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Ian Kinsler

Ian Michael Kinsler (born June 22, 1982, in Tucson, Arizona) is a Major League Baseball All-Star second baseman for the Texas Rangers.

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The west is wild. acquire 2B Ian Kinsler from reports. Clubs haven’t confirmed.
Updated story on trade for Ian Kinsler. They gave up prospects ranked 20 and 24 for a four-time All-Star, comi…
Hoping the Mets do wind up adding Shane Greene to this Ian Kinsler deal and the bullpen will be all set and much mo…
Mets have had trade talks with Tigers about Ian Kinsler and also with the Indians about Jason Kipnis. I hear they may also u…
Ian Kinsler in the New York market would be great. Remember his Angel Hernandez quotes??
Who is the best option for 2B. Dee Gordon, Jason Kipnis, Ian Kinsler, Brian Dozier or Eduardo Nunez
By the way, I'm confident that Ian Kinsler never sniffs the Hall. Why? Whitaker can't get in, and Utley's case is shaky.
Ian Kinsler is a Gold Glove finalist, looking to win his second straight award.
Jose Iglesias and Ian Kinsler are pretty fun to watch in Detroit.
Ian Kinsler keeps the Tigers deficit at two with a nice stab and throw home to get Raul Mondesi.
Ian Kinsler and a pitching prospect for Joc Pederson..would help both teams..
Ian Kinsler and James McCann stop the double steal Little League style, with a throw back home and collision at the plate:
James McCann has a higher BA than Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Victor Martinez... this team ***
Ian Kinsler is EXACTLY correct. Angel Hernandez is worst MLB ump since the late & awful Eric Gregg. MLB can't fire him because of EEOC & PC.
Last night's confrontation between Ian Kinsler & umpire Angel Hernandez is being reviewed by MLB to see if any further di…
Kinsler rips ump Hernandez: 'Find another job' via App if that's his best, he really needs to quit
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baseball games, blatantly.”. Detroit 2B Ian Kinsler, on umpire Angel Hernandez
Enough with umpires trying to be the face of MLB games. It's not about them. The latest from
Angel Hernandez is the only umpire in baseball whose name I sought out to learn. Bc he is the worst
Lmao anyone else read the Ian Kinsler quote about Angel Hernandez on Snapchat... Hernandez is probably one of the worst umpires in he league
Are you as tired of the as I am? I bet you are. That's why it's the dumbest thing in baseball this week.…
The Ump Show is the dumbest thing in baseball this week
Reach for the sky. Watch Ian Kinsler's grab ➡️
If only he would seek another means of employment .
Struggling with my opinion on Kinsler vs. Hernandez. Ian is right, Hernandez is terrible, but overall umps are good. Dont want a new trend.
Couldn't agree more. Moreover he's one of these jerks that loves to toss players and make it all about Umps.
Video: Ian Kinsler hilariously ejected after dropping NSFW comment on umpire
going for 2 in a row? Ian Kinsler just became my newest hero. Find out why now. Listen:
We're with Ian Kinsler on Angel Hernandez. Not just bad calls, he makes the game about himself(sin for officials) https:…
Ian Kinsler said he hasn't heard from MLB about getting tossed last night. He then said Angel Hernandez needs to re-evaluate…
Ian Kinsler on Angel Hernandez: . “It's pretty obvious that he needs to stop ruining baseball games.” 😬
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Starting to think Ian Kinsler has an issue with stupid, incompetent umpires.
What do you know, umpire Angel Hernandez is in the news again...this time Ian Kinsler tells him 'Find another job'. htt…
Tigers' second baseman Ian Kinsler speaking his mind on MLB umpire Angel Hernandez.
[Yahoo Sports] Ian Kinsler to veteran umpire Angel Hernandez: Stop ruining baseball games
Ian Kinsler is just saying it's pretty obvious that Angel Hernandez needs to stop ruining baseball games:
Jack White, Ian Kinsler are helping open a baseball shop with bar and restaurant in Deep Ellum http…
Ian Kinsler to Angel Hernandez: "You need to go home, because you're f***ing terrible at your job. I'm trying to do my…
Being right next to Ian Kinsler, Miggy, Martinez these guys are some of the best.
Ian Kinsler got ejected for arguing balls and strikes yesterday. Who was the umpire? Of course, Angel Hernandez. https:/…
"I'm not mad at him. He just needs to go away.". . Ian Kinsler is not a fan of Angel Hernandez:
Tigers' Kinsler: Ump 'needs to find another job' via
"He needs to reevaluate his career choice, he really does.”. Ian Kinsler doesn’t hold back on umpire Angel Hernandez
Thank you Ian Kinsler for saying what all fans of the game are thinking. Umpires in are out of control. Needs to be some accountability
Ian Kinsler says ump Angel Hernandez should consider a new career via
.& have a packed show from Ian Kinsler @ 320, Dan Bailey @ 340, Tapper T-Will @ 540 & more!
That Larry Walker trade? The Rockies first traded him to the Rangers for minor league second baseman Ian Kinsler. However...
Ian Kinsler is the 13th Tiger since 1913 to have 1-or-more doubles and 2-or-more triples in a game (last, Austin Jacks…
The last player from the tiger that I want traded is Ian Kinsler..🙄
The Brewers are digging into the possibility of acquiring Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler.
Ian Kinsler has been traded to the Dodgers for Yadier Alvarez, Alex Verdugo, and Willie Calhoun sources say
Ian Kinsler is adamant he did not swing. Brad Ausmus jogs out to argue with first-base ump Jordan Baker.
Curtis Granderson has leadoff blast for 2nd straight night, ties Ian Kinsler & Brady Anderson for 5th all-time in HR to lead off a game (44)
Ian Kinsler doubles (11) on a line drive to left fielder Guillermo Heredia. Jose Iglesias scores.
Any and all Israeli and Jewish players. Ian Kinsler, Ryan Braun, Scott Feldman, Omri Casspi, Gal Mekel, and more.
It's the ghost of Ian Kinsler past.
cause he has that Ian Kinsler syndrome! All he wants to do is hit for HR's
Dave Clark held up Jose Iglesias at 3B. Ian Kinsler kept going when Jake Marisnick (over)threw home, taking 2B.
Ian Kinsler throwing a football with Dixon Machado in the outfield. Ausmus said he expects Kinsler to play tonight after…
Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton have been my three favorite Texas Ranger player…
my friend is very concerned about the fact that Ian Kinsler is not in the lineup for the game, yet he received a golden glove.
Today, Ian Kinsler was presented with his first career Rawlings Gold Glove from the 2016 season.
Red-hot Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler continues to set tone for lineup
[GIF] Jose Berrios strikes out Jonathan Lucroy and Ian Kinsler with a pair of filthy Sliders! Twins have a good one.
Jose Berrios last pitch slider that struck out Ian Kinsler broke almost 2ft at 82 MPH... That's ummm pretty ridiculous
Hot *** Jose Berrios' Slider looked filthy striking out Jonathan Lucroy and Ian Kinsler back-to-back
Walker Burgess with a 1-2-3 inning as he gets Ian Kinsler, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera. Not bad.
Phil Nevin hit clean-up for the Rangers that day, and Ian Kinsler hit ninth.
It was pleasure meeting and having Ian Kinsler here for this year off season!
Instruction: Ian Kinsler on playing second base. . Quality video
Donaldson at least has an MVP. Most underrated is probably one of Ian Kinsler, Buster Posey, or Kyle Seager.
By the way, and no disrespect to my favorite Canes baseball alum, Ryan Braun, but Ian Kinsler is the best Jewish ballplayer of our time.
Jose altuve. Dustin Pedroia. Ian kinsler. They are all better than him
I remember when noted baseball fan Chuck Cooperstein said we should move Ian Kinsler to CF. LOLOLOL
What did women use before the All-Star team, it'd be Ian Kinsler from the.
Random Thought: Ian Kinsler has to be the most underrated 2nd baseman in the game. Top 3 in all of baseball imo.
DFW area is a popular offseason home for Tigers: Justin Wilson, Alex Wilson, Ian Kinsler, Tyler Collins, Drew VerHa…
Ian Kinsler and went camping with a former Navy SEAL .
Just got to meet Ian Kinsler at the game must say pretty cool guy!!!
If he is anything close to Ian Kinsler the Yanks would sign up for that in a second...
Shoutout to Jim layland and Ian Kinsler. The is going to be a good one
Some more Shi nuggets from his Reddit chat, this one on almost deals "If I haven't reported it, I can't say. AA's near deal for Ian Kinsler"
2 former Rangers and key pieces to our AL championship teams, Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz!
Here's the video of that time Ian Kinsler, Daniel Norris, & ex-Tiger Bryan Holaday trained with a former Navy SEAL
Ian Kinsler and Daniel Norris went camping with a former Navy SEAL
My biggest achievement at MJP so far is putting away Ian kinsler for the dub in knockout
We'll be cheering for Ian Kinsler and the rest of Team USA.
After providing a spark atop the lineup in 2016, Ian Kinsler looks for another strong campaign in 2017.
Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler and Victor Martinez highlight the list of selected to participate in the...
Worth noting that this version leaves Adam Jones, Ian Kinsler, Jonathan Lucroy, Alex Bregman and Eric Hosmer on the bench.
Brian Dozier my next option would be Brandon Phillips then Ian Kinsler. But please bring Brian Dozier.
this would be me with Chris Davis, Josh Hamilton, or Ian Kinsler
The Dodgers are still kicking the proverbial tires on Brian Dozier and Ian Kinsler.
Ian Kinsler: First Gold Glove. Max Scherzer: Second Cy Young. straight getting it done in the majors!.
Verlander & Ian Kinsler for De Leon, Bellinger, Micah Johnson & Kazmir. Bellinger is blocked at 1B & we part with Kazmir.
Proposed trade is Joe Panik, Chris Heston, Ray Black, and Steven Duggar for Ian Kinsler and Mark Lowe, just FYI
MLB Rumors: Giants to receive Ian Kinsler from the Tigers for Joe Panik, Chris Heston?
You know, I did have Clayton Kershaw, Ian Kinsler, and Max Scherzer. I also made some good in-season pickups...
I would rather have Joe West, Angel Hernandez, David Freese, Ian Kinsler, Jose Bautista, and the Super Devil but oh well.
Ian Kinsler lines into an inning-ending double play. The Tigers are three outs away from elimination.
DETKinsler plates Saltalamacchia on a double: Ian Kinsler drives in Jarrod…
Jordan Zimmermann sacrifices Jarrod Saltalamacchia to second base with two strikes. Saltalmacchia scores on an Ian Kinsler double.
Ian Kinsler is on pace for 126 runs now this season, which would be most by Tiger since 1978 (Ron LeFlore - also 126).
Prince Fielder to retire Wednesday which means Ian Kinsler is one of the biggest steals in Detroit sports history
Hey, Even Tigers PBP announcer (said Ian Kinsler is the MVP of the Tigers, and that's why I vote for Ian in ASG.
TIGERS WIN! Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera homer as the Tigers beat the White Sox 2-1 in a game that was called in the 7th…
Ian Kinsler leads all MLB 2nd basemen in runs scored. He starts us off tonight vs. the White Sox. lineup:
All-Star break comes at good time for Tigers hitters: Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera and…
MLB provides another update on All-Star Voting; Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler remains in 4th for last AL roster spot
Ian Kinsler is 1 of 5 second basemen in MLB history with 200+ HR & 200+ Stolen Bases. The other 4 are all in the Hall…
Someone please explain to my why Ian Kinsler isn't receiving votes for the All Star game..
Victor Martinez, Ian Kinsler, and Michael Fulmer should be all stars.
Tigers All-Stars should be Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Ian Kinsler and Michael Fulmer. Miggy and V-Mart are locks.
Ian Kinsler joins a tie for 328th place all-time with 200 career HR with former Tiger Bill Freehan amongst others
Can't get over how attractive Ian Kinsler and James McCann are 😍
I feel awful for Ian Kinsler and Robinson Cano but how can you not vote for Altuve to start at 2B?
Chris Sale strikes out Ian Kinsler to end T7 on his 119th pitch. Sale has retired 13 of the last 15 he faced.
Jun 10, AB 2: Alex Rodriguez grounds into a double play, shortstop Jose Iglesias to second baseman Ian Kinsler to first baseman Miguel
@ T4-2o: Ryan Goins grounds out, 2B Ian Kinsler to 1B Andrew Romine.
Hey man, any interest in dealing Jon Gray in the Dynasty League? Possibly Gray for Ian Kinsler?
I made a graph comparing Ian Kinsler's launch angles from 2015 to 2016. A lot more balls in the ideal HR range.
Tigers lineup: Mike Aviles starting at second base in place of Ian Kinsler
tigers should of gotten more than Anthony Gose for Travis. We have a great 2B in Ian Kinsler.
Mookie Betts has 3 multi-HR gms this year from lead off spot. MLB record is 5 - by Chris Young, Grady Sizemore, Ian Kinsler, Brady Anderson.
Mazel Tov to Ian Kinsler on his 1st career Grand Slam Home Run!!!
Really fans need to be voting for Nick C, Ian Kinsler, Miggy Cabrera, and Victor Martinez. All are
Ian Kinsler should have multiple Gold Gloves. Hopefully this is the year he finally gets one.
Ian Kinsler: HR in 4 straight games entering tonight. Only Tiger to hit HR in 5 straight games in last 40 years: Marcus Thames (2008)
Tigers' Ian Kinsler shares credit for his power surge with coaches Wally Joyner, David Newhan -- 2 ex-Padres.
Ian Kinsler is now 1 shy of matching the Tigers record of 5 straight games with a home run done by 5 others, last by Marcus Thames in 2008
Ian Kinsler and J.D. Martinez are the first Tigers teammates to homer in three straight games since Kirk Gibson and Darrell Evans in 1985.
"Ian Kinsler said get out of here I think" - Kirk Gibson. 😹😹😹 don't Forget that adjatiave .
They wanted Buster Posey and David Price in return for Ian Kinsler, Michael Wacha, and Jacoby Ellsbury. It's a keeper league.
det, 5, Ian Kinsler flies out to center fielder Danny Santana.
Ian Kinsler returns to the Tigers lineup after missing last night's game with some flu-like symptoms. Anthony Gose for Tyler Collins in CF
.Reed Johnson, Billy Hamilton, Victor Power, Darin Erstad and Ian Kinsler have hit both leadoff & walk-off HR in same game.
Ian Kinsler gives me heart problems.. hella heart eyes for him
Ian Kinsler must be giggling like crazy.
they will always be my team! Did you catch the play former Ranger Ian Kinsler made the other day?
Ian Kinsler has some sort of scab on his face.
Ian Kinsler is the first Tigers player to hit safely in 14 of the team's first 15 games of a season since Tony Phillips in 1993.
Justin Upton RBI scores Ian Kinsler. and tied 1-1 at bottom of 6th inning.
Yesterday, Ian Kinsler made a brilliant defensive play by not catching the ball. .
Ian Kinsler scores on a double. and Indians tied 1-1 in the 6th.
10-game hitting streak for Ian Kinsler, who breaks Josh Tomlin's run of 14 Tigers in a row retired with 2-out single in 6th.
Ian Kinsler has hit safely in 10 straight games and in 14 of the Tigers first 15 games this season.
Ian Kinsler is the Brian Dozier is the Colby Rasmus get it. He's been a real pain.
Ian Kinsler intentionally drops pop fly to make brilliant play - Fox Sports
Ian Kinsler gets a little too aggressive on the bases. Tune in NOW for on FOX Sports Detroit PLUS.
Nice job by Tyler Collins, Ian Kinsler, and Bobby Wilson on that play at the plate.
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The first "Let's go Tigers!" chant of the 2016 season comes at Marlins Park, after Ian Kinsler's lead-off single.
Who is best Jewish player in MLB in '16. Ian Kinsler? Kevin Pillar? Ryan Braun?
DETROIT - Ian Kinsler felt a few butterflies while traveling to spring training this year, an unexpected sign
In an ideal world... “acquire SECOND BASEMAN IAN KINSLER from for catcher Bobby Wilson and RHP Myles Jaye.”
It's also a little bit scary that a guy who "grew up" an Ian Kinsler fan is now playing for the Rangers. The years go by way too fast.
this worked for me. Got some gold equipment, gold sponsorship, and Ian Kinsler
@ T3-3o: Darrell Ceciliani grounds out, 2B Ian Kinsler to 1B Miguel Cabrera.
@ T3-2o: Darwin Barney grounds into a force out, 3B Nick Castellanos to 2B Ian Kinsler. Josh Thole out at 2nd. [1/2]
Ian Kinsler scores off the bat of are up 1-0 in the 1st.
@ B1-0o: Ian Kinsler reaches on a fielding error by 3B David Adams.
Gracie sent me a picture of Ian Kinsler and I cried
Sometimes I feel like Ian Kinsler died and was reincarnated into Rougned Odor
Ian Kinsler had the 18th best WAR in the MLB last year (5.99) according to ESPN.
Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton hit back to back home runs but Tigers lose a close one to...
Ian Kinsler mashed his fourth Grapefruit League home run on
Ian Kinsler homers against the Yankees via
bullpen battle update: Nick Goody serves up back-to-back homers to Ian Kinsler & Justin Upton.
always great to see kids from Tucson do well. Our claims to fame right now are JJ Hardy and Ian Kinsler.
My gold reward player was Ian Kinsler.
SPORTS: Back to back homers not enough to hold off NY from ABC7
Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton hit home runs in loss to Yankees...
SEE YA! 👋. Ian Kinsler hits his fourth HR of the spring and the are up 1-0 in the 6th.
Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton homer, fall to
RECAP: Ian Kinsler go deep in loss to Yankees:
The Jays lineup is ridiculous, but Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton, Miguel Cabrera & JD Martinez is also ridiculous.
Ian Kinsler with some advice for umpire Doug Eddings. (Vine by
SPORTS: Barbershop Sports has Ian Kinsler and more from ABC7
With the wind blowing out, Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Tyler Collins and Andrew Romine ...
Since 2012, Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler are all in the top 15 in the majors in games played.
Ian Kinsler leads off for the Tigers in team's 1st exhibition game of spring training here at Joker Marchant Stadium
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My Tiger. Tigers' Ian Kinsler: 'This is not another spring training'
former Texas Ranger Michael Young was great with the media. Ian Kinsler took over and was horrible before he went to Detroit.
My dad just purchased an Ian Kinsler fathead for me, what is my life
Tigers' Ian Kinsler-Jose Iglesias the best double-play combo in MLB?: You watched Jose Iglesias and Ian Kinsle...
Tigers' Jose Iglesias and Ian Kinsler are the best DP duo in MLB, & an ESPN writer has the data to prove it.
Do former such as Ian Kinsler, Kevin Brown and Julio Franco deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?
I miss when ian kinsler played for the rangers
By my count, Megatron's AAV would be 6th highest on the Tigers, just a shade ahead of Ian Kinsler and Anibal Sanchez.
Is Ian Kinsler not in lineup yesterday. He's played well today though. Now that's what I just know em. A350 is where Foursquare is useful.
I'm selling '2011 Topps Ian Kinsler Texas Rangers (6093)' on Check it out at
Will Ian Kinsler be joining you guys?
Hey Hope all is good man! I started this t shirt line recently. I'm buddies with Ian (Kinsler) Im a Detroit guy/former NFL
Kinsler determined to stay speedy in latter years
Ian Kinsler would lead off the Alfredo Simon falls behind on Josh Donaldson ground-rule double.
It's Second Base Week for the BP on Ian Kinsler vs. Jason Kipnis (Free)
No, they're pretty locked in with their big contracts through the 2017 season, when Ian Kinsler and...
Finally got the photos downloaded from the Brad Ausmus & Ian Kinsler interviews. Why am I frowning in all of them?
Tale of the Tape: Ian Kinsler vs. Jason Kipnis by Matt Collins
Recommendation by :Ian The fact that he is able to st...
Tigers’ Kinsler determined to stay speedy in latter years via
"I've actually never been here before, so this is nice to see the stadium and see what the Mud Hens are all about" . -Ian Kinsler
Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, JD Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Jose Iglesias and now Justin Upton. Watch out baseball 😈
Miami's Dee Gordon won the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award for 2B this season, supplanting Ian Kinsler, who won in 2014.
Ian Kinsler just got completely snubbed
Jeez, Joel Sherman just put Ian Kinsler in my head for the Mets. I'd be on board with that
Jose Abreu is not playing tonight for the Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Victor Martinez are all off. The tanking is real.
I say again, Ian Kinsler can go jump off a cliff with Adam Eaton
Detroit takes an early lead on a RBI single by Ian Kinsler, Anthony Gose scores. Detroit up 1-0 over Cleveland end in of the 1st
Royals fall in Gordon's return: . Ian Kinsler drove in three runs, and Justin Verlander pitched impressively i...
Ian Kinsler error, Kendrys Morales single, Alex Gordon sacrifice fly and it's 3-1, Tigers, in the second inning.
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Tigers lose a one run game, never use Ian Kinsler, never use Rajai Davis despite getting a slow, replaceable runner on in the 9th.
I've been quite happy with my Ian Kinsler, Neil Walker and Joe Panik prices then Altuve for what he is...bleh.
Detroit Tigers lineup: Ian Kinsler to lead off, Tyler Collins to bat second in ...
For the 2nd half of the season, Cano ranks 2nd among 2B in WAR trailing only Ian Kinsler. (1.5 WAR) He is also tied for first in wRC+ (172)
Chattin' Cats Week in Review: It's Time to Call the Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler Swap a Win-Win
Chattin' Cats Week in Review: Booing aside, Fielder for Kinsler swap a win for everyone:
Chattin' Cats: Despite the booing, and Fielder/Kinsler swap a clear success for all:
From yesterday: Trade in rearview mirror for Tigers' Ian Kinsler
once sat next to Ian Kinsler at a Stars game. Boom.
It's totally okay to have Ian Kinsler as my lock screen and Kris Bryant as my home screen right?
Ian Kinsler could murder me and I'd thank him.
Trade from Rangers in the rearview mirror for Tigers' Ian Kinsler
they have ian kinsler imagines... iM SQUEALING
Today I went to the Tigers game and proposed to Ian Kinsler. Productive day ⚾
I was looking for an Ian one and even the old Kinsler Rangers jerseys are close to 100
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Ian Kinsler when he comes out the dugout tunnel.
Yes! The best way to win is getting the final out on Ian Kinsler! 😂😂. Great job Rangers!.
Ian Kinsler scores on an error. . are up 1-0 in the 1st!
And the beat Ian Kinsler and them once again and while giving Cole Hamels his 1st W in Rangers uniform.
Ian Kinsler is the first Tiger with 5+ hits and 2+ RBI in a game since Omar Infante on 9/6/13.
Ian Kinsler is hitting the ball so hard, he injured a guy in the upper deck
Tyler Collins reaches first base on a fielders choice by Eric Hosmer that scores Ian Kinsler! It's now 6-4
Blake Swihart reaches on a fielding error by second baseman Ian Kinsler. Alejandro De Aza to 2nd.
Ian Kinsler and Andrew Romine hooked it up so fat for me and Michael today at the Tigers game
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis in left field, Ian Kinsler batting third ...
Alejandro De Aza grounds into a double play, second baseman Ian Kinsler to shortstop Jose Iglesias to first baseman Marc Krauss. Mike Napo
Pinstripe Alley ° Yankees potential trade target: Ian Kinsler: The Yankees' second base situation is not good.
Ian Kinsler crosses the plate on a wild pitch, narrowing the Mariners lead to 11-9 in the bottom of the 8th.
Awesome first day at Job assignment: take video of Ian Kinsler and Jeff Jones at a baseball camp!
Huge thanks to Ian Kinsler and Jeff Jones for answering questions and signing autographs after day one of the camp.
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Jul 17, AB 1: Yoenis Cespedes ground bunts into a force out, first baseman Chris Parmelee to shortstop J. Hardy. Ian Kinsler out at 2nd.
Nolan Ryan, Pudge, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, Adrian Beltre, and Craig Gentry are my all time favorite Rangers.
Spending all the money I have on an Ian Kinsler jersey, call me dedicated.
don't know many but probably Ian kinsler
Never new Ian Kinsler went to Mizz that's pretty cool makes me like him even more.
Kaplan's Korner: Jewps update, June 17, 2015: Not the best of days for the boys. Ian Kinsler and... Jews & Sports
This is a pretty good one. Adrian Gonzalez, Ian Kinsler, Jason Botts.
Where Hope Springs Eternal - Part 2. The 2nd greatest Rangers minor league team of all time - it featured Ian Kinsler.
*Ian Kinsler makes a little black checkmark in his journal next to Iglesias's name*
That's why you run out every ball. Prince Fielder just drove in a run in a way Ian Kinsler never would.
Ian Kinsler said he wanted to change his swing so he wouldn't pop up so much. 1st and 3rd 1 out what does he do? He pops out. Way to go Ian
I called that Ian Kinsler pop-up as soon as he walked to the plate. Figures.
Ian Kinsler is a pop-up machine with runners on. That's literally all he does.
Ian Kinsler pops out to 2nd base with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out. Tigers down 2-1.
*Hailey talking about Ian Kinsler to Danielle* "Wait until you see his face, it's even better than his batting average☺️"
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Jason Kipnis, Dustin Pedroia and Jose Altuve are awesome and playing like it. Then 4th best 2B in BA is Ian Kinsler.
Brock Holt is the first player to hit for the cycle out of the leadoff spot since Ian Kinsler did so in a 6-hit game on April 15, 2009.
For my birthday, i would like... 1. Make Up. 2. Ian Kinsler signed bat. 3. A new phone. 😊
Ian Kinsler is ranked at 2B DRS with 8 DRS and a 3.5 UZR
Noah Syndergaard, a rookie pitcher, has one home run in 12 AB. Ian Kinsler, 4x all-star & 2x 30 home run hitter, has one home run in 246 AB.
Uh huh...why make 5 moves then...?Jon Daniels is the main reason for that according to Ian Kinsler
A double scores Anthony Gose and Ian Kinsler. are up 3-0 in the 6th. . .
Ian Kinsler scores on a single. are up 6-0 in the 7th! .
Rangers next pick is 17th round. this is where they found Mitch Moreland, Ryan Rua and Ian Kinsler
They'll come around, been painful lately. I'm forming a hatred of Ian Kinsler that only Jose Valverde is familiar with though.
isn't that kind of like saying the only difference between Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler is Cruz hits all of those home runs?
Madison Bumgarner has more HR than Yadier Molina, Ian Kinsler, Carlos Ruiz and Nick Markakis this season.
🙌. Ian Kinsler's single scores Anthony Gose! win 2-1 in the 10th!
Marcus Semien is the 5th player to hit 2 HRs off Felix in a game. Joining Brian Anderson, Jack Hannahan, Ian Kinsler & Gordon Beckham.
Hernan Perez scores off the bat of Ian Kinsler. 5-1 in the 2nd!
now JD just needs to trade for Chris Davis, Cliff Lee, Ian Kinsler, and Mike Napoli and we're set.
Home run predictions today? Let's see... Ryan Raburn, Josh Donaldson, Ian Kinsler, Leonys Martin, and George Springer.
Ian Kinsler is hitting .414 with 7 RBI's so far and our second baseman is hitting a measly .136 with 6K's and 3 RBI's.
I wish Ian Kinsler & Michael Young were still in a Rangers uniform.
Hitters averaged to take 4.6 pitches per 7 me that is a 1-2 count with foul out. Ian Kinsler is best at 2-1.
Rangers got bad after the Ian Kinsler trade... Should of kept him😭😭😭
Apparently Ian Kinsler was a season late on that 0-162 season.
The Rangers could have resigned Nelson Cruz and kept Ian Kinsler then bought another good outfielder
Kinsler will bat second in the Tigers' Opening Day lineup against
Twinsights: Memorable debut for Twins rookie J.R. Graham (with video)
Kinsler swatted two singles Monday in a win over Minnesota.
Trade Freddie Freeman for Ian kinsler in a dynasty?
What's great is that IAN KINSLER is my 2B and he only gave me 1 point... 😒😒😒
Kaplan's Korner: Breaking JML News: Ian Kinsler was 2-4 with a strikeout as the Detroit Tigers s... Jews & Sports
Let me tell y'all about Ian kinsler 😏
It's going to be fun watching Yoenis Cespedes, Ian Kinsler & Jose Iglesias do their thing on defense. They put on a show today. Many webgems
Jose Iglesias is on second base, Rajai Davis is on first base, there are no outs and Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez loom.
I wanna see Ian Kinsler but they don't play against him till September. So you pick
Jose Iglesias took exactly zero time -- or something like that -- getting feed to Ian Kinsler, who turned easy DP. Iggy, …
Ian Kinsler has picked up where he left off in the spring. He is 2-for-3 today.
Based on four innings, Ian Kinsler looks like he's gonna have a good year, which is a good thing for my fantasy team.
Ian Kinsler is just simply a solid hitter
The first hit of belongs to Ian Kinsler.
“Watching the Tigers with Zupan entails her describing which of the Tiger's faces she wants to sit on 🐯🐯🐯” Ian Kinsler 👅💦
I swear I'm bad luck to ian kinsler. every time I watch home does bad and when I don't he does well ***
Also hilarious: Ian Kinsler being on top for the
Incredibly disappointed in Ian Kinsler's clean shaven face
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