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Hyacinth Bucket

Hyacinth Bucket, who insists her last name is pronounced Bouquet , is the main character in the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances (1990 to 1995), played by Patricia Routledge.

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I had the weirdest dream and Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances was in it omg
well quite. I’m no Hyacinth Bucket but one has to look ones best/not worst
You know, to 'keep up appearances'. ... I suddenly envisioned Hyacinth Bucket in Widdershins. o_o Pride would love her!
"What made it...less tedious...was the Hyacinth Bucket memorial hotel...that these poor men wanted to cook in" AA Gill on Chefs on Trial :)
Believe me, Hyacinth Bucket is still alive and well in Middle England!
If Hyacinth Bucket taught him all he knows,what can possibly go wrong?
Bulb fields of the Netherlands... off the bucket list.. !
Her reaction was as if someone had criticised Hyacinth Bucket's home's cleanliness - revealing about her attitude to her UK
So, I'm a descendant of the 1st Earl of Lennox. No wonder I'm like Hyacinth Bucket, aristocracy in the blood.
whenever the phone rings I answer like Hyacinth Bucket.
Nice. Thanks for not bringing Hyacinth Bucket, one worries that she'd try to pry one off the wall for her own stately abode.
Time for the - Hyacinth Bucket is on the phone...
Nigel Farage pronounces his surname just as pretentiously as Hyacinth Bucket. And also, ironically, French.
I'd say being married to Lorraine Higgins would be way worse than being married to hyacinth buckét
It's a Hyacinth Bucket syndrome. They think they're 'posh…
It's a Hyacinth Bucket syndrome. They think they're 'posh' for not voting ALP
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"I will not have you standing out in the street half dressed. We have a social position to maintain." -Hyacinth Bucket
Is it ok to *slightly* fancy Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?. (asking for a friend, obviously)
Hyacinth Bucket is the light entertainment version of Norman Bates' Mother.
The thing I like most about Hyacinth Bucket is that she terrorises her neighbours and husband to the extent that they have mental illnesses.
Parent bulbs of this black hyacinth sold for £150K - What would Mrs Bucket say?!
Hyacinth Bucket is such an iconic tv character
I like ur work! This reminds me of Postman delivering mail to "Hyacinth Bucket" (Keeping Up Appearances)! 😉
Sarah Smith speaks like a mix between Hyacinth Bucket and Reverend I.M. Jolly after he's been to the dentist.
My commute takes me past a florist shop named (my hand to God) Hyacinth Bucket - Flowers for Occasions. Is England a parody of…
I personally think that Patricia Routledge (as Hyacinth Bucket) would be great as Walter White
'Well I do look a bit weird to somebody whose style icon is probaly Hyacinth Bucket' - the perils of directional shoes in the workplace
Apparently my American sister is in town & I've been summoned to buy her lunch. I'm very much the Onslow to her Hyacinth Bucket.
Basically become Hyacinth Bucket whenever a friend comes to my flat *cleans skirting boards* *irons teatowels*
Might make a good back seat driver. I'm thinking Hyacinth Bucket.
They just don't make girls like Hyacinth (Bucket) Bouquet anymore... thank goodness!
I suspect you are a frustrated Kipper. Lower middle class as an insult is rather Hyacinth Bucket.
Its amazing how many people in this world are just like Hyacinth Bucket
What is the missionary position in China these days Vicar? -Hyacinth Bucket :D lol lol lol
Here something from Hyacinth Bucket :) see, I wasn't first :) via ""
Perhaps they could solve the mystery of Hyacinth Bucket's chipped Spode.
All I can imagine is Hyacinth Bucket shouting 'Richarrrd' lolz xx
I feel the way about my Nora Fleming servingware that Hyacinth Bucket feels about her Royal Doulton with the Hand-Painted Periwinkles.
Let me know when our Hyacinth has another of her candlelight things, Richard. I'll come & have a bit of supper with Emmet.
Girl in shop looked baffled when I said flowery couch style jacket reminded me of Hyacinth Bucket. I am now genuinely an old person.
I plan on being like Hyacinth Bucket when im old 👍
Hyacinth Bucket is doing quite well
OH if it has to be an egotistical monster could it be Hyacinth Bucket?
Bedtime reading: "Howdy Mrs Bucket, Welcome to Texas', a Keeping Up Appearances fanfic in which Hyacinth and Richard visit 'the Dude Ranch'
I see a remarkable resemblance to Hyacinth Bucket !!! Sorry
surely not the Hyacinth Bucket part?
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I saw a lady in Chichester like that. Hyacinth Bucket from behind, but had a beautifully bushy moustache when she turned.
Mummy is very competitive, I'm sure she'll rise to the challenge.
yeah - but you didn't say it was Hyacinth Bucket did you :P
Hyacinth Bucket to referee the derby between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille.
Bronwyn bishop makes hyacinth bucket look like a chambermaid
If you suspected was lightweight before this interview, you can be certain of it now. So bland. So Hyacinth Bucket
I'm actually more inclined to laugh at people like that. Very Hyacinth Bucket!
Hyacinth Bucket is alive and well. Family with Xmas lights up in March receive hate mail calling them 'pikeys'
The woman who played hyacinth bucket filmed a detective series set around burnley and that is exactly what I'm watching
yeah, I've still got the ASBO for showing my Hyacinth Bucket in public..
.is putting on Keeping Up Appearances. As if living with Blackheaths answer to Hyacinth Bucket wasn't enough
That looks like the wedding cake Hyacinth Bucket would have
Who knew Hyacinth Bucket was on the glue! :D Sorry Malky, It was to good to pass up! :)
Like Hyacinth Bucket's 'Bouquet': Meet man named Mr. F**k…who insists it's 'Foo-kee'
Dad: Who was that woman on TV who pronounced her name as O'Nion, instead of onion?. Me: Hyacinth Bucket?. Dad: Yes her.
Rude not to get out the gorgonzola with the wine. Hyacinth Bucket would be proud. Terrifying cheese dreams tonight.
looking toward to your new books: 'Candlelit shed suppers' & 'cringeworthy attempts to social climb'. Move over Hyacinth Bucket.
Hyacinth Bucket is literally my inspiration
Except the "Hyacinth Bucket" brigade who thing torykip represents them.
Somehow don't think so. He actually lived at home with Mum and Dad until he married Hyacinth Bucket.
Josie has a firey way of dealing with her customers. Read and see!
I rather like this Hetty Wainthropp. Way different character than Hyacinth Bucket.
Hyacinth Bucket is such an abusive broad lol
My gran literally just said on the phone "this is a private line. Do not call this number again." Proper Hyacinth Bucket moment 😂😂😂
UKIP supporters interviewed by C4 News seem to include 1980s Boy George, Adrian Mole, David Brent and Hyacinth Bucket
...I was tempted by Hyacinth Bucket, but better not.
Hello Hyacinth,I saw you the other day,just wondering what on earth you were upto?
Hello Hyacinth,I saw a awful vehicle outside of your property this you know the owners?
he obviously thinks he's Hyacinth Bucket and "Keeping Up Appearances" Gary!! Coffee at 11 Elizabeth?! X😜😝
Perhaps Roy Clarke knew of this when he created Hyacinth Bucket in "Keeping Up Appearances"? ?
Do the panel think Emily Thornberry's 'Hyacinth Bucket' moment will impact on
Is Michael Gove the Hyacinth Bucket of the Tory Party? Doesn't he realise he's not as posh as the rest?
Makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket buying everything with a royal crest on it.
Got one thanks, here is a Hyacinth Bucket gif as payment:
On a hot day in LA, a 5 gallon bucket with water hyacinth is good for the bees.
Keeping Up Appearances never gets old. I adore Hyacinth Bucket
That's a new one. Spraying air freshener on your bin bags on bin day. To be fair she did look like Hyacinth Bucket...
BTW, speaking of mall clothes: thru Nordstrom last nite, majority of mannequin outfits were "Hyacinth Bucket" bad.
How lucky we are to have a bid of luxury after our narrow escape from the - Hyacinth Bucket
It's nothing serious, Hyacinth, he's just moving into different student accommodation, that's all.
They're probably just a different variety, Hyacinth.
I grew up today: removed a golfing Hyacinth Bucket from my desktop before sharing my screen.
What an *** Hyacinth Bucket was. Seriously man, what a vile boot.
One does have to be careful with floral. You can end up looking like Hyacinth Bucket. family...I love them dearly, especially at this time of year, when it gets dark early.  --Hyacinth Bucket, Keeping Up Appearances
Nope, I'm enjoying it in a large mug (or beaker as Hyacinth Bucket would say). :-)
wouldn't worry, Hyacinth Bucket seems to have his card marked.
Dr Sa'vage?? Looks like a posh way of saying Savage if you ask me 😉 A bit like Hyacinth Bucket 😄
o it's completely conducive to contemplating cosy charismatic country Hyacinth Bucket quote ever!! 😂😂
Blue plaques: Precocious and worthy of Hyacinth Bucket house owners everywhere
Not even soz about the fact that I love Hyacinth Bucket. She is incredible.
No I just like to have pretentions like Hyacinth Bucket. But we are having company over. :)
So far we've got Hyacinth Bucket and a
Today's comment from re my outfit:. "The bottom half is naughty school girl, the top half is Hyacinth Bucket".
.has woken up to inform me he's been dreaming about Hyacinth Bucket. Hmm.
I can cater for up to 20 people using matching wine glasses . I'm basically Hyacinth Bucket!
it would be hilarious. Sort of a like hyacinth bucket meets auf weidersein. Ill write it u direct it 😄 xx
I hear Hyacinth in the background and "Keeping Up Appearances." She is so funny. "That's bouquet not bucket."
Hyacinth Bucket just attempted to out-alliterate Batman.
"mind the crumbs, don't want to muck about!"- Hyacinth Bucket
you're like Sheffield's answer to Hyacinth Bucket, thanks
My mother is incessantly hoovering. Like a cross between lady macbeth and hyacinth bucket
I will not share milk bottles with an illicit love nest. --Hyacinth Bucket, Keeping Up Appearances
I think Sally Webster will morph in Hyacinth Bucket one day! Proper napkins she says! Lol
*turns nose up Hyacinth Bucket stylee*
weight off my mind :-) will have the joys of pushing her new wheelchair on release tho! She'll be like hyacinth bucket I'm sure!
why is Hyacinth Bucket on tonight's show?
“People who try to pretend they're superior make it so much harder for those of us who really are.” ― Hyacinth Bucket *happy sigh*
Ambition in life: be Hyacinth Bucket when I'm elderly
I've just realised mine is probably Hyacinth Bucket and I'm not sure how to feel about that
That piece with John Humphrys and Charlie Sloth had about as much to do with hip hop as Hyacinth Bucket.
- apparently 'Hyacinth Bucket' wore the pants in the marriage. I suspect even she didn't trust the lying rodent.
Mrs Margie Abbott must hate to travel with her husband unlike Mrs Hyacinth Bucket and JWH.
I wish Hyacinth Bucket had of released an album.
I'd love it even more if I didn't wrongly feel I was entering Hyacinth Bucket / Daily Mail H.Q.
"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere." —Mae West | I adore Mae West. She and Hyacinth Bucket are my role models *tee hee
I've even been asked if I'm sure my pronunciation is correct? *angry face* Its Portuguese and I'm not Hyacinth Bucket trying to be special.
Julie may measure the laying of the table, but she's no Hyacinth Bucket .
"Niece" is so Hyacinth Bucket, whoops i mean Bouquet lol...
The actress playing Rowena Drake in this was clearly influenced by Hyacinth Bucket. “Hallowe’en Party”
I had it installed because the house was pre-wired and Hyacinth Bucket has one
Aw, I'd love to try rowing! Well done!I could see me being like Hyacinth Bucket..the one when she falls in the river!
Mummy thought it was splendid of me and Tarquin to go and rebuild Romania.
*Hyacinth Bucket voice* I submit that Windows 8 be historically acknowledged as one of the biggest technology fails of the 21st century.
he acts a lot like Hyacinth Bucket.. lol
If you don't know Hyacinth Bucket, you don't know me.
Just worked it out. Ukip are Hyacinth Bucket. On acid
The one you've been waiting for: The Frillseeker guide to accessorising like Hyacinth Bucket
Hyacinth Bucket in "Keeping Up Appearances" is so much like my mother. Love her or hate her she's my mum. Ya get to understand them in time.
Sheridan, was it really necessary to go abc and rebuild Romania with Tarquin ?
I'm afraid I have already occupied that vacancy. There is room for a part time Hyacinth Bucket though
The question that remains unanswered is why Richard Bucket has remained married to Hyacinth.
It's pronounced Bouquet! "I would like a Hyacinth Bucket please:
Final thing I have to make is the trifle, The Hyacinth Bucket of desserts, I cannot bloody understand why clients always request one...
Aww. You should steal it anyway. But do it with Hyacinth Bucket.
goal !!! . Hyacinth Bucket = Wayne Rooney playing for England in the World Cup (
I would like a Hyacinth Bucket please:
Bloody hyacinth bucket is a walk in the park compared to some bloody impatient, Argo old UN's 😾
Keeping Up Appearances- The Three Piece Suite episode is one of the finest made! Hyacinth Bucket is my genuine twin 🙌😂👍
That moment you realise your Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances... 😬
I feel like Hyacinth Bucket waiting for her three piece sweet
I was just snobbish about my neighbours. I took the Hyacinth Bucket Challenge.
Sad when you are scrolling through the TV and excitedly see KEEPING UP then it turns out to be the KARDASHIAN'S and not Hyacinth Bucket!
I'll tell him, Richard, when I've finished mopping up this mess! Oh dear! I'm terribly sorry, Hyacinth!
Liz is very nice, really. It's just that she lives next door to Hyacinth.
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Thank you, Hyacinth. I think Emmet's busy this morning ...
Supporting you and Sheridan, I don't have much opportunity to be economical anywhere, Hyacinth.
Forget it, Sheridan, I'm not falling for bribery!
I call it the "Hyacinth Bucket"syndrome.When those with a little more think they are Tories.
That's the problem. Too many men like Rose.
Richard I WILL not have you discussing Daddy's problems in public.
My Sheridan and his friends are all very artistic.
If you add an extra tenner onto my allowance this month, Daddy, I won't tell Mummy.
What about Tarquin, Sherdian ? Everyone thinks he is fleecing you for money.
That's why my cosmetic expenditure is so high, Daddy
With my own fair hand, Uncle Onslow.
I nominate Patricia Routledge for the Hyacinth Bucket challenge.
I nominate you for the Hyacinth Bucket challenge.
has schooled me in the ways of hyacinth bucket. I can't go back now, I am emersed in it. I want to do a "bouquet challenge"
It's rather a shame Hyacinth and Richard Bucket never stayed a weekend at Fawlty Towers.
Just fetching another bottle of beer for the snail traps, Hyacinth. There'll be a lot of snails after this rain.
Hyacinth thinks Emmett has a thing for her 😁
I like Rose. She's just a bit mixed up, that's all.
I'm sure Hyacinth will take care of that.
Tell Rose to stay away from Emmett !!!
She puts it down to him being artistic.
On the other hand he fosters your taste for unaffordable luxury
On one hand he takes some of the financial pressure off me.
One of many Richard one of many as we know
with Hyacinth again that and taking needlepoint
very obvious. Might be time to have the talk
Wasn't it one of Rose's gentlemen friends?
I never wondered there are so many hints it is
Haven't you ever wondered why he's not interested in girls?
A real challenge would be if everyone had to make a sculpture out of ice of Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances.
Isn't it time you gave Daisy some lovin Onslow
I hope you're not going to be a pinchpenny Richard.
Richard dear you know I love to talk about Sheridan.
I WILL not have people comparing Sheridan with Onslow!
My son Sheridan has a very sensitive skin. Like his mummy.
Sheridan has won prizes for his embroidery.
Omg Billy & Coleen will do the ice bucket challenge :)
Who the chuffin' heck is Mr. Sudbury?
Hyacinth Bucket. Spell that with a Q. PS: Your shop girl was super nice, lazyoaf 👏 @ Lazy Oaf Shop
Hello Vicar. Sorry about yesterday. I don't think Hyacinth meant to dump a hot …
Although Uncle wears it as a badge of honour.
We couldn't afford another one like him.
I do the curtains. It's T's flat so his Mum pays the bill.
I'd be an impoverished student if not for Tarquin
Once you've worn silk pyjamas, Daddy, no others will do
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Poor Mummy prefers to live in a state of wilful ignorance.
Why do people keep placing plants and flowers next to objects before photographing them? Is it the Hyacinth Bucket complex?
Suppose Sheridan picked up the slacker attitude from Onslow !
Can't blame it on Daddy, it's the old biddies he goes after.
Sorry, it was a joke. Pic is Hyacinth Bucket, a pretentious woman who says it ‘bouquet”. From BBC show “Keeping Up Appearances”.
Executive overalls? Susan is the Hyacinth Bucket of Ambridge - all is revealed!
Phil Collins, followed by Mike from Breaking Bad, and then Hyacinth Bucket (it's pronounced bouqueeet)
If they bring back Lovejoy I demand Cadfael and Hyacinth Bucket
Ye gods She could remove people's ears w…
As long as you don't come with a request for more money, Sheridan.
A little too keen, according to the vicar.
have a look on my TL fella! And don't tell that lady in the first pic, that's my Mum! Hyacinth Bucket! X
she's a particular kind of annoying ;p I liken her to Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances
Man, couldn't have played worse if they'd had Hyacinth Bucket as a Midfielder.
Perhaps I'll pay Mummy and Daddy a visit this week.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I was shocked when I wondered why I could hear Hyacinth Bucket.
Are you a spiritual Hyacinth Bucket? Merely keeping up spiritual appearances?
Betty Boothroyd and Hyacinth Bucket are devastated to be banned from
Richard you are British, and the sea is in your blood! (Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances)
"If that's an example of Post Office humor, they have no right to keep putting their charges up!" — Hyacinth Bucket
Economy Plus is what Hyacinth Bucket would fly.
I am on the Isle of Wight - it feels like the kind of place I could run into Hyacinth Bucket at any minute...
they're so Hyacinth Bucket: "these meyacaroons are eyapsoluteleh maahvellous."
Mummy's lullabies prevented sleep rather than promoted it.
Actually I have fond memories of Mummy's lullabies.
Poor Mummy is a keen contributor to parish life
And this is how Mummy's hospitality is repaid?
Looking forward to the arrival of the parents this evening, what a week. Hyacinth bucket and Larry David on tour.
In other news *adopts Hyacinth Bucket voice*, it's muh sistah's birthday today. We shall have tea and light refreshments.
My friend's inner voice is Dougal from Father Ted. Mine, unfortunately, is Hyacinth Bucket. God, I really need to kick her out.
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Trust me it almost did make me cry or wince actually both lol
I have seen her try to sing the songs from "The Boyfriend"
Ye gods She could remove people's ears with a voice like that
feel t pain. Just screamed 'Walkies' in a Hyacinth Bucket voice @ this Mutha new neighbours lookin on
What do the Beatles, Hyacinth Bucket and the working class of Luton have in common?
friend told me yesterday about an ex who was so Hyacinth Bucket the Heinz had to sit on the floor under the table. Amazing.
Did scented moisturiser after me shower. We've all done it yeah? I smell like Hyacinth Buckét.
I can't wait to retire, so I can finally focus on my life objective of becoming Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances
When I'm 60, I will be Richard from Keeping Up Appearances. Overpowered by a Hyacinth Bucket like woman dragging me into village life.
The Chase wasn't it hyacinth 'bucket' as the joke was that she tried to posh it up by pronouncing it 'bouquet'?!
Mummy's voice could always reduce me to tears
Today is sponsored by Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet!). One of my favourite quotes of all time –
I want to attain Hyacinth Bucket levels of denial in life. There's a true heroine.
In Spain . Couple in the room next door rawly going at it. I'm half "good on you" and half Hyacinth Bucket.
Can't stop thinking of hyacinth Bucket, (Keeping Up Appearances) when I hear the Italian national anthem.
Harrogate. We've been to the Aga shop, had tea at Betty's and now we're in the hotel made famous by Alan Bennett. Hyacinth Bucket tours.
Addressing grassroots issue: the Dail's lawn During the order of bus this week, the Hyacinth Bucket of the...
The Hyacinth Bucket in me is bristling."The Mild household, how may I help you?"
"supper" makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances!
Just had an opening in a conversation to say "when I was at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party..." the Hyacinth Bucket in me will out
oh definitely, or maybe I'm just embracing my inner Hyacinth Bucket!
not really, although Hyacinth Bucket is a great comedy character.
“The Chinese takeaway”….lol….that phrase reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!)
Obvious but no interest in the football tournament. Too busy watching Hyacinth Bucket giving one of her candle light supers.
Ever so annoying when you're in a bookshop and this happens. Even more so when ou're just looking at a shelf.
poor Richard early retirement isn't for everyone, case in point Her Majesty (no not Hyacinth!!!)
I'm Keeping Up Appearances: The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
I'm the Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) of the culinary world. * walks off with skirt tucked into knickers*
I once put 'Hyacinth Bucket in my phone for my mother. Because she's a snob! But love 'Keeping Up Appearances'
If you know who Hyacinth Bucket is we can be friends
Hyacinth Bucket is just… I love her. I would love to go to one of her candle light suppers.
Sally Webster is the Hyacinth Bucket of the street.
This is the image they always conjure up for me, when the xenophobe vibe is strong - Hyacinth Bucket.
Lies, lies, lies … on learning to ignore my inner Hyacinth Bucket
If you're camping with Hyacinth Bucket then yes also camping? In Australia? .
still has a 'Hyacinth Bucket' or 'Fawlty Towers' feel to the whole thing!
as an outsider, what comes to mind reading about that is Hyacinth Bucket. She must be the representation of British values
"This is not the Chinese takeaway. And will you please get off my white slimline telephone with last number redial." -Hyacinth Bucket
“you are obviously still hanging around with Mrs Bucket! lol”//why ever would I depart from Hyacinth!
Wheelie bin liners. Is there an actual reason for them? They just make me think of Hyacinth Bucket.
Then again, this is Hyacinth Bucket we're talking about...
day 10: Hyacinth Bucket's Book of Etiquette (reminds me of someone I love: yes, Mum!)
We even have Jayne, the snob, better known as Hyacinth Bucket!
Someone said the other day that Nippy has gone from Suzi Quattro to Hyacinth Bucket in 10 years. Good!
Convinced the woman on the right is Hyacinth Bucket. Given that my alma mater Patricia is from B’head… .
Order Miche Bag Online!
Absolutely fascinating article by Peter Kellner on the politics of class. Capt Mainwaring vs Hyacinth Bucket:
Sunday nights on PBS just aren’t the same w/out Hyacinth Bucket in the lineup. I need her candlelight suppers to help jump-start my week.
No, ma'am. Good? He doesn't kick the bucket, does he?
Hyacinth Bucket has some legs on her tho 😛
When I'm older I want to be just like Hyacinth Bucket
Oh god, I'm so much like Hyacinth Bucket
That moment when you realise you and Hyacinth Bucket have similar views on situation. Yup, that moment.
Okay, so long as you don't invite any women over for candlelight suppers who look like Hyacinth Bucket
It kind of looks like Hyacinth Bucket visiting Onslow, though.
I've just noticed that Hyacinth Bucket and I have the same eye roll
Why am I thinking of Hyacinth Bucket's sisters and brother in law Onslow? :-)
First name Hyacinth . Last name Bucket. like a british comedy show. I just can't take it
Beautiful photos. She looks a bit Hyacinth Bucket! (but with sense of humour)
How nice to see a model of Hyacinth Bucket in the window of our local German bakery
We really are deluded in this country.We are the Hyacinth Bucket of the international community.
Ed & Sammy. Thank you for making my Soiree special - Hyacinth Bucket!
"Don't go around saying you were homeless, people will judge.". - Sally is so Hyacinth Bucket.
Well, OK, I just didn't want him kicking the bucket or anything like that.
Want to apply for my audition song would be rule britannia, my inspiration Hyacinth Bucket.
On the train sitting next to my least favourite type of English person - a wannabe snob who can't afford first class. Hyacinth Bucket-esque
I hate it when I have to go all Hyacinth Bucket on the phone (the bit when she's gets unsolicited calls not the lady of the house bit).
he got the answer machine, thought he'd rang Hyacinth Bucket by mistake!!
This is very true, my Gran tries to be Posh but is only a smarter Hyacinth Bucket.
Drowning not waving. Saw two retirees having the time of their lives surfing the escalators laughing. It soon became apparent the poor chap had fallen backwards, knocked his wife over and they'd both been carried up the escalators with their luggage body-boarding backward style. It wasn't funny. And I did help. But surely I'm allowed a little chuckle for the Hyacinth Bucket sailing garb and Baby Boomer tans? No? Oh ok.
I got to the end of that and was amazed not to see it signed by Hyacinth Bucket (Mrs)
I shouldn't think so Hyacinth. He was probably just overwhelmed by your hat.
Me too, I'm scared of coming across like Hyacinth Bucket but Korean students I work with like it
Christine Hamilton is the Hyacinth Bucket of UKIP. Almost chucked up my cocoa at the Union Jack dress.
I love to hate Zelena.. she's like a crazy, sexy Hyacinth Bucket. Your, my dear, are brilliant! Much love.
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