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Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle (born February 9, 1969) is an American sports announcer calling National Football League (NFL) games on CBS, New Jersey Nets games on the YES Network and hosts Full Court Press, a basketball talk show with former player Kenny Smith on Sirius Satellite Radio.

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They do TV also, Harlan is the # 1 guy on radio, so he does MNF. Ian Eagle does TNF, Sundays they are on CBS TV
Kevin Harlan does that as the # 1 guy. Ian Eagle does that also. CBS radio/Westwood one has some GREAT announcers
I can handle Gruden in small doses. Ian Eagle is my favorite announcer. Always like Fouts for color guy
I know good mp chess player Amanda Eagle
I find him too produced. A guy like Ian Eagle just sounds like a caricature. That's why I like him.
Ian Eagle is the best. Nene just missed a layup and he said "nono". What a gem
Id rather hear Ian Eagle and Tiki Barber than thes 2 buffoons they have announcing
By executive order, Donald Trump will change the national bird to a Russian bear. He never liked that eagle very much anyw…
Ian Eagle and are incredible on the radio. Thank you for keeping a fan who is stuck at work entertained!
Why aren't Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts calling this Patriots v Texans game?
be honest. Would you rather have Al and Chris or Ian Eagle and Dedes call the game tomorrow?
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts should be the A team.
ian eagle is the best. Kenny Albert is solid. Burkhardt is just ok but lynch is horrible
Ian Eagle was offered the job and the rumor has him taking over
Congratulations to Troop 222's new Eagle Scouts, and to Ian who is a recipient of the Triple Crown!
Seth, Karma and Ian just talked about whats wrong with cod. It was really good
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ian Eagle must be so jacked today to have Gannon instead of that awful Fouts
Ian Eagle & the broadcast crew pays tribute to beloved stage manager, Adam Geller.
During the game I think Ian Eagle said "wow Brian Lewis dug deep talking to
Eagle Flight gameplay on PSVR - Ian's like a bird, he'll only fly away...
ICYMI: CBS, and Ian Eagle told us the wild story of how he got Nets pxp job in 94. https:/…
I will never get sick of Ian Eagle's excitement every time there is a wedgie 😂
You know it's over when Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello comment on Durant going to the scorer's table to put back his mouthpiece and for gum
Just when Mike Fratello and Ian Eagle are discussing good 3s, Lin knocks down a 3
It's hard to believe the allows Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle say these things. Really hard to believe.
"Brook Lopez from Mill Basin" - Ian Eagle on a three from way downtown
Ian Eagle: "From Mill Basin!" That was in regards to a 30-footer Brook Lopez just drilled. Nets up 77-52 with a 9-0 run.
Love watching you & Jerry every night, but I just can't pass up a chance to watch Ian Eagle call a Kings game tonight!
yes Ian Eagle (?) said Mariota set the team record with 25th TD pass of season, on last one to Matthews
I honestly think the Nets and the Knicks have the best League Pass announcers in the NBA. Can't go wrong with Breen/Clyde or Ian Eagle
"He just pulled a Thaddeus Young on Thaddeus Young.". -Ian Eagle on Trevor Booker
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are apple polishers like no other. Their pumping of Brady's tires is nauseating to listen to
Ian Eagle clearly doesn't know that is not Vince Williams. Gotten that wrong 2-3 times already.
Ian Eagle can't tell the difference between Vince Williams and Jarvis Jones
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts should be the team!
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts and Evan Washburn will call this Sunday's Jets at Steelers game.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts have the call of Jets-Steelers on CBS on Sunday
Thank god it's not Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts
I think Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on CBS are good.
Sunday's CBS Sports broadcast crew for the vs. is Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts & Evan Washburn. Kickoff on is 1 pm.
Around the Dial: CBS Sports will have Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, and Evan Washburn on the call next Sunday for Jets/Steelers.
Yo, someone check the mics, you guys sound a lot like Ian Eagle and Mike Mayock tonight.
Mike Breen, Kevin Harlan, Marv Albert, Ian Eagle, Mark Zumoff... NBA has some of the best play-by-play guys out there.
You and Lap, Marty, Trumpy, Solomon are all fans. Ian Eagle, bad. Tim McCarver was all time worst!
If Jeremy Lin does sign with Nets, would Ian Eagle shout "BROOK-LIN" after successful pick and roll?
The great Ian Eagle with the great Lindsay Davenport on the call for Serena Williams-Magdalena Rybarikova in Paris.
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the Governor,since the show helped elect him. Seth Greenberg, Jeff Picaro, Shannon Spake, Ian Eagle, Joe B.!
I tried to get them to block me yesterday by accurately calling them out on their stupidity of employing Ian Eagle
Doc Emrick and Kevin Harlan calling games on the same night. If you threw in Ian Eagle it would be a near perfect national PxP night.
Eagle-eyed Blake noticed that professional dancer Ian Waite came in for lunch today! (He had the Italian Job...
o careful dorothy I don't shag sheep! I'm no nothern freak...just a southern one ha X
feel free to join in Ethel, now that your also a northerner!
harsh times...I suppose that's how you roll t'up north...😉
wow. In enjoy Ian Eagle..think he's a pro. Very good on nfl
Final show biz trivia for the know Ian Eagle? YouTube Xerox monk commercial from 70s. Monk was his dad, Jack Eagle
they pronounce his name like Ian Eagle?
Wise words by Ian Eagle on about Josh Richardson and Norm Powell maturing in college B4 NBA. Bad advisors, peeps &…
If I have to hear another game called by Ian eagle...
cmon man. Ian Eagle has worked his way up and does much better games than that now
Who better to call that Lowry heave than Ian Eagle
Tremendous job tonight by Ian Eagle -Brent Barry on the call.
Best part of this is the broadcasting GOAT Ian Eagle on the call
Ian Eagle doing the NBA playoffs is like the second greatest thing ever
Ian Eagle called a slam dunk a slammer. He should be fired
PS: Ian Eagle is the best play by play commentator in sports. Definitely in basketball. There's no one better.
Ian Eagle is one of the reasons I can still watch the Nets after all of these years. Best in the game.
As Ian Eagle said the Raptors have been Shutout in Overtime!
Everytime Ian Eagle's voice raises, I expect to see a Buffalo Bill walking into the end zone
Ian Eagle should copyright the phrase, " shot clock winding down"
Ian Eagle is listing the production credits with 15 seconds left! I’m still not sure what I’m going to see…
They have been shutout as Ian Eagle said lmao
Can we get Ian Eagle and Brent Barry moved to the Spurs-Thunder series? Please and thank you.
And here you guys thought Ian Eagle only called Browns games.
Ian Eagle calls are awesome. Oh, and this shot is okay, too.
Ian Eagle is so dang good at play by play
You're right Adam! That was a total "why we love sports" moment! Great call by the sport 's most underrated announcer, Ian Eagle
Ian Eagle is as good at calling basketball as Kenny Albert is bad at calling hockey.
As soon as Ian Eagle started disrespecting the game by reading the crew names, I was like, "OT."
Also, Ian Eagle is the man. Dude is great
Ian Eagle's call on Lowry shot...Epic. Also epic, earlier on when Ian asked if the dog dressed as a dinosaur was "into it". The best.
So glad Ian Eagle is calling this game, he's tremendous.
Its because ian eagle is calling the game
Ian Eagle being on the call for this one makes it so much better. What an incredible shot by Kyle Lowry!
Also basketball national broadcasters tend to be great. Ian Eagle, Mike Breen, Marv Albert. All marquee names
Getting Brent Barry and Ian Eagle, then Doris Burke tonight just makes it more depressing that future series will be Mjax and Reggie Miller.
Ian Eagle is an excellent announcer, made even better when he isn't paired with Mike Fratello
For instance, Ian Eagle calls one play, then hands off to Sean McDonough then Andrew Catalon, then Mike Tirico, Dave Pasch and so forth.
Ian Eagle presented with his NY Emmy award for best play-by-play.
Ian Eagle had never met Luke Kennard...until this moment.
"Sean Miller warned to stay in the coaches box. He also changed his shirt at half" - thanks Ian Eagle. We noticed.
Ian Eagle is grilling Sean Miller about his shirt and I love it
Ian Eagle: "I want more analysis on the sweating of (Sean) Miller."
Ian Eagle breaking down the stages of sweat for Sean Miller.
You guys like Marv Albert, Kevin Harlan or Ian Eagle calling games?
"Geathers laying the wood inside but he can't finish!" -Ian Eagle
CORRECTION: Game at 6:20 p.m. Thursday. Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore and crew will be on call. Game on TNT.
For those who wonder about mute button need: Announcers for Duke-UNCW are Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore, Evan Was…
Working the same college hoops games as Ian Eagle and Chris Webber this week.. That's pretty freakin cool
Canes-Buffalo tipoff at 6:50 p.m. Thurs. on TNT! Commentators will be Ian Eagle, Chris Webber and Len Elmore!
For my Buffalo tweeps: Ian Eagle, Chris Webber and Len Elmore will have the Buffalo-Miami game. Time: 6:50 p.m.Thursday…
Ian Eagle's favorite team Stone Cold Stephen F. Austin qualifies again.
My favorite Ian Eagle call was when Anthony Atkinson won the D2 title for Barton College in 07:
The great Ian Eagle is talking tournament & NBA right now on with &
Blood Eagle Wings is a masterpiece dude
"that's brutal!". showed me this new video for song "Blood Eagle Wings". .
Check out the BRUTAL new video for BLOOD EAGLE WINGS, one of my favorite new songs. .
Blood Eagle Wings video: thanks for tonight's nightmares. Holy F.
Premiere of 'Blood Eagle Wings' on Including choice quotes from and some guy named Jack.
Marv is cheeks. Ian Eagle the best commentator ever
18 hours to go. The bronze eagle is soaring
Ian we DONT KNOW WHAT 'IN' LOOKS LIKE EITHER DO WE?? that's the riskier outcome as we won't be in control
I want D'Angelo highlights but on YES with Ian Eagle voice
Ryan Ruocco and Ian Eagle called last night's Nets game, now it's time for and to call a Yankees game
Ian Cooper caught Grace, the golden eagle, showing off her
Can't stop listening to Blood Eagle Wings,arguably the best thrash album since Rust in Peace
No tacos for you! . —Ian Eagle on the denial of fans' free tacos.
you got to watch the final 10 sec of the BKN LAL game for Ian Eagle calling the last second robbery of free tacos. Classic
I see following a bad team makes you appreciate the small things. Ian Eagle is just fantastic
Sorry, fans. The have ended the efforts despite the hosting team's success. says Ian Eagle.
Ian Eagle. Owner of cool name. Presenter of bad games as if they're important.
Ian Eagle broadcasting was literally the only positive thing tonight
You know Ian Eagle is the GOAT cause he can make free tacos at stake sound like game 7 of the NBA finals
I can't believe Ian Eagle just said "No tacos for you!"
"they will be denied a Mexican treat" Ian eagle
It's quite generous to call those tacos "Mexican" by SoCal standards, Ian Eagle.
Ian Eagle just loves to see the world burn.
"He is really wearing the Black Mamba outfit tonight," Ian Eagle on star .
If the Lakers were smart, they'd should steal Ian Eagle from the Nets
Ian Eagle and Ryan Ruocco are switching on the play-by-play call on and it's amazing.
Ian Eagle is the first guy to say Huertas name properly
idk, but Nets win play by play team by far. Ian Eagle and the Czar.
It had never happened until tonight! My man Ian Eagle and I on the same broadcast!!! The Czar &…
I'm so disappointed in Ian Eagle and I tonight. Brutal performance! How'd we let Sarah win!
We are on the air with Telestrator Tuesday! Have a great show !! Ian Eagle & have the call.
Lakers on League Pass tonight. But I selected the away feed option. Not passing up Ian Eagle & the Czar on the call.
Super Tuesday Nets PreGame then Ian Eagle & have the call. 10pm
Ian Eagle and whoever he's with is always fantastic on Nets games despite the awful on court product
Looking forward to your return to Calgary, March 9 at Grey Eagle Casino, Ian Thornley!
If my man Ian Eagle is in LA.and I'm also in LA.what could that mean for tonight.
That last podcast with Ian Eagle was fantastic!
CBS's Jim Nantz has the best job ever. One of my aspirations. Along with Mike Breen, Gus Johnson, Ian Eagle, Joe Buck and Stacy King.
Hear both and Ian Eagle calls on Joe Johnson three pointer
Joe Johnson forever clutch.. And as always Ian Eagle with the best call in the game
I'd prefer Greg Gumbel or Ian Eagle on play-by-play and Fouts/Green on color.
Clark Kellogg and Ian Eagle are terrible announcers.
I am convinced Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg both bet on Maryland.
Feel like we are getting spoiled with Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg for this game. Great announcing team
Ian Eagle and I'm in. Robert Carter is underrated for Terps.
Get to hear Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg on the call for the Terps today. That's a good duo
Finally watching tonight's Nets game, and it's tough to beat a three-man booth of Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel, and Sarah Kustok.
great column. Ian Eagle is the Ben Zobrist of broadcasters: good at everything, very underrated, & finally getting his due
Happy to hear game will be called by Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Two of the best, IMHO.
Ian Eagle and Trent Green break down the action from St. Louis where the Rams walk away with a 31-23 win.
The great Ian Eagle just referred to Pats coach Matt Patricia as "Mr. Graphite." Tremendous
Ian Eagle just confirmed to the audience that Sunday afternoon football is on Sunday. Is that a shot at Thursday Night Football on Saturday?
"That's Sunday afternoon football on Sunday." - Ian Eagle. Not to be confused with Thursday Night Football, on Saturday.
I do not listen to sports-talk radio. I would change that for Ian Eagle.
"Mack is not human." --Ian Eagle capturing my thoughts as always . (Ian Eagle Fan Club since early 2000's)
turneD MSG off when Albert called Brook "Brooks Lopez." Can't ever go wrong with Ian Eagle
for the teddy bridgewater story. You have Ian Eagle as his lookout and Digger Phelps building tunnels to lead them home.
Him and Ian Eagle are one of the best color commentators in the NBA. Reggie Miller is a natural.
That's my only complaint about KH. Breen's ok, but I like Ian Eagle. I grew up in Chi listening to Jim Durham. Fantastic.
League Pass never stops reminding me how much better Ian Eagle is than any other team's commentators
Knicks go between Mike Breen & Kenny Albert. Nets have Ian Eagle. Lakers need to step up.
Thank god I can watch Bulls-Nets with Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello. This duo is one of the NBA's best.
Shout to Ian Eagle and the czar Mike Fratello
Oh yes, free League Pass means Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello over Funk and King. Thank god.
If you’re not a baseball person, Ian Eagle & Mike Fratello are on YES call tonight for Nets-Bulls.
Hey, we might not be the best at playing basketball, but our announcers are Ian Eagle, and Mike Fratello. Top that, NBA.
I always say Ian Eagle with Louis Gossett Jr's voice from the Iron Eagle movies. Makes it sound cool... "like an Ian Eagle"...
I bet Larry Bird is watching with Ian Eagle and Jenny Finch, mind blown!
Always. Give me Bob Papa and Ian Eagle any day of the week.
Off the beat ? U like Ian Eagle, he is teriffic Kenny Albert versatile, Hoops Marv 1st then Breen correct? 2 me no brainer
Michaels is good. As is Tirico (for your less-is-more) & Ian Eagle for announcers. Johnston, Lynch, Beurlein & Gannon for color.
We asked Ian Eagle on the podcast about the disastrous start, what Andy Reid's future holds & if KC should stick with Alex Smith.
Why do Greg Gumbel, Ian Eagle, and even Marv Albert get shafted to these garbage games?
Coach Jim Boeheim with some not-so-nice things to say about Bob Costas and Ian Eagle
you hear Ian Eagle talking about Kirk as a "born leader" and "captain at Michigan State?"
vs. Dolphins is on CBS, Ian Eagle on play by play, Dan Fouts as color commentator.
Your CBS TV broadcast crew for Ian Eagle (play-by-play), Dan Fouts (color) and Evan Washburn (sidelines).
great argument, Ian Brady, has never been in power, give him a go. or Eddie the eagle
Ian Eagle: coach Brad Stevens wants to compete for championships
Not at all. Everything on there is a bore. I swear, if we get Ian Eagle & Solomon Wilcots...
Ian Eagle: must always fight for the attention |
"I will also plant naive plants for my eagle project". -Ian the "Wise"
Ian Eagle: Joe Johnson may not be traded immediately ..
Ian Eagle: must always fight for the attention
Ian Eagle - Deron Williams at times could lose interest
Ian Eagle: Brooklyn Nets have lowered expectations for this season
Ian Eagle - key for Celtics to produce to keep Brad Stevens away from
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call for vs next Sunday at 1pm on CBS.
CBS’ Jenny Dell moves from NFL to College Football: Last season, CBS Sports’ number two NFL team was Ian Eagle...
I guess John Sterling forgot about Ian Eagle here in NYC?!
they should have got Hubie Brown and Ian Eagle with Van Gundy
Ian Eagle & Sean McDonough's mini-roast of Bill Raftery to induct him into the Hall of Fame was a thing of beauty. cc:
Sean McDonough and Ian Eagle deserve an award for their induction of Bill Rafftery as Hall of Fame Award. S…
Ian Eagle and Jim Courier are two boring *** tennis commentators. You'd think we're watching golf or handball.
Ian Eagle & Brent Barry and then Steve Smith & Brian Anderson .. great announcers tonight for NBA
Time for Sports Play-by-Play. Will it be Ian Eagle, Mike Breen, Ryan Ruocco or Michael Kay. stay
Packed One on One today. Talking NHL and NBA playoffs with Sam Rosen and Ian Eagle, The Basketball Tournament with Jonathan Mugar and more
Cloud Nothings sold out in like 5 minutes and Open Mike Eagle/Billy Woods is 21+ and everything is terrible :'(
Ah. I'm going on the Boy Scout day, whenever that is. The plan was to go with my brother (he's an Eagle Scout), but he can't
Winthrop Eagle STEM Scholar Ian Deas has been selected to receive the Algemon Sydney Sullivan Award for his great service to Winthrop Univ!
Nicola Young campaigning for mayor, with Paul Eagle as her deputy: Report from Strathmore Park by Ian Apperley With…
1 point game. Two playoff games. 4 minutes left. Ian Eagle on the call. Good stuff.
Come watch your Allen Eagle Rugby Team play Lake Travis this FRIDAY @ 7 at the Track Stadium!!! 🏉🏉🏉 . Students get in free!!
Ian Curtis could of said this before Unknown Pleasures dropped. . "Feeling good about this album about how I feel bad a lot"
Bill Raftery is returning to call Nets game alongside Ian Eagle. Only sure thing that can excite Nets fans.
we were in American eagle and she left and I was sad cause I wanted a selfie and she came back with a horse and we rode off
Director with professionals Travis and Linda from Tri-Eagle Dev. Corp. and Ian from
DOUBLE EAGLE! Just got this picture from Granville... pretty cool!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
We’re sorry to hear you had an issue with your HARIBO. So we can look into this please could you contact (1/2)
He shouldn't be calling this game. It should've been Ian Eagle's game.
he used to call Nets games with Ian Eagle. My favorite TV crew of all time.
I like Jim Nantz but I'd love to see (hear) an Ian Eagle/Bill Raftery combo next year.
after hearing commentate the vs game anything is better. Ian Eagle > Nantz for sure!
We are in agreement here. Ian Eagle is so underrated
Jim Nantz is a terrific announcer for many sports (e.g. golf), but he's an ill fit for college basketball. All Ian Eagle all the time, CBS.
Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery would've been the perfect combo to call this game.
I thought Ian Eagle said that turnover at the end with the shock-clock violation was the only turnover by a starter.
since Nets games in Jersey with Ian Eagle for me...
To the man who arranged the bald eagle during the national anthem- well played my friend. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Don’t care what happens in the title game tonight. Thaddeus Young just had the Dunk of the Night and Ian Eagle had the Call of the Night.
Ian Eagle has been on point with his twin brother wordplay.
we are blessed with the best: Ian Eagle, , , , and Jim Spanarkel. thank you
I'm not okay with ian eagle throwing his co announcer under the bus.
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My sportscast from the Ian Eagle-Bruce Beck Sports Broadcasting Camp in Summer '14. .
a great commentary crew: Ian Eagle/Jim Spenarkle for Nets-Blazers this evening, the makeup for a snow day
opened a easter fun tub claiming to have 32 mini bags, only to find 31 mini bags. One less bag for
your song, SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT by is playing in a few mins on 96.9 The Eagle! Listen @
very scott Brooks-ian to have that play and Morrow throwing it in
Ian Eagle just said the had hit 16 of their last 17 shots before that Teague miss. That's why they're up 21.
no excuse! Ian Eagle's game is on point so far and this is his 5th gm in 5 nights!
We are so lucky to have Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel, Fratello, and Marshall. Great great team
Love that someone at TBS/CBS was finally smart enough to have Bill Raftery do a Final 4. Next year they should replace Nance with Ian Eagle
The following announcers are more qualified to announce the Final Four than Jim Nantz: Verne Lundquist, Kevin Harlan, Ian Eagle, Marv Albert
Ian Eagle or Verne Lundquist would both be better with Raftery.
dangit... can't figure it out? we need Ian Eagle and Raft doing the FF -- done deal
Holed a 150 yard 8 iron for an eagle 2 today 😎
"Johnson looking for the dagger. OH YEAH! ... Good night from Brooklyn!" Everything clutch is better with Ian Eagle.
Reggie Miller is calling a regional. Ian Eagle is not calling a regional (on TV at least). That is all.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
In all honesty is the college hoops equivalent of Chris Collinsworth. Poor Ian Eagle.
My favorite thing is when Doug Gottlieb says something and Ian Eagle completely ignores him
Not pleased with the breakup of Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel:
No more sharing of iPod ear buds for Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel.
Splitting up Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel for NCAA announcing duties is a shame.
Ugh Maryland has Ian Eagle and Doug Gottlieb doing the game. *vomits*
Is anyone else sad that Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel aren't working together in this year's tourney?
The Crusaders will tip at approx 4:45pm ET Friday evening against Maryland, with Ian Eagle and Doug Gottlieb on the ca…
I wonder what it would take to meet Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel and Mike Fratello
next time NYC hosts ASW let Ian Eagle have the call with Jim Spanarkel, Ryan Ruocco and Mike Fratello
“congrats to Ian Eagle, Ryan Ruocco and Mike Fratello for their nominations.”
And congrats to Nets play-by-play men Ian Eagle and Ryan Ruocco, as well as Nets analyst Mike Fratello for their nominations.
I really enjoy Ian Eagle's call, but sometimes I think I'm listening to Tobias Funke calling a game.
Ian Eagle has this game with James Lofton I believe.
Ian Eagle is doing the game tonight with Dan Fouts. I remember Ian doing shifts on Always had a relaxing voice.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts on Saturday at 8pm EST on NFL Network & CBS for San Diego at San Francisco - See more at:
Why doesn’t "Ian Eagle" just change his name to exactly what i hear, and a much cooler name: IRON EAGLE.
Would've much rather had Ian Eagle or Kevin Harlan for this game.. Mark and Greg have been brutal!!
Or would NBC go young? Like Spero Dedes or Joe Davis. My guess is they'd have to steal an established big voice, Ian Eagle or Harlan
WCBS in NY is getting Ian Eagle's game, not Greg Gumbel's game
It's bad enough losing to the Rams. Having to listen to Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts is salt in the wound.
Texans at Cowboys will be on CBS at noon Sunday. Announcers are Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, Jenny Dell. Fox and CBS will both have late games
“Who's your all-time favorite sports announcer?” Ian Eagle. And he knows this thanks to &
“The New York Giants can’t get out of their own way.” Ian Eagle with the understatement of the century.
Really a fan of Kevin Burkhardt, Ian Eagle for football. Jon Sciambi and Dan Shulman favorites for baseball. Enjoy listening to them.
Now that Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots have been split up, Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are the best NFL commentating duo.
think I am more of an Ian Eagle on the mic then I am say a Peter King typing up the story so I'll stick with that.
I see my man Ian Eagle is working Horseshoe - Halo American Football practice clash. One of the best.
New York has the best of both worlds. The likes of Ian Eagle, Bob Papa, and Mike Breen ... then you get Sterling and Michael Kay.
My post on why the Nov. 1 Notre Dame/Navy game is a chance to put Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Personally, I like that duo.
Sports announcers who are under appreciated include Tom Hammond, Terry Gannon, Bob Ley, and Ian Eagle.
Bob Costas, Kenny Albert, Ian Eagle, Peter King, all at Where do you go from there for
In terms of versatility across different sports, Mike Tirico and Ian Eagle are at the top of their craft.
Also after listening to so much Chris Webber, Ian Eagle, and Hubie Brown, having JVG, Breen, and Jax back together is a breath of fresh air.
Ian eagle > the rest of the commentators in basketball
Speaking of broadcasting, TNT might have the 3 best play-by-play guys in Marv, Ian Eagle & Harlan. Tirico making moves to that Top 3 tho.
Ian Eagle started to answer before Mark Jackson cut him off and said "Ian, I think Max was asking me the question." (2/2)
A year ago Ian Holloway was taking to Wembley. Now I see he's taking Millwall to Faversham Town pre season.
Ian just got sang happy birthday to twice at giant eagle. His birthday was a month ago 😂
Great action photo of a white-tailed eagle taken by Ian Francis on Wednesday. Can anyone work out what was...
Ian Eagle? C'mon. One of the best in the biz! Especially if paired with Spanarkel.
Thank God it's Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown on the call. I can't listen to Ian Eagle and Chris Webber anymore.
Ian Eagle is one of the best. I can assure you he's not biased against Indiana.
will trade you Ian Eagle for Tirico 100/100 times
This Tirico-Hubie duo is like angels singing after listening to Ian Eagle and Chris Webber for 4 games.
I will say this, how much of an upgrade is it to have Hubie Brown and Mike Tirico over Wizards fans Chris Webber and Ian Eagle!
*** just found out my grandpa went to Auburn. I guess that makes me somewhat of a war eagle?
Guests on today include Rick Reilly in studio, Tom Hammond & Ian Eagle.
This Eagle is strutting. STRUTTING. Look at it strut!
if TNT let Ian Eagle call Nets games instead of Pacers/Wizards, the Nets would have won the last two!
Ian eagle and Kevin harlin the best nba play by play guys
Chris Webber is horrific on so many levels. He has no chemistry with Ian Eagle whatsoever. He just goes on random rants.
I gonna miss hearing ian eagle say that's an mt3
Maybe Mike Fratello comes back, even though he has a good thing going with Ian Eagle on YES?
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