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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with lines and fish hooks through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water.

Lake Simcoe North Dakota Lake Erie

Ice Fishing - Jan 18. Meet the instructors of Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) for ice fishing tips:
When I ask if she wanted to go fishing this weekend and she says "on the ice?" 😂😂😂😂
Ice season is over for some, but not Jiffy! Cool to see a kids ice fishing event!
“Did you know you can pick up ice with a string?
My favorite ice fishing spot will be back next year
Did you find ice fishing gear at Turquoise Lake recently? If so, please contact us; someone's looking for it!
Cali Jane fishing for her ice. Check out the rapidly improving website at to see more.
Cant believe you guys are still ice fishing!!
Alaska and Utah combine to win Montana's premier ice fishing tourney
bc counts as one, jerry York counts as a whole second school
I still expect ice fishing invites next year though.
Ice fishing in Canada is still going strong! Laker caught on 15lb TUF-Line DuraCast Ice! http…
The ice is out! Heres a quick but effective guide to spring Article Here:
Slow motion crappie release from a beautiful day, fishing late ice in northern Minnesota!
Try northeast Wyoming for good ice fishing. See the story at
My favorite ice fishing spot is LakeErie_
My favorite ice fishing spot is Busse Lake, IL
Ice out on the river. Mother nature is slowly letting spring in!
Large-Lakes Fishing Season Opens April 1: One of the mildest winters in memory has already led to ice-free…
"Why would anyone, when there are fishsticks at the grocery store, want to fish in the freezing cold all day?"
Had the weirdest dream about being on Antarctic ice fishing trip with the Geico gecko & Cap'n Crunch while being hunted by North Koreans...
My favorite ice fishing spot is michigan
Nice northerns as ice recedes, lots of small on Mississippi River pool 12 |
I just wanna go ice fishing on europa
Are fish caught via ice fishing more chill about this whole thing?
adult onesie for ice fishing and camp and cause it’s a onesie. Would prefer fun…
Save the date!. Next year's Ice Fishing Derby on Sunday in February on Family Day Weekend! February 12th, 2017.
I need a rest, Ellen. I'm drained after all that fishing.
Hansen: Sport fishery for Lake Whitefish in Green Bay unprecedented, lots of fish; mainly ice-fishing
Wow! Amazing ice fishing catches in Canada
My favorite ice fishing spot is everywhere__
Shorts and ice fishing? Yep, it's 1 of 10 signs that it's spring in
Ice fishing is a popular hobby and a nice way to spend a free day :) Shot in
Presidential candidate ice fishing?. Nope, that's just icin' goofball Tommy Hicks of Beyond the Catch Guide...
Prospecting a string of holes for morning walleyes
Warmer temps have anglers packing up their ice fishing gear, story on pg. 3
So an old post about me being happy bout ice fishing season being over was just liked by an angler group.
How to Get Started with the Exciting, Dynamic Sport of Ice Fishing
I added a video to a playlist How to Find Fish on Lake Winnebago / Poygan - Ice Fishing
EXCLUSIVE: Michigan father and 4-year-old son tragically drown after falling through ice
Thinking of ice fishing on Lake Simcoe this weekend? The conditions are NOT safe! Please don't risk the safety of emergency responders.
Spotlight - Ice fishing to be had at venues like Lake of the Woods, Diamond Lake and Fourmile Lake -
Ice fishing in Whistler: A relaxing alternative to the slopes
When you need to see your bobber while you're ice fishing has you covered!!
going ice fishing, many memories with my dad and brother! Hearing JC talk about sledding makes wanna go too.
Day one is in the books...Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear
Now my wife can recharge her vibrators when we're camping and ice fishing.
Bradley caught a fish when he went ice fishing & it's just chillin in the sink as I cooking dinner & all of a sudden it starts moving 🙃
Oh I know I would not be doing the ice fishing dance in the ice. They are very brave! 🙈 🙈
No plans tomorrow? Come to the Steinaker Ice Tournament! |
This is the 5th time his parents had to tell him his cancer is back 🙏 https:/…
Ice conditions improve; trout release a go at Ada Hayden: The family fishing event, which is part of the DNR's...
People are caught up in ice fishing and I'm over here like "trout are biting."
I agree. It have been a real mild winter up here. Hardly safe to go ice fishing , ice is usually 3 feet thick by now.
Although I found some fun fishing in our Wintergreen sauna ice hole, our dogsled vacation guest Leif found true bliss lounging in it.
Like when my college buddies went "ice fishing" on the lake - getting drunk and blazed in a tiny shack on the ice.
Unbelievable ice fishing using an underwater camera! .
Home! (Those are ice fishing houses on a frozen lake, if you've never been up north.)
DNR warns of fragile ice. Fishing is still possible -- see where
Had a dream that and were in Wisconsin for an ice fishing competition, and we were the best of buds 😎
This is what the world's largest ice fishing competition (in Minnesota) looks like.
Largest manufacturer of Ice Fishing Equipment in the world: HT Enterprises -
Your video guide to ice fishing around Watch it here:
Best of luck to the teams at the North American Ice Fishing Circuit Championship tomorrow and Sunday. Definitely...
what's up buddy how's the ice fishing going? And when you gonna be back in action?
- I presume you received the text and pic from boat and I? while we were talking ice fishing you were enjoying the view.
Tonight will be spent around a bonfire, fishing on the lake, with an ice cold beer AKA Heaven (oh and sleeping in an ice fishing shack)
I just want to go ice fishing with somebody is that to much to ask?
Two Cathedral grads who have fished together since junior high get ready for championship.
Beware of changing ice conditions in and especially if you are ice fishing this weekend.
Friday funny, a group of men going ice fishing, dressed from head to toe in green camouflage! Must be dumb fish? Or green snow?😳
Great day for the 6th grade ice fishing activity. Thank you to all that helped out
Guests out cusk last night and setting up their ice shack for a long weekend of fun! Ice conditions are...
FISHING THE ICE OUT CONDITIONS FOR CRAPPIES - The nip in the air is refreshing. But, the tug on the line is eve...
Someone should go ice fishing with meh Sunday 🎣
hey Arlo, the miss you. Did George pass along my idea?
Heading to eagles nest up in Wisconsin for an ice fishing tournament
Breaking into tournament ice fishing
"I don't think you'll be able to go ice fishing this summer." - Sarah
Merry Christmas minus Conner who is ice fishing back home.
Watch as we show our passion for bringing people out onto the ice for quite an experience.
A little ice fishing to bring in Christmas.
Get home from ice fishing to find all my cousins have significant others.
not for me. I was ice fishing the last two years on Christmas Eve.
Ice fishing accompanied by regulations - Bismarck Tribune
Its still not cold enough for you to come ice fishing yet because we are still in grilling mode up here!
Caught a rock while ice fishing today with a jig. That's talent ;-) I also caught some fish.…
Ice Fishing is Finally Starting. Check out current ice report, Airboats, Dining and more.
I wish I was ice fishing so bad right now
Merry Christmas this huskie is traveling the Rockies doing some ice fishing!
Great time on Tobin Lake/ North Sask. River ice fishing on Xmas Eve
Got Lauren a nice ice fishing rod for x mas so she can use it the 2 times I bring her and I can use it every weekend 😎😎😈
Merry Xmas JR, and Amy, and your family. Thank you for the pic, come to ND and I will take you ice fishing
You might be from Minnesota if what you wear snowmobiling is the same as what you wear hunting & ice fishing.
Had an amazing time ice fishing for the first time today with…
Looks like I won't be ice fishing this year 😒
Damnit! We were panning on going ice fishing this year! Now what can we do?!. We could go fishing... . .
Wow. is showing a real-time reindeer trek. We've just seen a bloke ice fishing. There is a lot of snow. Add own commentary here
Ice fishing: only possible in the northern states, turns out once a year is more than often enough
Love the Sami guy casually chilling in his 'draw me like one of your French girls' pose by the ice fishing hole.
I really just wanna go fishing. It's December and there's no ice
They should stop to do a spot of ice fishing now. Probably a monster Zander in that lake.
1 year ago today we turned Grandpa's old ice-fishing sled into a wine-rack. Today the old ladder…
I want to to snowboarding and ice fishing and Mother Nature pulls this?
"Come ice fishing' they said. 'It will be fun!' they said...
Thinking about going deep sea ice fishing next year 🐟
I shouldn't be complaining but I should be ice fishing 😡
TBay has snow, but the plan for ice-fishing is out the window -our lake only started freezing over at the beginning of the week.
Let it snow! Bringing some extra wintry to Job Lot's 'Ice Fishing' ad:
Put all my tackle away for the open water season. Hopefully I will get to use the ice fishing gear if we get a winter.
Who said convertibles are only for summertime? Whoever said that's never been ice fishing out of one!
can it snow already so I can come home and go ice fishing please
We're Is that ice at I need to be fishing... Let it rain then freeze
*watches me walk on a puddle*. Mom: I know what you're thinking & no just because that's frozen doesn't mean you can go ice fishing yet. 😒😭😂
My mind is on ice fishing and ice fishing is on my mind. Who says old white guys can't rap?
With way weather has been itll be late january early feb before even attempt to go ice fishing
So glad I bought all this ice fishing gear 😑
Head to next month to ice fish for more than $85k in prizes.
Normally this time of year people are ice fishing on our lake - not this year. Still water…
A Northern Pike looking at a spear fishing decoy under the ice.
Create opportunities to use different types of ice fishing jigs this season! Learn more: https…
Ice Fishing in Port Allen tonight at Reflections of the Season!
Q's on if ICE honoring new enforcement priorities. Charlotte says used to be arrests for fishing w/out a license. Better …
Why not plan a guys trip to go Think Lake, Lake Champlain or Lake
I love this weather, but I just want to go ice fishing!
I swear if I ever meet him I'm asking him to finish the ice fishing story for me. I was so happy that they never paid that off.
The im going Ice fishing with tequila. This guy i met on the plane said drill a hole and put your beer in there. I will substitute tequila
THose are 2 things I've never done - ice fishing and snowmobiling! So adventurous! AD
Here's a look at some of our ice fishing gear that we got in this week!
We are taking reservations for the 2015-2016 winter ice fishing season starting December 2nd. Book your holiday...
I can't get the image of Justin Bieber ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg out of my head.
I can't wait to go ice fishing this winter!🎣
outdoorsmengal: Tips to put high energy bills on ice
Tips to put high energy bills on ice
January Event - Ice Fishing Frenzy, Carlos MN starts January 16th see details at
Crappie time! The South offers great crappie fishing on the soft water all year long, and Ice is on the way up...
Hey looking to stay warm and look stylish wile ice fishing? Check out our apparel for men and women
Hey hows it going Ashley! Just sent you an email from your website. Do you have any ice fishing experience?
50 degrees and pouring rain, last year I was ice fishing this time. C'mon cold weather
"the only reason I knew what ice fishing was, was because of club penguin" -SK
Crazy that a year ago we were already ice fishing
the ice fishing trip a few years ago! That house we rented
Did you know that we build salt, surf casting, fly and ice fishing rods too??? If you can dream it we can build it!!!
Ice Fishing Fever Catches Fire Early - Even while soft water still covers lakes and rivers across the North, in...
Just wait until ice fishing season and none of you will see me ever again.
Anyone ready to pull that first walleye through the ice? .
This colder weather has us thinking about Ice Fishing!
Workers load shaved ice onto their fishing boat. They use it to keep the fish cold…
The ice fishing is still going strong out in front of the marina.
Since Jackets keeps u sooo warm & toasty Would u go ice fishing with JV? Or go Moose Hunting up North?
Hardcore spring ice fishing... The edge of the Adirondacks.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
It's snowing and there's ice fishing beyond my window, BUT I'm wearing fuzzy lined leggings & have coffee + a warm dog, so it could be worse
Ice season ice fishing.. can be good, and can be wet and cold!
It looks like ice fishing season is going into April.
Montreal ice fishing adventure at Peche Blanche via
Finally going ice fishing for once 🎣
An old fishing shed on the shoreline with nothing but sea ice in the background.
Got an ice chest full of beer and nobody wants to go fishing 😒
I would do anything to go ice fishing one last time this weekend. *** school!
Ever tried ice fishing or snowmobiling in Texas? Brings new meaning to the word ***
Mom and Eli day today. Dave and Owen are going ice fishing.
I like them both. The only thing I find boring ice fishing.
We had an incredible day in Cumberland, WI at the Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear photo shoot and facility tour. It once...
Found a vacay pkg for Yellow Knife: Ice fishing, dog sled ride & northern lights. I legit wanted to go, but too bad, airfare is $1000 :(
You can never drill too many holes when ice fishing - amazing video!
Compact size makes it easy to use and transport. I use my shelter to spear out of…   10% Off
Live steaming right now! World Ice Fishing Championship weigh-in for day 1! . Watch live now, share with friends!
Plan for the day: ice fishing, followed by ice fishing, and ending up with some late night ice fishing. Perch? Walleye? What's for dinner?
"Yeah - people are still ice fishing here. It's ridiculous." -Richard. CT "spring" is killin' it.
At the rate we are going come the first day of fishing you better know how to ice fish
Heading out to do some ice fishing at Moosonee.
They need to make a country song about snowmobiling, ice fishing, school cancellations, blizzards and getting frostbite.
I remember some opening days of fishing season, third Sat of April, where it was bitter cold, ice on the pond and snow on the ground.
Louis C.K's ice fishing story in American Hustle is so superb that I don't mind that he doesn't finish it.
no, in animated boys XD . Was just fishing for compliments for ice beetle dude, no biggie
It's just going to snow forever. Ice fishing in July on Lake Ontario! Ice castle contest in August!
I will be going fishing today.. I don't care if it's ice fishing!
well it goes something like this.Little bit of ice fishing with my boys and grand kids and smiles all around
Do iPhones not accept unless I feel like it shouldn't still be on ice fishing
Ice anglers get a long season, but open-water fishing will be spotty
Have you heard of Polar Fire Ice Fishing Gear - worth a look
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I was playing some jobs up around Mille lacs Minn. Ice fishing resorts. I called them Buffalo bars.
If youre fishing on ice you should never tell a joke on ice. WHY? ? ? The ice will crack up! :-D
Ice Fishing in good ol North Dakota! Morgan loves it! ♥
"I'm just here fishing ice out of my boobs"
This is what I commuted in today. Doing some Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe with Bonnie Boats in Jacksons Pt.
What an awesome morning Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe with
Skating,Hockey and Ice Fishing are now open on the Lake! The pleasure rink is open also
Ice Fishing on Northern Cold Lake original by ColdLakeCathy via
Huge Lake Trout taken while Ice Fishing on Lake Superior from our friends at If you love the Outdoors, then you will love us╰▶ Catskill Outdoors ►S H A R E◄
Here's the news for the past month, no weather included. Two Sheds, representing Sacramento, CA made a strong showing in the Mixed Interpretive Downhill and look to repeat their medal feat in this weekend's upcoming competition. We're all rootin' for ya! Mini Mansions of Encino, CA took home the Gold in the Songs event … well played! Literally. Newcomers Wirebox made some serious noise, but just missed the final cut in Ice Fishing. Ones to watch. Chop Love Carry Fire, went down with an injury but should be contending for a podium spot soon. (That song is going to get played at Laker games… uh oh...) Matt Mays and Alan Doyle made *** sure that Canada's presence was felt like a beating heart! L.A. can be considered maritimes too, right? Welcome to NMS! And, under the "Legend" header, Melissa Etheridge came by our window and laid it down like someone who can sing really, really good! Our honor to host you! PS. Dear Cody & Glow, your friends over on Oxnard Blvd. say that you owe them money. Oh, and … w ...
Chris and his buddies joined us at Cedar Cove for a great weekend Ice Fishing. Chris is an aspiring photographer and we'd say hes doing a great job. Thanks for the awesome pictures Chris and we are glad you had a great time.
I went Ice Fishing yesterday. It made my toes cold and I had to stick my hands into the frozen waters of Lake Erie. I plan to go again ;)
If this doesn't get you excited for Ice Fishing on Lake Erie then nothing will!!!
I live by Lake Michigan, we like taking rides in AWD FORD Explorer out west/county by the small Ice Fishing lakes-
Ice Fishing. A bald eagle scans the Rock River for fish while perched in a tree near the hydro house at the...
The on Lake Antoine in Iron Mountain is going on right now.. Are you Ice Fishing anywhere...
Good morning and happy Tuesday! Hope you had a safe drive in this morning. Did you have a good evening? Our dear neighbor cooked us up some zesty Pike fish tacos and they were so yummy. I love fish tacos, the zesty sauce, and topped with cabbage. Nothing like fresh tacos from Ice Fishing! Thanks Joe for the wonderful meal! Did you watch The BlackList last night? I was rather surprised and really think Redington is her father and her husband is a bad guy. The show is worth watching and is OnDemand so you can catch up with the new season. Well, do you have any plans for the day? We are gearing up for the Black Tie Fie & Ice Ball this weekend by Covenant House Alaska this Saturday. Can't wait to see the lucky winner of a beautiful orange 2012 CFMoto X8 2-up ATV provided by Marita Sea & Ski/ Alaska Power Sports. The great thing about this event...all proceeds go towards Covenant House, a wonderful non profit organization. Well everyone, have a great day! -Lori-
Tomorrow I will be practicing the ancient Port Henry art of Ice Fishing
I want to wish Andrew Robinson and Brian Doyle the best of luck this weekend! They have earned the opportunity to fish in the 2-day NAIFC Invitational tournament on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. These two anglers from The North East are competing against the best Ice Fishing competitors in the U.S. And if their track record of finishes are any indication, they will do extremely well. I am very excited for them and grateful that they asked me to help support them. I appreciate them having the confidence to fish with my lures and can't wait to see what they produce. Go get 'em guys! Have fun and be safe. Lots of people rooting for you.
Ugh.Ice Fishing...did that in North Dakota...not my idea of good fun!
A Parable, or Enigma of the Sages Once upon a time, when I had been for many years of my life sailing from the Arctic to the Antarctic Pole, I was cast ashore by the Will of God, on the coast of a certain great ocean; and though I was well acquainted with the properties of that sea, I did not know whether there was generated near those shores that little fish Edieneis, which is so anxiously sought, even unto this present, by men of high and low degree. But as I watched the Naiads and Nymphs disporting themselves in the water, being fatigued with my previous toils, and overwhelmed by the multitude of my thoughts, I was lulled asleep by the soft murmur of the waves; and as I slept sweetly and gently, I beheld a marvellous vision. I saw ancient Neptune, with a trident in his hand, rise, with venerable aspect, from our sea, who after a friendly salutation, carried me to a most beautiful island. This island was situated in the southern hemisphere, and contained all that is required for man's use and delight. I ...
Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano or Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus. or Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall or Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon or Earth + Ice = Alpine or Snowflake or Earth + Metal = Armadillo Earth + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom or Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard or Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy or Fire + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal or Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk or Fire + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire or Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral or Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm or Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream or Water + Metal = Mercury or Seashell or Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito or Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly or Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake or Electric + Metal = Golden Or Battery or Electric + Dark = Neon Ice + Metal = Platinum or Pearl or Ice +Electric = Fluorescent or Moose [ You can also get it from Cool Fire + Gummy] or Metal + Dark = Zombie Dark + Ice = Penguin. Mud (Earth + Water) + Dark = Poo . This dragon is also the rarest ...
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I will have to move to Alabama, because it is a crime to share my Netflix password in Tennesse. It is legal for me to hang you if you steal my horse. I can gather and consume roadkill if I wish. The next time I'm driving down a road and see a whale in a ditch, I can shoot it without stopping, but if I accidentally shoot the squirrel next to it, I can go to jail. I have to stop selling my hollow logs. I can't catch anymore fish with lassos. Interracial marriages are illegal... good thing I didn't do that. I can now freely call humans dumb animals, because the definition of "dumb animal" includes every living creature. If I open up a business in Knoxville, I have to put a hitching post out front. If I move to Lenior county, I have to buy a gun so I can fire it when I pull up to a stop sign. you know. to warn the passing horse buggies and all... If I move to Lexington, I can drink all night long and still be considered "sober" until I can "no longer hold the ground." Easy enough. However, I cannot carry ice ...
Nagpout ako then I crossed my arms, “Bakit mo ko inaasar? Akala ko ba peace na tayo?” then I turned my back at him.   Hinawakan niya yung shoulders ko tapos inikot niya ako papaharap sa kanya.   “Uulitin ko.” then he smiled, “do you wanna run away with me?”   I smiled at him, “Ayoko nga! ‘Coz I’m going to run away with Lucas.” I stuck out my tongue, turned around, then started walking away from him. I was already 4 meters away from him when I stopped. I turned around to look at him once more, “But you can date me.” I tilted my head, smiled then offered my hand to him.   He smiled then walked towards me and held my hand then we started walking.   “Stupid. We’re already dating.”   I don’t know why..pero ang saya nung feeling.. Although no ones here na to see our ‘holding hands’ I’m still happy.   Naglakad lang kami, siya hawak kamay ko, ako hawak kamay niya. As if parang tunay na ‘kami’.   “UY IBA NA YAN HA!!” biglang bumitaw kaming dalawa. OMG why do th ...
The awkward moment when you are going H.A.M ON fried fish, shrimp, chocolate cake and ice cream, and mac and cheese balls, oh yeah and beniets and. your Zumba instructor walks in. and. orders the same thing. and eats it all. yeah that just happened...
You can chalk that up to stupidity, but I can tell you most of them have been ice fishing their whole lives
Real talk: Every year we have at least 2 people who die ice fishing because they weren't being careful enough.
Smell the summer time, and sweet mountain grass, by the ice cold Ten Sleep Creek, It's a smell that brings me back home, and home is a place I've always known. It was with my father when I first stared at theses cliffs, as he watched me grown and taught me how to live, He taught me how to fish, how to build a fire and how to give, and all this beside the crick, and so many years later when I come back it still reminds me of him. That old black Dodge, the toughest truck I've ever known, and making camp by an old dirt road, falling asleep to the creeks gentle roar, and he taught me to love the earth and more, my dad taught me how to be the man I am, He showed me the small things and that I am no different from them,, a grain of sand is me, and I am grain of sand, Nature is the spirit, and the spirit is in me, through out space, logic, and all eternity. .
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Lots of fun ice fishing with my dad Charlie and my grampa jimmy at mount pelly for 6hours 1:00 until 6:00 o clock we got 12 fish
Saturday night, what a great weekend so far. I got to hang out with an 8 year old for two days. He sure kept me moving, who needs an exercise routine? 󾌸 Two trips to the beach (5+ miles); picked raspberries at VF; went to the PO farmers market; rode bikes, rode quads, cook tons of food. Last night I made fish tacos, and banana chocolate sundaes. Tonight was appetizers, deviled eggs, jalapeño poppers, homemade fish sticks, Italian meatballs topped with tomato, basil and garlic. Dessert - bananas in wonton, fried, with vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzles with honey and topped raspberries. They loved it. It was a nice pay back to our friend for building me a rabbit hutch. What a great weekend. Tomorrow Bub's home with me, yay!
Hit a stumbling block on the diet trail tonight... BUT at least I didn't buy the big gulp Pepsi and lb and 1/2 of M & M's and wash it down with some sweedish fish and ice cream. I ate fritos and bean dip and a manicotti frozen thing.
Smell Association. You know what I mean? That little sniff of a scent that takes your memory back to a place you thought was long gone?   Every day at work there's this distinct smell that reminds me of my daddy. No, it's not fish, although a bass pro he was. No, it's simpler. It's our ice maker. It's one of those old style flip-front ice makers that's deep and makes square cube-like chunks of ice. The kind in old motels that you'd have to seek out to fill your little bucket for your room, should you want a cold drink.   Each year when we were kids, Linda and I didn't realize how fortunate we were to be able to go on a 2 week vacation every summer. Most times reservations made, taking the same route, staying in the same hotels, eating at the same diners. When older, at times, even allowed to invite a friend to come along. My dad loved Gatlinburg, Tennessee, so it was assured to be one of the stops.   We'd start our tour heading toward Memphis, making the long haul across the State stopping at every cav ...
Happy Father's Day to the Dad, Frank Condon! Dad was the best when you wanted to make a project - grow crystals in a jar, pick out the perfect gravel for your fish tank, or build an entire log cabin dollhouse from scratch, which my kids will someday inherit. Plus, he took us on about a million camping trips and never told Mom about all the crazy stuff we did;) He made sure I had the good ice skates and a proper flashlight, lectured me on the importance of frequent automobile upkeep, and gave us a lot of laughs with his odd sayings: "you have a gentleman caller" (when a boy came over). "I'm going out on the veranda" (the deck) "quality/casual" (could be used to describe anything from one's clothes to a bar) and he referred to his pants as trousers. I'm proud to bust out the swank frank dance moves at weddings and parties. Love you pops!
Did you know Finn is the last human ? ~Fabl XD I know you do now start with the hilarious comments. ~Fable
I highly recommend researching emergence and quantum theory and how atomic theory arises from it and how chemistry arises from atomic theory, how life arises from chemistry, and how the self arises from life, and even how culture arises from inter-self activity. The way emergence happens is beautiful. It is the effect of multiple interactive processes coalescing into a higher level process that is not programmed, i.e. emergent, from the underpinning processes. Think of the atom. Quantum theory is very odd. Quantum particles exist in a probability matrix in which they exist in every location all at once (known as non-locality) with a certain probability of that particle being at any given location. These potentials collapse from a wave form to a particle form when observed. Another term for observation is interaction (on the quantum level, all observation is interaction - there is no such thing as the objective observer in quantum mechanics). So through various interactions of these quarks, muons, g ...
a big morning at the trinity assembly tomorrow. The Drawing of the winner of the tv/dvd combo and the 3 canteen vouchers. also an announcement about what you all have allowed to happen with your donations, ticket buying and ice cream buying. a river with a few drops of rain.
Happy Fathers Day to the best, toughest, and most supportive dad out there. To the guy who when I was learning to ride a bike a ran into your van, not only got my ankle out of the bars, but used the ice from your drink to make it feel better. The guy who taught me to fish, to garden, to take my time when being crafty, and to ALWAYS read which direction your facing on the rollercoaster. The guy that got me flowers for every dance recital and made it to every school play from k- 12th grade. The very same guy who will take my car apart when im out of line, even at 21 almost 22 years old, and yet make sure that thing is running right and full of gas so i'm always safe. And the guy who never once told me I couldn't do something if I tried hard enough. Thanks dad for teaching me so many life lessons through my everyday. That when you fall off the bike, get back on, when your trying to get somthing done to take your time, that if your wrong admit it or your walking. I'd never have accomplished this much without ...
Aqua WA, fish n chips and ice creams all round. Great morning with Vicki Jolley and the kids after auskick at Subi yesterday and Gem Jurys 21st last night
Got home little bit ago from fishing. Had a good time with Jon and Chubby. Now Jon and I are sitting on the back patio enjoying ice cream and the fire pit. Good night fb.
Why is mike eating my cookies n cream ice cream sandwich & I told him not to??!?!!? Oh we'll Happy Fathers Day gift to him. Lmbo!!!
What would you personally consider bliss?
Someone caught this fish in the Kanawha river...anyone know what it is?
lawn mower belt broke yard half mow nothing gonna right walk out back door to go feed fish face to face with snake needless to say I wasn't in a good mood the snake lost have to go to lowes and get a belt sunday
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Dad's are memories and myths as much as humans. They don't stand alone but always in the context of how we remember them, whether they are young, old, or long gone. My world as a boy was screen doors that opened with the metallic noise of rusty springs and slammed shut with the thwack of wood on wood and inevitably followed by the sound of my mother's voice yelling at me to stop slamming the door. It was acres of tall trees and big rocks and clear creeks from which I was summoned by the sound of the car horn honking beckoning me up from the valley for supper. It was the smell of things frying in the grease that was kept in the lard can on the top of the stove. It was the sound of forks scraping plates out the back door for the dogs to fight over the scraps. It was the sweaty heat of July evenings that almost made me take the covers off and expose my flesh to the monsters under the bed. It was the quilts that were hand made stacked heavy on top of me on cold winter nights that left ice on the inside of th ...
Perfect night - ice cream date with mom, Bruins win the hockey game, midnight soak in the hot tub, and then the fish flies arrived! Nothing ruins a night in the hot tub more than skimming fish flies out by the handful.
Trolling the NSA. Copy and paste. Apparently, they don't like it if you post this
Today has been probably one of the best days I've had in the history of ever! Got to see We Came As Romans, Woe Is Me, Ice Nine Kills, Motion City Soundtrack, Blessthefall, Silverstein, Reel Big Fish and more! I can't stop smiling =D
Dear Daddy By Jo Ann Taylor Written for Glenn, the daddy of Darrell and Melody who are waiting in heaven Dear Daddy, I know today is Father’s Day and you miss me really bad; But if you could see what I see, you wouldn’t be so sad. I have all kinds of playmates and playgrounds everywhere! With swings and slides and balloon rides that whiz right through the air. We have ice cream, cake and candy, milk, cookies and punch; We never have to go to bed and we choose what we want for lunch. There’s even a river where you and I could fish, the water’s as clear as a day in spring; And beautiful rainbows and fluffy white clouds from which I can see everything! So you see, daddy, even though I’m not with you, I’m under my Father’s care, and when it’s time for you to come, you’ll find me waiting right here! And I’ll give you the biggest hug. Gee, I can hardly wait. And when no one’s looking, we’ll even swing on Heaven’s Gate! I love you daddy. Happy Father’s Day!
So the fish that ate my whip cream saw the unicorns in bikinis and freaked out XD
Two men went fishing. One was an experienced fisherman, the other wasn't. Everytime the experienced fisherman caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh. Whenever the inexperienced fishermancaught a big fish, he threw it back. The experienced fisherman watched this go on allday and finally got tired of seeing the man waste good fish. 'Why do you keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?' he asked. The inexperienced fisherman replied, 'I only have a small frying pan.' Sometimes, like that fisherman, we throwback the big plans, big dreams, big jobs, big opportunities that God gives us. Our faith is too small. We laugh at that fisherman who didn't figure out that all he needed was a bigger frying pan, yet how ready are we to increase the size of our faith? Whether it's a problem or a possibility, God will never give you anything bigger than you can handle. That means we can confidently walk into anything God brings our way. You can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13 .) No ...
Well we ate two spoons of the mashed potatoes tonight, however, we did have about a quart of ice cream. I actually had to go to the store and acquire more ice cream as we are now consuming about a gallon every three days abd I haven't eaten the stuff in months. Every day she has me fix breakfast, lunch and dinner, and these are not snacks I'm preparing, and I throw almost all of it away. Talk about loosing it. Guess I had better go clean up the mess. Still have laundry to finish. No wonder I'm so tired. I'm depressed.
What's one food that you just can't live without?
We had a wonderful vacation to the Oregon Coast.
My gd air went out yestaday...we was like fish flappn outa water tryna sleep in front of a fan lol not tanight tho i turnt that down ta ice fuk it. Meltd last night...tanight we freeze. ;)
Another day done in Aberdeen. Great weather, swimming, Art Festival, dinner ice cream and finally parking lot get together! Missing the other crew! Hope your having fun at Folkedahl fish fry!
Someone take me ice fishing . Please .
All 3 granddaughters from Friday night until tomorrow morning!!!What a blast!! Starting with a trip to Martin's, I actually saw my oldest in a Martin's freezer. We traded her for the box of waffles they wanted! Just kidding. Today..waffles.Dorey Park playgroud,walk around the lake, playing with dead fish, ducks and geese...Burger King for ice cream..trip to K-Mart..Olive Garden and the last but not least..Richmond Sqiurrels with fireworks. On the way home got the free coffee and hot chocolate from the new Wawa. Tomorrow morning..Golden Corral with their parents! Laughing and making memories.ah my favorite part of life!!! I am so blessed..Goodnight all!
Caught a big mess of fish but I am so ready to head-but my pillow
TOASTOLOGY I'm Hoping you'll fill this out about yourself. I would Love to find out more about you! Copy this, paste in a new note, replace my answers with yours and re-post this as your name followed by "ology". *FOODOLOGY* What is your salad dressing of choice? Ranch What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Either sushi (pick a place. Any place) or Applebee's. What food could you eat every Day for two weeks and not get sick of it? Ice cream. I know this because I have done it. What are your pizza toppings of choice? Pineapple, mushrooms and extra, EXTRA, cheese. What do you like to put on your Toast? Clothes. Don't want Toast walking around naked! *TECHNOLOGY* How many televisions are in your house? Four. I think. What color is your cellphone? black Do you have an iPod? Yes, but I am looking to replace it. *BIOLOGY* Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-handed. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? toenails. What is the last heavy item you lifted? Not sure, but I wa ...
To all my FB hommies I'm Having IT band issues in my right knee. Besides a foam roller what else can I do to get rid of this pain? Go for suggestions...
Labor Day may mark the end of summer, but it does not mark the end of ice cream season. Every season is ice cream season (even winter). Since my Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream was such a huge hit this...
thanks to all for all the wishes and surprise visit from our adopted kids. Had great snacks at Parkers Lighthouse with Mikes sister and his friends. Mike had his favorite steam clams and Long Island Ice alot of other stuff.long day and great fun.thank you all for all the wishes and the if he can just catch some good fish on the day boat passes I bought him.yummy we will see later in the summer.if not we will be shopping for the fresh fish at the pier in San Pedro
A day at the shore! Pizza, Funnel Cake, Fish & Chips, Ice Cream and a nice drive home along the coast!! Nice dinner with Angie and now getting ready for our trip to Manhattan!
Unpacked and Showered! Waiting for Robin Jeanne Greenhalgh to get ready so we can go eat! Have now eaten since yesterday so I'm just sittin on sun deck having a cold beer enjoying one of God's most beautiful sunsets on the Colorado River! It's a nice 90 Degrees and after dinner I think I'll fish for a while! Big Browns, Rainbows and Bass hittin pretty good! Happy Fathers Day to all my Friends who are blessed with children! I'll be floating down the river all day tomorrow on our 6 person raft and a huge Ice Chest getting some sun and will probably pull off when we hit Avi and take a can home! I don't know how I'm ever gonna work living here! All of our neighbors came and introduced themselves and brought beers and helped me and Robin Jeanne Greenhalgh unload our U-Haul! Arizona Rules! Robert J Kuhar Karen Potter Richard Potter Eric Ozols Troy Bennett Bruce Walter
Just had the strongest memory flash through my mind. Sitting at my Granny and Papa's house in the summer. We'd all been shelling purple hull peas to the point that Granny had to mix up bleach water to get it off our hands. Mom and Dad had been making homemade peach ice cream out back and as the sun went down, we all gathered around. Dad brought out his guitar and Aunt Louise had her accordion with her. As we sat around, filling up on homemade ice cream, they started playing and before you know it, my mom, dad, aunt, my cousin Nery, and myself are all singing four part harmony in the backyard while my brothers (Wesley and Weldon) and our cousins Glenna, Beth and Grace ran around playing hide and seek.
What the heck has everyone been up to today ? I been watching movies n nappin ✳hick
You were a loving man ,,,as patient as could be, but I never wanted any Barbie dolls or any toys you see ,,,you used to read me bed time stories about the three bears ,,,we were,poor we were but happy as can be, yeah I would be a hand full when it came to loving the animals daddy, and there was never nothing wrong with me and I was never jealous of anybody or anything they had, in there worshipping idols and not listening to GOD ,,instead,you were my buddah not a statute that's not of the living,,, and as tired as you were I'd climb up on your tummy and wrapped my legs and arms around your big tummy like a monkey and listen to the rhythm of your heart beat ,,you were my KING KONG ,you were my everything and you still are,,,you were also my big blue teddy bear too, the truth is i never wanted any stuffed animals,,,its only an IDOL,,,there are no other GODS DADDY,,,you would come home from work exhausted and never complained, I remember when I fallen sick with a fever and my fever was high,,,I was ...
My mom thinks saying cray cray will make her cool...
I hear eyeball licking is all the rage in Japan. Any thoughts?
JoAnn Abbo-Bradley is so cheep she gave me vodka from the Freezer and no ice!' Top shelf Vodka *** drinking like a fish it been Difficult on time me and its a well over due drunk!!!
What's the weirdest ice cream flavor you've ever heard of? I think mine was avocado.
This is interesting, I'm watching a documentary or a series called Mermaids: the new Evidence on the Discovery Channel. They actually claimed that mermaids do exist! Some even xaptured on film.
So we're watching Big Fish on Netflix and when it gets to the scene where he's got a whole field full of daffodils for the girl he wants to marry, my lovely wife looks over to me and says, "Why don't you ever do stuff like that for me?". My response was that if she really felt that way then she should hang out on the couch while I ran to the store for some syrup of ipecac so she could return the steak and shrimp dinner I had just cooked for her :P
I don't really think that thing in therapy is really useful where they tell u to get a plant, if it lives get a pet, if it lives then u can start a relationship or whatever Bc in just a few short months I have managed to turn 6 hanging baskets from beautiful blooming flowers to brown crisps, drowned my violets, literally froze Landon's goldfish to his death (he didnt wake up when he thawed out!) and I may or may not have somehow killed his hermit crab this week. Good news is Landon's happy and healthy! As well as smart, gorgeous and amazing! And he has one of the best daddys in the world to celebrate tomorrow so at least I can do something! Yes, I'll take credit for all of those wonderful things!
Whew! I think I foundered on some good ole John & Corby Turner Fish tonight!!! Man! Ain't nothin' better than an ice cold sodi and a big ole plate of fried fish and taters!!!
I would like to hear from anyone who bought a coke or a bag of candy at my Daddy's store--DeWayne Manasco Grocery. He made me love a crew cut on guys and like homemade banana ice cream. Tomorrow is not only Fathers Day but also the 14th anniversary of his home going. I love you Daddy and I will be there soon!
Crazy Times Virus If you receive an email entitled “Crazy Times” delete it immediately. Do not open it! Apparently this one is pretty nasty. 1) It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer. 2) It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. 3) It reprograms your ATM access code, messes up the tracking on your VCR and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD’s you attempt to play. 4) It will re-calibrate your refrigerator’s coolness settings so all your ice cream melts and your milk curdles. 5) It will program your phone autodial to call only your mother-in-law’s number. 6) This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. 7) It will drink all your beer. It will leave dirty socks on the coffee table when you are expecting company. 9) Its radioactive emissions will cause your toe jam and bellybutton fuzz (be honest, you have some) to migrate behind your ears. 10) It will replace your shampoo with N ...
So being pregnant I want weird things. I wanted peanut butter and then pickles and then I decided to make a peanut butter pickle sandwich! Yes it sounds gross but it was actually pretty fantastic.. :)~
FOODIES: We have a new post-op Foodie in need of encouragement. (WARNING: I swear if I see ANY judgy responses not only will they be deleted but the judgy person will be blocked. This is a newbie and we need to support!) Jen says, "Hi everyone! Need some support :-) Just had gastric bypass on Monday and having a tough time with this food/liquids thing... Dying for a cheeseburger... LOL. Any advice welcome, thanks so much!"
Ice Cream season has began in Springtucky with my dad , Fish & myself with the great help of carol (mom) making the ice cream truck look great... i will try and get some pics posted of van.. and if you see it in your neighborhood buy ice cream!
Had the best dive ever today! Saw three sea lions! one bumped me and startled me while taking a photo of a sea pen, looked up and there's just three of them twirling around and looking at me!!! AH! Then I saw a wolf eel for the first time and three new kinds of fish including a sailfin sculpin..weird looking fish man! And the dive was over an hour, then on the second dive took some great photos and saw a huge 10 foot-ish octopus in his den but close up you know..eyes and everything, second dive was pretty much another hour long and got some great photos that Ill post later!!! WHEW!!! in other news, got an ice cream in Coombs at Goats on the Roof!
I have been thinking about this kid I met at the ice fishing tournament 2 yrs ago. He was super nice, kind, funny, and he'd isn't care that
Ice hockey in the morning followed by fishing and then dinner at Lynnhaven fish house. Good first day of summer vacation!
Thank you Anthony Snedeker and family. We had a great time at the fishing tournament
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.. No matter the outcome if its real an true then it'll grow more if its not well not much I can do about it..
I got a shanty a fish finder 2 rods and a tackle box full of ice fishing lures for 500 takes all get it wile you can won't last long
FOODIES: Megan would like to know, "What are some of your grocery store staples? Is there a particular dish or meal routine you go through regularly? Fell off the wagon and trying to get back on."
On tonight's episode of healthy/unhealthy, I had grilled tilapia, green beans, and Oreos for dinner.
Update your maps at Navteq
It was a war out at sea today but we won!
Great day! Started off early this morning on a fishing trip to my secret Honey Hole with my buddy David Ellis. He caught more bass than I did but I won our 5 dollar bet for biggest fish with my 4.5 lb large mouth. Which ate my whole *** bobber it was unreal! Then I come home n see another friend who hooks me up with an old school vintage Webber "CHARCOAL" Grill which I am very much looking foward to bringing back to its original luster! Now I'm chillin with an ice cold New Castle and grillin. potatoes and chicken breasts marinated in a Webber lemon pepper marinade while Taylor makes squash chips with squash from our garden and listening to some of the sickest blues on the stereo outside! VERY NICE! :)
7 DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY SALMON DISHES TO TRY TODAY... BY HEATHER WILLIAMS 4 HOURS AGO I adore salmon dishes, especially in the summer’s heat when grilling season starts up in full swing. Salmon is the perfect lean protein and it holds up nice and firmly on a grill or in the oven. Salmon doesn’t dry out easily either, due to those healthy fats salmon contains, which makes it another great fish to cook with. Salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin D, zinc and iron. Salmon is also a great food to keep your skin healthy, and it digests easily too. If you want a skinny dish that seriously satisfies, turn to any of these tasty salmon dishes to try this summer. 1. GRILLED MAPLE SALMON WITH VEGGIES This is one of my favorite salmon dishes, because it is so tasty and incredibly simple! If you’re not a fan of maple flavor, try adding some honey or even agave. Molasses could also be a possibility. Grilled veggies ...
Wow! I look at mirror can see 4 pack abs and can see lower abs more flat . Will get 8 pack abs soon!!! Look like I need eat 8-10 small meal is 10 pack abs . 6,000 calories a day! Yeah buddy!
Fill in the blank: "My favorite summer time activity is _"
Lets see here. On my first of many Saturdays off today I, kicked a light hangover from last nights backyard bonfire, cleaned up mess from said bonfire, pressure washed the porch and stairs, made a grilled veggie cous cous salad for tomorrow, rubbed 5lbs of london broil down and made a Chimichurri Sauce also for tomorrow. Watched Brianna Sanborn make some amazing strawberry shortcake and went out for ice cream. I now like Saturdays :)
Do you think Josi sold out a little in this photo? Would Brodin do an ice fishing shot?
Message from John and Schoep, the Birthday Boy: ”It's my birthday and I'll sleep if I want to - It's been a great day for him although, I think Schoep's down until later tonight when it will cool off, so I think the fish and ice cream (not mixed) will have to wait until tomorrow. I can't thank all of you enough, and I'm going to continue to do so this next week because that's how long it will take us to read all of the cards, letters and all of the comments on this page! THANK YOU! If Schoep should wake up soon I'll post again " The Sleepy Boy" pics - here's one more from today's walk. Thanks for joining us today, it has been one heck of a day for the both of us - Til next time - John & Schoep
A very distant cousin from Iowa was a Game Warden. He went down to Mississippi to visit his new brother-in-law. Southern hospitality said that they would go fishing. So off they went, launched the boat and made their way a mile or so up the river. The brother-in-law stopped the boat, threw the anchor, reached into his fishing bucket, pulled out a stick of dynamite, lite the fuse and threw the dynamite some 20 yards out. Ker-Boom! Dirty muddy water fell everywhere and the smoke began to clear. My very distant cousin went right in to *** raising with his brother in law. You *** fool you know that that is illegal and you know I am a game warden. In Iowa I would arrest you and haul your butt right into court. The brother-in-law lite another stick of dynamite and handed it to my very distant cousin: Now are you going to sit there telling me about your fancy job or are you going to fish?
Every time I see a lightening bug or smell honey suckles I am delightfully reminded of my wonderful childhood summers on Cherokee lake with my cousins!
An HISTORIC moment tonight!!! Sitting home on a Saturday night watching Chicago Blackhawks play Boston!!! Hockey on TV at the Beard house; WHAT is this world coming to?
PSC Exam 2013 Final Preparation Sub: English Lesson: 7 Read the given text and answer the questions : There is a well-known saying that “You are what you eat”. It means if you eat healthy foods, you will be healthy. If you eat nothing but potato chips, you certainly won’t be fit and healthy. Your body needs a good mix of foods. So which foods are good? Have you ever heard of the Food Pyramid? No it’s not a huge pile of stones in Egypt! The Food Pyramid is a chart to show the five groups of foods. This chart also tells us how much of each group of food we should eat. Look at the picture of the Food Pyramid. What foods do you see at the base or the bottom of the pyramid? They are breads. cereals, rice. noodles, potatoes. etc. You should eat plenty of these foods. Then in the next group you can see some fresh fruit and vegetables. You must eat them regularly. As you go up the pyramid, you find dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) and meat, fish and beans, nuts and eggs. You should eat these food ite ...
We got big dinner plans for tomorrow,we are also fathers to our kids all these years so we want to celebrate/ fresh bread, fish ice cream and the whole works so all have a nice Saturday !
Watching a movie and having an allergy free root beer flat i honor of John and Dad. They both would have enjoyed it so I'm enjoying it in their honor. Couple of really good dads.
Nancy asks: "Does anyone have experience with a gash on a dogs snout? What happened is this...On Monday around 5 pm Haylee my 3 yr old Lab/Shepherd mix took exception to Gunner(GSD 19 weeks) following her to her kennel and she turned and bit Gunner on the snout about 1 inch down from the eye. The gash is small but it bled like a SOB! The bleeding stopped and on the side of Gunner's snout swelling started right away. I figured that this swelling would go away quickly and resolve without any issue...hmmm now I am wondering if he might have coagulated blood under the skin. On palpation today it feels quite boggy and he does pull back slightly when touched. Since I only trust my own Vet I am not willing to take him to some yahoo Vet who is on-call. Any suggestions?"
Should have left the crabby kids at home. I hate this place I don't like hockey I don't want to eat here
Boychuck is trying hurt guys now, Bolland ice fishing and almost getting his head knocked off
Too windy to fish today but we got out tonight. Nada. Dinner. Hearts of palm salad. Chicken sish ka bob with rice and tzaziki. Choc cake and ice cream. Various adult beverages today.
O_O Why chu tryin to kill Hunter?! What'd he ever do?! He's just an innocent country singer and pilot... That sounded weird XDD
We have a beautiful day at Conway Beach Qld, hoping to catch some fish.
My bunn Emerald went to the lake with Jeannie, Jeanette, and Hayley for the evening. Hope she catches fish. I told her to be careful and not to go by the black area on the ice. Asked Anita Klengenberg if she can help me clean my house and outside. Thankful for friends like her. :D Everyone have a good evening.
I have been tempted today with cheesy blast gold fish, a long table full of yummy looking chips and now ice cream with Reese's pieces on top!! NO!!! I am not caving!
In order to score goals.. you need to be on the offensive side of the ice!
These things matter to me, Daniel, says the man with six days to live. They are sitting on the porch in the last light. These things matter to me, son. The way hawks huddle their shoulders angrily against hissing snow. Wrens whirring in the bare bones of bushes in winter. The way swallows and swifts veer and whirl and swim and slice and carve and curve and swerve. The way that frozen dew outlines every blade of grass. Salmonberries thimbleberries cloudberries snowberries elderberries salalberries gooseberries. My children learning to read. My wife's voice velvet in my ear at night in the dark under the covers. Her hair in my nose as we slept curled like spoons. The sinuous pace of rivers and minks and cats. Rubber bands. Fresh bread with too much butter. My children's hands when they cup my face in their hands. Toys. Exuberance. Mowing the lawn. Tiny wrenches and screwdrivers. Tears of sorrow, which are the salt sea of the heart. Sleep in every form from doze to bone-weary. Pay stubs. Trains. The shiverin ...
Just a quick question And if you can keeep me anon that is fine. I'm epileptic and have taken a ride in a ambulance several times this month (against my will) And I am looking into getting a Medical ID. How often do you medics and EMT's look at them? And is there a kind that you guys recognize the best?
"A mountain is a strange and awful thing. In old times, without knowing so much of their strangeness and awfulness as we do, people were yet more afraid of mountains. But then somehow they had not come to see how beautiful they are as well as awful, and they hated them - and what people hate they must fear. Now that we have learned to look at them with admiration, perhaps we do not feel quite awe enough of them. To me they are beautiful terrors. I will try to tell you what they are. They are portions of the heart of the earth that have escaped from the dungeon down below, and rushed up and out. For the heart of the earth is a great wallowing mass, not of blood, as in the hearts of men and animals, but of glowing hot, melted metals and stones. And as our hearts keep us alive, so that great lump of heat keeps the earth alive: it is a huge power of buried sunlight - that is what it is. Now think: out of that cauldron, where all the bubbles would be as big as the Alps if it could get room for its boiling, cer ...
Something to add as a signature to outgoing emails: WARNING: The National Security Agency is likely recording and storing this communication as part of its unlawful spying programs on all Americans ... and people worldwide. The people who created the NSA spying program say that this communication - and any responses - can and will be used against the American people at any time in the future should folks in government decide to go after us for political reasons. And private information in digital communications may be given to big companies by the government. Mass surveillance doesn't keep us safe, and even the top national security experts say that we don't need it. (They also say we should get a grip.)
Event: Soap Making and Perfume Making SeminarDates: June 22, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.Venue: SMX, Mall of AsiaFee: PhP 2,100 only (all-in)
Chillin' on my deck after a seafood feast of steamed crabs, and perfectly grilled fish with ice cold beer and rock and roll on the radio on a pre- summer evening. No Ray Lewis but I'm happy.
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