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Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers (commercially initialized as IRT) is a documentary-style reality television series that premiered on History on June 17, 2007. It features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers in remote arctic territories in Canada and Alaska, as well as Alaska's improved but still remote Dalton Highway.

Darrell Ward Lisa Kelly History Channel

it speaks volumes about me as person that it thinks I'm 98% match with 'ICE ROAD TRUCKERS'
Maybe Kathy Griffin should go home to Canada and get a job driving a truck on Ice Road Truckers.
After all my years of watching ice road truckers, get the reality of the trucking industry.
saying.. typo./// and the PR ads remain and folks pay to hang and wait.. like ice road truckers waiting 4 hauls to take up road..
Forever wondering what makes people think it's ok or funny to make jokes about Ice Road Truckers 🤔🤔
When will Ice Road Truckers come back on TV? I miss you!
Should I start that before or after this re-run of Ice Road Truckers...?
Remember when summers were fun. Once you're a certain age it becomes watching ice road truckers alone with a PBR thinking about spreadsheets
"Theyre the people who dont understand why ice road truckers exist" - nails the essence of the democratic party.
Thank you. I don't live far from Manchester - and I miss . Ice Road Truckers. When are you back?
A huge THANKYOU to Lisa Kelly and Todd Dewey from Ice Road Truckers for your support our extended slingshot family…
Had a good day at truck fest I met go check him out and Lisa from ice road truckers so good day overall apart from…
When you had the Ice Road Truckers soundtrack downloaded and ready for your adventure but you forgot the aux cord
Yeah love that about Canadians. After an episode or 2 of Ice…
"Would you rather be on ice road truckers or have short term memory loss" -
We had a great family day at the in Newbury and meeting the great Ice Road Truckers
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Having a lazy afternoon watching ice road truckers u and Alex great 👍
Ice Road Truckers but it's dog sleds
Got to meet the beautiful Lisa Kelly and todd from ice road truckers today at my first truckfest…
If TV wasn't so awful, it could run programs on things like this, but ice road truckers *shrug*.
Watching Season 8 Ice Road Truckers. Wonder if Hugh won his lawsuit
we may have to 😗we watch Ice road truckers lol. Dm us x
Okay, Ice Road Truckers can send me my meal for free because I need to be a freshman.
. That episode of Ice Road Truckers was crap!
Home > quiet house > post gig cuppa tea > springer spaniel pleased to see me > some brainless 'ice road truckers' TV. good night all!
*Ice road truckers is on*. Narrator: "Jim sees it's gettin' pretty bad on the road!". Jim: "it's gettin pretty bad out here!"
Shoutout to Philadelphia for paving like 6 roads. Got this Honda Accord going wild like ice road truckers.
I feel like Im on an episode of Ice Road Truckers, driving through NJ these past 2 days.
Should Ice Road Truckers have an eleventh season?
They should've watched Ice Road Truckers, they wouldn't have "fallen" prey to this
How did I get to the point in my life where I'm addicted to ice road truckers on the History Channel
wouldn't want to cut into ice road truckers. But I'm hoping they can do a special
ICE ROAD TRUCKERS TAHOE: Raw CHP video of a harrowing down Highway 80 summit by a Fedex truck
Ice road truckers have to ensure fueling before leaving. or be stuck paying as much as $8/litre in camp. View more!…
Still waiting for the History Channel to pick up my spin off series of Ice Road Truckers titled Ice Cream Truckers
Otsego really became ice road truckers lmfao
The ride to and from work was at least an entire season of Ice Road Truckers. I gotta start live streaming my clenched butthole before I die
We are basically living in an episode of ice road truckers rn driving through an icy mountain
I bought an F150 and immediately reworked my cable plan to include Great American Country & Spike TV exclusively. Miss Ice Road Truckers tho
HEY FRIENDS! Check out my exciting new single that just launched for Ice Road Truckers! .
lmfaoo you wake up every morning to watch ice road truckers and eat hummus cuz now your a redneck Jew.
Tip from a Northern Owner Operator: Ice and snow = Take it slow or get off the road.
Watching ice road truckers 🚜 I have no excuse that how you know I'm bored this is this stuff my brother watch
After that unanesthetized colonoscopy I hope you queue up 7 episodes of Ice Road Truckers in retaliation.
Le Salaire de la peur / Wages of Fear (1953) Sort of like Ice Road Truckers with full-on capitalist critique.
If this is global warming, then these Ice road truckers of Canada are driving their 50-ton trucks on defrosted water
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strange weather this year. I love ice road truckers series.
Woke up mortal in pockets toilets last night at 8 dressed like Lisa from ice road truckers with no phone and no mates
Note to the relevant organs: DISCA is a "strategic asset." The people need their Ice Road Truckers and Eurosport!
they are after Ice road truckers for this winter back home. I'd love to do it. Alone music going . Good life that
Delivering pizzas through this snow and thinking I deserve a TV show similar to Ice Road Truckers
This Beautiful Ice Road Scenery always gives Inspiration for Truckers making the Adventure even more Remarkable.
Hello Alex, just see in France season 9 Ice Road Truckers. Grieved the death of Darrell. Enjoy tour next Season !!
Zman and I mom&son time watching History Channel and Ice Road Truckers. *** these people can drive! Reminds me of a I know too!
My flight looks like a mix between the cast of Swamp People & Ice Road Truckers. We flying classy today.
yo Rick, . So what are you doing now that you have left ice road truckers??
The nights where me & Jordan just drink beer and watch ice road truckers are my favorite ❤ it's the little things 😊
Just another morning of ice road truckers!
Watching ice road truckers. Hats off to all u truckers out there. No one knows how hard ANY type of delivery is let alone driving rigs.
History: Ice Road Truckers is 7 years old today !
I mean, people liked that Ice Road Truckers show, so why not Ice Road news crew.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Fav/RT if season 2 is the best of Ice Road Truckers?? 🤠
I'm assuming that says "From the insane minds behind Sharknado"? Also, chances of a collab with Ice Road Truckers? I say very high
Driving in East's parking lot makes me feel like I'm on Ice Road Truckers
Holy crap yes. At least it wasn't Ice Road Truckers bad where half of the ads were for "free, more comfortable catheters!"
Hairy scene right out of Ice Road Truckers unfolds in high Sierra, reports
If I were a TV executive, I would buy the rights to Pawn Stars, Ice Road Truckers, and Mythbusters and create the DSN- the Dad Show Network.
No- History Channel is all Ice Road Truckers, Mountain People and Mississippi Swamp men...all great supporters of mine
After successfully making the trip from Columbia to St. Louis, I'm ready to audition for Ice Road Truckers.
Reassuring my mom that I've watched enough Ice Road Truckers to safely make my way back to MHK this weekend
TV News: new series of Ice Road Truckers begins filming in the UK
I liked a video from The Untold Truth Of Ice Road Truckers
I'm so drunk and my cousin goes "I was up last night this time watching ice road truckers. Sick." Cracking me up
Snoqualmie pass is no joke. It's Ice Road Truckers out here.
Can't wait to go home for the holidays and binge watch ice road truckers
I could have been on an episode of Ice Road Truckers yesterday. The drive to Portland was so bad. My sonata killed it though
My life is now one continuous episode of Ice Road Truckers. No low, no salt, no sand = no problem?
Pretty sure I qualify to be on an episode of Ice Road Truckers after driving through the unplowed snowbelt roads
'BharatBenz MDT 1214 at home on India's deadliest road show' - read the latest post on our innovation driven product
Come and ride the Haul Road (Ice Road Truckers Road) we don't ride in the snow as it's just summer when we depart...
Once consequence of writing this is I am now sucked into Ice Road Truckers and want to spend the rest of the month watching nothing else
what happened to Ice Road Truckers, that was a cinematic masterpiece
I wrote some dialogue I'd love to see on the History Channel's reality series Ice Road Truckers. Enjoy.
96 lookin like ice road truckers rn. Hopefully its clear when i gotta head out.
Here's how ICE ROAD TRUCKERS goes: Hey this road is icy. I wonder if my truck will drive on it. Oh no it's too icy! Phew,…
Today my life was an episode of ice road truckers
the original ice road truckers, I guess.
was watching Ice Road Truckers or QandA while 8 people died? just resign, accept you failed Victoria
I went through a phase where the only thing I did for hours every day was watch Ice Road Truckers and smoke French cigarettes. Weird times.
Ice pilots is the greatest show ever i should of been born Canadian with my love for ice hockey ice road truckers and ice pilots 😂😑
Todd Dewey discusses his unconventional audition and more in podcast interview.
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looking forward to the rest of Trump's TV-themed cabinet- the Price Is Right guy for treasury, Ice Road Truckers for transport...
If only they made an Ice Road truckers advent!
I feel like an episode of Ice Road Truckers... Welcome to winter in North Dakota.
Ice road truckers got me all distracted again, I love this show
Snowboarders/skiers, snowmen, snowwomen, snow sellers, people who are are hot, ice road truckers, truckers who like cold generally
Todd Dewey talks audition, behind-the-scenes action in podcast interview:
cant wait to go home and watch ice road truckers on DVR
Hey, takes weather and climate very seriously. And they'll tell you about it after this Ice Road Truckers marathon.
Been saying this for years now . by 2030, 90% of these jobs will be gone. Ice road truckers are probably ok, but…
Published a new blog entry Podcast: Todd Dewey talks ‘Ice Road Truckers’ audition, behind-the-scenes action in...
Ice Road Truckers star Todd Dewey alongside Storage Hunters' Jesse McClure are in the main arena commentating at all of…
In this episode of Ice Road Truckers, an ice road and some truckers.
“Ice Road Truckers” Todd Dewey talk about what you don’t see on the show.
Who is ready for Ice Road Truckers on HISTORY... Enjoy this badass after dark on the ice road.
This is perfect level of control. Convo, not Emma. Or ice road truckers. They're out of control.
Update your maps at Navteq
the finale of Ice Road Truckers after about a three week hiatus
don't confuse the two Kutsko. There's a huge rivalry between the ice road and southern truckers.
How the use of airships would help the trucking industry. via
Some of these California license plates are driving like we are on a ridiculous episode of ice road truckers. 🙄
Kelly Files is on,that means Ice Road Truckers or something as brainless.Heard that she's leaving and Judge Pirro is filling her spot
I think you humans should be watching ice road truckers tv show series getting ready for winter season ha
Ice road truckers has me wanting to drive trucks round Canada for a living LOL
My coworkers watch Star Trek the next generation and ice road truckers in the break room :/
Y'all Better not slip, ice road truckers
Every time I ask my dad for career advice his first answer is always some variation of "those Ice road truckers sure do make a lot"
Now it's effing ice road truckers bs
Happy November you ice road truckers
Lisa Kelly. An American trucker who has been featured on the History Channel reality television series Ice Road Trucke…
Day Time Tv is indescribable. Who spends 3-4 hours of their day watching Ice Road Truckers? Or rather who could tolerate that much of it.
why isnt there a Continental US version of Ice Road Truckers driven on pavement? No one knows these answers.
I added a video to a playlist Extreme Truck Drivers - SPECIAL ICE ROAD TRUCKERS
Hey yes i know you have a crap show called Ice Road Truckers on your network. No I do not need to be reminded every 5 minutes!
📷 Would it be too much to imagine CB Bears in crossover with Ice Road Truckers?
Ice Road Truckers is my favourite program ever.
I'm trying to and my brain is all "Ice Road Truckers!". What in three *** Seriously, THAT'S all my brain has? Oi!
it's worth noting too that if they pick North Pole, November 8 will feel like the most racist episode of Ice Road Truckers.
meanwhile. Trump holds a rally in Anchorage... "ice road truckers for Trump"
I dont know the difference between X-Factor and Britains Got Talent but I never miss an episode of Ice Road Truckers
Ice Road Truckers is mint, imagine that.
How is it possible, Humans, Tutankhamun, ice road truckers, I am caught unaware
Oh my.Ice Road Truckers . jumping out your seat stuff tonight.I won't be here either next Sunday...
Naw this lorry is about to go down on ice road truckers I've never seen one do this before I'm so excited
Watching Ice road truckers and it's intense! 🌨❄☃
my dad just asked me if i wanted to sit and watch telly with him and now I'm watching ice road truckers fml
Ice Road Truckers is on. That's pretty good.
I'm a little bit addicted to Ice Road Truckers at the moment. (
New Ice Road Truckers on gorgeous girlie loves this and truly now the count down to Christmas.
Ah.a nice bit of Ice Road Truckers on a Sunday night to cheer me up.
new ice road truckers will have to do for the moment, eagerly await next Sunday
Ice road truckers: India edition is an example why we usually mess up making Reality Shows.
I added a video to a playlist Dangerous Jobs - Extreme Ice Road Truckers
say hello to sig Hanson deadliest catch & the boys from ice road truckers,gold rush,
whenever I watch ice road truckers all I can think of is the icarly when spencer is talking over the CB radio to the truck drivers
Maybe they've been watching too much Ice Road Truckers & are expecting a big freeze.
Ice road truckers, eat your heart out!
My latitude is 67.1701° N Im way further north than Fairbanks from Ice Road Truckers :D
I wanna be like Lisa Kelly from Ice road truckers 😍 that woman rocks!
Ice Road Truckers on HISTORY hauling in the mountains on a Friday !! Listen to Todd Dewey IRT Saturday...
3 hours on an elliptical watching Ice Road Truckers is exactly how I want to spend my Friday night 😷😷😴
Funny how they never play that song on "Ice Road Truckers" :-)
Not that I have anything against truckers. I think you'd make a great trucker, BBJ! Ice road trucker, Bobbi Jo...unstoppable!
I feel like unfollowing you aled. It's better than road cops and ice road truckers you nonce
"I'm from Alaska" . "oh hey, I used to watch ice road truckers a lot" . k...
Ice Road Truckers with a spooky twist.
ICE ROAD TRUCKERS. Make your return journey a bit easier by delivering in a gritting truck.
Mack trucks went to the Arctic before 'Ice Road Truckers'
needs a full renewal. I mean come on - Ice Road Truckers in on season 10 for f-sake.
"Will our scrappy team of Ice Road Truckers / Yukon Men survive another BRUTAL winter???"
Been in bed watching Ice Road Truckers sadden that Darrell Ward was killed in a plane crash next season won't be the same
Darell Ward from Ice Road Truckers died in plane crash.
Darrell Ward passed away in a plane crash. He will be missed as one of the coolest Ice Road Truckers ever!!!
Darrell Ward, Star of 'Ice Road Truckers,' Dies at 52 via
I'm having a lot of sorrowful thoughts about Ice Road Truckers right now. RIP Darrell Ward, this next trip to Montana's gonna have a ghost
[News] A plane crash in Montana has killed Darrell Ward from the TV show Ice Road Truckers and his co-pilot.
Darrell Ward, star of 'Ice Road Truckers,' dies at 52:
All purpose parts banner
Darrell Ward of 'Ice Road Truckers' dies in a small-plane crash
Ice Road Truckers star Darrell Ward,52, is killed in a plane crash via
Ice Road Truckers' Darrell Ward dies in plane crash on way to shoot show about air disasters https:/…
Darrell Ward: TV's Ice Road Truckers driver dies in plane crash - Very sad, he was great on IRT.…
Sad news for fans of with the passing of
'Ice Road Truckers' star killed in Cessna crash in Montana on trip to film pilot about plane wrecks
Sad news about one of the Ice Road Truckers killed in a light aeroplane crash. Darrell Ward. R.I.P.
“He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.”:
Another sad loss tonight, Darrell Ward from
Ice Road Truckers star killed in plane crash on his way to film a show about plane crashes.
Sad to hear of from being killed in a plane crash. Condolences to his family, friends & Ice Road Truc…
Rip Ice road truckers stars... driving and flying aint the same challenge sadly!
'Ice Road Truckers' star dies in plane crash, was to film crash documentary
Here's what we currently know about the death of star Darrell Ward: https:/…
. I really liked him . This is a sad year right enough.
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'Ice Road Truckers' star dies in plane crash
Ice Road Truckers' Darrell Ward killed in a plane crash as he heads to Montana Daily Mail
Darrell Ward, star of History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers," dies at 52 in small plane crash
Family says star Darrell Ward has died in plane crash - TMZ via
star Darrell Ward dies in small plane crash:
Ice Road Truckers star killed in plane crash
Our hearts go out to the loved ones of our friend Darrell Ward of Ice Road Truckers.
Also saddened to hear the passing of a great trucker and pleasure to watch Darrell Ward of ice road truckers
Ice Road Truckers' Darrell Ward killed in plane crash.
TIL: American Thom Beers has produced more than 40 TV series including Ice Road Truckers, Monster Garage, Lobster …
. Hey Romm ya MORON. Ever watch Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel. This has been happening for over a decade. Lying ***
I've been watching Ice Road Truckers for years waiting for this. 😕
we get Marvel's Agents of Shield, Ice Road Truckers and Frasier... also Food Network same eps over & over!
Dude at the library is flipping out because they do not have Season 8 of Ice Road Truckers...
Ice Road Truckers scares the heck out of me. Thank God it didn't sink and kill the driver.
Reality TV, heavy duty style: Ice Road Truckers star throws in for Delo
Ice Road Truckers must be one of my biggest guilty pleasures
Watching Ice Road Truckers and (P)rick with his blue hair is pulling off the Smurf look.
Is Lisa on 'Ice Road Truckers' tidy or is it because everybody else on the show is a hairy *** dude...? Boggling stuff
New for Lisa Kelly - Ice Road Truckers and its spinoff series IRT: Deadliest Roads.
Watching Ice road truckers before going to work 😛
History: Ice Road Truckers is 6 years old today !
I still remember the day I watched an entire season on Ice Road Truckers as one of the better days of my life.
Simon Petherick from Merthyr says it's not all as glamorous as Ice Road Truckers on the telly.
Fuel truck on Great Bear Lake NWT,went through last weekend.road truckers
road truckers,fuel truck on Great Bear Lake NWT
star Lisa Kelly in Delo ad campaign:
Ice road truckers and mums leak and potato soup is just about saving me from tonsillitis
I might be the only person who actually loves this show. — watching Ice Road Truckers
put a flannel jacket on bearded Trump and he could join the cast of Ice Road Truckers!
Ice Road Truckers star Lisa Kelly featured in Chevron's new 'Reality of Delo' campaign:
Today we officially welcome Ice Road Truckers’® Lisa Kelly into the Delo family.
thanks for following us. We're on the road to improving the health of
Congrats to on a great career with Excited to see the next part of his journey with the YMC…
I watched 2 seasons of ice road truckers and nobody ever fell through the ice so I stopped watching.
Yo, anyone who doesn't mind bare weed smoking and TV shows like ice road truckers and are also looking for a room in Cardiff - HMU
I don't count river monsters and ice road truckers as animal shows.
Anyone watch Ice Road Truckers? Such a dangerous job...did you know we can nearly eliminate the need for them?...
they just mentioned Winnipeg on Ice Road Truckers and my mind instantly went to 💖
Ice Road Truckers: Extended dramatic build-up to experienced drivers turning corners... for 9 seasons! It shouldn't work.
LIVE on On the ice Road truckers Hall highway headed to the village of Minto Alaska
Road truckers Dewey...Ready when you get home buddy
Did the on Sunday night interrupt your Ice Road Truckers, you had to call 911? Shouldnt you call the cable company?
Me with mike and Todd from ice road truckers
I said, "you can pack that in as well. Ice Road Truckers is on, dry up and I'll let you stand by the door while I watc…
A terrible way for the show Ice Road Truckers to be take off air if all the ice roads disappear.
This is going to be a tough year. First PDS is coming to an end, now Mythbusters. What's next, Ice Road Truckers?
Driving up one of the Roosevelt Field parking garage ramps just felt like being in Ice Road Truckers.
We had a visit from Dave Mackenzie from Canadian Trucking Magazine and Darrell Ward from Ice Road Truckers today.
Driving to school was like an episode of ice road truckers but at least I get my education, right?
I miss a lot of things about england but I definitely miss ice road truckers the most
Lurgy back. Rather than watch Ice Road Truckers and discover I've seen them all, I shall doze listening to this.
Thought I'd changed the channel to ice road truckers. Saw a big truck in reverse, but it was just Cheryl's ***
Ice road truckers makes me wanna get my CDL lol
Being honest I feel like I'm on the show Ice Road Truckers
When my nan watches Ice road truckers I honestly feel her willing them to crash or fall through the ice. It's worrying yet enjoyable
Hi Lisa you are very popular in France with Ice Road Truckers . your friend Franck of Habsburg-Lorraine-Belan
I like ice road truckers, far too much
Ice Road truckers will always be a wicked show
Came home to find Carla watching ice road truckers... Didn't know I was best friends with my Dad🤔
Why am I watching ice road truckers. What crap
"So this is what its like on ice road truckers" every cyride driver today
Watching Ice road truckers after work has became weekday routine 😂 I need to get out more
Sat thinking about life watching ice road truckers with onion rings and strawberry water in bed🙄💩
Watching ice road truckers to calm the nerves 💁
Iowa caucus? I believe only Ice Road Truckers deserve the privilege of being first to cast their votes for our presidential nominees
dropped the ball imo what I would give to have an ice Road truckers location. (don't even like the show, just want to drive)
Quick shower and Ice road truckers. and I'll fall asleep to whatever nonsense they throw on after that
I've never watched the bachelor tho I only watch the outdoor channel and ice road truckers
It's a bit windy on the M4 and is now talking like he's in ice road truckers
Ice road truckers is intense sometimes 😅😂
Watching Ice road truckers .. Lisa Kelly is back this year.. Didn't recognise her with her clothes on.
Feel like a man watchin ice road truckers
Never thought it would come to this but I just want to put my pyjamas on and watch Ice Road Truckers :?
Hugh .. the big sexy polar bear from Ice Road Truckers 👅
Why do I have 4 episodes of ice road truckers on my iPod
It's not normal how obsessed I am with Ice Road Truckers. Best programme on TV that. 👏
Similarly, I'm going to want to watch University Challenge but I bet the rest of the family will want something like Ice Road Truckers.
Fair enough you'll miss ice road truckers though but that's just life aint it
At present, I'm living an episode of ice road truckers.
One of the most overlooked dangers on the road for all and
Ice road truckers have nothing on this guy
" I learned this from Ice Road Truckers"- Norman 😂😂😂 *** my cousin is a badass
I've never seen ice road truckers but my uncle worked on the oil fields for years. Made tons of money and retired before 50.
just finished watching Ice Road Truckers - getting some tips
Ice Road Truckers. Jesus wept, rather them than me.
Ice Road Truckers is both intriguing and scary
Nothing on TV so I'm watching Ice Road Truckers from the beginning since I'm all caught up with the new series :D
Lisa is Stranded in the Woods Video - Ice Road Truckers -
Yeah, but History is out to get ratings. Same network as Ice Road Truckers. Can't take everything they say as gospel (pun intended).
This ice road truckers box set better arrive tomorrow or idk what I'll watch this weekend
My dad's watching 'Ice Road Truckers', how do I put together an intervention?
hi Lisa I'm a new follower I love the ice road truckers and your the best one and your fit if I may say so
Mike must rely on troubleshooting skills to pull his truck out of a ditch.
I have a question for you why does a show like Ice Road Truckers air first in the us and not in Canada where it is filmed ?
Start your weekend with a double bill of Ice Road Truckers. Now starting on at 6pm
Is it sad that Ice Road truckers is the most exciting thing in my life right now?
was thinking about you before was watching ice road truckers was wondering does the Canadian Dreamlander need a heated truck
When gets you into watching Ice Road Truckers 🙈
I jus want to watch ice road truckers all day
David Backes and Troy Brouwer playing on the same line like a pair of ice road truckers will make fans forget Oshie.
Ice Road Truckers. or as I like to call it, shoot me now.
This guy is nuts... — watching Ice Road Truckers on HISTORY
I just wanna watch ice road truckers.
One trucker runs into a huge problem when a hill threatens his heavy load.
'Water doesn't freeze in warm temperatures'. Really? What else do I need to learn Ice Road Truckers?
hasn't worked for 3 days. Having to endure ice road truckers on
The inmates have taken to watching Ice Road Truckers on mute. HEEL is especially concerned that it is only 2pm.
After I finish ice road truckers I'm going to watch the movie
"Ice Road Truckers - it's not just trucks on ice...". once again hits the nail on the head...
Why do I suddenly have such an obsession with Ice Road Truckers?
It didn’t have anything to do with Normandy or Ice Road Truckers
Coworker: "Have you seen 'Ice Road Truckers'? It's crazy. Those guys are driving on ICE!".
Ice road truckers is such a poor excuse for a TV show
I'm as excited as the next guy for this ice road truckers marathon on tv but could everyone in Toronto please settle down! Jesus Christ!
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