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Hungover Games

Caitlyn Jenner

So hungover from last night. Those intense games of "guess who?" Really got to me.
good MJ point, played games hungover (flu game), and he pushed off.
BTS on the Hungover Games. How did the still photographer know how much I love lens flare!?!?
You were great in Scream 2, Max Keeble's Big Move, King of the Hill, Son of the Mask, and The Hungover Games.
It's all fun and games until I'm extremely hungover on a Tuesday. Nice.
Just a bunch of hungover adults making games
Close CFB national champ games like this always remind me of the time I slept through the second half of USC-Texas '06 bc I was hungover.
punts better than both these guys hungover in JV games
Y'all my parents called out of work today and we're all just super hungover and this is why we shouldn't play board games
Played two indoor games night after 3 wks off and had two beers. Woke up not sore, but mildly hungover. ***
It's all fun and games until you're hungover at 8pm
All my friend are all too hungover and it's annoying af.. who's gonna come smoke fat blunts with me & watch the hockey games πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Why has it took my this long to watch the hungover games
I just watched The Hungover Games on Netflix and its so funny
Why can't Sunday playoff games be at 1:30 & 5 too? Tired of watching these 10 AM Sunday playoff games hungover. Need those extra 3 hrs man
If I were 3rd string QB I'd show up to games hungover AF from partying with my league minimum money the night before πŸ˜‚
UM had reached Pret a women Play games aren't by steak. Hungover. Planning how Connected Studio, gaydar pinging, hold up? but my Telephone.
Got to spend the day playing board games with my favourite game reviewer today. I'm hungover.
So finished the hungover games and now I'm the mood to watch THG so yup... put on the hunger games!
I've got in the hungover games a stupid parody film πŸ˜‚ stupid so far
are the players still hungover from the festive period? Last 2 games have been shoddy at best.
Trouba plays too much. Showcase him in night games. When he's less hungover.
I used to drink Gatorade after community soccer games and now I drink it because I'm hungover and can't consume anything else. I'm growing.
About to start the rest of my FUT champions games hungover. Wonder how this will go πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Games have changed is hungover and I'm up and have already worked out, never thought she'd see that.
Flames prospect with 2 assists tonight - not too shabby for 3rd game in 3 nights, and being so hungover. 18pts in 12 NCAA games.
It's all fun and games until you wake up REALLY hungover πŸ™„
"Watching Canada vs USA hockey games and when I'm really hungover are the only times I get religious." - πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Please don't say "JR was a problem, so we can handle Rondo" ... NO, JR had "came to games hungover" problem, not just an all out ***
Day time drinking is all fun and games until ur hungover at 8pm
so tragic that The Hungover Games was snubbed at the Oscars, makes it hard to take them seriously
I loved you even when you were hungover at games
I'm so hungover that I can't even play video games today
Back when we'd go to yall games hungover πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
- Am I the only one who wakes up hungover after Eagle games? Man, I didn't touch a drink! Nothing! Maybe that's my problem, huh?
It's Monday: i got 4 hours of sleep,. And I'm deathly hungover. Let the games begin
Sunday funday was all fun and games until you're hungover at 10pm and realize you'll always be a degenerate.
You know your on the verge of being delusional when you see the hunger games on the TV guide, except it's hungover instead of hunger.
Its all fun and games until you are hungover and puking at work the next day... 😷
I hate that these games are on NYE. I should be watching these hungover on NYD
Seems like being hungover to my Sunday games is becoming a trend
All fun and games till your hungoverπŸ˜·πŸ’©
Worst part of moving to Ontario is 🏈 games don't start at 10. Gotta wait 3 more hours to be hungover. What ??
26 and 5. I was 22 and 2 but im having to play my remaining games hungover
I'm not hungover! Though much of later part of yesterday is a blur and I woke up with a bedroom full of new games.
Drinking is all fun and games until you're hungover and puke on yourself
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Yes, didnt back the game was hungover today so only did a few today. Quite a lot of games tomorrow FA Cup etc - will look in morn
tbh I remember always wanting a nap after a driving maul, but I played most games hungover
It's all fun and games when you go out drinking until you wake up hungover 😣
Sick = hungover. That's what happens when you schedule Saturday afternoon games.
It is the perfect day to be a tinge hungover and nap, watch Netflix, play video games, and eat 80 pounds of catering leftovers
Cavs lose 3 straight games! Time to stop saying "these games happen." This team is hungover from championship. No one cares.
If more booze doesn't fix your hangover, here are 10 unusual 'cures' from around the world. Fancy a little voodoo?:…
The Hungover Games: 10 of the world's strangest hangover cures
I know the channel. I mean mentally. They look shook or really hungover these last few games.
will you both be working together sometime in the future. Hungover games 2 please.
I am AWAKE and luckily have not died and I am not hungover but boy oh boy do I hate video games more than ever
Getting *** of the day cos you turned up to your game horrifically hungover&being sick for the 2hour journeyπŸ˜‚don't get drunk before games 😭
you are such a beautiful bad *** Wouldn't want to take you on. Hahha loved hungover games. Teddy would of got aZz kicked
your such a credit to your profession. Your amazing talent and creativity truly lights up screens. Loved hungover games.
you are such a beautiful and talented woman. Your work in hungover games with was epic.
Maybe the directors will be able to save the film but I don't exactly trust the writer of Piranha 3D and The Hungover Games.
nice of the Knicks to show up today. i remember when Sunday noon games were watching JR Smith's hungover self shoot stepba…
Come on! My goodness the look awful...hungover from those awful Arizona games
my *** can still do what he did in college he just comes hungover to games and drunk to practice. LOL
hopefully...but these games in Paradise are weird...for all we know our guys are hungover and in Bohemian sex coma
Meet Hector in today's who wanted to be stuffed with Starbursts if he were a turkey -
I dunno, can get more games into the day. Footballs on earlier if you're hungover on a Sunday
I have played 32 games today whilst hungover and stayed up all night. I can happily say it was worth it. Elite 1 mo…
Afternoon games mean I'm hungover by 7pm.
Dont play vr games while hungover that have artificial locomotion
Cavs could get all liquored up, fly to south carolina come back be hungover and still win games like this
It's all fun and games until it's Sunday and you have pounds of homework to do hungover.
Etherington (comedown) and Fosbraey (hungover) to miss today's games with injuries. Osborne comes into the side for today's match.
I just can't wait to order pizza at 3am and can still eat it for breakfast when I'm hungover and play video games or have q cook out
So hungover and the boys think it's cute to sit on the couch all day and scream at video games like no gtfo plz.
The hungover games had at the time Bruce Jenner and definitely foreshadowing lmao
Best museum exhibit ever. Got to play a lot of old school and new school games
This Butler v GTown game on CBS is one of the best bad college bball games I've ever watched. I think both teams are hungover.
Free Movie Weekend is back with Watch it now–Mon on
It's all fun and games until your hungover ..
Noon basketball games suck bc my friends are all too hungover to get here on time
I always look hungover at my brothers games
First game starts at 9:20 a.m. Don't worry if you're too hungover to make it, games will be played all day
It's Free Movie Weekend! The Hungover Games is FREE now through Monday on
Just got done watching The Hungover Games β€” watching The Hungover Games
i got hungover once and it wasnt even that bad. Thanks WoW and ilvl drinking games ;)
It's all fun & games until you're hungover at work hiding under your desk! πŸ™Š
There's a movie spin off based off of the hunger games and the hungover? Ok.
Hungover, but stream will start soon and some word games... also wine ;)
Hella tired and hungover but so worth it strippers and the games man listen I'm good for about 4-5 days before I consider doing it again lol
The hungover games is the strangest film I've ever watched
Lies to his team. Is unprepared for practice and games. Shows up hungover. Doesn't do what the organization asks.
The Hungover Games, basically a Wipeout type of competition with obstacles, but it's played by drunk people. Please make me rich 🌹🌹🌹
I feel worse for Perrera than Will Kean. He has Pogba like talent but much like him he's not getting the chances. When he does, games dead.
was hilarious in the hungover games! Loved it.
SUIT UP! Random games today. via hungover streaming time
Do you ever play video games all day and wake up the next morning feeling...hungover?
It's all fun and games until you're still hungover at 7:30 pm 😢
Played the best two games of my hockey career today hungover.
Blackpool has written me off. I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to play 2 games of footy tonight
I remember showing to games hungover and we'd still low teams out. But *** I don't think I can make it today
It's all fun and games until you're hungover.
Hungover FA Cup football day, deal. Should be two good games!
Came second in a severely hungover few games of netball. Not actually a bad result
Slightly hungover but nothing serious. My right arm has died after three laser quest games yesterday. One of which I came top.
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You know you're in uni when you're low key hungover from a board games night
Note to self: Back to back to back to back high school basketball championship games are not the best place to be when hungover.
Working with people in their 20s is all fun and games until you come into work on a Saturday morning and they are all hungover zombies
11pm. Still hungover. Thais take drinking games to another level
I feel like K dot is the guy who practices bball everyday, shows up at games & drops 25. Schoolboy shows up on game day hungover & drops 20
When you wake up hungover and regret last night. More:
Harden straight he just had a wild summer. Definitely hungover the 1st couple games lol
12 o'clock games are not for me... I'm still hungover
Had two games tonight...Totally hungover from last night...Felt like flu game MJ...
Will meal prep tomorrow. Too hungover. Me just want video games and my bed.
I should really learn my lesson to not work bills games hungover but oh 🐳
Every Sunday I play the Hungover Games and lose everytime.
My taken on Data O Briain's "I Love Video Games" to a hungover audience at the masquerade!
Here is a very stupid and short game I made at session on news games
Absolutely exhausted. Played last weekend's game hungover, played two games today on four hours sleep. Dedication.
Might have to be hungover for games more often if It means I get a goal
Watching the hungover games, apparently when you spoof a comedy it's not supposed to be funny!
So one of my host brothers is hungover and the other played two basketball games in the last 24 hours and they are MESSES.
We had SO MUCH FUN during the games everyone was hungover and covered in mud and tired it was the best
Misume - I'm hungover so. Normal League games. Tristana time! via
Misume - I'm hungover so. Normal League games:
Day drinking is all fun and games until it's 1am and you're hungover
because B1G refs tailgate before games and at this point they are just hungover and don't really care.
12pm games are really hard for me because I'm hammered by 11 am and hungover by 6 pm then I nap & have to be drunk again by 10 pm.
Noon games are great until you are hungover by 6pm
It's honestly sad that I just go ahead & sell all my tickets for the games bc I already know I'll be too hungover to go
sorry we hungover with the early kickoff lol.. and why doesn't Iowa state ever lead games? lol ohhh right…….
See... i don't think you guys truly understand how horrendous the Hungover Games actually is! can confirm
I wish I didn't volunteer as tribute for Hungover games
Why am I always hungover for hockey games lately
Eurgh... Time for some hungover video games.
I'm so mad that someone at home recorded a movie called "The Hungover Games".
you mean hungover and sloppy. Wait! That's how they played the past 2 games
Why have I not seen The Hungover Games before, it's feckin hilarious! πŸ˜‚
The Hungover Games must be the worst movie of all time πŸ’€
hungover games is every con but especially ALA and Ycon for me.
The Hungover Games proves my theory that having a vaguely coherent story is vital for a parody. It's faintly amusing as a result.
Get down to Bowland Bar this Saturday at 1pm to take part in the Hungover Games!
Welcome to the 75th daily Hungover Games! May the odds and ibuprofen be ever in your favour.
Please consider watching the Hungover Games. It'll change your life.
The hungover games is an interesting film
I'm just saying that true fans don't turn up to cup games hungover, they get drunk at the game then have the hangover 🍻
We grown & we should be past all them type of games 😴
New Years Day: The Hungover Games. *barely made it out alive but I have this sick feeling my name will be pulled for next years…
we werent ever up 20 on MIN, it was 15-16 and had a 4th q collapse.Harden has had 3 str8 bad games he hungover everynight?
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Retired from Cav, hate being hungover for my games
SNF games come during our slow season too, I can show up a little hungover and nobody would notice
The hungover games is the worst thing I've ever watched πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Prior to The Hungover Games, I didn't think it was possible to become less intelligent by watching a movie, but I think this one could do it
It would help if our superstar wasn't hungover during games and our coach had a clue about the rotation by now
Afternoon games are always like that. Teams always come out still hungover from the night before. LOL
Who puts soccer games and work on Halloween weekend
it was just SO BAD. they got hammered during game 2 then were hungover in morning. gave away 2 games man.
One day I'm going to work one of these bronco games and not be hungover . It's going to be really nice
The only negative thing about all my roller hockey games being on Sundays is that I've been hungover for every game so far this season πŸ’€
these days I'm too hungover to catch early games 😭😭😭
Hungover by Halftime - a story about attending college football games.
.team in so many games they deserved to be blown out in. So he may or may not be drunk or hungover biggie lol
Noon games are dangerous because it's 6 pm and I'm already hungover.
I wish I never saw Hungover Games. Any feeling of goodwill towards Caitlyn Jenner is now gone.
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someone tell the OU football team to stop coming to games hungover.
Okay I figured out the worst thing you can do when you're hungover... Ref volleyball games aka blow your own whistle in your ear for 4 hours
I saw a movie that was a mix of the Hunger Games and Hangover called the Hungover Games:
I'm thinkin that it's possible to get hungover from a lack of night time Coke Zero
If you think Jenner's weirdness started with the red lip & white dress. (Skip Baylick -- The Hungover Games)
Ong i feel hungover. Football games at my school are too hype. But we lost against Dakota :/ still had fun tho.
Let's call it The Hungover-er Games? Or something more clever. The Hungover Game of Thrones?
Skipping class to play video games cuz I'm hungover πŸ‘πŸ»
The hungover games is bloody hilarious
Ppl are still releasing parody films? The Hungover Games is a top 3 worst movie ever
of course. It just means hungover nole fans after games aren't the most prompt:)
Hungover Matt just got interviewed by CBS and said the Cubs are gonna sweep in 7 games...they probably won't use that clip
Vou assistir the hungover games, mt bala
Gozzam both these Games gonna have ya boy hungover for my exam tomorrow
The hungover games is now the worst film I have ever seen πŸ˜‚
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The hungover games are so stupid it's kinda funny lol
If you've got some additional brain cells kicking about and want to get rid of them watch "the hungover games" on Netflix
as if my netball games are now on Sunday mornings, I'll be too hungover to play half the time πŸ˜”
Fair is all fun and games until you get hungover at 4PM
I'm watching The Hungover Games free on for iOS
'The Hungover Games' is absolutely brilliant am in stitches
Joe , seriously . He was out there drunk or hungover. Blew mad games . He is paid MILLIONS to play a game . send him home !
Greeting from the UK, l watched you the other night Games, funny seeing you back with the girls..
Why is Caitlyn Jenner in the hungover games πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Maybe now we know why he isn't always giving 100% during games, he is hungover! Hope this is his wake up call!
Why i bothered watching the Hungover Games, i will never know
Probably shouldn't have played two games against Baltimore hungover/disinterested.
When you're the only one in the squad who's not hungover because you played video games all night πŸ‘πŸ½
always seem to start off wretched on Sunday games. Like half the lads are still hungover from Saturday night.
We played drinking games with fruit snacks last night... I shouldn't be hungover
The hungover games and a bacon roll 😍😍
This football manager must think I'm a mess, I always rock up to their games to film hungover πŸ˜”
morning! Today: hungover so will mostly be playing computer games from under the duvet.
Sounds like I picked a good day to miss Mets games... See you at Citi tomorrow. Hopefully not hungover.
Football games and hungover .. Ook not the BEST combo once again lol
Watching the hungover games and ordered takeawayy
Me being hungover at work has probably contributed to this win. Do i have to do the same for the rest of the games? Yes/Yes
Note to self: Kathryn is NOT allowed to attend weekday Fulham games ever again
So I wanted to watch a movie yesterday, a friend suggested "the hungover games" and it was awful
I think im going to watch The Hungover Games
I play hungover half the time so don't really remember many of the games anyway
If you go to work hungover every other day /still fighting /still in drama / still playing petty games . It's time to grow. Up
sorry man I was hungover. I play hearthstone and D3!
Forced my hungover *** to shower, and get ready for Ty's games, all for it to get rained out and drenched 😌🚿
Watching The Hungover Games. I sometimes think my girlfriend and I are on different levels. Still, University Challenge tomorrow.
Won both games ... I should play hungover more often πŸ˜…
Hunger games on this beautiful lazy hungover sunday
Playing soccer games hungover is always fun πŸ˜…
you could still be hungover from those Friday night games.
Note: You can still be hungover and listen. Looking forward to taking you up to bad Big Ten games with my man
How'd we do yesterday was hungover and didn't watch any games after betting
Lelz so easy angry. β€” brah that's not anger it's called im hungover and not in the mood for guessing games so wh...
Hungover video games are my specialty
Severely hungover! My body needs to realise that it's not 18 anymore and cannot cope with drinking games 😷
Hungover, going to continue making games soon
The hungover games is real af right now
The hunger games on tele, the hungover games in real life
Now I can have a beer at the Buckeyes games .. I won't be hungover by the end of the games now ..
Got home at 1:30 after a night of tabletop games, I am sober hungover. How did I used to go out and drink and party? How?
The hungover games, dahora esse filme
Im sooo hungover ...playing drinking games was fun just fellin now😡
My parties only consist of two things, video games and alcohol. If you're into that sort of thing, just come on down. Currently hungover.
ditto...I stayed in and watched the Hungover Games
I'll be too hungover for breakfast due to the downtown get down, but other than that, I'm game! Lol! And, games on
The Hungover Games: what can I eat that I won't immediately throw up afterwards
No games, just chilled watermelon ... when I'm hungover.
Is it sad I am super excited to go on a 3 hour train ride? GET READY FOR SO MANY HUNGOVER BUDDY GAMES
Being this hungover on a thursday aint good..why cant champs league games be on at the weekend instead
It's all fun and games until the next morning when your hungover πŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺ
Won both softball games, but I will never play hungover again.😭
Hungover and we have two softball games tonight ... Fuhhh..
When you flip through channels and thought you saw "The Hungover Games" but it turns out to be "The Hunger Games"
Only times I've usually been was to pishy games my dad was too hungover to go toπŸ˜‚
It's all fun and games until you're hungover on Tuesday morning.
I don't know how people go to so many away games... I'm still hungover from Reading 😩
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Paul McGrath, never trained, turned up hungover for games and still best player on the pitch most of the time
New movie concept: the hunger games by everyone is hungover trying to find a cure. The Hungover Games
massive improvement. Although I watched the whole of hungover games. Progressively got worse.
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Watchin hungover games with my daughter
Movie Quote the hungover games was so funny but I wanna see something scary lol
Watching the Hungover Games since there's nothing better to do πŸ˜‚
Watching the hungover games as it looked jokes, with Vikki Carr-Butcher
Basically I loved the hungover games & and I have great taste in films.
The hungover games loool that movie is too jokes
Babe Ruth showed up hungover to the games.
Note to self: Need to watch the Hungover Games.
Somebody please make a hunger games parody called The hungover games.
There a parody movie of The Hunger Games called the The Hungover Games πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rachael has just informed me that the hungover games is not suitable for children but she said it was funny
I am watching THE HUNGOVER GAMES on Great movie browsing and watching experience so far!
Alright. I know I am not so young but "The Hungover Games" was DAF. Had to go to sleep.
Nahh mehn its 'Hungover games' its another movie
"The Hungover Games", I thought we were done with parody movies.
The HUNGOVER Games... It's probably gonna be hella corny, but we'll see
Gonna watch Hungover Games with a bowl of Frosted Flakes.
Watching the Hungover Games I need a good laugh
Hungover games.see how this plays out
Watching The Hungover Games, this movie is retarded!!
My IQ has dropped an enormous amount from watching The Hungover Games. But I would totally watch it again.
Just watched the hungover games, that is the stupidest movie ever!!!
Watching the movie... the hungover games.. so far, not to bad.
Bout to watch The Hungover Games. I hope it's funny!
Watching The hungover games eating a delicious foldover with my boo :)
The Hungover Games. I have a feeling I'll regret watching this.
Little Giant Ladders
Strongly recommend renting the movie The Hungover Games from red box lol
Just finished watching the hungover games lol
Thank you Sunday hockey games for making me feel justified in being hungover and not moving from TV all day
watching the Hungover Games.interesting so far
Gonna watch the hungover games tonight!! :)
The producer and writers of this Hungover games movie are stupid .. Honestly
Going through old pics and found this from The Hungover Games. Pretty cool shot says I.…
They made a movie called the hungover games
Rented the hungover games. This should b funny. Cant wait.
Has anyone seen that hungover games yet? Let me know how it is
So last night was quite possibly the most fun I've had in a good long while. Tanner Tarzan Leteff, my cousin Alex, and myself went to Freebirds, attempted to rifftrax The Hungover Games(and failed), and spent several hours coming up with Vines to do, and just generally having fun.
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The worst movie ever The Hungover Games so stupid
now watching the hungover games part III
Just a warning to anyone considering watching the new movie spoof Hungover Games "DONT" bad bad bad wrong on so many levels to gross to be funny I'd rather watch the old batman series followed by land of the giants topped off with two and a half men starring Ashton kutcher I thought men in tights was bad ah bugger it see for yourself just have a vomit bag ready
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Have you guys heard about my new book series..? "The Hungover Games"?
It's all fun and games until you get a hungover.
Good luck to your Eagles. Just make sure Mezzenga doesn't show up hungover to your games...
Another morning catching up with UK games industry stalwarts, followed by the long train home. It's a good job I'm not hungover..
Can't take these OT games...and not just bc I'll be more hungover in the morning.
Zidane smoked. Maradona was high on cocaine throughout the 80s. Tony Adams played half of his games hungover.
The real hunger games is trying to decide where to eat when hungover
That moment when you can't even play games because you're too hungover to hold the controller
Getting this mowing in and then taking a hungover nap, then 2 softball games, then who knows what.
The tend to play like they're hungover(like on Sunday) every 10 or so games. After that, they're a force to be reckoned with.
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