorite for reelection that Republican Senator Mark Kirk says he’s not even planning to campaign with fellow Republican Oberweis. “I’m going to be protecting my relationship with *** and not launching into a partisan jihad that hurts our partnership [in which we] both pull together for Illinois.” And at his side at an unrelated news conference was Republican Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, in town for a fundraiser, who took a pass on supporting Oberweis. “The reason I’m here is for my own reelection, and so I’m not getting involved in the Illinois Senate race at this time.” And so what you have there are two top senators throwing Oberweis under the bus.
A bill to raise the minimum wage passed an Illinois Senate committee today.
All purpose parts banner
Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations. The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative. Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans. Barrack Obama "It’s clear to me that a vigorous debate on the issues most likely could not take place if I remain in the race," Ryan, 44, said in a statement. "What would take place, rather, is a brutal, scorched-earth campaign – the kind of campaign that has turned off so many voters, the kind of politics I refuse to play." Although Ryan ...
From 1985 to 1990, Vladimir Putin was assigned to Directorate S, the illegal intelligence-gathering unit of the KGB (the classification for agents who used falsified identities). One of Putin's jobs was to coordinate efforts with the Stasi to recruit foreigners in the hopes of sending them undercover in the United States. In 1992 Barack Obama comes out of nowhere to win a seat in the Illinois Senate, where he spends his time keeping his nose clean and not voting on anything that would stop him running for President. Flash forward to today and Russia is rebuilding it's empire while the USA is in rapid decline at the hands of Barry. Anyone else think we have been had?
Today, the Illinois Senate welcomed Pastor Jeremy Wood from the First Congregational Church in Bunker Hill to...
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