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Ian Ayre

Ian Ayre is an English businessman and the current Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club.

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Ian Ayre in the must be a Liverpool game in town or something
If Gerrard's 4th kid is a boy, Ian Ayre best camp outside the hospital in 9 months with a contract ready. No konoplyanka business. 👶🏽⚽️
Gerard's having another baby if it's a boy I expect Ian ayre down there with a contract as soon as its born
“Brendan has said recently he wishes he could see more of the Academy than he does & that being between 2 sites isn’t ideal” - Ian Ayre 2013
If Ian Ayre decides to sell Nathaniel Clyne £35M and Mamadou Sakho for £15m,then there's the Annie Rd End paid for £50M !
oh ffs! A legacy from ian ayre before he jogs on into the sundet!
We can't attract world class players without CL. We lack European football and Ian Ayre is mediocre at be…
Taking the badge to Point of Ayre on the Isle of Man.
john i think ian ayre fooled you...i wish you and the othepr powerful celebs would speak out about LFC scamming locals
Totally vindicates what Ian Ayre and team does IMO . Never quite understood criticism of transfer policy?. Coutinho H…
Nice to meet Ian Ayre and yesterday
My daughter worked a "Premier league" function at the US ambassadors last night, Ian Ayre & Arsene Wenger were there to name a few (1 of 2)
I blame it on FSG tbh. I'm the Ian Ayre in Ukraine when it comes to shopping.
Ian Ayre will now probably raise the prices to £91 to prevent another walk out
Seems Liverpool stopped targeting good players on deadline day after Ian Ayre went to Ukraine to eat donuts with Dnipro pre…
Ian Ayre's plea to Liverpool fans threatening to walkout of Anfield
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Clerk of the Course, Noel Johnston with Liverpool FC's Chief Executive, Ian Ayre and MCE Insurance's James Davey
I hope Klopp's new contact gives him all the power he wants, literally. Like if he wanted to turn Ian Ayre into beef jerky I…
Its Laughable how FSG think they can do miracles in transfer market with Ian Ayre and Mike Gordon being in charge of tranfer Recruitment.
I don't trust FSG. I don't trust Mike Gordon. I don't trust Ian Ayre. I don't trust this transfer committee. However, I 100% trust Klopp
Expecting Mike Gordon to take over from Ian Ayre, but would love for us to get Monchi
digs at the club? Ian Ayre had him off, hating a club legend cause he's said a few things.🙄😂
ha ha ha ha !! Ok mate sound , it's just not worth talking to you ! Are you ian Ayre ! Ha ha DELUDED MUG
It hurts watching this champions league final. So many players Ian Ayre failed to recruit all on one pitch
ian Ayre's been working his magic again.
dont worry chap. We have Ian Ayre for one more summer.
Do it like Ian Ayre and include installments. 😉😀
"After 27 long years the true verdict has finally been delivered," chief executive Ian Ayre says
Premier League clubs' accounts here: Liverpool paid Ian Ayre £1.2m - and he was nowhere top of the pay table
Say what you want about Ian Ayre as long as you remember he got 50,000,000 English pound coins for Sterling.
Ian ayre trying to put a buyback clause on Suarez when in negotiations with Barca. Bully. 😂😂
Ian ayre should of already been sacked
But don't forget we have Ian Ayre involved in securing these players!!
nice. Was this another Ian Ayre idea? An absolute disgrace. Where do they think the money came from for their new exit? 😞
the fact Ian Ayre is involved would also be a reason for me
I want heads I want the committee binned, luckily Ian Ayre is leaving imagine giving him the option for mane. Gtfo man fmd
no that's Klopp to Ian Ayre when he informs him they've failed another target
"Hi Henry, this is Ian. Ian Ayre. Would you like to join my committee?"
I think Dortmund have been handed the boost. Liverpool were always prepared to trade in Ian Ayre's Harley for Mario.
I do agree. They need to be more ruthless. Ian Ayre and the rest of the transfer committee have failed for too long now.
Ian Ayre has done wonders commercially. But he doesn't get big players over the line.
Ian Ayre needs to look for his coupons because I'm sure Liverpool's due a free player from Southampton by now. Buy 5 get 1 free No ?
link to full meeting minutes with Ian Ayre's response
Ian Ayre in Dnipro was the extreme end of how it can go *** up. May not have been his fault but still
It was at this exact moment...I realised that Ian a bellend!
I'd rather Townsend, Mane, Redmond, Graham from across the street, my nan, Ian Ayre or a traffic cone instead!
Ian Ayre: we couldn't get Gotze, but there's a couple players at Southampton we'd think you would like. ...
Can confirm Ian Ayre was informed of current deal at recent meeting. Will raise issues at next PL shareh…
Mike Gordon replacing Ian Ayre would literally be us replacing a tool with the only man that would still be a downgrade on…
John Henry, Mike Gordon, Tom Werner & Ian Ayre heard Klopp map out his vision over 6 hours in New York during his interview.…
My team for today: Bogdan, Randall, Pat the cleaner, Skrtel, Enrique, Mighty Red, Biscan, Ian Ayre, George, Mario, Sean Dundee 4-4-2
Can't wait for Ian Ayre to sign Moussa Dembele from Fulham for 28mp.
Liverpool's chief exec Ian Ayre says the families bereaved at Hillsborough are "heroes" .
Ian Ayre must be sacked & investigated for corrupt practice & profiteering wt dodgy transfer & secret deals or
Billy “I’m not spending a minute more in Liverpool than I have to” Hogan. on Ian Ayre et al:.
Ian Ayre to step down as Liverpool CEO in May 2017. FSG need to be bold & approach Peter Kenyon or Nicola Cortese to take on the role
spot on article.Said it earlier lawwell is earning the same as Ian ayre at Liverpool.Its ridiculous.
Yeah, but as usual they skimped like Ian Ayre. 😔
I can't wait to see what they do to Ian Ayre then...
At least we had Ian Ayre to put them right and educate them...
Ian Ayre and the transfer committee
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Thanks to Ian Ayre pissing about all the time
is it right that he earns nearly as much as Ian ayre of Liverpool?
Looks like I have a few Ian Ayre's on my account.
Ian Ayre needs get on the phone to them Chinese mad men and sell Mignolet, Benteke and Balotelli in a bundle for £100m
Ian Ayre says the Fenway Sports Group move in clearing £69m of debt from the club's books is just another...
wanna know what Ian Ayre was doing there as well. Like a fat smelly loner who turns up uninvited to a party.
...and you go in the place of Ian Ayre?!
Ian Ayre got a spot. He shouldn't worry.
I swear Firmino is running on 40%. That other 60% is pure filth. God bless Ian Ayre.
How long until Ian Ayre removes Dunkin Donuts as the official coffee of It's the one thing still holding us back
no wonder we are called downsizing fc.Fukn scandalous.Whilst lawwell trousers over £1m per year.Nearly the same as Ian ayre
Isn't it an indictment that one of the men who sanctioned his transfer - Ian Ayre - secretly sat plotting a 'Super League'?
Word is Ian Ayre is in discussion to include in some world club tourney, which would make the trip stateside unlikely.
What Ian Ayre was discussing with reps of other 'top five' clubs in London
Liverpool FC not involved in European Super League discussions: . Reds CEO Ian Ayre met with officials fr...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Ian Ayre on what the future holds for FSG at
Update: Why Ian Ayre & big club chiefs actually met in Dorchester Hotel
meeting Ian Ayre would be enough to put most off!
He was an LFC supporter n Ian Ayre still couldn't complete the deal
"Ian Ayre's London meeting NOT about Euro Super League, about s*n wrong again
Ian Ayre has pledged that all cash generated will be used to fund Klopp’s transfer plans as the Liverpool manager. (Ton…
Ian Ayre's London meeting was NOT about a European Super League. More about the
Believe it if you will. it's Ian ayre.
Ian Ayre meets with American billionaire about proposed European Super League -
Season ticket at Barca: £73.88. Ticket per game at Liverpool: £77. Ian Ayre: "There is a seat for everyone at the right …
Tom Werner, Mike Gordon and Ian Ayre - are aware that the situation pitting supporters against the club is not sustaina…
Liverpool fans are NOT going to like this from Ian Ayre
Has Graeme Kelly come out yet to defend his drunk ITK source Ian Ayre yet?
Ian Ayre's defence of the £77 ticket is about as strong as his negotiation skills...
Remember who appointed Ian Ayre, Tom Hicks, and instead of getting us a top CEO John Henry promoted him
Ian Ayre the residue of Tom Hicks and George Gillet at Liverpool.
I see that stooge Graeme Kelly is against the protest. Doesn't want to offend his buddy the drunk Ian Ayre. Ayre gave him Klopp scoop.
What your doing to our club IS appalling.Between you and that liar Ian Ayre we want you out. FANS NOT CUSTOMERS
Ian Ayre: 'John, the fans are revolting!!'. John W Henry: 'I know. Ugly bunch aren't they'
John Henry getting away with absolute murder. Ian Ayre is not the problem. Owners have zero passion for Time for them to go
We need Alec Baldwin or Al Pacino type, instead we've got Ian Ayre doing a Jack Lemon when closing deals.
If we get Teixeira and Ter Stegen in one window, then Ian Ayre will need to be knighted.
but he will have Ian Ayre instead of Michael Zorc. BIG DIFFERENCE
Liverpool will not sign Alex Teixeira and I say that as a big liverpool fan. No confidence in Ian Ayre what so ever!!!
Ian Ayre heads team going to Florida to get Alex Texiera to sign at Liverpool we're almost certainly ending up with Bradley Wright-Phillips
Ian Ayre will return home from Florida tomorrow with the hope of getting the deal done. (Sam Wallace)
Ian Ayre will return on Friday from talks in Florida to sign Teixeira, with hopeful that a deal can be done. (Sam Wallace-Telegraph)
Ian Ayre will return to England tomorrow hopeful that a deal can be done with Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk. (Sam Wallace -Telegraph)
FSG got their key appointments all wrong -. Ian Ayre as CEO. Michael Gordon as MD. Kenny Dalglish as manager. Brendan Rodgers as manager
Klopp worked with Michael Zorc at BVB. Now it's Ian Ayre at No wonder we're being linked with the same average players again
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Liverpool closing in on £5m teenager Marko Grujic as Ian Ayre jets to Belgrade
Marko Grujic's Liverpool transfer poised for completion as Ian Ayre jets out to seal the deal: Jurg...
Ian Ayre aims to bring Jurgen Klopp more than some duty-free back from Belgrade
I'll give at go, swear I saw Ian ayre today tho
Ian Ayre mate Pato in January thanks boss 😀
thanks for sharing NOT Ian Ayre, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
Ian Ayre has said all player contracts are incentivised to reach top figures, given he’s not playing, you’re guessing, no more.
heard a rumour he was taken to hospital with a bean skin on his bellend after a night out with Ian ayre !
Really confused as to why was clubbing with Ian Ayre, the Liverpool executive🙄
Once Ian Ayre's gone over, it'll be up to £15M
Some football executives stay out of the limelight. Ian Ayre hangs out with blokes from Geordie Shore.
as a 45 year long time non-local fanatic of this great club I am very disappointed by the interview given by Ian Ayre, (1/2)
John W Henry, Tom Werner, Ian Ayre and Mike Gordon talked about an issue that has increasingly divided fans in recent y…
Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre replies to a fan who applied for the manager's job.
I was ready to blame Ian Ayre and that muppet liaison officer for the work permit issues but I can stand down now.
Fan applies for Liverpool job and gets reply from chief executive Ian Ayre:
LFC's Ian Ayre texted me 'JK will be awesome' nuff said
Well done FSG & Ian Ayre. Made us believe again! Much needed. Welcome to the club Jurgen Klopp. Got a feeling this will g…
Scenes when Ian Ayre comes out with Nigel Pearson
Ian Ayre chief executive, is working closely with USA owners Fenway Sports Group to get a top-class manager in place quickly.
I wouldn't want to be Ian Ayre if the Klopp deal falls through, whether it's his fault or not!
As FSG seem to be on a mission at the moment. How about dumping Ian Ayre in the River Mersey attached to his bike
If I'm 100% honest I think the decision on who replaced Ian Ayre is more important than who replaced Rodgers. What's Corte…
Why has no one visited Ian Ayre at his home and sacked him? Or Michael Edwards or Barry Hunter? All a complete joke
The key decision-makers at are Henry, chairman Tom Werner, director Mike Gordon and managing director Ian Ayre. (Mail)
If its true about the flags & banners being banned at Anfield then FSG Ian Ayre can f**koff with Rogers never intimidate the Reds supporters
... not as the puppet of Mike Gordon, Ian Ayre, and BR!
Ian Ayre is earning his money this summer getting £49M for Shaun Wright-Phillips 😄
We can expand that and add Ian Ayre, Dave Fallows, Barry Hunt, Michael Edwards & many more
Ian Ayre says he wants to expand the LFC brand in Asia. So which players could help him do so? ht…
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If are looking to expand their brand into Asia, as Ian Ayre says, surely a move for someone like Son Heung-Min would b…
Good news is that Rondon has left Chile and Ian Ayre hasn't. Bacca hasn't either.
looking good. I think so far the FSG & Ian Ayre are much improved on last few seasons. hope this helps Rodgers get a good start
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls off Ian Ayre wanting to sign him
Ian Ayre is planning to stay in Chile for another day, as Liverpool are interested in another Copa America player. [PA]
Ian Ayre landing in Southampton from Chile to seal the Clyne transfer.
Ian Ayre paddles over to Brazil to sign Roberto but contract nonce can't even get an easy jet to Spain for Geri
well done Ian Ayre you cheerful *** take him for a spin on your motorbike in celebration of your greatness. Fine job
Ian Ayre is to stay in Chile until the weekend to convene with LFC representatives about other potential targets playing in t…
Ian Ayre, I forgive you for making me know how to spell Mkhitaryan and Konoplyanka.
Liverpool have completed the signing of Roberto Firmino subject to a medical. The deal was agreed by Ian Ayre overnigh…
Coutinho is so good that he's better at Ian Ayres job, than Ian Ayre is... That being said, I'd probably be better based on his track record
Ian Ayre has travelled to Chile as Liverpool close in on a £29m deal to sign Roberto Firmino.
Imagine: £50m in the bank and Ian Ayre is tasked with selling LFC to our transfer targets.
Ive a feeling someone at the club is really fighting Rodgers corner for him. And I have a feeling that someone is Ian Ayre
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it's Ian Ayre's good 'ol double bluff
I have learnt not to expect anything from Mr. Ian Ayre...
Shocked TBH. Ian Ayre has been fired & replaced with Varys the spider. He does know how to strike a deal IMHO.
Good point I suppose. You're lucky to have a good negotiator while we have Ian Ayre.
Do you still maintain Ian Ayre and LFC will part ways mate?
LFC will somehow sign him and give a £5m signing on fee, loan him to PSG & still pay all his wages. That's the Ian Ayre effect.
Bids are in for Kovacic & Vietto. Ian Ayre is not involved. Billy Hogan & a few others are dealing with transfers. DoF comi…
Ian Ayre is checking the back of the sofa for a few quid
Ayre: He john what's up man . JH: Hey Ian can you put in a pretend bid for Kovacevic this week . Ayre: Sure John how much?. JH: Say 7.85 mil?
There is still time for Spurs or Chelsea to hijack it. Ian Ayre probably hasn't even got to Milan yet.. on his bike probs!
fair shout. Probably ian ayre the grass
Not too sure about thay mate. Echo been mouthpiece for club for ling time and they seen to think so.
And to have a fella like Ian Ayre at the helm just tops it off the man needs a sat nav to get home he's not good enough to run the club
he'll take one look at Ian Ayre an swerve us anyway
. Yeah but when I own the club I can talk to Spanish players and convince them to play for us. Like a decent Ian Ayre.
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Being told by my contacts' sources that there's no truth to my understanding that Ian Ayre is rumoured to get sacked. ht…
My understanding on Ian Ayre is that he won't be sacked, but has a position lined up with Standard Chartered when he leaves
Remember Ian ayre recommend number 69 for Joe Allen on being liverpool
9 top, top, top signings. What a summer we have had. Take a bow Ian Ayre and the rest of the committee.
has it been confirmed that Ian Ayre's been sacked yet? I know, everythings just really quiet. I hope he does, but we'll see
Oh god almighty when I sees Discussions continue And LFC in the same sentence it makes me sick,Ian Ayre🙈
David Anderson from the Mirror is also reporting that the rumours about Ian Ayre are false.
you and me both: new 1...Anderson . I'm being told there is no truth in the rumour that Ian Ayre is leaving Liverpool
I rumours are true the Harley Davidson technician Ian Ayre has gone it's champagne spraying time! Most hated man in the parish!!!
Ian Ayre has taken the high route on his Harley Davidson
Ian Ayre to Lerner: "£40 milliion" should do it? Actually, call it an even 45 million!".
Has Ian Ayre been caught asphyxi-wanking over pictures of John Virgo yet?
On another note. If we sign Benteke for the reported price after Mertesacker had him in his pocket all day I'll report Ian Ayre.
FSG currently fist-bumping with Ian Ayre as money spinning round world trip safe after Arsenal victory. Priorities lads priorities.
don't worry Ian ayre will put a bid in for more mediocrity
please pour some sense into Ian Ayre and all concerned to our transfer businesses
If Ian Ayre really pays £32m for Benteke , he should be investigated for money laundering. He is not the same worth as Alexis Sanchez.
the *** Ian Ayre & will pay it all day long, after all they paid £25m for Lallana & £20m for Lovren
£32.5m for Benteke? . We couldn't possibly..lads we couldn't. ...not even us .nah...never happen.. Ayre "Hello Randy...its Ian..Cash ok?"
there are no grown ups at Liverpool. Even Ian Ayre is playing out of position.
"So, there was no point that you said 'we don't get Sanchez, you don't get Suarez'?" That's Ian Ayre's end of season review right there
exactly Ian Ayre has no brain or *** he should've played hardball deserves sacked for that alone
Benteke £32 million I wouldn't give you 32 pence but I bet Ian Ayre would he's that desperate. Oh no; FSG won't sack Ian Ayre, dearie.
At this very moment Benteke's agent is furiously trying to Skype Ian Ayre!! 😂
No seriously if we sign benteke I'm going to eat ian ayre
In an alternate reality Ian Ayre is a 'take-no-prisoners' footy negotiator and this is Sanchez scoring for LFC. FML.
Ian Ayre: good goal by alexis sanchez?! Ive seen rickie lambert score goals better than that for his dinner... We made the right choice
Yeah but we got Ian Ayre who can't complete a good deal to save his life.
n we let barca have suarez so easy without the swap plus cash Ian ayre is a bellend
If anyone needs an end of season review it's Ian Ayre. "Tell me why we lost out on Sanchez."
Hamilton Collection
only if Ian Ayre had *** and had told Barca we wanted him in the Suarez deal or it was off.
and Ian stinking Ayre should've broke the bank and our stupid wage structure to sign Sanchez. Instead we signed Lambert. 👍🏻
Every goal he scores makes me hate Ian Ayre more and more
Ian ayre wrighting a check as we speak pay Aston villa 50m. Benteke just another Andy Carroll
Ian Ayre's finger currently hovering over the 'send fax' button. Not long now until he gets to spunk another £30m
Imagine that headline "Klopp takes over Liverpool, bins the transfer committee and kills Ian Ayre" - the perfect day.
. So Ian, who are you gunna buy to make up for us not at Wembley?
Ian Ayre when asked If rumours of Benteke, Ings, Milner & Clyne were true:
saw Ian Ayre in my back garden, either monitoring me or stalking me
If we sign that Mateo Kovacić I will never say another bad thing about Ian Ayre.
QPR released players I could see Ian Ayre eyes lit up lol
yeah Ian Ayre probably still thinks 0 means nothing so he goes along with the other club adding them on
£15m for Clyne just pay the money ye humpy American parasites! Get Ian Ayre away from the deal, he can't even open a packet of tayto!
Someone has to be accountable for this poor season and that ian Ayre ain't exactly supporting him , he would be first out
Mike Gordon and Ian Ayre in charge. John Smith will be fuming!
Join the empty promises club,apply to Ian Ayre at LFC transfer committee Anfield ,thousands of frustrated and disgruntled members .
This customer reminds me of Ian Ayre.
Kovacic and Clyne will be top signings but Ian Ayre will screw it up as usual
. Considering their next move,binning the transfer committee and sacking Ian Ayre would be a start.
If Rodgers stays we need rid of Mike Gordan Ian Ayre and FSG, because they are beyond clueless
il send it straight to Ian ayre were joint account holders
Rodgers is sending Morse code messages to Ian Ayre from his secret bunker with an en suite dentist.
Watching, Gerrard - My Liverpool. Absolutely brilliant but why is Ian Ayre in it ffs
Looks like lfc trying to get business done early. Ian Ayre learnt lesson off last 3 transfer windows it seems
Everyone moaning about blatter ,can't stand him meself but im more worried an concerned about Ian Ayre an Rodgers dragging us down further
Kovacic would be a good signing, but there's no way we're getting him lol. A quick glance at Ian Ayre and that's him put off for life
If Liverpool sign I'll take back everything bad I've ever said about Ian Ayre
we're ok, Ian Ayre played in the 3rd Division of the Bootle JOC
Ian ayre telling the lad that we are going ro monitor him?
Brendan Rodgers: can we sign the whole Southampton team?. Ian Ayre: no we cannot be i can get you half of its players . LiverpoolLogic
No confidence is signing anyone as Ian Ayre is involved. Why does no one ever want him out?
or actually sign, Ian Ayre will probs balls this one up as per
Wow, i've just see Ian Ayre's wife. How did he negotiate that one?
For the Heysel memorial today, it honestly wouldn't have suprised me had Ian Ayre turned up at the San Siro, with a box of Quality Street.
I wonder when Ian Ayre's performance review is and what 'Success' Criteria he gets measured against.
ideal. No doubt Ian Ayre will fail to do the deal, too busy strolling round on his bike.
Ian Ayre: I have been monitoring her since she was 10.
Ian Ayre: "Well, IMHO the joke's on Aidy Ward and young Raheem because we were ready to offer him Seth Johnson-esq terms of £400k p/w"
3 defenders and keeper please Ian Ayre.
Ian Ayre is just doing a job he doesn't set the budgets or the club's philosophies
Ian Ayre to Players agent "Have you or your Client heard of Brendon Rodgers" . Answer "No"
Any reports of Ian Ayre on an autobahn this morning?
If we don't get top 4 , I want Ian Ayre out.
There we go Ian Ayre & sign these players on free transfers to improve our squad
Rodgers, Kenny & Ian Ayre laying flowers at the Hillsborough memorial.
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Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre said he expects Raheem Sterling to remain at Liverpool for a long time he said that about Luiz Suarez
Ian Ayre and his bunch of merry men are awful at sorting contracts and transfers out, how did they get their jobs? Amateurs
LFC will no doubt be replacing Ian Ayre at the end of seaon so are all negotiations being held off. Return of Rick Parry???
Not just the shambles with Gerrard. Sterling, Henderson & now Flanagan? Not to mention targets missed out on. Is it solely Ian Ayre? .
you can also follow Graeme Kelly mate. On another note most probably Ian Ayre will be relieved of his duries
Also c'mon man, do you know how much these guys bring in for the clubs? Americans don't pack bars at 7 AM to watch Ian Ayre.
transparency on ticket sales a start? Ian Ayre said 20% of matchday crowd is from outside the Uk, that's very high.
Ian Ayre! He reduced the number of tickets allocated to local supporters clubs, so that foreigners will visit the club shop
I'd be all over Petr Cech in the summer but oh forgot , Ian Ayre and the yanks only monitor them sort of players
Been told Garbutt lives in the same apartment block as Ian Ayre !
:: BBC - Why did you pay that much for Dejan Lovren. Is it because his head his at Anfield. Ian Ayre - See why.
's Ian Ayre when negotiating transfer fees and contracts
If the chief executive of Liverpool went into the manufacturing industry he'd be even richer. He'd be a mill Ian Ayre.
imagine Ian Ayre doing that deal, Snr Perez I'll give you a fiver a week in high st vouchers and a takie on me Harley!
Pele is awarded a plaque by Ian Ayre, Chief Executive of Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish during LFC-MUFC match,yesterday
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problem is we gave the money to Rodgers and Ian Ayre to spend
thought you were going to say Ian Ayre when I first started reading this
LFCphoto: Ian Ayre & kennethdalglish present Pele with a Liverpool FC plaque today at Anfield.
King Kenny, Pele and Ian Ayre at the match at half time today 👌⚽
King Kenny Dalglish & MD, Ian Ayre presents to Pele, a Commemorative plaque at
disgrace how a creature like Ian Ayre can be in the same picture as Pele and Dalglish.
why is that little beaut Ian Ayre in this picture, the little geg. Should be an ex player or fan? He is not the face of our club.
MT Ian Ayre & present with a LFC plaque today at Anfield.
and chutiya Ian Ayre stopped FSG from showing him the door
The real problem is the only person we have to issue the well deserved bollocking for today's performance is Ian Ayre.
James Pearce: Rodgers has no say in contract talks. Ian Ayre & Mike Gordon are the two main contract officials.
- Sterling deal delayed - Henderson deal not done - couldn't sign Sanchez or Costa - work it it out Ian Ayre inadequate !!!
More words on Mike Gordon. Silent President of FSG and the man replacing Ian Ayre
think thats how ian Ayre does it anyway
If brendan was caught bumming Ian Ayre in melwood toilets, Simon Steers would find a tactical and managerial logic behind it. Total dross.
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So today I interviewed Roberto Martinez and David Unsworth and saw Ian Ayre drinking Bacardi and coke through a straw.
Lucy Beale's final letter to her father Ian. A bittersweet moment.
Ian Ayre's still the transfer window boss 😂
How does Ian Ayre sleep at night knowing he paid 16 million for Joe Allen?!
Just seen Ian Ayre having lunch with what appeared to be a group of French representatives. Speculation welcome.
I genuinely think I could sell air to Ian Ayre.
Interesting article about stadium expansion with Ian Ayre interview via /r/LiverpoolFC
that's down to Ian Ayre I'm afraid. Lots of players slip through bit the majority come close or stay at clubs
Redeveloping Anfield:CEO Ian Ayre on how expansion will progress club on & off pitch (p6) http:…
if I was Ian Ayre at liverpool I'd break the bank for him.
Also when Ian Ayre steps down, John Barnes should take over. No matter how expensive he is
But unless you are Ian Ayre or Rodgers himself, how can anyone even know what is true or not? I like to discuss the _likelihood_ of..
If I was Ian Ayre mate. We'd have signed Kondogbia or Firmino & Ginter last summer. Instead of Lovren & Lallana.
I love Ian Ayre... I will love him more if he gets Pjannic
Getting Ian Ayre on the line for you..
Liverpool Football club are delighted to announce that has rejected a new contact,MD Ian Ayre says it's great news for us
Ian Ayre and negotiations?? you must be joking James..i am assuming that the guy will end up at chelsea..
Surely we couldn't pull off such a coup. Ian Ayre needs a statue if he manages it.
Ian Ayre will fly out to Italy tomorrow to negotiate with Roma for midfielder Miralem Pjanic. Any deal would be for the summer window
. should rid us of Ian Ayre and put you in his place. . You'd look way cooler on a motorbike too
Rodgers not included in the picture. Ian Ayre & Barry Hunter were in Rome this season to scout AS Roma & Lazio games.
does Ian Ayre even know who that is
Reports today/yesterday that Ian Ayre & Barry Hunter were in Rome to watch Pjanic & Keita Balde this season.
Yes, Henrikh does want to move to Anfield. But it all depends on Ian Ayre's ability to negotiate and Mkhitaryan's right…
If Barry Hunter & Ian Ayre were indeed in Rome to watch Keita Balde, I'd much rather prefer they returned with Felipe Anderson's signature.
Ian Ayre and Barry Hunter were in Rome last night to watch Miralem Pjanić and Alessio Romagnoli. (Via
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