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Hunter Parrish

Hunter Parrish (born May 13, 1987) is an American actor and singer.

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starring Chase Crawford as Even and Hunter Parrish as Isak!
i could take Hunter Parrish in the squared circle
The sexiest Melchior. And I stan Hunter Parrish so that's a high honour lol.
Gerard Butler felt liked remembering Hunter Parrish winking at the wildcat in the breakfast nook
I'm ready for March. Not because of golf season but I get to see and at their soccer games❤️
Look nobody asked but Hunter Parrish is still incredibly handsome
My top picks of actors to play *** Grayson Taylor Kitsch. Brenton Thwaites. Hunter Parrish. Logan Lerman https:/…
Do you defend my name when I'm not around? Or do you laugh along with them ... 🤔
I used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter religiously and be in love w his son Leland.
ever since before Ej Manuel was there I've been a fan. That's when I started watching football
I'm just surprised I have never heard of him being a FSU fan until this year
you act like he's always been bandwagoning. He's cool dude
funny, I think I would've know that
Dennis he was a fan. I'll vouch for that. He's always been an FSU fan
Sooner or later it'll come crashing down.
When you start focusing on God who's given everything & stop focusing on people who have given you nothing, u will see a…
It's homecoming, can our student section be the most lit it's ever been
You would think the older we get the more mature kids become but some of these kids got more childish💫
bro gods got your back✊🏼 and you know I for sure have your back✊🏼 don't let anything get to you brother
See You At The Pole is at 7 am tmr morning. Make sure your there, you don't wanna miss out.
Hunter Parrish was a ridiculously good Melchior, like his voice is probably the best of any of the Melchis that I've heard tbh.
My mom grew up in Kansas, my dad in Indiana. They had boring childhoods.
Be sure to dress up this week for homecoming!. Tues/tomorrow- I woke up like this. Wed- Harry Potter character. Thur- dynami…
FINALLY. Long sleeve and shorts weather 🍂
HUNTER PARRISH has to be AARON WARNER. ❤ oh please!
no one will be good enough to play warner. Only hunter parrish but im sure hes not gonna play him😢😢
Anonymous said: Hello, can you please make some bad-boy, teenage dirtbag style Hunter Parrish picture...
I'm baffled Danica wasn't in it, she usually starts everything
she doesn't need any help. She will find it
I was talking to my dad. And I was like I wish she would get out of nascar. And he was like. "I wish she would just finish"
Either end of Segment 1 or beginning of Segment 2
I've never done a blind date but my parents met on a blind date.
I wanna talk about hunter Parrish in weeds
As soon as things become predictable, they become boring.
okay back to weeds because I'm actually gonna marry hunter Parrish
Adam Parrish is proud of you for doing your *** homework.
But look at all the pictures of Hunter Parrish with other people I have from last night
I'm salty. I'm just gonna hope I can prove its me Hunter Parrish.
Binge watching Weeds again and omg Hunter Parrish is so problematic for me
they couldn't even get the cute white boys like Bradley James or Hunter Parrish or Taylor Kitsch--like *** Do better.
Sometimes Hunter Parrish tries to FaceTime people but the only person who will pity answer is jack Kilmer
If shatter me becomes a tv series and hunter Parrish doesn't play Aaron Warner I will sue
Bradley James and Hunter Parrish totally could and SHOULD play twins.
Hunter Parrish is a male Hound/Labrador Retriever mix in need of a loving home!
hunter parrish as Melchior gives me life
I just think Texas and that whole Bible Belt section is so, like, corporate...
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Shelley Hennig as Nora Grey. Wade Poezyn as Patch Cipriano. Ashley Benson as Vee Sky. Hunter Parrish as Scott Parnell. Claire…
My first job was a commercial for Ball Park Fun Franks.
forever in love with Hunter Parrish gnight
I started making music for myself when I was sixteen.
I want people around me who call me out and hold me accountable.
Hunter Parrish is so sexy in Weeds 😍
The truth is I want to make music that people enjoy.
I would sell my left kidney to birth Hunter Parrish's children, I'm not kidding..
oh and the hot Hunter Parrish season 3 😜😜😜
Congrats to Hunter Parrish for being named the ACCC Player of the Week. Catch up on here:
Hunter Parrish has such pretty eyes im
Hunter Parrish of Snead State named ACCC Men's Basketball Player of the Week.
Oh my god I love GOOD GIRLS REVOLT! Grace Gummer as Nora Ephron? Hunter Parrish? Based on a true story about women in NYC in the 1970s? AAH!
One of my residents owns a part of the Greenbay Packers Corporation. & another one Is the mother of Hunter Parrish.. so thats kinda cool
he looks like Hunter Parrish in this pic -L
I started Good Girls Revolt for feminism but saw Hunter Parrish and dropped the white woman feminism to objectify him instead.
I am in love with Hunter Parrish's voice (and face) 🎼
there was boob and cute hunter parrish man *** in the broadway play! The music is great
I'm rewatching weeds and swooning over Hunter Parrish and somehow it's just not the same without
Just realized that Hunter Parrish got married way back in September and my Monday/Life just fell apart. 😭💔
hunter parrish is married and I'm deeply saddened by this
Hunter Parrish is so good in this show
// Either changing back to Hunter Parrish or Charlie Cox on one of my accounts tomorrow. Possibly.
Landon Liboiron, Luke Grimes, Luke Mitchell, Hunter Parrish and Brenton Thwaites auditioned for the role of Shane…
just for reference, he's Hunter Parrish~ hihi😌☺️
They need to replace Hunter Parrish and give Daisy a young, fun, bad, take control male side kick..nominate me lol
I'm kinda obsessed by Sam Underwood & Hunter Parrish. *** you 'the following'
Tim Lincecum's No hitter against the Padres with the amazing catch with Hunter since in Right field. Both Studs
What do you think of Hunter Parrish?
Listen to Beautiful City by Hunter Parrish on Rhapsody: . This is an amazing song. 🎶
I would really appreciate meeting Hunter Parrish. Plz.
Hunter Parrish , I love to tell you that I am currently holding a PS4 giveaway. Please, check my Bio for details :)
Hunter Parrish should would be perfect as Aaron Warner
Watched Still Alice last night n once again, Kirsten Stewart has taken my breath away (and so did Hunter Parrish holy *** was he hot af)
I listened to Hunter Parrish sing Beautiful City on repeat for at least two hours... I think I need help
I just want Hunter Parrish in my life.
I would name my child hunter Silas that's how sexy hunter Parrish is
Personal, but you're going to share it with us, right? Matt Hitt, Hunter Parrish, Sage Karam, Cale Tyson, Tara Ferry...
I swear Hunter Parrish is Aaron Warner Anderson in real life because how come he isn't?!?!!!
Armie Hammer, Hunter Parrish and Grant Gustin were for Sam Clafin's role in this film…
And if there is a Fangirl movie, Hunter Parrish and Elizabeth Olsen, please.
Congrats to and on their engagements! -->
Congratulations Hunter and Kathryn!: Hunter Parrish is engaged to his girlfriend Kath...
STILL ALICE star Hunter Parrish has popped the question to girlfriend Kathryn Wahl!. Safe to say he has a busy...
ugh I just need Hunter Parrish in my life. BUT HE GOT ENGAGED 3 DAYS AGO 😭😭😭
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'm considering watching it for the second time I finished it like 2 months ago and im just in love with hunter Parrish😭
Michael Hunter is using to help creators with feedback and exposure:
YUP. And it was in a moment where I was literally sobbing, it cut to him, and I was like oh GREAT sweater hunter Parrish.
Hunter Parrish grew up so *** much it took me half an hour to place him. I am very about his beard/button up game in this movie.
Weeds star Hunter Parrish is engaged to girlfriend Kathryn Wahl--see the gorgeous ring!
Sorry ladies, Hunter Parrish is off the market! The Weeds star is engaged to girlfriend Kathryn Wahl--get the scoop!
Imagine Hunter Parrish's fiancee leaves him at the altar because she just can't forgive him for what he did on
Hunter Parrish is now engaged and I now hate my life.
Hunter Parrish is kind of perfect. That is all.
Happy engagement to this gorgeous pair!
Can we all please just take a moment to look at this impressive diamond ring:
//only because Hunter Parrish does things to my body and I can't deal and yeah, stuffs.
Hunter Parrish with the game winner over Father Lopez!
What!!! Masters Academy stays undefeated with a huge win over Father Lopez! Huge tip in by TMA's Hunter Parrish with 2 sec…
Ok Jeremy Renner, Ben McKenzie, Hunter Parrish now who could pass for their baby sister??
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We've got the usual go-tos like Hunter Parrish, William Moseley and Bradley James but they're a bit uninspiring for Ted.
Hunter Parrish and Bob Goff are friends. Life is complete.
I'd like to have all of Hunter Parrish's babies pls
Hate my alarm a little more this morning for waking me up in the middle of a sex dream about Hunter Parrish.
Hunter Parrish should play as Aaron Warner pls
ya I know I just wanted to post it I can't but hunter Parrish is life 💋💋
it's okay i feel you bc i had this hot waiter in europe who looks like hunter parrish aND HE NEEDS TO MARRY ME.
Alex Pettyfer, Lucas Till, Nico Tortorella, Evan Peters and Hunter Parrish were considered to play the male lead…
Just saw a guy that's looks like Hunter Parrish 😍😍😍
hunter parrish? jordan parrish? adam parrisH ? BEN PArisH ??? when will the madness come to an end
If guys who looked like Hunter Parrish owned dispensaries/were dealers, I'd take up smoking based on principle.
// I think I'm in love with Hunter Parrish no lie oh my god
omg and RIGHT after On the Willows comes Beautiful City. Hunter Parrish WHY must you do this to me
//Nico Tortorella is absolutely bae though. He and Hunter Parrish can't be resisted.
“I want to stage kiss Myles Parrish when we meet”
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I will never tire of repeats because I will never tire of looking at Hunter Parrish. Unf.
Hunter Parrish looks so bad with bleached blonde hair in
If I use Hunter Parrish as an FC someone's gotta use Aaron Tveit and write with me
// and bc of her current rp I also ship her with hunter parrish 😌
omg hunter Parrish he's gorgeous. What season?
Oh what I would give to kiss Hunter Parrish. 😍
I feel like Candice Accola and Hunter Parrish are gonna end up on one of those long lost twins news stories ya know.
Hunter Parrish is the sexiest man alive.
Benjamin Walker, Kristen Bell and Hunter Parrish share a laugh in rehearsal.
Taylor Kitsch,Armie Hammer,Hunter Parrish,Grant Gustin,Luke Mitchell, and Garrett Hedlund were considered for the role of Finnick!
I would choose Hunter Parrish :) and for America , Aimee Teegarden ! He would you cast for Aspen ? :) 😘
how is hunter parrish 27 how is Ryan Ross 27 why do all these 27 year old MEN look like 13 year old boys
hunter parrish is going to be in hair at the Hollywood Bowl :(
I don't think anyone will ever compare to Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish man...he's a sex god
Hunter Parrish and Matthew Goode in the same episode of television is TOO MUCH.
and im visualizing willem as 17 again hunter parrish juDGE ME
hunTeR parRisH makes me feel some sort of way
Turns out Hunter Parrish sings too, and sings beautifully. Frankly, I'd watch him reading ingredients off a ketchup bottle.
EVERYTIME hunter Parrish comes on I feel like spreading my *** cheeks apart and sticking his head in my butthole
Oh my god the things I would let hunter Parrish do to me
Why is Mary Kate making out with hunter Parrish her butt looks like the pancakes I had for breakfast this morning
but hunter parrish, justin kirk and kevin nealon MAKE this show.
On the SVU episode with Hunter Parrish and Van Hughes. Awww yeah. Thanks, Netflix!
Silas from weeds aka Hunter Parrish is is perfect
meet hunter parrish aka Jesus from godspell revival
luv him so much omg hunter Parrish es bae
yo I think that picture you use for Warner is Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish has me hella heart eyes
Enterprise scores four in the first on a two-run single by Hunter Brackin and a two-run double from Chris Parrish, leads Muscle Shoals 4-0.
👀😳👀 Hunter Parrish in the second season of Weeds is beautiful!
I can't have Myles Parrish, Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert or Hunter Hayes ... so basically life ***
Hunter Parrish is a dime and his smile is a million bucks
Now the real question is ... was hunter parrish more attractive as Jesus or Silas Botwin?
So I watched two seasons of Weeds today and I think I might be in love with Hunter Parrish and we might be soulmates
his characters name is silas and hes from weeds I think his real name is hunter parrish?
hunter parrish is in this movie omg baBE
I mostly watch weeds because hunter parrish
When I finish watching all of Weeds I'm drawing Hunter Parrish beauty like his needs to be recorded.
Hunter Parrish is just so attractive I can't handle it oh my god
I keep torturing myself with videos of hunter parrish singing I hate myself
Fun fact, I met Uzo Aduba after she was in "Godspell" which I only saw because of my mad love for Hunter Parrish's face.
As the seasons go on Hunter Parrish gets more and more attractive
hunter parrish is so good looking and insanely hot that I could cry. m yas 😍😏
I met this boy who looks like Chad Michael with his hair wet and Hunter Parrish when it dries. CLEARLY not letting him go
Hunter Parrish...10/10 would marry, have kids and live a happy, successful life together
kind of obsessing over how good looking Hunter Parrish is 😍😭
I was really excited about Hunter Parrish leading Hair but then I realized they'll surely be cutting out the nude scene. Booo!!
CAN'T WAIT and set for HAIR at the Hollywood Bowl:
Have a look at the star-packed cast for production of 'Hair':
Stoked that Hunter Parrish is playing Claude in the Hollywood Bowl's production of Hair! Also, Kristen Bell is starring as well. Going to need a live visual AND audio recording of this magnificent event.
.and set for HAIR at the Hollywood Bowl:
The cast of at the Hollywood Bowl revealed! and..
'Hair' at the Hollywood Bowl: Kristen Bell, Amber Riley, Hunter Parrish lead cast -
the baes, Evan Peters, Brad Pitt, Hunter Parrish, Hugh Jackman and my Dan Catucci 💘
It's gonna be a Hairy situation down in Hollywood this summer! The hit '60s musical, Hair, is being brought to...
This may actually convince me to take a trip home to LA this summer...
LoVe See Kristen play Shiela in a live performance of Hair Aug1-3
Kristen Bell, Hunter Parrish, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Amber Riley join the cast of 'Hair!'
Hair at the Hollywood Bowl has its cast – and it’s full of Glee-ful faces! The rock musical, directed and choreographed by Adam Shankman, will star Kristen Bell as Sheila, Hunter Parrish as Claude, Amber Riley as Dionne, Jenna Ushkowitz as Jeanie and...
Kristen Bell and Hunter Parrish will star in the venue's annual musical production
And we’re live! Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon, and Hunter Parrish are answering your questions for the next hour. Ask away! You can also join the cast of Weeds in the kitchen to bake brownies and enjoy a best-of Weeds viewing marathon:
If You Were Born Today, May 13 You are a steady, reliable, and responsible person. You are not always patient with slackers, but patient overall. You instinctively know that good things come to those who wait, but you also know how to make things happen with determined effort. You are witty, no-nonsense, respectable, and solid. Famous people born today: Stevie Wonder, Daphne Du Maurier, Joe Louis, Beatrice Arthur, Robert Pattinson, Hunter Parrish, Debby Ryan.
'Good Wife': Hunter Parrish talks role in shocker
Celebs and news 'The Good Wife': Hunter Parrish on how he became part of the series' most ... - Entertainment ...
two missed casting decisions that I will never let go of: Hunter Parrish as Peeta and Mae Whitman as Hazel
Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will not return in any future installments, with Mark Wahlberg having been cast in the lead role of Cade. In November 2012, casting began to search for two more leads. Isabelle Cornish, Nicola Peltz, Gabriella Wilde and Margaret Qualley were all considered to play Tessa, Cade's daughter, while Luke Grimes, Landon Liboiron, Brenton Thwaites, Jack Reynor and Hunter Parrish were all considered to play Shane, actor Tessa's race car driving boyfriend.[60] According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three leads are contracted for three new films. In January 2013, Bay announced on his website that Reynor had been cast as Shane,[49] and in March 2013 Bay announced that Nicola Peltz had been cast as Transformers Age of Extinction full movie free,
Hunter Parrish,Evan Peters, Alexander Ludwig & Lucas Till also auditioned for the role "PEETA" in the :D but JH got it :)
is it just me or does Hunter Parrish looks exactly like Andrey Arshavin?!
omg seeing Hunter Parrish (I miss S1-3) on makes me realise that he could totally play Matt Czuchry's brother *_*
We just met Mary Louise Parker and Hunter Parrish is gonna be on the good wife tonight today is a good day today is a weeds day
Why hasn't Hunter Parrish been in anything this year? I miss his beautiful face
Photoset: If i could have anyone in the world, it would be Hunter parrish
I literally am going to have a heart attack my dad is like friends with hunter Parrish and he DIDNT TELL ME SLFKALLGAL
*** Hunter Parrish in S1 of was just super skinny and awkward o_O
Woke up this morning... Yep... Still headed to the World Series..
Who else hates the targeting rule in football?
hunter parrish is so American its hilarious
Hunter Parrish! LoL, yeah... it's kinda hard to fangirl a guy who's dropped off the face of the earth (or so it seems).
Hunter Parrish is going to be on a television show thank god
My dad hung out with Hunter Parrish at his gig today and he asked him to play background music in his new movie.
I feel like 6% of my daily conversations are pointless. The other 94% are about how good Matt Carpenter is.
Here's the hilarious standoff between Scott Van Slyke and Joe Kelly before Game 6. (GIF):
"Heart of stone" by Hunter Parrish is by far one of my top 5 songs to dance ballet to
Sometimes, I remember that Hunter Parrish can sing, and..nope not going there today.
Wow Evan Peters and hunter parrish are so hot!
watching 17 Again.. Zac Efron and Hunter Parrish in the same film. nope. too many pretty people!
Hunter Parrish where have you been all my life 😍
I just finished the Weeds series. Sleep deprived, trying to get my husband to look like Hunter Parrish and obsessed with Justin Kirk now.
EVEN PETERS: Date of Birth 20 January 1987, St. Louis, Missouri, USA Birth Name Evan Thomas Peters Height 5' 9½" (1.77 m) Mini Biography Evan Peters (born January 20, 1987) is an American actor, best known for his roles as Tate Langdon in American Horror Story, Jesse Varon in the ABC TV series Invasion and as Cooper Day in The Days, also on ABC. He also had a recurring role in Disney Channel's show Phil of the Future as Phil's geeky friend Seth Wosmer. Peters is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Julie and Phil Peters, who is vice president of administration for the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Peters' break-out role was in the 2004 film Clipping Adam as Adam Sheppard. He played Russell AKA SpongeBob, a goofy skateboarder, in the 2004 movie Sleepover along with Hunter Parrish and Shane Hunter as his skateboarding crew. He also played Ricky Hobbs in the film An American Crime. In 2004, he won the award for Best Breakthrough Performance at the Phoenix Film Festival. He also appeared on Hou ...
I thought Hunter Parrish would have been a good Peeta.
Well it's official now. Wrist surgery scheduled on Halloween
SOOO proud of my DEE tonight --what a smart beautiful girl Mary Jo Fultz and Bob Fultz and Martha Jane Fultz Hunter Parrish...just LOVE LOVE LOVE her
A friend understands what you are trying to say...even when your thoughts aren't fitting into words. by Ann Hunter Parrish
This one's for you Michelle D Beaver and Alexandra Hunter Parrish
In a few hours I leave for Africa, a place I've never been. Morocco, Senegal, Ghana and Gabon. A few last minute questions have surfaced. Since I'm over 65 y.o. the travel experts at my Army hospital would not give me a yellow fever shot. Instead they gave me a "Letter of Waiver" Saying that it was not required. My question is, can the mosquitoes read the letter and realize that they cannot feed on me? What happens if I run into illiterate mosquitoes? Gabon is a former French colony. Will the mosquitoes be able to read a letter in English? Too late now, but should I have had this letter tattooed on my back? Maybe I should just stay home and read trashy fiction novels. Anyway, back at you in about a month with stories, tall tales, some outright lies, exagerations and maybe a real observation or two. Bill Hunter Parrish
HALLOWEEN is quickly approaching. You're IN A HORROR MOVIE: (first 9 people on your friends list) 1. Decides the creepy house is safe: Steven Barclay 2. Screams like a banshee: Steve LikesGirls Sanchez 3. Scares you as a joke: John Rock 4. Has sex, gets killed: Robert Kerry 5. The first to go insane: Shelley Moore 6. Murdered saving someone: Bonnie Haugen 7. Has your back no matter what jumps out: Casey Rogers 8. Has a solid survival plan no one listens to: Mishon McManus 9. Is really the killer: Ken Hunter Parrish
So someone saw Hunter Parrish at the airport the other day. They thought he was Able. Sick.
Elsi Mariee your gonna miss Hunter Parrish in this class. See Lisa Pinelli
Who has the pose? Maybe it's Hunter Parrish and Mary-Louise Parker? See pictures:
Hunter Parrish your home cooked meal is on the stove:: TACO SOUP... Don't forget your dance lessons, I mean meeting at 7
I'm playing this game and they're making me choose between Justin, Hunter Parrish, Ed Westwick and Josh Hutecherson .
My mom is watching this movie and Hunter Parrish is in it, I SCREAMED
Random question that doesn't have to do with Cody: has anyone ever heard of Hunter Parrish?
Hunter Parrish was definitely cuter in Weeds. He was ugly in 17 Again.
Really though I don't want anyone at this point. Except for maybe Hunter Parrish.
Driving around windows downs hoodie on at night in October just cat get any better.
Research shows homework has little academic value and students are usually given too much.
if hunter parrish played peeta in thg i would've died, if he played finnick instead I WOULD HAVE DIED but nope no hunter parrish
it’s weird I think I look kinda like hunter Parrish today.
I would sell to have Hunter Parrish's voice
Hunter are an angel. Sing "Beautiful City" to me .
Hunter Parrish from weeds is so hot😍😍
"I mean, when I saw Godspell I just stared at Hunter Parrish's butt and abs. I bet a lot of people did that with Jesus."
Hunter Parrish is a gift to this Earth.
Who can cast Hunter Parrish in something? I'm gonna need to have a stern talk with that boy about how he continues to make me cry.
Grass Roots mission for Trevor. One of the "Strangers and Freaks"
mid 20 would be fine. What about Hunter Parrish to play adult Henry?
Hunter Parrish was hot like 2 years ago. Now he looks like crimson chin .
Is it just me or does anyone else think Zac Efron and Hunter Parrish should have just made out in 17 Again? What a plot twist!
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Rainy day sounds like a good reason to watch the Presidents Cup
How did I just realize that Hunter Parrish was in 17 Again??
watching hunter Parrish in 17 again with my best friend, good birthday afternoon.
you're going to be falling in love with hunter Parrish soon enough
Listen, work. All I want to do is watch Hunter Parrish interviews on youtube today. Do you seriously need to interrupt that?
Why is Hunter Parrish prettier than me?
cause I just looked at your most recent followers.. And hunter Parrish.. Silus from weeds 😍 so effing hot
Lets just say Stan is hot, aka Hunter Parrish
my obsession with Hunter Parrish is getting out of hand
Only reason i'd try out for the local movie being shot in our area is because Hunter Parrish from Weeds is starring in it 😍😍😍
I just want Hunter Parrish to serenade me 24/7 is that too much to ask?
"All things he've ever wished are left behind" Hunter Parrish - Left Behind
Cards win. Blues win. Longhorns win. Overall good day.
The didnt fart around tonight. Cheesedog buffet is in their future.
Hunter parrish is the sexiest white boy ever omg.
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then you need to watch Weeds and marvel at Hunter Parrish's transformation into utter bessness
Golf teams compete at WWU Fall Invitational 10/1/2013 11:13:00 PM Fulton, Mo. - The Columbia men's and women's golf teams wrapped up play today in the William Woods (Mo.) University Fall Invitational, hosted by Tanglewood Golf Course. The Cougar women's squad finished in second place overall with a score of 648 (327-321), while the men's team combined to shoot 608 and finished fourth. The women's second round score of 321 is a new top score for the program. William Woods won both the men's and women's portions of the event. Sophomore Laken Frese finished fourth overall with a 152 (+8) to lead Columbia after posting an individual best round on back-to-back days (77-75), earning her All-Tournament Team honors. Freshman Avery Rochester placed seventh with a two-day score of 157 (81-76, +13), followed by Hannah Gill in 11th with a 167 (84-83, +23) and Makayla Baker in 13th with a 172 (85-87, +28). Kasey Nichols (+36), Sarah Barris (+45), Mikayla Knaebel (+48), Ashley Bridgford (+53), and Elizabeth Friedman (+ ...
Thoughts on THG film version: Elizabeth Banks plays Effie Trinket, which is a shame because I LOVE the former and HATE the latter. Also, Hunter Parrish auditioned for Peeta and they should've given it to him because he is waaayy hot.
The answer to the last week’s Trivia Question is – Hunter Parrish! *drumroll please* The winner for the Trivia question is….. Ella Loman! Ella, stop by the office and pick-up your iTunes® gift card!
Can I just cry over how attractive Hunter Parrish is?
Hunter Parrish is one of the most underrated talents of maybe, all time.
Hunter Parrish please me my husband for life???
30 Hunger Games… thing…! Day 24: Your Least Favourite Secondary Character If it doesn't include Snow or Coin, then I'd have to say Beetee. I don't know why, though. I just don't like Beetee, very much. Day 25: Your Dream Cast I didn't really create one. The only character I did dream cast was Hunter Parrish as Finnick. For the first movie, I had only finished the series a month or so beforehand, so it was like "Oh! Just so you know, there's a movie and this is the cast. Enjoy!" Day 26: Your Favourite Scene in The Hunger Games I love the scene where Katniss and Peeta are talking about how much Haymitch hates everyone. Its just light-hearted and shows that you can find time to relax and enjoy yourself, no matter the situation. Day 27: Your Favourite Scene in Catching Fire For the same reason as above, the morning after they survived the fog and monkey mutts, when Katniss and Finnick wake up Peeta. Day 28: Your Favourite Scene in Mockingjay *spoilers!* Okay, this one I have a tough time with. I think its ...
Driving to south bay listening to Hunter Parrish and the new Broadway cast of Godspell
oohhh Hunter Parrish... please come have my babies...
Hunter Parrish is best known for playing Silas Botwin in Showtime's Weeds .
Looking forward to a great weekend spending time with my family watching a little college football !! Hunter Parrish
Watchin little miss sunshine. This is a crazy movie. Dolton Hunter parrish will be 8 tomorrow!
Had a dream last night that I co-starred in a movie called "Dust" with Emma Stone. Emma Stone was a bounty hunter in a Wild West city in search of Hunter Parrish and I, a *** bank robbing duo. It was like Django meets Gatsby meets Brokeback Mountain. I'm smashing my face into this subway window to put myself in a coma and dream forever...
Xavier Samuel is like a poor man's Hunter Parrish.
Assigned actor: Meryl Streep (I cannot believe Ryan is trusting me with this) Movie I love: "Uncommon Women and Others", the 1978 made-for-TV-movie (what? I'm allowed!) Movie I like: "Kramer vs. Kramer" (okay, I love this one too... but it gets a demerit for being TOO f-ing sad) Movie I hate: "Out Of Africa" (just shut up) Movie I hate to like: "It's Complicated" (I only saw this bc Hunter Parrish was in it, but it's such a grilled cheese of a movie) Like this post and I'll assign you an actor/actress.
I would love to meet Milo Ventimiglia and Hunter Parrish someday. ❤
Can we talk about how if they ever get to the second series Mitch Hewer or Hunter Parrish needs to be Will Solace? No? Ok.
It's Complicated: great movie, plus it's got John Krasinski and Hunter Parrish 😍👍 score!
Is it me or does Alan look like hunter Parrish - Cashby
Hunter Parrish from season 7 of weeds is my favorite Hunter Parrish
In other news, the Hunter Parrish version of Little Boxes will not get out of my head. [& I'm okay with that]
This kid's voice is too good & this song is so beautiful. Hunter Parrish - "Beautiful City" from Godspell on Broadway
My hard drive is often just screen caps of Hunter Parrish or Alex Pettyfer and nobody wonders if I'm ***
Season 8 of Weeds just makes me want to lick Hunter Parrish's face and paste it on my wall.
Hunter Parrish is THE finest white boy alive.
I'm finally going to admit that Hunter Parrish aka Silas Botwin could get the V
It's a hunter Parrish kind of night 🎧
Hunter Parrish, you beautiful beautiful man.
Someone who looks exactly like Hunter Parrish is standing in front of me.
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Why is there speculation that Logan Lerman is with Hunter Parrish?
I really want to start watching Weeds because I fancy Hunter Parrish
I get so happy when i listen to hunter parrish.
Hunter Parrish crying is too much to handle oh m god
Why didn't anyone tell me Hunter Parrish was perfect?
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