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Ian Duncan Smith

George Iain Duncan Smith (born 9 April 1954; often referred to by his initials IDS ) is a British Conservative politician.

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Boot up your Ian Duncan-Smith has atop a gypsy and ridden it to
This now: Ian Duncan-Smith has purchased Universal Studios. It will be moved Berlin filled with robotic nose.
Ian Duncan Smith is really a vile human being...spitting his bile on C4 News .. I had to turn over or I'd have kicked the telly
I would also congratulate arch leaver Ian Duncan Smith whose speech valued the right of MP's to vote with their con…
Anybody got Ian Duncan smith comments on Brexit today !! It's a belter for Indy
I just watched ian duncan smith pick his nose live on TV. Don't they know there are cameras??
Ian Duncan Smith is against all human beings who are not rich or titled. He should be in prison,. by the way.
Watching BBC Parliament,I have found myself agreeing with Ken Clarke and Ian Duncan Smith.What the *** is happening!!!
Ian Duncan Smith: My party is not anti-immigrant. This party has supported the most vulnerable for a long time.
Ian Duncan Smith what a pompous puffed up Pratt.
Ian Duncan Smith is an absolute walloper
I do find Ian Duncan Smith quite irritating.
Ian Duncan Smith wasting everyone's time now...
He'll have Ian Duncan Smith as his companion and together they'll voyage the universe, ridding it of everything kind and pure.
they reporter that same story over 2 years ago still waiting on criminal convictions of Ian Duncan Smith & co
Leave me alone: Ian Duncan-Smith has carved a strawberry into the shape of Captain America's head for Mothers' Day!
BOOM! Ian Duncan-Smith has been bullied by a talking motorbike.
On from 8pm we talk and more with special guests Iain Duncan Smith, Ian Buckmaster and Dr K…
I love it: Ian has survived incredible five trillion days buried beneath caterpillar hives!
Disgusting. I hate Ian Duncan Smith for creating a system where the disabled are treated like criminals. Bloody…
I'm disappointed Ian Duncan Smith has any role in public life or that anyone takes him seriously.
I hate to it, but Ian Duncan-Smith has called for an 'immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire' Tokyo a p...
It's like when the Tory party all hated eachother and Ian Duncan Smith resigned etc ... He asked Cameron about southern rail.
Hoax? Ian Duncan-Smith has succeeded in his of running the 100m faster than relics from ancient Ireland.
He's been taking elocution lessons from Ian Duncan Cough ... sorry, Duncan Smith.
Look: Ian Duncan-Smith has pleaded not guilty to eight of assaulting house God.
What's that stink? Ian Duncan-Smith has achieved the dream: the theory of evolution.
Radical cleric Ian Duncan-Smith has added his family tree an alternate dimension.
Get backwards! Ian Duncan-Smith has had laptop stolen. It is to contain sensitive material relating a steak kidney pie.
No wonder, they were set up by Ian Duncan Smith, and his remit was to save money. What did people expect under Camoron?
they used it in a TV advert one of Ian Duncan Smith's wastes of money
It took 2 years for Tories to get rid of Ian Duncan Smith as leader , will Labour also take that long to rid themselves of Corbyn ?
The grief! Ian Duncan-Smith has been given a 'very heavy fine' for shouting at his reputation.
let's do the same to M.P IAN DUNCAN SMITH for MURDER
Finally watching & what I'd like to do to Ian Duncan Smith right now isn't safe to put in print...
Ian Duncan Smith is beyond humiliation. When a man sinks that low, he's already at rock bottom.
From the tiny picture I thought it was Ian Duncan Smith caught in a rare moment of honesty.
Is it Ian Duncan-Smith swimming to America, because he missed the plane and does not want to be recognised?
Stuart, anyone who has a poster-boy pic of Ian Duncan Smith on his profile has forfeited the right…
Inconceivable! Ian Duncan-Smith has been making preparations to be reincarnated as Mexico.
Have to wonder whether in my remaining lifetime, I'll see a worse leader of the opposition then Jeremy Corbyn. I remember Ian Duncan Smith.
The DWP have , under Ian Duncan Smith and PIP tests , been torturing the sick for 6 years. It works. Thousands commit suicide.
Agreed Ian.can't be repeated often enough, especially about 'Socially Conscious' Duncan-Smith!
I take it Ian Duncan Smith was too busy kicking disabled people out of wheelchairs to accept the po…
Ian Duncan Smith ? Such an ars* and the most self-centered man in UK. Just look at what he's done to poor people
The former minister for the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK, Ian Duncan Smith, defended the DWP with some familiar words:
For the avoidance of doubt,Ian Duncan Smith is a fool,a liar and a serial failure. Ignore any sound that appears to…
If I was an MP, I'd always 'accidentally' refer to Ian Duncan Smith as "the far-right honourable gentleman" in the chamber.
Gina Miller on Ian Duncan Smith "I'd say to Ian, perhaps you should stop talking, because when you do you show your…
Brilliant take-down by of more of the same unforgivable nonsense we saw from Ian Duncan Smith on the la…
We must thank Ian Duncan Smith and his toady Esther McVey for their supreme achievements in boosting homelessness in the UK. Well done!
Why do persist in presenting Ian Duncan Smith to explain Tory policies? Boris Johnson is much more entertaining!
Ian Duncan Smith rant about Supreme Court taken apart by barrister
Ian Duncan Smith has the soul of the Devil.
Ian Duncan Smith iterates the 'will of the people' claptrap. Resist this dishonesty by pointing out: 37% of electorate is n…
EU building up a serious negotiating team. UK have David Davis, Ian Duncan Smith & Bungle from Rainbow 🙄
Ian Duncan Smith is just plain arrogant!
The queen, David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith are all still alive. 2016, you have failed us.
I had a few things to say to Ian Duncan Smith who wrote in the Daily Mail on the Art50 Supreme Court case. https…
Hurrah for Baroness Helena Kennedy as she stomped all over hopeless Ian Duncan Smith on Of course the judiciary must be independent!
Ian Duncan Smith on Nigel Farage. . How well put. 'he becomes the story'
Ian Duncan Smith seems to have read the book about Albert Speer (The Nazi Who Said Sorry) for his BBCSP interview,I'm in tears for him..not!
onstage tonight with lead actor in which Ian Duncan Smith & tories Ruth Davidson insists is 'fiction'
Who knew Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Ian Duncan Smith had all been on a field trip to Puckeridge?
We - and I speak as an African Caribbean, are overlooked because ghastly feeble minded bigots like Ian Duncan Smith think the world is white
All those suicides for nothing. Ian Duncan Smith has blood on his hands.
at last! Is this because the heartless Ian Duncan Smith has been axed?
Their is nothing right or honourable about Ian Duncan Smith
Oh no. The shadow of Ian Duncan Smith will still darken my street.
Ian Duncan Smith can talk a load of waffle
So if David Lier Cameron George Bloody Osborne Ian Bloody Duncan Smith if your out their
Ian Duncan Smith should be 2nd favourite
That Ian Duncan Smith as committed fraud against the disabled for above 4 decades now he as stepped down. Cameron could not get me down so
Couldn't have said it better myself - come on Ian Duncan smith put your money where your mouth is https:/…
As Ian Duncan Smith once almost said, "Do not overestimate the determination of the quiet man."
will be nice though won't it, for the Uk having suffered such humility since those breathless days of a curtain twitching Ian Duncan Smith..
by investing their money in wall street and fake votes from dead...Ian Duncan Smith!
could you share a platform with Ian Duncan Smith?hug him?call him an honoured friend?
There's something about Corbyn's tone when challenged in interviews that reminds me of Ian Duncan Smith
Will it feature Ian Duncan Smith standing in the road?
No, and no. Owen Smith had as much chance as Ian Duncan Smith had. A nobody, a scoop of centrist tofu.
[from February 2013] Not everyone is on the internet, Iain Duncan Smith | Ian Clark | Opinion | The Guardian
Reinstate the Ian Duncan Smith modis operandi. I bet you were heartbroken when it was questioned and looked on a in…
so she is saying if he had repeated a call to lynch Ian Duncan Smith she would have supported it ?
People died because of what Esther McVey and Ian Duncan Smith did but the press go after John McDonnell - this is a right-win…
Well done John McDonnell for not retracting your words about Esther McVey. Her and Ian Duncan Smith caused disabled peo…
Totally shocked found a photo depicting Ian Duncan Smith as a Nazi on Google look.
After Boris Johnson and Ian Duncan Smith declared for Andrea Leadsom, can't see them being rewarded by Theresa May with cabinet positions 😂
. I am sorry to say that you and Michael Gove and Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson have Ruined the Country UK
Ian Duncan Smith says is the victim of 'black ops' by the Tory establishment. 'Project Fear has morphed into Project Smear.'
Leadsom is a female Ian Duncan Smith. Tory members liked him, of course.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Andrea Leadsom is endorsed by Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith and Nick Griffin. Just needs ISIL and ghost of Fred West to complete the set.
Ian Duncan Smith: "We're all leavers now". Yup. Leaving Europe or leaving England.
Something's wrong. Ian Duncan Smith hasn't resigned. He did before, but I think most people forgot about it.
Odd that Chris Grayling and Ian Duncan Smith have been omitted from this list?
that’s actually an Ian Duncan Smith quote, and the aritmatic is wrong
What about Ian Duncan Smith he spoke well for Brexit
Ian Duncan Smith on C4 News denied that Andrea Leadsom has received any funding from Arron Banks or that he has any role.
Are we supposed to believe Ian Duncan Smith?
Tories. Ian Duncan Smith. Michael Gove. Philip Hammond. be charged for incitement to racial hatred along with their SS.
demanding that political educated etonian scum. Farage, Ian Duncan Smith, Philip Hammond. Michael Gove be political charged for
Ian Duncan Smith is doing her tax returns? Man of many talents.
Was worried Ian Duncan Smith was going to fall off the radar. So great to hear him bigging up Andrea Leadsom on Radio 4
Ian Duncan Smith on at the moment - talking about he and Andrea Leadsom's involvement in charities. Oh is all too surreal.
Ian Duncan Smith backs Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom to be next PM
Well as we get to the end of another day, I just like to say I'm supporting Teresa May for PM and sending Ian Duncan Smith to sort EU.
Hamilton Collection
Ian Duncan Smith is mystified where people got that £350m for NHS myth from.
People already forgotten about Ian Duncan Smith resigning? The whole mess of the Tories over the past few months? The only issue has been...
Ian Duncan Smith busy drafting letters of job offers to Nigel Farage,Tommy Robinson & Nick Griffin.Huge lurch right.All in it together.
Ian Duncan Smith has just backtracked on NHS. Is there ANY Surprise ?
someone has spoofed all MPs names because there are leavers names on there like Ian Duncan Smith
Speaking of English jokes Nadira imagine having Boris Johnston in 10 Downing ST come October and Ian Duncan Smith as
god help us if he or Ian Duncan smith ever get back into a cabinet post
To me, BJ has been exposed as not being very good at the economics. Ian Duncan-Smith also
Come on, Give us Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith to complete the set.
.The rebellion is NOT it was England. Led by Boris an American, Gove a Scot, and Ian Duncan Smith a Scot. No pipers!
I wonder if we will ever find out what happend to Lord Lucan, Ian Duncan Smith or George Osbourne? Where did they go?
. What is England going to do when they discover: . Michael Gove, and Ian Duncan Smith are SCOTTISH?
i'm thinking Ian Duncan Smith might be the best of an eh bunch
Funny as it seems, Ian Duncan Smith is going to be on the left of the forthcoming Tory cabinet. Funny how life turns out!.
. Poll Toynbee = SDP 5th columnist. No more left wing or socially responsible than ian Duncan Smith
Electronic Device Insurance
Wonder if Ian Duncan Smith is with him...He has strangely vanished too.
He's Top dog in my books at them moment Ian Duncan smith watch closely too
It does happen occasionally to doomed parties. The Tories and Ian Duncan Smith for example.
Neither Gove or Ian Duncan Smith fill me with confidence.
Ian Duncan Smith said that immigration would be down to 10s of 1000s by 2020 now. I heard him. BTW I voted Remain.
Sorry , Yorkshire , Scotland , Cornwall , Wales - get in a queue behind Ian Duncan Smith (Guardian)
how did controlling Boris work for Dave or Ian Duncan smith??
David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith resigned, that must be a good thing. surely
My vote goes to Theresa May for PM n Ian Duncan Smith n Osborne as part of team to steer us through the Nxt few yrs🇬🇧
I wonder how broad the smile on Duncan Smith's face will be when I see him later this afternoon at armed forces day on the parish...
Owen Paterson, Liam Fox, Ian Duncan Smith all gearing up to return to Cabinet under Boris Johnson as leader
Why as Ian Duncan smith disappears he was out now hes gone come on mate were r you
At least they didn't have Nigel Farage and Ian Duncan Smith.
Ian Duncan-Smith, the man who claims would benefit the poor,presided over the suicide of desperate claimants
Gah. Ian Duncan Smith needs a good kicking yeah.
Don't want BJ or Grove for PM. We need Ian Duncan Smith BJ is batty, Grove made a mess of every dept he was given as a minister
he was moderate compared to Johnson, Farage, Gove and Ian Duncan Smith. People going to realise that when its too late
what about Ian Duncan Smith? He speaks his mind and has always gone with what he believes.
you serious? they've already attempted to demolish unions, Gov & Ian Duncan Smith's for abolishing human rights
is it ok to ask that Ian Duncan Smith told us votes counted last night unlike in general elections
If Ian Duncan Smith dipped his French fries it would be IAN DUNKIN CHIPS
Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose has never seemed more compelling then it does now!
Ian Duncan Smith was directly asked that they knew £350m claim was wrong. He typically responded by not mentioning this!
Market reassurances from Ian Duncan Smith. Time to stockpile AA batteries.
Rather have Ian Duncan Smith as next prime minister
Ian Duncan Smith show how distant & out of touch MPs & others at Westminster are from the electorate
Ian Duncan-Smith now saying they will listen to experts in planning Brexit. The cheek
Watching ian Duncan smith comment on out of touch government
Did Ian Duncan Smith actually just say they will need 'experts' to help us negotiate brexit? The irony!
Ian Duncan-Smith hitting the nail on the head there.
Ian Duncan Smith already knifing Boris in the back while being interviewed by Nick Robinson.
Ian Duncan Smith also dodging the question on delivering a cut on migration. Heh, if you voted for foreigners out you were conned. Surprise!
now we get Gove, Farage, Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Katie Hopkins, Noel Edmonds, Trump, Putin"...Give me Brussels anyday.
Ian Duncan Smith or Teresa May for next PM i say
How I will be able to see the smug face of Louise Stench and Ian Duncan Smith. Makes me puke ffs
But BBC have Ian Duncan Smith, so get you *** over there to join the party!
1/2 why do u keep letting brexit off the hook? Ian Duncan Smith previously responsible 4 DWP their stats + IMF £2bn tax
1/2 that's true but don't u think its odd Ian Duncan Smith ignores DWP statistics
Maybe it would just be better if Ian Duncan Smith and Michael Gove left the EU... Let's just ponder that felicitous reality
Ian Duncan Smith wants power to throw "anyone" out of the and NO questions asked. Satanic thoughts no?
Ian Duncan Smith is an anagram for complete and utter aresehole
Ian Duncan Smith's voice really really doesn't suit the way he looks, confuses me every time he opens his mouth
Ian Duncan Smith admitting it's not about money, he isn't keen on migration because ppl might not like it
so we vote to leave, cameron resigns, then we have a government of Boris, Gove and Ian Duncan Smith, far worse than we have now!!
Ian Duncan Smith has to be the most odious politician I've witnessed in my lifetime.Presided over the most devastating cuts,then cried on TV
Ian Duncan Smith uses British people's discomfort with migrants as a reason for Brexit. Good grief.
Lmao my mum just said she thinks Ian Duncan Smith would've been a good Prime Minister and I just made a face at her
Ian Duncan Smith's argument on immigration on is about as water-tight as the Titanic. He should just say he doesn't like foreigners
Ian Duncan Smith you're misinformed Ive had jobs advertised for a yr and not filled investigate that please
Ian Duncan Smith. . You killed people as a direct result of your policies on Welfare and the bedroom tax. At least own your mistakes.
Ian Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove not hard to decide what side I'm on Vote Remain
is an unholy alliance between Ian Duncan Smith and Dennis Skinner - two small 'c' conservatives.
Ian Duncan Smith. I'm fairly convinced he was once human but is now corrupted by the ring and is twisted and evil.
must say how many immigrants there will be if Tell Ian Duncan Smith wants to talk about it!
Myth is everywhere. From your pork ribs to everything that comes out of Ian Duncan Smith's mouth.
Ian Duncan Smith "responding to treatment", says rediscovered work of Nostradamus
In my opinion & Trump are two faces of escalating insanity, others are Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage & Ian.Duncan Smith
Whoops! There goes the media's 5 minute canonization of "Saint" Ian Duncan Smith.
Ian Duncan Smith "soluble in water", says rediscovered work of Nostradamus
Are you going to let the likes of Gorge Galloway or Ian Duncan Smith speak for you? Get registered & vote to stay!
Immigration can only be brought under control by leaving the European Union on June 23rd! http…
June 25th 2016. Ian Duncan-Smith is found in the aviary at London Zoo. He declares he is Ian Toucan-Smith, sovereign citizen and also bird.
Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Ian Duncan Smith have no head for numbers, on which of course they can't be trusted
Ian Duncan Smith is right (The only way to bring order to our borders is to quit the EU, says IAN DUNCAN SMITH
I don't know a single person who thinks highly of Michael Gove. Or Ian Duncan Smith. And yet there they are, wielding power over a nation.
Brilliant documentary. Corbyn missing-out on slaying Cameron over Ian Duncan Smith was seriously frustrating
Who are you going to trust the TUC. or. Ian (Give me you benefits) Duncan-Smith?
The debate with a German flavour as Leave campaigner Ian Duncan Smith is interviewed on
The fact people like Ian Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage & Katie Hopkins want out tells me I should vote in
Ian Duncan Smith quoting Lord Rose left out 1 vital word. He should have said,'Wages, salaries & PRICES' would rise 'amen '
Q for Ian Duncan Smith. How many Deaths by Suicide do you feel culpable for during your time at DWP? https:/…
and it's Ian Duncan smith and who will be rewriting your rights, your safety net, your protection
Anyone else thinks Ian Duncan Smith's comment re: Europe sound a bit like an abusive boyfriend?
Hope brexiteers are glad their making Ian Duncan smith happy that man only treated the most vulnerable like dirt on the bottom of his shoe
started With Ian Duncan Smith harsh speech saying UK should not to be part of a Europe becoming unlovable.
"People are angry because the is turning into a bureaucratic thing" says Ian Duncan Smith.
'People are angry' says IAn Duncan Smith. EU is for the ' haves, not the have nots'
Ian Duncan Smith in Berlin - supported EU as trading organisation but national govts have lost too much power
is intriguing & truth should be out but opinion from SFA or UEFA is like asking Ian Duncan Smith to look after my old mum.
Ian Duncan Smith Mp: A safe and Equal political environment for all. - Sign the Petition! via
Dear UK Police - I'm very offended by Ian Duncan Smith, who put in place policies that lead to people's deaths - I insist you arrest him
Seems people disagree who it was, some suggestions it was Ian Duncan Smith as well. Have deleted out of fairness.
If you see ian duncan smith, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson on the same team, run
Ian Duncan Smith joins Vote Leave campaigners in Maidstone - by
"We intend to make ensure the transition period will be as smooth as possible" . (Ian Duncan Smith in 2011)
he must be as delusional as Ian Duncan Smith could even cause tory party to split into 2 party's
Iain Duncan Smith: One of the architects of cuts to ESA. Alarmingly, people in Chingford vote for him.
Next would be Epping/Chingford represented by Norman Tebbitt 1970-92 & Ian Duncan Smith since then
If you're in Nottingham, you can go and see Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose in this exhibition :-)
Backbench plot to knife 'Liar" David Cameron as Tory leader shot down by IDS
Look at the biggest cheerleaders for Brexit. Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Boris Johnston. A bunch of psycho ***
Silence of the Lambs, but with Ian Duncan Smith.
Slightly to the left of Ian Duncan Smith
ICYMI: We can prevail in - Ian Duncan Smith as campaign comes to Kent:
I don't understand Ian Duncan Smith, a few months ago he attacked gov cuts now he has a chance to get rid of Dave and he doesn't want to
Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, and Farage is some rogues gallery, especially w/out the EU to keep them in check
Ian Duncan Smith "I fully support Turkey's membership of the EU". Boris Johnson -I cant wait for that great moment when Turkey joins the EU
Ian Duncan Smith will be playing the role of Charles Clarke.
With Boris Johnson & Ian Duncan Smith leading Brexit, I'll likely vote 2 remain as they're even less trustworthy than Cameron.
Without a shadow of doubt the person U can blame 4 food banks is arch-BREXITEER Ian Duncan Smith - certainly not EU
U can blame your BREXITEER Ian Duncan Smith for the food banks not the EU - Bit of a stretch !
Ian Duncan Smith fooling nobody in front
I like to point out that there are way more wankers on the 'Leave' side than on the 'Stay' side. Ian Duncan Smith, anyone?
I dont like Ian Duncan Smith? Gove or Boris but i dont care. This is about opposiblng fascism. Opposing unelected Federal Superstate.
Ian Duncan Smith won't state why worker protection will be weaker or not after
An endless loop of Ian Duncan Smith and Nicky Morgan trying to outdo each other, vying for some sort of prize that no-one else wants...
Ian Duncan Smith probably the most boring giant face on the bbc and Nicky Morgan is in the studios!!
Four BIG reasons to stay in the Michael Gove, Ian Duncan Smith, Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins all think we…
Meeting and Ian Duncan Smith on Thursday, only just a lil bit excited 😄
Not politically black? . According to Wikipaedia, Ian Duncan Smith is an ethnic minority! .
81yr old woman gets 15 months in jail for sending a packet of sugar to Ian Duncan Smith... The same man responsible for so many suicides.
hits the nail on the head , people will be brought to justice for murder, take note IAN DUNCAN SMITH
'I'm no fan of Ian Duncan smith'. Was anyone?? Seriously
There is a list of British names ready for The Hague Osborn Cameron Ian Duncan smith crime murder of the vunerable
Ian Duncan Smith: Just because the left use social meeja to spread nasty memes about you to the stupid, there's no…
Ian Duncan Smith the architect of the destruction of some of our social security systems has resigned because these cu…
Terrorist attack in Belgium, Ian Duncan Smith resigned, probably won't have any doctors or teachers by the time you get back
Defiant marches on, Ian Duncan Smith resignation hardly gets a mention. A day in politics is a very long time, let alone a week.
What does Ian Duncan Smith's resignation mean for pensions? - Special Features - Pensions Expert
According to 'Ian Duncan Smith takes his tea and coffee with goat's milk' . Like Satan.
Position of eachleader on Ian Duncan smith resignation - Agree or disagree.
Ian Duncan Smith "sorry", says rediscovered work of Nostradamus
Ian Duncan Smith resigned - he should be sanctioned for 6 weeks.
Human Rights? - Ian Duncan Smith: "hitting certain types of people that tend not to vote for us", the disabled?...
select committee..slippery George Osborne is hanging Ian Duncan Smith out to dry...he won't admit anything...
GMB responds to Iain Duncan Smith's resignation over £1.3bn cuts to disability benefits
The government shuffle! . MP - Ian Duncan Smith. Resigned from he's position. MP- Stephen Crabb. Replacing him.
Ian Duncan Smith now saying austerity is a political choice - he's right.
Ian Duncan Smith quit the government over the budget & the. VOTED FOR IT!. Principles that last only days from champion of leave campaign!
Austerity is a political choice. Ian Duncan Smith's resignation letter is proof of it.
A complete collapse of trust lies at the heart of Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation
Ian Duncan Smith I have to say has, well, something of the bag snatcher who lurks in railway stations. There you go I'v…
I confronted Ian Duncan-Smith in Croydon about the disability benefit cuts. He said 'nothing to do with me'. Mealy mouthed reply!
is this Ian Duncan Smith?. I'm not talking about anywhere else but *NAC. *experience may differ 😉
Ian Duncan Smith resigns over driving the disabled poor to suicide and not a word from or abs…
When Ian Duncan Smith resigns at disabled benefit cuts, you know they're bad. But much more can be saved by leaving the EU…
Ian Duncan Smith says he's passionate about social justice. In the words of Steve Evans he would have liked it to be true. Unbelievable.
Ian Duncan Smith has resigned over pressure to cut benefits. Bravo - a good stand to make. Hope it's really about that n…
Bernard Jenkins great interview on Sky News. Explaining the views of Ian Duncan Smith. IDS a sincere and genuine politician.
We cannot 'reform' sickness, Ian Duncan Smith. People are either sick with incurable diseases or they are not. How do 'refor…
Ian Duncan Smith has used up the 8th of George Osborne's 9 political lives > Mail On Sunday >
johnmcdonnellMP: Ian Duncan Smith has gone but Osborne was the architect of this disgraceful attack on disabled people and must also go.
I'm really shocked Ian Duncan Smith has resigned
makes another diverse appointment after the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith
For reasons I can't clearly articulate it suits Ian Duncan Smith rather well, too.
Everyone in the UK should be opening a bottle to see off Ian Duncan Smith,the Freddy Krueger of the UK Govt
Fair play to the tories & Ian Duncan Smith, providing themselves with their own opposition because it seems Labour have forgotten!
Ding dong the *** dripping fright) witch is dead - IDS – Ian Duncan Smith in only one vowel by Luke Wright
that after spending all day in pain with my chronic illness, hearing that Ian Duncan Smith has resigned has made my day
Ian Duncan Smith has found his conscience. If he could let Nick Clegg know where it was as I think his backbone could be in the same place.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Something for Osborne's tombstone: "Too lacking in common humanity for Ian Duncan Smith"
I'm so happy right now, its about time Ian Duncan Smith resigned. useless *** has ruined the lives of so many and now he's finally gone
BBC News - Government not backing down on disability Come out of the wood work Ian Duncan Smith you piece of lice.
First day out in me new wheelchair today ♿️ hope I don't bump into Ian Duncan Smith & his mates 🙈♿️ https:…
Cameron must sack Ian Duncan Smith if he won't resign. A minister cannot accuse his own governmen…
Ian Duncan Smith, George Osborne and David Cameron make the Underwoods' seem like rational caring people
I hope David Cameron, George Osborne & Ian Duncan Smith are proud of themselves
Ian Duncan Smith on disingenuously says migrants committed Paris attacks in debate: all were EU citiz…
these men will go to prison and Ian Duncan Smith will get away Scott free because of his position
Ian Duncan Smith says In camp using fear and threats. Remember the Scottish Referendum, banks, pensions, jobs will all go. Don't like it eh!
Ian Duncan Smith doesn't do irony - a bully calling the EU "in" campaigners bullies. Great joke IDS - is he "Fit To Work"??
Ian Duncan smith is guilty of murdering disabled people and should be in jail. He is a reincarnated other but a...
In shocking turn, anti-EU MP Ian Duncan Smith writes in the DAILY MAIL that "EU Remain" are risking UK's future with unsubstantiated claims.
"Don't indulge in scaremongering" from Ian Duncan Smith who says UK prone to Paris style terror attack it we stay in the EU. Jeez
Ian Duncan Smith accusing others of behaving like him and he doesn't like it. FML.
Most people 'troubled' by the existence of Ian Duncan Smith
that Ian Duncan Smith is still trying to force thru a 30% cut in income for WRAG ESA as incentive to return to work?
Ian Duncan Smith should cool the anti-Cameron rhetoric and make his case based on facts
Ian Duncan Smith talking about integrity of the pro EU campaign fair enough let's hear your point oh wait in the daily mail lol
Bet Cameron doesn't like Ian Duncan Smith so much now!
Ian Duncan Smith complaining about bullying? Nearly spat my coffee all over the keyboard at that one.
Imagine Ian Duncan Smith complaining that there are some obnoxious people about!
Ian Duncan Smith using £250,000 of Public money to fight Rape Victim & severely Disabled in Court over Bedroom Tax. False Ec…
Ian Duncan Smith accusing others of bullying. Given the pain and misery he causes to the most vulnerable in our society he can shove it.
Ian Duncan Smith's comments would carry more weight if he wasn't widely regarded as a complete Jeremy Hunt.
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