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Idaho City

Idaho City is a city in and the county seat of Boise County, Idaho, United States, located about northeast of Boise.

Silver City Twin Falls

Boil water advisory remains in effect for the city of White Bird in Idaho County through the weekend. This applies…
"For adding too much cinnamon to my Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I proclaim Elder Lucy NoLuck as Blood Hunted in New York…
The capital of Israel is what the nation of Israel chooses it to be. Another country recognizing a city to be anoth…
Now we are hearing about commercial buildings from the territorial area. Idaho City has the 1870 Boise Basin Merc,…
Ooo, now we get to hear about Silver City. $40 million in silver, plus the first daily newspaper in Idaho. Ended in…
Idaho was settled west to east, from people coming back from Oregon. 1864, Idaho city had 6000 people and was bigge…
My capital city of boise, Idaho has 2 million people at best and 1 million atleast... and w…
In the light of declaring the capital of I would like to declare Boise, Idaho…
*Subway is late by 3 minutes*. People: This is the worst city ever. I'm moving back to Idaho and become a potato farmer what is this life
moscow is also, per the *** administrator on campus that i befriended, The Gayest City In Idaho (an EXTREMELY low bar)
Idaho beats WSU by 30 and UW beats Kansas in Kansas there’s that
POLL: Predict final non-conference record. is now 7-2 on the season. They have four non-conf…
I miss my Dad who today would be taking my family on our Xmas road trip to LA, Salt Lake City, and Idaho to visit my relatives ❤️
A female inmate who escaped nearly two decades ago from an Idaho work center was captured in South Dakota using a f…
Boise Rescue Mission's City Light Home, a shelter for women and children, benefits from 7Cares Idaho Shares…
Arizona Water Company is the privately-owned water utility that serves about two-thirds of the cit…
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Its that time of the year..200 cars towed! If only there was a way car owners could make themselves reachable?…
A city councilman for the tiny town of Stanley has been leading the charge for a proposed Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve — the fir…
Like the Boise River itself, praise keeps flowing for Idaho's capital city.
Well... geez, since we're shaking things up can we move Ohio State University to Iowa City, Idaho?
Someone left a bit of inspiration on the whiteboard in the Iwamizawa Conference Room at City Hall.
Clearly the California city slickers know more than the local yokels of Idaho and Montana about ***
Idaho population growth in state roughly equivalent to a city the size of Boise.
Dream Drawing from the portfolio City of Rocks, Idaho. Ishimoto. Ink and acetate emulsion painted paper with collaged
I'd tell a Watchman,. Tel Aviv is a fine place to balance the chaos, a fulcrum city. Leave her be. Jerusalem…
So now you reelected you going screw up city even more with your liberal ideals and not bring more…
w/ to fun funky Boise Idaho. Walkable urban city w/ history, food, + art!…
We are busy installing artworks from our Boise Visual Chronicle & Portable Works collections. Join us 12/7 4-6pm
Idaho Falls officials say people are not moving their cars off the road for snowplows and some 200 cars have been t…
Billings, MT adds to lead & 4 more cities are added to the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain. Reno, Nevada, Boise, I…
The City should also be looking at more pickup zones for ride hailing services. Most popular Uber destination in I…
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Borne and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Now living in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Parking restrictions are now in place. All vehicles need to be moved off City of Idaho Falls roadways or…
Located in Cork City, we are vocal about local!
ASD considers reaffirming Welcoming city partnership with MOA and AEDC. One step short of sanctuary status.
The City of Idaho Falls has initiated parking restrictions around the city because of the recent
Watching thunderstorms developing over Idaho City. These could move into the Boise area.
Spending enjoying Mother Nature and natural hot springs in Idaho City ✌🏽🌎
ID 21: Road maintenance operations from Rabbit Creek Road to Garden Valley Road (7 to 31m N of Idaho City).
Payette Brewing fundraiser to help rebuild Idaho City-area yurt system is tonight.
I-15: Roadway reduced to one lane from Exit 22 - Colton Lane to Malad Summit (7 to 9m N of Malad City).
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho cities and counties would lose taxpayer $$ if they adopted "sanctuary city" policies under new bill
Including the airport in the liberal, elitist coastal city of Boise, Idaho..
City councilman, 20, dies in crash with a semi-truck full of beets
Last year in Jerome Idaho, 3 refugee boys raped & video a 5 year old girl! The city tried to keep the story quiet
[extremely Idaho voice] Boise is pretty liberal and has more refugees per capita than any city of its size.
You have to add Omaha, NE, Kansas City, Idaho, And Kentucky. It's not just the coasts...
Ah yes the reliable liberal costal elite city of Boise Idaho
Fernandez was one of the youngest to be elected to city council in the state.
Idaho city council member killed in car crash
Idaho city councilman dies in crash with beet truck. .
Just a splash of big city culture in Idaho comes in the form of this epic wine bar, The Bridge, which is sure to...
So sad to lose such a young, powerful voice. Rest well in peace, young hero. “The lack of a youth voice leads to...
20-year-old city councilman dies after car wreck in Idaho
Body of missing Boise teen found near Idaho City. Sierra's family released a statement. Read it here. . (Via KTVB)
Boise State student's missing body found an hour away from her home: Body of college student Sierra Bush, 18, was found in Idaho City,…
Body of missing BSU student Sierra Bush found near Idaho City
Body of missing BSU student Sierra Bush found in near Idaho City
Saturday at Bogus with views of the north of Idaho City.
I.F. crews and mini-ambulance assist with the Pioneer Fire in Idaho City. Idaho Falls Fire Department Training
Idaho City students celebrate new outdoor education center:
Find out why Friday's celebration for Basin students in Idaho City was 17 years in the making.
Basin students in Idaho City unveil outdoor eduction center during an celebration 17 years in the making.
When you bring a friend from Cali to Idaho and you take him to his first kegger in B-City.🙈🙈😘
Kansas City being in Missouri has always been confusing to me. I think we should rename Spokane "Idaho". For one thing, it may as well be.
The Steelheads and Rush play Game 2 of their weekend series tonight in Rapid City. PREVIEW:
A city that stands no more. A look into the once "Atomic" City of Idaho
Slayer in Concert at Revolution Concert House and Event Center - Mar 17. ► Find Tickets:
Nothing like walking up too the city center in Idaho with Bernie supporters standing out front🙄
Made it back to Salt lake city nice and safe. Stoked to wake up at 6am and head to idaho for a weekend full of BASE jumping!!
The Steelheads winning streak ends in Rapid City with a 2-1 loss to the Rush. RECAP:
Pit stop in the beautiful city if Burley. "Idaho's Paris", as some say.
Remodel City Hall or building new police, city operations and fire facilities?
The Good Life (with Benefits): Boise, Idaho: Best Places to Live - via
The Idaho Senate passed a bill that would ban cities from setting local minimum wage standards.
CSI Maintenance Alert:. Hello College of Southern Idaho Campus –. City of Twin Falls main supply line has been...
ICYMI: Former Lake City standout Scott Turner takes the long road home to North Idaho College
One of the benefits of being a wildland firefighter.the view. Photo Credits: Idaho City Ranger District Employee
Ketchum is near agreement with Idaho Power over solar panels: The city...
Idaho Falls Wounded Warrior Project Theatre brings hidden gems to the city
Idaho by the Numbers is NUMEROLOGY FOR CITIES! Do you agree w/ what we said about your city?
Last day on the job In Davao City, Philippines! Thanks Southern Idaho A/G for sending us to help Family Circus
Dissapointed in idaho st athletics.. They need to go to inner city oakland get some ballers
The world's most expensive city in 2016 is ...
Evocative photos of what a nuclear future can be – Atomic City, Idaho
"The world's most expensive city in 2016 is ..."
Haunting photos of Idaho's 30 years after disaster drove everyone away via
Idaho lawmakers vote to ban local areas from raising minimum wage. .
It's that time of year. Idaho City prep starts now ✊🏽
Idaho chief justice to step down, Clive Strong to run for seat - Wed, 09 Mar 2016 PST
Former Idaho City Mayor Jim Obland says he is bothered that people didn't investigate his accusations before...
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There's a city in Idaho called Bonanza.
Business trip to Boise, Idaho for a consult! New city for me! Excited!
The landslide in Elk City has made work to feed hungry Idahoans in the region more difficult, but not impossible.
OK Gregg in Soda Springs Idaho, The magic something else. Amazing results instant. Post in 601 city .
*** right Boise is the healthiest city in the USA
Now city hall Sen Stennett, Rep Pence and Rep Miller Q&A on ID legislation. Come ask!
This is unacceptable. As a council member I will never support adding fluoride to the City water. According to...
Yo city not being graced with Beyoncè's presence?! Where you from Idaho or some shxt?
~Amsterdam is a beautiful city!!! I moved clear across the USA from frosty Idaho☃to sunny Florida🌞 And it's colder here 2day🌴💨
Here in Idaho the state is trying to pass a law making it illegal for any city to raise the minimum wage themselves.
Great to visit with my friends at the Idaho Association of Counties at their midwinter conference in Garden City.
The city of Idaho Falls and the Tautphaus Park Zoo are inviting teen-agers to participate in the Junior Zoo Crew...
to winter 1867-1873 in Silver City, in the Owyhee Mountains. Copyright:
When you go on tour make sure you come to Salt Lake City or Boise, Idaho ok ?? 😜💜
To race Idaho City this year or nah...? 💸🚵
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breaking News from Make-A-Wish Australia! The city of Sydney has been saved by mysterious super hero Iron Boy.
These ladies rock. Also, who knew the first city-owned library in was in a fire station?
$199,900 - Slice of Paradise in the heart of the city.
Some animals are eating the rutabaga that drop off trucks in the city. @ Mystikal…
Admin Lake City, About the company Based in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, Progrex...
It's picture day for the City Council!
Big game tonight for girls basketball. 6pm at Columbia HS vs Idaho City.
Add me on snapchat! Drop your snapchat names below.. :-) @ City of Eagle, Idaho
Have a great day from your Capital City!
How to be certain. Be courageous. Nampa Idaho. Make money as a City Promoter. Free Mentor.
City Council to decide whether to put Essential Services Facilities Bond on 5/17 Ballot. Public tour of build…
E: “Why do people still live in Gotham and Star City?”. N: “People in Idaho probably say the same thing about people in Chicago”
Wilder's all-Latino city council is a first for Idaho. The latest installment of
KTVB Can Utah's housing model work in Boise? KTVB A plan the city of Boise announced Tuesday…
I'm not dead, just stuck in Idaho taking pix of spec properties. Here's my favorite in Atomic City.
ID 21: Rock fall danger from Daggett Grade Road to Grimes Creek Road (9m S of Idaho City).
Burley Mayor Merlin Smedley "says farm animals do not belong in the city." Some think Smedley's the dumb 🐰
Man arraigned on manslaughter charges in freeway wreck that killed Garden City man - The Idaho Statesman: The ...
Visit Cork on Saturday and use the for free !. Bus transfer with into the City, Breakfast in Idaho and SHOP SHOP SHOP
Jerome used to be the wealthiest city in Idaho. We're not now. But we can get back there.
Why is proper use of right of way important? Read latest city enewsletter.
KTVB Boise author gets Key to the City KTVB Mayor Dave Bieter presented the Key to the City of…
City crews will be pruning trees along downtown streets over the next few days. This affects only trees owned by the city.
Today: New Tools and Traditional City Building session with at Idaho Excited to share our work in Ponderay, Idaho.
Tune in to check out the City of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Council candidates tonight at 5:30PM on CdA TV (Channel 19).
Garden City becomes first city in Idaho designated a "Bee City USA!" Yay for pesticide-free food sources for bees!
Twenty One Pilots and Echosmith On Stage at Revolution Concert House and Event Center - Oct 21. ► Tickets:
Way to go, Idaho! Ketchum Bans Sale, Distribution of Bottled Water on City Property
the concert is in Garden City, Idaho :)
Two Residences in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho the City of Beautiful Homes -
$2.47 and with loyalty discount, $ Idaho's 2nd largest city, this the7th day of October, 2015.
So according to my students' results on their map quiz,,Idaho is a city, and Boston is in New Jersey
CuMo Mining gets approval to drill more near Idaho City to map its molybdenum deposit
Let's not let SF be the 1st city to do it, adopt the Idaho stop in PHX!.
The movie magic makers of Petrolicious take us to Boulder City, Idaho to check out Toyota's iconic 1
Feds approve exploratory for copper, silver 14 north of I. Idaho City.
Idaho by the Numbers is NUMEROLOGY FOR CITIES! What did your city score?
I literally hate this city so much . Who's from Idaho I can live with lmao
PSA: please come support liberty volleyball team TONIGHT against IDAHO CITY! JV at 6!! VARSITY at 7…
I don't even consider myself a cowboy 😂 I'm from the city and listen to music that *** old people off 😂
Wisdom teeth pulled 😒 and going to Idaho city to see my boo 😘
Feel honest. Get accomplishment. Sun Valley Idaho. People love you as a City Promoter. Free Signup.
KTVB City of Boise considers unique land swap KTVB BOISE -- Boise city leaders be asked to…
You only wish you were... Idaho... or Salt Lake City for that matter.
2016 (Riverside City CC) JUCO WR Jermel Walker was just offered by Idaho . HL
Struggling with staff to solve the essential difficulties of dog poop maintenance within the city! Code 6.04…
This tour in Idaho City allows you to take a trip back to the 1800's:
Idaho City home tour shows history and resilience -
Let's go to Idaho City, an original Old Wild West town
Hiking Crooked River Trail in the Boise National Forest outside of Idaho City. Found myself a nice…
Idaho, Usa. I'll give you the city later. 😘😀😀
It's a fun filled day with KidsFest Idaho at Kleiner Park and Concerts on Broadway tonight in the Meridian City Hall Plaza!
Idaho city’s ordinance tells pastors to marry *** or go to jail…
Citizens, city consultant take walking tour of Sherman Avenue -
Boise City Council Member and family adopt from Ethiopia
Technically garden city but that's the same thing as Boise
Looking for a seeking perm OT for Scenic Idaho City near Spokane, WA!
Harvesting under a blue moon in July in sugar city Idaho unheard of
The sun says farewell as we continue our trip to Idaho. We love this area around Baker City, Oregon - so pretty!
I love the city life! It's time for me to say peace out Idaho... hello bigger and better living!
Explored the Sandpoint, Idaho city beach. Tomorrow, we head back home to western Washington!…
Photo: City of Rocks National Rreserve in Idaho is really incredible. (at City of Rocks National...
A gorgeous shot of the at City of Rocks National Reserve in This photo of the moon was taken this …
Disneyland should make a Soarin over Idaho, it would be the most beautiful thing ever and Idaho Falls is the equivalent to LA for city life
the person who left this sofa in the high desert near Atomic City, Idaho cc
Windward Gift Shop • Trash to Treasure. Made in Sandpoint, Idaho. Both in City Park and Beach.
Boise, Idaho: 99th largest city in the US, easily the largest Basque population in the US.
City to take proactive & collaborative approach to funding outside agencies.
So we are finally in Idaho we are getting close to Salt Lake City though! I'm ready for this!
Michael Aranda was in my city in Idaho while I was in Nevada! Goddammit!
White ex-DC official sues city, claims he was called *** and fired over race
Twin Falls latest Idaho city to attract Uber. Service came to Idaho Falls starting with Beer Fest earlier this summer
Beijing chosen to host 2022 Winter Olympics, is first city to host Summer and Winter Games
Hey seeing at Salt Lake City was great and all, but you really should stop by Boise, Idaho. That would be awesome!!
» blue moon 'Blue moon' to occur Friday: Where does the phrase come from? » NEWS » Idaho USA Boise City…
State fire marshal has released Idaho City boardwalk buildings, but fire investigation continues -
GB sending three T1 crews to Alaska. Bonneville, Cedar City and Idaho City will mob Saturday the 18th on the NICC jet ou…
ID 21: Road maintenance operations from Mores Creek Summit to Crooked River Road (12 to 15m N of Idaho City).
Garden Valley and Idaho City areas will experience smoke impacts from Freeze Out Ridge fire this evening.
if there's time here's the route to Idaho City:
Idaho city proposes to regulate and license robots - and ban common items:
I am not a city girl. Been in town *way* too long. 😀. Headed for Idaho mountains for last part of vacation.
Strange thing with car dealers in my city: So oppo, i live in a college town in nothern idaho, moscow...
Still on the way to Salt Lake City, Utah from Idaho, tired of all this driving 😩😫
We had a lot of success today in idaho city pioneer cemetary can't wait to share with everyone. Great job to all members Jeff,Geoff, and ...
Idaho City. Apparitions paranormal had a great time today In Idaho City and famously known haunted graveyard Pioneer Cemetery.
Starting to see a few t-storms in the area in addition to the gusty winds. One is bet. Boise & Idaho City moving SE, other is E. of Mtn Home
Check out the new item in my Etsy shop, City Downtowns Idaho Postcard Montpelier Post Card Photo Card
Employee raises? More buses? More events? More parks & rec? Tell us what you want to see in city budget.
Apparitions Paranormal is going to be in Idaho City today on a investigation!
Spend a whole day exploring and on bike. It's a city for cyclists:
Am I the only one that doesn't think living in the "city" includes Boise, Idaho?
Check out this segment on KMVT News about next week's Traveling Wall event in City of Jerome, Idaho!
Too many 'selfies' disturb bull elk in Idaho
Magruder Corridor thwarts city boy in Idaho, but Montana side of America's ... The Oregonian…
Iran: six religious minority members arrested in city of Hamedan
US 20: Mobile maintenance operations from The South Ashton City Limits (5m W of Ashton) to Targee Pass (3m E of Is...
ohh yeah I always forget. My parents lived in a city called Idaho falls as well as Twin Falls
gets heat 4 advocating comp. smoke-free policy in Garden City, ID but partial policies tend to stick
yes, I-84 was my drive into your beautiful city. Idaho *** I can't express how much that is true.
Ok so my teacher wants my personal career plan for one of my 2 last assignments for my class. I am looking at it - and all I can think is: this is a *** of a big outline I created and yes it's a good idea for a 5 year plan - however, I am kinda wanting to keep gardening heirloom veggies and herbs in my garden while attracting and providing a habitat to bees and butterflies (botany and entomology), go learn about Earth Ships May 31st with Julie and Katt, so I know what to do once I buy my own piece of land (sustainable living), go wilderness camping with Mountain Lions, Beavers, Hummingbirds and Black Bears in the Idaho City mountains (studying wildlife), rock hounding near Silver City (gemology and geology), swimming and snorkeling at Lucky Peak Reservoir (hydrology) and then go up to Winchester, ID to adopt a Wolf, which I intend to do - really, to do my part as a conservationist! Now that's what I call an Environmental Science Major career plan! What's wrong with that?!!! ;)
Good morning Riderz. Couple of great rides today before the BBQ. So get some seat time in with us. Two different routes today. All are welcome to come and enjoy the ride and meet new Riderz. First run today is to Idaho City. Riderz are meeting at Chevron off the the Gowen exit at 9:45 Second run is Black Canyon Canal Rd. Riderz are meeting at Chevron on South Eagle Rd towards freeway across from St. Luke's. Meet time is 12:00-12:30 Hope to see you all out today. Please be respectful of new Riderz. And please be safe today. Keep the shiny side up! Can't wait to meet all of you at BBQ Later this afternoon. ✌️👊👍
The recent Idaho 21 avalanche closure, in the 12-mile stretch from Grandjean Junction to Banner Summit, was one of a kind, but also not completely unprecedented. The highway was closed the afternoon of March 3 for avalanche threat. The first of multiple slides occurred March 6, and the road was closed until Sunday afternoon, March 16, in the aftermath of the avalanche activity. “We just kept pushing snow out of the way with loaders and the bulldozer, and used the excavators and dozer to sort through the snow for trees and rocks," said Idaho City maintenance foreman Stuart Wilson. “Once we cleared out the other material, we could use the big rotary to blow out the snow. “ The length of the closure, 13 days (March 3-16), made for the longest closure of the highway in at least the last six years. Until about 1986, however, this stretch of road was closed for the entire winter every winter as a concession to the avalanche threat. Avalanche has been the reason for eight of the nine longest highway closur ...
Dear Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter, With my dog and everything I could fit in a short bed '69 Chevy, I chose to become an Idahoan in August of 1980. I was 19 years old. For the first two weeks, I couldn't find a place to live so I camped at Grayback Gulch campground and bathed where Mores and Elk Creek converge. I am an Idahoan. For a few years, I lived in a teepee and a cabin with no running water or electricity. A few years after that, I was a ranch caretaker, feeding 16 horses and clearing the snow from 1.5 miles of dirt road with a John Deere tractor. Somewhere in there, I ran a D5 Cat and kept the dump at Idaho City. My other job was flipping burgers at The Chalet. I am an Idahoan. I have cut down trees and split them to length for my wood stove, my heat. I pulled water from a hole in the ice and hauled it up the hill to my cabin. I am an Idahoan. I shot my first deer on the banks of the St. Maries, planted thousands of trees on the St. Joe and caught cutthroat on the Coeur d'Alene. I marked timber ou ...
My old territory! MT: Idaho City: a gold rush boom business for over 100 ramshackle years -
Idaho City: A former gold rush boom town has managed to stay in business for over 100 ramshackle years -
Remember Evel Knievel's attempt to rocket across the Snake River Canyon? Our friend Troy Hartman needs approval from Twin Falls, Idaho City. So if you would like to show support, please send an email to jumpstating you want Troy to rocket across the canyon!!! :) This will be so awesome. Please share this if you want!! The more letters they get, the better chance he has of being approved and performing this awesome stunt! Thank you!
Tonight is Date Night at The Springs - A Luxury Hot Springs Resort in Idaho City! A beautiful drive only 45...
What a wonderful B-day!! Finally made it to Idaho City!! The area reminded me of Cougar, and the town was an Amboy/Yacolt type feel. The population is 458. A really cute little mining/ghost type town. There was a rodeo going on and it reminded me of Territorial Days. Found a couple of awesome swimming holes and came away with some color in my pan. PERFECT!!
Have been asked "why do you call your clients the poor man family" We don't just look at the Poor Man Family as a dollar bill, slip stream of revenue. We enjoy talking, visiting with, and sharing a little bit more than simply clean windows with those in our lives daily. You see, it is not hard to make a buck, anyone who has the ability to sweat can do that. We at Poor Man Window Cleaning enjoy what we do as well as who we do it for. We like Boise and our becoming varied sundries of people's. We like the community we service from Challis to McCall, Caldwell to Idaho City, Boise to Pine and Featherville. Without our Poor Man Family, we would not be privy to these communities. Two examples from today- We provide window cleaning for Tony's Texaco on vista and the freeway. Stopped in today and Tony took time out of his day to talk to me. Been thru some personal hardships as of late. I get my fuel with Tony several times a week so he has seen my body language and himself had some experiences. He always takes a ...
"Rock the Mountain" A local and regional outdoor music festival featuring Rock and Heavy Metal artists. 28 bands covering 2 epic days. An All Ages Event. Must be 21 or older to consume Alcohol. Description We are nestled in the mountain just minutes from Boise Idaho along Historic Grimes Creek near Idaho City. Hd's Hideout has the coldest beer on the mountain and BIG Daddy's BBQ has the best food to keep you going strong all weekend long
For those interested in racing results: Just watched the finish of the John Penton GNCC on live web feed. Kailub Russell wins, followed by Mullins, Strang and Whibley. Maria Forsberg take 3rd OA in the morning race (yes!) behind a couple Super Senior A guys. Those *** Super Seniors are going way too fast for me these days. Old news, but David Kamo's team wins the Baja 500 yesterday after Caselli crashes big time on the KTM. Haven't heard on his condition, but know he was transported to the hospital. Anyone with Sunday results from Idaho City, post them when you hear. Also, haven't heard results from the Golden Spike?
I spent yesterday at "The Springs" a spa and natural hot springs just outside of Idaho City. I would share the pictures I took but just before leaving I jumped back into the large hot tub filled with hot spring water... it was so relaxing until I realized that my camera was in my pocket still. lol. Sad to say... no pictures.
OPENING FEBRUARY 14 2013 A Hot Springs Resort in Idaho City, ID Come soak in our natural hot springs pools under the clear mountain skies just 45 minutes from downtown Boise. STAY IN TOUCH and get the...
The discovery of gold in the Boise Basin of Idaho brought thousands of men to the area in search of fortune. Equipped with gold pans, sluice boxes, and shovels, they claimed ground and prospected for gold in the rich gold bearing streams. Towns like Placerville, Idaho City, and Pioneerville seemed t...
"Rendezous with the Devil" is an all original rockabilly blues music project recorded by The Juke Daddys of Idaho City, ID.
As of 7 AM MST the Idaho Department of Transportation reports icy spots on Interstate 84 from milepost 188 through 222 and east from there on Interstate 86. Also slush from milepost 55 through 71 (just east of Boise to the Elmore county line). Also slush on State highway 21 from Highland Valley Summit to Idaho City, then snow on the roadway beyond Idaho City. Snow has generally ended however.
Located 8 miles north of Idaho City on highway 21 Mores creek cabins are 3 yurt sized cabins surrounded by national forest. Open year round to hikers, four wheelers, horseback riding, hot spring tours, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and more. Ea cabin has its own woodstove with complimentary wood, bunks ...
This is the marines birthday and Veterans Day weekend so I want to take the time to thank all those who contributed to making this a free country and especially to my dad Walter Taresh who was a Marine serving in Korea, to my brother Kevin Taresh who served in the Air Force, to my son Richie Beard who was a navy medical corpsman in Guam, to my daughter Kendi Farthing who is in the Air Guard as a flight nurse and who works in a V A hospital and deployed to Mongolia, to her husband Bryan Farthing and his father Kevin Farthing, to my daughter Mary Beard who did 2 and a half years in Afghanistan keeping the Afghanis safe from terrorism, to my nephew Greg Taresh who served in Iraq instilling peace there, to my nephew Cole Schwartz and his father who are serving in the National Guard, to my Idaho City students who are serving, and to my new friend Mike Butler who had my daughters backl while she was passing out gifts to the Afghani children, and last but by no means least to Chief Rick Oliveraz who took my dau ...
We took a drive down Idaho City way today. Just being out on such a beautiful day was wonderful. This is my favorite time of year. Ken took me out to Sunrise for dinner afterward. It dawned on me while I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner that I will still be on a liquid diet on Thanksgiving had turkey with cornbread stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and a fruit cup. I ate about half of each thing and was satisfied. The best thing about going out to dinner is the people you are with.just like Thanksgiving (except this time I didn't have to do the dishes! Score!)
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Maui friend Jesse Pearson is renovating this historic warm springs near Idaho City. He's built an architecturally stunning new lodge adjacent the large geothermal pool. Beautiful work!
Headed up to Idaho City to go deer hunting. HEY!
Sunday 21 October at 2:00 p.m. Mountain time. I will be in Idaho City talking about the history of brewing in Idaho. If you are within, say 500 miles, come by and say hi. They honor a local brew at this event each year. I will consume a libation or 10.
Would someone turn on the fan !! we are having lots of smoke cuz someone started a forest fire up near Idaho City. One friend said that smokers ought to be saving lots of $$ cuz all they gota do is go outside and they can get all the smoke they can hold
Anyone remember the hot springs at Idaho City - it's reopening in October!
Prairie Pines in Zooey Land, 38f this morning, beautiful clear blue sky, Hello Fall. Nice evening run from IHT at Silver City to here. Great summer tour with the Idaho Heritage Trust. . Idaho City on Thurs. Many historic buildings and renovations. Silver City is still the best kept Ghost Town in the US. Amazing rebuilding of 1860s buildings.
After spending three weeks working the Trinity Fire, I just checked off the fire which is located deep in the interior of the Boise National Forest. It has now consumed over 100,000 thousand acres of prime forest and is threatening the communities of Featherville and Pine. Idaho City and Atlanta are also possibly in its sights. It has kicked our behind for three weeks with no end in sight. It has out manuvered every effort created to stop it. I had to evacuate spike camps two nights in a row with the fire lapping at our heels. Tomorrow could be fatal for Featherville due to a low passing to the north with forcasted winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour within the fire area. Keep those people and the efforts of the fire fighters to prevent it entering the community in your prayers.
Trinity Ridge Fire Update Fire Facts: Date started: August 3, 2012 Number of Personnel: 934 Location: Featherville, Idaho Crews: 1 Type 1, 22 Type 2 Size: 69,216 acres Engines: 33 Dozers: 2 Percent Contained: 3% Water Tenders: 17 Estimated Containment: 10/01/12 Helicopters: 1 Type 1 and 1 Type 3 Cause: Human Injuries to Date: 3 Structures Lost: 4 Outbuildings Lost: 4 Cost to Date: $6,833,297 There will be a community meeting at 10:30am today at the Pine Senior Center. There will be a community meeting in Idaho City on Friday, August 17, at 6:00pm at the Idaho City Community Hall. Fire managers will be present to give an overview of the fire and answer questions. The Elmore County Sheriff has re‐evaluated the mandatory road closure and has extended the window of opportunity for residents to access their property for a limited time today. The road will reopen from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., today, August 16, 2012. Residents wishing to access their property should do so early in the day. The road closure status wil ...
Trudy's Kitchen: The 150 years after the discovery of gold in the Boise Basin will be celebrated from July 28th thru August 4th. Here in Idaho City, starting August 2nd will be the book signing by Byron Johnson, local historian and past Supreme Court Justice at 5:pm at the IC Court House. August 3rd starting at 5:00pm in the John Brogan Park, enjoy Beer ( brewed by Harrison Hollow using local hops ) and Brauts sponsored by the IC Historical Foundation. Then, dance the night away to High Street Band at the Ray Robison Community Hall sponsored by Friends of the Library. Get your tickets at TK's or the library. Fun to be had by all on Saturday August 4th. Interactive pioneer work shops at the John Brogan Park, historic costume parade at 12:00, free carriage rides for Trudy's Kitchen customers and many more fun happenings for the kids at Trudy's Kitchen. Plan on bringing the family and help Idaho City Celebrate the Discovery of GOLD!
We rode to Idaho City after they let us pass and we stopped to get something to eat there. Due to the hold up we knew we were not going to reach our initial goal of getting to Challis, so we set our sights on Stanley Idaho and kept riding. Along the way we saw more elk and some mule deer. As the sun set it became pretty chilly. We got to Stanley just before dark. Our map said there was camping there but we could find no signs. There were lodges and cabins for rent but all had no vacancies due to an Arts Festival that was occurring that weekend. We turned and started back to some campsites we had seen a few miles earlier.These were just cleared sites with no facilities. One the way we saw a place that had lodging so I pulled in and drove up the driveway. A man came out and asked if he could help us. I explained our dilemma and he said that he would let us pitch a tent in behind one of his buildings. He said the local government would get on him if they knew but then said '"You are my cousin from Pa. aren't ...
Got to walk in the Idaho City 4th of July parade with Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department! Had a lot of fun, but man was it hot! Oh well, loved seeing the kids' faces when you throw candy their way! Happy Independence Day to all!
Busy last couple days! James and I took a run to McCall and dropped off furniture! We're headed to Reno and S. Lake Tahoe! Should be an interesting couple days! 10 Special orders for Vinyl, Tshirts, Banners and other goodies, My stores stocked, Parade in Idaho City on Wednesday with my Cub Scouts and burgers and goodies with family! Sheesh, when do we sleep!
Trudy's Kitchen: Cycle Idaho this weekend! Gold Dust Rodeo on the 29th and 30th. Head up to Idaho City, great food and fun in the mountains?
Gold Rush 5K Annual Fun Run/Walk for youth programs. Boise County Community Justice has many programs in Prevention and Diversion for at-risk youth. Community Justice has designed and promoted programs that assist youth in being accountable for their actions and learning to express themselves in positive ways. We believe that given the opportunity, youth strive for balance and service to community. Donations and entry fees raised by this FunRun/Walk will go toward the needs of our youth and will help fund Counseling, books, sports uniforms, direct service programs and will help us continue to offer the types of programs that Boise County Youth have come to depend upon. Entry fees:$15.00 for all ages The race winds through beautiful Idaho City and then branches off for a wonderful race through lush green forest trail then back out for a dash at the last 1/4 mile to Community Justice where the race began. There is a water station /first aid stop at the half way mark. Prizes will be given at the end of the r ...
Almost midnight and not even close to done packing for Idaho City
So much going on in Idaho City this summer! The Exergy Womens National Bike Race on May 27th riding from Garden Valley. The Boise Ridge Riders Hosting the Idaho City 100 Qualifier June 2nd and 3rd. The Idaho Road Rally is June 9th and 10th. Head to the mountains, eat at Trudy's and enjoy the action!
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