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Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

Pete Frates Ian McKellen Pat Quinn Mannequin Challenge

Kickstarter solves the new ice bucket challenge.
the Ice Bucket Challenge actually helped fund the the discovery of a gene linked to the cause of ALS. The gene, NEK…
Remember the for I do, did more than one, and a few buckets, and many others did to help…
remember these times when mark w*hlberg had nominated eminem for ice bucket challenge 2014 was iNtErEsTiNg
First we had the Ice Bucket Challenge. Then the Mannequin Challenge. I hope the Trump administration embraces the T…
I don't even know why this is a question. Of course it tastes better from a bigger glass.although ther…
Just given blood at the 7th donation since the ice bucket challenge. Wonderful friendly…
The Challenge: Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge but less painful. This involves taking a - A p…
This Messi's free kick should be an advert for something... GK took the mannequin and the ice bucket challenge at…
Every “U/acc” account is criminally neglecting the Ice Bucket Challenge connection
“The Ice Bucket Challenge was the beginning of ending - Patt Quinn. Read more about how three years later, we ar…
Natalie Sawyer getting soaked in the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago. Is the speed too fast? I can alte…
For my Ice Bucket Challenge, I have decided to drop an extra ice cube in my Whiskey. Thanks.
whom in Orlando I'm somewhere in Florida but yo what up for the ice bucket challenge reply if ur not scared
Tom Syndicate's ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge': this mother did 3 als challenges check it out.
this is Oscar Isaac doing the ice bucket challenge with Adam Driver and Harrison Ford behind him covered in sheets cause the…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
is your dp some sort of an ice bucket challenge? Lol 😝 just asking
Since the last time Mizzou won a Braggin Rights game... The "Ice Bucket Challenge" went viral and raised over $115…
I swear y’all that are mad cause it was bad who cares and the album is not bad I love you Katy…
I want to wish this very special person a happy holidays. Thanks to your tireless efforts more people know Autism e…
~ So I'm about to leave a friend's place and I go to wash my hands but his water heater was off!. Water's so cold i…
So bored of going on fb and seeing the ice bucket challenge now. Just donate without chucking freezing water over yourself.
See this is what should’ve been done with that ice bucket challenge. S/O to French for this amazing wellness jewel.…
Can there be too much saturation though? Anyone remember who the ice bucket challenge was for?
People who post their videos of taking the ice bucket challenge are usually the same people who ask you not to play Holi to save water
If you play the video of Keith Collins’ ALS ice bucket challenge at approximately 11:58:40 on New Year’s Eve, Keith…
Ladies - great idea for donating Loblaws gift cards to food banks. We need to start a…
Clearly this horse does not support the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Throw back moment. Ice bucket challenge by Jonghyuns at FNC rooftop
everyone who did the ALS ice bucket challenge: you should be supporting this man & his cause
Titanic be like:. “I nominate all passengers for the ice bucket challenge.”
There are two types of people in this world: . Those that did the ice bucket challenge . And those that didn't
95% of the people that ended up doing the ice bucket challenge, only did so because everyone else was doing it. It…
Remember when the ice bucket challenge was cool to do?
Ice bucket challenge was pouring cold water or Ice on oneself. Rice bucket challenge was donating rice to poor fam…
BREAKING: 'Ice Bucket Challenge' co-founder dies after battle with ALS -
As sad as this news is, Peter Frates of Massachusetts is credited with starting the ALS…
The co-founder of the has died after a yearslong battle with Lou Gerhig's disease
Sadly, Anthony Senerchia Jr., co-founder of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge, died after a yearslong battle with ALS kno…
My deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Anthony Senerchia Jr, the man responsible for starting the…
Do we need to start an ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for what your party is doing to our natio…
Man who inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has died at 46:
Co-founder of 'Ice Bucket Challenge' dies after ALS battle
Ice Bucket Challenge co-founder dies after long battle with disease
Man who helped inspire Ice Bucket Challenge dies from at age 46
An old video. It was cold water. It was during the Ice Bucket Challenge
The Internet Heats Things Up With the Ghost Pepper Challenge: Not to throw cold water on the ice bucket challenge,…
Someone do the ice bucket challenge with me today
"This is a special ASL ELS challenge for you Floyd. If you can read one full page of a Harry Potter book *** I w…
It's the $$. The Ice Bucket Challenge was huge for ALS, but still made that 1 yr…
U are beautiful Claudia, as soon as I saw your ice bucket challenge with your big *** amp;sexy body I’v…
I keep telling myself today will be the day Zac does the ice bucket challenge
I was never tagged to do the ice bucket challenge and I won't be tagged for this b&w pic thing either and I'm 100% ok with that.
Like an ice bucket challenge but White people telling their racists family members they’re racists at thanksgiving and p…
.shared his story yesterday on If you missed it, have a watch ⤵️ . .
to when Jason, Kelly and Nancy did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 😂😂
Fair point. I have something called collagen VI…
Remember when smug called out his former employer during the Ice Bucket Challenge?. Moral authority f…
Have they done the ice bucket challenge?
Unless the loser has to do the ice bucket challenge AND donate to charity lol
The powerful story behind the man who inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge
It was fun to be part of the interview and is doing a great job. And ice bucket challenge wa…
Check out ALS Ice Bucket Challenge co-founder Pete Frates and his wife on The Today Show
The only sensible challenges that have ever come up are the Mannequin Challenge and the Ice bucket challenge. The r…
I am so ready for an ice cold water bucket challenge.
& have u ACTUALLY watched any FULL kaepernick games past 3yrs? or are…
Hello Hollie,. I would like to nominate you to do the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE
don’t worry sweddard stark, five minutes in the sun and I look like I’m doing the ice bucket challenge
Damning evidence in the hands of federal prosecutors is more refreshing than the ice bucket challenge.
I'm addicted to the ice bucket challenge
I just me copy and pasting texts totally out of context and hoping for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
My agency have kindly helped promote my article. If you're interested in finding out what elements c…
*** is the hot pepper challenge for ALS, is this the new ice bucket challenge
Hmm, this hot pepper challenge doesn't look as cool as the ice bucket one. 😉 Ready to experiment with my body.
Clever time draw one with a 1000 degree knife while the other takes the Ice Bucket challenge. (I'm teasing)
Ice bucket challenge but with dutch guts
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Relive "He Said She Said," the ALS ice bucket challenge & more in new video reacting to old videos. https…
I just did the ice bucket challenge 😢😢😢
Seriously though I want to do SOMETHING , anything like this. New version of the ice bucket challenge?…
Q from a reader: If a FF fell off and died, would that be an LODD?. A. Probably. Remember the ice bucket challenge LODD in 2…
Jenna started the ice bucket challenge
Best Face: Why does Fluttershy take the Ice Bucket Challenge: Andrea Libman coming to the official...
CNN showed Kathy Griffin doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in the nude , I believe, last New Years Eve
Perhaps should be the next Ice Bucket Challenge!
Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well we may have devolved since then... .
I'm beginning to think those 5 people I named are never going to get around to doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. .
It's been 3 years since the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over £500,000 in Scotland in just over 3 weeks! ht…
Can Vin Diesel convince Putin to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? via
I love him!. Benedict Cumberbatch's Ice Bucket Challenge for via
You have my permission to use my powers to heal the creator of the Ice bucket Challenge but only him understand.
Frates' family said he was "battling this beast ALS like a Superhero":
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Pete Frates' ice bucket challenge raised millions. Here’s how the money was used via…
Pete Frates, the ALS patient behind the Ice Bucket Challenge, is hospitalized - but still fighting.
Man who inspired Ice Bucket Challenge hospitalized with ALS
Man who inspired ice bucket challenge back in hospital
Huge thank you to all you guys.. You've got us 500+ followers in 4 days. Still aiming for that 15k ice bucket challenge.. Ev…
The man who inspired the ice bucket challenge for Lou Gehrig’s disease research is back in the hospital.
Ice Bucket Challenge: 5 things you should know
Come out tomorrow for our ALS walk before the game! During the game there will be a dunk tank, ice bucket challenge and more…
The ice bucket challenge, made famous by ALS patient Pete Frates, raised millions. Here’s how the... via
Man with ALS who inspired ice bucket challenge is still alive, despite reports
He inspired the ice bucket challenge, and now he’s back in the hospital
Video: Peter Frates, inspiration for 'Ice Bucket Challenge', hospitalized with ALS
New book to debut 9/5: "The Ice Bucket Challenge" tells story of 1/2 proceeds will go to Frates family
Man who inspired ice bucket challenge is back in hospital.
⚡️ “Man who inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge is in the hospital ”.
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Man behind Ice Bucket Challenge returns to hospital, but he's battling "this ALS like a Superhero," family says.
Man who inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge back in hospital
Man who inspired ice bucket challenge is in hospital
Man who inspired ice bucket challenge to raise money for reasearch into Lou Gehrig's disease back in hospital.
Okay, here's the new Ice Bucket Challenge: try to read this entire thread aloud on video without a single tear.
Nancy Frates: Why my family started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The re... via
ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' funding leads to new genetic findings.
Ice cool X Factor guru Simon Cowell does the Ice Bucket Challenge on his yacht | The Sun |Showbiz
So how long until Jim Hackett does the Ice Bucket Challenge?
Easdales complete the Ice Bucket Challenge and call out Neil Doncaster & Stewart Regan. Should be interesting...
I'm 3 years late but how the frick frack did Jennifer Beals not do her Ice Bucket Challenge Flashdance-style? Too iconic to pass it up!
😂😂😂 Ok then what about the ice bucket challenge??
Ice bucket challenge in the fountain, woah
I'm trying to do the ice bucket challenge with Fernando, but just hit him in the head with the bucket.
I felt bad after seeing you do the ice bucket challenge
but I remember I did the ice bucket challenge in 9th grade.
ALS ice bucket challenge is the one that come on top as it vent viral in 2 months almost fund raising $77 million for research
I'll literally do the ice bucket challenge Bc of how happy I am
aray ko bes! Ice bucket challenge to the burned area 😂😂😂😂
I thought the ice bucket challenge was over.
Isn't the point of a challenge to do something difficult, or at least uncomfortable? Like the ice b…
I liked a video Ice bucket challenge?
Wonder if the ALS ice bucket challenge is still making its rounds 🤔
My dinner is seriously the ALS ice bucket challenge of dinners.
What if the US fully funded health care and medical research and the 1% had to fund their tax cut with an ice bucket challenge
All of a sudden the Ice Bucket Challenge doesn't seem so demeaning.
Nobody challenged me to the ice cream bucket challenge, but I still do it every night because I care.
Just forgot I got nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, probably need to get around to that soon.
Everyone else is doing it and it's not the ice bucket challenge?
Tried to get 13yo son out of bed. Now planning to recreate the "ice bucket challenge" - which may up my odds of success t…
still not over this video just look at this fam. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I just did the ice bucket challenge and my parents got divorced :/
On the other hand, neymar doing the ice bucket challenge is the reason for my existence
Do not laugh,ice bucket, cinimion challenge: via
let's not embarrass Maia today 🙅🏽 wasn't starting the ice bucket challenge on me when we were 10 enough? 😩
My is my ALS Ice Bucket challenge partner, and Khaleesi of the Sports/Talk Radio World
Man finally does the Ice Bucket Challenge in fun ad about the perils of slow internet:
If responds i do an ice bucket challenge
and I thought Maya was doing the ice bucket challenge 😂
who says Maya is a bad person? See,she's so good. She made the nurse do ice bucket challenge,which is for a goo…
I mean. All these girls promoting women's rights like it's the ice bucket challenge without even knowing what they're fighting for...
the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral marketing strategy that got the attention of thousands of people a few years ago.
Still can't figure out who I should nominate for the ice bucket challenge
Listen I will NOT MELT if I do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I'm not doing it cuz I don't want to and NOBODY can mak…
I nominate for the ASL ice bucket challenge!
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Can someone famous start something like the ice bucket challenge but for public education? Tag your rich friends, donate & fix the system.
Remember when Ben did the ice bucket challenge and he took Jen into the pool with him
You know you're too far back on someone's Instagram when you're looking at their ice bucket challenge.
Remember when the ice bucket challenge was going on and there were actually people complaining about all the water being wasted
Where is the ice bucket challenge when you need it?
Lisa Scott Lee - Ice Bucket Challenge she is so brave 😘❤👩🏻
I hope ALS's new Punch-A-Nazi raises more money than their Ice Bucket Challenge
Who got drenched for charity in the Ice Bucket Challenge? - Hartlepool Mail
It turns out those Ice Bucket Challenge videos helped do a lot of good
and Jeffrey Archer help Ice Bucket Challenge fund breakthrough
Ice Bucket Challenge, led by former BC baseball player Pete Frates, helped fund discovery of gene linked to ALS.
fundraising campaign in 2014-2015 with Ice Bucket Challenge most popular (2/2)
Ice Bucket Challenge funds discovery gene linked to ALS great job everyone in helping make a difference
Proof the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge actually did buckets of good:
The Ice Bucket Challenge brought a boost in funding, leading to a significant discovery about ALS.
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Great news! To the critics of the ice bucket challenge enjoy your humble pie
Ice Bucket Challenge leads researchers to ALS discovery.
Hey the ice bucket challenge actually helped against ALS!
The gene linked to ALS was just found due to the funds raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge!!!
2014 Ice Bucket Challenge leads to ALS breakthrough via
Ice Bucket Challenge funds lead to ALS discovery
My Mom died from ALS: Remember the ice bucket challenge?THANK YOU! It just funded an ALS breakthrough
Ice Bucket Challenge leads researchers to ALS discovery -
Ice Bucket Challenge leads researchers to ALS discovery
the ice bucket challenge actually helped find the gene linked to ALS
but you still won't reply to my ALS ice bucket challenge
Remember the It just funded an breakthrough
Ice Bucket Challenge funds discovery of gene linked to ALS
Remember the ice bucket challenge? It just funded an ALS breakthrough
Money raised from ice bucket challenge helped researchers discover gene linked to ALS:
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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014? Its funds helped discover the gene linked to ALS https:…
donations lead to significant discovery in study of ALS disease
🐹Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here's in fan gear for being a good sport.
She just really wanted you to take the Ice Bucket Challenge xD
I liked a video from Austin St John's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Woodrow Wilson School:. Woodrow Wilson School brings back the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of Bayonne Board...
Remember when Roger challenged Ana to the Ice Bucket challenge?.
If I join I will make of video doing als ice bucket challenge 3 times
I liked a video from Mikeius Ice Bucket Challenge
I liked a video from Ice Bucket Challenge ... xoxo - GloZell
Where did that challenge go where girls held bottles of coke with their *** I miss that. . Was WAY better than the ice bucket challenge.
I had the strangest impulse this morning to watch celebrity ALS ice bucket challenge videos on YouTube.
Don't get sensitive on me or I'll ice bucket challenge all over u and everyone u love.
I liked a video from ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...
she should try that new ice bucket challenge. I hear it's all the rage
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Remember summer of 2014 and the ice bucket challenge
Exactly!! how they were pouring water on their head dat it's ALS ice bucket challenge 😒😒😒
From the Vault: Natsujigoku does the ALS ice bucket challenge: via
From the Vault: Chaosking1236 does the ALS ice bucket challenge: via
Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. …what? It's for charity.
But then it's you who decided to go KAREEB, 50-50 Strip challenge , Ice bucket , Madrasan k Saath Masti wen she's Drunk 😂😂😂
throwback to when the grey's cast did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! ♡
You know you were popular if you got nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge.
I wonder if we'll ever get to see original ice bucket challenge, it sounds really funny !!
This vid still makes me laugh out loud. was a bit mean with that Ice bucket challenge eh
Thanks for doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Wish more stars would step up and bring awareness to this horrible disease
isn't it!!! I felt so rough then did the ice bucket challenge and it sorted me right out 🙈😂😂😂
Karankas best mate, ice bucket challenge, got a Parmo date all over this transfer
I liked a video Charlie Sheen -- Ice Bucket Challenge with a BIG Twist
Hollywood Casino Columbus ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Thank you to all who ...
Did God just do the Ice Bucket Challenge over Omaha?
You still have to do the Ice Bucket Challenge remember?
Sun gotta partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Samsung dumped a bucket of ice water over a waterproof Galaxy S5 to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge.
I added a video to a playlist NCIS: LA - Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen's Ice Bucket Challenge
SO cool (ice-related pun intended) to hear from Pat Quinn, founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Uh oh, Jason Derulo nominated Katy for the Ice Bucket Challenge
I'm back (for doing a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and watching something.)
Ice Bucket Challenge would be great this summer 'coz it's freakin' HOOOT!
The Ceremonies nominated Harry to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Okay Harry, we're waiting for ya!
New post (That's cold: Vikram Chandra's Ice Bucket Challenge) has been published on
A4: I think a help because raising and maintaining awareness help understanding. Look at the Ice Bucket Challenge!
remmeber when the only nomination gaga earned during the ARTPOP era was the Ice Bucket Challenge ?
A lot of people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It doesn't end well.
This is exactly how I'm gonna feel when I finally get nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I added a video to a playlist Springboard Nonprofit's Ice Bucket Challenge!
I liked a video from CT Fletcher, Ice Bucket Challenge, Ronnie Coleman, Billy Blanks
. A7. I can do Ice Bucket Challenge in such a cold weather 😅.
Here's what happened to the $115 million raised Ice Bucket Challenge via
LOOK: Changsha's 'Ice Man' charity event is way more extreme than any Ice Bucket Challenge
Arrow to the Knee, 2012 Mayan Calendar, Planking, Ice Bucket Challenge, 'Let it go', Skinny Jeans, The Dodo Bird. See the trend?
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a triumph for all non-profit fund raising. The revenue generated from this super...
📷 captainenvy: Charlie Cox’s Ice Bucket Challenge - aka the video where charlie Cox gets all wet and all...
So nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... 💦
The "Ice Bucket Challenge" was a viral stunt taking both the internet and live media by storm to raise money for...
Read: How the Ice Bucket Challenge changed people’s attitude to donating to charity:
I liked a video from Gordon Shedden - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Update How the ALS managed donations when the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral
I liked a video from How To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Im about to do the Ice Bucket Challenge
WATCH: Ian McKellen drenches as he FINALLY does Ice Bucket Challenge.
Watch as Eamonn Holmes does the Ice Bucket Challenge - administered by Ian McKellen and Ruth Langsford
I TRIPLE DARE to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in October! :D
NASA finds flowing water on Mars. Matt Damon uses it to do interplanetary ice-bucket challenge.
Mexican girls' new Ice Bucket Challenge involves doing coke and donating zero money, genius http…
Fundraising ideas that rocked the world - from Live Aid to the Ice Bucket Challenge!
Prepare for Mars rover Ice bucket challenge.
Hey the ALS ice bucket challenge was last year lol!
the ice bucket challenge was all viral marketing for The Martian too
ice bucket challenge but using Mars Water
Remember the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge? Then you'll love what this speaker is doing for ALS -
BREAKING: NASA discovers liquid water on Mars. California sends Nestle to investigate for ice bucket challenge 2.0
i have a fear of bathing in cold water thats why i never ever did the ice bucket challenge!! Sorry..
I wonder if it's the same guy who set himself on fire doing ice bucket challenge. 😩
2nd annual Ice Bucket & Pie in the Face Challenge to benefit charity = huge success!
Yall remember when did the ice water bucket challenge
I liked a video from ICE BUCKET '123' CHALLENGE!
Video: charizard: lame-waves: i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth...
Can this be the new Ice Bucket Challenge. Cause I'm in!
My favorite ice bucket challenge. Raising $ for ISIS awareness.
I liked a video EGG ROULETTE CHALLENGE w/ Raw Egg Ice Bucket Dump on Dallas the Pizza Guy | FUNnel
yup, gr8 memories thank goodness, our middle son really 'gets' MS research, very interested, did the ice-bucket challenge raised £s
When you see Charlie next could you please ask him to put back up his 1st Ice Bucket Challenge?
I liked a video Charlie Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! *Loud scream in the video at 0:29!*
...people across the world, who did the Ice Bucket Challenge because they saw their favourite celeb do it, followed up on it?
The only Ice Bucket Challenge to stand the test of time! Not so sure about the nomination though!
How this for an MND/ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! . Love the pool, especially brave at night in the middle of winter...
I wonder if Steven Hawkins ever considered doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? It did lead to a major breakthrough for ALS research.
Scientists at Johns Hopkins say ALS breakthrough greatly aided by Ice Bucket Challenge:
I liked a video Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS - Christopher Judge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Wes Edens,Mark Lasry & WI supports Arena; Support our team!
Especially missing my Uncle Ken this month because of August ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 💙🚰💦
Tyler Saladino freezes Southpaw with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! You're up next! .
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 1 Year Anniversary: Last summer, more than 17 million people took the
Waterloo Bucks players and members of the Bucks front office staff have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS... htt…
No one has nominated Zayn to do the Ice Bucket Challenge
I remember last year I did the Ice Bucket Challenge on the beach and got some really hot guy to dump the ice water on me.
.sent for a dip in a dunk tank for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. VIDEO@
Ice Bucket Challenge helped EA. But in general it's best not to attack individual charities because it makes people defensive.
One year on from the Ice Bucket Challenge - proof that charities did benefit in a big way, via
Stuart Millheiser: Why Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?: By Jason McDonaldEven if you're not terribly familiar...
Former linebacker with ALS helps revive Ice Bucket Challenge
Steve Gleason kicked off the second year of the Ice Bucket Challenge today!
Islamic State is terrified of the prospect of an Ice Bucket Challenge.
Looks like North Central Florida inadvertently took the Ice Bucket Challenge tonight
Dodgers participate in Ice Bucket Challenge: --Friday, the Red Sox restarted the ALS Ice...
2015 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at LOVE Park: Philadelphia City Council and the District Attorney launch the 2015 ALS…
I liked a video from - Matt Smith does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge making splash again this August Led by co-founders Pete Frates, Pat Quinn and Anthony Sen…
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