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Idina Menzel

Idina Kim Menzel (born Mentzel on May 30, 1971) is an American actress, singer and songwriter.

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Happy that Enchanted got included in Disney Night. Still bitter that Idina Menzel doesn't get to sing in that movie tho
Great review of recent concert. We look forward to her return 5/19. Tix:
Looks like tour is off to a great start - don't miss her live at Marymoor on Aug 22.
Yea, no one should sing Let it Go except Idina Menzel
This little lady just joined my collab and I like it 😜😂😜😂. She even have 3 different versions of my collab.
You look like Idina Menzel — is that the person who sang let it go?
Obviously anything from the Last Five Years or Idina Menzel preparing for her concert 😍
They failed by not getting Lea Michele and Idina Menzel
Read why inspiring set at L.A.'s Greek Theatre got us even more excited for 8/18 -
my daughter 12y and I are going to see Idina Menzel in Amsterdam in june. when do you come to paris, amsterdam or brussels?
Here’s Who’s Playing Elsa and Anna in Broadway’s Frozen Musical . Following in the footsteps of Idina Menzel and K…
Rent (the musical) created 1994 starring Idina Menzel originated on Broadway derr
.stunned the crowd at the Greek Theatre! Don't miss the star on 7.12 →
Idina Menzel singing rock songs might be what my life has led me to
It's not intentional but now both versions of Frozen's Elsa will be played by Jewish actresses! Idina Menzel ➡️Cais…
good thing i did this cuz i can't stop thinking about how i'll probably never see Idina Menzel in wicked
Let It Go by Idina Menzel. Only i can go from playing Firestarter to let it go lol ! ♫
Anyone else feel idina menzel was criminally underused in 'Enchanted'???
Would you rather gather Idina Menzel or laugh Naya Rivera
Idina Menzel - Always Starting Over via 60 I am staring you down lovingly and yes, starting over...
I need to study. I need to study. I need to... OMG LOOK! A NEW IDINA MENZEL VIDEO!
Everyone eagerly anticipating the performance by Martin Family Circus (so much better than Beyonce…
One of the world's most recognisable voices is coming to UK stages! Don't miss live this summer:
JULY 26: Don't miss out on a spectacular show compliments of the talented IDINA MENZEL!. IDINA MENZEL kicks of...
Obama’s last Easter Egg Roll: Beyoncé, Idina Menzel, and NBA & NFL stars. Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll: the Martin Family Circu…
In my entire life I've had many dreams incl. nerdy ones feat. Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel, Tom Kitt, Timon the meerkat, and Gandalf
Was the first to like Idina Menzel's picture on Insta. So I guess you could say I'm moving up in the world. 🙃
i just hit the F in Defying Gravity i'm coming for idina menzel's career
Idina Menzel lets it go on tour Musical star Idina Menzel, speaking ahead of her upcoming tour of Japan and North …
This might just be the BEST Netflix show ever!. Alec Baldwin, Idina Menzel, David Hyde Pierce, Jim Hensen...
fun fact: tonight I was distracted by all 3 and it happens to be showtunes distracting me the most so tbh I blame Idina Menzel
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Idina Menzel happy to 'Let It Go' for world tour
You have Amy Adams, Idina Menzel, Susan Saradon, James Marsden all in one. What's not to love about this film?
I went to stage door of Wicked in New York and me Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth! It was amazing!
Me: yeah it's downtown on Broadway Street-. Theatre kid: Broadway bound 🎭 🎼🎹 Idina Menzel is my idol
2 tickets to Idina Menzel at Royal Concert Hall - Glasgow, 20 Jun, less fv 81.90 ea. To buy these tickets and more:
Crying yet? went through plenty of boxes of tissues over
*** is this? Gtfo Idina Menzel, how could you trick me into thinking I was going to be getting some Barbara...
Just watched Beaches on lifetime and Idina Menzel and Nia Long both did an amazing job! I cried my eye's out!
Ich mag das Beaches: Nia Long and Idina Menzel on Friendship | Lifetime
Watching a lifetime movie with mom because I saw Idina Menzel is in it
I know Frozen is an overrated movie, but *** it if I don't still love Idina Menzel singing "Let It Go."
Hey LA! Idina Menzel will be opening the 2017 Season @ The Greek on 4/14.Join us&get tix now:htt…
I would love to see Idina Menzel in concert. She is freaking amazing
Beaches remake, starring and debuts tonight
CC is the character that Bette Middler and Idina Menzel played in Beaches aka the cray friend ❤
💀 Nia Long joins Idina Menzel in Lifetime's 'Beaches' movie remake ♥♥
Everytime I see Idina Menzel's name i just start cracking how did John Travolta butcher that name 😂
I added a video to a playlist Beaches | Special Screening | Q&A with Idina Menzel
When someone says the like the Demi Lovato version of Let It Go better than Idina Menzel's:
I added a video to a playlist IDINA MENZEL Interview - "Beaches" - Live with Kelly January 18, 2017
I added a video to a playlist Idina Menzel on 'Beaches' | The Chew 01.19.2017
Idina menzel of course will make Elphaba Club and address all elphabas her dear sisters
Beaches has me so shook omg idina menzel owns my ***
📈 Idina Menzel makes tour stop in San Antonio
Idina Menzel's voice is out of this world. I could listen to her sing all day.
Idina Menzel in cheetah print. That's all.
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Menzel zepco…
I watched about six minutes of the remake and Idina Menzel did some of the worst acting I have ever seen. And I watched Encino Man.
so what did everyone think of the remake of the beaches movie I thought it was pretty good and I like Idina Menzel she's a good singer
Lifetime still made me cry with Idina Menzel and
Can’t wait to see Idina Menzel as CC in Lifetime’s “Beaches!” DON’T. TELL ME THE ENDING!
Why are people hating on Idina Menzel ? Do they hate Jewish people? Or have they been forced to watch Frozen too many times?
24. Beaches (Soundtrack from the Lifetime Original Movie) - EP - Idina Menzel
Love the Idina Menzel song 'Last Time' added to the new It fit PERFECTLY! Good cry. Now I'm ready to watch t…
Before tonight's premiere, here are 10 reasons to watch revival:
Idina Menzel, Donna Murphy and Miranda Richardson were considered for Meryl Streep's role in this film
What You'll Hear: Today’s strong vocalists such as Sam Smith, Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, ... and Adam Lambert.
LA! Get your tickets to see Idina Menzel open the 2017 Season at the Greek Theatre on Friday, April 14 NOW:…
so have you seen the movie version of Rent? Have you ever met Idina Menzel?
Idina Menzel - When You Wish Upon A Star on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
What do u think of the BEACHES remake? Idina Menzel is no Bette. But it would be like remaking MOONSTRUCK with Gaga as Loretta!
11. When Idina Menzel was in it and they did this funky cover of Poker Face.
At 15 we have Lea Michele's solo version of Defying Gravity. Only at 15 because no Idina Menzel duet.
Behind the Scenes of with Idina Menzel and Nia Long: via One month to go!!
“Maybe he’ll just have to sing something himself. He probably thinks he has a great voice,” Menzel told Vanity Fair.
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.announces star-studded talent lineup for new comedy and music series The Comedy Jam, debuting 3/22 htt…
yup. The Idina Menzel version (which BTW is my favorite version) came on and this was literally my face: 😡
Idina Menzel literally performed HER SONG at oscars.
Sometimes I think about how I'll never see Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth in wicked on Broadway and I get very sad💔
I love Idina Menzel...truly I do, but she's no Bette Midler and I don't appreciate her playing a character that I've cherished since I was 9
Queen of Swords [pVD] - Idina Menzel. click here Merry to all our listeners
I see Vanity Fair has a new motto: "The magazine Trump doesn't want you to read." Works for me.
Listening to Baby It's Cold Outside (duet with Michael Bublé) by Idina Menzel, on my Echo!
If you put a blonde wig on Idina Menzel during her Wild Party get Queenie in
They're making Wicked, the musical, into a movie!. I hope Idina Menzel is the lead role in it! :)
"He probably thinks he has a great voice" I LOVE HER
Idina Menzel and Lea Michele singing Somewhere from Westside Story kills me everytime
If you love Idina Menzel, read what she said about Donald Trump because it will make you love her 10 times more.
I hear Scott Baio is doing dramatic readings
A few more Beaches screencaps! Idina Menzel and Nia Long are going to be amazing!
I think I've only ever heard Idina Menzel sing Let It Go. like twice. Lol
I liked a video Idina Menzel and Jennifer Nettles Performance CMA Country Christmas 2016
Beaches:Nia Long&Idina Menzel on Friendship 4those of u who couldnt view this off the site Ive found it on there YT http…
So.Lifetime is remaking Beaches. Hopefully, Nia Long and Idina Menzel do it justice.
They need to have a wicked live with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
Idina Menzel is very talented, I just don't know how anyone can compete with the divine Miss M and Barbara Hershey.
New "Beaches" movie, can't wait, my favorite movie of all time, Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. The remake with Nia Long and Idina Menzel.
Julie Andrews narrating. Patrick Dempsey singing. James Marsden and Idina Menzel together. Amy Adams. This movie is pe…
2016 Watch interviews with Shawn Mendes, Tim McGraw, Idina Menzel, Daya & more
For Good - Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith blast from the past
I want to watch wicked with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith as elphaba and Glinda
Idina Menzel at The 2016 Carousel Of Hope Ball - Arrivals. There's not much to that dress.
Idina Menzel was pretty flustered when Jimmy Kimmel brought in Matt Damon moments after the 'Frozen' actress...
Don't let that one go: Idina Menzel steps out with her $30,000 engagement ring:
Idina Menzel is engaged to Aaron Lohr, aka "Mush" from Newsies, and I am totally geeking out over this match made i…
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I added a video to a playlist Aaron Lohr| Frozen star Idina Menzel is set to wed beau Aaron Lohr
Idina Menzel (Elsa) and Aaron Lohr (Max Goof) getting married sounds like something out of a fever dream
Idina Menzel engaged to former ‘Rent' co-star: Idina Menzel is engaged to Aaron Lohr, the musical…
Ah! This is so exciting!. We thought we'd never recover from Idina Menzel's he...
Frozen's Idina Menzel gets fairytale ending as she announces engagement: . The talented star is engaged to actor Aaron Lohr
Soon to be man and wife: Idina Menzel is engaged to her beau Aaron Lohr, 40. The Frozen star, 4…
Idina Menzel and Aaron Lohr are engaged: 'We are so happy'
Don't let this go: Idina Menzel and Aaron Lohr are engaged!
Ohmigosh, Idina Menzel's "Perfect Story" is heartbreakingly gorgeous. The love she has for Walker is so beautiful. https…
Make sure you tune in to if you're living in the UK. Idina Menzel's brand new single is going to be played on Elaine Paige😆
Thank you very much for jennifer lee and chris buck as producer and Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and the voice of the other.
and Idina Menzel!! also, Kristen Bell. love them, love them.
This guy behind me just said "Idina Menzel and Kristin Bell were the original Broadway stars" and it hurt my soul.
"He got my name right!" Idina Menzel accepting her Variety award for philanthropy from Josh Groban
LET IT GO, LET IT GO, TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR. At least Idina Menzel can sing, because this earworm is killing me.
cause for the first time in forever ❄️⛄️ ♫ For the First Time in Forever by Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell
I liked a video Idina Menzel Performs 'Let It Go' at Disneyland 60th Anniversary
i can't decide who i like better as Maureen: idina menzel or eden espinosa
Let It Go by Idina Menzel is in Lawnswood Arms, Leeds. Download it now at
For me 'Rent' was all about coming out of myself finding out who I was learning the power I could have as a performer - Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel's album shoot is this week
Everybody thinks it's going to be so glamorous, so cool, you're on 'Gl...
I would love to work with Matt Damon.
The truth is I love musical theater and always have.
Frozen stars Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel sing tribute to the victims of the Orlando attack: https…
Listen to As Long As You're Mine by Idina Menzel & Leo Norbert Butz on
It would make me really happy if Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth were friends in real life - like they have little lunch dates and stuff
I've been singing since I was born. It's something I do everywhere I g...
"For Good" Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel | W... via Officially happy now!
7 musicians who were once wedding singers -- from John Legend to Idina Menzel
Ummm did anyone else know Taye Diggs was married to Idina Menzel?!?
The cool thing is that, unlike film, the theatre roles for women get b...
I don't think I ever really knew the right words to 'Hava Nagilah,' wh...
I made a good living for a teenager. And I had to learn all different ...
she looks like Idina Menzel's crackhead cousin
Barbra Streisand, for one, is one of my idols. I've listened to her si...
Idina Menzel can really sing anything and it sounds amazing, a thread;
Hi Rachel, sorry for the delay in our reply. As of now there is no planned VIP section for the Idina Menzel show.
Idina Menzel is releasing a new album I suddenly don't care about KP4
If you watch this& say idina Menzel can't sing, ur existence is as unnecessary as Jimmy & his LIG blocks during this htt…
Lololol when you type Adele Dazeem into google Idina Menzel actually comes's like a new alternate identity for her 😂
I never don't laugh at thinking about Travolta calling Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem" but I know I should really just let it go.
Alessia Cara and Idina Menzel were at my show. People were confused when I started yelling "Adele Dazeem!"
Brendon Urie follows the rat, 5sausages and he follows Idina Menzel and then I'm dead
Just found out Kristen Chenowith & Idina Menzel aren't the same person 😓. I struggle in that department.
Too late for second guessing. Too late to go back to sleep. I think i'll try… ♫ Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel —
I liked a video Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity (from LIVE: Barefoot at the Symphony)
It’s a WICKED Good Return Duet for Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel and Tracie Thoms killed that song, holy ***
That or Wicked Live. But only if Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth come back
Pacer's benefit is coming to the Minneapolis Convention Center in just over a week, & they're bringing Idina Menzel!
The things I would've done to have been able to see Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in the original Wicked on Broadway
Confession: The first I heard of Idina Menzel was the song Let it Go, I immediately fell into the abyss of musical theatre and never escaped
20. Idina Menzel. queen of broadway. phenomenal voice. the best maureen johnson.
Idina Menzel and Shaquille O'Neal join the Obamas for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll ht…
Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth's performance at the 2006 Tony Awards still manages to fire me goosebumps 😍
If I ever see a plastic surgeon, I fully expect to see Idina Menzel there belting out "Defying Gravity."
Idina Menzel | American actress and singer. As a teen she worked as a wedding and bar mitzvah singer.
I liked a video Take me or Leave me (Live) - Broadway for Life @ Idina Menzel and Tracie Thoms
May be "Frozen" in your memory: WH announces Idina Menzel to perform at Easter Egg Roll March 28. Don't "Let It Go."
I just learned my mother saw Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in Wicked
On the 940 bus and headed home for two hours before my afternoon class. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth - Defying Gravity.
📷 flawlyssa: Megan Hilty’s Broadway debut experience going on as Glinda opposite Idina Menzel. (x)
I vote for Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth!! Best reunion ever!!!
Tickets are now on sale for the featuring Tony Award-winning icon Idina Menzel! Purchase tickets at
Darren texted Anthony saying: "I'm happy to open for Idina Menzel. Dreams do come true at Broadway Con." Lol, cuz she f…
If you don't like Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Sandi Patty and many others, we can't be friends.
Seeing "If/Then" at The Pantages Theater with Idina Menzel. What a treat!
Idina Menzel smiling and laughing while watching Kristin Chenoweth & Sean Hayes present Best Featured Actor in a Musical
Mine are JK Rowling, Idina Menzel and Darcy Bussell all brilliant talented women who inspired me to follow my dreams
Idina Menzel is just so heart eyes.
Getting ready to see If/Then, the musical starring Idina Menzel at the Orpheum Theatre in SF!! 😍😍😍😍
When you win tickets in the Orchestra for with Idina Menzel you can't help but smile.
I asked my secret santa for Idina Menzel. looks like I might get what I asked for
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Idina Menzel
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.is on today's Entertainment Guide cover!
I love Lea Michele and Idina Menzel way too much 😅
Remember this time last year when Idina Menzel was doing 8 shows a week at If/Then, promoting her Christmas album AND raising a child!
seen Idina menzel, Olivia newton john, celine dion and Paul mccartney this year. Seeing you in indy will put bow on it all. : )
2 weeks ago today I was in tampa getting ready to scream for two hours on end and throw it down with idina menzel
I dreamed Idina Menzel stole my new car I just won qq
'Let It Go' on Yokee Piano is up for grabs! Early bird gets the worm.
baby it's cold outside by idina menzel and Michael bublé will always be my favorite ❤️
Tonight I watched Taylor Swift as Olaf and Idina Menzel as Elsa sing Let It Go together. What a world we live in.
On request: Idina Menzel, yay or nay? 😊
My 13 yo daughter and I went to see the musical "If/Then" starring Idina Menzel last weekend, and we were having a
And Idina Menzel suddenly raced past Kerry Ellis!. Ellis fans where you at?
Accidentally stumbled into an Idina Menzel paper, and 14 yo me freaked. Out.
It just occurred to me. If Denzel Washington & Idina Menzel fell in love & got married & Denzel took Idina's name he would…
I just want to let everyone know in case you were doubting it idina menzel is a REAL person ok I know it's a lot to take in…
[Lyric] Idina Menzel - Let it go (Frozen): The snow glows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint to be s...
Update: I still do not have Idina Menzel's vocal range and I am still sad
In San Fran at a show starting Idina Menzel. Does it get better than this?
Friendly reminder that Idina Menzel is only one person :)
Taylor's Instagram post with Idina Menzel and her Olaf costume has hit 2 million likes!
I suggest one with Idina Menzel, Norbert Leo Butz, and/or Jeremy Jordan. You can never go wrong with them 👌🏾
At 8pm it's Curtain Up! Featuring the amazing voices of Kerry Ellis, Idina Menzel, Sheridan Smith and Imelda Staunton.
Well then, there we go... Idina Menzel. Naglfar. Gotye. Emilie Autumn. Van Halen. Alex Band. Norah Jones. Devin...
Latest IfThenMusical news from IFTTT: 'If/Then' a pleasure for fans of Idina Menzel and her powerhouse voice Go to…
Imagine if Idina Menzel and Kate Walsh took a picture together. . RIP me
Watch Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel sing (dressed as Olaf and Elsa)
I'm sorry, but Chess in Concert is so great. Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, and Adam Pascal? Um, yes?
I want the strength of Idina Menzel's voice, the range of Sierra Bogges, and the vocals of Sutton Foster and Laura Michelle Kelly.
"It has taught me that you have the opportunity and the power to wake up and start your life over every single day" Idina Menzel on If/Then
(kudos to David Stone for pushing for original musicals) "If/Then" brings Idina Menzel to Denver: via
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so Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, Jesse Martin, Taye Diggs are awful too? they made the show come to life
Updates from the Idina Menzel concert... I'm totally fan girling. She sang Defying Gravity. I can die happy.
NOW on - win tickets to Idina Menzel, Lexi Walker, GENTRI and Ben Hale for one BIG night tonight in
I have Disney orientation, Mary Poppins the musical and the Idina Menzel concert, this is everything i would want in a weekend omg
Idina Menzel at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts - Concert Reviews -
I liked a video from Chess. In Concert (Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, London Philharmonic,
48 Hours: Best things to do in Metro Detroit: Catch Idina Menzel at the Fox Theatre, visit the Hazel Park Art ...
went to see Nicki Minaj last week, saw Chris Brown tonight, and seeing Idina Menzel this Sunday. I love having two jobs 😍💰
Like... How many people realize how amazing Idina Menzel is? They've all heard this song a million times... But do …
Diva Talk - Best Of! Including a chat with Idina Menzel, as she played Official Liza Minnelli...
A part of me wishes that Lea Michelle was actually Idina Menzel's daughter.
Had the absolute best time today with my love's at the Idina Menzel concert! @ Mizner Park Amphitheater
Listening to 'One Short Day' by Kristen Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, and Company via
Idina Menzel will charm fans both young and old in Raleigh
Photoset: playbill: Lena Hall as Pink? Idina Menzel as Radiohead? Transformative Covers of Pop Songs by...
Broadway star Idina Menzel about to hit the Mann Center on first big solo tour
REVIEW: Idina Menzel lets it go from the start of Sands Bethlehem Event Center
I just entered for a chance to win tix to Idina Menzel at Red Hat Amphitheater Raleigh 7/22!
Don't miss Idina Menzel at Red Hat Amphitheater Raleigh on July 22! Tix still available here: ht…
At this moment,Jennifer Lawrence, the mom from Home Alone, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Julie Andrews & Anne Hathaway
Idina Menzel show at wembley arena last night,knocked it out of the park!!!
Met a camp man from Yorkshire on the tube. "We've been to see 2 shows today: Miss Saigon and Idina Menzel. We've done nowt but cry."
Not going to PRIDE today.I'm seeing Idina Menzel at Wembley & singing along to "Let It Go" that's right I've just out g…
COMING UP: Tony Award winner Idina Menzel joins us for her world tour
West End Live, Memphis, front row for Kylie and others in Hyde Park and an incredible Idina Menzel show. Best 3 days in a row I've ever had.
Remember that time Idina Menzel, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Amy Adams were in a musical and Idina never sang?
The casting of Idina Menzel and Lea Michele as mother and daughter is one of the best casting jobs in the history of TV
Is Ana Gasteyer fronting as Idina Menzel at the
Spotted at the theatre: Winklevoss twins, Angela Lansbury, Idina Menzel & Andrew Rannells. I love New York!
Lana Parrilla said Idina Menzel was phenomenal goodnight
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West Coast will see Idina in If/Then! - Idina Menzel is set to join the musical for select cities on the West Coas...
listen to the version with Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth it's the BEST
Rabbit hole of my own personal *** with Lea Michele Dianna Agron and Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel at Bournemouth... Tony Award-winning singer/actor Oh YES it's
SXM just played Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, and Idina Menzel. Where are you, Groff?
Video: elenabernalt: Idina Menzel - Ethel Merman tribute (She’s going to sing this in her world tour!)
Photoset: the three stages of fangirling: idina menzel
Day off, so I'm sitting in my conservatory listening to Idina Menzel ☀️🎶
Let it go, that perfect girl is gone, here I stand in the light of day - Idina Menzel (Frozen)
Late night recording session with Idina Menzel. Aka
Cant hide this feeling of excitement to see the gorgeous idina menzel live. Going to save my tears
I like to play this game where I say something along the lines of "Oh yeah, I know Idina Menzel! She's from Frozen,…
Just sang all day and my vocal cords are rawer than Idina Menzel's circa 1996
If you love something, you have to let it go 👶👶 ♫ Let It Go by Idina Menzel (with moni) —
Am I embarrassed Idina Menzel singing National Anthem is on my workout playlist? No. If you think I should be, you're p…
Brave (by Idina Menzel) 👍 I want to get more band logos! And those German weirdos changed theirs just after I got it! *** 😁
Idina Menzel singing Walker songs and John Denver Medley at Red Rocks via
Idina Menzel's cheekbones are a very persuasive argument for the existence of a higher power
I don't think Idina Menzel is even a real human being to be honest.
The amount of love I have for Idina Menzel is unreal
Note and fluttershy duet please listen
Not sure which I love more. "Idina Menzel Stops The Senate" or "Idina Menzel debuts on Capitol Hill" 😂❤️
If Idina Menzel wants to play Elphaba in the Wicked movie, you let Idina Menzel play Elphaba in the Wicked movie.
Omg, Idina Menzel has played in the Apollo Victoria Theater in the very beginning of the UK version of Wicked? :O
Last time I was at radio city music hall I was seeing Idina Menzel with
Wow everybody's coming here in the Philippines except my faves. Everybody even Robin Thicke & Idina Menzel who has like 1 or 2 songs 😑
If Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Idina Menzel and Colleen Ballinger ran the country, this would be a *** good country
Idina Menzel forgot the words to a song and broke character. If/Then was hands down the best thing I've ever seen.
still in shock of Idina Menzel & If/Then last night-- thanks to nyc for one of best nights of my life :-)
I'm listening to Let It Go by Idina Menzel using
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but I still love her because she's idina Menzel
the only night I couldnt is Aug 15 my neighbor fromhome and I are going to see Idina Menzel to celebrate her getting a kidney
"Let it go before you even catch it."- the other not-so-great Idina Menzel song
I wonder how much Idina Menzel made on Frozen. Disney Unveils Details on ‘Star Wars: VIII’ and ‘Frozen’ Sequel.
Idina Menzel, still in Disney Jail for unintentional false leak 2014. Disney is waiting for her sentence to end before sequel negotiations.
Throwback to when I was living on a college campus during the summer while Idina Menzel was there. (They wouldn't let us see her)
never trust uberfacts. Idina Menzel said in an interview that there wouldn't be a sequel.
“idina menzel's sneeze is better than me.” It would be an honor if you wiped my nose for me -xoxo Idina
The cold never bothered me anyway. Listen to Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell's new song from 'Frozen Fever'
Check out me singing Let It Go here:
Frozen 2 OST will include the Idina Menzel/Waka Flocka collaboration song "Get it Low"
Best part of my day yesterday. Getting free tickets to Idina Menzel's If/Then!! So sad I didn't get her autograph though 😢
"You're not doing anyone favors if you hide you talents from the world". -Idina Menzel
They just can't Disney announced that is officially happening:
Don't feel. Don't let them know... Well now they know!. 【Let It Go/IDINA MENZEL】
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to hear John Facenda talking about Lambeau Field or Idina Menzel singing Let It Go.
"Thank you, John Travolta, for grabbing Idina Menzel's face at the Oscars..."
New post: "Idina Menzel gets revenge on John Travolta"
Idina Menzel and Glom Gazingo present Best Original Song at Oscars 2015 (VIDEO) via
John Travolta got Idina Menzel's name right after Adele Dazeem Oscars gaffe: She proved that she's as gracious as…
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