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Ian Curtis

Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 - 18 May 1980) was an English musician, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the post-punk band Joy Division.

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Only promotional video Joy Division produced as Ian Curtis committed suicide less than three weeks after the video.
ah man, absolutely phenomenal album, Tom Smith's voice is insane. Reminds me so much of Ian Curtis
Why do both these characters sounds like they were voiced by Ian Curtis from Joy Division?
Only a few days before Ian Curtis died.
Yeah. Cos that's what Ian Curtis wrote his masterful lyrics for.self harm isn't a group activity.…
John Peel announces the death of Ian Curtis ~ New Dawn Fades ~
The Ian Curtis of courtside basketball watching.
Ian Curtis sounds like a mummy going through puberty. But sure, yeah, New Order is the lesser band.
With the 40th pick in the the select WR Curtis Samuel!
Curtis Samuel is the Wide Receiver version of Christian McCaffrey in terms of versatility to an offense. Awesome pick by Gettleman!
I just wish Ian Curtis had lived long enough for me to see him dance to Idioteque.
if the sadness in Ian Curtis's voice doesn't touch you, idk even know man. IDK.
An incredible song. Tragic that Ian Curtis took his own life and so young.
Is that the view from Macclesfield. Anything useful emerged from there since Ian Curtis?
Revisiting our embarrassing teenage musical heroes down the rabbit hole of YouTube.
Davy's record makes me dance like Ian Curtis
Van Gogh's good ear and Ian Curtis needs a rollercoaster
You look a bit like Ian Curtis there!
Could you imagine if Morrissey sung love will tear us apart instead of Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis is rolling over in his grave right now...
The video to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by filmed on this day in 1980, a month before Ian Curtis died.
The video for Love Will Tear Us Apart was filmed 37 years ago today. 3 weeks later Ian Curtis would be forever gone.
Ian Curtis' last film before he committed suicide was Stroszek (1977) a Werner Herzog film
"Confusion in her eyes that says it all she's lost control". -Ian curtis
Sometimes I remember how Ian Curtis killed himself before recording the studio version of Ceremony and get sad 😔
Ian Curtis from Joy Division looks like a drunk David Bowie.
Wish I could see Ian Curtis perform with Joy Division 😞
I think Ian curtis' headstone was stolen a while ago
yh man I'm Ian Curtis who's been dead 30 years
Existense, well what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can.- Ian Curtis
Really love that single. Think it's about Ian Curtis ?
Ian Curtis did all their movement for them.
Ian Curtis on TOTP BBC2 singing the original version of Blue Monday
Ian Curtis live at the Russell Club, Manchester by Kevin Cummins, 1979.
"Reality is only a dream, based on values and well worn principles, whereas the dream goes on forever." - Ian Curtis. - My bi…
May you, in these woozy, uncertain times, find succour in Ian Curtis at an office party. (Via h…
Joy Division's Ian Curtis at the Rainbow Theatre, London, a day like today in 1980.
think of and googling Ian Curtis, Steve Ian, Thrash Metal facial hair, Ian Thomas Thrash, before I remembered what Scott Ian's name was
'Ian Curtis' by Keith Carey . oil on wood. I liked it so much he just gave it to me :)
The biopic on Ian Curtis is really good too.
Ian Curtis: Love will tear us apart . Love: YOU'RE BEING AN *** IAN
I liked a video Tragedy of Ian Curtis
Song of the day ✨. Ian Curtis will always be a legend .
I actually really dig Lorde's dancing, it has a vibe of Ian Curtis / me at a house party & i'm here for it, but thi…
Like would Ian Curtis have sung on world in motion?
it's not actually Ian Curtis. You know that yeah?
I couldn't get over the fact it was Ian Curtis tbh.
So did Ian Curtis end up walking to Scotland at the end of then?
Simply cannot escape the sensation that Ian Curtis fell through a wormhole in space and decided to becone an actor.
It's always bugged me that Sam Riley played Ian Curtis in Control yet is the spitting image of Stephen Morris
Watching SS-GB and all I see when Sam Riley appears on screen is Ian Curtis. Waiting for to break out his dance moves.
Gotta say, Sam Riley's character in would be told to lighten up by his own portrayal of Ian Curtis.
promotion won't bring Ian Curtis back from the dead m8
is a young Ian Curtis. Incredible energy
Ian Curtis is love Ian Curtis is life)?
I think Ian Curtis wouldve been a cool dude to hang with
Ha! Nick Whitecross didn't like Ian Curtis much did he? .
Perhaps 'betrayed' by Martin Hannett. But Ian Curtis couldn't continue in either mode. & JD was NO.
Joy Division graffiti in Denver. . Please let this be the work of some mopey fortysomething who only tags Ian Curtis lyri…
11 Jan 1979 NME - Ian Curtis tells Paul Morley that Joy Division would love to sign to Factory. The rest is history...…
1979: A classic Kevin Cummins shot of Ian Curtis is featured on the front cover of the NME.…
📷 Ian Curtis photographed by Kevin Cummins at the Russell Club - Manchester, 1979.
Hey what's your favorite Joy Division era? I prefer the Mark E. Smith days over Ian Curtis, tbh.
Well known scally Ian Curtis, there. Waiting for the limited edition Morrissey trainer and the Mark E Smith hoodie.…
via John Peel announces the death of Ian Curtis followed by New Dawn Fades
Mark E Smith votes Tory "for a laugh". Ian Curtis voted Tory in 1979.Paul Weller *encouraged* people to vote Tory (I know, I know). So what?
From Elliott Smith to Ian Curtis, these 10 artists' albums gained new depth after their deaths:…
If Sid Vicious and Ian Curtis were meant to die young they could've at least waited a few more years to be in the 27 club. Gone WAY too soon
Chris Phipps to Graham Fellows: "and you knew Ian Curtis, didn't you? ". "No. I didn't. No one did. "
Ian Curtis so I don't think I'm too far off. It's musically amazing, lyrically too close too home. I'm wishing you all the best.
As I listen to this, two people gave me Ian Curtis comparisons on this. I hear more Gira/Cave, but...
Btw, your Ian Curtis reminds me of Howard Devoto. Awesome job.
lmao that's Ian Curtis from Joy Division! My mum found him in a skip & we adopted him.
Joy Division:. -changed music forever. -Ian Curtis' dancing should be enough for you to love them
grimmest place in England. BBC. might Ian Curtis it
Finally walked past. Between new house and second local. (@ Ian Curtis' House (Joy Division))
remember when I was obsessed w/ Joy Division and Ian Curtis. I literally bought a movie about them and my dad bought me a biography on Ian
clubbing lol. go find Ian Curtis's house didn't he live in Manchester
Farage to announce he'll be playing an older Ian Beale in an EastEnders spin-off
My dancing makes it look like Ian Curtis and Peter Garrett had a baby.
Someone bring me Taco Bell so I can enjoy listening to Joy Division but not be as sad as Ian Curtis because I'll have a burrito
Do you think at the first ever Joy Division gig someone called an ambulance for Ian Curtis from how he dances?
Ian Curtis died so we could have New Order
I saw the Ian Curtis biopic last night and so much of me is shaken to my core. It's a beautiful, terrible thing.
How Long is the Night... - very very. Ian Curtis, Steps Ascending, Other side of the crash
I feel sorry for anyone who ends up living with me. I feel the need to dance to dance like Ian Curtis anytime I hear music I like 😂😂😂
Ian Curtis was very odd, a bit to the 70's 80's what Kurt Cobain was to 90's. Total waste. . Trasmission.
Shivers down my spine...hadn't felt like this in a while, Ian Curtis you got me
Granted, it's also a little sad, as it's like, Ian Curtis' last song before his tragic death...but it survives on
ian curtis or morrissey . just pick one — Morrissey I mean we're married so
ICYMT: Ian Curtis was right to kill himself
Why is everyone dancing like Drake now? Do people practice at home or something? I'm still going with the "Ian Curtis chacha slide".
have you accepted our lord and savior ian curtis in... — Love will tear us apart.
Me listening to Joy Division, age 20: "Truly great people die young, man!". Me, at 36: "I wish Ian Curtis had lived to be a boring grownup."
First Alex Turner beating Ian Curtis and now this. You're all dumb af
Manchester royalty (just need the addition of Ian Curtis & Johnny Marr) 🇬🇧
Oh wow, maybe i should watch Ian Curtis' s semi-biographical film (forgot what it's called) that i failed to sit through 6 months ago.
Mine Too.😊😊. Feel really sad / Two great legends in contemporary rock left us so soon - John Lennon, Ian Curtis (1980)
Happy Birthday to Ian Curtis, who would have been 60 today. . R.I.P. Legend X
Boris Johnson's sister has just paraphrased Ian Curtis and said 'Gove won't tear us apart again' . The KLF and Chris Morris running UK.
On Warm Leatherette brought new menace to Ian Curtis:
"Without Morrison there'd be no Iggy or Ian Curtis. He taught Bono more about rocking a Jesus pose than JC himself.”
Future Islands is what it'd be like if Kevin Spacey was possessed by the spirit of Isaac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, and Ian Curtis.
always thought the abiding story from Joy Division should not be Ian Curtis awful death but the ongoing love bwt Gilbert & Morris
FREE Tickets for 15th July @ Society Club, Shoreditch for Launch of 'Joy Devotion: The Importance of Ian Curtis'
Here Are The Young Men | Collage experiment in honor of the anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. Inspired by the Joy D…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
RIP Joy Division's Ian Curtis, who took his own life on this day 1980. Watch a haunted version of "New Dawn Fades":
front man Ian Curtis, 36 years ago today.
Ian Curtis alongside with richey Edwards & Jeff Buckley is one of the biggest losses in music and its so sad that it's been 36 years :( x
The great Ian Curtis sadly left us 36 years ago today. R.I.P.
Remembering Joy Division's Ian Curtis, who died on this day in 1980.
in tribute of Ian Curtis' death, can we start the show to the sounds of Hook's bass in the opening of New Dawn Fades?
Today is the anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. The Joy Division frontman died exactly 36 years ago
RIP Ian Curtis. 36 years already. Gone much too young. Long weekend ahead, think I'll do the dance, as a tribute AND a celebration
Seems appropriate for today. Ian Curtis by Mike Edwards.
'I watch them all as they fall, But I remember when we were young.' . Ian Curtis would've been 60 this year. Today...
I was a young man when Ian Curtis died. .
A loaded gun won't set you free. So you say. Ian Curtis. Joy Division - New Dawn Fades via
18 May 1980 Joy Division singer Ian Curtis took his own life. His memorial in Macclesfield Cemetery
Explore the strange, wonderful dancing of Joy Division's Ian Curtis
He was far too young to leave us. RIP Ian Curtis, you are still missed 36 years later.
" here are the young men , a weight on their shoulders ". RIP Ian Curtis who died on this day 35 years ago .
Ian Curtis died 36 years ago today. It took me 36 years to 'get' Joy Division. I got there in the end. Will listen to the Paradiso gig today
Ian Curtis was a unique talent. Died 36 years ago today. Too young:
any chance of hearing" New Dawn Fades' by Joy Division on the anniversary of Ian Curtis's death. R. I. P A LEGEND
Ian Curtis, died 36 years ago today.
. You are younger than me, Kurt Cobain is your generation. Ian Curtis, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins and John Lydon are mine
1st mate 'would you rather be Ian brown or Ian Curtis?' 2nd mate 'I'd rather be Ian Wright!' Just heard all for one, It was bad!
thank you for add! Come to July 15 for Ian Curtis bday bash / book release xx
Ian Curtis from Joy Division wrote this poem.
On this day in 1980 - played their last gig with Ian Curtis at Birmingham University
"i often pretend my sadness will end" - Orville, eat your heart out Ian Curtis and Richie Edwards
Ian Curtis' home in Macclesfield is on sale for £115,000 via
Alex Turner and Pete Doherty in the same league as Morrissey and Ian Curtis, what a great April Fool's joke
yeah Joy Division has been my favorite group for years, Ian Curtis is the most interesting human who's ever lived. 😌
Tony Wilson and his ex-wife Lindsay Reade, not really talking about her Ian Curtis biography:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ian Curtis is now a young boy living in California with a lovely family. He loves Justin Bieber and riding his electric scooter. He got swag
Michael Hutchence is even better than Ian Curtis like I love 70's and 80's alternative so much
Ian Curtis on stage, in Brussels, Belgium 1979 Photo (c) Philippe Carly
settled in in Manchester, off the Trafford Centre for a bit of shopping, no Salford Lads Club or Ian Curtis grave, bleedin' football 😯
If he had ever listened to Ian Curtis he would never have made a pact with the devil. Tony Wilson is the polar opposite of Cowell.
Ian Curtis and Peter Hook on stage (by Chris Mills, 1979)
Gonna spend the night drinking bourbon an listening to Ian Curtis, morrisey, Ian brown and David gray.
But Sam Riley was better as Ian Curtis than Sean Harris
Sid Vicious, Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Andy Wood, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin etc. Music would be different if they were around.
Ian Curtis and Paul Westerberg have nothing on us.
David Bowie, Joe Strummer, Ian Curtis, Tony Wilson, John Peel all gone, it's like my youth has disappeared
gullivers or the castle, amazing ales and selection of whiskies also the castle is where John Peel interviewed Ian Curtis.
. Paul Banks and Ian Curtis had similar baritone ranges but besides that ???
Ian Curtis with his sister Carole during Christmas 1964.
Ian Curtis at an office holiday party (1979).
Ian Mitch will be in the Swansea hot seat again tomorrow with caretaker boss Alan Curtis.
It's said that John Lennon, Ian Curtis, Jim Morrison and Johnny Depp are all INFPs..
Reading the Biography of IAN CURTIS / miss him so ..very much - " Will Tear You Apart Again'
Ian Curtis of Joy Division’s handwritten lyrics to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" at Rock and roll hall of fame gallery https:…
I remember when it was the likes of Bowie or Ian wonder they have to give it away now
God, if we give you Liam Gallagher can we please have Ian Curtis back?
There can be no doubt that Ian Curtis gave Joy Division their soul, but on bass guitar sure gave them their heart
“I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand" . Ian Curtis
I am listening now. "Ian Curtis" sounds kind of familiar, but I really don't recall this.
First day of dones Ought were an easy favourite. Frontman Tim Darcy is Ian Curtis meets David Byrne, and so much more.
Grand Blue Heron - Like Earth fronted by Ian Curtis covering Sisters Of Mercy - I can live with that...
everyone and also to Ian Curtis, Lou Reed and Michael Hutchence
Someone somewhere is trying to mash Ian Curtis vocal on Atmosphere with the music from Rising Damp.
My dance moves can only be described as Ian Curtis meets the SnapChat ghost.
Love these images of Ian Curtis and Joy Division by . So evocative.
Ian Curtis, contemplating the Peter Saville design for the cover of 'Unknown Pleasures'.
Have you noticed Paul Banks sounds a bit like Ian Curtis? & I agree top band
I wish I was a good lyricist like Paul Banks or Ian Curtis. These guys can write some *** good lines.
B.B. King hates you. Buddy Holly hates you. Richie Valens hates you. Bob Marley hates you. Dimebag hates you. Ian Curtis hates you.
Here's another photo I took of Ian Curtis at TJ Davidson's on 190879
Late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis' lyrics and personal writings collected in new book
On this day in 1975, Ian Curtis married his sweetheart Deborah Woodruff
dude that rules, fav group in high school, still hold them very high. Rip Ian Curtis
ahh Ian Curtis and his beautiful lyrics. Now finding that tape is my main side op. :P
Then again Ian Curtis is about five thousand times better than any other human being to ever live so
Ian Curtis was only 23 when he hanged himself and I still cannot get over that 😪
Today is Werner Herzog's birthday. Born 1942 he directed Stroszek, which Ian Curtis watched in his final hours.
100% from the lads, your expertise rubbing off on them Ian. Brilliant coaching Ian and Curtis.
And yes, it was my best Ian Curtis voice impression with an epilepsy dance during the solo.
Foto: six-strings-that-drew-blood: Ian Curtis in an art and furniture shop, Manchester, 6th January 1979. ...
After today's 2-1 win over AFC Emley, Hull United boss Curtis Woodhouse and his assistant Ian Ashbee discuss...
It'd be my version of Ian Curtis and the STROSZEK dancing chicken scene.
Sometimes I feel like I am wholly Ian Curtis
I am still not over the fact that my Dad, true 80s boy, thinks that Ian Curtis and Morrissey are the same person ...
I learned today that it's very tricky to dance like Ian Curtis when you're ironing
three different people told me I looked like Ian Curtis ( l o l ) last night
I wonder what Ian Curtis would think about if he could see me click through a ad to get to a old school jam of his.
I still chuckle over the Ian Curtis one.
make a goaltending change at the halfway mark of the 2nd. Ian Scott is in for Curtis Meger.
Ian Curtis icon poet legend and supreme dancer😎👌.
no one will understand the love I've always had for Ian Curtis
Can't describe how much I'm glad Friday is finally here this week so here's Ian Curtis to show you instead. http…
between Ian Brown and Liam Gallagher for me...Oh wait, Morrissey, Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Liam Fray, Paul Weller.
Just saw Mission Impossible & realized the guy who plays Lane is...the same guy who played Ian Curtis in 24 Hour Party People
What does David Bowie have in common with Noel Gallagher, Ian Curtis, Aphex Twin?…
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York is amazing best since Ian Curtis i reckon.
I never saw the Ian Curtis movie. I think there were two, right?
My hair is a mix between Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious
Darby crash,Ian Curtis,Jim Morrison,Kurt Cobain, these famous musicians all died very young in there 20s
Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Ian Curtis were much younger than their voices.
for sure. I like Sam Riley. He plays Sal Paradise in otr and played Ian Curtis in control. Two of my favorite things ever.
Memorial plaque to Ian Curtis outside the job centre where he worked, Macclesfield, 2015 -
15th July 1956, Born on this day, Ian Curtis, guitar, vocals, Warsaw, Joy Division.
July 15, 1956 - Ian Curtis the lead singer of the post-punk band Joy Division is born in Stretford, Lancashire,
15 July 1956. Ian Curtis was born in Stretford, Greater Manchester. Best known as lead singer with Joy Division.
I guess it doesn't help also thinking about what amazing songs Ian Curtis and Richey Edwards could of created if they where still alive.
Has there been a rock star that died way too young who was even close to Ian Curtis?
Watch a The Killers Human video. Flowers reenacts Ian Curtis dance at the end. He is a fan👍
last trip we went to Macclesfield. She wanted to Ian Curtis' stone and house.
Timofey Mozgov looks like a tall Ian Curtis.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
The Dark Horse won best film and best actor (Cliff Curtis) at the Seattle Film Festival. He beat Ian McKellen and Jason Segel. Not bad.
Ian Curtis is rockin that hairstyle
Members of Joy Division talk about Ian Curtis's Dancing (lost in music) via
Did they reanimate the corpse of Ian Curtis to sing God Bless America for this Twins game?
Cliff Curtis has beaten Sir Ian McKellen & Jason Segel for the title of Best Actor. Absolutely amazing!! And so deserved
Video: INTERVIEW: An interview with Ian Curtis. Fully transcribed for the first time—Says He’s a fan of...
Let's do it in the style of Ian Curtis and Kurt Cobain.
Framed my massive Ian Curtis poster, fair to say it is the centrepiece of the new shed
died with Ian Curtis always thought New Order was the Emperors New Order I mean clothes
*looking at the comments on YouTube*. 'Hey when are Joy Division touring?'. reply: Ian Kevin Curtis died in 1980 so NEVER.
Ian Curtis, why did you have to die?
on former house into Joy Division Museum. . . RT
A Joy Division fan paid double the asking price of Ian Curtis' home to turn it into a museum:
Ian Curtis would probably be in the House of Lords now.
Ian Curtis singing in my ears is the only way I want to spend my Saturday afternoon.
Ian Curtis' spirit lives on within each unit
I think it's more about being a daredevil, rather than being Ian Curtis.
this happens all the time in my house, just break it to them that Ian Curtis hanged himself 35 years ago and they'll soon stop
Remembering Ian Curtis who died 35 years ago today.
Peter Hook and the Light Love Will Tear us Apart, Fantastic Tribute to Ian Curtis and Tony Wilson
I am told that this is where Tony Wilson first interviewed Ian Curtis.
I would've rocked out with Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis make me lose control again.
oh Ian Curtis if only we could see how well you hid the pain 😢
I do too but I also like Ian Curtis too
IAN CURTIS PRINTS AVAILABLE NOW! . This 8x10" cardstock print is now available in my shop (link in…
Ian is gender confused is she a he, an it, a she? I'm so confused
I always list closer in my fave films meaning the Ian Curtis bio. What if people think I mean this one. 🙈
*sees commercial about Caitlyn Jenner*. Me: I don't like that. Ian: she's hot . 😒😓😑 😂
Not that I'm a huge Joy Division or anything, but if I'm going to get the Ian Curtis then I guess I'll listen to Unknown Pleasures.
Ian Curtis killed himself on the eve of flying to America to become something amazing. Yep.
When Ian Curtis' cousin beeps car horn to say hi. She's so nice
4 Devil baseballers earn All-Delta with Tyler Mortensen and Drew Gnos making first team. Ian Miramontes and Nate Curtis on the second team
It's been 35 years since Ian Curtis passed. his vocals and lyrics are still a huge inspiration for me and so many others . 1…
Sadly on this day in 1980,the music world lost a genius and a poet,Ian Curtis frontman with Joy Division RIP Ian👊👌. http:…
Apparently Andy Carroll does not want Mark Curtis as his agent anymore. They have had a falling out over a personal matt…
These covers of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” keeps Ian Curtis alive in our hearts! -->
Joy Division fan plans museum after buying former home of Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis of Joy Division. 35 years has passed and his voice still stops us in our tracks today.
Think I got John Curtis mixed up with Ian Curtis in my politics exam but oh well
Taking Control: telling the Ian Curtis story | via
Lifelong fan behind the Joy Division museum at Ian Curtis' house outlines ambitious plans
on former house into Joy Division Museum.
makes me laugh that Matt Healy lad. He's in a cheesy pop band and he's cracking on like he's Ian Curtis or sum…
Ian Curtis Watercolour by Fabrizio Cassetta after photo by Kevin Cummins.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
: John Lydon first , Joe Strummer second and Ian Curtis third.
Would you visit the Ian Curtis museum?
Today marks the 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. Brandon Flowers, Johnny Marr and more pay tribute
Just discovered that Gustav Mahler and Ian Curtis died on the same date. Different years, obviously.
35-pitch first inning for Ian Kennedy.
Six batters have been to the plate. All six have reached base off Ian Kennedy. Only out came on an outfield assist.
So my cat is Morrissey. I would say Ian Curtis but he's too self involved to kill himself plus he's a bit too self righteous.
i like it - unfortunately the only cure is isolation - Ian Curtis style
Ian Curtis, slowly becoming my favorite musician of the 20th century
This scoop from is making us CRAZY excited--is it September yet?!
I very much suggest Joy Division, there is also a biographical film about the lead singer (Ian Curtis) that is very very good.
Ian Curtis. Because it's Tuesday night and that's how I roll😎
Neuer reminds me of Ian Curtis of Joy Division (pre-hanging days). Even down to the flapping his arms about at times.
man this second track is really channeling Ian Curtis and I am very very okay with that
Jay recently told me I remind him of Ian Curtis, Sarah once said I reminded her of Kurt Cobain. I'm having a great time
don't feel too bad Jack. I made Ian Curtis the *** child of Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh.
there was just the girl with the Joy Divison shirt in my school again.I think about to ask the lil 'alternative'-kid if she knows Ian Curtis
Sitting by the fire reading this book of Ian Curtis lyrics...makes me want to drive to Macclesfield!!
wait, Ian 'fash' Curtis would have voted UKIP. That must be why Mark Punk wants us to 'engage' with them.
yeah Ian it'll only cost ye a couple of thousand maybe might chip in and help
I have written about my excitement at being accepted for the Summer School here I'm looking forward to it
precisely, find the star, sort pic, pick lyric, pick pop culture hero, mash up print. The Ian Curtis/Batman one is really good
I feel sure that this is what Ian Curtis would have wanted
Even though I know its coming, I know I'm still gonna get teary eyed when Ian Curtis dies in the Unknown Pleasures book..
A Projection - Exit. In the footsteps of Ian Curtis & co and the youth of U2!...
Such an eerie LP, Their 2nd and last LP, called Closer. Lead singer and guitar player Ian Curtis commited suicide...
Being out danced by the ghost of Ian Curtis
There are 33 muscles in the human face and 8 distinct emotions and yet I always land on Ian Curtis or Forrest Gump.
Just remembered Ian Curtis is dead and I'm butthurt
Ian Curtis was the best frontman in rock and roll and I intend to take that mantle. After he DIED. f u Bono   10% Off
real fact: when Ian Curtis of Joy Division killed self, Bono, the lead singer of the then unknown U2 said:
It may help if I explained what it is... It is an extremely rare French 'Joy Division' 7" vinyl record which Ian Curtis loved...
'Curtis Woodhouse black and white army!! Ooh Ian Ashbee!! tonight!
just finished this as we approach the anniversary of the untimely death of the inspirational Ian Curtis
can always find comfort and solace in Ian Curtis' voice
Last night were rockin some hella Ian Curtis vibes, was sick
Joy Division released two albums before the death of Ian Curtis. If you are a fan of Joy Division, wear the other one.
Did you guys catch Peter Murphy's deluded comments about Bauhaus being better than Joy Division? A third rate Ian Curtis he is.
Photo: mistahphil: Ian Curtis dedication from The Crow by James O’Barr, 1989.
Alan Hempsall lead singer of once stood in for Ian Curtis and the crowd went wild. Literally.
As would Peter Cook! '79 was a weird election. Even Paul Weller and Ian Curtis voted Tory then, apparently.
Ian Curtis could of said this before Unknown Pleasures dropped. . "Feeling good about this album about how I feel bad a lot"
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