Ian Brady & Keith Bennett

The Moors Murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965, in and around what is now Greater Manchester, England. The Moors Murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965, in and around what is now Greater Manchester, England. 5.0/5

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Really heartbreaking that Keith Bennett's whereabouts were never revealed before Ian Brady died. What a vile man.
Tributes to Keith Bennett on Saddleworth Moor, the only victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley whose body wasn't found
Ian Brady has died. Tonight we remember Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans.
Ian Brady, who has died aged 79, never revealed where his victim Keith Bennett was buried
It's tragic that Ian Brady has died without revealing to Keith Bennett's family where he buried him
No care for the death of Ian Brady but it's sooo sad that Keith Bennett's family will never know where he was buried 💔
Death of Ian Brady will be welcomed by many - but thoughts tonight with family of Keith Bennett, who's never been found. ht…
Moors Murderer Ian Brady "at death"s door" "Tell us where Keith Bennett is buried"
Moors Murderer Ian Brady 'at death's door': 'Tell us where Keith Bennett is buried'
Ian Brady makes chilling revelation about shotgun found while hunting for victim
Ian Brady hints he owned shotgun found in hunt for grave of Moors Murder victim. Our exclusive in
Ian Brady drops clue that shotgun found by team hunting for missing Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett could have b…
Moors Murders 50 years on: Ian Brady still refuses to say where he buried Keith Bennett after 50 years.
Doctor friend of Ian Brady reveals he knows where Moors Murderer and Myra Hindley buried…
Moors Murders: Doctor claims Ian Brady told him where Keith Bennett is buried.
Ian Brady longs for britain to be attacked by ISIS they've not done themselves any favours, prison/NHS breeds them
Friend of Ian Brady says he knows where Keith Bennett is buried he also wants more terror attacks on uk
Keith was 12 when he was killed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - his body has never been found
but Ian Brady refused to tell her were he was? do you even know who Keith Bennett it? I am done with this conversation
Keith Bennett was the last child not found killed by Ian Brady! Madeline's disappearance could have been prevented ...
Awww poor Ian Brady. He's broken 2 bones. maybe breaking every bone in his body one by one might make him reveal the whereabouts of Keith Bennett's body...too late for his poor mother though.
so Ian Brady may have dementia- if there is a god,maybe his twisted reasoning will be affected and make him reveal where he buried Keith Bennett, it would be the best natural justice ever
Ian Brady 'might not remember where he buried Keith Bennett as he ... See All
So Ian Brady has dementia and may forget where he buried Keith Bennett...torture the vile evil *** to MAKE him remember !
If not for Keith Bennett we should have put a rope into Ian Brady's cell thirty years ago. What's been gained?
It's settled, Christmas do I'm going as Ian Brady and my plus 1 is coming as Keith Bennett.
I had a dream last night about Myra Hindley and Ian Brady and Keith Bennett omg it was the scariest thing ever *** is wrong with my brain
New claims over missing murder victim Keith Bennett: Five decades after Ian Brady and Myra Hindley ...
1/2 The Moors Murderer Ian Brady claimed he killed four more people and said the body of his victim Keith Bennett is buried in Yorkshire,
Ian Brady let the *** rot and live a very long and painful life !
1989 letter emerges - Ian Brady insists Keith Bennett was buried in Yorks & case should be investigated by Yorks police
Ian Brady's shock boast: I murdered four more people and buried Keith Bennett in Yorkshire
Infamous killer Ian Brady (pictured) will stay in Ashworth Hospital, on Merseyside, for the forseeable future on the grounds that he is mentally insane.
Ian Brady claims to have killed four more people/says Keith Bennett is buried in Yorkshire. See Telegraph website
For gods sake if Ian Brady wants to die some one just shoot the evil *** how much is a bullet a lot less than the hundreds of thousands of pounds this nonsense is costing 󾌨
Good result in the Ian Brady hearing - now if we can just force him to reveal the location of Keith Bennett's body!
Ian Brady will stay at a maximum security hospital after losing his £250,000 legal bid to be transferred to a jail.
'The victims do not matter to Ian Brady and neither do their families': Keith Bennett, brother of the only Moo...
Perhaps if Ian Brady helps locate poor Keith Bennett's body then he would stand more of a chance of being granted a slow death
Ian Brady ; slip a truth drug in his drip, get the info where Keith Bennett is buried then let him go to prison and die as soon as possible to save the taxpayer any more cost keeping the sick *** alive.
Ian Brady should go back to prison once he says where Keith Bennett is buried
£000,000s in public cash for Ian Brady's legal claims; £0 to helpfind body of Keith Bennett. SIGN THIS
All for legal aid bt Ian Brady is an exception 250,000 legal bill should have been spent on finding the body of poor Keith Bennett.
Petition to demand the search for Keith Bennett reopens - Ian Brady still not revealed burial site
Why is there all this fuss and hysteria in the news about the Moors Murderer Ian Brady? I suppose the bleeding hearts brigade must be jumping with joy right now that he has been given the chance to appear in court trying to prove he is sane so he can be sent to prison, instead of being incarcerated at Broadmoor secure hospital where he can acheive his goal of starving himself to death. Whilst there are many people (me included) that won't bat an eyelid if this evil specimen acheieves this goal, my question is a simple one. What right has he got to determine how and when he dies...indeed what rights has he got full stop? The guy is a convicted killer and clearly criminally insane and yet the law is letting him dictate to us? Let the family of poor Winnie Johnson who had to die not knowing what that monster had done with her son have their vengeance on him...now that would be true justice! Rant over!
Documentary on Ian Brady and Myra Hindley to be shown next month could shed new light on bid to find body of Keith Bennett
FOR GOD'S SAKE!! Why are we pandering to Ian Brady's every whim.???! He is poisoned to the core with evil and playing us all for fools yet again!! Just throw the key away and let him rot, but not before he's been tortured within an inch of his life and told us where poor little Keith Bennett is!
Anyone else think Ian Brady is getting too much air time?His trial is also costing tax payers £250.He murdered 5 children,must be so upsetting for the families of those poor children having his face plastered all over the papers and tv:-(
Two main stories on the news this morning sum up what is wrong at the core of our government. We will not cut spending in prisons and continue to add to the 7.3m already spent on Ian Brady yet we are ripping the stuffing out of every service and the quality of life for 'free' law abiding people "to cut the deficit in the economy" I wonder how much cost could be saved if we stopped prioritising the human rights of sick murderers.
Can someone explain to me why Ian Brady has any rights what so ever. We should have the right to refuse to pay for this farce of a tribunal...
MY TWO PENNETH : Ian Brady is a disgusting stain on humanity BUT should be kept alive by any means, however expensive, until Keith Bennett's family find out where the *** has buried him.
Makes me sick. Ian Brady the demands he is making. He`s wanting to be moved to a prison, says he isn't mad ! I will beg to differ. Let him rot in *** for me. What he did to those innocent kids back in the 60`s is unforgivable. Give him a lethal injection and get rid of him for good, he`s costing us far to much for his cushy lifestyle. I HATE HIM WITH A PASSION.
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley took photographs as mementos of their killing sprees. A documentary claims that these pictures are grave markers and could end decades of mystery as to where Keith Bennett is buried.
Murder victim's burial site 'clue' Belfast Telegraph - Belfast TelegraphMurder victim's burial site 'clue'Belfast TelegraphA documentary on the life of Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley could shed new light on the bid to find the remains of victim Keith Bennett. Also in this Section. S...
Retract my status, watching this breaks my heart for the late Winnie jones who never got to find her son Keith Bennett before she died. Good riddance to Myra Hindley and a slow and painful death to Ian Brady, you sick, twisted, demented individual who doesn't even deserve to walk this earth in prison.
Moors Murderer Ian Brady wrote a letter about where he buried 12-year-old Keith Bennett, police now believe.
Police now believe Moors Murderer Ian Brady DID write a letter about the location of Keith Bennett's body
Moors Murderer Ian Brady DID write letter about location of Keith Bennett's body, police believe: Police - who i...
Brother of Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett: I know where evil Ian Brady and Myra Hindley buried the body
a bit like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley not revealing where Keith Bennett was murdered on the moors. Chilling.
Moors Murderer Ian Brady: Brother of Keith Bennett claims he knows where body is buried and wants ne
"I know where Ian Brady buried my brother Keith Bennett": Moors murder victim's sibling wants new search
Alan Bennett, the brother of 12-year-old Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett says he has 'compelling new evidence' and knows where his sibling is buried.
Winnie Johnson, mother of moors murder victim Keith Bennett dies a day after police search for Ian Brady letter that could reveal son's
Keith Bennett's brother hits out at 'oddballs jumping on the bandwagon' who claim to have found Ian Brady's spade
Spade found on moors where Ian Brady buried victims tested to see if it could lead to grave of missing Keith Bennett
Keith Bennett was 12 year old when he was abducted & murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley & was the only one whose body was never found.
The funeral of Winnie Johnson, mother of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett, takes place at a Manchester church later. Mrs Johnson, 78, died on 18 August without being able to fulfill her last wish of giving her son a proper burial. After being diagnosed with cancer last year, Mrs Johnson had appealed again to killer Ian Brady to reveal the location of Keith's body, without success.
Ian Brady wanted to tell police SIX YEARS ago where Keith Bennett's body was buried - in return for the right to die
Jackie Powell was arrested over claims she had a letter written by Brady that could identify the location of victim Keith Bennett. She was suspended by a mental health charity last year for 'inappropriate conduct'.
Ian Brady says he will reveal where Keith Bennett is buried if they allow him to die. Deal. Let him do it
Sources say police searching for a letter in which it's claimed Ian Brady revealed where Keith Bennett's boy was buried, have found nothing.
Jackie Powell, the mental health advocate who was handed a letter which may disclose where Keith Bennett is buried, has said Moors Murderer Ian Brady should be treated with "respect and dignity".
The mother of keith Bennett the only remaining undiscovered victim of the moors murderers,has begged Ian Brady to reveal where he is. Winnie Johnson said she was disappointed Greater Manchester Polic...468 members
They should have tortured Ian Brady until he told them where Keith Bennett was! No his poor Mum had died.
My wife`s trying to start a campaign for Winnie Johnson, & Keith Bennett, for those of you who don`t know they are victims of Ian Brady, she would like anyone passing Saddleworth Moor AT ANY TIME to lay some flowers in their memory, we could do with a focal point so if anyone has any suggestion please let me know
Jackie Powell returned a sealed letter to Ian Brady, which possibly contained the whereabouts of Keith Bennett. If there were ever a time to compromise professional integrity, this was it! Shame on you!
Winnie Johnson, what a lovely person, I hope you met your son Keith Bennett in heaven and I hope Ian Brady rots in *** you evil ***
Call me old fashioned, but if the Police really want to find the remains of Keith Bennett, hook some electrodes up to Ian Brady's baws and listen to him squeal???
Just watching a doc about Ian Brady - they need to torture that b-d til he reveals where he buried Keith Bennett
Ian Brady should have been tortured until he disclosed the location of Keith Bennett!! Sodden human rights do-gooders! I wonder if they would feel the same way if it was their child!!
Ian Brady wants to die. He hints he can reveal the location of Keith Bennett. Its not rocket science,warn the thing he,ll be kept alive indeffinately unless he discloses the location of the remains & with dna tests it proves successful. Job done,whats taking you so long home secretary?
Keith Johnson was twelve years old when murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (aka-Moors Murders) in 1964. He is the only victim not found as of...
Why don't they just torture that Ian Brady till he spills on where Keith Bennett is surely he lost all human rights when he murdered 5 children burn the *** slowly
Keith Bennett will remain ''in the possession'' of Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley until his body is found, the victim's brother has said.I say we should have given Brady to the Americans at Guantanamo Bay and asked them to get the location out of him !
After fighting "tirelessly" for 48 years to find where her murdered son was buried, Winnie Johnson loses her battle with cancer. Her son Keith Bennett was murdered by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady (May they burn in *** . His body was never found. Please pray that his body is found and he can be reunited with his mother..REST IN PEACE!!
Anyone else think that Ian Brady should be made to give up the location of Keith Bennett's body, by any means necessary?
I hope the poor mother of Keith Bennett Winnie Johnson rests in peace and Ian Brady will one day burn in *** along with Myra Hindley
Rip Winnie Johnson she never found out where her son Keith Bennett was buried by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
Cannot believe that Winnie Johnson has died before that *** Ian Brady told her where he had buried her son Keith Bennett, mega sad.
R.I.P Winnie Johnson - she can now be with her son Keith Bennett - such a shame that b*stard Ian Brady never let her give her son the Christian Burial she was desperate for . . .
Keith Bennett, who was killed by the moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley during the 1960's, his body is the only one which hasn't been found. His mother Whitney Johnson was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has passed away today, Ian Brady was aware of her illness and still refused to give a dying mother her last wish before she passed away.. to give her son a proper burial and a loving send off. Ian Brady, I hope you rot. Whitney I hope you and your son are now reunited, R.I.P x
In light of the sad life and death of Winnie Johnson this morning,can Ian Brady now do one decent thing before he himself dies and give the location of Keith Bennett's remains so he can rest in peace beside his Mother? I hope so RIP "Winnie".
Winnie Johnson, 78, passed away at a hospice earlier this morning, just days after it emerged killer Ian Brady may have written a letter disclosing the location of her son Keith Bennett's body
The time has now come for that low life known as Ian Brady to depart this earth by whichever means possible ( you want a volunteer look me up) Keith Bennett,s mum has passed away never knowing where her son was...this sad and sadistic sod AND his accomplice Hindlay played this out to the max..Gods blessing she snuffed it, admittedly without revealing Keith's whereabouts, Do I really have to keep paying taxes to keep this scum alive in what amounts to the life of Riley..think a quick injection now would be well in order...human rights don't think so he forsake them a long time ago...
Just heard on Granada Reports, That Winnie Johnson. Passed away today from cancer, Ian Brady should have the balls to let somebody now know as to where her son, Keith Bennett is Buried, That poor woman has been in torment since he was kidnapped and killed, May Winnie Johnson R.I.P. & May you meet up with your son in spirit. AMEN
Winnie and keith bennett are now reunited in death x Ian Brady is still alive in his sick, perverted world, and probably re=living his awful crimes daily ! Die you *** die very soon, horribly !!
hopes Ian Brady can live with himself knowing that Keith Bennett's mother had died knowing she never could bury her own son. Rest in peace, hope you and Keith are reunited and happy!
Been walking today...what a surprise! Walked south from Windy Hill and then looped back round. I always think about Keith Bennett when I'm on that walk. I think the Moors Murders impacted on my childhood. I remember reading about the trial in the Manchester Evening News (1964ish??) and I ofter think about Keith who I guess would have been born around the same time as me. This week the news about the letter Ian Brady might have written put Keith back in the forefront of my mind. And when I got home this afternoon I discovered that Keith's mother had died today. 48 years have gone by since Keith's disappearance and still no body. His mother died without fulfilling her wish of giving him a proper funeral. It's made me so upset.
Winnie Johnson, mum of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett, has died. Appalling tht Ian Brady taunted her over where he buried body to the end
R I P Mrs Winnie Johnson! (The mother of 12 year old Moors victim Keith Bennett!) How sad that you never found out where your son was buried!! Ian Brady will rot in *** and even thats to good for the evil ba***d! Myra Hindley is already there!!!
Just so very sad Winnie Johnson the mother of Keith Bennett who was murdered in 1964 by Ian Brady & Myra Hindley has died
EXC Mental health advocate at centre of Keith Bennett letter probe says killer Ian Brady deserves 'dignity and respect'
murderer Ian Brady reveals where victim Keith Bennett is buried after 48 years # IanBrady
Ian Brady's legal advocate Jackie Powell has been arrested by police for allegedly failing to reveal information on Keith Bennett's grave
Ian Brady, once again gives Keith Bennett's mother hope of finding her beloved sons body ! I hope they do and Brady rots in ***
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Ian Brady, the Moors murderer, is believed to have revealed where the body of Keith Bennett was buried, police said.
Top stories Ian Brady is thought 2 have revealed 2 one of his long-term visitors where 1 of his victims, Keith Bennett, is buried.
Moors Murderer Ian Brady reveals where body of Keith Bennett could be buried
Hope that Keith Bennett's body is found before his mother Winnie and his killer Ian Brady dies. She deserves these 50 years of *** to end.
Keith Bennett's mother writing to Ian Brady asking where Keith is buried before she dies, it was on More 4 so 4OD now.
With Ian Brady hopefully dying soon I just feel sorry for Keith Bennett's mother. His body is still out there on the moors. This is why I don't believe in these stupid mediums, how come none of them can connect to his spirit and find his body? Oh yeah, they can't!
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