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Ian Wright

Ian Edward Wright, MBE is a former English professional footballer turned television and radio personality.

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger "has some serious thinking to do" about his future, says club legend Ian Wright. More…
Ian Wright drops in for a cup of coffee at Turf Moor BURNLEY year 2000 . by Stuart Roy Clarke.
i hate Man Utd with a passion and all their plastic fans . Ian Wright is a legend though mate .
Ian Wright's goal in a 5-1 win over Kilmarnock, October 1999. Requested by
Riddle: 1 player has played with all of these:. Robbie Keane. Pogba. Ian Wright. Ashley Cole . Saha. Lampard. Nistelrooy. Harston. R Dunne. J Barton
Ex star Richard Shaw has played with Ian Wright, Stan Collymore, Craig Bellamy, Jay Bothroyd... Hear his stor…
Ian Wright seeing the man who taught him to play football after being told he had passed away. 🙌🏼
How cool was Super Frankie Lampard tonight. Ian Wright on the other hand.😮
I would like to fire Ian Wright out of a cannon. I would also like to fire Paul Merson out of a cannon.
Ian Wright 'they're going to get Hammered.
Ian Wright on Giroud's Flamengo goal vs Mkhitaryan's Scorpion goal. . Wright Said "Mkhi's does it for me, because of the powe…
Ian Wright: "Both great goals but Mkhitaryan's does it for me because of the power."
Ian Wright explains why Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on fire
Ian Wright's honesty and Kelly's wit makes a great team.
howard webb says mark clattenburg had a good game ,😡😡please go to *** !! Ian Wright to , , just shut up !!
can you send this to Ian Wright and Paddy Barclay?
have you cleared this with Ian Wright and Paddy Barclay? he's the greatest english manager don't you know
people have tried to get a response from likes of Paddy Barclay and Ian Wright. The response is deafening
Alan Shearer and Ian Wright on referee Jon Moss in
MOTD Ian Wright and Alan Shearer is there 2 worst pundits?
Ian Wright asks Alan Shearer a question about goals... instantly regrets it. 8 games & more - on
Sturridge should look to leave Liverpool in January says Ian Wright
It's Ian Wright. He was doing it at Crystal Palace untill he almost got caught in a drug control.
Former Arsenal star Ian Wright admits to smoking marijuana before games
MP Ian Wright spoke at the Peace Symposium last night with the of Jarrow and the of the Mosque
Loool Gary Lineker asked Ian Wright if he'd ever been caught out on social media and he went 'nah' .
Did Trevor Sinclair ask Ian Wright for permission to wear his clothing tonight?
Trevor Sinclair is dressed as a poor mans Ian Wright
EXCLUSIVE: Ian Wright slaughters Zlatan Ibrahimovic over his shocking form
I liked a video Ian Wright on Roberto Firmino's teeth is so white Crystal Palace 2-4 Liverpool
Ian Wright is 1/100th of Alexis, has the stupidity of adding his uninformed and childish 2cents in on a lopsided comparison
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..Ian Wright is smoking crack again if he thinks Aguejero is better than Alexis. Watch Copa America you *** ..
Ian Wright on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "He hasn’t been able to make me think he will be able to help them turn it around. He is…
Tell you what I question shall I?! SHALL I? Anything presented by Ian Wright and 'Kelly Cates'.
why don't the top brass at talkSport try and nab Kelly Cates and Ian Wright from bbc. Top after match talk show on radio
Kelly Cates and Ian Wright.. great radio chemistry
18:06 606: Kelly Cates and Ian Wright take your calls on the day's big football stories.
With expert analysis from Glenn Hoddle and Ian Wright.
Great insight into life as a intern in the days of Ron Noades, Steve Coppell, Mark Bright and Ian Wright
Arsene with Ian Wright, Sol Campbell and William Gallas. Shame they didn't add Piers Morgan to *** on everything.
Ian Wright, Will Gallas and Sol Campbell sitting around the table with Arsen Wenger 😍😍
It's ok. Half-time and Ryan Giggs, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon are on for a bit
The man who thought he should be our manager now sits with Ian Wright and Lee Dixon as a pundit 🤔thought he was top gaffer like ?
Lee Dixon referring to Malta as mannequins. Punditry at its most horrific. Him and Ian Wright. Honking.
Ian Wright in goal, Dave Benson Phillips up front, it was a different era
Amy Lawrence, Martin Keown, Ian Wright and Pierse Morgan on one table. Oh :-). Complete bliss. .
Ian Wright's new book's attracted quite a crowd. Amy Lawrence is here too! @ Guildhall School of…
Are you sure Ian Wright and Amy Lawrence aren't related?
Dermot Gallagher, Mark Chapman, Ian Wright, Jenas, Thierry Henry, etc & even Sean Dyche are wrong & you're right. Understood.
Coach: This youngster is just like former Premier League star Ian Wright
Gazza 100/1 for the England job is the funniest thing I've ever seen 😂😂 Calling up Ian Wright and Dean Gaffney hwg
Arsenal star shunned by Ian Wright: I hope Arsene Wenger doesn’t bring him back in
Ian Wright "you can't do that to the talisman Alexis Sanchez " wow gr8 to hear ..Finally we have a talisman after Henry 😀😀
Alexis Sanchez - 47 goals in 100 apps. Thierry Henry - 48 goals in 100 apps. Ian Wright - 79 goals in 100 apps. Bloke was off the scale..
Ian Wright: "It's a penalty. Bravo's studs are up. He jumps in off the ground. He's out of control of his body. It's reck…
Arsenal hero Ian Wright: This is why Daniel Sturridge is struggling at Liverpool
has to be Andy Cole, Ian Wright and Robbie Fowler also deserve a mention...
Ian Wright believes new Arsenal signing Lucas Perez is capable of scoring 15-20 goal this season.
Arsenal legend Ian Wright: My prediction for this Gunners new boy: ARSENAL hero Ian Wright has given his verd...
Ian Wright predicts how many goals Lucas Perez will score for Arsenal this season: Ian Wright believes new Ar...
Ian Wright made this so much better!. ⚡️ “Gary's Pants” by
you sit there listening to Ian Wright, lineker, Hansen, carragher, gray, Martin Tyler, Henry, shearer, keown, savage etc
ICYMI: Ian Wright's reaction to Gary Lineker presenting Match Of The Day in his pants is priceless!
Gary Lineker in his pants. Ian Wright and Alan Shearer getting the giggles. What a brilliant start to MOTD.
Ian Wright's face is the true story here.
Ian Wright on his return to Crystal Palace. Class.
There is a Malcolm MacDonald out there;there is a John Radford out there; there is an Ian Wright out there in the Leagues.Just look for them
Well done to James Breslin who passed with Ian Wright in Glasgow
Big Sam. Jesus. I was hoping for Harry Redknapp as the coach, and Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Alan Shearer as coaching staff. Can dream eh?
I like Jonathan Pearce and Ian Wright. It's the passion I like.
Finding Danny Murphy. Robbie Savage, Martin Keown, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and the rest "not good enough"? Try this http…
I get Ian Wright and Lee Dixon chatting about football, but are taking the *** with Kevin Webster from
Why has Ian Wright nicked Eddie Murphy's wardrobe off the set of "Holyman"?
Ian Wright slowly but surely turning into Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America".
Ian Wright: It's not down to money, it's down to players not performing… England were rubbish in this game
"I can't stop thinking about the film 'Space Jam'" - Ian Wright, 2016.
Ian Wright compares dire performance to the plot of Space Jam. Amazing. (via
England meltdown level: Lee Dixon is ranking players by how loud they sang the national anthem and Ian Wright is talking ab…
I reckon Ian Wright says to his missus "you're on the obvious" cos he can't say PERIOD
Ian Wright shirt looks like he going to go back to back with Jamie Jones at DC10 after
Mark Pougatch,Clive Tyldesley, GlennHoddle, Lee Dixon, Ian Wright, Peter Crouch,your boys have had 1 *** of a beating
Ian Wright has nailed it in the studios tonight
Unfortunately it’s on ITV so we’re stuck with Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Peter Crouch! They’re not happy.
next time you see Ian Wright tell him Harry Potter wants his glasses back 😂😂😂
I love how passionate Ian Wright is👍
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, brexit, Ian Wright, the Queen of England, Roy Hodgson, Wayne Rooney. your boys took a *** of a beating!
here we go, Ian Wright about to rob a living...
Roy needs to be sacked how Brendan Rogers was sacked 😂 Ian Wright to give Crouch the look 👀
Ian Wright farts?! Lee Dixon and Peter Crouch do well to recover composure!!!
Ian Wright telling someone to calm down a bit is a bit like David Cameron telling people to not count their chickens before they've hatched.
Ian Wright is the only good thing about ITV Football 😂😂😂
Ian Wright once told me that the players he would have loved to have played with most (current EPL as a ST) is Ozil and/o…
Why is it whenever Ian Wright, dwight yorke or Rio Ferdinand are pundits they look like they've been dressed in a charity shop?
Imagine if they were Ian Wright's legs.
Gonna watch coverage on BBC. Ian Wright and Andy Townsend are terrible pundits.
Ian Wright 'we had all the possession'. Slaven Bilic 'the other team weren't interested in having the ball that's why u had…
I see Ian Wright is back as a dentist, clearly he had weekends off.
Ian Wright dresses like a yoga teacher
I like Hoddle as a pundit, but listening to him commentate is like listening to Ken Barlow. I also don't get Ian Wright
My mate just asked me why has Ian Wright nicked Ken Hom's dress sense 😂😂
Ian Wright "he should have saw that"! Christ, can it be that hard to employ an ex footballer with a basic grasp of English
Bilic talks Payet and tactics. . Karembeu gives insight into French plans. . Ian Wright is talking about his Albanian mate Barney.
Ian Wright looks so much like my uncle. Even though my uncle isn't black. Similar features.
"After the break Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Jack from On the Buses will be discussing England's first half performance."
Ian Wright & John Walsh discuss how their companies push boundaries of tech innovation at
Ian Wright did sign later on for AFC and RVP won united the league when he joined them.
Jamie Vardy to the gooners!!. He could be the new Ian Wright. Or he could just be Marcus stewart!!
Imagine if Social Media was around when Graham Taylor left top scoring Ian Wright out of his European Championship squad.
Sir Alex Ferguson tells Ian Wright why he didn’t sign him | GiveMeSport
Jamie Vardy, Ian Wright, Stuart Pearce...they all came from grassroots football, as did many more.
I didn't even mind the modern version with Lee Mack, Ian Wright and Boris Becker! It's time, man!
rashford's mum is Ian Wright with lipstick and a wig on
Ian Wright screams Marcus Rashford's name when he climaxes, pass it on.
Marcus Rashford's mum or Ian Wright in a wig?
Would like to see Jamie Vardy or Ian Wright's stats for the same period.
I kind of get the impression that Ian Wright rates Marcus Rashford ⚽️
The England article says Michael Owen was chosen over Ian Wright for the 1998 World Cup. Yet Wright was actually injured.
"I don't want Rooney to leave these shores but if he does, I think he'll go abroad.". Ian Wright
Sir Alex Ferguson tells Ian Wright he was "too f**cking dear!" after he says Sir Alex should've signed him.
Ian Wright: Why I changed my mind on Man Utd striker Marcus Rashford: Ian Wright has admitted that he is a ke...
ITV pundit: Man Utd ace is going to cause this Spurs star "some problems": Ian Wright believes Marcus Rashfor...
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Marcus Rashford will be Harry Kane's main challenger for a Euro 2016 starting spot, says Ian Wright
Ian Wright reckons Marcus Rashford could displace Harry Kane in England's team http…
Marcus Rashford is the main rival to Harry Kane as England's number one striker, says former forward Ian Wright
Video: Sir Alex Ferguson telling Ian Wright he was "too f**cking dear!" [via
Ian Wright tells Sir Alex you should have signed me . Sir Alex responds "You're to F***ing dear" 😂😂
get a look in ahead of Shearer, Teddy, Owen, Fowler, Ian Wright etc
LIVE on Ian Wright talks to Palace TV ahead of today's game
1st mate 'would you rather be Ian brown or Ian Curtis?' 2nd mate 'I'd rather be Ian Wright!' Just heard all for one, It was bad!
Ian Wright believes that West Ham will beat Man Utd and Man City to a place in the Premier League's top four.
The Denmark international, along with his Manchester United legend father, have joined Ian Wright and Shaun W...
two tribes, the chase & a lottery one from 2005 called Wright around the world with Ian Wright. Also been on pointless.
need to nip this in the bud... Why isn't tom Watson and Ian Wright running show???
we're both sat in watching the telly. He's so hammered he thinks he's seen Ian Wright in Chick King. He's winning.
I'm in Chick King stood behind an absolute ringer for Ian Wright. . My world is off its axis. Please help.
is the 1st Bear to go in 1st round since 2012 when RG3 and Kendall Wright went No. 2 & No. 13…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Osama Bin Laden once bought his eldest son an Ian Wright replica shirt from the club shop at Highbury.
People like to call Anericans stupid, but let’s remember this a nation intent on taking all the joy out of sport by mathing it to death.
Imagine going from Ian Wright, to Henry & Bergkamp, to 😨 .
Gary Lineker and Ian Wright rave about Mamadou Sakho on...
I met the boss the other night , he said to me i've got a new Ian Wright. I said to him who can that be , he said to me Thiery Henry !!
Ian Wright says this is the team who will avoid Premier League relegation...
No Wenger and wouldn't surprise me if Ian Wright was still our top scorer to this day
Might apply for a job on BT Sport if this guy and Ian Wright can talk so much *** and get paid so much
One day out from the Hunt Memorial Invite. Always a special day for Plainfield track and field stars. Never forget. http…
WINNER! Peter Wright brings a stop to Phil Taylor's winning run with a great performance.
Likes of Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Jermaine Jenas have their say on QSF: .
Ian Wright Wright Wright playing them big tunes in the wizzer
Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich departure has been handled terribly, says Ian Wright
Labour's Ian Wright says Redcar steel plant was a valuable asset now lost forever. “Absolute disgrace” it closed on Javid…
++ Ian Wright and Richard Hammond. I mean seriously, why is the info so tampered and so badly presented?
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Barrow Sean Wright-Phillips won the Premier League in 2005-6, 8 seasons after his dad Ian Wright in 1997-8
Ian Wright is a legend bmt, how can he make my morning like that . 😂😂😂😂
Ian Wright. Tony Adams. Thierry Henry. Dennis Bergkamp. and you wanna put Özil there? Your fanbase should burn
If he were in Star Trek, he’d be the best player in whatever solar system he was in - Ian Wright (on Dennis Bergkamp)
Arsenal legend Ian Wright: "I am so excited about this Liverpool player"
This is pretty funny saying that a manager who dropped Ian Wright is better than Wenger.
Jamie Carragher talking total sense on Jon Moss. Hope Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are watching
Otherwise a great analysis on Leicester FC V West Ham from both Alan Shearer and Ian Wright
BBC | 'The referee realised he messed up': Alan Shearer and Ian Wright examine referee Jon Moss's controversial performance in Leices...
Ian Wright "his eyes aren't on the ball" while Jamie Vardy is looking at the ball 😂 hatred towards Leicester all owa
Ian Wright has hit the nail on the head with Jamie Vardy's dive
Ian Wright: "Arsenal must show more spirit and the atmosphere in the changing room should be different."
Ian Wright: "Fosu-Mensah is strong and also a top player. He's already better than Rojo and Darmian."
Ian Wright: "Timothy Fosu-Mensah is already better than some of the signings United have made."
LISTEN: Our editor joined Ian Wright and Martin Lipton on the Sun Goals podcast to talk Palace.
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Only one father and son - Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips have won EPL titles. If Leicester win, Kasper will join d…
Listened to Ian Wright & Kelly Cates take your call... from 606 Football Phone-in
EXCLUSIVE: Romelu Lukaku must leave Everton to fulfil his potential, says Ian Wright -
Ian Wright and Greg Wallace have the same glasses.
Jay Emmanual Thomas was gonna be the next Ian Wright wasn't he?
ah now Jackie don't be mean Ian Wright feels sorry for them😂😂
As Graham Taylor said to Ian Wright on the film, "this game's made for you to come on and score".
Ian Wright backs Spurs talent Eric Dier to become future England captain
Ian Wright and Sean Wright Phillips. He's adopted I think though.
I swear Ian Wright and Trevor Sinclair are in every single punditry panel ever.
Ian Wright: "Noble is playing better than Henderson right now, but I think Hendo is a player Roy Hodgson likes."
Ian Wright 2x Mark Bright 1x Jules 2/3xrest always CB ; if I'd ever played(went to hockey school) I'd have begged to be CB
Ian Wright getting mixed up with mario Gomez an Mario gotze was pretty awkward to say the least 😂😂😂😂
more left field what about Stuart Pearce or Ian Wright? Went from non-league to England team!
Ian Wright or Andy Cole mkII. Welcome to being over looked.
apart from my dad, all my heroes are black... (Prince, John Barnes, Ian Wright, Gazza (he's white too actually), Michael Jackson)..
Schmeichel (Peter and Kasper) will be the second father&son to win a Premiership title. The first... Ian Wright and son Shaun.
Ian Wright: “Arsenal fans should be directing their anger towards Kroenke, *** Law, people like that. What do you do?!”
Ian Wright: "Kroenke's the one they [the fans] should be putting a lot more emphasis on. Not just the boss. Spot on✔
Suarez is better than Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Dennis Berkamgp, Robert Pires? Are you drunk or high ??
Ian Wright and Tony Adams testing out the new JVC jersey's stretchiness back in the 90s!
he's almost as biased as Ian Wright 😂
Ian Wright always looks like he's been dressed by five different people with very different fashion senses.
Coppell on the Beeb tonight with Ian Wright.
Why does Ian Wright insist on wearing that hideous hat?
Ian Wright on his return to Selhurst Park.
How can people disrespect club legends like Ian Wright and call themselves an Arsenal fan? 😂 Go support Chelsea you ***
"Ian Wright has labelled Arsenal fans 'deluded' if they still support Arsene Wenger as manager" make you mind up.
I don't care for Ian Wright at times (legend obviously, but not a great pundit and has a bit of the George Graham Bitterness to him), but...
Steve Bruce and Ian Wright killing off the WOB. Lmao.
Ian Wright: "The league is not over by any stretch of the imagination. It's very disappointing to see that banner out af…
Ian Wright: "To see the banner is annoying. They said the season is over if Arsenal lost but they just won 0-4."
Classic words by Ian Wright about the Wenger out banner after winning 4-0. Embarrassing
To mark International Women's Day, England captain Casey Stoney took your questions and covered everything from Ian Wright to Thai food.
Your right Ian Wright, something changed at Spurs,we bought the best CB in the Prem and shifted 2 of the worst,& got di…
Henry, Ian Wright, Patrick Vieira and Bergkamp were world class. Giroud, Walcott and Flamini are not.
Ian Wright on Ibra to rumours: “I think that’s quite a possibility. It would be very exciting.”
18:40 606: Jason Mohammad and Ian Wright take your calls on following the Capital One Cup final.
Ian Wright: Why I want to see more of this Arsenal signing: Ian Wright says he wants to see more of Arsenal si...
Rio Ferdinand and Ian Wright please do shut up, you're in the studio with Ronald Koeman.
Also that was the same night I got drunk in Lime St. pub and phoned Ian Wright on 606 banging on about how amazing Garry Monk was.
thought you might enjoy this - it features, Ian Wright, Phil Daniels, some Scooters & Mods. Enjoy!.
There was some priceless banter between Gary Lineker & Ian Wright during the Champions League coverage last night 😂😂
The sound person for the debate should be taken out back and shot. Listen to that popping off the mic…
One thing is clear from this debate - should not get one single federal dollar.
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PBS: We are interrupting this debate to show bits of the debate and talk about the debate. Then we’ll get back to the debate.
Could make a run at top remaining free agent Ian Desmond?
Football League Q&A: Clayton Donaldson on idolising Ian Wright, his love for toffee pudding and life as a...
Could Ian Desmond find a home on the South Side of Chicago?
Our hope is not in heaven but resurrection. see Wright's Surprised by Hope for a reminder
Saw that one, it was price boosted from 7-1 weren't it, didn't fancy Wright though - that was a tight one!
Euro 2016 launch with legend Ian Wright (@ Soho Hotel - in Soho, London)
God should hire Ian Wright to help promote him after today's science news; he did wonders for Chicken Tonight.
Those 'Movie Night' adverts for BTSport are the worst. Imagine having to sit through The Goonies with Ian Wright.
I like you Gary you take your jugs in good heart especially the touché after you started on Ian Wright and what he replied
We're so lucky that we had players like Ian Wright, Tony Adams, Robert Pires and many more. Hurts to looks at us now compared to back then
Dennis Bergkamp played here or Tony Adams played here, or Marc Overmans, or Alan Smith or Ian Wright or whoever
Love you Wrighty we do Love you Wrighty we do o Wrighty we love you.. Ian WRIGHT WRIGHT WRIGHT Ian WRIGHT WRIGHT
Article by our founder Ian Wright: For SMEs, board diversity is nothing more than a diversion
Front three of Shearer, Lineker and Wright help north east success story
Gardens expert Ian Wright gives us his insights on the Watch full >>
Ian Wright: "Lingard's goal at Chelsea yesterday is one the likes of Beckham, Giggs and Scholes would have been proud o…
morning, have bought lots of bits from you before, and wondered if you had any unsigned Ian Wright items for sale? Thank you
Ian Wright, professor of Post-Colonial Literature at an exclusive upstate NY liberal arts college. htt…
Something about the idea of Ian Wright, Clare Balding and Steve McManaman cozying up on the sofa together is really disturbing me just now
Those guys really need to explain why Ian Wright, Steve McManaman and Clare Balding live in a house together.
Call me cynical but I don't believe Clare Balding, Steve McManaman and Ian Wright have 'movie night' together.
Ian Wright for Liverpools wall for Adam Johnson's free kick "they may as well have been stood in the dressing room" 😂😂😂
Perfect Sunday morning- fast forwarding thru Alan Shearer and Ian Wright on last night's
Alan Shearer and Ian Wright talking sense? Bet you thought you'd never mutter those words...
Sean Wright Phillips and Ian Wright come to mind
BBC pundit Ian Wright disagrees with Shearer, claiming that Claudio Ranieri's side can win the title
"Look look he's backing it up..." - Ian Wright on Martinez's dancing. Alan and Gary:.
yeah, particularly after result vs Southampton. get Ian Wright a new pair of boots and we'll be fine
Ian Wright speaking reckons British business is being done down by popular culture "best we've got is Ian Beale and Brian Aldridge"
He's gonna come back like Ian Wright
31/01/2016: Is the FA Cup pointless? Chelsea fan, Richard tells Kelly Cates & Ian Wright it is.
The latest BRIAN PERN: 45 YEARS... offered Jane Asher as Sharon Osbourne, and Ian Wright as Pele:
Probably cause he bought Dennis.or told Ian Wright to be more like John McGinley.tremendous banter
small mercies.could have been Ian Wright
'Andy Marshall should be on the post' - Ian Wright
Who is this Andy Marshall that Ian Wright is referring to?
More gold from - 'I feel bad for Joe Hart having to play in front of them' - Ian Wright on Hart's defence that he p…
Epic in a partnership with Ian Bogost are combining Gunstar Heroes and Phoenix Wright. The twist? it's coming pre-installed on every PS4
Ian Ayre heads team going to Florida to get Alex Texiera to sign at Liverpool we're almost certainly ending up with Bradley Wright-Phillips
Never looked upto someone as much as Ian Wright, modelled my game on him growing up & every celebration. A special player, man & personality
thank god for Frank Skinner.. We all knew Ian Wright had god awful taste, this confirms it
Noel Fielding , Ian Wright & a random member of the public it seems
Ian Wright and I are on the same page regarding Grease.
One of the best Televised performances I saw last year was Wright's v Taylor at the UK Open. Taylor averaged 108 but Wri…
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thanks for voting Ian Wright into our Hall of Fame!
On a less concerning note, Ian Wright completely misunderstood Grease. Both change who they are but are loved for who they were
I think I would put Ian Wright in Room 101 if I had the chance He was so disrespectful 2Wenger by working with Piers
Ian Wright trying to put Grease into Room 101. 😡😡 Gooner scum.
So is it Ian Wright or Chris Eubank on If he gets rid of youth hosteling I'm doubly confused.
if its the one with Ian Wright appearing then the 'lots of *** is certainly apt ?.
Ian Wright is looking rather dapper on room 101 tonight
Ian Wright doesn't like cheese boards ... He dresses like a man that only eats cheese boards
Ian Wright's performance on Room 101, currently on BBC One, is faultless. He is wasted on football.
Ian Wright is putting cheese into The man is mental
You can tell Ian Wright is ballin...mans throws away bread if it's broken 💷💷💷
The fact that Ian Wright would put Grease in, tells me everything I need to know about him.
Oh goodie. Ian Wright is on the Beeb. AGAIN.
Is Ian Wright on every program on every TV channel?
Just about as likely as getting Ian Wright again!
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How ironic..Ian Wright looks like a black Alf Garnett !!
Ian Wright is talking so much sense on and I never thought I'd say that about a footballer
Frank Skinner singing "Hopelessly Devoted To You" from Grease as just made my night lol,ps brill film Ian Wright 👍
How dare Ian Wright try and put Grease in Room 101
.I'm watching Room 101 and Ian Wright is on it. What is your opinion of Ian Wright?¿
Get BBC1 on! Ian Wright is trying to get 'Grease' put into Room 101!
Watching Room 101 - why is Ian Wright dressed as Matt Smith's Dr Who?!
Ian Wright should look up the Grease Lightning lyrics. Not as innocent as it seems
Totally agree with Ian Wright on about Grease. Message of the film: best totally change who u are & how u look to get a man. Crap.
Totally agree with Ian Wright. What a bag of tripe Grease is
Ian wright on any chance he could go into it?
OMJ I agree with Ian Wright about something. And it's a big thing. He's trying to put the film Grease into 👍🏻
Has anybody ever seen Ian Wright and Chris Eubank in the same room?.
Ian wright is spot on about the film Grease
Mum didn't recognise Ian Wright with his glasses on, "I guess he's a bit like Superman."
Ian Wright coming off as a nonce on Room 101.
Ian Wright's attempting to put the film Grease into Room 101. He's just gone up in my estimation.
With those glasses on Ian Wright looks like a modern day Harold Lloyd 😂
Ian Wright is slowly turning into Chris Eubank
Ian Wright on Room 101. Should be in it!
Ian wright and noel fielding on room 101 what a line up!
Ian Wright has just updated their PE profile see:
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