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Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle (born February 9, 1969) is an American sports announcer calling National Football League (NFL) games on CBS, New Jersey Nets games on the YES Network and hosts Full Court Press, a basketball talk show with former player Kenny Smith on Sirius Satellite Radio.

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Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call for vs next Sunday at 1pm on CBS.
On the call for the season opener on CBS: Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts and Evan Washburn.
CBS’ Jenny Dell moves from NFL to College Football: Last season, CBS Sports’ number two NFL team was Ian Eagle...
I guess John Sterling forgot about Ian Eagle here in NYC?!
they should have got Hubie Brown and Ian Eagle with Van Gundy
Ian Eagle & Sean McDonough's mini-roast of Bill Raftery to induct him into the Hall of Fame was a thing of beauty. cc:
Sean McDonough and Ian Eagle deserve an award for their induction of Bill Rafftery as Hall of Fame Award. S…
Ian Eagle and Jim Courier are two boring *** tennis commentators. You'd think we're watching golf or handball.
Ian Eagle & Brent Barry and then Steve Smith & Brian Anderson .. great announcers tonight for NBA
Time for Sports Play-by-Play. Will it be Ian Eagle, Mike Breen, Ryan Ruocco or Michael Kay. stay
Packed One on One today. Talking NHL and NBA playoffs with Sam Rosen and Ian Eagle, The Basketball Tournament with Jonathan Mugar and more
Cloud Nothings sold out in like 5 minutes and Open Mike Eagle/Billy Woods is 21+ and everything is terrible :'(
Ah. I'm going on the Boy Scout day, whenever that is. The plan was to go with my brother (he's an Eagle Scout), but he can't
Winthrop Eagle STEM Scholar Ian Deas has been selected to receive the Algemon Sydney Sullivan Award for his great service to Winthrop Univ!
Nicola Young campaigning for mayor, with Paul Eagle as her deputy: Report from Strathmore Park by Ian Apperley With…
1 point game. Two playoff games. 4 minutes left. Ian Eagle on the call. Good stuff.
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Ian Curtis could of said this before Unknown Pleasures dropped. . "Feeling good about this album about how I feel bad a lot"
Bill Raftery is returning to call Nets game alongside Ian Eagle. Only sure thing that can excite Nets fans.
we were in American eagle and she left and I was sad cause I wanted a selfie and she came back with a horse and we rode off
Director with professionals Travis and Linda from Tri-Eagle Dev. Corp. and Ian from
DOUBLE EAGLE! Just got this picture from Granville... pretty cool!
We’re sorry to hear you had an issue with your HARIBO. So we can look into this please could you contact (1/2)
He shouldn't be calling this game. It should've been Ian Eagle's game.
he used to call Nets games with Ian Eagle. My favorite TV crew of all time.
I like Jim Nantz but I'd love to see (hear) an Ian Eagle/Bill Raftery combo next year.
after hearing commentate the vs game anything is better. Ian Eagle > Nantz for sure!
We are in agreement here. Ian Eagle is so underrated
Jim Nantz is a terrific announcer for many sports (e.g. golf), but he's an ill fit for college basketball. All Ian Eagle all the time, CBS.
Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery would've been the perfect combo to call this game.
I thought Ian Eagle said that turnover at the end with the shock-clock violation was the only turnover by a starter.
since Nets games in Jersey with Ian Eagle for me...
To the man who arranged the bald eagle during the national anthem- well played my friend. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Don’t care what happens in the title game tonight. Thaddeus Young just had the Dunk of the Night and Ian Eagle had the Call of the Night.
Ian Eagle has been on point with his twin brother wordplay.
we are blessed with the best: Ian Eagle, , , , and Jim Spanarkel. thank you
I'm not okay with ian eagle throwing his co announcer under the bus.
My sportscast from the Ian Eagle-Bruce Beck Sports Broadcasting Camp in Summer '14. .
a great commentary crew: Ian Eagle/Jim Spenarkle for Nets-Blazers this evening, the makeup for a snow day
opened a easter fun tub claiming to have 32 mini bags, only to find 31 mini bags. One less bag for
your song, SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT by is playing in a few mins on 96.9 The Eagle! Listen @
very scott Brooks-ian to have that play and Morrow throwing it in
Ian Eagle just said the had hit 16 of their last 17 shots before that Teague miss. That's why they're up 21.
no excuse! Ian Eagle's game is on point so far and this is his 5th gm in 5 nights!
We are so lucky to have Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel, Fratello, and Marshall. Great great team
Love that someone at TBS/CBS was finally smart enough to have Bill Raftery do a Final 4. Next year they should replace Nance with Ian Eagle
The following announcers are more qualified to announce the Final Four than Jim Nantz: Verne Lundquist, Kevin Harlan, Ian Eagle, Marv Albert
Ian Eagle or Verne Lundquist would both be better with Raftery.
dangit... can't figure it out? we need Ian Eagle and Raft doing the FF -- done deal
Holed a 150 yard 8 iron for an eagle 2 today 😎
"Johnson looking for the dagger. OH YEAH! ... Good night from Brooklyn!" Everything clutch is better with Ian Eagle.
Reggie Miller is calling a regional. Ian Eagle is not calling a regional (on TV at least). That is all.
In all honesty is the college hoops equivalent of Chris Collinsworth. Poor Ian Eagle.
My favorite thing is when Doug Gottlieb says something and Ian Eagle completely ignores him
Not pleased with the breakup of Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel:
No more sharing of iPod ear buds for Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel.
Splitting up Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel for NCAA announcing duties is a shame.
Ugh Maryland has Ian Eagle and Doug Gottlieb doing the game. *vomits*
Is anyone else sad that Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel aren't working together in this year's tourney?
The Crusaders will tip at approx 4:45pm ET Friday evening against Maryland, with Ian Eagle and Doug Gottlieb on the ca…
I wonder what it would take to meet Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel and Mike Fratello
next time NYC hosts ASW let Ian Eagle have the call with Jim Spanarkel, Ryan Ruocco and Mike Fratello
“congrats to Ian Eagle, Ryan Ruocco and Mike Fratello for their nominations.”
And congrats to Nets play-by-play men Ian Eagle and Ryan Ruocco, as well as Nets analyst Mike Fratello for their nominations.
I really enjoy Ian Eagle's call, but sometimes I think I'm listening to Tobias Funke calling a game.
Ian Eagle has this game with James Lofton I believe.
Ian Eagle is doing the game tonight with Dan Fouts. I remember Ian doing shifts on Always had a relaxing voice.
Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts on Saturday at 8pm EST on NFL Network & CBS for San Diego at San Francisco - See more at:
Why doesn’t "Ian Eagle" just change his name to exactly what i hear, and a much cooler name: Iron Eagle.
Would've much rather had Ian Eagle or Kevin Harlan for this game.. Mark and Greg have been brutal!!
Or would NBC go young? Like Spero Dedes or Joe Davis. My guess is they'd have to steal an established big voice, Ian Eagle or Harlan
WCBS in NY is getting Ian Eagle's game, not Greg Gumbel's game
It's bad enough losing to the Rams. Having to listen to Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts is salt in the wound.
Texans at Cowboys will be on CBS at noon Sunday. Announcers are Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, Jenny Dell. Fox and CBS will both have late games
“Who's your all-time favorite sports announcer?” Ian Eagle. And he knows this thanks to &
“The New York Giants can’t get out of their own way.” Ian Eagle with the understatement of the century.
Really a fan of Kevin Burkhardt, Ian Eagle for football. Jon Sciambi and Dan Shulman favorites for baseball. Enjoy listening to them.
Now that Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots have been split up, Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are the best NFL commentating duo.
think I am more of an Ian Eagle on the mic then I am say a Peter King typing up the story so I'll stick with that.
I see my man Ian Eagle is working Horseshoe - Halo American Football practice clash. One of the best.
New York has the best of both worlds. The likes of Ian Eagle, Bob Papa, and Mike Breen ... then you get Sterling and Michael Kay.
My post on why the Nov. 1 Notre Dame/Navy game is a chance to put Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Personally, I like that duo.
Sports announcers who are under appreciated include Tom Hammond, Terry Gannon, Bob Ley, and Ian Eagle.
Bob Costas, Kenny Albert, Ian Eagle, Peter King, all at Where do you go from there for
In terms of versatility across different sports, Mike Tirico and Ian Eagle are at the top of their craft.
Also after listening to so much Chris Webber, Ian Eagle, and Hubie Brown, having JVG, Breen, and Jax back together is a breath of fresh air.
Ian eagle > the rest of the commentators in basketball
Speaking of broadcasting, TNT might have the 3 best play-by-play guys in Marv, Ian Eagle & Harlan. Tirico making moves to that Top 3 tho.
Ian Eagle started to answer before Mark Jackson cut him off and said "Ian, I think Max was asking me the question." (2/2)
A year ago Ian Holloway was taking to Wembley. Now I see he's taking Millwall to Faversham Town pre season.
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Ian just got sang happy birthday to twice at giant eagle. His birthday was a month ago 😂
Great action photo of a white-tailed eagle taken by Ian Francis on Wednesday. Can anyone work out what was...
Ian Eagle? C'mon. One of the best in the biz! Especially if paired with Spanarkel.
Thank God it's Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown on the call. I can't listen to Ian Eagle and Chris Webber anymore.
Ian Eagle is one of the best. I can assure you he's not biased against Indiana.
will trade you Ian Eagle for Tirico 100/100 times
This Tirico-Hubie duo is like angels singing after listening to Ian Eagle and Chris Webber for 4 games.
I will say this, how much of an upgrade is it to have Hubie Brown and Mike Tirico over Wizards fans Chris Webber and Ian Eagle!
*** just found out my grandpa went to Auburn. I guess that makes me somewhat of a war eagle?
Guests on today include Rick Reilly in studio, Tom Hammond & Ian Eagle.
This Eagle is strutting. STRUTTING. Look at it strut!
if TNT let Ian Eagle call Nets games instead of Pacers/Wizards, the Nets would have won the last two!
Ian eagle and Kevin harlin the best nba play by play guys
Chris Webber is horrific on so many levels. He has no chemistry with Ian Eagle whatsoever. He just goes on random rants.
I gonna miss hearing ian eagle say that's an mt3
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Maybe Mike Fratello comes back, even though he has a good thing going with Ian Eagle on YES?
Chris Webber is interested in the Cavaliers job. Heard it hear first. Who next, Ian Eagle to New York?
I miss you, Ian Eagle. That other series doesn't deserve you.
Based on their voices I'm pretty sure and 's Ian Eagle are the same person. What's the / overlap anyway?
you literally just repeated what Ian eagle and the color analyst said for 20 minutes straight.
Ian Eagle pretty much nailed it. Pacers had a chance to remove doubt of how dangerous they are by finishing the Wiz tonight. Didn't happen
acting as if he wants to be both play by play and color commentator...don't want Ian Eagle to say anything, huh?
I hope this is the last game of the series mainly because we'll be done listening to Ian Eagle and Chris Webber.
0 - the number of times Ian Eagle has actually interacted / responded to something CWebb has said.
The best part of this Pacers-Wizards series has been Ian Eagle as the announcer. One of the best!
Ian Eagle after John Wall made the 3: "he is smoking" not smoking hot he just said smoking lmao
Ian Eagle w/Ruocco would have been great. I miss Kelly Tripuka
Ian Eagle is awesome. Not watching the YES broadcast, but i do enjoy the NFL games he announces.
Ian Eagle joins at 8:30pm est click the link as we talk
fans:Nets Play By Play man Ian Eagle joins at 830pm est talking .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
and Marv Albert and Kevin Harlan and Ian Eagle (I think)
If Mike Breen, Van Gundy, Clyde, Ian Eagle, Marv Albert and Kevin Harlan all announced the finals, my life would be COMPLETE
Have to say, Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello are really fun to listen to on Nets games. They have fun together and don't take it too seriously.
Its time Richard. Uncle Verne is fun, buts this needs to be Ian Eagle's gig now.
Ian Eagle is my favorite broadcaster in all of sports. The guy is just phenomenal
And by the way, Ian Eagle, the only broadcaster named for a 1980s film starring Louis Gossett, Jr.
Coach Brennan takes some time to talk to announcers Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel.
Had on YES Network with Ian Eagle. Turn on ESPN and I hear Ryan Ruocco.
Geesh, can't you guys find anybody in NY to outright pick the Hawks? Ian Eagle
Funny how in Richard Deitsch's Monday media column he advocates Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts for bigger roles on CBS. I've said that for years.
I totally agree I want Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts to be team on CBS. They have earned it, I enjoy them
CBS should move the team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts into a bigger role. The media column:
It's time for Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts to move into a bigger spot for CBS. The media column:
No disrespect to Greg Gumbel, but CBS should make Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts the No. 2 team next season.
I mentioned the other day that I loathe Brent Musberger and with the news that Chris Wheeler will no longer be doing Phillies games, it got me thinking about what sportscasters (play-by-play) I like and which ones I hate. Along with Musberger, I hate Hawk Harrelson of the White Sox and Eagles radio man Merrill Reese. There are quite a few that I love hearing. Vin Scully (who doesn't?), Jon Miller, Jim Hunter, Chris Wheeler, Joe Angel, the late Chuck Thompson, and the late Harry Kalas for baseball. Gary Thorne for baseball and hockey. "Doc" Emrick, Joe Beninati and Jim Jackson for hockey. Ian Eagle and the late Pat Summerall for football. And probably my favorite sports play-by-play man of all time is Verne Lundquist. I could listen to Lundquist call a game of chess and enjoy it. If I ever had any technology that talked to me constantly (like Siri or even my gps) I would want it to have Lundquist's voice. Or the voice of James Earl Jones. Having Darth Vader tell me when and where to turn.
I've never understood CBS football's fascination with putting Jim Nantz and Phil Simms as the lead team. They have Kevin Harlan and Ian Eagle much better play by play men. Rich Gannon, Steve Tasker, Dan Fouts, and Dan Dierdorf are by far greater than Simms at color commentary. Also remember Simms isn't as great a QB as people think. He once was hurt and Jeff Hostetler led the same Giants team to a Super Bowl win.
THIS WEEKEND on CBS, we have triple the fun with three college basketball games for you! TOMORROW, we kick off a double header with Michigan State Basketball vs. Indiana Basketball with Andrew Catalon and Clark Kellogg on the call, 2 PM ET. Then, at 4 PM ET we have Duke Basketball facing off against Notre Dame Men's Basketball with Greg Anthony and Ian Eagle to guide you through. On SUNDAY, you can follow up the NFL on CBS AFC wildcard action with San Diego State University Athletics vs. Kansas Men's Basketball with Doug Gottlieb and Spero Dedes calling it at 4:30 PM ET.
I love the way Rece Davis just calls him "Johnny," and I'm confident I'll love the way Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots will, too.
So we're stuck with Ian Eagle calling the game?!?! Why can't we have Don Criqui calling it?
NEXT on CBS: Will the New England Patriots OL protect Brady from the Buffalo Bills pass rush this afternoon? Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are calling this one.
Your (Paid-off) OFFICIALS for Louisville @ Kentucky: Officials: Tony Greene, Mark Whitehead, Doug Sirmons. Also, Jim Nantz will be on the call instead of Ian Eagle. Greg Anthony on Analyst.
Kevin Garnett sits down with Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel to discuss joining the Brooklyn Nets alongside Paul Pierce and Jason Terry.
If you want to hear the end of a game totally butchered by announcers, listen to Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts completely blow the end of MIA-PIT.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts for the and tilt.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts neglect to say Big Bens "lateral" was actually a forward pass. Didn't end up mattering. Wonder if Fin coaches saw it
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts have been amazing on commentary all day.
NEXT on CBS: Will the Miami Dolphins ruin The Pittsburgh Steelers' playoff hopes? Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are on the call.
A who's who of sports and broadcasting at MOD luncheon: Bob Costas, Ian Eagle, Ernie Johnson, Bill Cowher, Adam Silver.
Paint this one Orange and Black! Looks like next week the CBS announcer crew of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are doing the 5-7 Tennessee Titans at the 10-2 Denver Broncos. Cincinnati is hosting Indianapolis and both are 8-4 and leading their division and trying to get a higher seed in the AFC playoffs. And we get Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorff or Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.. Wish CBS would realize there are other teams besides New England, Denver, Baltimore, Kansas City, Pittsburgh. Or get there head outta Peyton's a** so he can take a
The will take on Sunday, 4:25 PM ET with Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts calling it on CBS. Who wins?
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Dan Shulman, Ian Eagle, Doc Emrick, Kevin Harlan, Al Michaels in no particular order.
Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle for the Colts game.
Colts are 0-1 this year w/Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts (loss to Miami), but these two really call a good game. I. Eagle one of the best talents.
IND/ARZ: Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts have the call @ 3:05P Sunday. Do you really believe in the I don't...and IND wins.
Screw Kidd...this was Ian Eagle's chance at glory...and now he is left riffing with Donny Marshall about the bench players.
Ian Eagle and Donny Marshall basically spent the entire 3rd Q talking about different reasons why the Nets have to keep trying.
I don't think Ian Eagle is a Donny Marshall fan.. Bring back
I can only hope the news of Dan Dierdorf's retirement leads to the C Team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts getting promoted to the B team at CBS.
Four quick points for KG. Ian Eagle and Donny Marshall on the air for
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the CBS call of Giants-Raiders on Sunday.
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call in New York
Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts will have the call for the game on Sunday at 1 p.m.
Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello vs. Mike Breen and Clyde. No contest.
Good to see Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello again.
cant get much better than Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello.
Color commentator on Kidd, KG, the East, sleepers, and his true feelings about Ian Eagle:
We chatted with about the their championship aspirations, and his true feelings about Ian Eagle. http:/…
"What does (Ian Eagle) mean by needy? I need clarification on very needy." - Mike Fratello, gettin' needy
I conversed with about the Nets, the East, and what he really thinks of Ian Eagle.
2 minutes left in Ravens-Steelers game. Observations: Ravens don't deserve to win. Offensive line is the ugliest I've seen in a long time (I'm looking at you, Gino Gradkowski (miss you Matt Birk). Joe Flacco is freaking beast. He's had some bad throws this game, but that last drive was ridiculous. (4 or 5 3rd down conversions?). And finally, Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are my least favorite announcers in football. Terrible. Terrell Suggs never played for Dallas. Numerous other small slip-ups. And then, saying that the Ravens should go for two to go up by one point instead of just tying it is the STUPIDEST thing ever. "to end the game". Are you kidding me?!? 2 minutes left and 2 timeouts for Ben Roethlisberger to get in field goal range? You guys are ***
The last real shake-ups to the teams was when Greg Gumbel was teamed with Dan Dierdorf and *** Enberg demoted to the “C” team and when Marv Albert was brought in when Gus Johnson left and *** Enberg retired bringing Ian Eagle to the “C” team with Dan Fouts. That of course is since *** Enberg was brought in to CBS in 2000. In 1998, Verne Lundquist was teamed with Randy Cross on the “B” team, then Dierdorf the following year. Enberg was brought in for 2000.
Our Broncos-Jaguars broadcast October 13 consists of Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts and Shannon Sharpe, that should be highly entertaining :)
SD/TEN: Ian Eagle & Dan Fouts are in NSH for the @ Noon Sunday. Gotta give SD a slight edge in this one.
lolol Ian Eagle is great, just referenced Cliff Clavin from "Cheers" The Birdman is the best in the biz on CBS
Listen to my new episode Manish Mehta of Daily News & Ian Eagle join Mojo and Deegan at
30 mins till JetsInsider Radio with NYDN's Manish Mehta and CBS's Ian Eagle. Tune in!
Found out that Ian Eagle, Boomer Esiason, Steve Tasker will Call game for
CBS has tonight's vs. game live nationally at 7 pm CT. Ian Eagle and Phil Simms on the call, Tracy Wolfson on sideline.
CBS announced NFL broadcast pairings this week. My favorite play-by-play voice CBS has is Ian Eagle. He'll be on No. 3 team w/ Dan Fouts.
Ian Eagle, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson...Your "NFL on CBS" announcers for SEA/GB Friday in the NFL Preseason. Yeah, they've got games, too.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
CBS has Ian Eagle, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson on the call for Packers/Seahawks on Friday. Nantz has PGA Tour Golf (Barclays) duties.
Prime Time shows approval of honoring Ian Eagle with Wall of Fame induction.
The addition of Donte Greene, Ian Eagle and for the first time, the real story of how Max "got the ball". Celtics Summer Cooler 1pm
Tremendous time last night at Hall of Fame induction for Ian Eagle! The past, present, and future all crossing paths
Bill Raftery introduces Ian Eagle at the WAER Hall of Fame induction.
Congratulations to my pal Ian Eagle - . Hall of Fame Induction tonight at Lubin House, NYC.
Sparky Lyle answering questions from campers of the Bruce Beck & Ian Eagle's Sports Broadcasting Camp
Mike Breen is the best announcer in the NBA. Ian Eagle is second.
Billy King sits down with Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel about hiring Jason Kidd as head coach, and talks Kidd’s career.
CBS Sports' Ian Eagle sits down with CBS NCIS star LL Cool J and movie actor Ethan Hawke for a special hour-long CBS Sports Spectacular on Saturday at 2p with Stars on Sports. The episode will see LL Cool J share behind the scene stories from the movie Any Given Sunday, while Hawke talks about his beloved Knicks and why he wishes he could have played the role of Branch Rickey in the recently released movie, 42. - Cynopsis: Sports
Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello in the booth on YES for Nets-Bulls Game 6.
and Ian Eagle with a great call on between and Thx for seamless transitions.
How does NBATV get away with using good commentators like Ian Eagle, but still uses people like Doris Burke and Jeff Van Gumby?
From tennis court to hoops court. Tuesday night Hawks vs Pacers, Game 2 on NBA-TV. Should be VERY physical. Ian Eagle & Steve Smith call.
Lol at Ian Eagle and Greg Anthony Lol-ing at that Perkins play
Ian Eagle is the only announcer I enjoy listening to more than JVG
Ian Eagle isn't bad. Not a bad crew. Thanks for letting me know.
Crystal boss Ian Holloway: "We need to tweak the nose of fear and stick an ice cube down the vest of terror."
Watching the Davidson game. Ian Eagle reverse-jinxed us at the 8-minute mark, noting our poor 3-point shooting if MU needs to catch up
I was having crazy laughing when I was taking videos of Ian Kehoe playing with Baby Eagle but I think they still liked me a lot.
thanks mate! Listened to your episode with Ian Eagle in the car before... Great stuff!
Listening to latest pod with Ian Eagle on playoffs. Real insightful stuff so far!
New ep: / Ian Eagle, joins me to recap 2013 reg. season & Playoffs Preview!
If the anti-Homerism proposal passes, I will be so grateful that the nets have broadcasters like Ian Eagle and
Get Ian Eagle's thoughts on the playoff chances in the latest Off the Wall podcast. ...
Ian Eagle, CBS Sports remembers Pat Summerall and wants a change in shot clock in Coll. Hoops via
One of my favorite all-time people to interview is Ian Eagle. He's a tremendous announcer & won't be too long before he's the top PxP @ CBS.
Ben Waters – Boogie 4 Stu: A Tribute To Ian Stewart (Eagle) :: As you can see, tribute albums are a dime a dozen these days and most of them
So has to hire Heckert, Holmgren and Ian Eagle to anchor the Jimmy Haslam trial
so you're saying we already know where Ian Eagle will be in week 1?
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Any time there's no Ian Eagle it's a win.
New episode soon: an Playoffs preview (w/ Ian Eagle). He'll be working & national (games too.
"Keep getting reps. Sportscasters can be good in the shower, but you gotta go out and call games." -Ian Eagle giving advice to us on
Ian Eagle of CBS Sports is on the phone lines with us on Listen in online or through the TuneIn Radio App.
and currently talking to the voice of the Brooklyn Nets, Ian Eagle! Tune in to the NOW.
The fact that and are going from ME as a guest, to Ian Eagle of CBS sports... I'm honored. Lol.
Looking forward to tonight's show on Here' the lineup of guests: and Ian Eagle of CBS Sports.
Ian Eagle joins me on to discuss PLUS eating habits
Ian Eagle talks on up on later today
Good point Ev. Should've heard me and Ian Eagle today on my show. You would've loved it!!!
Sorry for the confusion with - live at 1230 with me on then taping with Ian Eagle at 130
will not be on blogtalk radio today - after we tape at 1:30 with Ian Eagle
Ian Eagle joins me today on the to discuss and Playoffs as well as eating habits
The ONLY thing that can save that game 1 is a good announce crew. Need Ian Eagle big time...
Ian Eagle on the jumbotron, rubbing his NY Emmy in everyone's face. Eat it Michael Kay.
Ian eagle truly does make the game that much better. Hilarious, timely with calls, and a great voice for announcing
Ian Eagle text reply "sorry who is this?i erased my contacts when i won the Emmy & wil b upgradin 2 more impressive friends" Bird is my guy!
Shaping up to be another big show on tomorrow morning. Nets voice and all around genius Ian Eagle, the very
Congratulations 2 Ian Eagle on winning his 2nd career Emmy for coverage
Ian Eagle from CBS joining us now to remember Pat Summerall's greatness in the broadcasting booth and impact on the NFL.
I use to not like American Eagle prep fit shorts. Now for some odd reason I do..
coming up at 3p: 350p on Nats and Zimm's struggles, CBS Ian Eagle on Pat Summerall, YoMcElroy Trivia, and we enjoy Then and Now.
Best play by play NBA guys are Marv Albert, Kevin Harlan, Ian Eagle and then Breen.
Keith tries to get Ian to coach properly but he's too busy picking the team and tactics out of an (un)lucky dip box
Ian Eagle rocked it today at Thanks to all the staff for helping make it happen!
Big special thanks to Ian Eagle for speaking today. Great experience for tons of aspiring broadcasters!
Pleasure meeting Ian Eagle. Full of motivating and inspiring words.
"If you're doing your job well, it's seamless," Sportscaster Ian Eagle is telling our students. "The key is you have to be prepared."
Brooklyn Nets play-by-play and Emmy award-winning broadcaster Ian Eagle speaks with Quinnipiac students.
"You never know when your life or career will change," Sportscaster Ian Eagle is telling our students. "You just have to be ready."
Honestly Mike Fratello and Ian Eagle are the best announcing duo in the league.
I'd rather hear Mike Fratello and Ian Eagle bicker back and forth, least that would be entertaining.
Tyshawn Taylor, Toko Shengalia & Kris Joseph all on floor for & Ian Eagle & I finally have something in common.
Sadly the will not keep Solomon Wilcots or Ian Eagle from announcing games.
How can Ian Eagle and Doug Gottlieb be on the two games I am watching?
Potentially controversial opinion: I think Ian Eagle is second only to Marv Albert in terms of "best PBP guys CBS has calling the tourney."
Deron Williams is 7 for 7 from 3-point range. Still four minutes left in the first quarter. Rare Nets game not being called by Ian Eagle...
Ian Eagle on the commentating with Steve Kerr. Love Ian, so lucky I get to have YES and her him all the time!
Who the *** is Ian Eagle? Has he called an NBA game before? Long as he better than Doris Burke it's all good.
Digging this Ian Eagle and Steve Kerr duo right now on
Latest: Game 2 on TNT features the Clippers and Nuggets with Ian Eagle, Steve Kerr, and Craig Sager serving as your announcers.— NBA Guru (March 7,...
Ian Eagle is actually a good commentator. But Steve Kerr makes me wana put my head through a mirror so I'm goin to bed
"Now we go to Ian Eagle and Steve Kerr in Denver..." You have my attention!
Rock-solid picks in the draft: Ian Eagle and Jeannine Edwards. Great value for round drafted (in Mel Kiper voice).
Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg recap all the action from the Carrier Dome.
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NEXT ON CBS: Louisville Cardinals v Syracuse Orange at 12 PM ET with Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg.
are u going back to Broadcasting camp at Montclair State University? I will be going to Ian Eagle's not JT's
Just met one of my favorite broadcasters Ian Eagle following the Mizzou-Ole Miss game...What a guy
hard to choose between him and Dave Sims. Clear 1 1A on they get to use Ian Eagle on occasion.
About 45 minutes to tip at Cameron... Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg have the call on CBS.
I've been accused of not liking any announcers. Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg are good announcers. I can actually tolerate a Duke game
NEXT on CBS: Maryland Terrapins at Duke Basketball with Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg at 1 PM ET
Met the whole team and off the team! Waiting on Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello now.
Hockey will be if Ian Eagle, Kevin Harlan, Bill Macatee & Spero Dedes call the games!
“WVU-Purdue will be televised by CBS at 2 p.m. Saturday with Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery on the call.” Onions!!! Double order!!!
“Art in a frame is like an eagle in a birdcage”
is Ian eagle a color guy or play by play?
After listening to other teams commentators you realize how great Nets fans have it. Ian Eagle, Ryan Ruocco, Mike Fratello, Spanarkel.
I wonder how many times Ian Eagle gets hit up with Iron Eagle references? An awesomely bad movie to have follow you around for eternity.
I spelled Ian's name wrong... deaconpunnett is the correct spelling Thanks
Screamin' Ian Eagle's cliche-o-meter was on full tilt boogie Sunday: "second level, tight window, good catch."
I like lots of play-x-play guys TBJ. Steve Martin in CLT is good, Steve Buckhantz (WA.), Ian Eagle (BK), Bill Worrell (Hou)...
Eagle should be happy we care about going back
The Hobbit (cont'd): Also, eagles are in the union and only work till 5pm. After that, they drop their passengers off wherever they are; never mind that they could carry them all the way to the mountain they want to go to. Or could have done so from the start. Especially considering that everything on the way constantly wants to kill their passengers. But no, eagles don't do that. Mountain in the sunset in the distance. The end. Oh sorry. Should I have started this with the words "Spoiler Alert"?
As far as guys who pronounce Ian to sound Iron go I prefer Eagle. Iron Eagle. I mean come on.
So Are you ready to take on Mr Eagle in a battle to the watery depths?!
after Schaub threw a INT Ian Eagle on the radio broadcast said that wasn't a good play. even a little kid would know that
Looking at this as Ian Eagle call the game.
CBS fears a Houston win. Baltimore/Houston is a game Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts would be sent to call.
It would be really cool if Ian Eagle was announcing.
Hi Monica yes Ethan is great fun he's a really good baby Vicky and Ian don't know they are born :) You still at Eagle Ridge ?
lmao, I heard you comin back to be a eagle next year 👌
love Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts quickly come to mind but I'll do a blog post on this ha. Like Kevin Harlem, Marv, Rich Gannon
Ian Eagle would win a impersonation contest.
This game would be so much better if Ian Eagle & Shannon Sharp were calling it.
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