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Hunter Pence

Hunter Andrew Pence (born April 13, 1983, in Fort Worth, Texas) is a Major League Baseball outfielder with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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It's between Hunter Pence and Pete Rose for the crown.
As much as I dislike him and dislike watching him hunter pence is perfect example of this. Only dislike him b/c he…
The Night of the Hunter... the inspiration for Mike Pence calling his wife "Mother."
Amazing that Hunter Pence has been able to balance his professional baseball career while also being the lead singer of…
Pick from earlier today. Under the weather so it took a bit. Welcome back to the squad OF6/U Hunter Pence
I'd thought I had it hard when Hunter Pence was in his prime for a pair of N.L. rivals
he clearly went to the Hunter Pence baseball academy
I mean it has to be Hunter Pence, right?
Kivlehan's hitting stance and stroke reminds me of Hunter Pence. Thoughts?
Kivelhan's stance and hitting stroke reminds me of Hunter Pence.
GeForce Garage – Spotlight on Custom Rigs for Hunter & Alexis Pence via
Hunter Pence excited to be reunited with friend Mark Melancon (via
Hunter Pence's favorite Chuck Berry song is "My Ding-a-Ling." (Are we still doing this?)
Just as I've begun to not think of Hunter when someone says "Pence", the Phillies have a prospect with the last name of Gowdy.
Lmao must be a similar scout to the one that signed hunter pence
more art needs Hunter Pence, renaissance angel.
I could have put about nine different hunter pence photos in there
When someone offers you Brian McCann and Hunter Pence for Carlos Gonzalez
picked up Hunter Pence and Hayward in the second to last time through the rotation. figured if JHey goes off I'll like to have him
notes: An OF has an ill-timed injury; Pence cuts back on coffee as part of a strategy to stay healthy, etc
Can Hunter pitch? Maybe in a blowout someday, Kuip can call "Scooter with a comebacker to Pence"
Hunter Pence looks amazing in this pic.
Hunter Pence looks like he just snorted Mountain Dew. .
Hunter Pence doubled in his first Cactus League AB. He is 3-for-29 since. Getting close to time he must turn it on.
Zach Davies pitching to clean Hunter Pence looks like a couple ball boys.
I'll second Hunter Pence. Or Brandon McCarthy. And Jose Canseco and let the interview go off the rails.
I actually like Hunter Pence. Even if he is a Giant.
Michael Morse negotiated his Giants return at Hunter Pence's - The Mercury News
71808 Ted Lilly picks Hunter Pence off at first in the fifth inning 71808: via
today Hunter Pence and I talked about how Death Knights were overpowered in Wrath of the Lich King
For election day, I give you Hunter Pence doing Napoleon Dynamite dance.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
San Francisco Giants OF Hunter Pence shows off his moves as ... - ESPN Francisco Giants, SFGiants
Hunter Pence will do whatever he feels like he wants to do, GOSH! (via hunterpence/Instragram)
Finally trimmed my beard. No longer will anybody mistake me for Hunter Pence.
I hear it most during the interview after new athlete traded to Giants/49ers. Hunter Pence dropped multiple San Frans.
Jason Werth and Hunter Pence might as well be the new Wet Bandits
Silver lining w not happening, Hunter Pence will now have more time with the Wet Bandits
I still believe in the SF Giants and Hunter Pence. Get that hammy and swing back to 100% and I'll see you in April.
"Remember, if this makes the papers, we're no longer the Wet Bandits, we're the Sticky Bandits!” - Hunter Pence, probably
Shouldn't Hunter Pence be banned from baseball for being a current member of the Wet Bandits?
I said it last year and I'll say it again. Daniel Stern from the Wet Bandits isn't foolin' anyone posing as Hunter Pence.
Hunter Pence looks like he's 1/2 of the infamous Wet Bandits crew.
Good to see Hunter Pence made it out of prison after his stint with the Wet Bandits
Hunter Pence looks like he is part of the Wet Bandits 😂😂😂
Hunter Pence's hair is a national treasure.
Honestly, I respect Hunter Pence for looking like the third member of the Wet Bandits all the time.
Hunter Pence.. former member of the Wet Bandits
Something tells me Hunter Pence would've loved playing for the '76 White Sox. Your thoughts,
Hunter Pence has approximately 1 hour & 12 min b4 he has to leave the game to rob Duncan's Toy Chest at midnight with Harry
Hunter Pence reminds me so much of Tommy Baker
Hunter Pence looks like Barry pepper from True Grit
Hunter Pence looks like he was selling pot from a pouch underneath his skateboard in parking lot & Giants asked him to play
Hunter Pence, who once boasted to his high school friends that he bought a duck, looking on as the Giants lead the…
...into a force out, 2B Jean Segura to C Welington Castillo. Brandon Crawford out at home. Hunter Pence to 3rd. Brandon Belt to... [2/3]
B-R has him most similar to Hunter Pence, Adam Jones, Geoff Jenkins, Carl Everett, and Jason Bay. Not a bad group, per say, but 2011...
Ahhh shucks Lester's no hitter & shutout gone with one swing of the bat. Hunter Pence with the long ball!
Most discussed topic in San Francisco right now: Hunter Pence
Brian Goodwin gave one a ride in his first career AB, but Hunter Pence tracked it down at the warning track in RF.
The Giants will be without the services of Hunter Pence, Joe Panik, and Matt Duffy for awhile…
You are a fan if your first reaction to the headline was "I didn't know Hunter Pence was into politics."
People can just bring their Hunter Pence signs to Trump rallies now, they wont even have to change them.
Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy and Joe Panik are all working their way back from the disabled list. Probably not good for the rest of MLB.
"I don't mind stealing bread from the mouth of Hunter Pence." -Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, NL All-Stars
I just had the radio on in the background - did I just hear Jon Miller call Posey's home run as being by "Hunter Pence's good friend"?
No one does quite like Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval.
I love love love that we got Hunter Pence in exchange for Tommy Joseph
The Tommy Joseph/Hunter Pence deal is the trade that just keeps on giving
Giants officially won that Hunter Pence for Tommy Joseph trade
Tommy Joseph is playing tonight and Hunter Pence is not. So we won the trade?
Hey, would you trade away Jake DeGrom and Hunter Pence for George Springer and Kevin Gausman?. Any shot it gets accepted?
How the San Francisco Giants deal with injury to Hunter Pence - MLB Rumor Central- ESPN
Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence not in lineup, but outlook is optimistic as try to set a record at Coors:
Extra Baggs: Giants notes: Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt not in lineup as Giants try to set a record at Coors Fi...
Extra Baggs: Giants pregame notes: Hunter Pence still not in lineup; Denard Span gets a day off: SAN FRANCISC...
Extra Baggs: Giants notes: Angel Pagan lands on DL, Hunter Pence still sidelined, club promotes PCL home run ...
Extra Baggs: Giants notes: Hunter Pence needs at least another day out of starting lineup to rest hamstring, ...
OF's Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan have sore hamstrings. Manager Bruce Bochy says he hopes both can play Sunday.
Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan scratched from the lineup because of sore hamstring, according to Bruce Bochy.
It's an even year, so they should make a run for another World Series. Unless Stephanie Tanner hooks up with Hunter Pence again.
If I ever go to a game, I would heckle Hunter Pence dating Stephanie Tanner.
Hunter Pence calls out Noah Syndergaard with Thor pic
Tommy Joseph finally gonna get the call up for the Phillies? That Hunter Pence trade may pay off 4 years later
How about Aroldis Chapman to SF for Hunter Pence. Fix both teams needs.
G-MEN BEAT THE BLUE JAYS 5 -4 in 13 innings on Posey's based loaded walk-off walk. Hunter Pence was 2 for 6 with...
Hunter Pence slides head first into first base.
Yay for Hunter Pence's good friend Buster Posey! :-)
5/11/2008: The Hunter Pence foils no-hit bid in 7th with two-out single. Bats awake, clobber Dodgers 8-5
@ T13-1o: Michael Saunders singles on a line drive to RF Hunter Pence.
Gavin Floyd strands Matt Duffy at second base with K of Hunter Pence. To the 12th
@ T8-2o: Russell Martin out on a sacrifice fly to RF Hunter Pence. Josh Donaldson scores. Edwin Encarnacion to 3rd.
will be without OFs Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan and 2B Joe Panik Thursday against -
Giants: RF Hunter Pence not in Thursday's lineup vs. Rockies; 1B Brandon Belt in cleanup spot; Gregor Blanco in RF (ESPN)
nyn, 1, Michael Conforto singles on a line drive to right fielder Hunter Pence. Curtis Granderson to 3rd.
Adam Rosales is infield Hunter Pence. But it might be vice-versa
Quick video of the longest home run I've ever caught -- a 490-foot blast by Hunter Pence during BP at Coors Field:
Bob Brenly on Hunter Pence: "His baseball pants are shorter than a basketball player's shorts."
Every time i watch Hunter Pence swing, i cringe at his horrible stance.
So, basically Hunter Pence is that *** from college who cherry picks theological arguments to sound "worldly" in casual conversation
Eric Hosmer does Meth with Hunter Pence im sure of it! Lol
Blues fan or not, is still my least favorite pro sports name. I'd rather be named Jones Bob or Hunter Pence, both awful.
Hunter Pence aka the rich man's Eric Byrnes
Scooter signed by Hunter Pence stolen from Make-A-Wish in San Francisco
Autographed scooter donated by Hunter Pence stolen from San ...
Yeah I know Jon Miller's the best! I liked the "Buster Posey's good friend Hunter Pence" line
Hunter Pence doing big things yesterday. BCraw killing it today. Who will it be tomorrow? 😏
Police arrest third suspect in theft of Hunter Pence’s Make-A-Wish s ...
"A grand slam for Buster Posey... 's good friend, Hunter Pence"
Hunter Pence is really the only truly likeable thing about the Giants tbh. Don't @ me
HOF broadcaster Jon Miller relived his call of Buster Posey's good friend Hunter Pence 😂
Thanks to Buster Posey ' s good friend Hunter Pence ' s team mate Brandon Crawford !
Look at this gem I found absolutely hilarious!
Why would we go to *** It's not like we're talking about Hunter Pence. 😂
Hunter Pence's good friend with the walk-off.
Jon Miller is a Hall of Fame broadcaster for a reason. LISTEN >> (via .
Hunter Pence is not Yasiel Puig, and Justin Turner has a two-out single to right.
Jon: "Baez came in yesterday and he's the one who gave up the grand slam to Hunter Pence.". Kruk: "Buster Posey's good friend!"
nah its all about Hunter Pence baby
Question of the day: Why does Hunter Pence always look cracked out?
there were some horses, a man on fire and Hunter Pence killed a guy with a trident. I may have imagined some of that
I hope Pence signs come back so I could put . "Hunter Pence Enjoys Necrophilia"
Baez, Hunter Pence's best friend, now pitching. making me crazy. Week 1.
Update your maps at Navteq
A grand slam for Buster Posey...'S good friend Hunter Pence! -Jon Miller http…
Hunter Pence looks like he stabs babies and enjoys necrophilia
*** Dave Roberts did Hunter Pence and Jake Peavy give you Cocaine ???
Here are the longest HRs of the night so far:. -Joc Pederson. -Hunter Pence. -Ryan Howard
Hunter Pence casually has Maximus Decimus Meridius' mask sitting in his locker.
Hunter Pence's grand slam extends the Giants' lead to 12-6 in the eighth.
that's like that gif from last year of Hunter Pence vs Casey "Jitters" Janssen😂
Hunter Pence is one of my favorite players in
Hunter Pence's favorite real housewife is Danielle Staub.
Great. The refs ruined the Dores game and Hunter Pence ruined the post-game pity episode of Fuller House I watched.
Anyone else get really salty when Hunter Pence showed up on Fuller House?
Hunter Pence being on Fuller House is amazing 🍕🍴
Lmao I love the episode of Fuller House with Hunter Pence!!
Hunter Pence is on Fuller House omg I love him
Another reason why Fuller House is awful? Hunter Pence is featured in an episode.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Casually when Hunter Pence makes an appearance on Fuller House lol ok Bae
I instantly love Fuller House after they put Hunter Pence in one of the episodes. 👏🏻👏🏻
Fantasy News: Pence to undergo MRI on sore right Achilles - Hunter Pence | SF
Just a heads up DJ Tanner married Valeri Bure so Hunter Pence is kinda a nobody to her.
My favorite or most popular? Two different questions. Brandon Crawford and Hunter Pence float my boat.
Hunter Pence for sure. Alex Rodriguez has an ADP well over 200 in NFBC - I like that price.
We got the deal to co-head YOUTH COMMUNISM and got some people to come onboard including Hunter Pence which angered Michael Morse who retrnd
Bruh I wanna meet steph curry so bad. and Cueto and Hunter Pence and Joe Panik and Kristaps pordingus
Fwiw if I had to pick 3 baseball players to join me at the Cespedes family BBQ, it would be Hunter Pence, Joc Pederson, and Jason Grilli.
"Human garbage like Buster Posey, Hunter Pence and Sergio Romo can only dream of approaching KC's run of success."
Fans need to go full bore Hunter Pence-esque now at games. "Tommy has a VCR"."Bobby has a myspace"
Hunter Pence is returning to his home planet after convincing Buster Posey to come with him.
Astros are willing to deal George Springer if the deal is good. It's like Hunter Pence all over again, hopefully it'll be worth it this time
Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee (twice), Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence in a 2-year period. And that’s *just* the Phils.
Also, msg to David Price: either Joe Panik or Hunter Pence catches that 7th inning popup; you'd look good in orange & black.
I remember we did something similar for Hunter Pence and fans took it a step further with Mike Ribeiro
I remember a few yrs ago when they were getting rid of guys like Hunter Pence, Michael Bourne & Roy Oswalt. Didn't know where team was going
Salute to Michael Bourn & Hunter Pence, you're not forgotten.
Better pitching, Hunter Pence, Joe Panik & the possibility of a 100% healthy Matt Cain that has worked out his issues sounds nice
Hunter Pence, Joe Panik, shoot I would take Blanco right now lol
It's an even year next season with Jarrett Parker, Joe Panik, and Hunter Pence in the lineup. Be afraid MLB. Be very afraid.
Bruce Bochy says OFs Nori Aoki, Gregor Blanco, Hunter Pence could be done for season. Of them Pence may have best c…
where is that store, can he tell Hunter Pence and Brandon Crawford.
said to mahssef,"Kin dat be Hunter Pence?"Din't look too mich like least ta me.but da neighbor who is called "Mother" said,"Yeah, ah
Ah am shur alla dese gys in MLB will be glad fer da off season!!Ah tho't ah saw Hunter Pence on da sidelines tonite--twice1And each time ah
If I'm not wearing my black Hunter Pence jersey, I'm probably wearing my white Hunter Pence jersey.
Hunter Pence hangs out at Greg Gibson's ranch.
Hunter Pence doesn't want to be seen in public with Greg Gibson.
OF Hunter Pence, who has missed the last 22 games with a strained oblique, has not progressed enough so that he can take full swings
Can't decide who looks more like a homeless guy, Jason Werth or Hunter Pence?
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Recommendation by :Hunter Oblique injuries have known to...
News Alarm: Hunter Pence (RF - SF) Hunter Pence (oblique) is still unable to take full swings.
Bochy still believes Hunter Pence will play again this season but oblique hasn't progressed to the point he can take full swings.
Duane Kuiper: Impossible to replace what Hunter Pence brings to the table
[SBN]When Hunter Pence went down to an oblique tweak, they quickly acquired Marlon …
I know injuries happen, BUT if Joe Panik and Hunter Pence did not get injured we'd be right in the mix for the nl west or wildcard. Oh well.
Hunter Pence wanna be Marv from HomeAlone so bad.
every team has injuries. Absolutely. Just miss watching Hunter Pence and Matt Cain play baseball.
Hunter Pence missing most of this season, did to the what Posey missing most 2011 did. Some people make that…
Christian Colon going with the Hunter Pence high pants
Turning down females saying girl you uglier than a Hunter Pence practice swing 😂
During the Giants series I was hoping to see Casey Janssen pitch to Hunter Pence.
Players who went on the DL today: Hunter Pence, Josh Hamilton, Anibal Sanchez, Daniel Norris, Jeremy Hellickson, Jake McGee
Hunter Pence, Jayson Werth, and Michael Cuddeyer are so worth it
Hunter Pence is probably my favourite batter of all time
I totally say Hunter Pence riding his scooter to the stadium on the Embarcadero earlier.
Someone in my dynasty fantasy baseball team just offers me Jose Reyes and Hunter Pence for Matt Harvey and Joc Pederson.
sfn, 2, Hunter Pence grounds into a double play, shortstop Daniel Castro to second baseman Jace Peterson to first baseman Chris Johnson. B
Hunter Pence is on the opposite side of the handsome scale that Brandon Beachy is
The San Francisco Giants will rue the day they traded Nate Schierholtz for Hunter Pence.
why we gave up on Hunter Pence so quick is beyond me but, i felt we put too much into who he was as a player
Hunter Pence has a cannon for an arm! ⚾⚾
Hunter Pence hits grand slam in rout of Philly
Hunter Pence returns, helps lead Giants to win
The one positive out of tonights awful end, Hunter Pence took batting practice and was hitting it 400ft and then some
Hunter Pence took BP and looked ready to return ... and for the All-Star Home Run Derby, too. Story:
or when he was untouchable in consecutive trades for Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Hunter Pence?
Hunter Pence has never heard of Byron Buxton.
Hey, Ed Wade once asked another GM for Singleton, Cosart, Santana, and Zeid in exchange for Hunter Pence. You never know!
[Hunter Pence mugs as Barack Obama welcomes the defending-champion Giants to the White House.
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The President just said "Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork."
Tyler Cravy, Mike Pelfrey, Hunter Pence and Austin Jackson all got 1/2 WOBs via
Welcome back, Hunter Pence. Giants crush Reds, 11-2, as Pence goes 2-3 with 3 R.
Hunter Pence returning to lineup after spring training injury:
Giants: OF Hunter Pence (fractured forearm in spring training) to be activated from DL Saturday - San Jose...
Hunter Pence is 2 for 2 with a single and a home run (his second in two games) for Sacramento at Las Vegas tonight. They're…
Regarding possibility of Hunter Pence in Albuquerque this weekend on rehab assignment for AAA-Sac.
Hunter Pence will play today for Sacto in Vegas and take tomorrow's day game off.
Tyler Matzek scheduled to start tomorrow. Unknown if Hunter Pence will still be rehabbing this weekend in Abq.
Hey what are the odds Hunter Pence plays rehab games at Isotopes Park this weekend (May 16-19)?
Hunter Pence walks and scores from 1st on double for second time today. Not sure if his wrist/forearm is ready, but his legs are.
Hunter Pence hard base hit into left for his first hit (in 8 PA) in his rehab assignment with Sacramento.
Yes, Hunter Pence is batting third and starting in RF today.
Hunter Pence not in the Sacramento lineup (day game after night game). Bummer for fans who bought tickets to see him.
Pregame starts at 7:45 pm MT, with highlights from Hunter Pence press conference; news & notes from around & PCL.
Hunter Pence talks to media in Sacramento before game two of his rehab assignment
One of my seasonal teams has Jose Reyes, Puig, Lucroy, Alex Rios, and Hunter Pence on it.
Hunter Pence sac fly to right in his first at-bat on a rehab assignment at Sacramento.
Best sign of the World Series: "Hunter Pence thinks Arthur Bryant is Kobe's dad." Bravo.
plan for Hunter Pence is 5 days of live BP & then 7-10 rehab games or 40-50 AB’s according to both Bochy & Evan…
Pence nearing 'big day' of regular batting practice: Barring setbacks, Giants right fielder Hunter Pence could...
Adam Rosales is the Hunter Pence of the Rangers
approve the move: trade an injured Hunter Pence for an injured Kenley Jansen?
assuming you mean still playing in the majors Shane Victorino followed by Hunter Pence
trade ? Hunter Pence, Desmond Jennings, Pablo Sandoval and Joakim Soria for Starling Marte, Pedro Alvarez and Brandon Moss.
Three days till draft day, so here are my 3 players who will underperform this years:. 3. Zack Wheeler. 2. Yu Darvish. 1. Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence is one classy man. His interview about his broken arm and how the focus is the team, not the arm.
Why has there been more hand wringing over Hunter Pence having his arm broken on March 5 than Hanley Ramirez having his r…
Hunter Pence could have had surgery to fix the injury, but he elected to simply grow the arm back
Hunter Pence can turn a break into a blessing. May the arm end up stronger!
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Dear Hunter Pence. I broke my arm too yesterday. How did you break yours? Playing baseball? That's adorable. /s/ Harry
Hunter Pence upbeat a day after suffering forearm fracture.
Of course it was a Cubbies prospect who hit Hunter Pence with a pitch.
Classy of Cubs' Black to apologize to Pence and Giants fans. DYK they share the same agent?
Hunter Pence out 6-8 weeks with broken arm by HBP...ouch
Not sure I can live in a world where Hunter Pence isn't playing baseball.
Hunter Pence says he's a quick healer, predicts arm fracture will be "a great blessing"
Giants rightfielder Hunter Pence will miss 6-8 weeks with a broken arm
Hunter Pence's injury means Aoki, Pagan will have to step up for the Giants
Can't Hunter Pence just grow a new arm or something
Hunter Pence out for 2 months after suffering broken forearm in spring training.
Hunter Pence will miss 6-8 weeks for with a fractured forearm after hit by pitch.
Giants believe Hunter Pence has forearm fracture via
Hunter Pence --> Handhurt Pains? That's as far as I can take this, can you carry me?
Hunter Pence buys Wrigley bleachers tix for opening day.
USA Today: Hunter Pence's sixth tool is sportsmanship
I love Hunter Pence. He is always so positive and amazing. Wow.
Hunter Pence's sixth tool is sportsmanship: The Giants' outfielder had a classy response to the pitcher…
you'll be back soon enough Hunter Pence! can't wait to have our reverend back on that field
Hunter Pence is def. my favorite alien.
Hunter Pence injured. Well, Giants still got this lol
Hunter Pence asked me to tell Corey Black when he yelled after HBP it was not at Corey but he knew he was hurt…
Bobby Evans: "Hunter Pence has already told countless guys that he'll be back and to not get down about his injury."
Cubs' Corey Black feels badly about hitting Hunter Pence
Bad break: Pence out 6-8 weeks after HBP: San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence suffered a nondisplaced fracture of his lef...
It's hard not to like Hunter Pence. Class move both ways.
Hunter Pence breaks arm in Giants' win over Cubs
Don't worry, Hunter Pence and the Cubs pitcher who beaned him are totally cool now (
Hunter Pence's sixth tool is sportsmanship
Hunter Pence very upbeat, as you'd expect. "The saddest part is I really can't comb my hair anymore."
The right fielder is out for 2 months, but you'll be shocked at how he broke his arm.
Don’t worry -- even though got plunked yesterday, he and are totally cool:
Full transcript on describing his injury, his outlook and his message for Cubs pitcher Corey Black:
Today Cub Corey Black broke Hunter Pence's left arm 22 years to the date after Giant Mike Jackson broke Ryne Sandberg'…
The fear that Hunter Pence may have a broken forearm, and OF Allen Craig may be the perfect fit as trad…
please let this is be about Hunter Pence foraying into national politics
I'm so weak that hunter pence is streaming on twitch right now. *** shouldn't you be at spring training or something?
Hunter Pence is live streaming his game right now and he’s giving classic Pence.
Watching Hunter Pence play Day Z on twitch makes me not totally hate him %100... still dont like him tho
hunter pence... You know what you'll get
In a standard league for this season (5x5 Roto), Michael Brantley or Hunter Pence? Will MB get as many steals.will HP runs?
LOL, yes, Pitchers and Catchers (and Hunter Pence, lol) reported last Thursday. Full squad will report on Tuesday.
I wonder a lot how we lived in a world before Hunter Pence as a Giant.
I love watching Hunter Pence play baseball! Doesn't look normal doing anything but gets it done
Hunter Pence, because he's just a little nutty.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hunter Pence has had a career year...What has been the secret to his success? "I crush Kale"
One of the more enjoyable parts of the season. SFGiants 2014 moment 44: signs.
Hunter Pence rides a scooter. . this is actually true.
ooo you're an A's fan. makes sense then. I'm a cubs fan but I love hunter pence oops
Hunter Pence claps at the wrong part of the Friends theme song.
Hunter Pence cries while watching the Titanic.
Hunter Pence thinks Alcatraz is still active.
Hunter Pence thinks the moon is a planet.
Hunter Pence showers with a life jacket.
Hunter Pence knows what the fox says.
Hunter Pence's mom drives him to school.
Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork.
I swing like Hunter Pence but minus the power so basically just the awkwardness lol
wow there's gonna be an actual TwitchCon but all I really want is to meet some Hearthstoners. (tho I wonder if Hunter Pence will be a guest)
Man, I love that sound of the bat hitting a ball! (And OF COURSE Hunter Pence reported to Spring Training early.)
Order Miche Bag Online!
Yale goalie Alex Lyon getting the Hunter Pence treatment from the Quinnipiac student section.
Right?! Hunter Pence and Brandon Crawford, who did exactly 20-10-10.
Contractor at my house looks so much like Hunter Pence. I wanna take a photo of him but I don't wanna freak him out.
Huh. Hunter Pence just can't seem to win the big one.
Hunter Pence communicated to Ryan Vogelsong not to play in Houston and comeback to the Giants with just one look.
Hunter Pence WAS the doctor who put in Bochy's stents.
Hunter Pence is definitely on permanent bucket duty during BP
Hunter Pence and MadBum are on laundry duty tonight.
Hunter Pence wishes you a happy Valentine's Day
Trevor Cooney reminds me of Hunter Pence only he ***
“Photo of the Day -- has the perfect Valentine’s Day picture: How can u not love Hunter Pence?
Hunter Pence looks like a guy I'd wanna kick it with.
It's a new thing where fans go snarky-funny instead of snarky-mean. Kinda started with MLB's Hunter Pence.
They look like all the signs in MLB last year for Hunter Pence.
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