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Ian Smith

Ian Douglas Smith GCLM ID (8 April 1919 – 20 November 2007) was a politician active in the government of Southern Rhodesia, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe Rhodesia and Zimbabwe from 1948 to 1987, most notably serving as Prime Minister of Rhodesia from 13 April 1964 to 1 June 1979. Born and raised in Selukwe (now Shurugwi), a small rural town in the British self-governing colony of Southern Rhodesia, Smith served in the Southern Rhodesian Air Force and British Royal Air Force during the Second World War and, after graduating from Rhodes University in South Africa, bought a farm in his home town in 1948. At the same time, he was elected as Selukwe's representative in the legislative assembly, running for the Southern Rhodesia Liberal Party; in doing so he became Southern Rhodesia's youngest ever member of parliament.

Harold Bishop Robert Mugabe Malcolm Marshall

Love that the Mavericks are losing but are still tying hard and not getting blown out in most games. We won’t devel…
The Lamar Jackson to Jaylen Smith TD is worth another look. Smith is a magician.
Nobody got jailed for criticizing the Rhodesian leader Ian Smith. The despot of so called Zimbabwe does no…
so i think you need to bench everyone on the defense and offense put a new 11 out there start Ian…
Victims & their families wish Justice for the victims of austerity, these people shou…
Alec Smith, Ian Smith's son, opposed his father's racist govt and supported majority rule. At one time he was manag…
Lol sure buddy, keep telling that to your shrine of Ian Smith
"We have a nice comfy ride for you" 😂 the savagery in this cop is unbelievable
What's the score Ian watching it no more
Fought the good fight? Leave it to the Brits to invent sportsmanship. Anyways, I'm…
Jaden Smith verse on Moonlight is too much . Astro boys Ian's running backwards surfing song is crazy vibezzz fade away h…
The Road to State House has never been shorter than it was past 37 years ago. Everyday that passes, the shorter it…
This just cannot be the president of the United States it just can't be ...
Self-Sabotage: 12 Nasty Habits Being aware of those around you & of your own true self - pathway to personal success
I hope Scott Brooks will let Jason smith play and bench Ian Mahinmi. Ian Mahinmi is terrible.
RI Comic con 2018 11/11/17 Autographs - Camren Bicondova from the tv show Gotham, and Ian McDiarmid who portrayed...
Wish Brooks would play Smith over him. Ian is such a bum.
Hate when we move the clocks back lol I'm always dead sleepy at 6pm Smh
"Now that's what im talking about. Hey. K. Nah nah nah c'mon man y-you get a series 4 De-Atomizer I-I get a little…
I have always said it: Mugabe fought Ian Smith out of envy for the privileges that come with the "office" bcoz as soon…
Maryland ripping Michigan is kinda concerning lol 😅
can you answer a question everyone wants to know? Why doesn't Jason Smith get the minutes he deserves over Ian Mahinmi?
I worked as a local news photog and I got to shoot Tiger Woods. He answered the questions asked of him.
When people like Ian Dunan Smith... Say "We are all Brexit now".
Still sitting there! At 10 bucknell drive in south tr. Grab it!
It wasn't a 'Rebellion' against the Crown. Christ; Ian Douglas Smith was against replacing the British…
I'd much prefer Ian Duncan Smith, who's "credited" with the idea of UC, made to experience it. R…
The Wizards are hosting military veterans at practice today. There is a FT contest and the first vet challenged Ian Ma…
'Politicians worry about the next election, statesmen worry about the next generation' - Ian Smith. How so true by Smith!
Today 52 years ago Ian Smith declared Rhodesia independent! My Rhodesian friends we will always be proud Rhodesians!
Ian Smith was leader of the land between Zambezi & Limpopo 13 April 1964 – 1 June 1979. I don't recall him naming anything af…
Today in1965 the Rhodesian Government, led by Prime Minister Ian Smith, illegally severs its links with the British Cr…
Ian Smith didn't flew away from Zimbabwe after being removed from the power,not even Joyce mujuru ran away after be…
63' 0-1 | Second substitution for Dundee. Ian Smith off, Cammy Money on
Honoured to be performing alongside Ian Smith and Lee "lips" Thompson in the SACS Old Boys Big…
Good luck to all teams. Pity our team Lancashire Lightning could not be here. Becky and Ian Smith from Blackpool…
Which African country did Ian Smith once rule? (Rhodesia is the answer in Collins Quiz Night)
Watching old Firing Line episodes on YouTube: Timothy Leary, Jack Kerouac, Nat Hentoff, Ian Smith and many more.
Patson Dzamara says no difference between Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, Mugabe simply a black Ian Smith
Ian Smith, famed as Harold Bishop, is writing memoir
Rev'd Ian Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Council of Churches and board member of the Faith Communities...
Focus on Family: Tips for cutting sugar intake from Dr. Ian Smith...
great game but I wish commentators Ian Smith & Justin Marshall would say 'Māori' correctly!
Ian Smith pays a fine to Sue Finneron, Sergeant at Arms, just because he hasn't paid his share during the year.…
Shocked a pundit who framed Reagan's letter to his dad about how the world was too *** Ian Smith thinks folks are too *** Jim Crow.
Zimbabwe regresses to barter trade - Bulawayo24 News Zim going to early stone age trade period. Ian Smith was great
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Ian Smith built nice roads taking Zimbabwe as his permanent country but these thieves are takibg Zimb…
We didn't only beat NZ but also their commentary team, Craig Cummings, Mark Richardson and Ian Smith keep up good work Doull
That we be the day when even the dead like Cecil Rhodes and Ian Smith wake from the dead to Save Zim, to level the playing field.
Pretty sure Ian Botham (cricket) talked about addiction to ibuprofen in his autobiography. Might be in Smith and Waddington.
On Friday 3rd February there will be a Communion service at 10am led by Rev Ian Smith. All welcome.
It was a Ramsay St reunion when and Ian Smith hit the red carpet at the 2002 Photo: Da…
QPR - Ian Holloway’s quotes about Matt Smith and Ravel Morrison - and what lies beneath
People think that you can save calories by eating fewer meals a day, but...
Jon Major didn't call ian Duncan-Smith a B*d he was a back bencher ,major was talking about cabinet ministers
The parents in drake and josh are married in real life 🤔😂
Y'all really posted a loving picture of him and the girl he stalked, then murdered. It's like every white person is born…
It's great to know Ian Smith is a massive fan of the ACC! Thanks Smithy!!!
bloody *** Ian Smith hates you lot. One outs with the fat *** after the game
you boys might need to go give Ian Smith a talking too. Talking smack about you guys and your knowledge
Ian Smith is giving the a serve on the telly.think he is worried about loosing listening numbers!
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Ian smith the slug throwing a lot of heat your boys way.
Bruh... these the type of mfs I go to school with
Watching people like motley, swanigan, Dennis smith, and monk you realize how good pitino is at taking a teams best player out of the game
Warner is seeing the ball like Ian Smith or Tubby Taylor eye off a buffet
Details of our 2017 events Starts on Monday: Ian Smith of 8pm at St Mary's with cof…
Ian Smith "This is cricket, its not Shortland Street" LMAO!!
How funny both visiting commentators have been shining lights first Ian Smith and this series Waqar Younis
Ian Smith used 2 travel to Gweru wth wife being the 2 of them. I cant imagine the same 4 mugabe & grace
Kristy Coote and Fat Pizza Pauly Fenech and Ian Smith of ALH celebrating a little too much
I'm watching with the sound turned off. Ian Healy is Hunter Thompson compared to Ian Smith
There are smaller commentary boxes around the world than the SCG where Ian Smith & Fat Tubby would not even be able to squeeze into
first benefit after taking power was reconciliation when he shook hands with Ian Smith "the butcher"
Bible study based on 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' led by Rev Ian Smith on four Thursdays of Advent begins 1st December in church 7-8.30pm.
Fetch your armoured vehicle... Ian Duncan-Smith announced his divorce from the Higgs
Stan Smith, who turns 70 in two weeks, has had his face on an adidas shoe tongue since 1978. The shoe has never been hott…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
J.R. Smith's response to losing his man on defense while speaking to Jason Terry may be better than the play itself 😂. (…
History will not absolve Zimbabwe leadership's  for turning the country into a penurious police state with  repeated assaults like Ian Smith
In an NFL or college football offensive scheme, who actually creates the plays? by Ian Smith
J.R. Smith is too busy dapping Jason Terry on the bench to play defense on Tony Snell.
Our thoughts & prayers are w/a big part of our baseball family, Decker Smith, whose cousin, Ian, was killed in a car accident last week.
omfg J.R. Smith decides to stop playing defense to say what's up to Jason Terry, gives up layup...PEAK J.R. 😂
and goes into the list with Viv Richards, Hayden, Michale Clarke, Cook, Ian Bell, Root, de Kock, Wi…
antoine St just. Look him up. Robespierres enforcer and nasty piece of work. 18th century Ian Duncan smith
Proud to stand together with fellow Falcons honoring Ian Smith.
I'm sorry the person you are trying to reach."Ian" is not available at this time to leave a message press 1
Should I get a Samsung or vizio tv 🤔
A way with words has Stephen Smith."Shotgun connectomics" = sparse sampling of connections.
Oldham Athletic's players and officials, pictured with Rhodesian PM Ian Smith, during the club's 1967 tour.
Next up: inimitable Stephen Smith, prev of now of on "Shotgun Connectomics". Penchant for memorable nomenclature
"He couldn't have hit that any better. Unless he scored" - Alan Smith. So he could then, because he didn't.
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Really think Sean Taylor would have been the greatest safety to ever play
Great post play but avg at best reb 4 his pos. I was referring to Gortat more for contract reasons. W/ him, Ian, an…
I hate when people say "you don't act black" ...Like what does that mean? What is acting black? Can I not be respectful and talk well? What.
4- Ian Smith drives forward and sends a low drive just wide of the target
Pakistan lost to NZ by throwing wickets, Ian smith say what's happening ???!! Fixing???
“The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.” – Roy L. Smith
This Woman's Burk (pick one from Gove, Bojo, Fox, Ian Bunkum Smith etc...)
Returning to after a breakout freshman season at it's Ian "Steve" Smith.…
Scrounging off the state? When Ian Duncan Smith put his wife on the parliamentary payroll via
That was several years ago. More recently, however, it sort of worked for Ian Smith's Southern Rhodesia, sort of!
1 of my fellow USA House volunteers, Ian Smith, also went to Go Utes!
Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe two side of same coin(both brutal,racist, suppress freedom of speech,Violet freedom of expression both detectors
Seen at negotiation w/ alleged armed man: Ian Smith, 21, of SF, dropped head in prayer for "forgiveness," he said. htt…
Happy 29th anniversary to Ian Smith and Liz Smith. It's like the opposite of Independence Day x
and Ian Smith as Ted Douglas just before his most famous role.
So who is the Ian Smith of soccer? Who is the gold standard? I still think Drury rose to the occasion last night
1/2 why do u keep letting brexit off the hook? Ian Duncan Smith previously responsible 4 DWP their stats + IMF £2bn tax
1/2 that's true but don't u think its odd Ian Duncan Smith ignores DWP statistics
Ian Douglas Smith, served as Prime Minister of Rhodesia (or Southern Rhodesia) from 1964 to 1979 ONLY 15 Years Moorgabie 40 lol
Our Ian Dougls Smith was not this evil by the way he ONLY ruled for 15 years
Maybe it would just be better if Ian Duncan Smith and Michael Gove left the EU... Let's just ponder that felicitous reality
Ian Duncan Smith wants power to throw "anyone" out of the and NO questions asked. Satanic thoughts no?
Ian Duncan Smith is an anagram for complete and utter aresehole
Ian Duncan Smith's voice really really doesn't suit the way he looks, confuses me every time he opens his mouth
Ian Duncan Smith admitting it's not about money, he isn't keen on migration because ppl might not like it
so we vote to leave, cameron resigns, then we have a government of Boris, Gove and Ian Duncan Smith, far worse than we have now!!
Ian Duncan Smith has to be the most odious politician I've witnessed in my lifetime.Presided over the most devastating cuts,then cried on TV
Ian Duncan Smith uses British people's discomfort with migrants as a reason for Brexit. Good grief.
Lmao my mum just said she thinks Ian Duncan Smith would've been a good Prime Minister and I just made a face at her
Ian Duncan Smith's argument on immigration on is about as water-tight as the Titanic. He should just say he doesn't like foreigners
Watching the immigration question on bbc. That Ian Duncan Smith is a piece of work.
Ian Duncan Smith Left his job, want to leave EU. If only he would leave my TV screen!
Ian Duncan Smith you're misinformed Ive had jobs advertised for a yr and not filled investigate that please
Now there was a shooting at a Walmart 😒
Lions. Hey what's did you expect me to say? 😔😂😂
we Ian Smiths must stick together lol
good luck with that mate from a fellow Ian Smith
Mod & Rock: Ian Smith (Studio72) has added a photo to the pool:. A 60's themed British shop on Burgate, Cante... https:…
Ian Duncan Smith. . You killed people as a direct result of your policies on Welfare and the bedroom tax. At least own your mistakes.
Ian Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove not hard to decide what side I'm on Vote Remain
Ian Smith MBE introducing who are sounding awesome in the wonderful acoustics
Some sort of Ian Smith cordial by now I think.
Peep a doc about a dancer who never took no for an answer //
Give me Ian Darke, every match. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are great too. American commentators just purely aren't as good.
I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaning...
Ian K Smith Author of the "Shred" diet books - Visit and check out all his great health books
Not to mention Ian Duncan 'I hate people with disabilities' Smith who'd use Brexit as his big comeback.
Johnson, gove, smith, cameron, osborne still all in it together.
is an unholy alliance between Ian Duncan Smith and Dennis Skinner - two small 'c' conservatives.
If it were up to me, I'd do an Ian Smith and issue a
Today on mu Ara d: In Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe), the white-minority government of Ian Smith unilaterally declares independence
Surely, just a look at the people on the leave side , Boris, Gove, Ian Duncan smith, the Sun, is enough to open peoples eyes
Ian Duncan Smith. I'm fairly convinced he was once human but is now corrupted by the ring and is twisted and evil.
.Ian Smith explains how technology can impact today's finance department
"I define happiness as 'the overall experience of pleasure and meaning.'" ~Happy by Ian Smith via
Politics in Africa. Ex-GS UZ & Attorney charged with Treason in 2011 for watching a video on Arab Spring. same school as Ian Smith
"There's no reason to have a plan B, because it distracts you from plan A" - Will Smith
"Legacy?". "To set the standard, exceed it, and establish a culture of excellence and inclusion on campus"-Ian Smith
The Cavs haven't even entered the playoffs yet.. the east is pathetic😂
Smithsonian or smith and his son ian.
Idfw people who automatically want Lebron to fail cause if he wins JR Smith wins and if you don't like JR Smith what kind…
Dude only got 8 games for punching 😂😂
Ian Duncan-Smith, the man who claims would benefit the poor,presided over the suicide of desperate claimants http…
Intv w/ Prof Ian Lee on 's latest troubles
Perhaps you're right. But I just can't bear to line up with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ian Duncan-Smith, Farage & Boris J.
Ian Duncan Smith fooling nobody in front
My main problem with this EU vote is that I'm either on the side of Ian Duncan smith or I'm on the side of David Cameron. Therein lies.
No, because that country fell apart quickly after Ian Smith and his govt were replaced by Mugabe etc
I will gladly accept a life sentence in prison if someone ever spit on me😩
Congrats to Smith&Weeden and Ian Fitzgerald on this years Newport Folk Festival!
Cameron's EU "renegotiation" was all a sham, according to Ian Duncan-Smith. Of course it was. All these rulers... http…
Ian Smith A bitter harvest:The Great Betrayal and the dreadful Aftermath. I swear i had good points from this book.
resignation of Ian Duncan smith what's that got to do with 🤔
Dear You can see Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose at the IMH in this exhibition: Fun!
I like to point out that there are way more wankers on the 'Leave' side than on the 'Stay' side. Ian Duncan Smith, anyone?
The new trailer looks like a Christopher Nolan movie, but not in a good way.
It's a physical role, FS in that defense. Matias-Smith had a lot of gumption, Clinton-Dix was a prototype.
Too hot a potato to hold on to:. One of Tory Duncan Smith’s most controversial plans dropped
interesting. Would fancy Ian Murray or Barry Smith but would take Fowler
Click here to read my rebuttal of 's review in the of 's M-Train
IDS has shafted benefits claimants after failing to promote sweeping changes in the switch over to Universal Credit htt…
Click here to read my rebuttal to Ian Penman's attack on Patti Smith in the London Review Of Books. . ...M-Train...
Congratulations to Ian and all the members of Smith and Weeden
My work "Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose" has been selected to be exhibited here:
Just realised been treated to pub lunch that has family links to His Right Righteousness Ian Duncan Smith bit sour but food was ok
I dont like Ian Duncan Smith? Gove or Boris but i dont care. This is about opposiblng fascism. Opposing unelected Federal Superstate.
remember we are a resilient lot. Ian Smith also failed us. U wont teach us fear, not now. We did it once
'I don't believe in black majority rule ever in Rhodesia, not in a thousand years.' - 20 March 1976 Ian Smith
Also in the festival lineup: with and Ian Smith!
Ian Duncan Smith won't state why worker protection will be weaker or not after
If we could forgive Ian Smith, why can we not work with Mujuru? via
dunno about natural it's hard work aye. Really appreciate Sumo and the likes of Ian Smith. Good fun though.
In other news, piece on Patti Smith in the is as brilliant as you'd expect:
I bet Ian Smith said something like this during the colonial era 😊
10pm: provide music for Football tonight -George Lamb is joined by Jack Butland, Joe Swash and Ian Smith ⚽️
BREAKING: Australian actor Ian Smith, best known for playing Harold Bishop in Neighbours, has bought a new lawnmower h…
.VPRRI Prof. Ian Smith chair reminds us that exciting research brings productivity gains to
When Mehrtens asked Ian Smith about facing a batsman at , he reckons it's claimed to be Nathan Lyon in Adelaide.
A fine piece of writing. The fact sports a tattoo of Ian Smith on his left buttock is immaterial
Loved my visit to to research this piece and meet up with Ian Smith and Vicky McClure. Happy days…
Worse elite was Paul Kruger and Ian Smith you remember the two?
The last time I met Martin Crowe was the day of the World Cup final. I remember Ian Smith being visibly moved & Crowe so …
Congratulations to Ian Smith, Martin Traynor and Alice McDermott for passing ppl groundschool exams.
Ian Smith and was talking about re generation who. Laura Hersey
We're all meeting together today at Perry Street, 10am, as Rev. Ian Smith speaks on 'A Vision of Character' featured in NBC s Science of Love
also an interesting take on assumptions made by commentators - Ian Smith saying Bailey told Warner to go.
Frustrated by dogged resistance of Ian Smith for the second Test in a row, a raging Malcolm Marshall threatene...
Malcolm Marshall threatens to kill Ian Smith: Smith had been the unlikeliest new kid from the small island cou...
to me it is no different to Joseph mengele done., Ian Duncan Smith is responsible for many deaths
People involved with this from the DWP are guilty of aiding & abeting Ian Duncan Smith in the culpable h…
Ian BaseZone Smith selection for Soul Garden. We will play Soul & Rnb & with a splash...
Did Ian Duncan Smith watch this lol. Did they disclose C4 payments made.. benefit fraud.
Alan Smith to stay at Notts County despite holding talks with Plymouth , details in our live blog
Pining for the day someone makes a problematic Sorkin-style movie about 1960s Zimbabwe and casts Edward Norton as Ian Smith.
Former DLA boss Roger Lane-Smith candid about banks' "business support units". Next page is on winning work from RBS
idris Elba was Snubbed along with will smith. Problem is color
Well Ian what is your take on my claim that you were Joseph Smith Sr? Father of Joseph & Hyrum Smith?(B. Nelson & J Padalecki)?
Ian Duncan.Smith.the architecture of misery and deceit I thought the Nuremburg trials as rid the world of it
- Ian smith u were on 17.30 CST. You left your ID card on train. Will hand in to Chatham station.
I ordered my screen protector week before Christmas and it's still not here 😒🤔
Happy to see getting some love for their EP, produced by in
Have you read The Guardian story about Prof Ian Smith, Head of the Breast Unit at The Royal Marsden, and his...
House Watched… John Smith, Ian Bourn and via my interview with
46112 signatures: To debate a vote of no confidence in DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith
TONIGHT! I'm doing a work in progress at in London - Come along and judge my new ideas!
I would definitely chose uncle Bob, Mugabe himself to come and sort out Mzansi's Superior race group,Ian Smith knows him
Shep was woken up by PC Ian Smith having a sleep by the town clock in the early hours apparently
Craig Cumming? Or Mark Richardson. Simon Doull also on commentary team, as is Ian Smith.
Ian Smith in YOUR time - you, Sir Richard Hadlee, Coney, etc, were NEVER referred to as BLACK CAPS. So are YOU Black Caps NOW?
Gee whiz how annoying is Ian Smith as a commentator! Preferred him when he was playing Harold Bishop.
Ian Smith. Life Long Dartmouth Resident. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony Mancini for over 10 years. His...
A glimpse into the studio today where our own Jeff Watkins was laying down some tracks with Ian Smith, Lee...
"He's just put Stephen Fleming to bed twice in ten minutes." - Ian Smith reminding me I am still very much an adolescent boy
Can we keep Ian Smith and deport Michael Slater & James Brayshaw?
how good is commentary with JB, Tubby and Ian Smith. I reckon Smithy's relaxed way should be used with Trent aka
Congrats students of the month Ian Smith and Jill Young as well as athletes of the month, Louis Eusebi and Kaylee Thompson!
With Slater, Ian Smith & Mark Nicholas ch.9 comma are talking about cricket! Maybe they did read this after all
maybe they're shifting to a 4-4-2. Because Ian Smith is the right back and he's not there.
Lions picked the wrong season to be bad. Fournette is only a sophomore.
I guess I'm goin with the panthers and CAM the rest of the year ✊🏼
Music that does a good job of exploring mental illness - From Ian Curtis to Elliott Smith, these are the … via Dazed
"If I don't feel fear I get afraid that I'm not feeling fear" - Ian Smith
R.i.p Flip Sanders. You will be truly missed . 🙏🏿 Still cannot believe it.
we beat Cleveland in 7 in 06 then they beat us in 6 in 07 lmao that's confusing lol
number 1 in the east and i think we got put out by Cleveland if i remember correct
I was too man smh remember that one year we had like 65 wins 😭
Flip Saunders died?? Other than Larry brown he was the best coach for the Pistons wow 😭😭😭
Has to be Chucky cos he looks like Ian duncan smith with hair *shudders*
Brilliant session with the legendary Ian Smith talking producing Mad Mad Fury Road
I think it's the right policy but he should have copied Ian Duncan smith in being cautious when he was implementing it.
I am sure Ian Duncan-Smith is working on this for the UK. Do the Tories know any criminals, though?
Ian Duncan Smith The man with the open hands always taking for himself A mean heart for others Solid Tory
Ej Manuel looking like genius smith
Top 10 players with the highest combined strike rate in Tests and ODIs: . 10. Ian Smith (New Zealand). 9. David...
Gonna miss the first half of the game 😭😭
Mind you Ian Duncan Smith comes close lets be honest..
Ian Blackford, who last week denounced "callous Tories" over welfare reform, took £3K from Tory donor during the GE. Hypo…
Ian Duncan Smith could have had zugy aliens for that price. The old and the young would have loved it.
--> "Happiness doesnt come as a result of getting something we dont have." ~Happy by Ian Smith via
"Me and the Beerbussies' daughter rasia scrap on every saturday night if you would like to join it is at 7:30pm." - This is Ian Smith
USC's JuJu Smith didn't just stiff arm a Utah player, he even invited him to come closer first. (Vine via ht…
"My moms scrap booking friend Tasia Beerbussie. Also wanted me to model for her scrap book" - This is Ian Smith
This is Ian Smith and I'm a model of Todd and Tasia Beerbussie
Florida state fans we feel your pain
USC is up double-digits on No. 3 Utah, in part because of this pick-six by LB Cameron Smith.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
If the Lions win tomorrow they'll only be a game out of the wildcard. They'd be 2-5 and in the playoff hunt. Lol wow
me too lol. Been a long time coming
Here are some more "flogged horses". Ian Smith. Hesaltine. Some bloke in Lib party. Another bloke in forgotten party.
If the lions drafted Connor cook I'd be so happy but it won't happen
Wonderful man Ian Smith and wife Janet his words still ring true today
Join Mike Skinner for the Drivehome from 3pm on Uckfield FM. His guest at 3:30 is Ian Smith, Chairman of...
Well done Witsies, when my parents took arms to fight Ian Smith's gvt they were called terrorists. Sometimes radicalism is the only answer
I dont understand how Joshua Nkomo was a terrorist, according to Ian Smith
Those days were no social media - but me and friends met Ian Smith at his house in Belgravia, most of us were old...
Great talk on freedom of speech with Ian Smith, Zany Lou (Serengeti) and my brother
I've said to that I suspect Ian Smith left a curse in Southern & Northern Rhodesia. Maybe we need to go to river?
So the VP actually looks up to Ian Smith for intellectual inspiration? How revealing!
If Father Zimbabwe didn't win as punishment for meeting Smith, what are the prospects of a VP who relies on quoting Ian Smith?
Robert Mugabe's former bodyguard has said the Zimbabwean President is 'WORSE' than Ian Smith, the ruthless...
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is worse than colonial ruler Ian Smith, said one of Mugabe's former bodyguards, Chinoto Zulu.
vital?whatAbout UK's jobcentres+ian Duncan smith preparing suicide count UK jobless? what human rights do they have
Did the press go into meltdown when arch rebel EU sceptic backbencher Ian Duncan Smith looked likely to win Tory leadership…
Work is good for your mental health, Mr Ian Duncan Smith. But so is a decent wage, respect, conditions, good housing, and …
These benefit sanctions are a total disgrace shame on you Ian Duncan Smith.
So grateful to have such an awesome, talented group a part of the team! Thank you!
Looks like writing at involves sunglasses & a cowboy hat! Looking good http:…
Just want to mention again that Ian Duncan-Smith is avoiding resignation by saying he doesn't know what's going on in his own department.
Ian Duncan Smith aims to cut benefits for mentally ill
Ian Duncan Smith be arrested and questioned.
Ian Duncan Smith targeting pensioners now wants to get rid of their bus passes and winter fuel allowance...
Better than the dreams of Ian Duncan Smith declaring you fit for work
I'm interested in Lucy hale, Zendaya, Ian S, Lana, the 1995, Tammin, Sam smith, and Cody Christian (:
My name is Ian Duncan Smith and I haven't been purged.
It is in Britain's national interest that sacks Jeremy Hunt &Ian Duncan smith but given his common sense he won't sack either
Stoked that we get to send students with the Ian Smith Fdtn to the Colts game next week against the Bengals! ht…
Little Giant Ladders
Well! There you go thats "Ian Duncan Smith" and his cut backs on the NHS and the sick😈
Ian Duncan Smith going after the sick and disabled when there's £50 billion of unclaimed corporation tax. Go after that firs…
"If you don't know what introspection is you need to take a long, hard look at yourself" - Ian Smith
I'm doing week 1 of Dr. Ian Smith's Super Shred diet. Today is super shredder day and I'm 2 seconds from ordering like 3 pizzas.
phenomenal standup Ian Smith tonight at 7pm! there's a bunch of 2for1 tickets left 😊😂
See which Nottingham film and TV stars attended the retirement party of their mentor Ian Smith
An absolute legend of the East Midlands acting scene retired today - salute to Ian Smith
Congrats to AHS golfers ... Max Essman (prep of year), Ian Smith, Jimmy Thatcher, Joey Weicht. KPC media all area!
Congrats to Max Essman, Ian Smith, Jimmy Thatcher, and Joey Weicht for being named to the All-Area Golf! .
Happy Birthday to an esteemed colleague in the world, Ian Smith... have a great one Ian!
SInce Richie Benaud's passing, if Ian Smith isn't the best, fairest, entertaining cricket comm around I don't know who is
The team for Sunday away at British Airways is. Ian Smith. Mike Connaghton. Jon Hook. Imran Ahmed Khan. Alex Whiteman...
Great day at the my for the day was to tell Michael Atherton & Ian Smith they were on the London bound train
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