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Hyacinth Bucket

Hyacinth Bucket, who insists her last name is pronounced Bouquet , is the main character in the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances (1990 to 1995), played by Patricia Routledge.

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Sorry, it was a joke. Pic is Hyacinth Bucket, a pretentious woman who says it ‘bouquet”. From BBC show “Keeping Up Appearances”.
Executive overalls? Susan is the Hyacinth Bucket of Ambridge - all is revealed!
Phil Collins, followed by Mike from Breaking Bad, and then Hyacinth Bucket (it's pronounced bouqueeet)
If they bring back Lovejoy I demand Cadfael and Hyacinth Bucket
Ye gods She could remove people's ears w…
As long as you don't come with a request for more money, Sheridan.
A little too keen, according to the vicar.
have a look on my TL fella! And don't tell that lady in the first pic, that's my Mum! Hyacinth Bucket! X
she's a particular kind of annoying ;p I liken her to Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances
Man, couldn't have played worse if they'd had Hyacinth Bucket as a Midfielder.
Perhaps I'll pay Mummy and Daddy a visit this week.
I was shocked when I wondered why I could hear Hyacinth Bucket.
Are you a spiritual Hyacinth Bucket? Merely keeping up spiritual appearances?
Betty Boothroyd and Hyacinth Bucket are devastated to be banned from
Richard you are British, and the sea is in your blood! (Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances)
"If that's an example of Post Office humor, they have no right to keep putting their charges up!" — Hyacinth Bucket
Update your maps at Navteq
Economy Plus is what Hyacinth Bucket would fly.
I am on the Isle of Wight - it feels like the kind of place I could run into Hyacinth Bucket at any minute...
they're so Hyacinth Bucket: "these meyacaroons are eyapsoluteleh maahvellous."
Mummy's lullabies prevented sleep rather than promoted it.
Actually I have fond memories of Mummy's lullabies.
Poor Mummy is a keen contributor to parish life
And this is how Mummy's hospitality is repaid?
Looking forward to the arrival of the parents this evening, what a week. Hyacinth bucket and Larry David on tour.
In other news *adopts Hyacinth Bucket voice*, it's muh sistah's birthday today. We shall have tea and light refreshments.
My friend's inner voice is Dougal from Father Ted. Mine, unfortunately, is Hyacinth Bucket. God, I really need to kick her out.
Trust me it almost did make me cry or wince actually both lol
I have seen her try to sing the songs from "The Boyfriend"
Ye gods She could remove people's ears with a voice like that
feel t pain. Just screamed 'Walkies' in a Hyacinth Bucket voice @ this Mutha new neighbours lookin on
What do the Beatles, Hyacinth Bucket and the working class of Luton have in common?
friend told me yesterday about an ex who was so Hyacinth Bucket the Heinz had to sit on the floor under the table. Amazing.
Did scented moisturiser after me shower. We've all done it yeah? I smell like Hyacinth Buckét.
I can't wait to retire, so I can finally focus on my life objective of becoming Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances
When I'm 60, I will be Richard from Keeping Up Appearances. Overpowered by a Hyacinth Bucket like woman dragging me into village life.
The Chase wasn't it hyacinth 'bucket' as the joke was that she tried to posh it up by pronouncing it 'bouquet'?!
Mummy's voice could always reduce me to tears
Today is sponsored by Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet!). One of my favourite quotes of all time –
I want to attain Hyacinth Bucket levels of denial in life. There's a true heroine.
In Spain . Couple in the room next door rawly going at it. I'm half "good on you" and half Hyacinth Bucket.
Can't stop thinking of hyacinth Bucket, (Keeping Up Appearances) when I hear the Italian national anthem.
Harrogate. We've been to the Aga shop, had tea at Betty's and now we're in the hotel made famous by Alan Bennett. Hyacinth Bucket tours.
Addressing grassroots issue: the Dail's lawn During the order of bus this week, the Hyacinth Bucket of the...
The Hyacinth Bucket in me is bristling."The Mild household, how may I help you?"
"supper" makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances!
Just had an opening in a conversation to say "when I was at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party..." the Hyacinth Bucket in me will out
Little Giant Ladders
oh definitely, or maybe I'm just embracing my inner Hyacinth Bucket!
not really, although Hyacinth Bucket is a great comedy character.
“The Chinese takeaway”….lol….that phrase reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!)
Obvious but no interest in the football tournament. Too busy watching Hyacinth Bucket giving one of her candle light supers.
Ever so annoying when you're in a bookshop and this happens. Even more so when ou're just looking at a shelf.
poor Richard early retirement isn't for everyone, case in point Her Majesty (no not Hyacinth!!!)
I'm Keeping Up Appearances: The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
I'm the Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) of the culinary world. * walks off with skirt tucked into knickers*
I once put 'Hyacinth Bucket in my phone for my mother. Because she's a snob! But love 'Keeping Up Appearances'
If you know who Hyacinth Bucket is we can be friends
Hyacinth Bucket is just… I love her. I would love to go to one of her candle light suppers.
Sally Webster is the Hyacinth Bucket of the street.
This is the image they always conjure up for me, when the xenophobe vibe is strong - Hyacinth Bucket.
Lies, lies, lies … on learning to ignore my inner Hyacinth Bucket
If you're camping with Hyacinth Bucket then yes also camping? In Australia? .
still has a 'Hyacinth Bucket' or 'Fawlty Towers' feel to the whole thing!
as an outsider, what comes to mind reading about that is Hyacinth Bucket. She must be the representation of British values
"This is not the Chinese takeaway. And will you please get off my white slimline telephone with last number redial." -Hyacinth Bucket
“you are obviously still hanging around with Mrs Bucket! lol”//why ever would I depart from Hyacinth!
Wheelie bin liners. Is there an actual reason for them? They just make me think of Hyacinth Bucket.
Then again, this is Hyacinth Bucket we're talking about...
day 10: Hyacinth Bucket's Book of Etiquette (reminds me of someone I love: yes, Mum!)
We even have Jayne, the snob, better known as Hyacinth Bucket!
Someone said the other day that Nippy has gone from Suzi Quattro to Hyacinth Bucket in 10 years. Good!
Convinced the woman on the right is Hyacinth Bucket. Given that my alma mater Patricia is from B’head… .
Absolutely fascinating article by Peter Kellner on the politics of class. Capt Mainwaring vs Hyacinth Bucket:
Sunday nights on PBS just aren’t the same w/out Hyacinth Bucket in the lineup. I need her candlelight suppers to help jump-start my week.
No, ma'am. Good? He doesn't kick the bucket, does he?
Hyacinth Bucket has some legs on her tho 😛
When I'm older I want to be just like Hyacinth Bucket
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Oh god, I'm so much like Hyacinth Bucket
That moment when you realise you and Hyacinth Bucket have similar views on situation. Yup, that moment.
Okay, so long as you don't invite any women over for candlelight suppers who look like Hyacinth Bucket
It kind of looks like Hyacinth Bucket visiting Onslow, though.
I've just noticed that Hyacinth Bucket and I have the same eye roll
Why am I thinking of Hyacinth Bucket's sisters and brother in law Onslow? :-)
First name Hyacinth . Last name Bucket. like a british comedy show. I just can't take it
Beautiful photos. She looks a bit Hyacinth Bucket! (but with sense of humour)
How nice to see a model of Hyacinth Bucket in the window of our local German bakery
We really are deluded in this country.We are the Hyacinth Bucket of the international community.
Ed & Sammy. Thank you for making my Soiree special - Hyacinth Bucket!
"Don't go around saying you were homeless, people will judge.". - Sally is so Hyacinth Bucket.
Well, OK, I just didn't want him kicking the bucket or anything like that.
Want to apply for my audition song would be rule britannia, my inspiration Hyacinth Bucket.
On the train sitting next to my least favourite type of English person - a wannabe snob who can't afford first class. Hyacinth Bucket-esque
I hate it when I have to go all Hyacinth Bucket on the phone (the bit when she's gets unsolicited calls not the lady of the house bit).
he got the answer machine, thought he'd rang Hyacinth Bucket by mistake!!
This is very true, my Gran tries to be Posh but is only a smarter Hyacinth Bucket.
Drowning not waving. Saw two retirees having the time of their lives surfing the escalators laughing. It soon became apparent the poor chap had fallen backwards, knocked his wife over and they'd both been carried up the escalators with their luggage body-boarding backward style. It wasn't funny. And I did help. But surely I'm allowed a little chuckle for the Hyacinth Bucket sailing garb and Baby Boomer tans? No? Oh ok.
I got to the end of that and was amazed not to see it signed by Hyacinth Bucket (Mrs)
I shouldn't think so Hyacinth. He was probably just overwhelmed by your hat.
Me too, I'm scared of coming across like Hyacinth Bucket but Korean students I work with like it
Christine Hamilton is the Hyacinth Bucket of UKIP. Almost chucked up my cocoa at the Union Jack dress.
I love to hate Zelena.. she's like a crazy, sexy Hyacinth Bucket. Your, my dear, are brilliant! Much love.
That's fun! Patricia Routledge aka Hyacinth Bucket and I share the same birthday...and that's way, way cool.
It's only an accident of birth that I wasn't born someone more important. - Hyacinth Bucket
Chiding my parents on their dinner etiquette like I’m Hyacinth Bucket.
really need to find a synonym for 'dilly-dally' because I'm starting to sound like hyacinth bucket
The greatest disappointment is that it wasn't signed Hyacinth Bucket (Mrs).
It annoys me that Nigel Farage pronounces his last name the way he does. Who does he think he is, Hyacinth Bucket??
Mother is 'wearing in' her new shoes in the house-they look like something Hyacinth Bucket would wear
I think you should go for the hyacinth bucket look when she cruised.
riparian? Last time I heard that hyacinth bucket was speaking
The moral of this story ladies and gentlemen is "Good guys win, bad guys lose, and as always, Hyacinth Bucket prevails!"
... One of my idols Hyacinth Bucket said it best.It's all about "Keeping Up Appearances"!! xx
Didn't realise that one of the other teachers in 'To Sir With Love' was Patricia Routledge better known in recent years as Hyacinth Bucket.
They look like they're designed for Hyacinth Bucket.
Kelly is just so cringeworthy, like a stumpy Hyacinth Bucket
In the words of Hyacinth Bucket: "And they tell us the Third World is overseas!" *eye roll*
Gawd! Patricia in real life sounds just like Hyacinth Bucket. Worth seeing the show just to hear that voice.
- yes Hyacinth you were very big in Botswana. And I loved you and still do Mrs Bucket ( Bouquet)!!
just met Ireland's version of Hyacinth Bucket (bookay) blocking the escalator at Connolly. Oblivious to commuters
Watching Gold now and Mrs Bucket is on. oh i mean Hyacinth 🌹🌻🌼🌷 Bouquet of course.
"I'm not coming to dinner in front of the captain with you wearing them trousers" all I could think of was Hyacinth Bucket..
Scone as in stone is SO POSH - Hyacinth Bucket would say it... It's scone as in gone dahn in Essex unless you've got pretentions
"he loves your show and all things musical". Was it Hyacinth Bucket dedicating a song to her lovely Sheridan?
No. It comes from having Hyacinth Bucket for a mother.
Hyacinth would have been happy Brice spelled Bucket,. " Bouquet"
Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Bucket (pronounced "Bouqet", the accent on the second syllable).
News Release: Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) on her way to Brisbane for ADMISSION: One Shilling
A bit of Hammer House of Horror for Saturday night. The Two Faces of Evil with Hyacinth Bucket playing a mad nurse.
New Blog post featuring this incredible tutu and AND NOT HYACINTH BUCKET
Hii clearer copy of our msgs and bucket 😊 with
Is there really women out there like hyacinth bucket? Just watching with the wife she loves it.
will take a pic, it would make Hyacinth Bucket proud!
The one good thing about this bus is getting to see all the local election posters. I think Hyacinth Bucket is running in Dooradoyle.
it's a terrible bland bit of wallpaper now.Like Hyacinth Bucket would do if you asked her to do a mural.
On my things to do, meet the of England. So I'm reading Hyacinth Bucket's Book of Etiquette. Cute book.
I summon my inner Hyacinth Bucket: 'Get out of the shop' I command poshly. He leaves. Buy everyone fizzy cola bottles to calm down (2/2)
Don got dressed for that 5 seconds meeting? Hyacinth Bucket would be proud!
Had a nice day out first going to hilarys with the eggs for our two grandchildren although two are teenagers ,then onto the Bungalow at gatley , spent an hr and half working on the lounge this is going to be quicker thank good ness to clear ,but leaving I couldn't lock the top lock on th door and remembered I had taken it of the click id left it on so went back in still woudnt lock well if you have heard the alarm that hyacinth bucket in keeping up appearance when it went off ,well Inearly jumped out of my skin as it was same one ,as it went off so then had to re unlock the other one rush in and turn it off ,and then re set it ,again ,red faced as expected the neighbours to come out ,no sign ,lol , then left and went for tea at the village hotel at Cheadle ,nice three course meal for £13.95 ,each .so back home now relaxing ,
Giving you Hyacinth Bucket on this lovely Easter. You?
What happened to Kirsty? Eco warrior one minute then Hyacinth Bucket wannabe the next
Moneypenny there, dressed like Hyacinth Bucket's toilet roll cover.
Hyacinth Bucket would have a fit if she heard you suggest not to use the correct glass for every drink!
Hyacinth Bucket buys her tea bags here
The first half of that is just a Hyacinth Bucket list, it's the armour and duck houses bit that really counts.
One of these days, God willing, I am going to meet him. He's on my bucket list.
Ferrero Rocher are the Hyacinth Bucket of the chocolate world. White Lion bars are the vest-wearing Onslow.
Poor Daddy. I'd have him here if it weren't for the dribbling. Hyacinth Bucket.
If you want to achieve something great in this life, you must wear a hat. Indiana Jones, hat. Hyacinth Bucket, hat. Slash, hat. Case proven.
I need to laugh. I'm fixing to watch Hyacinth Bucket. :-)
A-ha! I see! Just to clarify, was the Hyacinth actually planted in a bucket rather than a pot?
I wonder how Hyacinth Bucket would pronounce it?
The Buzzfeed how posh are you test seems more like a "Are you Hyacinth Bucket" quiz. Scented draw liners & gold clubs, vehh posh.   10% Off
My husband's driving turns me into Hyacinth Bucket!!!
I can see why Hyacinth Bucket is against this channel
So I'm locked out streaming Keeping Up Appearances on my phone and trying to channel Hyacinth Bucket in everything I do (as always)
Like Hyacinth Bucket's wet dream. I feel like an utter fraud.
Patricia Routledge! Hyacinth Bucket (sorry Bouquet) desperately needs to become a Dame.
Having a Hyacinth Bucket relative embarrass u with "To the Manor Born" airs & Pan Loaf voice in classy company is gauche. :-/
Watched the Nine Inch Nails film Broken and Rubber Johhny within the last 30 mins, feeling violated, time for some Hyacinth Bucket watching
I think way too much about Hyacinth and Richard Bucket/Bouquet's sex life.
When he said that 'better class of shopper' thing I thought god, how naff is he? How Hyacinth Bucket.
Our Hyacinth Bucket always has her priorities right (Hats). I know one day I will become her.
How has the expanded its readership from people called Hyacinth Bucket to most of the world?
Also when he whinges he sounds like Hyacinth Bucket.
Hmm. Wisdom from Hyacinth Bucket:. "Today could be the day I'm mistaken for someone important.". Words to live by!
Check that one off your bucket list ! Or something that rhymes with bucket. Bwaahaahaa!
Thank you for the RT. I'm afraid there might be a little bit of Bucket in me.
Bucket (that's pronounced Bouquet) of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate.
well get on just fine. Im like Hyacinth Bucket. I can find dirty without looking to hard.
well good morning Hyacinth and Rose oops *** bucket!! Lol
hey I just remembered Hyacinth bucket.
I feel that in emails I come across as a cross between Hyacinth Bucket & the Grand Master from MI High
Just heard it all the Victor Meldrew and Hyacinth Bucket couple on the next table ordered slow cooked pork then moaning between themselves how long it's taken feck off the chippy if you want fast food
SIMON: Ed Miliband says the middle-classes are facing a "crisis of confidence" over falling living standards but we're wondering how do you define middle class? We want you to get a bit Hyacinth Bucket and complete this sentence: You know you're posh when...
With the exeption of Kathy Burke and Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances, women just can not do comedy I'm sorry! Me mams got is watching Birds of a feather and I'm debating wether contracting syphilis would be more enjoyable
awww -- the bride had a Hyacinth Bucket --- I mean, Bouquet -- for her wedding on "Call the Midwife: Holiday Special". I guess she was Keeping Up Appearances. :) (I wonder if there was a connection between the two shows behind the scenes?)
"l will not have pseudo-hyphenated people boasting about their holidays abroad while I’m singing a selection from the Song of Norway!" - Hyacinth Bucket
It makes me laugh. It smacks of Hyacinth Bucket
Anyone know how to drive a boat. Tried taking lessons from hyacinth bucket but its not working
My Hyacinth Bucket. thank you to Matthew.. Emma and Zoe. I love the smell of the flowers.. so will bung them in the dirt and grow them... I hope. lol xx
Dreamt I robbed a posh building in Kensington with French &Saunders. I was dressed as Hyacinth Bucket cos we thought it was lolz. Amazing.
Oh Hyacinth Bucket. You remind me way too much of my dad's mother.
Today my holiday melancholy is taking the form of sadness at the thought that Hyacinth Bucket has no real friends. :(
But Darren was integral to plot Richard Bucket to Hyacinth.
You, sir, have perfected the art of the backhanded compliment. Hyacinth Bucket would be proud.
She was a real life Hyacinth Bucket...they'd have only done it the once. ;)
is she doing a Hyacinth Bucket " mind the pedestrian, mind the lights, mind the kerb Richard" bless drive nice for ya mother
I would like to marry Hyacinth Bucket
Why does Jimmy Carr laugh like Hyacinth Bucket singing?
Love how Christmas turns everyone into Hyacinth Bucket.
One car ride w/ my brother and I've turned into Hyacinth Bucket. . "Mind the horse, dear.". "It's in the field!". "They jump fences, you know!"
Hyacinth Bucket trying to get to grips with Kinect on her new Xbox One with hilarious consequences.
I wish they'd bring back Keeping Up Appearnces for a christmas special, Hyacinth Bucket trying to get to grips with an ipad.
Unless you're Hyacinth Bucket's great aunt. On a swingers weekend.
Keeping Up Appearances ".Centred on the life of eccentric, social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (who insists that her surname is ... "It's my sister Violet - the one with a Mercedes, swimming pool, sauna and room for a pony".)
Nobody - I repeat, NOBODY - does shade like Hyacinth Bucket does shade.
Oh dear. Where's Hyacinth Bucket to point out hazards when you need her. . "Mind the hurricane, Richard..."
Bubble is his old name. He's gone all Hyacinth Bucket these days ;)
think Hyacinth Bucket's dead grandmother's boudoir.
Hyacinth Bucket had several hands in this abomination!
Patricia Routledge is a joy to watch as our beloved Hyacinth Bucket.
I'm done with the whole Christmas card thing. I love it but like Hyacinth Bucket, I'd have to send them to myself. No more, just sayin'
apparently it flushed after 6 and then came back up. He all panic. My mum is hyacinth bucket slash Essex wives. Amazing.
'Good morning Mrs Bucket' Hyacinth it's pronounced "bouquet" :')
I'm sure Hyacinth would have been happy for you to come round to help, Emmet
what will become of our species when we have replaced Hyacinth Bucket falling on to a hedge with whatever happens on the big bang theory?
Lol and to think your poor director was telling you to channel Hyacinth Bucket...or are they one and the same?! Dun, dun, dun!!
I love it "Hand-painted periwinkles". On this serving dish, love you Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced boo-kay)
yes... But pronounced 'satin' like hyacinth bucket. Xx
"If nothing else, the thing that sets us apart from others is the absence of vulgar noises." - Hyacinth Bucket
Tony and I thought we'd have a nice Christmas dinner overlooking the sea in Costa del brid. Unfortunately we hadn't counted on hyacinth bucket at the next table.evey 2 minutes she'd say excuse me before starting a conversation. and then finish with i'm sorry for being rude. It didn't go down well when it comes transpired she originates from Cawthorne and thinks people from athersley south are scum. Eeeerm that's my roots. !! Xxx
We're not posh enough for Hyacinth [sniff]
Spending the afternoon with Count Arthur Strong, the Chuckle Brothers & Hyacinth Bucket... And it's not as fun as it sounds.
where is Hyacinth anyway? She left 10 minutes ago. Perhaps to the neighbours?
Perfect. That would give Hyacinth at least a week's worth of name-dropping.
I'm sure Hyacinth wouldn't notice if you took a quick sip of the brandy.
You'll have to ask Hyacinth I'm afraid, Violet. As you know, these decisions are not mine to make.
Reading Long expected Party and whenever I get to the removal of bags and gloves, all I can think of is Hyacinth Bucket is a hobbit.
I've just realised I've got Victor Meldrew & Hyacinth Bucket for lunch Think I best get a move on lol
This lady in the choir was doing her best Hyacinth Bucket impression just now
think Hyacinth Bucket but with self awareness and kindness - that’s my mum :)
The mothers gone into FULL-ON Hyacinth Bucket mode arranging the dining room for tomorrow 😒😒
I'm flouncing around the house in my gold Jimmy Choos like some middle aged Hyacinth Bucket. "Another nibble dear?"
Hyacinth bucket is my spirit animal
Had a really lovely chat with my mother this afternoon. Although she did spent a solid third of the conversation complaining about how my father is so anti-social at Christmas, and never gets involved in playing board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly, which doesn't create a good impression to other guests or family members. I'm glad Hyacinth Bucket hasn't changed. Xx
Being Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) I am always ready with some witty repartee
I wonder why Jamie just screamed like Hyacinth Bucket, in the next room...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
She and the Hyacinth Bucket are the two most brilliant women to grace British sitcoms!
.oh *** I'm Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances. How middle class are you?
Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances reminds me too much of my grandmother.
I wonder who has more hats, Hyacinth Bucket or
I wonder if would consider taking a Fire Marshall role at to address a Bucket shortage?
Woman stood next to me in told the guy serving her, her sons name.. America. AMERICA! She was like Hyacinth Bucket!
Amazing How Matthew Stokes transforms into Hyacinth Bucket whenever I'm driving the car.
Maintaining a house in the temporary absence of my dear lady is harder than I first thought. By the time their trip is over I would have become Hyacinth Bucket!!!
Whenever I am with my older sister, I turn into Hyacinth Bucket's neighbour, fluffing everything up. Tonight, I have burnt a chicken. How many near perfect bloody chickens have I cooked in my life?
Just had the funniest conversation with a hyacinth bucket type behind the till in m&s. I asked if they would open one in penarth. Dry as a bone she uttered 'well I'm cooking Mr Spencer's tea tonight so I'll ask him'. I said 'thanks and bye mrs spencer'. I suppose you had to be there :)
Jeeze..comin across some right Hyacinth Buckets today! 'Its Bouquet!' Lool
The MPT lady is starting to threaten folks...she finna interrupt Afternoon Tea if y'all don't come up off some money soon. She is going to interrupt my Hyacinth Bucket and that I can't have!
If I won the lottery, I suspect that my life would play out a little bit like Hyacinth Bucket's (it's pronounced BOU-QUET!)
"It's my sister Daisy. She's the one who gets by without a swimming pool or a sauna...she never liked ponies." Hyacinth Bucket
"Of course I appreciate art! I don't care for that modern rubbish, but I do fancy a frame that doesn't gather too much dust." Hyacinth Bucket
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Rest In Peace Peter O'Toole, Jacqueline went to uni with a relative of his she had a cracking story: Peter O'Toole came to a family gathering at a posh autie Mary's house, who by all accounts was a bit like Hyacinth Bucket, she had miniature rose wallpaper, matching curtains, towels, even the toilet roll had miniature roses. Peter went to the toilet and came back and announced "you have a lovely bathroom Mary, but I didn't know wether to wipe my *** with the curtains or the wallpaper"
Hyacinth Bucket: "I will not have you not thinking in front of the neighbours, Richard!"
Lwaxana Troi is basically the Betazoid version of Hyacinth Bucket.
Vaughan is doing his David Brent and Aggers is, as always, Hyacinth Bucket.
I can be the hyacinth bucket of Worcester park lol :-)
British sitcom is one of my favorite comedies, as Hyacinth Bucket, (pronounced "bouquet") strives socially to attain a solitary level of arrogance as she abuses her right hand husband, Richard, to every breaking point. I got Ma hooked on this show and we used to laugh so much...
Think we all know a hyacinth bucket!
It's very 'Hyacinth Bucket' and very pompous
These veritable vegetable napkins are just about the poshest things we stock. Embrace your inner Hyacinth Bucket with proper grown up table linens from our fave Lush Designs ladies.
this is a bit weird and i worry it makes me sound kind of classist? somehow? i just wanted to ask other people if this is an actual thing outside of tv shows making fun of the middle classes. there's someone at work who was talking about how they'd bought ralph lauren shorts for their kid or whatever and she's... i don't know exactly. she very much needs to have the appearance of being well-to-do and upper middle class or something. but she kept calling him ralph 'lauREN' (with a really heavy emphasis on the 'ren') and i'm like. well, if you're pretending he's french, which he isn't, it'd be more of a 'ron' than a 'ren' and secondly. he's a jewish guy from new york, it's not even his real last name... it's literally just 'lauren'. i just think it's weird that they'd overcomplicate a relatively household brand name in order to seem fancier, i guess? makes me think of hyacinth bucket.
I've just realised, Hyacinth Bucket invented shade.
"...completely conducive to contemplating charismatic country cottages!" - Hyacinth Bucket (it's pronounced "Bouquet")
It has just been brought to my attention that Hyacinth Bucket's nose is thoroughly out of joint. My public family album seems to be the culprit. What a shame.sorry about that old girl but you've had it your own way for years and I thought it about time someone put you and yours in your place.
that's how Hyacinth Bucket would say your name.
My British professor just used a picture of Hyacinth Bucket in a slide and I think I'm the only one who caught it so I get an A right?
"Please don't shout in that excitable manner outdoors, Richard. I don't like you getting excited outdoors." - Hyacinth Bucket
She dished out 3 NOs and thought she was fair. She gets 3 NOs and thinks they're all wrong. Hyacinth Bucket is deluded
Just told another delivery driver not to bang on my door so aggressively - am I turning into Hyacinth Bucket!!?!!
Shaun says kellys on tv again . Keepin up appearences HYACINTH BUCKET Kelly Mcgarry
I'm after one of these for Christmas please. (must be spoken in Hyacinth Bucket voice)
How not to be Hyacinth Bucket: top website writing tips from the excellent
I would kill to know someone like Hyacinth Bucket
Christmas cards. One wonders why some people seem to go out of their way to find minute square cards which are almost weighed under by the affixed stamp. Oh, of course some kind souls like to support a Charitable cause. But when one remembers one's late Mamma spending ages searching for individual cards to suit her friends, and the pleasure she got in doing so, then am wondering where the spirit of Christmas Cards went. Into a box of ten, presumably? And yes, one has bought boxed cards but, in the best Hyacinth Bucket tradition, they are rather cheesily Christmassy Santas and Religious Nativity scenes. Speaking of which: Exciting news from one's friend in Dundee who recently retired from playing the organ so magnificantly at the Cathedral. "Just seen on the news they have finally appointed a new Bishop of Dunkeld", he said. Having had the honour of meeting the retired Bishop, is it permitted to say he will be a hard act to follow? Now wondering if Mazeltov was the most appropriate means of offering congra ...
Had forgotten just how awful Keeping Up Appearances is.
... "Yes, it always makes me very nervous to think I might be talking to a miniskirt." - Hyacinth Bucket
"Today could be the day I'm mistaken for somebody important." - Hyacinth Bucket
I met hyacinth bucket the other day! For real!
"Something is wrong with Richard. He wouldn't talk to me while he was up a tree." - Hyacinth Bucket
the husband of Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances
We know Frosticles himself! Or at least Mrs Frosticles! The Milburns... That THRUSTING creature on the ladies’ luncheon committee. She was a Hackett from Wilton Street before she laid herself SHAMELESSLY in the path of Frosticles! Hyacinth Bucket
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Me and my mum wonder who I'll turn out like when I'm older, am I more likely to be like Victor Meldrew(one foot in the grave) or hyacinth bucket( Keeping Up Appearances) lol xxx
shouldn't that be Hetty? That thing with Hyacinth Bucket in
You can have this Fabulous Hyacinth Bucket T-Shirt For Free by Visiting Mikey's Tees
"Go to the roundabout and head for France!" --Hyacinth Bucket
I realise I saw Fry as a male Hyacinth Bucket and when I realised he wasn't I felt a bit disappointed.
Michale Bubble should do a duet with Hyacinth Bucket
Well, at least it's not Narcissus. Or Hyacinth (Bucket)...
that is a line out of the British classic Keeping Up Appearances! Hyacinth Bucket anyone? Pronounced Bouquet. lol ANYONE? ? ?
I still have no idea who he is but I assume he's not as funny as Hyacinth Bucket.
Oh, but it is pronounced that way. Now I'm imagining Nick Lachey playing Hyacinth Bucket.
There is no way Nick Lachey's last name is really pronounce la-shay, right? He's gotta be a real life Hyacinth Bucket.
Walkers Sensations "Balsamic Vinegar and Caramelised Onion" are the Hyacinth Bucket of pickled onion flavoured crisps.
The Alton Travelodge being in Four Marks, some six miles from Alton. The Hyacinth Bucket of cheap hotels insisting its something its not.
he's the Hyacinth Bucket of the music world.
Hyacinth Bucket ("Bouquet") in action on a snowy Sunday afternoon.
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Swear I had the real life Hyacinth Bucket sat behind me for 3 hours
The British citizenship test actually requires you to be able to recite at least 3 Hyacinth Bucket quotes.
When people I love come to my house for social fun, I get altogether too Hyacinth Bucket about the bathroom towel situation.
This Sunday afternoon let's watch something funny... how about 'Keeping Up Appearances' unleashing Hyacinth Bucket onto unsuspecting world.
It's all got very Hyacinth Bucket here today!
"It's not like I demand much of you, Richard!" - Hyacinth Bucket
MIL laughs at Hyacinth Bucket, but sends post to "Councillor Taylor" ie her son, because it is the correct way to address him...
"Today could be the day I am mistaken for someone important!" Hyacinth Bucket played by Patricia Routledge
Hyacinth Bucket ain't got nothing on Long Island Mary in a dress. I feel like I should be going to a fancy candlelight supper.
Another Saturday morning spent doing things for my Residents' Association. Yes, I am turning into the hideous love-child of Margo Ledbetter, Hyacinth Bucket and Richard Briers from Ever Decreasing Circles. Help!
Would like to say a huge happy 50 th to hyacinth bucket of Merton manor aka Julie Davies !! Hope you have a great day and night and the next 3 days are writ off cause you enjoyed yourself too much :) love always lee , Rachael , jack and Luke x
Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'Bouquet', according to her) plans another of her 'social entertainments' - a 'Waterside Supper Moment with Riparian Entertainments'. British slapstick comedy replete with the same lines, situations - predictable, and always funny. As 'Hyacinth', Patricia Rutledge is joined by other principal players, all actors trained in, working in, the best of British Stage Theatre.
Although there's a chance I could be the only parent dressing up at the SOTA TV character themed disco, my Hyacinth Bucket outfit is far too good to keep in the closet!
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