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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as well as the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane in history, only surpassed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The eighteenth named storm and tenth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012. Sandy is estimated in early calculations to have caused damage of at least $20 billion (2012 USD).

GOP wouldn't pay for Flint, Zika or Hurricane Sandy relief but will gladly pay $15 billion for Trump's border wall. https:…
Watch how Trump/GOP Congress treat California if Sierra snowmelt causes flooding, or there's a hurricane like Sandy…
One of my favourite pics ever. Thanks, ! . "Virgin Mary that still stands in Breezy Point, Queens, after Hurrica…
Just curious, how many GA legislators voted against Hurricane Sandy relief? I know of 2.
She like hurricane sandy wen she come thru
They treaded water for seven hours before a neighbor heard their screams. Story from Hurricane Sandy:…
This family received the help it needed to rebuild its home.
V. neat paper on modeling wave-induced dune erosion from Hurricane Sandy by et al.
*** it's crazy windy outside! Haven't heard wind howling like this since Hurricane Sandy!
Looks like possible hurricane to land in New York Today, first one since Sandy!
When the Northeast was hit by Hurricane Sandy, which states' representatives opposed giving us federal aid? I remember LA and AL. Others?
Govt shutdown, supreme court, sequester, gun control, Hurricane Sandy... if Obama wanted it, GOP blocked it.
More brownouts today than the entire duration of Hurricane and the storm is just beginning. This should be fun!
"We gonna die today" yall probably didn't deal with Hurricane Sandy or Irene then huh
Follow us as we report LIVE from The Wildwoods as a storm approaches. Since Hurricane Sandy we have checked homes...
Anyone .. Remember Congress refused to financial aid for Hurricane Sandy victims to screw for saying thanks to Obama?
Ever since Hurricane Sandy every time I hear the wind wrestling with my skylight I get a bit nervous it'll fly off again
He and his family no longer owned that site when post Hurricane Sandy PR pic was taken.
listen I tried to order a pizza during hurricane sandy I just want snacks ok
I just want to know why her entire book collection looks like it was recovered from someone's house caugh…
- Oh, yes! You are 100% RIGHT about that! I remember how we all dealt with Hurricane Irene & Hurricane Sandy. NIGHTMARE! 😡😭
with the winds. Noreaster storms can be bad, near hurricane wind gusts. I'm a baby since hurricane sandy-13 days w/out power
Donations to the fund can be sent to the address below: Hurricane New Jersey Relief Fund, PO Box 95, Mendham, NJ, 0…
they are just afraid that hurricane sandy will happen which means another massive flooding. Not only that, if you want funding from
Is it wise to show a car driving on water, with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy still lingering in the South?
Katharina Grosse gives a Rockaway building condemned by Hurricane Sandy an evocative swansong...…
This map shows the areas that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
The Storm of Division: Hurricane Sandy, Photograph by Ken Cedeno, Corbis Images   WHETHER it has been global polit …
The "new" South Ferry is supposed to reopen this summer. Sorry for the delayed response!
2. Romney for all is fault isn't a populist/ rabble-rouser like Trump, and 3. Hurricane Sandy before the election showed Obama's competency
I am a Catholic but I admire you & your work. You did so much during the recovery of Hurricane Sandy & I thank you!
Are you training for the half marathon in the face of Hurricane Sandy?.
$250M to build, $340M to rebuild after Sandy deluge: New South Ferry to reopen this summer
Does anyone remember the social media reaction to Kristen's appearance at that Hurricane Sandy concert thing in 2012?
you know she's gonna get roasted on social media like she did during that Hurricane Sandy concert thing. I almost died
Riddle me dis and Riddle me dat Who is my Guru? this Guru taught me how to open and close portals hint hurricane Sandy
Natural disasters often give us a wake up call about sustainability – Hurricane Sandy certainly did:
1st official post-Admin day From cash4clunkers, ARRA, Hurricane Sandy 2 FAST Act, smart cities, was ride of my life!
Climate change is happening now, and it's urgent that we act—before another Hurricane Sandy.
*** This Hurricane Sandy episode of has me teary.
"Hurricane Sandy wasn't a big deal. Overblown by the MEDIA!"
South Ferry Station on Track to Reopen this Summer after Hurricane Sandy Repairs
raise emergency revenue for both victims of hurricane sandy and the Flint water crisis. "The list goes on."
station on track to reopen in lower this summer after Hurricane Sandy repairs
This is what Hurricane Sandy looks like 4 years on - Demolition.
NYC - Hurricane Sandy recovery continues today. Join the team.
First time people were allowed in Ortley Beach after Hurricane Sandy
WATCH: an owner and her cats reunited after Hurricane Sandy
Found an old memory card. This is a look south from my back yard. The river was lowered for Hurricane Sandy. 10/28/…
Cassini spacecraft captured new views of Hurricane from the coming up on NASA TV.
Rikers officers plead guilty to covering up inmate beating during Hurricane Sandy
Check out these advisor badges! Guess they really missed us during hurricane Sandy!
During Hurricane Sandy we used hurricane lamps for heat.
This is the saddest classroom I have seen since Hurricane is the look of "my life has just been destroyed"
Peace or panic - which do you choose? When all of the winds cleared from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy from...
Jet-skiing during Hurricane Sandy; in recession $310 million spent on pet costumes, Oliver says America'll be fine.
On this day 4 years ago, I saw "The Performers" on Broadway. It closed not long after it had opened, no thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
Trump meticulously keeps score. hugged Obama once on the tarmac during Hurricane Sandy, so he's TOAST!…
Chris Christie out of Trump transition team that's what you get for hugging Obama in aftermath of hurricane sandy 😝
Cory Booker wanted the government to hand out Hot Pockets to people hit by Hurricane Sandy.
TLK II brings back good memories. I remember watching it at my grandma's house during hurricane sandy
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Great news! I can't forgive Christie his man hug of Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Not trustworthy.
Mobilization of fire crews, equipment & IMTs to fires in the South is our largest this late in the yr since Hurricane San…
Five more people are accused of Hurricane Sandy relief fund scams
Those victims of hurricane of Sandy who have received temporary shelters - are thrown out on the street by the New York lawyers
(5 more people accused of relief fund scams : The four New..…
Doing some Hurricane Sandy Data Visualization in for my class!!!
Four years after Hurricane Sandy, is still recovering:
Photography in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's devastation
5 more people accused of Hurricane relief fund scams - Nov 11 @ 11:36 AM ET
I had lost my very special deck I. sandy and just found it in Avalon aka Glastonbury so I need to get back! I craft
Coastal wetlands prevented $625M in property damages in 12 states during Hurricane Sandy & can reduce annual storm dama…
They are working to impeach Christie. Christie did nothing for Hurricane Sandy victims. Absent Governor.
The King just just dodged a hundred sunken ships from hurricane sandy
Flashback. I first met David at the Jetty Warehouse after Hurricane Sandy ripped through East Coast communities.
John Oliver: Americans should have hope, because he once saw a guy jet-ski through Hurricane Sandy
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ICYMI: has an important letter in on helping low-income families affected by
Hurricane Sandy aftermath: customers want resiliency says Izzo at E-ffiliates Annual Mtg
Protective value of wetlands during Hurricane Sandy equivalent to 625 million US dollars. Ecosystems key to reducing
This is a lovely story, if sad in some ways. "Nature, of course, doesn’t have to wait."
Anyone who walks Haley Farm can see salt marshes at work!...
Great Memories After Hurricane Sandy devastated Nj and our kids couldn't celebrate Halloween , We made it happen...
Thanks a lot Hurricane Sandy. Now I'll have "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" stuck in my head all week.
Great article & photos of Oakwood Beach, a seaside town being reclaimed by nature after Hurricane Sandy.
4 years after it was majorly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, is nearly done superstorm proofing…
4 years after Hurricane Sandy, we reflect on our recovery efforts & thank the supporters of the Sandy Relief Fund.
Hurricane Sandy was the worst storm in New York since 170... via
Marco Rubio voted NO on the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act for Hurricane Sandy victims.
Join the team and do Hurricane Sandy relief effort this a Saturday!.
Hurricane Sandy. Long Island. White people, in the dead of winter, got relief as slowly or slower than blacks did in Katrina.
like R lying, Christie sad Trump gave to Hurricane Sandy relief but no proof. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Great start at the raising $$$ for Hurricane Sandy relief through Call me, maybe?
City Hall announced its Hurricane Sandy relief program Build it Back will not meet its end of the year deadline:
Remember when told not to fundraise in NY b/c of his vote on Hurricane Sandy relief?
Who else remembers when Hurricane Sandy reached Ohio?
one more reminder- voted against hurricane Sandy relief!
This happened with when Jeremy was locked in MCC Manhattan. Read about it here:
I worked in a grocery store for a few years, and whenever we had a storm, like hurricane Sandy, this happened. ***
(Daily Star):Hurricane Matthew: Live updates as storm to rival smashes US..
Please follow me. follow accounts who love idols. follow back 100%. Hurricane Sandy
Years after Hurricane Sandy hit the Coast, lasting impacts are still seen today.
This picture has been used every year since hurricane sandy
Stressed by Reminds me of The storm isn't the worst part--the worst is getting your insurance claim settled!! ARRRGGHH!!
That's great! I was without power for 5 days after Hurricane Sandy. 😬
If the wind is strong enough, if the ground is sandy or waterlogged enough...
Glad to hear it! Last time a hurricane hit us (Sandy) I basically never left the bed and watched movies all day. LOL
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N.J. lawmakers want Christie response to Hurricane Sandy report
EXACTLY how Republicans view those who don't supprt their agenda. Recall hurricane Sandy & how they tried 2 prevent aid?
Hurricane Sandy would of kicked Matthew butt..just saying!
This picture and more are fake, it all started from Hurricane Sandy.
As hits Florida, a to Donald Trump's reaction to Hurricane Sandy. This man is running for president. ht…
trending search on Google is Hurricane ... Sandy?
Hurricane Matthew has reached the U.S., and it could reportedly be worse than Sandy
Hurricane Matthew: Live updates as MONSTER storm to rival SANDY smashes US
Pray for HAITI. Hit an earthquake in 2010, battered by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, now the…
Add to list of rep who voted NO for Hurricane Sandy relief $$. His dist got Katrina $$.
Power is back. So glad it wasn't like hurricane sandy. I was without power for 10 days!
any comment from Fl's GOP Rep. DeSantis, Rep. Yoho who voted NO on Hurricane Sandy relief?
2013: Prince of Jersey Shore: Harry cheers survivors of Hurricane Sandy | via
Remembering when we had to restore and repair the 9/11 Bike after Hurricane Sandy.
Rubio: voted against funding for NE after Hurricane Sandy; senator who lives in "hurricane alley" is he dumb?
Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, the Louisiana flooding, and Zika, show the importance of our governments. Without t…
Everyone seems to forget the devastating effect of hurricane Sandy on the 2012 campaign. Romney was close until that happened.
I started to like Christi during news coverage of how he handled Hurricane Sandy disaster. He could be President, win in 2020.
Hurricane Sandy just keep on blowing!! Odds on him being apart of proceeding down the stretch were very long at the beginning of the season
My husband Roger & I lived in Louisiana after the Katrina flood and it was devastating and heart breaking.
The ones that had Romney ahead again and again. Then Hurricane Sandy Came
Floodwater has submerged parts of Baton Rouge in the nation’s worst flooding crisis since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Louisiana is experiencing one of the worst floods since Hurricane Sandy & nobody gives a *** Reminds me of Katrina all o…
the flood in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since hurricane Sandy and actually no one is talking about it.
Alleged 'Superstorm' Sandy was not even at strength when it made landfall in 2012.
5 mistakes the SBA made on Sandy loans
Nightly newscasts ignore in coverage of worst U.S. weather disaster since Hurricane Sandy
Actual news: Louisiana flooding is the country's 'worst natural disaster' since Hurricane Sandy, Red Cross says
City's Build-it-Back program struggles to meet deadline four years after
Because what could Climate Change have to do with the second 500 year flood in Louisiana this year?
Little Giant Ladders
“I find it stupefying how slowly things move in the midst of any tragedy to return people back to a new normal.”
repairing damage that was caused during Hurricane Sandy
MTA to close L train tunnel for 18 months for Hurricane Sandy repairs
November 18, 2014: Scarlett at the 2nd Annual Champions Of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Benefit in New York City.
L Train Will Shut Down Between Manhattan and Brooklyn for 18 Months to repair Hurricane Sandy damage
New report on Hurricane Sandy washover deposits on southern Long Beach Island
Improvements needed in oversight of Hurricane Sandy programs. See what we found
Thanks, MTA,for "speedy" decision to start in 2 years to repair damage done by Hurricane Sandy, which hit town Four Years Ago!
What happens if there's a Sandy-like hurricane between now and 2019...?
We are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy nearly four years later, and will still be only beginning to recover seven years later.
Obama says sin last 76 months he has created 14 million jobs in private sector. A lie. BP spill and Hurricane Sandy created all the jobs
Any time I feel bad about having still not recovered from Hurricane Sandy, I look at the L train and realize I have until at least 2019.
says L train will shut down from Manhattan to in 2019 for 18 months to repair tunnel damaged by Hurricane Sandy .
When was hurricane sandy lmao they still doing train work because of it
L Train Will Shut Down From Manhattan to Brooklyn in ’19 for 18 Months to repair serious damage from Hurricane Sandy
A tunnel under the East River will be shut for repairs needed after Hurricane Sandy, upending thousands of people’s commutes in one of the
I awoke to hurricane sandy, and my hotel is right across the street from the ocean
Ava art. Chalk pastels and charcoal. First one is hurricane sandy based second is stylized self potrait
i live on the east coast of the United States and the last hurricane i got was sandy but it got called superstorm sandy
Dam this rain is like hurricane sandy
There's still evidence from Hurricane Sandy. Here, the roots of a toppled tree have new trees…
the coldest cold I've ever experienced was at the top of the Empire State Building during hurricane Sandy, the term bone-chilling is v real
Hurricane Sandy changed everything in Obama's favor at the last minute.
Hurricane sandy happening again in this chat man
Found a from 28-10-2012 just after Hurricane Sandy making room for more vinyl.
But, there's actual data on what events are likely to cause an urban area to be evacuated, as was the case with Hurricane Sandy.
This was done 4 charity for Hurricane Sandy victims held in a local senior citizens' center. Hence the quality
Here's why the lights stayed on at NYU while the rest of Lower Manhattan went dark during Hurricane Sandy
Why only lights stayed on during Hurricane Sandy
Here's a text my dad sent me during Hurricane Sandy.
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after big rains it swells considerably-that photo looks like the 84 flood in the region or after Hurricane Sandy.
Hurricane Sandy was back when the Knicks were good and it's STILL got the subways f**ked up
Taking on Insurance Companies in the wake of a disaster. Steve Mostyn fights for Hurricane Sandy victims:
A scammer who posed as a Hurricane Sandy victim in order to receive benefits will pay nearly $90K in restitution: https…
Will this help during natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy? Tune in w/
Elected officials slam city's allocation of Hurricane Sandy rebuilding funds as unfair:
I just voted for my first time ever. It was more exciting when Hurricane Sandy delayed my absentee ballot.
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