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Ian Somerholder

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Started watch Lost solely because of Ian Somerholder's young, fine *** 😍
Who's cuter: Joseph Morgan or Ian somerholder ? β€” Joseph Morgan. Pls don't hate me.
No way did Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder cancel one week before I meet them😭😭😭
I got lucky with Ian (holder of the smolder) somerholder and specifically looked for Matt Bomer.
Was It always Ian Somerhalder because I've been calling him Ian Somerholder for 8 years
appartenly Ian Somerholder is cancelling I9 cause of Family stuff! Fan rumour tho not confirmed yet
Can not get enough of Ian Somerholder 😍😍😍
Milano, Michael Weatherly, Ian Somerholder to name a few celebs all had potential scri…
Ian Somerholder from Vampire Diaries is literally the most perfect human😩
i had my first *** thought in 2005 watching ian somerholder on LOST
Dolan twins no nice la.. intro u one la.. go see ian somerholder sexy moments at youtube.. thank me later la
why does Jack Black look like a fat Ian Somerholder
it's like 7 or 8 series now isn't it? Ian somerholder is a dream 😍
Tessa Thompson is my Rogue and no one can tell me otherwise. Ian Somerholder would be the perfect Gambit
Ian Somerholder is in Brazil right now too and I'm about to go on a mission around the country to find him
the originals ain't coming back til Jan tho and season 8 of TVD may be its last .. Both Kat Graham and Ian Somerholder want out
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I know, officially my new man crush, Ian somerholder still holds a close second tho xx
I want Ian somerholder to be my boyf
y'all Paul Wesley is 33 and ian somerholder is 37... if paul is 33 I'm 33 if ian is 37 in 37
I've done that before, you're not alone! Wine is like a kiss from Ian Somerholder at times like this...!!
3 of the most beautiful men, Ian Somerholder, Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis😍
Ian somerholder for hottest man on earth
That moment when IAN SOMERHOLDER winks at you
T for ian somerholder. Like for colin
This comes up all the time. AM I crazy for not swooning over Ian Somerholder? I don't get the appeal.
Ian somerholder's face make me uncomfortable.
I voted for ian somerholder as well
.gonna go to an open bar with Ian somerholder
Damon salvatore aka Ian somerholder is just so freaking hot. I'm melting Omgoosh
If anyone was wondering what I wanted for Christmas it's Ian Somerholder ☺️☺️
Ian Somerholder's jawline is more sorted(read hot) than my life.!!.
Newly weds Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed dazzled on the red carpet last night for the CMT Awards!…
Can't wait to meet Ian somerholder this weekend πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Why wud u not want to receive a kiss from Ian Somerholder !
I got to talk to Ian Somerholder, talked to Megan and Liz, and talked to Kelsea Ballerini. Those parts of the day were incredible!
Crying because I fancy Ian somerholder so much I don't know what to dO SOMEONE HELO ME
Nina being out will be the end of TVD. Ian Somerholder* broke her heart.
*watches lost bc Ian somerholder is in it*
Ian somerholder is that how you spell it?
I watch the Vampire Diaries so much that even my brother recognized Ian Somerholder in Lost lmfao
omfg stop. I would do anything to have Ian Somerholder. 😍
Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed are standing in front of me but I can't ask for a photo I'm a chicken nugget
Thor, Josh Hutcherson, Dylan O' Brian , Grant Gust and Ian Somerholder are the sexiest and most handsome men alive! 😍
you made my obsession start again with Ian Somerholder 😭😭😭😭
well Ian Somerholder looks just as good and he likes women, worthier crush
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The terms of my marriage will basically be I won't cheat on you unless it's Ian Somerholder and then it just doesn't count
Can someone please go to a con and completely obliterate Ian Somerholder
It's a strange thing to realized that you'll see Ian Somerholder sooner than you'll see your own parents :D
I really wish I was at Bloody Night con right now, I WANT TO SEE IAN SOMERHOLDER 😭
Ian Somerholder will shave his head and make his eyes brown unless you ride a wolverine to Jupiter yikes ... β€” nope
we can talk about Ian somerholder and food.
guy called Ian somerholder he's an actor
That's great, and I see you found Ian Somerholder. lol
[ian somerholder voice] i LOVE you guys... you're so good to us... but im not taking a single photo today. it's MY day. dont follow us.
I know what ian somerholder looks like
I've accepted that Ian Somerholder could take any girl in the world. 😩😒. Every girl be going on about his looks 😒πŸ˜₯
That one time Ian Somerholder took my phone and said "it's selfie time" lmao k
I couldn't even watch the Vampire Diaries because I would be too overwhelmed because how much I love Ian Somerholder
Why're tall buggin at Ian Somerholder? He didn't throw shade at all he was just stating how crazy Justin's life was. Please sit down.
So happy with my birthday present that the vet got me
yes! That will definitely keep me busy ☺️ well ian somerholder is ridiculously attractive for a vampire!
Ian Somerholder went to Emory University to give lecture to students and here Meera needs to take lecture of English from students =(
Omg Ian somerholder and chris brownπŸ˜…
actually so mad ian somerholder got married and it's not to Nina 😐
If Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerholder can break up irl and still kiss each other on then Julianna and Archie can share a *** scene!
this is why I like older actors. You don't hear about how Paul Wesley or Ian Somerholder are alcoholics.
Today I told my husband that my freebie was Ian Somerholder. He looked at me and asked if I only like girlie men. Lol.
Nikki Reed's last whirlwind romance/marriage lasted 4 years. Ian Somerholder may be available again in 2019 LOL
welp, it looks like Ian somerholder is off the market. Where's Henry Cavill?
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder got married!?! When the heck did this happen?!?!?!
Ian Somerholder is married to someone who isn't Nina Dobrev who allowed this
Ian Somerholder got married this weekend there are millions of hearts breaking around the world right now πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
I can't believe Ian somerholder got married.. I feel betrayed..
In mourning because Ian Somerholder is married now. πŸ˜”
Ian somerholder belongs with nina not nikki 😭😭
Ian somerholder was daiting that girl from twilight for 6 months before they got married...aint that a lil to early.I mean what's the rush?
Ian somerholder and Nikki Reed are married 😩
Ian Somerholder is married 😊 congrats I'm happy for u, when you smile I smile ☺
Upsets me that Ian Somerholder married a vampire that wasn't Nina Dobrev 😒😑
Ian Somerholder got married and I want to cry. 😭
Actually kind of mad that Ian somerholder and Nikki Reed got married cause he's supposed to be with Nina but it's whatever
To top today off as an awful day, Ian Somerholder has got married. Today is the worst day ever!
Ian Somerholder is married and I am now drowning myself in Frosties.
Ian somerholder and Nikki Reed got married 😍 beautiful couple
Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed, the two vampires have married! It's all over for me and him then :(
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder got marrieed! Ian got over Nina pretty quickly😞 But congrats to them lovebirds!
Nikki Read and Ian Somerholder would have beautiful children
Nikki Reed and Ian somerholder are actually the hottest couple Eva
I wonder if this means my hopes of becoming Mrs. Ian Somerholder are shelved. For now, at least. :P
My heart just broke into a million of pieces. Ian Somerholder just got married, I can't believed it. Bakit di mo ako hinintay? Huhu featured in NBC s Science of Love
NO matter how hard I try, I still cannot find Ian Somerholder attractive...I just don't get the hype.
Ian Somerholder just broke my heart.
Ian Somerholder is married but not with Nina Dobrev. My dreams, my OTP, my life πŸ˜­πŸ’” My Damon πŸ’”πŸ˜’
Ian Somerholder got married this weekend. Sorry. :(
Am I surprised that Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder are married? Nope that girl seems to love getting married quick.
Wow, Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed married?? What's the rush?
I can't believe Ian somerholder got married to Nikki Reed. They haven't even been together a year yet. Wow that is fast marriage!
So mcdreamy is dead, Poldark doesn't return until next year and now Ian somerholder is married.
"Please join us in celebrating the marriage of Nicole Reed & Ian Somerholder. Fedoras REQUIRED to enter!! Also please make a donation 2 ISF"
omg next thing you know Ian somerholder leaves, or Paul Wesley or... YOU SEE WERE I'M GOING?
Ian're very good looking.
Ian somerholder is probably the love of my life
Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed are the ideal couple.
Dying someone send help and ian somerholder
Yeah if I worked with Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley everyday I'd wanna quit my job too...NOT πŸ˜©πŸ’”
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because of the whole Ian somerholder thing right ?
guy she is the show Ohh 😭😭😭. It's because she and Ian Somerholder broke up and it's too awkward.
Me & friendship involves tagging each other in vines all night and dying over Ian Somerholder
It's really depressing that Ian somerholder and Paul Wesley aren't single
If you don't think Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder are attractive you need to reevaluate your life.
Ian Somerholder is starting to look like Will from Will and Grace
I want the qualities of both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder
ian somerholder is about 40 elena is a *** Nina Dobrev plays two character like wow budget cuts much
young Ian Somerholder is killing me.
Paul Wesley has the better face but Ian Somerholder has the better smirk/smile
Very suprised that Ian Somerholder hasnΒ΄t much %!!
I Guess we r going to get a lot of Bamon in the upcoming episodes .
Ian Somerholder is all types of Chung
Ian Somerholder is moving to New Zealand to star in a new spin-off show called The Vampire Dairy!
So...since the role of Mr Grey is open again, I suggest Ian Somerholder or Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd get their turn. Thanks
the other day I saw some girl with ian Somerholder as her MCM but her bf is a *** who looks like a gremlin
Ian Somerholder is the only man I would feel comfortable calling daddy
Ian somerholder and Paul Wesley are great
My friend met Ian somerholder on set while she was an extra. I'm so jelly. Hate her guts now. Jk luv ya
Ian somerholder, in a tutu. Your argument is invalid.
This is pretty much the life Ian somerholder pins and Skype with
Nikki Reed & Ian Somerholder are the most bisexual couple I've ever heard of
Can we just appreciate young Ian Somerholder
Only really reallyyy crazy blind people think Ian somerholder is better looking than !! Ian's good but not PAUL good 😍😍😍
I haven't watched it but I have heard of it before. Just cuz of Ian Somerholder
Nina Dobrev and ian somerholder don't even follow each other on insta anymore and that makes me SO SAD
β€œIn my opinion, they should've chose Ian Somerholder for 50 Shades of Grey” my thoughts since day 1 😑😑😑😑
that's awkward I was talking about ian Somerholder, NOT the other one no way would I say that come on now 😳
I'm gonna try this when I run into Ian Somerholder ;)
write in Ian Somerholder, need him in a storyline
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Ian somerholder is the most attractive human bean in the world
Ian Somerholder is such a pleasure to look at!!
No matter how hawt Ian Somerholder is on his suit and tie, I still fk love Mark on his suit and tie~!
Can't believe ian somerholder is engaged :((
I knew there had to be a reason why I loved Ian Somerholder so much
Ian Somerholder is an attractive man. Has anyone ever mentioned this?
LOST is a awesome TV show ever I like the first one because it has Ian Somerholder in it and he looks very hot :)
Do you want this Nylon magazine signed by Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley AND Ian Somerholder?!
U are the Ian somerholder to my Nina Dobrev
Ian Somerholder owns his look at the People’s Choice Awards.
The Vampire Diaries I love you, I'ts my favorite series! Ian Somerholder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley I love you my dear!!!β™₯β™‘β™₯
Yall be having Ian Somerholder type guys as yo MCM, but date guys lookin like a gremlin troll
It was ian somerholder for a very long time. Ever since niall posted that selfie my life has derailed
I'm sure the story lines are great but I can't get over Ian somerholder still.. 😍
yeah, Cause I'm not Ian somerholder to you.
domain names
Thanks snapchat for ruining my life. Ian Somerholder is getting married 😒
mines:. Harry Styles. Luke Hemmings. Jared Leto. Bradley Simpson. Ian Somerholder😏 not in orderπŸ˜„
So what has been renewed for a new season? Looks like CW's treasure babies Flash and Arrow have both been renewed for Season 2 and 4 respectively. The infamous Supernatural has been renewed for an 11th season (!!!) The show which had a stunning, golden globe infested debut, Jane the Virgin has been renewed for a 2nd season, Reign, The 100, and The Originals for a 3rd and The Vampire Diaries for a 7th (although I don't know how to feel about that one, what does TVD even have to offer other than Ian Somerholder?)
its a regular laugh fest, and picture show off around here, David Lyons ,Ian Somerholder, Norman Reedus, of course Bellamy!a lot
I nominate Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev for best on screen chemistry. I'd also like to nominate Ian Somerholder & Kat Graham
HUSH, HUSH NEWS: The articles that say Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson are both up for Nora and Ian Somerholder and Theo James …
Ian Somerholder... Do I need to day anything else?.
Omg omg just cried my eyes out to the last Vampire Diaries Louise Williams tell me ian somerholder isnt leaving =-O ? Xxx
I just realized my iPod was correcting Ian Somerhalder to Ian Somerholder???
Oh, and apparently Theo James and Ian Somerholder are up for the role of Patch.
Ian somerholder should change his bio to dead guy on LOST and The Vampire Diaries.
Ian somerholder was in lost and I loved him so it's going to be hard for me to hate him as Damon ahah
Going from Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerholder to Lost's Ian Somerholder is absolutely painful to watch 😭😭😭
remember when Ian Somerholder won Male Hottie over Justin bc y'all flopped. Yeah can't happen again.
enjoy this photo of Ian Somerholder (or however you spell his name) in the bathtub.
All purpose parts banner
i spy a Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerholder
Glad to hear Channing Tatum as Gambit hasn't been set in stone yet... I'm still crossing my fingers for Ian Somerholder. Gambit is my favorite Marvel character(and also my 2nd crush ever as a kid watching the cartoon every Saturday morning) and I don't want to see another accent-botching Taylor Kitsch-esque disaster. "Everything about him screams All-American dudebro. Which is literally the opposite of what Gambit's character is." ^This guy. this guy gets it.
I really want to meet ian somerholder.
Started watching Lost & there is a young Ian Somerholder. That's exciting
He's like a perfect mixture of Zac Efron and Ian Somerholder 😍✨
Ian Somerholder is coming to Canada's Fan Expo, really want to go :(
Hoping TVD brings back ian somerholder and Kat Graham back in the next season
I cant help but cry whenever I see Ian somerholder.
enough said... To some point I agree... I only watch cuz of ian somerholder :)
Ian somerholder is on contract till next season ;)
I 100% say ziam Somerholder would be a PERFECT harry!!! IAN IAN IAN !
sad moment when U know that im ur biggest fan (Ian somerholder) and ih doesn't know I exist :'(
// no but seriously. Who should I fake. I'm already Paul on my main so Ian Somerholder? Joseph Morgan? Nathaniel buzzohlic?
White collar - Matt Bomer is almost as yummy as Ian Somerholder - it might be a tie! Would ❀️to see these two in a movie !!
the introduction of Ian Somerholder! The cross-dressing girl! Kate Bosworth! I think of this show much too often...
Watching an old Law & Order SVU and oh look ... Jason Ritter and his brother Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerholder). Random
I thought Ian Somerholder would be there. With maybe Matt Boomer and Henry Cavill might making the list.
Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder are incredibly good looking!!!
I'm sorry but Ian Somerholder is not Gideon cross! He's not tanned, has the body or the hair!
I've decided Alex Pettyfer should play Christan Grey. But we all know I love me some Ian Somerholder. 😍
Speaking of the 50 shades of Grey movie casting... I have a few people that I would choose from...Mrs. Robinson would have to be, Ellen Barkin.. Ana I can't decide between Emmy Rossum, Alexandra Daddario, Lilly Collins and Bella Heathecoat..And Christian...James Scott is my favorite, or Matt Bomer,Ian Somerholder, Ryan Gossling, Henry Cavill, Michael Fossbender or even Chris Hemsworth.. Hm.. I know this is ridiculous but when you read the books you have a specific picture in your head.. Lol I'm a nerd.
Help settle an argument between Mallory and me: Who is more feminine looking...Chace Crawford or Ian Somerholder?
Ian Somerholder in Lost...if only I had known he was in it sooner I would have watched! 😎
OH IAN SOMERHOLDER or whatever his name is? 😍 I know (-:
Yess in june seeing Darren Criss and in july seeing Ian Somerholder, michael Trevino and other tvd cast 😩😭😭😭
So my sister just met Ian Somerholder ... what is life.
A lot of people like him. I hate Ian Somerholder's buy eye thing he does. It drives me bonkers, lol.
Ian Somerholder is on this episode I'm watching of CSI: Miami. *faints*
you two should get together and have Ian Somerholder-loving, genius babies, js;)
I know you know 'cause you are a profesional stalker lol wich movie is Ian somerholder filming???
I would honestly do ANYTHING to be with Ian Somerholder
Did not realise Ian Somerholder was boon from lost! Where have I been
This is a fan page of Ian Somerhaldar .
// look up Ian somerholder him and my face claim are dating in RL
Catching up on Vampire Diaries, I just watch it because of the sexy IAN SOMERHOLDER.
I could really go for some Taco Bell. and some Ian Somerholder.. :)
Ryan Gosling is a little too pretty!! He needs to be rough! Jude Law a possibility, or Ian Somerholder
cant believe I'm gonna see ian somerholder and michael trevino in 71 days
I would like to point out that Ian Somerholder is pretty much amazing. Just saying.
Oh I do love a bit of Ian Somerholder
Ian Somerholder is just so delicious, I could get lost in his eyes!
we've been reading your e-versions. Love the chemistry btwn Lucy and Lukas.when I think of lukas I think ian
Champagne w/ boysenberries ,chocolate Truffles and watching The Vampire Diaries with Ian Somerholder ( the gorgeous vampire). What a way to forget what's happening out there.Buona Notte Amici.
I cant get enuf of Ian Somerholder! I love him as much as I love Robin Thicke n thats an accomplishment!
and fail. sounds good! Im gonna go drool over Ian Somerholder now
Another piece of the puzzle up and running!
I need him so bad lol i love ian somerholder he is my dream forever
Just watching a film and bam Ian Somerholder appears 😍 This film just got a whole lot better 😏😘
13- Hottest Guy in the world: Channing Tatum, Ian Somerholder, Paul Wesley, Leo Dicaprio & soo much more.
This 50 Shades of Grey casting is so messed up. To me Ian Somerholder and Alexis Bledel would be the perfect fit πŸ“πŸŽ₯πŸ™€
Ian Somerholder is just the hottest man in the world. I don't even care.
Elena Gilbert Our Brave Queen If you had to choose between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder...I mean.I understand her.
Omg! I feel upset that i dont know is in guangzhou lastweek! And he is in…
Can't explain how jealous I am of if her picture is her posing with Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley omfg
Ian somerholder too! Like where are there mothers? Cuz somebody needs to congratulate them.. They made beautiful children! ^0^ ;D
Ian Somerholder & Dave Franco are angels sent from heaven. They are some fine men.
Ladies who are obsessed with Ian Somerholder and other celebrities, sayedna Yusuf owned 50% of the whole world's beauty, see the difference?
I think Emily might actually carve something into me as I have bashed Vampire Diaries and by extension, Ian Somerholder. Worth it.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebri... β€” Harry Styles, Ian Somerholder and Nina Dobrev xD
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why is Ian Somerholder sooo fricking hot?
watching how to make love to a woman as if Ian somerholder is in it! yes I love him
Got to be Paul Walker with Ian Somerholder coming in close behind him!!!
Ian Somerholder and Frank Langella in the same episode of Law & Order - Sweet!
just to let you know Ian Somerholder and Alexis Bledel would be favs, if this helps you making a devision 😝
And Eoin Macken and Francisco Lechowski and Ian Somerholder and countless others
I like Ian Somerholder it's the eyes lol. Not sure of Matt Bomer x
Dan Patrick: Just mention his name... Ian Somerholder (Crowd Screams)... Seriously they should have invited Taylor Lautner & matched them.
Me: "until you can have Johnny Depp or Ian Somerholder, I will be your man." "baby!!. You forgot Henry Cavill."
Ian Somerholder is my new husband..
i know!! Sad. I dont want Ian Somerholder yuck. I was reading the books and all i can see is Henry Cavill and teresa palmer :D
Nothing like watching YouTube videos on YouTube videos on YouTube videos of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerholder being the perfect, gorgeous, happy couple together to depress you for a century
I'm in love with the guy named... Damon. Lol I mean, Ian Somerholder. Ow no, Ryan Gosling. Chris Evans I mean. Jk. It's TAEYANG.. :D
Me, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder. ❀ A girl can dream.
Paul Wesley is so freaking SEXY and HOT hehe and so is Ian Somerholder is freaking SEXY and HOT too also Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and also Michael Trevino. All 4 of them are so freaking HOT and SEXY
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i don't c him as Christian at all. I think Ian Somerholder, Henry Cavill, or Matt Bomer would make a better Christian.
Ian somerholder, Ryan Reynolds, stabler and who else?
I think it should be Ha! Let's start with Channing Tatum, Diego Boneta, Ian Somerholder and my list would go on and on
Update on 50 Shades of Gray fans. Ian Somerholder is most likey going to be Christian Gray.Anastasia's role is either Emma Watson or Lucy Hale. The producers are cutting out ALOT of the juicy parts :(.. Still going to be a great movie though!
Cannot stop looking at Rick Gonzalez, Adam Rodriguez, Ian Somerholder, and Neil Brown,'s never too early for a n Easter Basket ;)
confession # 10: I think Ian Somerholder might be the hottest guy in the world :* plus bluue eye are like amazing... hehehe blue eyes guy unite :)
Elena seriously just needs to choose daemon already! How can u turn Ian Somerholder down?
Oh my gosh Ian somerholder on Chelsea lately
Is this Ian somerholder movie for real.. Googling that right about now
You wanna know why its gonna be a great day? Cause Ian somerholder is about be on my big screen.
Ian somerholder I think but not sure! His yummy! πŸ˜‹
So excited to see Patrick Dempsey, Ian Somerholder, Vinny and Paul Ryan all on tv tonight 😍
I'm in school and I can't wait till tonight!
and Ian Somerholder looks oh so good, and he's older so I don't feel dirty
Adam Levine in Guadalupe, Zac Efron and Ian Somerholder in Megamall. EDSA is such a beautiful place. Yes, I like saying BEAUTIFUL lately.
Am I the only one mentally survived woman who doesn't find Ian Somerholder attractive?
not sure. Ive heard Ryan Gosling and Ian Somerholder were favorites but no clue.
Not blue eyes coz CG has grey eyes. There's Ian Somerholder. That can do it. He is almost perfect for the position
If they used Mila Kunis and Ian Somerholder (sp) ow owww!
Had a dream that I met One Direction & aske for an autograph for Liza and Sarah and then I met Ian Somerholder and got one for Abby and Erin
he was mine too but now I rather have Joe Manganiello or Ian Somerholder *sp
if Ian Somerholder plays Christian idk if I can watch it he does nothing for me. And lucy hale would be perfect for Ana
I still want Ian Somerholder lol he's so perfect. But ur choices r nice eye candy 2 lol. The chick from traveling pants is ok
Omg Pauly D Nina Dovrev and Ian somerholder! All on teen choice awards i ove them
Just looked at pictures of Ian somerholder (sp?) for a good 10 minutes straight
Can you, as a man, admit that another man is "hot"? Would you? Eugene reckons Ian Somerholder and Jared Leto are beautiful. And... GO!
Ian somerholder. And the guy who plays Klaus. ...and pretty much every guy on Vampire Diaries 😍
My 50 shades of grey choice for mr grey? Ian Somerholder!
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