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Ian Edwards

Robert Ian Edwards (born 30 January 1955) is a Welsh former footballer who played as a striker. He was capped by Wales and played in The Football League for four clubs.

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Hi Roger, sorry to hear of the issues with your laptop. Please can you DM your address & receipt details and history - Ian
Had a great time with Nathaniel Freeman on the GTFM's Little Monday Night Show with Ian Edwards…
Ending the day on a positive note. Thanks Sifiso Ntsewula for making a world of difference to the owner of the...
So much more loyal to than I'll ever be to
Ian getting in that truck with Jay that MF gone kill all us
*** naww Ian leaving her .. Cause if he hit her we gone fighting his *** 😂😂😭
she know ian lying. 😂😂 he will pull up so fast ,. & I be scared too like its my boyfriend 😂😂😭
come and meet internationally renowned Ian Edwards opening the 3D art day and unveiling his
Finlay Edwards Scott Ward no don't do it
Please join us in congratulating Jaynell Edwards, Eddie Manow, Wayne Ramirez and Ian Cornish!!!…
Ian connor got the coldest grill hands down 🤒
Glad Ian Botham has told me how to vote but going to wait to hear what Dennis Taylor and Eddie The Eagle Edwards say…
This and effort from this man shouldn't go unnoticed, these are the kind of morals needed in our
Tomorrow night, VAN JAM is back with a pretty insane line-up including Adam DeVine, Todd Glass, Ian Edwards, Matt...
Congratulations to Audley councillor Ian Wilkes, who is elected Mayor of the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme.
Man who returns wallet celebrated for displaying ‘the true spirit of South Africa’: Ian Edwards lost his wall...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Thank you - "It's good to talk" takes on a new, life saving, meaning for many men in retirement
A Durban man who found a wallet used his one day of leave a week to make a signboard and stand at a busy...
Podcast 8 we talk boring American sports, Leicester what United lack & more.
Up on the Roof fantastic with Ian Edwards (a true Gentleman) and Kevin O'Doherty
Ian Edwards next with a great SA story
Ian Curtis alongside with richey Edwards & Jeff Buckley is one of the biggest losses in music and its so sad that it's been 36 years :( x
Seems appropriate for today. Ian Curtis by Mike Edwards.
Ian Edwards is one of the greatest. Can't beat his angles on subjects. Funny maffakka🙏
At these times there are often knee-jerk calls for wholesale change and even an end to road racing by
Just been to the building met with Ian Edwards and Kevin o'Dougherty then it's with
Probably not given that you have the 980 :) I have at GT650M. I think I'd see a difference in
so probably netts out at around 15-20% increase at most. Not sure that's worth it given £££ involved 😕
Actually, I think it's perfectly rational...
Hey listening to your podcast with Ian Edwards talking about what sports USA is competitive at that the world plays Hockey is one
22k crowd when we averaged about 8k. 1st season of Mullary, Ian Edwards goal. Big game but such a contrast to 4 years earlier
Order Miche Bag Online!
It's frustratingly predictable. Who would be the crisis appointment? Scott Sellars or Rob Edwards until January?
.I'll promise to pay my property taxes if you promise to give it to kids & not the
Learn how to improve accessibility at your site with Ian Edwards from …
Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. Just had to be on the playlist. Any more ideas? Let us know.
Ian Edwards did the same last night the Post always seem to follow suit I told Edwards he was out of order
Short of a Jonathan Edwards-ian revival in this country, there is no hope. Country is lost.
that Mandy rice reckons Ian Edwards was making an usual dig rather than a good valid point
Just seen a delegation in a box behind us - first-team coach Rob Edwards and gk coach Pat Mountain. Wonder who th…
Congratulations to CGI's Ian Edwards who was the winner of the HP Planking Challenge today, well done!
Branch news: tonight Ian Jackson from will present “Who was Edwards? The History of ALARP” in
with an incredible lineup of the MOST DIVERSE COMICS in the country! Ian Edwards of Black-ish...
Are you building up or breaking down? Who are you ambitious for? - Pastor Ian Edwards @ Winning…
Ah. Explains why I've never heard of it.
"i often pretend my sadness will end" - Orville, eat your heart out Ian Curtis and Richie Edwards
There are refrigerators full of beer scattered throughout Europe that can only be opened with Canadian passports.   10% Off
Research has shown that laughing increases your attractiveness.
Daytime naps help to improve your memory and cut the risk of heart disease.
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.9 km in 31m 46s with the PRO app:
Fidel Edwards, who currently plays for Hampshire, breaks his leg playing football in warm-ups
"Pablo Neruda said laughter is the language of the soul.". "I am familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda."
A higher price might be good for the charity, of course, but the real issue seems to be how it affects the existing tenants.
I can't say from the short article. A little weird to point out as an issue that the charity undersold them by 3 million.
sounds like someone has appealed to the Charity Commission, doesn't say the charity had their approval
Sounds as if perhaps they did? Or at least, that it has been referred back to them.
but a housing charity selling houses should probably have sought Charity Commission approval
That the existing tenants wouldn't be turfed out.
I don't know the law but you'd think the charity and the Charity Commission would. They 'must be' able to sell, having sold?
"The Charity Commission can challenge Glasspool’s refusal to take responsibility."
"Glasspool say it sought assurances that this wouldn’t happen"
isn't that illegal? Charities cannot dispose of assets by law in this country.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Pheasant racing. He was winning too, until he took a wrong turn.
Ian Edwards screamer away at Derby County in the old 2nd division & any games against West ham
Sir Ian Botham coming in for criticism from Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards for saying "England is an island" that can be proud outside EU
If you do not have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, you can actually harm yourself by switching to a gluten-free diet.
It's ON! Applications for Band Workshops 2016 are OPEN. Places are limited - so get rocking and... https:…
Review of Headiners with US stand-ups Sara Schaefer, Daniel Koren, Ian Edwards and Mark Normand
People give us 8 to 10 hours of their day, and respecting them means to use that time correctly
The Laugh Button Podcast Ian Edwards and we love the 90s.
TLB Pod First comic on label, star of writer on -
At editor interviewed speakers Ian Hurst and Keith Edwards from
"Use people's brains, not just their hands!": an with
The Laugh Button Podcast Ian Edwards visits, and we love the 90s
jazmine edwards 😝😂 ian know she was rocking takia's puff ball until she spilled ALL the tea 😊
GAMEDAY!! Sr boys are hosting tonight and will be taking on Bob Edwards and Ian Baz!!
A new theory suggests that the Australian accent is actually the result of Australians continually getting drunk together.
great show guys ,good interview with Ian Edwards ,and loved listening to John Kears passion and enthusiasm
Ian Edwards in the studio being interviewed about the recent changes at
It's 43 years today since Gareth Edwards scored *that* try for against the http…
Now up Ian Edwards Watch the live stream of Laugh Factory show for Bernie now featuring Sarah Silverman
3 goals by Edwards! 2 by Ian Edwards for Chester & 1 by Keith Edwards for he scored hatrick in 3-0 at BP
That 20% is not worth the paper it is written on; and put's sme's at a distinct diadvantage!
Well done guys for today. Ian and hazel Duncan. Daniel Burdfield. Jim edwards. Colin smith. And ranger dave maw. lol
if Edwards is going to be out injured, then Price should come back into the midfield three
by Ian Edwards 245cms wide by 223cms high by 217cms deep
Legends on the Town with Ian Marshall, 22nd Feb. Tkts (£5) available from Liz Edwards at St Andrews today.
2/2.. Ben Tierney, Cameron Edwards & Rio Woolf who have all been selected to represent GB at this event. 👏🏽⚽️
Who wants more referrals for 2016 by
going on MR Ian Edwards sounds today as i say get your MEMORIES in to me for your own show
Check this and learn why laughing is so important:
Ian McKellen and Judi Dench to star in BBC Two's Shakespeare Live! via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
never mind that is Dave Edwards doing a daily blog now with the express and star?
Harley Philip Ricker Bruce Edwards check this out,guys.
I appreciated it, oddly considering what happens, for its restraint.
comedy store last night was tremendous. Greg Fitzimmons, Joe rogan, Ian Edwards, Bobby Lee, Tony Hinchcliffe. a bunch more. forget about it.
This Sat. Night Live 10pm. Don't miss this w/Ian Edwards and host
In response to Ian's "expensive" trade talks, there's been two major coaching trades and Herm Edwards was traded for a 4th.
Never say Hendon should be sacked, but would like to see either Andy Edwards, Adrian Pennock, Mark Cooper, Ian Holloway...
voxpop with Ian Edwards of National Consumer Federation Services CIC via
his replacement is already there Rob Edwards u wait and see
yeah I expect him to be scoring 90% of the ones I saw! Had an easy square ball to Edwards for a tap in also but went for goal
Thanks!If it's Billy Nungesser &John Bel Edwards then we're golden.Lets make it happen Louisiana!Vote this Saturday! ht…
Early VOTING STARTS today Louisiana!Lets forge our future Vote: John Bel Edwards for Governor&Billy Nungesser f…
Ian Edwards is really bloody funny in Tangerine. Reminded me of how much I enjoy his Shark Attack bit.
made two subs but no affect on the game as Afobe dropped into Edwards position and Ojo a straight swap. Awful from KJ.
There is no question that ALF is a much better player than Edwards but after Jackett made the swap how much deeper did Afobe get?
I blame all this on the gluten free MFer
My buddy Ian edwards this is the highlight film I made for him check it out. Dude is a beast
I don't even know what 'self actualized' means.
Make your first million while feeling self actualized.
Hi people!! The Detectorists and Ash vs evil dead need to be added to feed list!!. Much Thanks
sigh. MT Ian Plimer says warmer water & rise of sea level is 'absolutely fabulous for the coral reefs'
Check out joe rogan and ian edwards
57 - GOAL . Marcus Edwards converts the penalty! (2-2)
GOAL! Birmingham City 0-1 Wolves (Edwards) Live on Sky Sports 1 HD or follow it here: https:…
Ian Edwards - Bowl Cut (Stand Up Comedy) does Ian Edwards almost have the know what I'm sayin record?
Adam Edwards hits a 32-yard field goal with :09 left in the half after a halfback pass from Devin Smith to Ian Hafner. 17-14
launching the ball to Holt, Edwards on the knock downs. Tactics sorted. 👍
Upside down. Boy you turn me inside out. Round and round. Ian Row (apologies to and Bernard Edwards)
Thankyou to Ian Liversidge for having me on Glastonbury fm earlier to talk about Oxjam. And an even bigger thank...
that's the best advice I've ever been given. The lady didn't even care that I opened for guys like Ian Edwards and Aaron Berg
Meet Black Singles 300x250
▶ Ian Gough expects Wales defence coach Shaun Edwards to leave when his contract expires
We are looking forward to an evening with sculptor, Ian Edwards to preview his new collection
Gorgeous photography courtesy of the amazing Check it out
among the best on the rise of course Hannibal, Ian Edwards, Funches, Tiffany Hadish
After adjusting for inflation, Steven Spielberg has made five movies that made more than $500 million.
When dating was invented in the 1910s, American women could be arrested for going on a date—police often mistook dating fo…
Thanks to Ian Edwards Photography in for some great photos from my recent gig
Seen them knock out one of my teams not the o's as well. Ian if you need any help gimme a shout..
HARRY REDKNAPP on Bobby Moore, Duncan Edwards, Di Canio & how not to sign Ian Wright iTunes
is for Edwards too, so by that alone, all of the females should do as Ian says.
Reminder folks, Edwards is a pro-life, nra supporter. Everything Ian said he was against. Apparently not!
Photoset: Some cool photos from recent show at OPEN Norwich. Thanks to Ian Edwards. 
Good luck with the elections Ian. Fingers crossed that Mr. John Bel Edwards becomes Governor.
Thanks to Ian Edwards Photography for cool photos from my recent support to Eliza Carthy
Huge thanks to Ian Edwards for some cool photos from my recent gig supporting Eliza Carthy at OPEN
Edwards even when running on empty today showed the type of spirit that VLP & Ojo need to apply to their game
Pleased Afobe is up front & Edwards is playing off him in a 4-2-3-1,happy Byrne has been given a chance. Fuming price isn't starting
Edwards divides as always. I think it shows how much KJ rates Wallace in the No.10 role. Price decision, as always, complete…
play Wallace in the 10 role today if Edwards isn't fit
you should listen to this shark attack bit by Ian Edwards
Thank you Nicole Weatherdan, Ian Edwards and Nick Pitro for your awesome donation of Blankets, Toys, Food and...
Ian Brian to Clyde Edwards-Helaire for a 75y TD on the screen pass. 51-7 Bears. 5.18 left in 3rd
Mal Hall has worked with headliners such as Bobby Lee, Jo Koy, Dat Phan, and Ian Edwards all around the country.
The new master of the choke tackle. You wouldn't want to lose him now you've just perfected it
And last but not least, before my medication kicks in, Nick Deacy & Ian Edwards can you hear me!!!
Joe Rogan Experience - Duncan Trussell, Joey Diaz, Ian Edwards via really great:@
I reckon Wallace is Edwards replacement - he's not noted for his pace
Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks to Wayne Beese Steven Edwards James Stevens Pete Lowe Ian Marrey...
has KJ been smoking something illegal? Edwards to replace Sako is an outrageous statement!
Edwards cannot replace Sako & neither should change the successful shape, just buy a replacement. . http:/…
I just added "Ian and Maria's Wedding Trailer" to Joseph Edwards New York Landmarks on
"Wrong belief is just as dangerous as unbelief." -Ian H. Murray
We can expand that and add Ian Ayre, Dave Fallows, Barry Hunt, Michael Edwards & many more
Gary Ian Edwards is an employee of the company Cranage Haulage Limited. See more
$EW: Edwards Lifesciences announces it has agreed to acquire CardiAQ Valve Technologies, a privately held company... http:…
We asked Ian Edwards of Wild, Scottish & Free to create us a guide to summer foraging:.
Bell is playing the Australians with his Ian-end
Either someone pressed the wrong button or I'm in an alternate universe. just used as interstitial music.
I guess it doesn't help also thinking about what amazing songs Ian Curtis and Richey Edwards could of created if they where still alive.
Alright last one for today...I needed this laugh. I can see Ian Edwards doing this. LOL
Director Ian Edwards Honered us in a quick interactive and knowledgeable visit to our office today .
I still want her to buy me a new one
A woman donated a kidney to her boss, who then fired her when she took too long recover from the operation.
our 2 respective chairman Mark Wynn and Ian Edwards have had a very positive conversation today.
Hey Joey and Lee I loved listening to the Ian Edwards podcast and wanted to watch the video version but SME blocks it.
If you asked any cricketer, Ian Chappell faced more opening over balls than Wally Edwards. As a batsman he was
you seem like a classy guy! Congrats on your commitment. While I can't root for your team... I will be…
It's a Don Edwards, Dave Stamey and Ian Tyson kinda day.
"...and finally she tastes the sweet smell of success." - Ian Edwards gets his senses mixed up
striker Marcus Edwards hat-trick. 3rd goal from spit after handball.
Half time at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium / 1, 0. Marcus Edwards struck 2 minutes before half time.
Marcus Edwards puts Eccleshill up before half-time. (1-0)mins . Lovely worked goal by Rosenstrauch and Edwards combo
Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Two shows 7 & 9:30 p.m. with headliner Ian Edwards. Come kick it with us!
Catch me in one of two shows tonight at 7 & 9:30 p.m. in The Comedy Store La Jolla w/ headliner Ian Edwards!...
Exhibiting artist Ian Edwards. Contact me for more information or private viewing
starting to waffle. Classic talking a lot and saying nothing
Perrie Edwards is spotted rocking an epic tan after she's pictured for first time since Zayn Malik quit One Direction …
Our conference kick starts at 10 with opening talks from Ian Dudson!
Ian Parry outlining the challenges of delivering services and need to work in partnership
Dr Ian Edwards from Edstar Genetics provides a brief but informative history of GM in WA
Free New MacBook via the COUNT ME IN! Join me, enter here - via
Back by Popular demand...THE ShinDig Show this Saturday...9:30pm. Great lineup with headliner Ian Edwards (Black'ish)
Ian Evatt, Seamus Coleman, Rob Edwards and Billy Clark celebrate winning the 2010 Championship Play-off final.
I must be lighter than McNulty. Hope for me yet
Farts tend to travel at an average speed of 7 mph.
Women are biologically attracted to a-holes because their traits resemble those needed for survival - Strength, physical p…
He's not lying we'll be @ the LA Jolla Comedy store this weekend, two shows Friday and Saturday.
What is the impact of social media on public relations?
More than 75% of people used to believe that the moon is following their car when they were kids.
Huge thanks to Ian Edwards who's completed his first of five full marathons for Dreamflight!
Catch me this in one of Fri. Or Sat. March 27th & 28th at The La Jolla Comedy Store with headliner Ian Edwards.
Actor honored with Hero Goody Award Tag by via
Ian Edwards - Financial turmoil is the new normal: via
Had a good time as a guest on this podcast..
I'll never forget when Mr. Edwards made Ian and Chandler run because I let go of the bat in whiffle ball and almost hit someone
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Channel 4 proves why all major events should be left to Huw Edwards & BBC!
you trying to say I look like Ian Beale
God doesn't have someone else to do your work. He wants you - Ian Edwards
Congratulations to our Speech Contest winners Peter Rowlands and Ian Edwards at last night's International Speech...
love to see Edwards and Graham in there but Rowe for Evans? No
Edwards is injured. I'd go with Danks team but play Henry on the right and VLP behind DG
SG only trained yesterday so sub today. Will be back in soon I'd imagine. Edwards starts. Rowe might too for evans
A dickie bird tells me that Greg Edwards and Jeff Young will be performing at Champers Bar to help celebrate 30...
Ian Brian to Clyde Edwards Helaire for a score. EP good. 14-25 BM.
"This is a great idea and an amazing way for a brand / company to engage with it's customers…" — Ian Charles Edwards
Half time, 2-0 Arsenal Under-18s. Goals from Solanke and Abraham have Joe Edwards' side in front at the interval.
Sure going to miss this group! They are there when I took the job and now theyre gone
most film adaptations of YA will be better than The books
Come and see Technical Evangelist Ian Massingham from explain how the can transform your business
The word "bae", used by many as a replacement for "baby", is the Danish word for "poop."
This just in...Ian Edwards has committed to attend Missouri S&T to major in Mechanical Engineering and join the Air Force ROTC
Don't know about best sandwich but you lot have definitely put me off lunch.
I'm just tired of this creeping round terrible people.
How many Kasabian fans know who Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews are?
I'm listening to Sleepwalking by Ian Edwards with Pandora Downloader
ian Edwards is one of the worlds best comics, his name should be everywhere!?
"Constable Ian Edwards, a collision expert for West Mercia Police" doesn't seem to think drivers must slow down in bad visibility
My college FB top 4 & a big NFL Sunday with Ivan Maisel, Brad Edwards and Sal Pal now on my show, 7-9 am ET
I like Ian Edwards, Blue Edwards, Dean Edwards, Trent Edwards has my middle name & last name I like him too. But none of us are brothers Ok.
For all those little brothers and sisters joining us at today's Open Day come learn to play a rif with…
"Ian Edwards in action " - experiencing the artist sculpt during the workshop...
I'll be at the Improv on Melrose w/Jackie Singer, Ian Edwards, Jimmy Dore, this Sat. Nov. 15th at 10 pm. Come and get …
Bonus : I love Ian Somerhalder 😍😍💋. I love Taylor Lautner 😚😛😗😘. Zayn Malik is mine so Perrie Edwards should just swerve 😌💋💜💟
Creative atmosphere at of Ian Edwards bronzes at in
RaliBroDdyfi - Positions at Petrol after first two: 3rd Edward Edwards/Tyson 3m59s; 4th Mark Lennox/Ian Beamond 4m05s.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
IAN does not mean I Am Naked. It’s a place for some great books without jackets. Check them out!.
I think you left out a word or two there.
Credit to Dave Edwards on his goal & performance. He dedicated it to his Grandad who passed away suddenly in the week.
Edwards run through and his shot is saved but the ball falls to robbie who makes it three
try telling Rob Edwards that Ian!! Its been painful to watch all season :((
Ian Dowie on saying Wigan have had the better so far apart from Edwards shot,doesn't sound that way on here?
How awful. I really feel for you. Editing can be a thankless task in the best of circumstances. As I'm sure you know.
Ian Brian to Clyde Edwards-Helaire for a 60y TD reception. EP good. 14-0 Bears. .30 left in the 1st Q
Why can everyone just be like ian edwards and enjoy life!
Transfer Committee Bingo. Who would you fire first, Ian Ayre, Michael Edwards, Dave Fallows, Brendan Rodgers? Or All of them?
Does Ian Edwards have an ebola routine?
You're safer working with starving bears.
Ah. That's the problem right there: . people.
Amazing examples of community activism & grassroots cultural leadership in Balsall Heath from Ian Edwards of St Paul's Trust
If you want to see a terrifyingly awesome movie, see Gone Girl. is scared of me now
I took the travel quiz and I’m the Inquisitive wanderer. Discover your persona at
Live the Marvel Life with Team Coco Records' first comedian Ian Edwards!
The IAN does not mean I Am Nuts. It’s a place to find some great indie authors!.
The Marvel Life: Ian Edwards: You might not know comedian Ian Edwards, but you definitely know his work. Forme...
m_g_edwards: My book Kilimanjaro is now available from Libiro, the indie-only ebook store! LibiroAtLarge
England coaches have new contracts to 2020. RFU CEO Ian Ritchie explains why and why now:
Good birthday present for and winning tonight putting us closer to become PTC Champs!
NGL I got a free sample of the 1st few chapters at a B. Dalton's & couldn't finish it.
I commented asking if it was editorial policy to keep re-reading the Wheel of Time until the heat de…
.Rob Edwards with Ian Jarvis at wkrshp on M&V this am
Look out for HLPFI’s Ian Matheson, Peter Edwards and Luke King at today!
Our C.O.O. Ian Edwards is at Brussels for UK annual reception. We're cooking Welsh cakes and hosting a golf challenge
I didn't find it whimsical myself, but I likely have a higher tolerance.
But they're just the sort of thing I really enjoy.
I love both of those books. DotK slightly more than the other.
Ian never had nobody do me like you 😘💋
I LOVE my city! I keep findin these hidden gems, I still can't believe these shows are free. And next week, Ian Edwards!!
Sad to report the loss of WBro Ian Edwards in the last few days. A passionate mason and great guy he really will be missed in Sussex RIP
I gave it an honourable mention last year but it didn't make my top 5
I don't think Ancillary Justice would make it into the top five books I've read this year all genres included.
I really liked Empty Space but I can't separate it from Light, which I adore.
Ancillary Justice came close, but had too many echoes of other books
that's me done, I think. Don't recall reading a proper heartland genre sf that blew me away for a while
No... but we're having the floors redone and some shelving built in.
Isles of the Forsaken / Ison of the Isles, Carolyn Ives Gilman
there you go, I didn't rate Far North :-)
I've just packed away my books... From memory I'd say New Model Army and Far North leap out at me.
how long ago was Jones' last one, Spirit?
Was hoping for an off-the-cuff response: what stayed with you as really good recent stuff.
Just a couple that spring to mind will do. I can trawl through your respective sites another time, digging deeper.
I know that's a bit of a cheeky request.
Anything really, with SF connections is fine. I'm just looking for those really good novels I might have overlooked
What's your top picks in SF over the past five years or so?
So dark we had to wear sunglasses at night.
Rather be lucky than good eh? Kevin Selway, Tony Edwards, Ian Williams, Paul Blanch
Thanks to Ian Edwards at St. Paul's Community Development Trust for all links to community groups in Balsall Heath! So much kindness there!
Sunshine Coast Beneath the Wisteria supporter, Ian Edwards (pictured) recently penned the following essay and...
This Weds I'm back at the Main Room LA at 8pm...Here's the link for advance tickets DO COME :)
Bear in mind I've a strong interest in foodstuffs involving offal. :-)
I thought they were just sausage balls. Deep down, though, I suspect I knew.
Someday a storm is going to come and blow you two down.
My answer to Why does a company need to carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) and produce a CSR report ann…
My answer to Should my company create it's own corporate CSR initiative from scratch or align with an existing one?
I've tried 3 times to buy Ian Edwards album. I've been charged 3 times but never received anything. No contact info on site. Help!
I never thought I'd get to hear Ian Wright say the word 'pterodactyl' on live TV
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
At the Parlor watching Germany vs France and also watching the waitress walk by for an hour without asking if I...
Coming up on - 4pm: City Talk's Football with Francis Benali, Ian Snodin & Rob Edwards & at 5
A non-comprehensive list of critical works about women writing SF, compiled by
Medium, eh? I can't read the whole thing as it doesn't load properly on my browser.
and what about his claim the LHoD laid the groundwork for feminist sf?
Ian Edwards goes for the namsayin record (:30 - :55). Includes a 'feel me' to namsayin audible:
looking all tough with the very funny comedian Ian Edwards
Great to meet sculptor, Ian Edwards, and hear what inspired his powerful and symbolic works. http…
Ian Edwards i loved all your work :) .
Jackie Edwards : Feel so Bad: tonight ian going northern for a change
ICYMI: asks debut comic on Records, 9 WTFark Questions!
Happy birthday hope you go coconuts!
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