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Why tf is ian somehalder still up on my wall???
it makes him kind of look like Ian somehalder the guy from vampire diaries !! But so hot!Like I'll be a Harry girl kind of hot
ontem eu vi o perfume do Ian somehalder no shopping
Ian Somehalder no Brasil esse ano, morta
I trade my two dm solo with Ian somehalder for lana del rey or melanie Martinez dm me
trade lana del rey, for two Ian somehalder? Dm me
trade dm with lana for two Ian somehalder??? I don't go fisrt
I don't find Ian Somehalder that attractive i mean he's all great he's just overrated even tho he's my baby along Paul
yo. someone find where ian somehalder is staying bc i need to meet him. LOLOLOL
girls it is true that this thing will Somehalder Ian Jack Hyde in 50 shades of black?😱
I dont watch tvd tho I knew ian somehalder
Por um mundo com clones do ian somehalder
Which celebrity would you sleep with I would sleep with Ian somehalder
When i looked his eyes is like look the sky 😍
Ian Somehalder is so hot and beautiful oh my baby.
im being by sofia i AM NOT pulling an ian somehalder this is the real deal send help !
I almost wanted to flip when it was Ian somehalder thank god
Congratulations to Ian Somehalder from Vampire Diaries to getting married to Nikki Reed! Read about their romance...
Did you have an affair with Ian Somehalder that broke up his relationship with Nina? If you did your a ***
of Ian Somehalder? I saw him as the vampire in The Vampire Diaries 😊
I wish it would have been me marrying Ian Somehalder today, but regardless, I wish Nikki and Ian the best for what's to come. :)❀
Ian somehalder got married but u know what I wanna be happy today so idc πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Crying cause Ian Somehalder actually did get married
Nikki Reed is so lucky bc she married Ian Somehalder 😭😭😍
Ian Somehalder is officially a husband!! i dont know whether to cry or to be happy :')
lmao Ian Somehalder and Nikki got married after only dating for 9 months πŸ’€
when you realize Ian Somehalder just got married
Ian Somehalder and Nikki Reed are now married? 😳
Wasnt ian somehalder or sth in a relationship with nina? Now hes married to Nikki Reed?
Ian Somehalder! Wah. 😍 why are you getting married anyway? πŸ’”πŸ’”
Congratulations to one of the most beautiful couple on getting married! Ian Somehalder and Nikki Reed ❀
No more Nina Dobrev in season 7 and Ian Somehalder married to Nikki Reed plus being home alone this weekend bc of exam. Imma. Cry. To. Death
Nina Dobrev takes silly photographs with ex Ian Somehalder
Thanks to for letting Kat Graham know I wouldn't mind Ian Somehalder's number
I find that Paul Wesley is much more handsome than ian somehalder.
what do you think of the actor Ian somehalder for the role of Gideon croos?
Anonymous asked: avatares do ian somehalder
So Nina Dobrev is dating derek hough?! She replaced ian somehalder with him?!?! He looks like a girl!
Why can't everyone look like Ian Somehalder...
like beautiful +of u said 1 of best of Ian somehalder interview …
How to ruin my life: be either tyler posey, ian somehalder or tom kaulitz that's it you're done
Before i die i want to meet Ian Somehalder*-*
Derek won an Emmy... Well, Ian Somehalder is still the best.
What's the trend about Ian Somehalder thing, tell me somebody??? ://
We are proud Of Ian Somehalder cause he's the best actor
We Are Proud Of Ian Somehalder is already WWT. Why wouldn't the truth be trending?
We Are Proud Of Ian SomehalderπŸ’•. Thank you for teaching me how to fight.
We Are Proud Of Ian Somehalder is trending!!! sure we are since the begining
wordd..I wish that would happen..Ian somehalder in my locker..awesome
Up fans for the vampire diaries is the best show and i'm super fan of ian somehalder. Arriba los fans de ian somehalder
Out of actors of vampire diaries I think are the best is Nina Dobrev ian somehalder Paul Wesley joesph candice acolla clare holt x
I hope make 50 shades of gray, it's perfect to make the Christian. Sorry Robert Pattinson, Ian Somehalder.
Im still in love with James Maslow , he's the best singer and idol ever and Ian Somehalder is killer
am I the only one who finds Ian somehalder extremely attractive? o.o
Matt Bomer or Ian Somehalder... Still trending! and yes... "It's like choosing between food and air"..πŸ’”
Alfie Boe's voice and Ian Somehalder's face set unrealistic examples for what life should be.
Vidyut Jamwal and Ian Somehalder should be brothers. They both are freaking hot. *** !!
Most girls want Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Josh Hutcherson. I want Josh Holloway Dominic Monaghan Matthew Fox and Ian Somehalder.
One day, I want to wake up as a Victoria's Secret Angel living in New York, and have Ian Somehalder as my husband ok bye
I could just imagine if Kaylee and I met Ian Somehalder and Paul Wesley we'd probably hump there leg
According to what I have read and seen, in order to be the maximum amount of sexy for my woman, and make her the envy of all other women, here is what I need: 1) The body of Vin Deisel. 2) The face of Ian Somehalder. 3) The voice of Sean Connery. 4) More tattoos than Axl Rose. 5) The attitude of Will Smith. 6) The bad-assness of Bruce Willis.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I am married to Roshon Fegan, girlfriend of David Henrie, colleague Ian Somehalder and sometimes give a kiss on Logan Henderson.
Follow me please πŸ™πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Matt boomer , Ian Somehalder, Robert Pattinsom Who is the best to be in the movie of 50 shades of Grey
Like what happened to Ryan Reynolds, Ian Somehalder and Alexander Skarskard for the role? - I'm not keen on seeing Nicholas Cage's butt.
I wanna date a Dylan O Brien or a Tyler Posey or a Tyler Hoechiln or a Michael Trevino or a Ian Somehalder or a..well anyone who's worth it.
Since he's *** I still pick Ian Somehalder and if you don't know who he is google him he's hot.
full schedule is up. SV alums and collaborators attending are Kristin Kreuk, Jensen Ackles, Ian Somehalder, Phil Morris, Tyler Posey--
Ryan Gosling not Ian Somehalder? *sadface Ian would have been perfect, can't imagine Ryan with black, dark hair.
Ian Somehalder, please bring Nina Dobrev with you. :/
I dont know never imagine her with another guy Oh Wait I would ship her if she date Matt Lanter or Ian Somehalder :)
3 people i would love to have dinner with - Ian Somehalder, Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley :D
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