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Ian Darke

Ian Darke is an English football and boxing commentator who currently works for ESPN US. Darke was previously one of Sky's 'Big Four' football commentators alongside Martin Tyler, Alan Parry and Rob Hawthorne.

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from memory didn't they say he needed a knock down in the final round? We need Ian Darke back, I keep saying it...
Glad I wasn't watching the Barça game with Ian Darke commentating. should stick to boxing.
-Ian Darke just quoted Thatcher to sum up Juve performance-
Ian Darke coming out with Thatcher quotes. Hope he falls off the back of the nou camp
This isn't "old school stuff" by Juve, as Ian Darke says. It is very, very modern.
Good of Ian Darke and BT Sports to remind us you don't need to have any special skill or talent at your job to be paid large amounts for it.
I'm not one for wanting to punch old men but Ian darke.
BT,s ian darke is getting a semi watching Barca v juv and talking about Utd the only team left in Europe
Could you please tell Ian Darke to use the phrase "wily Italian defending" or go home?
I swear Ian Darke and Lord Alfred Hayes of 1980s WWF fame are the same person.
Tell Ian Darke there's two sides playing and one is winning three nil will you please ? Talk about cheerleading.
Ian darke commentating on Barca reminds me of the golden years of bias when Martin Tyler commentated on Man Utd.
Did Ian Darke really just liken Neymar to osmosis? 🤔
Someone definitely bet Ian Darke he couldn't use the word "osmosis" in a CL game.
is there any way to mute McManaman but listen to Ian Darke. ?
I'm pretty sure Ian Darke is on a 'Pay per mention of Man Utd' deal.
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Brilliant how Ian Darke an McManaman are talking about Juve like they are a minnow away from home in the FA Cup
Just switched over to the Spanish language broadcast. Hey ESPN, just because he's English doesn't mean Ian Darke is smart.…
Love that Ian Darke replied to me, top man!
Granted we need Ian Darke back on Sky, he's a great boxing commentator. But yes, this fight has been a shut out
Unless Ian darke has said he doesn't want to do it I don't know why he's not doing BT boxing when Dempsey is doing that and the football.
Ian Darke naming the teams that have beaten us at St Mary's and said Everton and Leicester 🤔
Ian darke is the worst commentator in football 😡
If u have half decent eye sight that last replay showed FF got a finger tip on the ball. ian darke is 67 no wonder he couldnt see
Story of the first half, can't finish, can't create and Ian Darke talks way too much. ***
The play-by-play man for sounds less Ian Darke and more David Attenborough.
Ian Darke & Glenn Hoddle are bloody useless pair then Graham Poll just makes it three of them ...😩
I think the whole of the footballing public is just silently hanging on in there until Ian Darke is pensioned off.
Snake Humphries first comment what about the goalkeeper? Now we've got suicidal Glenn and Ian I'm a *** Darke
When you are looking forward to a half decent match on and they advise that Ian Darke is the comme…
Hard to argue. Buck seems high. Schulman should be on there. Soccer ignored but still think most us…
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Can I also say that Ian Darke is a class act. Should have been Brian Moore's successor at ITV.
That isn't studs up not sure what Ian Darke and Owen Hargreaves are on about
"Couldn't really say that goal was coming" Is Ian Darke watching this? Gimme a lottery ticket thingy do-dah now!
can't wait for Ian Darke to pass away
Ian Darke and Owen Hargreaves commentators who've the love for Ders... embarrassing beyond belief..
Anyone else think that Ian Darke has an innate hatred towards Man United? Please let us know if we are seeing something that isn't there.
Ian Darke buys his shoes from the back of the magazine he gets with his Sunday paper. Pass it on.
46' Ian Darke mentions that Tielemans might go to Monaco next season - as a replacement for Bakayoko, maybe - and that sounds like a ...
I much prefer listening to the guy he is commentating alongside tonight, think it's Ian Darke
Ian Darke seems like such a nice guy that you just wish that he was your girlfriend's Dad.
Did Ian Darke just say Man Utd are "bossing it"? Wha?
Commentator is genuinely a bellend... Ian Darke or Damien Darhk??
Twellman: USMNT need answers under Arena . Ian Darke and Taylor Twellman discuss some of the questions and und…
Terrible Comm. class is David Francey to Ian Darke, Derek Rae, Martin Tyler, Andres Cantor. he made us turn off!
Sky at least have Martin Tyler, Bill Leslie, Alan Parry and Rob Hawthorne. All better than the BT ones excluding Ian Darke.
Mourinho, Conte and Guardiola at their ruthless best in the Premier League, says Ian Darke.
Weird Sam Matterface and Ian Darke who both commentated at Euros are supportive of News Pompey & Express but Joe knows best?
Ian Darke: "This is not only a shame for Portugal, but also for the game of soccer."
Nice of Ian Darke to take a subtle dig at my relegated Newcastle United. Can I Live?!
Ian Darke evaluating this England performance in the same way I evaluate life after a weekend of heavy drinking.
Give me Ian Darke, every match. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are great too. American commentators just purely aren't as good.
Ian Darke: "Jack Wilshere has played more games for than Arsenal in the last year". Me: u wot m8? 😂😂😂😂
Ian Darke is the Uncle Verne of soccer. Bless us all.
Ian Darke is pretty good too. Notice, we imported all of our commentators except Kyle Martino. :)
he made Nick Halling look like a hybrid of Ian Darke and Jim Lampley
I bet Jane is glad her brains are all over the floor after seeing Ian dancing.
WAIT WHAT?! Oh yea Ian Darke ain't with ESPN no more :(
thanks for sharing Ian Darke, have a great Saturday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Jon Rawling and Ian darke both smoke him you fool.
"Remember there are no replays in this era" CHEERS IAN DARKE
Great goal but note to Ian darke. There's only one Romford pele
Actually Ian Darke is quite annoying too
it's ok.Ian Darke is a decent commentator
appalled to listen to Ian Darke and Glenn Hoddle commenting and talking about Clattnbrg as the best referee, pathetic!
Dear Ian Darke, . Rooney is not running the show. .
get BT on mate. Ian Darke commentating
ballstastic it is! Might stick with BT sport they have Ian Darke
Martin Tyler & Ian Darke the two best to ever call a match
Sky's Ian Darke has to shout over sectarian song to be heard, yet makes not even a passing comment. SameoldScotland!
FOX usually doesn't share the information ahead of time. Ian Darke is on BT Sport feed. Guy Mowbray is on BBC feed.
I wish we got silly Ian Darke videos more often than every two years because they're always great!
Jim Watt was actually okay when he was with Ian Darke. halling has clearly turned him. Sky quality really dipped since these classic fights
Froch-Bute being shown on Sky Sports just now. Tune in and lament the loss of Ian Darke from the Sky team.
Im just imagining Ian Darke doing PbP of this lady kicking a beer can.
Not unlike Ian Darke with a PBR at AOKC event a few years back... 👍
I want Ian Darke and Arlo White on all American sporting events. Glad to hear Sir Ian will be on air this summer.
If it was upto Ian Darke Ronaldo wouldn't have played the 2002 world cup by his idiotic logic
for heavens sake. Please Please replace Ian Darke. He is at best a radio presenter. Too much unnecessary information.
I can't help hearing Ian Darke and think it's the early PL years on Sky with such greats as Roy Wegerle and Robert Fleck.
No Ian Darke tonight, there is a god 😁
Ian Darke is definitely one of my favourite people in football.
Ian Darke and Steven Gerrard backed Liverpool tonight, if you want to make easy money on Sevilla.
Hislop, Marcotti, Moreno have all picked Sevilla to win tomorrow. . Ian Darke picks Liverpool. . We shall see...
Seriously how poor is American soccer commentary? Arlo White, Ian Darke..Lalas...
Probably time for Ian Darke to make a big decision about his career. Has ESPN locked down but does he leave BT for a return to Sky?
Darren Fletcher has got both the EL and CL finals for BT Sport over Ian Darke? Who is making these decisions? Have they had a lobotomy?
Ian Darke is great but this is true...
Ian's stance against corporate capitalism is what I'm here for.
Ian's painting is like Superman and Batman having a common name in similar.
For me, in no particular order, Vincent Price, James Earl Jones, and Ian Darke.
That could be an Ian Darke parody account.
a breakaway to Bob Ley and Ian Darke would be too easy.
All we need is Ian Darke narrating the aftermath and we're set.
Ian Darke's pronunciation of Puget Sound is my new favorite thing.
I think I'm going to have Ian Darke do play by play for my wedding
In bar in E Village, guy says "excuse me, gotta ask, are u a Soccer announcer, "I am" I reply, "I knew it, you're Ian Darke…
Nothing like hearing Ian Darke call a game
I loved Ian Darke. Always remember him doing big fights in us etc. Best one yet.
Recorded the West Ham v Arsenal game cause I couldn't watch live but didn't want to miss hearing Ian Darke on the call
was Adam Smith commentating earlier? Don't know why he doesn't do it all the time - best they have since Ian Darke left.
: wonderful to hear Ian Darke doing the WHU game. Haven't heard him do a PL game broadcast here in SA for a while. 👍👍
John rawling yeah he is good. He worked on boxing with Ian Darke on radio.
Ian Darke. But you are absolutely right. Sky boxing is not the same without him.
Was Ian Darke on the Arsenal gamethis morning? I was half asleep but it sounded a lot like him
. "Jim what's social media saying after that peformance?". "A message from Ian Darke .. 'Halling you're a pile of *** .. Oh "
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that game was a blast to watch. back & forth, up & down-it had it all. also, when did Ian Darke start doing EPL games? 💚 him!
been fun trying to translate evil growls. It's no Sir Ian Darke but it'll have to do I suppose
Everything you know about Ian Darke is wrong.
Na it was Ian Darke. NBCSN used the bt sport feed today
anyone know who called the match on NBCHD. He sounded alot like Ian Darke, but it can't be him cuz he's ESPN property
I would listen Ian Darke to read the phone book.
Ian Darke was saying he was still not 100%
Listening to Ian Darke you'd think Leicester were a point clear at the top.
Pretty upset that I slept through this 3-3 match. Even more upset given that Ian Darke is on the mic.
You know Ian darke is losing it when he says that have a tricky one at the stadium of light. Not if it's still the home of Sunderland
Of course we have a classic EPL match when Ian Darke is on the call.
Ian Darke does the main commentary for BT on other games, he's not on here though
I hope Ian darke is at the Olympics
I could listen to Ian Darke read the phone book. One of the best announcers of his time.
Great to hear the dulcet tones of Ian Darke on NBCSN. A Hammers win will start the day off perfectly.
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you're not allowed, by law, to criticize Ian Darke
Does Ian Darke qualify for the Law of Gus?
Who is this clearly biased commentator commentating with ian darke on this game! He is so pro English his analysis is tainted!
Why is Ian Darke calling a game on NBCSN?
Good to hear Sir Ian Darke's voice again but where's Macca?
Part of what I adore of the Premier League is the commentary. So pleased to hear Ian Darke involved again today
Since when did Ian Darke start doing NBC games?
Ian Darke just indicated 14% of red cards this year in EPL have been rescinded. League admitting refs make mistakes.
love me some Ian Darke. Thought he was only ESPN?
no problem. Darren Fletcher & Ian Darke split games about 50:50 on BT. Rare World Feed outing for Darke today.
Ian Darke and the other clown Simpson are cringeworthy announcers. No idea what they are talking about.
Excited to hear Ian Darke calling games now. The American Poet Laureate! Great addition to their excellent coverage.
Ian Darke is indeed calling the West Ham game
lol. watching nbcsports w ian darke commentating. was wondering who his unbearable partner was only to learn its Danny mills. help
Do my ears deceive me or is that the wide assholed Ian Darke calling the Gunners game?
Ian Darke's voice on an EPL telecast is the warm blanket children carry with them everywhere for comfort
Also when did Ian Darke start calling games for NBC?
Digging Ian Darke on the NBC mic. Is he employed there now or merely the international pool commentator?
This Arsenal vs Andy Carroll game is exactly what this Saturday morning needed, especially with Ian Darke commentary
Ian Darke commentating on a game. Missed that man
is Ian Darke broadcasting the West Ham game for NBC? I thought he signed extension w/ ESPN. He's the best so not complaining
Ian Darke: "One or two Arsenal fans are watching this, all around the world, from behind their sofa."
love waking up to the Sky Sports audio feed and Ian Darke. Should be this way every week.
By the way, Ian Darke calling the game brings me great joy.
Dam.. I just woke up to watch the Arsenal game.. But hey they have the legend Ian Darke commentating..
I know he has obligations with other networks in the UK, but we need more Ian Darke on NBCSN games
That is obviously a foul thank you Ian Darke
Strange hearling Ian Darke's call on NBC for BPL, but I'm loving it.
Having Ian Darke on this EPL game is a throwback to the 90s
whatever, my bae Ian Darke is doing commentary so I'm going to just enjoy this second half.
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Great to hear Ian Darke's dulcet tones
Waking up to the soothe sounds of sir Ian Darke is a nice surprise.
Ian Darke and Danny Mills. Good and evil. Yin and yang.
Love that Ian Darke is commentating Premier League games now
Ian Darke among highlights of EPL commentator assignments for Gameweek 33
Ian Darke on the call too it's lit.
West Ham v Arsenal snuggley at the half with Ian Darke on the call.
Glad to hear Ian Darke on the call for West Ham-Arsenal. Maybe NBCSN should try to pick up BT Sports' commentaries more often?
What a surprise to wake up to the soothing sounds of Ian Darke calling the opening EPL game.
Rebecca Lowe out, Arlo White to presenter, Ian Darke to commentator, brilliant managerial moves by
Arlo & Ian Darke & Martin Tyler make me swoon while watching matches
Arlo White is a fantastic commentator. Ian Darke is still my favorite commentator, but Arlo is a close second.
now over to our commentary team, Ian Darke, Michael Owen and Charles Anderson... Definite ring to it.
ian darke "melheny has been so impressive since getting in the assnal team" lost 3 drew 1... I would say very impressive
Did Ian Darke just say what I think he did
Is Ian Darke doing the English commentary (voice peeked through for a sec on the NBCSN feed)
"When it goes wrong, it really goes wrong" commentator Ian Darke gets Everton.
Ian Darke is absolutely spot on. Why do we penalise our players for trying to stay on their feet?!
My old man just asked who the commentator is. "Ian Darke" says I. . "No not him, I mean the *** with him". 89 years of wisdom
Ian Darke, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle. The holy trinity of bad bellends
Ian Darke only watches the football matches he commentates on.
So according to Ian Darke ,35 year old Gareth Barry is the "Engine room" of Everton.
'Everton are missing Gareth Barry in here' says Ian Darke without remembering what Ozil did to him in the 2010 World Cup.
Ian Darke has just said Everton "will be looking to do something about" Arsenal's lead. Watch and learn.
'Arsenal aren't playing in their traditional red'. Thanks for that Darke I thought my TV was playing up!
Ian Darke. The phrase you meant was "Hot" knife through butter.
Fantastic Arsenal goal, improved greatly by Ian Darke giving it the full Partridge "That was textbook stuff!"
Michael Owen, Glen Hoddle and Ian Darke - Worst commentary line up ever ⚽️
Here we go again Bt Sport Ian Darke "Arsenal are on the brink" -checks league,8 games left. Absolute Twot.
yes the game they were due to show was called off Ian Darke watched a screen and commentated on cov game
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So in first we get Liv/MU and now Klopp returning to his old club right after? In the words of Ian Darke "who writes this stuff?"
Even ian darke must sit next to and think
1961 was a long, long, long time ago, observes Ian Darke
Got to feel sorry for Ian Darke tonight. Spending 90 minutes with Robbie Savage must be ***
Ian Darke “Alli wasn’t a secret, loads of clubs knew about him” followed by “makes you wonder how many other hidden gems in lower divisions”
. a request to btsport... Let Ian Darke do the boxing commentary and take Nobbie Savage with him.
Things I've learnt about these 2 games against Dortmund. . Ian Darke & Robbie Savage really don't like Spurs 😂
Can someone pull ian darke out of *** so he can say something nice about spurs 👍
- Ian Darke is tonight's. He's a boring dullard. Gets most stuff wrong and just chats crap.
*settles down to watch his beloved Spurs*. "We hand you over to Ian Darke and Robbie Savage" *dies*
"Wow, that was unattractive.". My kingdom for an Ian Darke-Bill Raftery booth. Dealer's choice for the sport.
Is there anybody on Twitch with a spot-on Ian Darke impression commentating Rocket League games
I really like Lee Dixon as a game announcer. Also like Gary and Ian Darke.
Paddy Power, Ian Darke and Barry Fry spotted at the races today.
Ian Darke re-ups with ESPN through 2020, will continue as lead soccer announcer
Ian Darke for "looks like" reads? The British always sound super credible.
The anatomy of football on BT Sport:. Ian Darke sniggering at his own quips.
what's the point in Howard Webb? The decision has gone regardless of what he says and Ian Darke needs to just be quiet!
'Herrera' is such a good name for commentators. Shame Ian Darke is working this game.
I'm going to start a drinking game for when Ian Darke uses the phrase 'brains trust ' Every match he says it at least once
Ian Darke's about 5 minutes behind play
Ian Darke just mention Blind being close to first name on the team sheet. Says it all really.
Please tell Ian Darke it was David Herd not Denis Law that scored in the 1964 semi Law scored in 1963
who is Ian darke calling 'utd'. I'm confused.
Ian darke and Michael Owen and commentary team made in ***
any chance of turning Ian Darke's mike up?
Ian Darke just said Hillsborough, how dare he!. someone needs to take action, that's sick.
Why does Ian Darke always refer to Marcus Rashford as “Young Rashford”?
Ian Darke confusing Carlos Tevez's timeline there. Tevez would make a good Doctor Who.
It's always guaranteed Ian Darke will say someone's name wrong on
Hamilton Collection
Whose this Marshall that Ian darke is talking about for Manu?
Ian Darke "lots of cockney accents around Manchester today" seen in Red
Ian Darke just said there's "a lot of cockney accents around the Manchester city centre". Sounds like every Man Utd matchday!
looking forward to the 4pm kick off and then hear the terrifying sentence 'over to ian Darke and Michael Owen'. *Turns sound off*
Ian Darke - "Lots of Cockney accents around, outside Old Trafford" I'm sure, but what about all the West Ham Fans?
Please Ian Darke, can you give us some more superlatives when talking about Ozil
It must be Ian talk utter *** Darke and Owen for the manu whu game on
I'm trying to figure out if that's Clive Tyledsley or Ian Darke esque. Maybe Martin Tyler on a bad day.
Who has the worse commentators, with Owen, McManaman and Ian Darke or with Mark Lawrenson and Martin Keown?
I'd put a stop to Ian Darke & Michael Owen commentating on Saints games - wonder who Ian supports?! 😉
Big week in soccer broadcasting as NBC locks up Arlo White and Rebecca Lowe for 6 years and ESPN locks up Ian Darke until 2…
Yes. I don't know why Ian f* darke is ahead of him! No way Peter is worse than him. Peter the best
everyone always agree with Ian Darke, he can't be wrong
"Let's rejoin our commentators Michael Owen, and Ian Darke.". Do we have to?
Ian Darke as a commentator is so annoying. I honestly prefer Jonathan Pearce over him.
ESPN brought Champion in with Daniel Mann and Ian Darke to do World Cup 2014..McManaman's accent was the best
Ian Darke is having some Matt Berry-esque vocal turns when pronouncing some of these player names. It's great.
Ian Darke seems to be unaware that city win the league easily
Ian Darke on BT Sport: "One of the benefits of the festive season is you can get things out of your system quickly." True dat, brother.
At times Ian Darke can sound a little like Steven Toast. Just need him to say "Clem Fandango".
Ian Darke talking about "Malagarrr"... . ???. He clearly thinks it's just outside Manchester...
Ian Darke: "Iwobi is the nephew of Jay Jay Okocha!". A bloke who once played for Bolton. Super.
The disappointment at this scoreline in Ian Darke's voice is priceless.
Robbie Savage and Ian Darke want Arsenal to win so bad it's painful!
Second time in the game that Ian Darke has mentioned James Ward Prowse's father being a barrister. No idea what I'm supposed to think.
Honestly, what sort of lunatic thought having Ian Darke, Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage commentating together was acceptable?
just flicked over. Ian Darke is a top commentator...think Glenn has a cold by sound of things...Wright always a waste of time!
Big chance for Long! But as Ian Darke says in commentary, the finish was "regretful". Or rubbish, in other words
John moss the ref is also a joke of a figure along with ian darke
Ian Darke on 'Mertesacker must be doing something right to get 100 caps'. Yep. Played with world class teammates.
domain names
"[Mertesacker] must've been doing something right to get 104 caps for Germany", jfc Ian Darke.
"[Ward-Prowse] probably should score more goals than he does with his talent", Ian Darke is a plague.
God we look sloppy, plus 2 co commentators plus Ian darke is driving me nuts.. Savage sssh
Arsenal Ian darke and Glen hoddle r sitting in a porter cabin and Robbie Savage is up a ladder shouting through the window for commentery
Iv says it b4 Ian darke is easily the most worset commentator in Britain bar none
Ian Darke just said there's a lot of wind around effecting proceedings, he must have had too many sprouts for xmas dinner
Dumb and Dumber commentating on the Saints v Arsenal game, otherwise known as Savage & Ian Darke.
Yes Ian Darke you are 100% right Monreal has been one of the best left backs in the country.
Ian Darke stick to boxing your clueless on football
Robbie Savage talking over Ian Darke and then stops talking when Darke stops. Great work lad
Ian Darke will finish his sentence no matter what else is happening!
seemingly we play on gold and black have a word with Ian Darke lads seemingly ye have an inq
Not a fan of ian darke on commentary at all
Ian darke and Robbie Savage,dear god
England need Wayne Rooney at his best - Roy Hodgson: ESPN FC's Ian Darke feels this could be…
ESPN FC’s Ian Darke feels this could be a perfect time for England to triumph at the Euro’s with Wayne Rooney as c…
Froch comeback in 2016. Ian Darke to commentate on same fights. New Years wish...
Jon Champion, Peter Drury, Ian Crocker, Ian Darke, Gary Taphouse and Joe Speight are commentators who never played football.
you always looking on the darke side Ian
Michael Owing - The former footballer id fired by BT following a fight with Ian Darke on live TV and is forced into bankruptcy.
I really don't get the point of Ian Darke
the pass was perfectly weighted as Marshall drags the winger and full back with him screening the central defender (Ian Darke)
Ohhh look at you going all Ian Darke for the night
you've got to get Ian Darke to commentate on the boxing ! 😳
Watt had Valuev winning by two points; Ian Darke had it a point for Haye. Risible. NV might have shared 7th. Hardly laid a glove on him
Ian Darke is a hateful Mourinho hater who will find any reason to stick the boot. Horrid little nobody
A great watch tonight, with an excellent commentary pairing of Ian Darke and Adam Virgo
Ian Darke reminding us "this team" scored 100+ goals 2 seasons ago. (Only missing Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Gerrard & Henderson from it)
Ian Darke saying this is the Liverpool team that scored 100 goals. No its not! No Suarez Sterling Sturridge Gerrard Henderson . Poor v Poor
If Ross Fletcher is in fact replaced next season (shame really), my first pick is Ian Darke. FS1 calling now, so Darke should be free
Time to change channel! Ian Darke and Michael Owen commentating and those bin dippers playing would be enough to make sol Campbell straight
Who wins in a fight: Ian Darke vs Martin Tyler? 2 best pundits in sport.
ESPN has no idea *** they talking about when it come to soccer. Just give Bob Ley, Ian Darke, Julie Foudy to FOX now.
Far right sounds almost Ian Darke-esque. Merlini looks like he could host a new Real World/Road Rules showdown.
Can't believe I'm saying this but Michael Owen/Ian Darke is actually worse than Andy Townsend/Clive Tyldsley.
Martin Tyler, Ian Darke and him top 3 imo.
No Faldo or Ian Darke left a huge void in commentary for me. You're right those three sports are what they do best.
Nothing better than Ian Darke calling a Megan Rapinoe Goal!
I'd take Andy Gray over Ian Darke any day of the week.
Just realised we're going to have to put up with Ian Darke and Michael Owen commentating on the Champions League next season. 🙈
Ian Darke is a great commentator who should get back ASAP
Ian Darke is up there with Jonathan Pearce as one of the worst football commentators there is
who's commentating on the England game with Ian Darke??
.I'm sure Harry Kane would play better if he didn't have Ian Darke up his ***
Did Ian Darke just say rectum instead of Wrexham in his commentary ?
Ian darke reckons this game is tight. England very poor
Ian darke says Everton future seems to be in doubt
Ian darke is the commentator for the u21 game.
Can't remember the last time I heard Ian Darke on comms. Ace.
The great Ian Darke commentating on the footy. It's like 1992 again.
all sports broadcasts should just be Ian Darke and Jon Miller, with them throwing to Vin Scully for 30 minutes a pop
. David: I heard you guys once. You sounded like Martin Tyler and Ian Darke to me.
Him and Ian Darke are my two favorite PxP guys. That's saying a lot from a guy who is football everything.
Ian Darke put his few characters into the Chelsea transfer discussion
Forget it. Throw as many rocks as you want, this blithering *** announcer makes Blyer sound like Ian Darke.
ESPN won't be dumbing down the World - USA Today Sports For The Win
i miss ian darke i wish FOX could pick him up for this
Is it really a World Cup match if the great Ian Darke isn't calling the game? 😞 JP is not good, but way better than Gus Johnson ⚽️
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