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Hunter Biden

Robert Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970), second son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and stepson of Second Lady of the United States Jill Biden; and is a partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC and is Counsel to Boies, Schiller, Flexner, LLP, a New York based-law firm.

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Biden's son Hunter doesn't have to worry about student loans because he got a job on the board of the largest gas c…
Joe Biden comforts his grandson Hunter at the funeral of Hunter’s father, Beau Biden. S…
Dumbocrats don't know who they want to run against POTUS Trump in 2020. Do they go with bitter hateful racists like Miche…
Is Hunter Biden still counsel to Harvey Weinstein's law firm?.
Hunter Biden was actually involved in Diamonds and Shell Gas stealing trade, out of Ukraine. It is allege…
The Biden family are pieces of caught up in drugs and sexual shenanigans…
Biden played role in the Clinton / Nuland putsch in Ukraine, that toppled the democratically-elected…
If Biden gets anywhere near the nomination form for 2020, just start a wave of questions with "Why was Hunter Biden…
Joe Biden embraces his grandson Hunter before funeral services for Hunter's father. I suppose you've nev…
Yup, and his son ain't no great thing either, when he's not shilling for oil interests in Uk…
is an unhinged lunatic. Hunter Biden is a deviant.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I didn't even hear about this but isn't this weird? Joe Biden's son start…
Joe Biden age 75 this month. Along with Dems raiding the 80 yr old crowd his lobbyist family is rich on taxpayers. htt…
We were so busy keeping an eye on creepy Joe Biden for 8 years this flew right under the radar!
Agreed. Jenna Bush Hager is fair game now that she's a national TV personality. Hunter Biden, as a lobbyist, was fa…
Biden's wayward son, Hunter, was subsequently employed by Ukraine energy company. Biden overly involved in Ukra…
Post-Bloody-US-financed Coup, Hunter Biden got a cushy 'gas' job & slithered in like a headless snake…
Like father like son, remember Hunter Biden getting caught on Ashley Madison ? Guess who was having an af…
Count me in. Never knew she existed till the pie controversy. I️ lived in Delaware. Did sh…
Joe Biden called Ukraine the most corrupt country in the world. Son, Hunter Biden sits on board of Ukraine's larges…
And Joe Biden’s son Hunter works for the Ukraine govt. being paid with money that the US gives to support…
Hunter Biden's new job at a Ukrainian gas company is a problem for U.S. soft power
Hugh what about this Ukrainian connection & Obama Admin. & VP Biden. Who paid o…
Joe Biden is running for the Senate again?
This is the same circus that has characters like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden!
I feel Joe Biden first wife (Neilia Hunter) committed suicide and taken their little…
Joe Biden's son Hunter is on the Board of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine, and worth 4 BILLION dollars. H…
Don't be fooled - for real Hunter Biden scandal, see: . -Ukraine. -Burisma. -Rosemont Seneca. -Devon Archer. -Chris Heinz (Jo…
Hunter Biden's estranged wife claims he spent 'extravagantly' on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and strip clubs.
Hunter Biden, squandered the couple's money on drugs, alcohol and prostitutes since the couple separated in 2015.
Did you know Hunter Biden was having a romantic affair with his late brothers widow, and when did you know it?
Hunter Biden married his late brother's wife after divorcing his own wife, barely two years after his brother's demise.
You are a communist! Hunter Biden was appointed head of Ukraine's largest natural gas company and you kept quiet.
Hunter Biden allegedly takes his life cues from The Onion's Joe Biden
Beau Biden’s widow having affair with his brother
Don't see the big deal about Hunter Biden being in love with his SIL. Queen Mary was to be George V's SIL. 😂😂
This is the second juicy and bizarre story to drop this week behind the Biden Family Drama.
it just keeps getting better and better!!! I read about Hunter Biden *** mongering then flip to this...
I can understand Hunter Biden's wife being hurt by alleged allegations.But dragging him through the mud so publicly only hurts their child.
Hunter and Hallie Biden, Father-Uncle and Mother-Aunt of the next generation of political elites.
Hunter Biden wasted money on drugs and prostitutes says estranged wife Kathleen
Divorce filing details split of Kathleen, Hunter Biden. He's in love with his brothers widow.
Hunter Biden is a disgusting dog. No surprise there
Hallie Biden father supportive of daughter's relationship with Hunter
Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden sound like scumbags.
Hunter Biden, remaining son of the lecherous Joe Biden, didn't fall far from the tree! OR…
Do you think this would be a bigger story if it involved the Palin family?.
Knew she would have something to say Hunter Biden’s Ex Accuses Him of Excessively Spending on Prostitutes and Drugs
If Hunter Biden is going thru as many women as his wife says, maybe he didn’t notice the new one was his sis-in-law. htt…
Watch out Johnny Manziel, Hunter Biden is the early contender for degenerate of the year
Beau Biden's widow is dating her brother-in-law, Hunter.
Exclusive: Widow of Joe Biden's deceased son having affair with brother-in-law Hunter Biden via
I guess Hunter Biden got the perversion gene from his father.
weirdest part about this to me is that Hunter Biden has his own wife and kids, which he left to be with…
Extremely grossed out by some of the reactions to Hallie Biden (Beau Biden's widow) and Hunter Biden (his brother) dating.
Hunter Biden took a job at a Ukrainian gas company three years ago. Now look at him...
6 things to know about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s younger son who is now dating his brother’s widow http…
Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter Biden, was kicked out of the Navy Reserve in 2014 after testing positi…
Ex claims Hunter Biden blew money on hookers, drugs What do you say Now Joe?You won't see this on th…
And not just any NGO, the one run by Hunter Biden, recently dishonourably discharged from navy for cocaine ,Son of…
So Hunter Biden is dating the widow of his late older brother Beau. To me that is very disrespectful to do a such a thing.
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Its no different for Trump , then it is for Hunter BIden, ITS BUSINESS !!! Get over it
Hunter Biden's wife accuses him of infidelity in divorce filings - NY Daily News
So ... Hunter Biden ditches his wife & daughter in DC to shack up with his dead brother's widow. Apple didn't fall far…
Anyone else think it's creepy that Hunter Biden fell in love with his brother's wife? Or is it just me?. ~ Lori...
One of many skeletons in families closet: Ex claims Hunter Biden blew on via
Hunter Biden: There's something seriously wrong with you. Your relationship with your dead brother's wife borders on incest.
Today's cover: Hunter Biden's ex claims he blew their money on hookers and drugs
The already surprising news of Hunter Biden getting together with late brother Beau's widow, Hallie, gets even...
Hunter Biden is dating his late brother Beau Biden’s widow Hallie
Trump kids ROCK! 😧Hunter Biden is dating Hallie Biden the widow of his late brother, former Delaware Att General Beau Biden
Hallie Biden is dating her brother in law Hunter Biden. This is wrong on so many different levels.
Hallie Biden is dating Hunter Biden her brother in law. A practice which is arguably biblical.
Joe Biden's son is dating his brother's widow... 😬 -- here's what you need to know about Hunter Biden
Beau Biden's widow Hallie is dating brother-in-law Hunter Biden with Joe's blessing: report
pls read: Hallie and Hunter Biden dating is NOT the same thing as Joe and Jill Biden's past dating relationship.
Joe Biden has confirmed and approved Hunter Biden's relationship with late Beau's widow, Hallie Biden.
*** is wrong w Hallie Biden?Her husband Beau passes away, Then she hooks up w his brother Hunter Biden! Lol Good thing grandpas back home
Did CNN report? Hunter Biden was discharged from Navy in 2014 due to cocaine.
Hunter Biden is now in a relationship with brother Beau’s widow. Joe Biden offers “full and complete support.”
Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden, is now dating Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother, Beau
Hunter Biden,son of VP Joe Biden,in April 2014 joined the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings one of the largest…
Or the vice Presidents son neck deep in Gas cash?
sorry it was a Gas Company so my mistake. No conflict there then
Hunter Biden joined Board of Ukrainian Gas Corp after US coup
Hunter is a Director of the Ukranian energy company Holdings.
And Ms Nuland has led the Ukrainian operation to benefit many among them Mr. Hunter
Had missed this tier2 MSM story at time (2014): Had tracked this one:
Must be reading Burisma Holding research reports still. Will he visit Ukraine again B4 Jan 20?
association deal. will Nato troops be allowed on Ukraine soil. CIA already there . as is Mr Oil & Gas. Hunter Biden…
You ever see the 'Black eye biden' thing I found years back?
The Biden children certainly have. Hunter did get kicked out of the navy for cocaine...
He's Crimea a river of tears. Syria failed, now to try kicking off WWIII there. Bennifits Obama and Hunter Biden.
Biden: I love Barack. Michelle: Me too, Joe . Biden: *Leans in way to close* If you hurt him I will end you
. Hunter Biden was planted in 2014 as CEO of Ukraine Largest Energy Co.
Hunter Biden 2020 or is that cocaine discharge an issue?
Biden at the Capitol: "I'm going run in 2020. What the *** " Takes a long pause when asked if he was joking
Joe Biden used the Ukraine situation to get his son, Hunter, a job way up in their energy industry and Trump is even more corrupt. Wow.
Let's talk about Hunter Biden's business deals. *** Cheney's, while he was in office.
Vice President Joe Biden caught on tape asking 13 yo for sex!
& Hunter Biden are people of interest in ;)
Hillary installed NAZIs in Ukraine. She got the $75billion loan/aid $. Hunter Biden& Justin Archer split the oil. NAZIs go…
Burisma an oil & gas company in Ukraine has appointed Hunter Biden son of Joe Biden to its board of directors.
Even Biden admitted Ukraine is the most corrupted country. His son, Hunter settled down there as a Chair of Oil Inc
Biden’s son Hunter discharged from Navy Reserve after failing cocaine test via WSJ
Hunter Biden is now on Board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer.
Unfortunately, the US created the coup in Ukraine. Then Hunter Biden went to work for the 'new' neonazi gov.
Joe Biden's Son Hunter Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine via nbcnews
Biden's son discharged from Navy after testing positive for cocaine
Money keeps pouring into coal. Cameo by VP's son Hunter Biden. . via
Washington DC coup installed this barbarous gov, just like ISIS creation in ME. Hunter Biden got a job out of it
Quite a nice deal for Chinese coal investors including PE fund with Hunter Biden on the board. By
Interesting, but was not a shareholder.
If Biden runs: . Biden's son, Hunter, presides on the Ukr oil board! A conflict of interests will disqualify him.
Hunter wants to make a LITERAL KILLING on Donbass Natural Gas!!
I'm writing in Biden for the primary whether he runs or not.
The fruit does not fall far from the tree.
Biden talks up Sanders at fundraiser
Hunter Biden denies link to Ashley Madison - CNN
VP Biden's son is caught in Ashley Madison hack: Hunter says account is 'not mine'- but credit card registered to HIS address us…
wouldn't Cheney want Biden, because of Hunter Biden's work toward oil control in Ukraine??? One common goal? $
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An account page for Biden obtained by shows that someone made a payment in the am…
: Still talking about Hunter Biden? ScottInSC: Still talking about Hunter Biden?
Joe Biden’s son, ‘Hunter’ Biden, says he didn't open account registered in his name. Right.
I met one of Joe Biden sons today idk if it was Hunter or Beau they look just alike to me so i kept it on the last name basis
Hunter Biden also blamed Russian Agents for sneaking too much cocaine up his nose before he got kicked out of the Naval Academy
gets crucified by libs, press. Biden's son gets a pass. Can u say
I see where Hunter Biden got his proclivities--his pervy dad swims nude in front of female Secret Service agents!
RUSH: "And Hunter Biden •just happened• to be teaching there around the time the account was set up." How did the Russians know …
VP Joe son, Hunter, says signed him up on Ashley Madison:
lol . 'Hunter Biden'. was used to register an account . on Ashley Madison {Breitbart}. / HB denies.
Hunter Biden Framed for Conspiring to Philander by Fiendishly Clever Russian Agents via
Wasn't me: Hunter Biden says Ashley Madison account is not his via D'oh
They're in it up to their necks, with vultures like Hunter Biden waiting his turn to grab land in E.Ukraine.
Hunter claims created his profile to frame him .
This is the same Hunter Biden discharged from Navy for cocaine use?
Hunter Biden denies Ashley Madison account belongs to him
Pathetic. Hunter Biden blames Russian for his account “shockingly” appearing on…
Hunter Biden sits on the Board of fracking company in E.Ukraine waiting to disposses locals of their land.
Pathetic. Hunter Biden blames Russian hackers for his... |
Breitbart has Hunter Biden interview, who says someone set up Ashley Madison account in his name to discredit him
Obama really upset with the Nothing that a cocaine binge with Hunter Biden and *** from Reggie Love can't fix.
I hear Hunter Biden is leading the pack to replace It's amazing, that kid barely needs any sleep!
Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Call Hunter Biden at 1-800-
/Biden came not because of "MAIDAN"!He want's to be sure,that his son Hunter get's a oligarch in Ukrainia!!
Maybe Hunter Biden should run for may of DC next. He can replace cocaine revenue stream lost without Marion Barry.
Why shouldn't Hunter join the board of a gas company in Ukraine?
VP Joe Biden is in Turkey,on a diplomatic trip. He assures Americans,that turkey will be in him on Thanksgiving.
his Son was given control of Ukr oil&gas monopoly. His son murdered half a million to make it work Oligarchs Biden& Hunter Biden
Biden Assails Russian Intervention as "Unacceptable" but never talks about Hunter Biden's appointment to a...
Biden's son Hunter is working for an Uranian&SoutCyprus State and he keeps slamming Turks.Do you nowunderstand Why?
Just remember: Hunter Biden on the board of dir of Burisma causes no conflicts of interests!!!
Everything you need to know about nepotism, cronyism and corruption can be found in the biography of Hunter Biden
Shows biden in Ukraine but failed to announce Biden's son hunter has signed fracking gas deals with the junta & must kill E Ukr.
we hear about entertainers and athletes mistakes all the time did you know about Joe Bidens son?.
Robert have either u or Vicki seen Ukraine's gold maybe Biden's son Hunter got hold of it for his coke habit?
How's my son Hunter Biden doing on the gas board?
. Libs say Republicans are big oil. So are Dems WARREN BUFFET GEORGE SOROS HUNTER BIDEN . all benefit
Truly disappointing. No social media evidence Joe Biden met with his son Hunter in Kiev.
Joe Biden arrived in Kiev to chek up on two of his kids, Hunter Biden and post-Maidan
Joe Biden's 72nd birthday - And he's partying hard with his son, Hunter, in . Eric Clapton- Cocaine xx
you clearly find assault of a young woman entertaining. Can't wait for coverage of Hunter Biden's coke habit. Shld be hilarious!
Would you have heard all this if his name had been "Hunter Palin"?
If Biden had been "Hunter Palin" The New York Times would be on its 50th front-page investigative coke report by now. ht…
American Princeling: Joe Biden’s son and his life of crony privilege By Nick Sorrentino on October 23, 2014 Let’s face it. The progeny of Washington’s political class have a lot of advantages. Hunter Biden seems to have made the most of his. I was actually surprised to hear that the most junior Bide…
Hunter Biden Chronicles: "Nepotism, corporate cronyism and corruption"
The Hunter Biden Chronicles | Nepotism, corruption and crony capitalism
Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's youngest son, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine.
Another story about crooked Democrats, this one Joe Biden & son, Hunter Biden: Michelle Malkin | via
son Hunter thrown out of navy over cocaine
I'm still waiting for the media to report about Hunter Biden being dismissed from the Navy because of cocaine.
I mentioned how glad I was that Prince Biden the younger screwed up his resume enhancing military sojourn. Here...
"[I]f Hunter Biden had been on Dancing With The Stars and on reality TV and countless other money-grubbing celebrity stunts..."
Wow. No wonder the media doesnt want to touch Hunter Biden's Navy discharge for cocaine.
Would Joe Biden put his son in prison for doing coke?
Hey let us know when u get the audio of Hunter Biden's navy release due to his huge cocaine habit. We need a laug…
why would he want 2 b an ENS so bad? and why the waivers?
. So what? I been highly intoxicated a number of times as a youth..:). Any words for Hunter Biden?
Hunter Biden and Beau Biden should come party with us. What a babe.
Hunter Biden, child of privilege, nepotism, cronyism- Navy waivered him for *previous* drug use-...
Cocaine use is the *least* offensive part of Hunter Biden's Beltway crony biography==>
Commander: Hunter Biden knew test was coming
The Hunter Biden Chronicles. Can you imagine what we would be hearing if he were a Republican?
“The Hunter Biden Chronicles it going take to empty the swamp? Wake up America!
By my count, has 1 story on Hunter Biden's coke incident, 3 on Bristol Palin's "brawl" in last 2 days alone.
If Piketty & leftist academics were truly interested in the problem of oligarchy & inherited power they'd study this h…
The Hunter Biden Chronicles | I want to throw up after reading this.
The same people who think that Hunter Biden's coke use is HUGE NEWS think that this drunken Palin brawl isn't news.
piece on Hunter Biden has to be read slowly, a couple of times, to see how the Libs really screw us but get away with it
With election season upon us. Another reason for term limits courtesy of Joe Biden.
This is an example of how vile government has become. Our liberal FB friends will read this, and once again say...
Hunter Biden laughed so hard at the Palin audio that he had cocaine coming out his nose.
Crony influence-peddling=Hunter Biden’s life story. Where r critics of elitist privilege now? ht…
Hunter Biden Chronicles: "Nepotism, corporate cronyism and corruption" via
.son discharged from military for failing drug test. What we know about Hunter Biden: http:/…
Commander: Hunter Biden knew drug test was coming -
Jake Tapper just asked if the Hunter Biden cocaine story is "a legitimate story."
Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, was discharged from the Navy due to cocaine usage, sources say
More Democrat corruption and the Ukrainian Jet situation"Hunter Biden is a lawyer who serves as a managing partner for a Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment firm. He made headlines earlier this year when he was hired to be a director and lawyer for a Ukraine company promoting energy independence from Moscow. The move raised eyebrows, as Vice President Biden and others in the Obama administration have attempted to influence energy policies and other issues of the Ukrainian government as it battles Russia and pro-Russian separatists to control the county. The vice president's spokeswoman, Kendra Barkoff, has said that Biden's son is a private citizen and a lawyer, and that Joe Biden "does not endorse any particular company and has no involvement with this company." FAT CHANCE the VP isn't kicked in with his son on this
Hunter Biden, son of Vice President was discharged from the military for cocain... htt…
radarstaff - Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden said he was “embarrassed that my actions led to my admini...
Who is Hunter Biden? Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's son, was discharged from the Navy Reserve this yea...
VP Biden's son leaves Navy after drug test: Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Bid...
WSJ report: Joe's son Hunter Biden discharged from Navy Reserve for cocaine use
Reports: Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, booted from Navy over cocaine use
Hunter Biden, son of the VP, dismissed from Navy after testing positive for cocaine. Details here:
"If it weren't for double standards the left would have no standards at all." — Jselvy
I don't think anyone should be kicked out of the navy for cocaine, let alone Hunter Biden. Obama and Joe do though, and worse.
9 mo. ago? Ironic. Biden stated when he joined Ukraine gas board he'd help on issues of 'transparency' .
Biden's son ousted from Navy after drug test
"No big deal for Hunter Biden but if this were a son or daughter of Sarah Palin, he/she would be crucified…" — NannoH
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You can't do coke in the Navy but you can as a partner in a law firm. Biden's son failed cocaine test via
Biden's son discharged from U.S. Navy Reserve after drug test: sources
After failing a drug test, Hunter Biden says he is embarrassed that his actions led to his discharge from the Navy. htt…
W/ the son Hunter being caught w/ cocaine, a look back at his record of destroying brown ppl's lives for that. h…
Biden's son ousted from Navy after drug test - .
Hunter Biden received a waiver for a drug offense when he joined the Navy; then he tested positive for cocaine.
VP's son discharged after cocaine test
Joe Biden's son Hunter kicked out of Navy for drug use
Presumably Hunter Biden needs to loot Ukraine to pay for his cocaine habit
- Report: Joe Biden's son has been discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine
“Sorry I just don't think the Hunter Biden story is newsworthy. Thank you!
Al Gore's ugly kid and Hunter Biden seem to have a lot in common. Drugs and people to help them weasel out of responsibil…
Hunter Biden on failed drug test in US Navy Reserves: "I deeply regret & am embarrassed that my actions led to my administra…
son discharged from Navy Reserve for cocaine? via
Biden's son discharged from Navy over drug use: Hunter Biden was given an administrative discharge in February... http…
Hamilton Collection
Joe Biden's son discharged from Navy, reportedly for positive drug test.
The feet are moving back and forth. Heel, toe. Heel toe. It's like cocaine to Hunter Biden.
been a viewer since show Cannot figure out for the life of my why the *** Hunter Biden is the lead story tonight.
The media is honestly blowing this whole Hunter Biden cocaine "scandal" out of proportion. The only people this really concerns is his family and friends (and probably whatever command Biden served with). Don't be part of the crowd that is choosing to make this an issue. This might be a shocker to some people, but this has next to none of public legitimate concerns.
Hunter Biden, 44, a married father-of-three and trained lawyer, failed a drug test while reporting for duty as an ensign in the Navy Reserve and was discharged earlier this year, it has emerged.
Oh look the VPOTUS was dishonorably discharged for using drugs, but the Liberal media omitted the "dishonorable" part! "Hunter Biden" lol. So Joe plagiarized his essays in college and his son was kicked out of the military for doing coke! Hunter Biden can go party with the mayor of San Antonio when the Communist Castro Coke Brothers are VPOTUS with Hitlery Killington!
Hunter Biden said in a statement to Fox News that he respects the Navy’s decision.
Hunter Biden discharged from Navy Reserve for positive cocaine test
Hunter Biden the Vice President's son was kicked out of the US Navy Reserves for testing positive for cocaine. Dude, didn't you learn nothing from President do not inhale!
Hunter Biden, Joe's son has been discharged from the Naval Reserve for failing a drug test. The drug?? Cocaine.
Drug abuse is a serious issue. Now I don't know if Hunter Biden is an addict, but I do know that making fun of him and his father, Vice President Biden, by extension because of Hunter's expulsion from the Navy over testing positive for cocaine is an a-hole thing to do since there's the potential for H. Biden's use to spiral into addiction, and drug use in general is something to be concerned about when not prescribed by a doctor. So to those who have mocked either or both Bidens, go swallow a tack.
HEY Both Archer and Hunter Biden have worked as biz partners with Kerry’s son-in-law, Xstopher Heinz, founding partner of Rosemont Cap/.Rob
Hunter Biden director of company preparing to drill shale gas in East Ukraine, Burisma Holdings, Biden sons...
Vice President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is named as Ukraine natural gas and oil company director this week.. Coincidence?
Obama previously indicted4war crimes in Kenya&Egypt. Jo Biden2Bindicted as boss of son, War criminal Hunter Biden
Burisma, the Ukranian natural-gas employer of Hunter Biden, hires David Leiter as a lobbyist.
Ukrainian gas company hires friends and family of Secretary Kerry and VP Biden, while seeking to influence Congress
A Ukrainian company has been hiring friends and family of John Kerry and Joe Biden, seeking to influence Congress
It pays $ to be connected 2 Employer of Son Hires a D.C. Lobbyist
I must admit I quite like the Hunter Biden suggestion in the comments, though that'd REALLY kick things off...
Ukraine company Burisma Holdings officially hired U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden as a lawyer after the company appointed him to the board o...
for Ian's blog - WP article about Hunter Biden joining burisma's BOD
Complex times for VP's son to work at Ukraine firm Email this Story Jun 7, 3:39 PM (ET) By STEPHEN BRAUN (AP) This Dec. 4, 2013, file photo shows U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, left,... Full Image WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden's visit Saturday to support Ukraine's fragile democracy came soon after his youngest son was hired by a private Ukrainian company that promotes energy independence from Moscow. Yet that company leases natural gas fields in the breakaway Russian-backed state of Crimea and is owned by a former government minister with ties to Ukraine's ousted pro-Russian president. The hiring of Hunter Biden, 44, by Burisma Holdings Limited in April was approved by the company's owner, a former senior minister and political ally of Viktor Yanukovych, the exiled Ukrainian president. Yanukovych fled to Russia in February after protests erupted over his efforts to establish closer economic ties with Moscow. Hunter Biden's employment means he will be working as a director and top lawyer for ...
CONFLICT OF INTEREST?. Hunter Biden, son of U.S. Vice President-Member of Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company. htt…
Joe Biden's son, Hunter is now on the Board of Directors for a gas company operating in Ukraine.
Money talks... But it doesn't have to. We empower pigs like these people.
U never had moral high ground on Ukraine situation. W/ news on Hunter Biden yesterday it's now clear 4 all 2 see
As one imagines if Joe and Hunter Biden meet? "Hi Dad, what a coincidence that you also have to do in Ukraine right now. I, as a private person, just became director of the largest gas company here. Come on, lets go for a drink."
. Private Foreign Oil Company: Joe Biden son as newest employee So much for screeching Halliburton, lol.
Hunter Biden takes a board seat on a gas co. Is this a joke?
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Joe Biden’s Son Appointed to Board of Ukraine’s Largest Gas Producer: Hunter Biden, the son of Vice P...
Hunter Biden joins the team of Burisma Holdings
Video: White House and State Department on Hunter Biden's involvement in Ukraine
Hunter Biden...makes decisions on Ukranian natural gas??? Really? No! This is BAD news! What is going on?
"Trust Us" Biden son’s appointment to Ukraine gas company raises no conflict of interest, White House says
As if we didn't already have our hands full w/ this admin! It makes Hunter Biden's job even more suspicious, wouldn't you say?
son joins the board of directors for Ukraine's largest private gas producer, Burisma.
A young friend of the John Kerry family has also joined the board of a Ukraine gas producer, along with Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. The vice-president visited the country in April 2014. This is ...
Hunter Biden...another outrage. He is not a private citizen. He is the VP's son.
This type of info is explosive! This shows with out a doubt what the West is up to! Now an elite Family Member, Hunter Biden, Is the Legal Director of Ukrain...
I am sick of this stuff and it's not partisan but Hunter Biden (it could be a Bush just as easy) being appointed to head a gas company in the Ukraine upsets me. So are our family and friends going to have to defend and possibly die for this company's interests? A war zone really? You jack wagons are really a bunch of lowlifes. I am solidly voting 3rd party from now on.
Good Morning, Today Is May 14th, 2014 Time: 10:53 Hrs. PDT Followup Story HEADLINE: "Biden’s Son Joins Ukrainian Gas Producer Board" Extract: Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training and the younger of the vice president’s two sons, joined the board of directors of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings Ltd. this month and took on responsibility for the company’s legal unit, according to a statement issued by the closely held gas producer. His appointment came a few weeks after Devon Archer--college roommate of the secretary of state’s stepson, H.J. Heinz Co. ketchup heir Christopher Heinz--joined the board to help the gas firm attract U.S. investors, improve its corporate governance and expand its operations. A State Department spokesman declined to comment. Read Here:
Hunter Biden(Joe Biden's son) placed on the board of Ukraine's largest oil producer. And here we were thinking Joe's visit to the Ukraine was about politics.. The corruption is real.
White House: No conflict of int. in Hunter Biden's (VP's son) appointment to board of directors for lrgst private gas producer.
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