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Husker Du

Hüsker Dü was an American rock band formed in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1979. The band's continual members were guitarist Bob Mould, bassist Greg Norton, and drummer Grant Hart.

Bob Mould New Day Rising Zen Arcade Black Flag Grant Hart Ryan Adams Foo Fighters Butthole Surfers Minor Threat Green Day Joan Jett

They were the reason I helped organise gigs like Husker Du, Butthole Surfers etc with my mates :)
Always wanted to see Minneapolis, at least since Husker Du, The Replacements, Magnolias and Soul Asy…
Who here knows the connection between Husker Du, Scooby Doo and Magic Mike (2)?
If you haven't heard this, do. Possibly greatest cover of a song ever . Husker Du - Eight Miles High via
Full on nostalgia blast in the car to work this morning via a Spotify mix - Swervedriver, Sugar, Stereolab, Husker Du, Buffalo Tom.
Today's new favourite record/song of all time for now: The Dirty Nil-Higher Power. Song: Wrestle Yu to Husker Du
it's not on Spotify but Ugly Noize Inc do a cracking cover of Dead Set on Destruction by Husker Du
I wasn't a cool enough teen in the 80s for Pavement and Husker Du. Milli Vanilli was my speed until 91
please tell me there is a Husker Du cover band called Husker Don't JD please
Perfect Sound Forever is the best Pavement release in the same way Metal Circus is the best Husker Du release in the same way hey I'm old.
happily listening on 22nd st. Reminds me a little of Husker Du (whose bassist was most stylish)
I mean, it's got kristen Stewart playing husker du in her car, so...
3. Just cut out the commercial friendly middle-man and listen to Husker Du. Start with Zen Arcade. Someday ur son will thank u
And the theme song is fantastic. Husker Du all the way. I knew how to play it at one point. I don't remember anymore.
Most people think of MPLS peak music moment as Husker Du/Replacements era, but MPLS is well-represented in
also coming at some point from husker du "savage young du" 4xLP/3xCD and crimpshine 3xLP!
probably gonna take it down a notch and hit up some Husker Du
I hope when I die it's in my Husker Du shirt
Thirty years old, and it still holds up. Candy Apple Grey by Husker Du on
Husker Du makes for lovely playlist for brewing! Flip your wig!
Heck yeah. Follow Husker Du with some Replacements and you're doing exactly what I'd do.
at least he died wearing a Husker Du t-shirt.
Hermie's Husker Du t-shirt in this week and Tracey Ullman's guest spot.
Fork over your Husker Du records, or suffer the social media consequences.
It's a Stooges, Neu!, Underworld, Husker Du kind of day.
Shout out to and our comrades at for this primo content and stand against racists.
Haven't heard Husker Du pronounced that way in years. Now perhaps something by Zed Zed Top?
So I've a hi-res music player and I'm listening to Husker Du. Typically me.
Girls is trolling me this season with Riz Ahmed, shout out, Hercules Mulligan, & Husker Du shirt!
Gish is better than anything Husker Du has ever done. Siamese Dream is better than Gish.
the best song Billy Corgan wrote is the one he nicked from Husker Du: "1979." The only Pumpkins song of lasting value.
a friend and I are working on a theory that Husker Du fans don't like the Replacements and vice versa. No science involved
Honestly, this is the first Husker Du song I've ever truly enjoyed. Perhaps it's time for to revisit the band?
Massive thanks to for playing our homage to Husker Du's Green eyes .
Reminds me of that one time when Robert Palmer covered Husker Du
Morris Day and the TIme, Husker Du, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Babes In Toyland... I disagree. And that's just the music.
Fun Fact - they recorded it as one LP, but Husker Du's Zen Arcade inspired them to make it a 2xLP
"None of those guys were thinking 'How's this going to sound on the radio." Husker Du's New Day Rising.
1987: Husker Du talks to Bryant Gumbel on the Today Show, performs Could You Be The One?
full disclosure. The closest ever I came to listening to emo music was Husker Du's "Warehouse Songs and Stories" or The Smiths, or Cure
The refugee on Nauru who set himself on fire has died. Another death attributable to this government
Husker Du, New Day Rising. Please lets have a new day for the US.
Is it true an unfortunate incident at a Husker Du concert kept you off Sports Center?
heading to the bar tonight to see a Husker Du cover band
Bonus Track! Jim went to show, full of rage and melody. His take, plus musings on Husker Du & Sugar:
would fully support a Husker Du cover album Ryan...just sayin...
So I'm partying like it's 1986 with The Prisoners, The Cramps, The Hoodoo Gurus and Husker Du.
I was 18 when I first heard Husker Du, and I fell in love with it.…
I haven't heard their cover! but see! Husker Du has been a big influence on a lot of current bands! soo good
Why ain't we done a chiptune rendition of The Girl Next Door by Screeching Weasel or Diane by Husker Du already?
Prince in the Main Room, looks like 'Mats & Husker Du were in teeny tiny 7th St Entry.
and looking at it more closely, those 'Mats and Husker Du shows were at the Entry
here's a t shirt that will never buy: "Husker Du > Beyonce"
Mould, 55, who blazed a path with his late, lamented band Husker Du, did not receive commercial success, rega...
Husker Du hits every single one of my spots, musically and aesthetically.
A friend just posted a 7th St. Entry sked that had Prince, Replacements + Husker Du playing the same March '81 week.
The rock show is such a banger best/worst husker du song ever
On now: End Of Things by Bob Mould (from Patch The Sky 2016): More great music from the Husker Du and…
Prince and Husker du both were local bands in the Minneapolis. In the early '80's . The play the same clubs and...
That's so cool !. My jaw dropped recently when I asked my 5 yr old niece about her fav gifts -she said Husker Du ! --
In the 1980s, Minneapolis gave the world Prince, The Replacements and Husker Du. No city has ever topped this.
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Listening to Husker Du with my kids.
Bob Mould's old bands Husker Du and Sugar are 2 of my favorites from the 80's and 90s. His solo stuff is pretty good too
oh I think the Foos were influenced by Husker Du. They would also be a better band if they sounded more like Husker Du.
You get a Husker Du urge pre-work, realise you don't own the classic albums (how?!) but the one you pull out, Warehouse, still kicks. Result
Re Bob Mould: I covered Husker Du's Today Show show back in my days. Awesone day. Here's the vid:
Enjoyed this article. I'm sure I read that went to high school with article http:/…
1984 pretty good year for Minneapolis based bands and musicians - Replacements 'Let it Be', Husker Du 'Zen Arcade + Prince 'Purple Rain'
WOW loved track, Definitely saw Husker Du/The Who in there (maybe even MC4) got me into a new band
Husker Du didn't care if the Replacements were lonely
SEE VIDEO! Husker Du - Don't Want to Know If you are Lonely...
I think Husker Du's cover of The Byrd's, Eight Miles High, should be added to your list of covers over originals. Good list BTW.
Celebrated Summer by Husker Du is the only song that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings, and makes me remember past happyness.
This is, of course, when Bob Mould isn't expressing major depression at its most honest. Strong stuff, Husker Du
That is awesome. Met Bob Mould in Cardiff before gig last month. Top fella! Loads of Sugar & some Husker Du in set
is this the Bob Mould from Husker Du?
The 1985 end of year "potential AOR hits" included Husker Du, Echo & The Bunnymen, and the Golden Palominos.
Currently filling a playlist with Weird Al and Husker Du and the Faces and They Might Be Giants and Paul Westerberg, I want to know who else
I love how Greg Norton from Husker Du was apparently the (perhaps unwitting) model for the box art.
I went to Michigan at Notre Dame once in early 90s w John Sit & his dad & also got several Husker Du tapes at Notre Dame student union
hey, he actually makes some solid points, although I still reckn end of silence beats weight. Ta JPH!
I agree with all of this only I would have put the Black Eyed Peas and Chilli Peppers higher:
ps, can I add you can live at home now, Husker Du. And Daniella, Shack.
Husker Du. I didn't know this was a game.
Husker Du. => Don't Want to Know If you are Lonely. 1986
Forget Kraftwerk, there's the Smiths, the Mats and Husker Du. Someone needs to get at Wenner's Pandora
Dryer for your day join me in listening to Husker Du records on a layover.
Wish it was the 80's again...Husker Du was amazing and Candy Apple Grey was one of my favorite albums of this fun...
For a second, I thought he was going to launch into Husker Du's "Charity, Chastity, Prudence, And Hope".
Husker Du. When Ian McCulloch was in them. (sorry Grant)
Think there's enough supporters of UNO and Husker athletics that both could work, and even improve both. Think DU-CC rivalry.
I respectfully disagree with you there - Husker Du was the sound all the pub grunge bands aimed for
I think context is missing from this top 500 listening thing. I can see that Husker Du would have been amazing at the time, but...
I got a head full of dreams to sort through - good night.
Loved Abrams' Mission Impossible 3 & liked his Star Treks. Hope he understands I'll escort him to prison if Star Wars isn't…
I forgot how much I listened to Husker Du's "New Day Rising" back in the day. This song was one of my favorites.
what's the soup du jour? It's the soup of the day. Mmmm, that sounds good I'll have that.
"How am I supposed to keep my Husker Du albums in near-mint condish" Best of your Parks&Rec lines...still.laughing!!
Apparently today is the day that I finally get into Husker Du.
Listens to Husker Du Minneapolis Moonstomp liverecording from 1985. Great band with a unique sound. As good as Sex Pistols.
Look what came in the post, a 60's Slingerland Radio King Snare drum, one previous owner, Grant Hart from Husker Du
Tonight, our bar has played Husker Du, Mudhoney , and the Murder City Devils. I'm going to miss this place when we move
Black Flag, Redd Kross, Descendents, Husker Du and St. Vitus play Mi Casita for the Unicorn lawsuit fund in Jan. '8…
If you put it on the far side of your index finger, it can be an impromptu Hipster Husker-du-stache.
it's a Pavlovian response. Regardless of what film, if it starts with the 20th Century sounds I always expect Star Wars to start.
Been thinking about that too. Disney! But once that orchestral whomp and retreating yellow text hits, we're home.
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Stupid nerd question: will it feel like Star Wars if it doesn't have the 20th Century Fox fanfare at the beginning?
In the beginning they worshipped the Replacements and Husker Du, and copied them mercilessly.
What if a Husker Du reunion would be a bad idea? What if a thing can only live as part of its time? What if we can't go back?
New Day Rising by Husker Du from the album New Day Rising
ATTN Husker du's and Husker don'ts! I have 2 tickets to the sold out Dead Kennedys show tomorrow…
If you are hankerin for some Husker Du, this is a great album IMO ♫
Sorry Somehow by Husker Du, found with Listen now:
Thank you Grant Hart & Bob Mould for your simmering loathing of one another - Husker Du 'Never Talking To You Again'
5:35pm Sunshine Superman by Husker Du from Everything Falls Apart and More
I've had some songs in my head for a few years and I want to play them. Do you know anybody who plays the drums and is a fan of Husker Du?
Too Much Spice by Husker Du from the album Warehouse: Songs And Stories
ok which way do go 1st Talking Heads or Husker Du ? Both ? Or just jump off the nearest cliff ?
The Husker Du ? Not got any of there stuff , do have a couple of Bob Mould & did have Copper Blue , but that's gone missing
Been on a good Husker Du kick lately, don't ask me why, just listen...
In your bed. Late at night. Red hot red. Don't get up. Husker Du - The Tooth Fairy And The Princess Lyrics
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Husker Du you remember locking the door ??
This better not be a tease. I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve.
Husker Du you want to die tonight, CiCi
Sonic Youth, Husker Du and The Replacements too. Yeah, you're right...
At work and Foo Fighters' "Hero" comes on. Never peeped that this is basically a Husker Du song.
Youtube suggested this after that Husker Du track and who am I to argue..
DPS Ep 130 is up! Bill Zanowitz of Comic Book Bears on Husker Du reunions and Crimefighter Inquiry!
The brilliant Ken Sweeney talking about the astounding husker du.
About to blow up with an hour of Husker Du after 11pm news taking to
Happy birthday Hear five of the best Husker Du/Sugar/BM covers:
I had no idea the guy off Husker Du was ***
Nobody would love to see Husker Du reunite more than me, but I can’t imagine them in the same room after Bob’s book.
They were moving that way towards the end of Husker Du, made sense they carried on that way.
The Zen Arcade might be back in business.,.
transmitters to be 'turned up to 11' at 11pm tonight for Husker Du special on
You done Husker Du and you've done Bob Mould's solo stuff and Sugar so this week we're going to focus on the other Husker.
Tonight on show looking at the career of Husker Du
Haven't seen the episode but I assume that's someone calling Kurt from a Husker Du show in 1983.
prefer to grind my own 'husker du' beans from but honestly an Americano from is my usual...
Did anyone else watch by and think of the Warehouse: Songs and Stories by Husker Du?
Our band could be your life: due post di dedicati a due grandi band, Minutemen e Husker Du
was only thinking yesterday that husker du should have a special. Also, maybe already done but Teenage Fanclub?
Them: Dance like no one's watching. Drake: Say no more.
concerned we might damage transmitters with that Husker Du special Thursday
I'll take Husker Du or Quicksand for classic alternative rock, in fact I'm listening to Quicksand right now.
Only a few bands are exempt from rules about reunions. have already done it. If Husker Du​ come through I'l…
I had a dream last night that me and prez Obama were organizing a Husker Du reunion at one of our theaters.
ICYMT: ‘Just 30 years in the making’: Husker Du finally has a merch website
2:04am Pink Turns to Blue by Husker Du from Zen Arcade
I'm listening to What's Going On by Husker Du on
I can easily imagine a Desert Island Discs list that contains 8 Husker Du tracks. Or possibly that just has 8 from Zen Arcade
possibility if Husker Du getting back together, dare one dream of seeing Zen Arcade played live?
...the Blood, the Machine, Husker Du's Zen Arcade, and Mastodon's Leviathan. I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff though.
Metal Circus is my personal favorite Husker Du album, after that it's tough to choose between New Day Rising, Zen Arcade and
I approve of the "Twin Cities Love" section on PrimeNow including albums by Prince, Husker Du, & the Replacements. Plus Coen Bros movies.
Listening to the various musical outlets of Bob Mould a lot recently. Husker Du, Sugar & solo stuff. If you pushed me for a fav
Go to watch Husker Du video on YouTube and served advert for Nadia Sawalha's garlic herby chicken. Struggling with that algorithm.
Hear former Husker Du and Sugar frontman Bob Mould plays tunes from 'Life and Times' in 2009.
glad to see Benny + Bjorn and Westerberg. Absences IMHO: Alex Chilton, Bob Mould. His work is genre-spanning w Husker Du, solo, Sugar
Would a Husker Du reunion get the press the Replacements reunion got? Probably not, right?
I brought all of my Husker Du albums upstairs last night so that I may bump them in my living room all day today
Final shout for our Husker Du edition featuring -
White Australia, if a symbolic spear hurts your feelings imagine what 200+ years of genocide feels like.
Green Day is in the rock and roll hall ofgame. . Butthole Surfers aren't. Husker Du aren't. . The Replacements aren't. . Dino…
Vader had plans. Aldreraan was collateral. A million squares cried out as one. It tweaked Kenobi hard.
Been listening to the Husker Du stuff more lately! I love Bob Moulds See a Little Light DVD that he put out
Yes! that and the Foo Fighters song Times Like These which Dave Grohl got the inspiration From Husker Du
did u guys get inspiration for the name from the Husker du song? 😉
Bumping the Husker Du edition for the U.S. and UK insomniac crowd
Agreed. When they put Chic, De La Soul, NWA, The Smiths, Joy Division, Husker Du and the Replacements in then I'll care
None of those 80s bands are in the HOF. No Pixies. No Husker Du. No Replacements. No Dinosaur Jr. But we got Green Day.
No, Green Day nominated for rock and roll hall of fame, but not husker du?
Husker Du have this week's album at
Wrote a sad old thing about Husker Du -
Great stuff. Ashamed that there's space on my CD rack for more than one Reef album but I don't own any Husker Du...
I believe I bought my first Husker Du record there.
Im with ya with Bob and Husker Du,but I could never get into the UK post punk stuff!
Great cover of Ticket to Ride from Husker Du -
AlpacaQueen77: This week, RamAlbumClub on an album I will cover on the
This week, on an album I will cover on the
Outs to the Chinese restaurant near ours who've tried to put a Husker Du logo on their window
Wrote about listening to Husker Du's New Day Rising for the first time, for
Week 21!. listens to New Day Rising by Husker Du for the first time. Here -
I read the start of Martin's intro fully expecting to learn Husker Du solved crimes in a camper van. Not sure why.
Rob kept putting more songs on and I kept saying 'but it sounds JUST LIKE Husker Du. JUST LIKE THEM!' *hopping*
Song of the Day: Husker Du / Therapy? 'Diane' Read about it here: Crime in Music (Day Seven)
Husker Du. I love that band. Just listening to New Day Rising...
I should resume my 500 albums of all time list. Best follow up KISS is Husker Du's "New Day Rising", Number 488
the mystery 7-inch is Ramones and Husker Du this year... of course have to look for Citizen ***
very high, just above Husker Du and Black Flag, but under the Ramones. as a whole probably more than the band.
husker du masochism world MP3 Best FREE Downloads
Husker Du tribute. Adoring and laughing with JoMar. .
Minnesota has several other good alternative acts--Husker Du, The Replacements. St. Louis kinda lags in that department
.Just realized you're playing the same time as Grant Hart on Sat. Any chance you could throw in a Husker Du cover?
not familiar with Husker Du? Hunt them out and give 'em a listen .promise you'll like 😜
Amazing how quickly Husker Du (played at volume) can solve all your 'personal space' issues.
all husker du effect artists are influential, but not all influential art suffers from HDE
no it has "the husker du effect". i have listened to all the stuff influenced by MBV already
Great track but I've got to say I'm a little partial to the Husker Du cover too.
Wondering what will read at the Husker Du tribute tonight.
Dang. That Husker Du show was over 31 years ago. *** I'm older and getting older all the time.
I've got 3 minutes left on this Husker Du concert however.
I really do have to work in the morning. I'll give 'em until this Husker Du concert on Youtube I'm listening to is over I guess.
Is the guy at work whose only words to me are, "What's Going On?" secretly a Husker Du fan ?!??
I am a lot further away but I can guarantee a husker du free space. Also no Sugar.
The upper-middle aged guy with the Husker Du shirt at the rec center is my hero
Husker Du DLC. Just going to put it out there.
I have a similar ritual with Husker Du
Well, also cuz REM -- from the beginning -- had a more marketable sound than the brilliant/abrasive Husker Du.
"Tired of wasting all my time, Trying to talk to you" Never talking to you again - Foo Fighters (Husker Du cover) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Why is Joan Jett getting inducted and The Smiths aren't? Or The Cure, or Husker Du, or anyone who isn't a covers artist for that matter?
Ha! Hello. Was driving across Wiltshire only today listening to Husker Du and wondering how you are…
Love the RnR HoF article. Who can we kick out to bring in Husker Du and XTC?
I sold all vinyl to buy daughter an iPod inc rare Pixies/ Husker Du/ Joy Division Can you play Where is My Mind? 😱
I hear you. The last ones I actually waited in line for was a couple years ago when I got Nick Drake and Husker Du...
I need to locate my 'Candy Apple Grey' CD by Husker Du. That's the perfect record to get me in the mood for bowling. 🎳🎸
I get a hint of Hot Water Music, maybe Husker Du, with a little Title Fight thrown in. Not bad at all
I was so punk when I was a kid I had a board game called Husker Du.
Husker Du, of course. Discovering punk in 1981 radically changed my taste in music.
Hey - feel free to steal our idea for a Husker Du version of Husker Du with pics of etc.
Don't respond for an inappropriately long time because you're trying to think of a pyn involving dew and husker du
Whenever I play the Minneapolis band the Replacements, I need to follow with Husker Du. 1rst a Bob Mould tune ~Wolfie
but pronounce Dork without the umlaut, like Corn Husker Du.
Comparing anything to Husker Du is dorky. (Or hipsterish, if you have a beard.)
Comparing my podcast to Husker Du is dorky, right?
I'm happy & proud of my podcast, The Dork Forest.If you haven't tried an ep, jump in the bandwagon. Be the guy that liked Husker Du first.
Day 43: Punk Record. Husker Du "Zen Arcade". I think this qualifies as punk. notnickgillett showed me…
Mowing the lawn to Husker Du's Flip Your Wig: solace for the soul!
If it's eluded you so far this weekend. This week's playlist husker du ryan Sheffield
Totally looking forward to seeing in Sheffield tomorrow. A dream come true would be to hear them play Husker Du's New Day Rising.
the Gilligan's Island Theme song was Husker Du and the band playing Bob Wills had to have been the Meat Puppets.
Music of the Week, 5 January 2015. Husker Du's "New Day Rising". Bob Mould and Grant Hart chants the title over...
Husker Du at GWU Lisner Auditorium. I was 12. My mom took me.
New Day Rising - Husker Du, high school memories of a powerful vinyl experience but still good on digital
Ryan Adams is incredible. He's released two albums in 2014, one a perfect Bon Jovi album and the other a perfect Husker Du album. Respect.
No idea why this suddenly hit me after Husker Du of all things, but...Ray Wylie Hubbard:
Adding that to my list of Prince, Husker Du, Bob Dylan, Al Franken, and Lonnie Anderson. Thanks.
let's start with Skinny Puppy and Husker Du.
I'm thinking about going to Bob Mould, but I'm afraid Ryan Adams is gonna jump up there and ruin the Husker Du songs like the other night.
Bob Mould & Ryan Adams playing I Apologize. Loves me some Husker Du.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Uh yeah so Ryan Adams just came out to do a set of Husker Du classics with Bob Mould for the encore. Yeah so that happened
Wait, Gordon Lightfoot but no Suburbs, Husker Du or Soul Asylum? I think you violated several state ordnances with that one.
(This is the video excerpted in "Breadcrumb Trail" -- SB opening for Husker Du at the Jockey Club, Newport, KY.)
How the Stains/MDC made it's way to San Francisco. Back in 1981, small pockets of American Punk were coming together, Minor Threat became synonymous with DC, Black Flag, Fear and The Circle Jerks with LA, Reagan Youth with New York, DOA and The Subhumans from Vancouver,BC , Dead Kennedy's and Flipper with SF, and then the smaller scenes … *** and Big Boys from Austin, Poison Idea of Portland, The Fartz from Seattle, Toxic Reasons and ODFX from Ohio, Husker Du from Minneapolis. Witnessing DOA, The Subhumans, Black Flag, Fear taking it to the road driving around the country playing to a few hundred people in select hamlets. Back then the plan was to play local til some record company found you and then you got backing and hopefully they'd put you on some tour with someone like The Dead Boys and build your own following. Joe King Carasco made it out of Austin this way. But with our brand, the new style of music “hardcore” the problem was it flew over the rest of the music scenes head. There was Iggy .. ...
"Hey, Dan, what are you listening to?" "Husker Du." "Never heard of them." WE LIVE IN THE TWIN CITIES PEOPLE HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HUSKER DU.
This just in from DJ Kelmosh! 'So, said earlier in the week - for the whole first hour tonight in Cathouse Rock Club got a wee treat for all you jobbers who miss a bit of punk rock. Proper punk rock. On tap 11-12 Husker Du, Fugazi, Black Flag, Jawbreaker, Diesel Boy, Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Paint It Black, NO FX, Descendants, Sunny Day Real Estate, Far, Millencollin, Pennywise, old school JEW, Converge, Lifetime, Tsunami Bomb, the Get Up Kids etc'
Am I stretching the concept too far? Well, let it be stretched. This is from the August 1985 edition of Rolling Stone(!!) magazine, covering Black Flag, Minutemen, Flipper, Husker Du, Replacements and even TOM TROCCOLI'S DOG in an article titled 'Punk Lives'. It's actually a great piece. I think there's something on Mark Knopfler elsewhere in the issue.
Husker Du - Never Talking To You Again: I'd show you everywhere you're wrong, but I'm never talking to you again.
Having an obsession over Husker Du, so I bought Candy Apple Grey and a Husker Du button.
Hopelesly devoted to you. Melanie, husker du?
.of talks us through his favourite LPs from D'Angelo to Husker Du via Outkast & Skynyrd
A Husker Du kind of Friday - 'Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely'
my understanding of hardcore was that it related to hardcore punk; so Husker Du, Black Flag etc
any one read this? Husker Du: The Story Of The Noise Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock (Hardbound Book!) - Husker Du sure lets have punk book thread while we are at it any good ones??
Ridiculously great music on tonight's show. Very excited about a very loud feature that includes the great new Bob Mould single. My ears are still ringing from seeing Husker Du 25 years ago. Plus Mr Murdoch has found us a new favourite artist all the way from Des Moines who used his father's Bluegrass collection to escape the music of local lads, Slipknot. My kind of guy….join us from five past eight.
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Having a Husker Du day while doing work I've put off for ages. Sarah - be glad you're on holiday.
Flipping my wig... Husker Du style. That is all...
SEEKING DRUMMER / BATERISTA!! Hello Santiago, I am interested in finding a drummer with experience in Rock, punk, HC. I live in Santiago, but originally from LA and Seattle. I played in some influential punk bands A.HC.- America's Hardcore (1983), Fatal Error (1984) and Naturecore (1984 -1988). I will be restarting A.HC., doing all the classics of the 70s and 80s. Please, NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, and NO HEAVY METAL (unless it's Motorhead, of course). If you can play the songs of Scream, Social Unrest, Rudimentary Peni, Germs, Subhumans, Naturecore, Black Flag, Husker Du, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Crass, etc., Please contact me. This is a serious project. Look forward to hearing from you. Oh, y "Si, hablo castellano, pero solo cuando es necesario. Toco guitarra y canto solo en English.
And this one time at band camp, Husker Du made me cry: ♫ "Hardly Getting Over It" by Hüsker Dü (@ Evanston, IL, USA)
Incline flume was cold and windy but fun none the less. Just a few snow patches, messing with the pressures on the new husker du's. Picture is from the main flume trail, didn't make it to marlette.
Watching the NFL draft. That's what the cool kids call listening to Husker Du, right?
It's lovely outside, but your heart may still be feeling Chicago's eternal winter gloom - so here's step 1 in getting rid of that drag! FUZZBOX MIX FZBX TRNSMSN LTD by our own Michael Flavor! Features tracks by Abeer Alzinati, Balkan Beat Box, Chinese Stars, the Conet Project, Cyriak, De Falla, Disappears, the Eternals, Forgetters, Herbie Hancock, Husker Du, Kishore Kumar/Asha Bhosle/R.D. Burman, Le Tigre, M.I.A., the Mae Shi, Mission of Burma, Paul McCartney, Rainbow Arabia, and Rye Rye!
..."your gonna stand there owning a firework stand and tell me you have no Whistling Bungholes, no Spleen Splitter, Whisker Biscuits, Honky Lighters, husker Du, Husker Don'ts, Cherry Bombs, Nipsy Dazers with or without the scooter stick, or one single Whistling Kitty-Chaser? "...
Today, I remembered that, at one point, Husker Du existed, and suddenly, today has been MUCH better than yesterday.
Alan Abramowitz (off camera) interviews Husker Du at the Peppermint Lounge (15th Street incarnation) in this segment rebroadcast in 1996. Videowave is a publ...
More educated guesses would be a reunited Husker Du, Poison, Nirvana with Joan Jett, and a hologram of Tupac.
Hi Steve. Crikey O Reilly. You can see Dave Grohls influences here. Never saw it before in Husker Du. Bob Mould. Like it. 6.5
Why is Husker Du so rare on First Wave??
Hello My Omaha book club is reading Eleanor & Park & we're all giddy about your writing. Love the Husker Du reference.
Listening to Husker Du to make everything okay
Kick off your TT with some Husker Du. ahhh... ♫ Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely – Hüsker Dü
5 am and im jamming to Husker Du "Flip your wig" this will surly wake your snoozing *** .. GOOD MORNING!
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Being played after HUSKER DU on a college radio station...3 years ago I'd have never believed it
if u listen to Green Day u really have no excuse not to explore punk music. Green Day have covered husker du AND the ramones live
memories of walking home on a dark winter night with the rain coming down heavy, listening to Husker Du
Husker Du, "New Day Rising." Put this on my rec player 1st time and stood there, smiling, for all of Side A.
So my 80's playlist has everything from Rick Springfield to Husker Du... It's fantastic...
Is making me a battle vest with Black Flag, Husker Du, and Minor Threat patches :3
. I'd keep some Dinosaur jr or Husker Du at hand as there's always one with cool, arty parents who wants to be awkward.
It's shameful that the play no in game music by The Replacements or Husker Du.
just heard your Husker Du story the other night and almost died laughing
Corrupt police minister, brawling casino owner, greedy developers. Sydney is a tumbleweed short of the Wild West.
As someone who used to write term papers while listening to Husker Du, I heartily approve.
Joel said Husker du in norwegian means do you remember in mst3k episode 403 city limits. Thats correct! Im from Norway! Cool episode
Husker Du. Craft beer. Soap. Vinyl. Clothes. Wood. Beach. Like any or all? Go to Analog-A-Go-Go:
I never realised that Husker Du had so much bottom end :-)
Cheers mate! Husker Du sound a lot better through me new speakers :-)
Did scientists ever discover how Husker Du's Warehouse Songs & Stories created the drums (and cymbals) sound?
Hi, I'm a 21 year old guitarist looking for a bassist and drummer to team up with to start a three-piece band. Also perhaps willing to commute to Leeds for the right project. My main influences are early Cure, REM, Daughter,The Smiths, Husker Du, Weezer, Lemonheads, Big Star, Au Pairs, PiL, Sebadoh, Suede, Melody's Echo Chamber basically like stuff played on 6music. Power pop, 4AD records etc etc. I don't expect intimate knowledge of all of these but having a taste in a similar spectrum of things would be a big help. for example: Basically my guitar style has a lot of clean jangly open riffs and arpeggios or crunchy overdrive in the vein of the bands mentioned. Requirements: At the very least you should have enough spare time for a practice each week. Be able to play bass/drums at least competently. Thanks!
Saw Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and thought ... Wow. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Awesome. Glad I got to see Nirvana perform at The Palace in Hollywood... 1992? 93? I went to see what all the hype was about... I remember not being all that impressed. Yeah, there was a mosh pit, did that, they smashed their equipment... okay.. that's always awesome and expected. The music was fast and a mixture of punk, 70's hard rock and metal based.. good crowd, no flashy clothes or theatrics. Their raw energy was familiar in a Black Flag kind of way, but again, I was left feeling less than inspired. I was a huge, huge music fan back then...(still am, a groupie at heart) went to shows whenever cause it was a form of discovery... Considering my past live show attendance's including bands like The Cramps, Red Cross, X, Social Distortion, Agent Orange, Germs, Ramones, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, TSOL, Husker Du, ... when I saw Nirvana I thought... okay, and? The whole "Grunge" thing w .. ...
And this is a ripper ... Husker Du - Eight Miles High: via
Yea, I heard that Bob Mould stole the name Husker Du from Tom Delong like way back in the day...I think he wrote a song about it
According to Pandora, some of the features of the Husker Du track 'Something I Learned Today' include: punk rock, a subtle use of vocal harmony, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive vamping, minor key ton... Hang on! Extensive vamping?! What the *** is that?
TONIGHT: Celebrate William S. Burroughs's 100th birthday with Grant Hart of the band Husker Du. Come for great stories, great literature, and birthday cake! 7pm, in the store
Bob and Dave play this amazing cover of this Husker Du song November 2011 in Los Angeles! Drums - Dave Grohl Guitar, Vocals, - Bob Mould Guitar - Jon Wurster...
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