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Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer (born November 12, 1969) is an American political scientist specializing in US foreign policy, states in transition, and global political risk.

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Maybe you can teach this Ian Bremmer a lesson:
Kim on top and Hillary says hello. It's this week's and from around the world.
Ian Bremmer is a genius. A real life genius who had his PhD at 22 I think
These Are the Top 10 Risks to the World in 2017 from via
More on Trump. A balanced view by Ian Bremmer in case you are not tired enough yet from all the news about Trump.
Ian Bremmer, founding president of Eurasia Group, discusses whether he thinks the "very well put together trip" ...
Ian Bremmer just showed up on I'm a big fan, but they didn't show his socks. Call it an inside joke. 😎
Ian Bremmer on expectations for Trump's trip: "I don't think this is a president that we're saying 'can we get a Nobel prize'"
Is Ian Bremmer on dt's payroll? All the positivity re the dt trip was just...incredulous. Everyone knows that dt is Islamophobic.
Trump's spending won't save US workers or world economy: Nikkei Asian Review
AFC has thrived and we have continued to promote economic and social development across the continent
Since our inaugural Summit 3 years ago, both the global economic environment and the industry landscape have changed
Summit coincides with AFC’s 10th anniversary, celebrating a decade of pioneering infrastructure investment
AFC Live, Africa’s premier infrastructure summit brought together some of the industry’s leading experts
Heads of state to join to AFC to celebrate 10 years of excellence in African infrastructure investment
Ian Bremmer, founder of the Eurasia Group, consults for hundreds of businesses and governments.…
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Ian Bremmer saying Europe f'ed and US ok ? Well mate how's that mark to market ?
I said to myself I said. Can we see what Ian Bremmer said when was president vs a totally MIA Ian has changed too
Ian Bremmer,President of both entertaining and educating at the dinner
Kind of want to know what Ian Bremmer is doing in Nigeria. 🤔
"The worst thing you can do is create high expectations and consistently fail."-Ian Bremmer
TIME May 22, 2017 The battle for France is over. But the war between globalism and nationalism is just getting star…
I don't think I can watch Trump give a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia. — ian bremmer (ianbremmer) May 16, 2017
Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group, "don't know a single US foreign policy pro --of any political leaning--who tr…
"...European leaders together view Trump as a dangerous buffoon, one to be increasingly strategized against, rather than with.” Ian Bremmer
Ian Bremmer has a very clear and intelligent voice in the world stage. Is he trying to move mountains like "Atlas" holding up the globe?…
It's a shame when smart and informed people like Ian Bremmer actually say smart things? Oh Lord! Bolton is a reckless provincial
Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, Page the “most wackadoodle” alumni of the firm in history.
Opinion | Ian Bremmer: Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen has a real chance to become France’s president…
I think if its original poster is a straight-up comedian, it can be OK. It’s when it then gets nicked by, e.g., Ian Bremmer.
Opinion | If Le Pen wins she might damage France’s economy and its role in Europe, writes Ian Bremmer…
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If you've been dreaming of work with Ian Bremmer, here is your chance...
Dr. Ian Bremmer, president and founder of Eurasia Group, was our keynote speaker at the 2013 Hendrickson Forum.
Great article. Plus: China just enforced it's "no NORK coal" policy by turning back NORK coal ships. Optics matter.
Going to see him (and Pippa and Ian Bremmer) at the SIC 2017 conference in May. Pippa was grea…
So.Ian Bremmer is omniscient and every other theory is wrong?
Ian Bremmer- "If you have to explain yourself, you’ve probably already lost."
In that same line take a look at this article by president of the Eurasia Group
Mr. Rose your interview with Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group was one of the best, most timely and informative.
Interesting talk: Ian Bremmer, the president of the Eurasia Group, discusses the Middle East 
Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group said Syria=at 7th yr of war-does NOT have control of military & supplies. NO WAY OF KNO…
“There’s no mechanism for Trump to get Assad out, so this is a sugar high that reflects Trump’s diet...” ~ Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group
Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group explains why Marie Le Pen actually could win the French presidential election
To Russia with love...and a fluency in Mandarin, it's this week's and
thank you for calling out Ian Bremmer. 👍🏻 He is King of All Virtue Signalers.
I took two years to finally read this book by Ian Bremmer and half the information isn't even relevant by now lol
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i understand .. so could any party please clarify why Ian Bremmer leads this from beg to end?
London or New York? head of Eurasia Group, discusses the future of these two key cities…
Nice piece from Good to hear this message loud and clear from the leader in his field.
.I'm not poking fun at you, I'm poking fun at Ian Bremmer, who is an always-wrong.
U in 2015 predicting and foreshadowing much of what we see going on in the world today:…
"I want others to see what I see, and if it takes a day without women to sharpen the minds of men, let’s do it. I’m…
"Who will succeed in the 21st century? Which nations? Which companies? Which individuals? In a world of...
"Some thoughts on International Women's Day" by on
Add a button for the scumbag US Intel Agencies themselves Ian Bremmer. Trump DOJ should have these crooks in jail!…
"2017 is the most significant year for political risk since World War Two" Ian Bremmer, President
International affairs expert Ian Bremmer on Why are Trump officials repeatedly lying about contacts with Russians? Good question.
Ian Bremmer calls it right on where "limited attention" & energies should be focussed.
Trump's attention to Russia is clearly much higher than merited in US national interest.
Remember to reserve your free tickets to see Ian Bremmer on February 9th at 7pm in Elliott School Room 213:...
IAN BREMMER: 'Almost anyone would have beaten Hillary Clinton'
Interesting...Ian Bremmer said same thing. Thought Romney at State would be better. Anyone with FP experience out there???
how do you know? take the ian bremmer muppet up to the ongoing open auditions at Trump Tower and find out
Ian Bremmer's The World In 60 Seconds - comments after Trump election. Worth watching.
Education...stays with you for life and perhaps the only thing that you can't lose or have stolen.
"How the should use its superpower status | Ian
speaker says win is biggest hit to US power+influence in recent times vi…
Here's who will win and lose under President Trump.
[VIDEO] How the US should use its superpower status | Ian Bremmer Great article from
Ian Bremmer was right: Globalization has meant Americanization, especially in Korea's social landscape. 😂😂😂
When do politics cross over into the business arena? Read this for a sample & pass it on please.
Where you should spend your vacation # tourism# economics# politics . (Ian bremmer)
Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group President, says Trump Presidency will Push the World Further into Geopolitical Recession
Heard you say Bannon no anti-Semite tonight. Agree 100%. Someone tell Ian Bremmer, who said Hillary…
Ian Bremmer makes stuff up out of whole cloth & charges clients for political "insights." Said Hillary h…
I know you've had your differences with Bannon & Breitbart News, but what of this nonsense from Ian Bre…
Ian Bremmer, never dull, but watch HOW he builds narrative through viscera using images, feelings, instincts..
Suddenly remember my unfinish reading "The J Curve, a new way to understand why nations rise and fall" by ian bremmer.
Ian Bremmer needs to rebrand as a white nationalist
That Ian Bremmer guy seems like the most annoying dude to be around ever.
“I think we can definitely say that the Pax Americana is over as of 2016,” Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group:
Bremmer Slept Thru Last 8 Years: win the biggest hit to US power and influence
IAN BREMMER: If Trump wins the US is a big loser internationally
The world in 60 seconds post election.
As predicted by Ian Bremmer and others, the EU divide over Trump begins
Ian Bremmer:"Q:With as chief political advisor in the White House,does become the most powerful media institution in US?"
Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World: Ian Bremmer: ¥1,260 (9%OFF)
Trump's foreign policy is going to look more "Chinese" -- Ian Bremmer.
I think I hate this Ian Bremmer guy.
EurasiaGroup's Ian Bremmer calls Trump victory "the most profound domestic political transition of my lifetime."
Apparently not Ian Bremmer bc he's not surprised by stuff.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Democracy, Power Politics and the New Middle East with Ian Bremmer and Adam Davidson - Ian…
Commentary : Ian Bremmer -- Brexit is no Donald Trump, but they highlight similar worries- Nikkei Asian Review
Great talking with Ian Bremmer and Jen Harris about Obama's Asia trip and policy
Many thanks to Ian Bremmer for this intriguing information.
''For the West, the Erdogan challenge is just beginning.'' by Ian Bremmer
Then why bother with the deception? Ian Bremmer is only undermining your claim.
"The World in 60 Seconds: North Korea, Saudi Arabia and More" by on
Should I start bullyciding Matt Walsh like I do Ian Bremmer?
One of the most insightful and thought provoking views on the global political outlook I have seen for a long time.
ian Bremmer: 47% of the top 700 jobs in the US have a high probability of disappearing.
Ian Bremmer: China could slam door on Apple.
Ian Bremmer: Yet he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. For the West, the Erdogan challenge is just beginning.
lan Bremmer on CNBC Squawk Box right now. Always of great interest to listen to Ian.
I added a video to a playlist Ian Bremmer: "The J Curve" | Talks at Google
thanks for sharing ian bremmer, have a great Sunday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
- what do you expect for the potential exit for this?. - maybe ian bremmer should explain how CIA/NSA/FBI had turned my life into 007 seires
Ian Bremmer is hilarious, and I don't even know what the Eurasia Group is. His marketing is fantastic. Be like Ian…
Learn from the world's most leaders in 2016 via
My advice for America's NextPresident: we need to figure out what America stands for …
Ian Bremmer's team (Eurasia Group) having fun playing ping pong with David Duchovny.
Ian Bremmer on basically explaining that Zionist USA Policy on designed to create new cold war, div…
Great interview with Ian Bremmer from Charlie Rose. All you need to catch up with what's going on in the world...
"Trump is less Thomas Jefferson than George Jefferson, moving on up to win his party's presidential nomination" - Ian Bremmer in Time. LOL!
Ian Bremmer racist and overrated AF for always posting basic Middle East analysis AND fawning on
your complete annihilation of Ian Bremmer has given me a pep in my step today. I'd buy u a beer if I could.
We need to find out what America stands for this century and have policy that reflects it | Ian Bremmer | LinkedIn
Ian Bremmer: The circle just keeps growing
also is Ian Bremmer related to the infamous Paul Bremmer?
Enough improvising. What's the vision for US foreign policy?
The US idea ofcitizenship is based on allegiance rather than tribe, drawing people from around the world. - Ian Bremmer
Superpower by Ian Bremmer. Trying to talk US into a foreign policy.
Ian Bremmer, is now trending in South Africa
Donald Trump is dismissing NATO as 'obsolete' - Business Insider
Charlie Rose and Ian Bremmer; discussing future of Saudi Arabia 'Son of Saul'
339056 - Founder of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, speaks with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" about the conflict betwee...
When I have 2 of 3 of them on 'mute', Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bill Ackman, & Ian Bremmer do not seem like "drums are beating"
Bremmer: 'Drumbeat of patriotism' over Russian airstrikes in Syria
Ian Bremmer discusses Russia in Syria and Chinese cyber attacks
Bremmer: 'Drumbeat of patriotism' over airstrikes in
This is one time that I totally agree with Ian Bremmer. The greatest danger in the Syrian war is assoc w/Turkey
Ian Bremmer is a true expert on Int'l events.
Debate America needs. "brave men and women take up serious subjects to open new doors onto undiscovered country" Ian Bremmer
72% of Russians support military action in Syria, according to Levada Center. explains why on
ian Bremmer isa big brain i always been watching in Turkey in CharlieRose also i wanna share important detail about blonde lady
Bremmer on three top destabilizing issues in global markets
"Over the last 70 years, the has spent upwards of $500 billion tackling the world’s greatest problems." Ian Bremmer
Superpower -- Three Choices for America's Role in the World by Ian Bremmer
TIME editor-at-large and president of Eurasia Group Ian Bremmer discusses how the striking…
- Watch Ian Bremmer Discuss America's Reaction to the Migrant Crisis - TIME:... - -
"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the at 70" Ian Bremmer
Top 3 destabilizing themes in the global marketplace: Ian Bremmer via
Why Putin is the most powerful man in the world via
Wrong man. L. Paul Bremer vs. Ian Bremmer, editor-at-large at Time Magazine.
.Speaking of laughter, you're thinking about L. Paul Bremer, not Ian Bremmer. He's the editor-at-large at Time.
Ian Bremmer of Eurasia-great opening speech at 21st Conference of Montreal sponsored by Caisse de depot du Quebec
Ian Bremmer's (founder of the Eurasia Group) presentation at the 68th CFA Institute Annual Conferen…
In Russia between February and December of 2014, the combined wealth of the country’s 20 richest people shrank by 30%
It's crazy that Washington listen more to clueless pundits like Ben Judah and Ian Bremmer and not the likes of Thoedore Karasik.
The world's - with their feet. Also reliant on booms.
Ian Bremmer on the Behind Income Inequality: The world will always be divided into…
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counts 131 than any whole country except the U.S. and China.
In 10 years, 15% of emigrated, the largest exodus of millionaires from any country.
Falling oil prices reduce number of Russian billionaires from 111 to 88. Time to invest in
5 Stats That Explain the Super Wealthy: From Nigerian billionaires to Russian oligarchs, numbers that ...
TIME: .5 stats that explain the super wealthy
TIME: .ianbremmer's 5 stats that explain the super wealthy
Ian bremmer on Iran at Asia Society said baseline for US is to keep Iran Engaged than for talks to fall apart.
I was watching a good vid on geopolitical risk last night from Ian Bremmer. He's expecting bad things to happen in 2015.
USA and Ian Bremmer in denial about the real poverty in USA
Ian Bremmer: Congress weakens the US by playing politics abroad via
Linkedin has been described as spam -- but it has its value if you have a view to state - that is why Ian Bremmer posts on Linkeded in
Coming in this month's Corporate Risk Canada: The Oracle Online with Ian Bremmer
New Snowden revelations: New Zealand actively engaging in surveillance of Fiji, Solomon Islands. Possible he's running out of material.
is anti-semitism. That's the most stupid thing I have heard.
.connects the dots between Putin and Beijing's growing influence:
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Ian Bremmer: GOP Senators so angry about potential Iran deal that they wrote a letter. Classic Hans Blix move.
Ian Bremmer. Every nation for itself: winners and losers in a G-zero world, Portfolio/Penguin, 2012
Every Nation for Itself by Ian Bremmer is a must read in terms of Global Leadership and Ethics
Ian Bremmer: Ground Troops against ISIS? — Americans Now Say Yes. (for 'how long' is another matter…)
Ian Bremmer, presidente da Eurasia: "5 Reasons Brazil Is Getting Close to the Brink" -
Over the last year, 30% of German, 36% of American and 38% of British residents in Russia have (understandably) left.
Ian Bremmer 1300 Muslims link hands in a Ring of Peace around Jewish synagogue in Oslo. Best news from Europe all year.
PLEASE Ian Bremmer why U never Report on the NAZIS in Ukraine?. WHY when these R foreign=EU Citizens???
Ian Bremmer on benefits of globalization. % of world living in Poverty. 1820 90%. 1950 75%. 1980 50%. 2010 20%. US lower middle class in upper 2%
The 10 biggest risks the world faces in 2015: Just two years ago, Ian Bremmer, the head o... via Inside
"Current geo-strategic policies are more unilateral oriented". Ian Bremmer, managing risk in unstable world"
Sadly, the world stands by while Russia grabs land from sovereign countries. Same sad story, different players
Media&politicians are avoiding another large elephant in the room. Alarming geopolitical trends will impact millions
What does a new world order mean for the US? explains:
Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said he expects sanctions to have little impact on the fighting that continues to rage on in
Get your tickets now! speaks at the on May 28 in Yorba Linda, CA.
Three suggestions to leading through crisis see: the
Given challenges, is now among top 6 most-attractive
named best investment hub: President,
In response to Ian Bremmer, the "Russians" might be attacking Southern California...still?!
EXCLUSIVE: Ian "not quite sure where the appeasement idea comes from",
remains quite sceptical reg. a possible way out of Ukraine crisis. interview at
So is Ian Bremmer trying to blame NATO for what Russia is doing in Ukraine? And you follow him and hang on his every word? Interesting.
if you appear to be an expert in everything you are an expert in nothing, like Ian Bremmer
Forget on a time horizon of 5 years, these 7 countries should outperform. on
"It takes four dollars of debt to create every dollar of growth in China these days"
Not sure if I'd completely write off Brazil and China, but Mr. Bremmer nonetheless provides good analysis on emergin…
The ability "more easily to act alone" -- cd this turn out to be Obama's for. pol. legacy? (Also, is it good or bad?)
5 Facts That Explain the Threat from Nigeria’s Boko Haram. TIME's Ian Bremmer breaks down the threat from Nigera'...
Ian Bremmer: "Almighty dollar" more powerful than nuclear weapons $DJIA
I went to a talk with Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer, and now I'm worried about everything htt…
Oil's "race to the bottom" shows OPEC's irrelevance: Ian Bremmer Gas is $1.89 by campus. via
SkanndTyagi:TIME : 5 global risks you should care about right now
US-Germany ties have taken the biggest hit from Obama's weaker second-term foreign policy:
As Ian Bremmer would say, welcome to the G0
In a world of declining American influence, is one relationship to watch | via
Putin views barring Ukraine frm NATO as national security interest of highest order; much like Israel view Iran nukes
Now this is analysis. Unlike the Ian Bremmer article on recently.
More violence to come and faster in Ukraine after
changes due to MH17 Says Putin calculus unaffected. Believe this wrong. Invasion now almost impossible.
Tonight I'm joining Dr. Robert Lustig, Kevin Nealon, Ian Bremmer and Kellyanne Conway on Real Time with on HBO.
3/24 BILL BENNETT 6-9am: Guests are Clark Neily, Christine Brennan, Ian Bremmer, and Rich Lowry. Listen at
"Global political economy has no sharper or more prescient analyst than Ian Bremmer." — Lawrence Summers
Ian Bremmer: Nobel Peace Prize Forum Keynote Presentation Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk resear...
CNN’s Becky Anderson speaks to the Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer about Ukraine’s political situation after…
Ukrainian politics remain in flux: CNN's Becky Anderson speaks to the Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer about Ukrain...
Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer believes Dennis Rodman is probably talking to the CIA about North Korea and that is a good thing for American intelligenc...
Nouriel Roubini, chairman at Roubini Global Economics and Ian Bremmer, President at Eurasia Group, react to the speech by Iranian President Hassan...
Why Saudi Arabia and the U.S. don’t see eye to eye in the Middle East - Ian Bremmer
On GPS this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN: What were the most significant moments of 2013? Who were the year’s big winners and losers around the world? Fareed convenes a panel of leading analysts including Anne Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, The Economist’s Zanny Minton Beddoes, and Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the Eurasia Group. Then, the case for British austerity and Britain’s relations with China: a one-on-one interview with U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. Later, a preview of the new GPS special “India at a Crossroads,” looking at how Bollywood's Tom Cruise is taking on some of the country's biggest social ills. And finally, still looking for holiday gifts? GPS has a new travel mug available online at:
If America's brand tarnished? Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group, says the government shutdown is "only the latest" in a series of issues that has tarnished the American brand. CNBC's Steve Liesman, weighs in.
Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer and one of our newest leadership council members!
"The U.S. is right to act in Syria.(...)Let’s just hope its actions can stay limited.".
IAN BREMMER: via - why risk this mess? not sold, let Russians solve, it's their turn. why always USA?
Political expert Ian Bremmer explains the reasoning behind the expected attack against
Bangladesh has had female prime ministers since 1991. But women might own just 2% of Bangladesh’s agricultural land. . htt…
Sick of US lies. Get it over with without the hypocrisy or shut up.
Months ago I offered that the US should "keep her eye on the ball" (IRAN). Syria was a side show I said. It still is.
Reasons mkts are right to be worried about Syria: hard to keep strikes limited & lots of regional implications
Can the U.S.’s limited military strike against Assad stay limited? on what's coming next in Syria: .
Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group: The US Has To Attack Syria *sigh*
Obama singling out The Huffington Post for Summers criticism strengthens them as a media outlet. - Ian Bremmer
2 people whose observations are important during this fiasco Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group and Umair Haque an economist.
Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, talks about the protests in Egypt and the possible ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi. Bremmer speaks with Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)
Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group president, discusses what's prompting mass rallies in Egypt calling for the resignation of the country's president, a year after he took office.
Roubini: Fed Exit Strategy Will Be 'Treacherous' As the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee begins a two-day meeting, economist Nouriel Roubini and political scientist Ian Bremmer warned that the Fed's monetary easing exit strategy would be "treacherous" and would lead to financial instability. "We know how the movie ended, and we may be poised for a sequel. The weak real economy and job market, together with high debt ratios, suggest the need to exit monetary stimulus slowly. But a slow exit risks creating a credit and asset bubble as large as the previous one, if not larger," they wrote in a report published in Institutional Investor magazine. Roubini, better known as "Dr. Doom" for his pessimistic economic forecasts, and Bremmer, president of global political risk research and consulting Eurasia Group warned that the real underlying risks to the global economy were being ignored. In the report, they warned that market complacency among politicians, investors and central banks was leading us into a ...
READ & THINK I am urging everyone to read this carefully. The writer Ian Bremmer is the US diplomat who was in the run to be the Secretary of State under George W. Bush administration. The article offers an American perspective of the entire global politics. There's a lot in it for India too. It can be understood as a forewarning of greater dangers to come India's way. Please don't let the intellectual laziness of not reading long pieces get the better of you. READ & THINK From G8 to G20 to G-Zero: Why no one wants to take charge in the new global order There are three big unfolding geopolitical stories: China’s rise, Middle East turmoil and the redesign of Europe. The three countries with most to lose from these trends are Britain, Japan and Israel. This is not a G7, G8 or a G20 world. This is the era of G-Zero.- NEW STATESMAN By Ian Bremmer Published 11 June 2013 The sleeping giant of tomorrow? Brazil is rapidly expanding its global clout and soft power. Photograph: Getty Images As G8 leaders prepar . ...
Global risk analysts Ian Bremmer thinks that Bitcoin will be improved upon and the next generation of virtual currencies are more likely to endure.
.The prospects for growth in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal & Greece over next 1-5 years is "diminimus".
cc backing my argument of W Europe v. US. Changes your prior?
Eurasia’s Ian Bremmer: Bullish on U.S., bearish on Europe via
When an relies too heavily on one sector:
at conference and heard Ian Bremmer-political scientist. Great talk. Get him on
Ian Bremmer is founder and president of Eurasia Group and Ed Bernard is Vice Chairman of T.Rowe Price Group
Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of Eurasia Group, and Professor, Columbia University, is next up at
That was a great session! Ian Bremmer and Ed Bernard are up next, talking about “Navigating a Changing World”
The ‘people’s currency’ of China is redefining the global economic monetary system. The closed-capital pariah is blossoming into a reserve standard and is hedging appeal against the indebted dollar and the untested euro, piquing foreign interest.
Bangladesh is what happens when a country needs an industry too much. A desperate scrap for cash leads to a nation turning a blind eye.
China’s Changing Role in Asia - by Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group |
BTW Ian Bremmer quotes this, its scary overall for the parliament
Bangladesh and the cost of doing nothing:
Bangladesh and the Cost of Doing Nothing: Ian Bremmer, ReutersWhen there is money to be lost, it is harder to ...
.do nt knw how reliable Ian Bremmer is. If true its worrying for India
Bangladesh: The collapsed building and the cost of doing nothing by
What can we learn from the tragedy in Bangladesh? Is there hope that anything will change? weighs in:
Bangladesh and the Cost of Doing Nothing by in
The real effect of demand for cheap goods & lack of Government regulations: - Worth a read!
Bangladesh and the cost of doing nothing - Ian Bremmer
Bangladesh and the Cost of Doing Nothing. My latest at
Bangladesh and the cost of doing nothing
Soft (Drink) Power - Ian Bremmer interviews Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola on
US 'Decline' Ending or Just Beginning? "Global analyst Ian Bremmer has written a provocative new editorial...
Having vision of CNN's Piers Morgan and Eurogroup's Ian Bremmer doing a cappella version of "Rock the Boat."
Ian Bremmer is a master of the obvious. RTSochi Olympics just got more interesting/problematic.
America is back. Europe doesn't know yet whether it wants to have comeback.
Ian Bremmer - I am sensing your are getting on your cold- war/ a priori anti Russia suit - does not look good on you.
COLUMN - America's relative rise: Ian Bremmer: (Ian Bremmer is a Reuters columnist but his opinions are his own.)
Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer warns that the Kremlin will be quick to jump on the "terrorist links/let's get the Chechens" bandwagon.…
Ian Bremmer is a professor at Columbia University nuff said ?
CNBC listen to ian bremmer and stop dragging other terror groups in
Listening to Ian Bremmer’s analysis on global political risk: The key to his success is his unforgiving
Ian Bremmer talks about fragmentation of democracy in the Eurozone
Themes for teaching ethical leadership by Ian Bremmer
My Q for Ian Bremmer: How does one quantify political risk?
Ian Bremmer on MPR this morning, at SMU this afternoon - tune in to The Daily Circuit 91.1 FM, just after 11:00 a.m.
Ian Bremmer great insight on the global order, how it should change
Watch "The myth of the new world order: Ian Bremmer at TEDxOxford" Video at TEDxTalks
A concern on cyber attacks to North Korean websites by hackers named 'Anonymous'. It may worsen current situation.
North Korean officers could easily be defeated with a Giant Magnet. (via Ian Bremmer)
I liked a video from The Rise of the Different: Ian Bremmer at TEDxOxford
The Rise of the Different: Ian Bremmer -TEDxOxford Pres of leading global political Risk Research & Consulting Firm.
China official murder rate: 28,000 in 2000…and has since dropped steadily to 12,000. Is that credible?
What do China’s official murder rate and bitcoin have in common? Fuzzy valuations... is up:
Anonymous v Kim Jong-un Now we have to pacify basement coders as part of intn'l diplomatic strategy
What does it mean when the byline says "This column is based on a transcribed interview with X"? cc
Hey Kim Jong Un you're office set up is ghetto
Wus? "When it comes to this particular problem is a problem nobody needs" from
No political, but economic strings. on China- Africa.
asks: is China a pillager or an enabler in Africa? 
That is Ian Bremmer's theory. But even he admits its too early to know what will happen with the US and China. Another view is >
WATCH - Ian Bremmer discusses the Bank of Japan's monetary policies and Prime Minister Abe's approval ratings :
The manufacturing sector makes up just 11% of US economy—but 60% of exports and 68% of private R&D.
Hagel: The US "has grown skeptical of foreign engagements...Questions arise about America’s global leadership."
“The new strings attached between and my latest in
The new strings attached between and
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