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Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States.

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Hussein Obama will flee to his birthplace Kenya B4 he gets arrested for crimes agnst America! ARREST…
"Come with me while I fundamentally change the face of America..."_Barack Hussein Obama. Obama dragged the U.S. back to 1861…
While you're at it, tell the FBI to arrest Barry Soetoro, AKA B. Hussein Obama,…
Time for the press to see if Hillary and B. Hussein Obama disavow this sleazy democrat
. Donald J Trump. Barack Hussein Obama. George W Bush. William Jefferson Clinton. for such a time as this.
B. Hussein Obama lived up to his middle name & membership of Muslim Brotherhood, which…
Hussein Obama forgot that he was elected Senator and President of US because of ex IL Governor Blagojevich. Hussein…
Barrack Hussein Obama's name offends me, he needs to go back to Barry!
You're 7 months too late. We had the most dishonest President in American History: Barack Hussein Obama.
On 12/15/10, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal aliens using AK-47s given to them by Hussein Obama's…
J** OFF Hussein Obama thought he was so cute @ The White House Correspond…
Putzboy,did you admire Hussein Obama for allowing Otto Warmbrier to die in North Korea?If his name…
Barack Hussein Obama went to college under a foreign student name Berry Soetoro which is either FELONY or TREASON
*** did Obama do? Huh? How bout Bob Levinson? Barack Hussein Obama cared more bout releasing ter…
Known by many names Barry Soetoro. Barack Hussein Obama. The world's gr…
Love that Trump is dismantling Hussein Obama's legacy piece by piece. Hussein was a 3rd world Kenyan Muslim traitor.
Chicago mayor is an *** ..but what do you want from a buddy of Barry Barack Hussein Obama aka Satan in human form???
you the people elected a man named Barrack Hussein Obama as president what did you expect .the fall of USA sharia law enforced
also bring in the bush crime family for making Hussein Obama possible the warned us during the deb…
good idea since our last president -anti American trader Barrack Hussein Obama left his moles behind to continue to wreak havoc.
An illegal wiretap would have been the very LEAST of Hussein Obama's crimes. How about supplying the Sinaloa drug cartel with…
Hussein Obama trying to get General Flynn arrested . Where was he when committed all her crimes?
Seems like the correct thing to do. Maybe give them a little missile tech too. Hussein Obama wou…
Hussein Obama and his milton bradley chess players chose 7 banned Muslim nations for admin:
barak Hussein Obama was thie! worst president in American History,,. gh15 approved. lion of Judah
Can you imagine if elites would have pulled these shenanigans against Hussein Obama repeatedly? SICKENING
We the people V Harrison j Islam aka Barrack Hussein Obama cause for action treason sedition and vast conspiracies to overthrow government
I don't think it is possible to beat ISIS while its cofounder Hussein Obama is living in the White House.
Hussein Obama is a typical lazy Kenyan. Sooner he's out of Oval Office the better.
"Ohio State University" Will Hussein Obama say, "this is because of the Christian crusades? Condolences to the families who lost loved ones
Who gives a dam what Hussein Obama thinks
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And you can draw a straight line from Henry Wallace to B Hussein Obama. In other words, the Commies = Dem Party. It…
No Truth to rumor Hussein Obama's pseudonym on private server was *** King Bymboes". That was someone else.
Facts go back 3,000+ years since King David made Jerusalem eternal capital of Israel. Not "policy" Hussein Obama or others change
Hussein Obama infinitely more wicked than late King Hussein of Jordan. Sad Israelis can't understand that.
Since time of King David Jerusalem has been & will always be capital of Israel. Hussein Obama's perversion of history matters 0.
Hussein Obama is classic Islamic apologist. He promotes Islam more than King of S. Barbaria.
that piece of s*** Hussein Obama was a disgrace from the beginning when he kissed the Ring of Saudi Arabia King
Wait, you mean the all mighty Barack Hussein Obama LIED?
WAKE UP AMERICA! This is the Bush - Klinton Dynasty/Oligarchy who controls Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah!
..".Islam is the religion of peace and love..". Hussein Obama
CROKKED hilary should not be ALLOWED on the STAGE,HUSSEIN obama REFUSED to ENFORCE the LAWS of AMERICA,she CHEATED,lied and STO…
Our fearless leader Barack Hussein Obama is going to spend two days out of every week supporting . What a…
Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to burn this country down before he is evicted from the public housing project on Penn Ave.
Heres what Democrats elected twice folks. Read title of book Obama Hussein has in his hand.
THe is no coverage, NO HUSSEIN obama LASHING out or LORETTA LYNCH and DEFINITELY no CROOKED hilary, these ***
Paul Ryan married to Janna Little a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, who voted for Barack Hussein Oba…
Hillary's only accomplishment was getting Barrack Hussein Obama to keep her *** out of…
Hispanic my *** That cat looks almost as Muslim as Hussein Obama when he bowed to Muslim king
I said this before, Hussein Obama could be the REAL leader of ISIS. Hussein Obama did bow to the King Abdullah.
This is what a jihadist John Kerry sent by Hussein Obama to poison deserve .…
I support King Putin. He knows what the muslims are up to and its never any good! And he doesn't suck up to the Saudi's like Hussein Obama.
Hussein Obama lets in 9956 unvetted & only lets in 52 who Syrian (ISIS) are killing
his Christian name is Barry soto. Why does he go by Barrack Hussein Obama if he's Christian
Its about time we stop the lawless radical De Facto NBP/BLM Muslim Brotherhood Leader; Barrack Hussein Obama. ht…
Hussein Obama talks about his strategy for waging economic jihad against the middle class:
Hussein Obama talks about waging economic jihad against the middle class:
.Lynch is a more politically correct puppet. She acts afraid of "offending" her boss. Barry Soetoro.aka Hussein Obama
I think Jimmy Carter is sleeping well these days. B. Hussein Obama is officially the worst US president EVER!
Hussein Obama is not what the founding fathers intended. Luckily they put the 2nd amendment in to stop dictators!
B Hussein Obama's islamic republic deletes all references to 'islam' from the Orlando terrorist's calls
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well depends does Hussein Obama have an ax to grind with Clinton?
Hussein Obama is like the Mohammed Atta of presidents.
plus at time Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was a Sec of State under Hussein Obama . Both were in a Dem. PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN
Everyone send your "Thank You" cards to the P.resident of our White House... Barry-cades Hussein Obama
Mr O never legally changed his name from Barry Soetero to B Hussein Obama. Fact. Went to college as foreign student.
Richard Nixon was an Eagle Scout compared to Hussein Obama. Barry should be impeached, imprisoned, and put on trial for his crimes.
What ! You mean the rest of the world will speak to us if we disobey Hussein Obama and vote !
it's because Hussein Obama is a racist.
Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim thief bent on destroying this country and doesn't care what color you are.He hates christians
President Donald J. Trump, now that sounds like American Awesomeness. Barrack Hussein Obama not so much
The salad bar was closed and I got no milk for my oreos. Hussein Obama strikes again.
Maybe it's because shi'ites see him as their Imam Mahdi? Sheik Hussein Obama
No one will ever talk like this 2 President Trump! Barack Hussein Obama very very weak!
Call him with his full name Hussein Obama and you will understand.
Hussein Obama looking at nominating a Islamic Muslim on the Supreme Court. TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN
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I know Hussein Obama & Moochele better start packing, Malia & Sasha too, and no class Granny.
Indonesian-raised Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama) begins his campaign toward in the U.S.:.
We HAD the change candidate in Hussein Obama tune to Make American Great Again
I want Hussein Obama to personally come to my house, try to take my Bible and guns, and order me to obey. He is NOT my king. I defy him!
Won't be surprised if Hussein Obama visits Iran in the months ahead! He is more concerned about Iran than he is about America!
Hussein Obama is a thief of Gaddafi money.He killed those people too get at their $Than set up money making machines.However they did wrong.
It is 2016 not 1942.What about the people doing crimes against humanity and war crimes now.Do you see Bush's or Hussein Obama in trouble?
Hussein Obama is a thief.Been a muslim theif since he lied into office.Think of some of his crimes and murders that he did.
Saddam Hussein is a friend not the Bush's,Hussein Obama or other Jews and ***
I would not put this pass Barack Hussein Obama. He and his General Attorney was behind the "Fast and Furious". So!
Any president was and will be better that Obama Hussein...At least Bush wouldn't tolerate terrorist. Obama take...
Funny, how libtards didn't care too much about the 14th amendment in 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama with a fake SS no. was running.
Cruz & Rubio were not the kind of folks the founders were concerned with re: "Natural Born Citizen". It was folks like Barack Hussein Obama.
Is this the real reason Barack was crying..
Is this the real reason Barack was crying?...
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You Overlooked looking into the Citizenship of Barrack Hussein Obama, a very serious error afraid. Ted Cruz wont make it up.
Barack Hussein Obama eyes 6 military bases to house surge of illegals
Black Christian Lives do Matter Barack Hussein Obama save the Christians in Europe before any Islam come here 2 US
Please vote to remove Obama from office. TRUMP NOW
Like Obama took a while to hear Hussein! Not good advertisment!♡
for refusing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States concerning immigration
Barack Hussein Obama managed to win two elections but you're telling me Rafael Edward Cruz can't win one?
President Barack Hussein Obama should immediately pass an Executive Order DISQUALIFYING white supremacist Trump from running
Hillary Rodham Clinton will never be charged for her criminal acts under Barack Hussein Obama's Genera…
Look 7 years now of the *** quasi commie, affirmative action boy king Hussein Obama and NO PROG utopia ...Ha Ha.
Anyone who still supports Hussein Obama hates America and wants America lovers DEAD. Pelosi, Reid, McCain.
No doubt they got their script from Hussein Obama
Juan Williams is a racist. He will never"rebuke" Hussein Obama.
ALWAYS FOR CRIMINAL USE! The only one who took on Hussein Obama was Cruz he took on the Supreme Court & won! 😉
Gosh. Sounds like.. like.. oh yeah. Barry Soetero/B. Hussein Obama. Like that. . is a rag.
B Hussein Obama: “We know that President Bashar al-Assad protected Christians in Syria.” .
Can't wait to have this in theaters. . How that pig Clinton discarded the Bengazi 4 for her king. Hussein Obama.
It's all part of the master plan orchestrated by Hussein Obama, Zombie Saul Alinsky, and Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam!
Hussein Obama's church BLT is at the root of all of it
Hussein Obama was indoctrinated into BLT Preaches hatred 4.
Hussein Obama is black , wrong image you jahannamis are using
Raven Symone. Lets look at some names that Raven wouldn't call. Queen Latifah. Barak Hussein Obama. Beyonce Knowles. and Raven Symone.. herself
Hussein Obama was his name . but if you ask him he had it changed. He came to DC to tear apart our country,
Hussein Obama is a strict follower of his 'Christianity' (wink, wink).
I think Hussein Obama's 'religion' is followed by other mixed race ppl .
I bet his 'religion' was the same as mixed race Hussein Obama's.
Hussein Obama is throwing a tantrum about it but doesn't want to expose his support 4 ISIS .
ur still too scared to read about Hussein Obama's brand of 'Christianity' Ever heard of Rev Wright?
& Hussein Obama have a lot in common, they both hate
not Hussein Obama's type of Christianity I assume.
Hussein Obama would rather place 3 or 4 armed islamic terrorists at US schools,. Y?.
Hussein Obama would never condone such an attack.he's (wink, wink).
Hussein Obama hasn't lost his mind, he's just a devote believer, but aren't they all?
islam hates Christians, but u know who else does? Followers of Hussein Obama's religion Black Lib Theology
When u hear people like Megyn Kelley run their mouths, the more u know they're clueless about the real Hussein Obama
Hussein Obama ordered to take in 10,000+ Harami Muslims in next year. ★Handwara 2006 M…
There have been very few Muslim Nobel Prize winners, but these two are the most famous. Yasser Arafat. Barack Hussein Obama
unbelievable. Leftovers from Sadam Hussein. Gifts from Hussein Obama to his new friends
. No I love president Barrack Hussein Obama, our first black american president, great jobs,economy, healthcare,
our muslim president Hussein Obama has planted Muslim Brotherhood types in our government.must remove them as President
this message approved by Barrack Hussein Obama
Hussein Obama is black. Rachel Dolzeal is black. Shaun King is black. And blacks built the pyramids. 😂🐵🔫💩
"Four score and.umm...a long time ago, I...umm...won the Battle of Gettysburg" - Hussein Obama delivers Gettysburg Address
Bush 43rd and Americans despised the names Hussein(saddam) and Osama. Karma brought in president Hussein Obama, who reincarnated brand USA
Barrack Hussein Obama challenges us Kenyans to elect leaders of high moral standards like him
Barrack Hussein Obama... he is such an incredible man
Kenyan prince Hussein Obama married American princess Michelle and was then crowned king of America
Which perhaps explains the total lack of progress. Well done Hussein Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States. His corruption, lies, greed, and hypocrisy know no end.
Unfortunately I felt like the body was for Barack Hussein Obama and his team too evaluate I was now moving into the tongue thet meh speaketh
Funny how the brave mainstream media left this out of reports about Candidate Barack Hussein Obama!
When it comes too my body I would let it be in the know too Barack Hussein Obama I do not take lower society seriously
This is why letting Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama off is cause for a Constitutional Crisis, not 2 mention Treason!
Let's just end this now with favorability rating: REPBUS - 12% OUR PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama 48%.114th WORTHLESS CONGRESS
Hello, Barack Hussein Obama: You can't "Run, or Hide!" Islam declared war on America, & Obama, Sir, you sided with radical Islam. Impeach!
More casualties in Hussein Obama's economic jihad against the American people:
Dear We the people did not elect you in Nov to work with Barack Hussein Obama. We are watching & we're taking names.
The U S Congress may be working on the impeachment of President Barack Hussein Obama. It is a lengthy process and appears to
Barack Hussein Obama is not the 43rd President of the U.S. but rather the 42nd?
"Make no mistake. You all have made a terrible mistake." - Barrack Hussein Obama
Obama's biggest lie ever: I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United Sta…
Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, Abortion on demand, Gendercide, Genocide, pedophilia & murder are now commonplace in America.
If GOD is with the MR President Barack Hussein Obama, who is that can be against the MR President ?
Stay with GOD, MR American President Barack Hussein Obama, that the world is his.
Care of the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama, Oh! OUR LORD CHRIST JESUS, today , tomorrow and always,
with GOD in the Front, the Peace is the Guide of the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama
Protect and Guard in Safety are and Save and free of all evil, the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama,
Divine is the Lamb of the Cross, Bless the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama,
And the body of the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama,
separates oh! GOD the soul of MR American President Barack Hussein Obama of all the evil company
Blessed be the light of day, Blessed be the guide MR American President Barack Hussein Obama,
as the daughters of a GREAT America President Barack Hussein Obama, already that the lady never know what is this.
Again the Democrats starting with their leader Barry Sotoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama.
and that is a American President Barack Hussein Obama the LEADER more applauded in the world and respected wherever he goes.
You forgot the one corruption, certifying Barack Hussein Obama II was a constitutionally recognized natural born citizen.
Pls support to say NO to new US Military Base at . Sign & RT: htt…
Hussein Obama’s laughable new 'plan' against ISIS signals that U.S. still in for a long war in Iraq
Hmmm, an Islamic Caliphate? the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. B. Hussein Obama
The longest PhD so far I've known of was done by the DEAR MOM of our favorite President Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.
The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.—B. Hussein Obama »
With a moron like Hussein Obama working for them they will lose huge against Israel. Just sayin' Barry is short in the loafers
Eric Holder, Hussein Obama, Al Sharpton, and many others are to blame for the war on Police.
Brian Terry, U.S. Marine and border agent, was murdered by narcoterrorists using guns supplied by Hussein Obama and Eric Hold…
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were left behind to die by Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama.
Nobel Peace Prize: Committee chairman is demoted. This is the moron that gave Hussein Obama the Peace Prize!.
Allen West: Barack Hussein Obama, is a fraud artist who became the 1st. black U.S. President & failure!
How Could Stanley Ann Dunham has given birth to Hussein Obama when this was going on?
Hummm thanks American Thinker... For finally realizing Hussein Obama is a Muslim traitor to America and the free world...
FOIA :Barry Soetoro(B.Hussein Obama )applied to Occidental College as a foreign student.Does that bother you ?
One thing Hussein Obama has done right, his Anti-semitism has shown liberal American Jews the light
Please put Hussein Obama, Mooch, Jarrett, Al Sharpton, Pelosi and Lerner on it! One way ticket!
George W Bush was just as delusional as democrats but not as diabolical as B Hussein Obama. Islam is at war with us.
"People actually showed up at the readings my publisher arranged. The sales were underwhelming."_Barack Hussein Obama, author.
"His own base among black nationalists were upset with his willingness to cut whites and Hispanics into the action."_Barack Hussein Obama.
"Only white culture could be nonracial, willing to adopt the occasional exotic into its ranks.”__Barack Hussein Obama
“The title of Reverend Wright’s sermon that morning was “The Audacity of Hope.”_Barack Hussein Obama who claims he never heard racism spoken
"You think you have control, but you are like a fly in somebody else’s web."_Barack Hussein Obama
“I thought I could start over, you see. But now I know you can never start over. Not really."_Barack Hussein Obama
"Chinua Achebe: I like his books very much. He speaks the truth about Africa's predicament. the Nigerian, the Kenyan"_Barack Hussein Obama.
“But you see, a rich country like America can perhaps afford to be stupid.” _Barack Hussein Obama.
"I was learning that black people could be mean & then some."__Barack Hussein Obama.
“That's just how white folks will do you. It wasn't merely the cruelty involved.."__Barack Hussein Obama
"I started to reexamine my assumptions & recalled the (Communist) values my mother & grandparents had taught me."__Barack Hussein Obama.
"Increasingly we feel the need to match the Republican right in stridency and hardball tactics."_Barack Hussein Obama
"They (Stupid Americans_ don't always understand the arguments between right and left, conservative and liberal."__Barack Hussein Obama.
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If it takes a late hit or cheap shot to beat the other team, so be it, for winning is all that matters."__Barack Hussein Obama.
Still awaiting justice for Brian Terry who was gunned down by narcoterrorists using weapons suppied by Hussein Obama and Eric Holder
Kirsten powers is a rank amateur just like Hussein Obama. Destroying the economy of our enemies will lead to war anyway .
Hussein Obama was not signing anything but bowing down in front of the King of KSA. Check out.
Why is the Hussein Obama downplaying the terror threat?
King Abdullah knows how to respond... Hussein Obama - not so much.
Hussein Obama's 1/2 brother, Malik, is active in the Muslim Brotherhood and is headed for a terrorist watch-list in Egypt.
Oh yeah this countries black people had to have civil rights to be presidents anyway oh yeah and Barrack Hussein Obama also said that all
Folks, Credit Where Credit is Due; The Guillotine When Not; Barack Hussein Obama (BO) aka Barry Soetoro (BS) We nod in silent agreement when BS aka BO repeatedly takes "credit" for killing Usama Bin Laden. We allow this honor-thief to take credit on the one hand for the initiative, service and risk of others but stop short of crediting him with the "rest of the story"; and we wonder why, in spite of insistence that success is Barack's middle name, devastating reality of tragic loss and diminished prestige stares us in the face, more stark each day. Why do we not "credit" the Commander in Sheik with affording Usama Bin Laden a dignified, traditional, Sharia compliant, Muslim burial at sea, that made him a martyr and role model to millions of enemy terrorists? Should we have given military honors while we were at it? Whenever anyone credits BS aka BO with killing Bin Laden they should finish the sentence; if not, finish it for them. Barack eschews funerals and the opportunity, often the responsibility, to g ...
the indispensable next American president... Conservative Neurosurgeon DrDr. Ben Carson and liberal president B.Hussein Obama, can go back to Indonesia, or Kenia, or wherever country he is from!...
Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who served under President Bill Clinton, weighs in on the dissention taking place between Hussein Obama and the intelligence services as it relates to the information gathering during the growth of ISIS. In commenting Woolsey said, “I think the ‘president’ has a pr…
Hello Oprah: Barack Hussein Obama, should be hung upside-down from an Old Oak Tree, he`s Islam`s Trojan Horse! He`s no Rev, M.L. King!
Remember, our president of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, does not believe in Christmas. Or Christianity.
President Reagan. Barrack Hussein Obama. Those two names should not be in the same sentence... Ever!
Radical Extremest Muslims like Hussein Obama kill other Muslims like Blacks are Killing Blacks in his City Chicago
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Here we find respected democrat, Jeff Jarvis, calling out Hussein Obama's abject
Will Smith wrote the poem that convey the oblivious to the masses. But when you have no hope, and the change promised is turning everything you hold to be the truth is turned upside down and backwards, this is the society engineered by Hussein Obama. We have had these problems for awhile, but parents not raising the children to go into a self induced zombie state of mind. Why do they have time and money for drugs and not the children? 2yrs of unemployment, EBT cards, Obamaphones, cash for clunkers, Social Security disability payments why worry? No responsibility for parents when grandma will clean up the troubling kids with a home and cooked meals. There's a nurturing environment for the kids, but the parent/parents will grab the kids to secure money on the EBT cards and welfare payments. They use the kids to finance crack, crystal meth, booze, a flop house where predictors get access to warp the minds of the next generation. And the pure innocent of the kids are stripped away from ridicule of the haves f ...
WATCH THE VIDEO MADE BEFORE OBAMA WAS "SELECTED" Then read why we cannot co-exist with these people... We are delusional if we think we can. Closing your eyes and singing Kumbaya and taking a verbal flogging every day in some form while they hammer the country through a co-opted media that America is flawed.. will ultimately make you possibly believe it too. Patriots... we must Revolt and take back America or Rot in this *** ! THIS IS JAMES CONE Founder of black liberation theology. The Theory that Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones and Eric Holder and ALL THE BLACK PROGRESSIVES BELIEVE IN... Here is a detailed read about him. Professor of Systematic Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City Views America as an irredeemably racist nation "What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of Black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, . ...
(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- It seems as though Hussein Obama delights in using a Muslim name to describe Peter Kassig, the former Army Ranger who was recently beheaded by the swine of ISIS. The occupant of the White House offered his “prayers and condolences” to Kassig’s parents, saying o…
While Hussein Obama is busily selling out the United States economically to foreign interests in China, he’s also busy doing the same thing to other foreign interests domestically. Fox News has obtained the details of the illegal Hussein Obama amnesty decree, the bullet points of which are below: Th…
"THE TRUTH WILL COME TO LIGHT" *GuberGate: will make Pres. Richard M. Nixon, (look-good) . *DE-FUND this Pres.B.Hussein Obama or *IMPEACH ?
Hussein Obama's criminal regime left 4 Americans to in Benghazi & viciously tried to deny health care to 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan
More evidence of Hussein Obama's vicious war against freedom of the press:
I am so glad that Hussein Obama is taking the horrible threat of ebola very seriously. No, the newly named ebola czar has no medical background nor experience with this dreaded disease. He is not a doctor. He is an attorney. His only credential is being the head of AL Gore's campaign and Joe Biden's campaign. Those guys are easily two of the biggest stupid *** in the history of our nation. If he can make those *** electable, handling the outbreak of ebola should be easy.
Charles Krauthammer speaks out on the Ebola crisis and the recent appointment of an Ebola czar by Hussein Obama, a move which has garnered a less than enthusiastic response from Krauthammer. He’s characterizes the U.S. Health services’ response to Ebola as being in keeping with their history of bein…
Liberals love Jon Stewart, they think he is as intelligent as Barack Hussein Obama!
REJECTED AND STRESSED...!! Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga was on Friday embarrassed badly after he tried to book an appointment with US President, Barrack Obama, without using the Embassy in Washington. Raila, who is at Yale University in Connecticut for a political and development lecture programme, tried to contact White House so that he can speak with his “cousin” Barrack Obama. According to Raila Odinga, Obama is his distant cousin because his great-great grandfather comes from Kogelo village where Obama’s late father, Hussein Obama, was born. Every time Raila goes to the United States, he tries in vain to access the White House so that he can have a word with Obama. According to our source, Raila, who is on a 3 -week visit to the United States, tried in vain to contact Obama telling him he is the “official Opposition Leader in Kenya”. But in an official reply from President Obama’s private secretary, Raila Odinga was told that the US President can only meet Kenyan dignitaries that bo ...
Bongino: Secret Service Elite “Isolated Cabal” Has “Abandoned the Rank And File” by Rick Wells Dan Bongino is a former secret service agent who was assigned to protect both President George W. Bush and his successor, Hussein Obama. He was the Republican candidate for Senate in Maryland in 2012 and is currently running for the House seat in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. He has some inside perspective on what is […] Read more of this post URL:
Are you thinking Hussein Obama wants to declare himself King? I wouldn't doubt it, especially if he doesn't complete his mission
It’s hard to believe that such an entity exists from the actions of the Hussein Obama regime, but there actually is a Government Accountability Institute. They issued a new report that shows why Obama may have been less than at full speed on the threats posed to the United States. The report cites a…
REALLY BAD NEWS: The Iraqi government has been infiltrated by terrorist sympathizers. Hussein Obama removed our democratically elected Prime Minister Maliki and encouraged he is replaced with someone the Islamic government of Saudi Arabia agrees on.
They want you to shut up and eat your peas, get in to the back of the bus! I didn't say it, Hussein Obama said it! First day in the Oval office of the President he broke the law! He insisted on keeping his Blackberry, that phone isn't a secured line nor is its contents saved securely. Companies have to secure emails, texts, and hard copy files by penalty of law. Failure to do so can lend you IRS audits, fines by SEC/security exchange commission, and jail time. Hussein Obama thumbed his nose while giving a raspberry to the american people. Then before seating a cabinet aka secretary of state, secretary of Treasury, and so on, he appointed czars who had authority to supersede the cabinet. Senator Byrd Democrat from W Virginia walked into the White House and flapped down his pocket copy of the constitution and told Obama to find it in the constitution where Obama had the authority. I didn't agree with Senator Byrd's politics, but he was a statesman, and a patriot!!! The republicans have NO BALLS! The days T ...
Obama is the worst President in American History. Barack Hussein Obama, like nobody could see that coming?
Not just "heading", rather intentionally led by Hussein Obama, the 1st Muslim president of the greatest country in the world.
MSNBC slipped up letting us know the President (communist, Muslim) was born in Kenya. Arrest and hang traitor Hussein Obama
Breaking News: Barack Hussein Obama drops bombs and humanitarian aid on the Iraqi people. Man, I hope he didn't confuse which neighborhoods got which :)
it was well planned out by Sheikh Barack Hussein Obama d Amb ws collateral damage we demand Benghazi report
The fact that Barack Hussein Obama is bad for this great nation of ours is evident to even the youngest at heart.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Jon here: A few moments ago I received an interesting phone call from PayPal. They were calling to inform me that some of the objects on our websites were a violation of their policies. When pressed, I discovered they consider some of the signs we sell to be "gun paraphernalia", as well as the credit card knives we sell on Ebay and other sites (separate business). They asked us to remove those items or they would be closing down our account. I immediately responded telling them that we would not be using PayPal any more for our financial transactions as they are trying to censure free speech and free markets. I presume they are acting on behalf of Eric Holder (and by extension Barack Hussein Obama) in the infamous operation known as "CHOKE POINT". So let it be known, as soon as I can get to a computer and remove PayPal from our sites I will do so. I will also be closing that account. Please join me in "voting with your wallet", share this status, and also close down your PayPal accounts. I . ...
Strahan getting in the NFL HOF is the same as putting Barack Hussein Obama on Mount Rushmore.
EXCUSE ME! Who is the extremists? Barack Hussein Obama. His handlers spent millions covering up all of his...
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance. He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively. What he isn't, not a genetic drop of, is 'African-American,' the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn't a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended i ...
The community organizer (Barack Hussein Obama) ,Says what he's comfortable at the moment, to please the people...
- A Muslim In The White House - Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim - that is the title of this video!
I read the following and found it interesting. I have not seen the movie nor do I agree or disagree with all of this. I just found it interesting. That is all. If anyone has ever watched "The Hunger Games".( first or sequel) is no coincidence that the downtrodden people of "District 12".a place of mining and misery where the residents live in dire conditions, and are dependent on the government to come by and dole out food to pretty much like West Virginia today. A good portion of the economy of West Virginia has seen Barack Obama declare war on coal, and the people that provide energy...coal, gas, etc. Yet.the unfortunate people of W. Va have for decades, with jobs problems, had to take handouts from the same Federal Gvt. Over those years, West Virginians have elected Democrats ( state gvt and senators) out of the fear that the essentials of life would be curtailed, which is a normal human reaction. But in exchange for accepting those handouts, they had to surrender their liberty and thei ...
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My wife and I caught the last flight, on a Sunday night out of Denver, on Southwest Airlines; a great company. The founder, Herb Kelleher, really understood human behavior and customer service. I was seated next to an affable 28 year old young man. We immediately hit it off as we swapped stories about our lives. He seemed to enjoy hearing about my time working in a county jail dealing with murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. He in turn, enlightened me on how the Millenials were doing in today’s America. His name was Dane Anderson; a good young man. I am encouraged by some of the youth in America. Dane was appreciative of his freedom, didn’t think smoking pot was “all good”, believed in hard work, and his pants covered his underwear. What he couldn’t seem to get a grasp on, was our government. His exact words were “they all seem to be lying.” Ahh…from the mouths of the Millenials. Yet despite being lied to, Dane still continued forward. After graduating college in 2008 he said “j ...
Hussein Obama has done more damage to the USA than Edward Snowden could do in ten life times. And the federal government wants to arrest and prosecute Snowden for treason.
Your not allowed to make the laws. Your not allowed to change the laws. Your not allowed to rule as a King!. Barack Hussein Obama.
Thank you Victoria Baer from Beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. Obama: Telling More Lies than any President in History - Direct Quotes • I will have the most transparent administration in history. • The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. • I am focused like a laser on creating jobs. • The IRS is not targeting anyone. • It was a spontaneous riot about a video. • I will put an end to the type of politics that "breeds division, conflict and cynicism". • You didn't build that! • I will restore trust in Government. • The Cambridge cops acted stupidly. • The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk. • It's not my red line - it is the world's red line. • Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration. • We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest. • I am not spying on American citizens. • Obama Care will be good for America. • You can keep your family doctor. • Premiums will be lowered by $2500. • If ...
Is this true ? A state with no Republicans. Very interesting...Note this. A US State with zero Republicans in office -The State of Illinois. Think about this...Some interesting data on the state of Illinois: -There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are people working. -Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. averaging $110,000/year. Their pensions average 80-90% of their income. Wow! Are Illinois and Chicago great or what? Be sure to read till the end, never heard it explained better. Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago? Body count: In the last six months, 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago. 221 killed in Iraq; AND Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US. The Chicago chain of command: President: Barack Hussein Obama .. Senator: *** Durbin .. House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. .. Governor: Pat Quinn .. House leader: Mike Madigan .. Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike). Mayor: Rohm Emanuel. The leadership in Illinois ...
Via Sarai Eilat : This is no ordinary war for Israel and this point is not understood by Hamas, The United States of America, Qatar nor Turkey for that matter. To 82% of Israelis this is a war for the survival of our country against the darkest fascists of the colonial Arab world. John Kerry just does not get it, nor does Mohammad Deif nor Hussein Obama. The Jewish Nation State of Israel will fight longer and harder than any other country or nation on this planet. Need proof, ask the Romans and the ancient Greeks. Ohhh, sorry they do not exist anymore. This war for Israel is a war for the diplomatic and political freedom of our nation. Israel means to fight and fight until the end and win because it has to do so in order to survive. Israel is committed to the protection of its citizens whether they be Jewish, Druze, Circassian, Aramaic Christians or Arabs. Unlike Hamas, an organization that brags about using Human Shields and brags about loving death, Israel is the light in this dark world, the country th ...
These are the same terrorists !!! Why is Barack Hussein Obama helping them ?
Our beloved president is playing golf today while babies are being massacred in by his hired thugs..Happy Barack Hussein Obama is having such a good day 👍
ANN EKDOT SAYS: 08-02-14. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States is not a dictator, not even authoritatarian. President Obama is an egocentric with megalomaniac tendencies and is desperately attempting to leave some sort of legacy in History besides the legacy of successive failures, on the domestic front and in International Affairs. Worst, he may be an arrogant academic with a chip on his shoulder and deep racial animus. Nor is he a King of some sorts. In fact if you look at his presidency it is pathetic. At this point, in his lameduck period, he is going around making speeches and looking as someone who is pretending to be a leader, a wanna be president. He is full of rethoric without substance having dillapidated all is political assets in the first two years of his first term when he had the Congress on his side. Instead he tried first to play the reformation of DC cards and conciliatory game with an antagonistic Republican minority at the time, then moved on to the next level of antago ...
The only one to blame for the border crisis is Barack Hussein Obama.
History Repeats Itself We, the people in the golden age, know sometimes events that happened years ago come back, like a boomerang, and happen again and unfortunately the young ones most probably don't realize that what is happening is a repetition of previous events. Every time I hear those so called "news people" calling what is going on with the illegals a "humanitarian crisis" my blood gets hot because I realize they are lying or they just repeat what they are told to say in order to keep receiving their salaries. The United States of America is being invaded in order to destroy it. Years ago, when I was living in Cuba, Havana was the center of opposition to the Communist take over of the Island. Fidel Castro knew it. To help destroy Havana he announced he was bringing the revolutionary peasants to Havana. The great majority of the peasants never were for the Communist Revolution. Fidel Castro mobilized thousands of peasants and with them he invaded Havana, asking the people to allow them into their h ...
As this article points out, Hussein Obama is confused about the between scientists and fortune-tellers:
“Holocaust in Iraq. Hussein Obama is a Muslim. dont know but he is G-dless
Dear called and they want their country back
I have HARD EVIDENCE the Barack Hussein Obama is putting mind control drugs in our water supply. I wont present this evidence but I have it
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Breaking: President Barack Hussein Obama commands ALL Republicans to vote this November.
Bush is a man of character and we know that hussein obama will never be half the man Bus…
Just saw a well made sign outside of Burlington that said "Impeach Obama Hussein." And they say the right doesn't want him impeached.
I knew who and what he was when he was introduced as Barack Hussein Obama! Not very smart are they.
Barack Hussein Obama, connect the Islamic dots - Obama’s brother is linked to Muslim Brotherhood via
Exposed:Barack Hussein Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in the U.S. | FrontPage Magazine:
Barack Hussein Obama and the Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Should Put Obama in Prison via
Barack Hussein Obama and the History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government:
Barack Hussein Obama and Muslim Brotherhood ties to White House resurface via
"Joe turn up on that hoodrat turban dandruff!" -Barack Hussein Obama
Amen Ray Would to God Sadaam Hussein Muammar Ghaddafi Mubarak were never disturbed Obama like bull in china shop
Climate-Robert Redford encourages Hussein Obama to escalate his economic jihad against the middle class:
What are you doing? Or are you a Barack Hussein Obama fan? In that case, enjoy your Prez!
I'm no hero. Just a & refuses to let B'Iraq HUSSEIN Obama take a d*mp on the Constitution ,
Dems esp Hussein Obama support muslims -"kill Jew" -"take no Jew as an ally"
America has the equivalent of Hugo Chavez in B Hussein Obama. There is little difference it tinpot despots.
because king Hussein Obama has muslim sympathies
So king Hussein Obama basically said gimme what I want everything will be peachy. On paper, not in real life
EVERYTHING king Hussein Obama says is a lie
Hussein Obama's lies about man-made global-warming are a key tactic in his economic jihad against the middle class.
No “Merry Christmas” but “Ramadan Kareem” is cool It’s funny how we can’t say “Merry Christmas” in America but I guess “Ramadan Kareem” is cool. Read this official statement on Ramadan from B. Hussein Obama and make your own assessment, but I’m quite sure CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MPAC, and the many other Muslim Brotherhood-related organizations appreciate the shout out. * After all, Obama administration Homeland Security Advisor Mohammed Elibiary has stated America is an “Islamic country” and our Constitution is “Islamically compliant.” * I do find it hilarious that liberal progressives accuse me of (gasp) treason for challenging the policies of Obama – I guess they on the other hand were just expressing their First Amendment rights when George W. Bush was president. Statement by President Obama on the Occasion of Ramadan On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world on the beginning of t ...
Tell Alan Keyes & all the other black Americans who despise Hussein Obama they're racist. ***
what a piece of crap this guy is and he is a close buddy to Barrack Hussein Obama!!! Our pathetic shady president
Pls listen to the speech of president Hussein Obama on the that signify beginning...
Uh, sorry there Emporer Hussein but just spanked your *** & said "NO, you won't"
Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama sir, assume what I'm doing on is help register voters for November.
Obama is our enemy! THIS IS A MUST READ AND KEEP IT GOING!!! "The Jihad President" I Have A Friend Living In Israel That Sent Me This. She Asked Me To Please Post This. So That We Americans Can See What Is Seen Of Obama Through An Isreali's Eyes. Thomas "Conspiracy theory or real life events?" Over two years ago I wrote “The Jihad Candidate;” warning readers that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim plant hand-picked to destroy America. How I wish I'd been taken seriously. Get yourself something cool to drink, find a relaxing position, and let’s examine what has happened, but before we continue I want you to vividly remember those two jet airliners slamming into the twin towers of lower Manhattan. I want you to remember those American citizens just like you who jumped from the fiery flames to their death because that end would be quicker, less painful. Please remember the dancing and cheering from the Arab Street. Keep those images indelibly in your vision, because the Muslim White House would have you ...
Trey Gowdy is pointing out the lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama and his continual violation of the very...
stupid Obama he's not stupid ! He deserves to be hanged just like saddam Hussein
Barrack Hussein Obama's big achievement for America during his presidency is a humiliating loss of global power.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Barrack Hussein Obama, what happens when Islam Radicals like ISIS get their hands on sophisticated Weapons, It's your move.
Holder is a disgrace and a corrupt AG. He's a Marxist and an enforcer for his Marxist pal, Barack Hussein Obama.
in all seriousness, if you want to read something that people will still be talking about decades from now, Barack Hussein Obama, look it up
here's to hoping my only prayers are answered and Barack Hussein Obama Vol 2 will come out sometime soon
have you all ready my fav manga from 2012? vol 1 of Barack Hussein Obama?
Our "Dear Leader" and "Liar in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama who has been unanimously overturned by our Supreme...
We ain't never scary we got guns like Hussein whoa, cash like Obama, guns that's Futurama; oh you a mamas boy, brang it to you & yo mama🎧
Get ready for WWIII. It's comin' folks. Brought to you, in part, by Barack Hussein Obama :)
People think that H in Barak H. Obama means Hussein. Actually it means Hubris. Hubris is his middle name.
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