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Hunger Strike

A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act of political protest, or to provoke feelings of guilt in others, usually with the objective to achieve a specific goal, such as a policy change.

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Congrats to for winning the Strike Out Hunger Food Challenge among teams. Impressive amoun…
“Why should I be hungry during a hunger strike?”: how my mind translates the whining of ‘fans’ who equate pirating…
Saddam & Noroz: Both Are Students of They are on hunger strike till death for restoring their fellows in .
After saddam baloch another student nouroz baloch is on hunger strike til restoration of baloch studnts .
I never knew that A human can be that much cruel. Saddam Jamili’s Brother is on hunger strike till death. Save him.
Israeli security forces break up a Palestinian protest organised to show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on h…
WooHoo! Morehouse, Spelman students hunger strike ends in free meals on campus via
Hunger strike ends as UR professor Florian Jaeger placed on administrative leave
D​​r. Florian Jaeger: brain & cognitive sciences dept. Student on hunger strike to get pervy professor fired
There's also an excellent movie called Iron Jawed Angels about her life and her hunger strike.
Sure. Doesn't change how some faculty (and of course admins) use the language to undercut organizing effo…
UPDATE: very grateful for grocery stores that deliver to your house. . Also, dog has not asked for a park trip or t…
100 years ago today, suffragist leader Alice Paul, was transferred to a hospital after a 78-day hunger strike. She…
Yer like an albino on hunger strike
Court rejects appeal for release for hunger-striking educator who is on her 254th day of hunger strike + imprisoned…
My cd broke dude, lightobserations.Went moons ovr my hammy went on cleaning strike like gandhi or…
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How Temple of the Dog Pioneered a New Genre of Music Videos in the '90s. Fronted by Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, Temp…
Hunger Strike for Economic Justice... At the Louisiana State Capitol to see Office of Governor John Bel Edwards...
Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder together on Hunger Strike from is still the most beautiful vocal duo I've ever heard.
We all have that song I think. Mine is Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike.
And the guitar intro to Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog is so powerful
I added a video to a playlist Corey Taylor - Hunger Strike (Chris Cornell Tribute / Cover) @ Rock on
Watch Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder's final "Hunger Strike" duet from 2014
I'll never forget hearing "Hunger Strike" for the first time in the back of a friend's Toyota Tercel. Eddie and Chris' vocals blew me away.
Today we Remember IRA Volunteer Francis Hughes who died on Hunger Strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh 36 years ago today.…
'The majority of Palestinian prisoners will join the Hunger Strike' Al-Ajrami; Former Palestinian Minister of Forei…
700 Immigrants on Hunger Strike at For-Profit Prison to Protest Conditions & $1/Day Wages via
Francis Hughes followed Bobby Sands on Hunger Strike on this day 1981. He was only 25. The flame he carried still burns on.…
On this day 1981 Francis Hughes joined the Hunger Strike. He was feared by the British and was known as the most wanted m…
Hindi medium students of UP deceived by BJP; even after 55 days of Hunger Strike no ATTEMPT
Hunger strike in Amar colony market
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nEUws: on hunger strike in Greece│EU donors use creative accounting to divert aid money│how to fix
Hunger strikers in Sri Lanka demand answers to the disappearance of thousands after a civil war ended in 2009.
Via Emergency update: cartoonist Eaten Fish on hunger strike
Mabel G, detained in Yarl's Wood: "I was detained 9 May 2014 and still here; A day is like wasting life time away."
Jamia rolls back fee hike after students hunger strike
Sir we should not forget Sikhs like Sr. SURAT SINGH KHALSA jii , who's been at hunger strike for months…
Migrant camp protesters confront minister, who says facilities are adequate, claims hunger strike is 'fake'.
Cartonist Eaten Fish has been on hunger strike for more than 6 days. He is seriously sick and He is only 49 kilo. Please Shar…
Why does hunger strike right when the clock hits 2am smh
Migrants in Greece go on hunger strike in protest at ‘bad food’ and lack of warm showers! via @
Hunger-striking spiritual leader held incommunicado for resisting to end life-threatening hunger strike.
hunger strike has entered 758 Days on 7th Feb 2017
Three professors on hunger strike protesting college silence on Trump travel ban
Al-Qiq launches new hunger strike, wife calls detention 'illegitimate' attempt to imprison journalist
Manus prison: Cartoonist Eaten Fish is on hunger strike, media doesn't care. He's close to death & media only watching…
is so depressed about that she doesn't eat. Minimum of 4 years, max of 8. Keep up the hun…
Mohammed al-Qeeq launches open hunger strike after being ordered to 6 via
Muhammad al-Qiq begins new hunger strike to protest latest administrative detention
There are around 60,000 migrants and refugees trapped in Greece. SEND THEM HOME.
Cyber Attacker on Hunger Strike in Prison for Protesting Medical Kidnapping of Justina Pelletier
Arash Sadeghi a political prisoner of the Islamic Republic has entered 69th day of Hunger Strike. Demands freedom for his wife.…
Ali is another Iranian political Prisoner on Hunger Strike over 60 days. After protest to Acid Attack, he was arres…
Ali is a political prisoner in Iran, who is on Hunger Strike since 62 days ago. He was arrested for protesting against aci…
| Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Kinetic Justice is on a Hunger Strike | NAMUHSTRADAMUS
on a 'Hunger Strike' at Thanjavur, with the farmers demanding the Union govt to constitute…
Gurgaon: Residents go on hunger strike for sector transfer, reports .
Prisoner is completing 71 days of hunger strike against Administrative Detention
"To me, hunger striking is a way of holding my head high. It's a simple exchange: of pain for dignity."
URGENT: please support refugee mothers on hunger strike in the US - sign the petition -
Help us "Strike Out Hunger" at our PB&J Drive at the Lake Elsinor Strom Baseball Game on September 3rd at 6pm.
Migrant mothers at Pennsylvania center suspend hunger strike 'due to threats'
Took off @ n knowing that another 4 prisoners on hunger strike protesting harsh treatment n jail cndns
63-year-old Arjang Davoodi on 39th day of hunger strike in protest to terrible conditions of RajaeiShahr prison
Is Vedder joining Temple of the Dog for those shows? If not I can do his parts on . "Hunger Strike" for the LA show.
if Rubio and Cruz join via remote access to sing a duet of "Hunger Strike" by Temple Of The Dog all will be forgiven
A rare picture of Joe McDonnell on his wedding day. He died 35 years ago today after 61 days on Hunger Strike. RIP https…
Sons of Martyrs at Hunger Strike camp and ask Allama Raja Nasir tht We Want Justice.
Protest outside Pakistani High Commission London in support of Hunger Strike against htt…
Umar Khalid's Mother brilliant message at Hunger Strike venue in support... via
Today is the 11th day of the JNU Hunger Strike! Will young lives have to be lost before we are stirred into...
Behind the scenes with contributors from the film; Seanna Walsh & OC of 1981 Hunger Strike, Brendan 'Bik' McFarlane
Why not you go for Hunger Strike to compel Modi Government to take swift action against Sonia & others named by Italy Court
song of the day in :. Hunger Strike. Bridge School Benefit Mountain View
Hunger Strike for his lands in Azad Maidan, Mumbai: via
Today is 8th Day of Hunger Strike. Join us at 10AM for a Walk to CM Residence starting from Freedom Par…
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New post (Kunal Ghosh on Hunger Strike turns critical) has been published on
Jackie Chan is going on a Hunger Strike
Boondocks creator Aaron Mcgruder took a stab at BET in episode "Hunger Strike. It was never aired in the US.
Boyfriend & I are "arguing": Chris Cornell sang first in Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog. NOT Eddie Vedder. I KNOW Eddie's voice. I win.
Hunger Strike for Sharks: Marine Conservationist Nicole McLachlan, 25, will begin her hunger strike on Saturday... https:/…
The section of "Hunger Strike" by Temple Of The Dog where Chris Cornell goes "and I'm hungry"
He is not Vladimir Morera. He is Franklin Brito, he died during his hunger strike in Venezuela
Yes dy will do if u treat ur mil vets so badly nd dy sit n hunger strike n JM..dy will try to exploit dr frustration
political prisoner Vladimir Morera on hunger strike for 82 days to demand his freedom
If we fail to he'll be 3rd human rights defender to die on hunger strike in Cuba during Obama years http…
Alevi Bektashi Federation to launch 3-day hunger strike to protest against Erdogan army atrocities.
Over 100 refugees, mostly South Asians, go on hunger strike over
too easy. if it was 100 day hunger strike, I would think about it.
Asylum seekers detained in Aurora CO go on Hunger Strike .
Nadiya Savchenko is now on trial for her life in Russia. She is on 13 day hunger strike in protest.
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Hunger Strike by mandeya teachers of UP. state university will start from 1 Jan 2016 . -11AM at 5 K D ,CM House as Black Year .
Put Drake and Josh on Netflix right now or I'm going on a hunger strike
Whatever the opposite of a hunger strike is, I’m on that.
198 days of hunger strike at JM & govt is still circulating wrong propaganda of implementing . The Fact is stil…
MOST READ ONLINE STORIES – GANGS: No sympathy for Jujhar Khun-Khun and other…
Nadiya Savchenko is being held by Rus. gov.She is now on a 13 day hunger strike being held unlawfully on charges of murder
Shout out 4 Nadiya Day 13 of her hunger strike. . New Google Blog https…
While Rahm Emanuel vacations in Cuba, labor leader and political prisoner Vladimir Morera is near death on a hunger str…
Political prisoner Vladimir Morera Bacallao on hunger strike & hospitalized in Cuba https:…
Thinking about you dear Nadiya on hunger strike every day
Two prominent political prisoner on hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison
Freedom for Tariq Ba Odah is not a reward for his hunger-strike. It is his right -- he has been cleared for release. He is innocent.
Don't forget her. Day 12 of her hunger strike.
Podcast topic suggestion Nadiya Savchenko who is on 13 day hunger strike. She needs our help.
Watch this video. Shows the horror of Nadiya's last hunger strike. http…
Update your maps at Navteq
A woman worth fighting for. Day 13 of her hunger strike. .
"Please help. We’re begging you, help us. This footage will give you chills - and compel you to take action.
If you ever hear that I went on a hunger strike, it's a lie. They are starving me.
Day 199 of hunger strike by veterans. These r the soldiers who devoted their lifetime 4 us. https:/…
Badi Rani Maa comes back to the Mahal, goes on a hunger strike!...
Nadiya is on Week2 hunger strike, taking no water, even. from Putin's jail. https:…
I could never go on hunger strike because after the first hour I'd be like, no, not eating pills isn't for me.
There's not a single issue I feel so passionately about that I would go on a hunger strike over it.
From their 1991 tribute to singer Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, enjoy Temple of the Dog​'s 'Hunger Strike'. :)
Letz Support YSJagan Hunger Strike for "Special Status of Andhra Pradesh" . Write to the Prime Minister at
shadow chancellor John McDonnell is presented with a Hunger Strike commemorative plaque by Gerry Kelly.
Pls Sign PETITION to Free on Hunger Strike in 630 ppl did http:/…
YSRCP MLA Chand Basha speaks about Special status at YS Jagan indefite Hunger Strike
RahmEmanuel's kids go to a private school 1mile from Day 5 Hunger Strike.
A Tribal Member in Cascade Locks is Trying to Block Nestlé with a Hunger Strike
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Bapu Surat Singh is on 200 days of Hunger Strike yet Indian media does not give him coverage http:/…
Scotland Yard hang or put Altaf Hussain behind bars for life or accept his hunger strike request and don't allow him to cheat.
Alleged Roopesh, continues for ninth day, demanding treatment as
Today we honour Óglach Kieran Doherty he paid the ultimate sacrifice on hunger strike. RIP
Anyways, what's update on hunger strike of ?
It's not a hunger strike, it's just that I realized I don't need to eat.
Soldiers fought & protected us.Now when it's time 2 pay back has forced them 2 fight 4 their right & sit on hunge…
Madam, Ps do some to Ex Serviceman of Defence on One Rank One Pension as they are in Relay hunger strike at Jantar Mandhir
Without media coverage,our veterans reached 50th Day of hunger strike for their right for OROP.
This man is stand 200 days on hunger strike yet Indian media doesn't give home coverage
More than 500 go on hunger strike in new prison
The only song to have settled both my babies is Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog. My kids have class.
I did not like pradhibha Patel as president. Could I have started a hunger strike. Same applies to FTII.
Tonight at the Devenish as part of 1981 the legacy of the Hunger Strike - written by Tony Devlin. Starting at 7.30pm.
Kieran Doherty eighth hunger striker died this day in 1981 aged 25 73 days on the strike R.I.P 🇮🇪
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Kieran Doherty TD and soldier of the IRA died on hunger strike on this day in 1981
“82 years surat singh has been on a hunger strike from Jan 2015 to free political prisoners .
Elderly and on HUNGER STRIKE in India for basic human rights. Sikh sacrifices mean so little to Indian Gov?
Today in 1981 Kieran Doherty, TD for Monaghan-Cavan, dies on the 73rd day of his hunger strike at the Maze prison
Volunteer Kieran Doherty died 2nd August 1981 after 73 days on hunger strike. Aged 25. A hero and an inspiration...
Servicemen continue hunger strike demanding implementation of one rank one pension
RIP Vol Kieran Doherty IRA aged 25 who on this day in 1981 gave his life on hunger strike for the sake of his comrades . …
A hero in fight against new Nantes Airport. Went on a month-long hunger strike during the last Presidential campaign ht…
Remembering brave Irish Republican Kieran Doherty TD who died on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh 2.8.1981.
Old Sikh man dying on hunger strike for human rights
More than 500 on hunger strike in new prison.
If you have any Compassion/Daya in your heart pls hunger strike for at least today 🙏🏼
funkmasterroxxx: The hunger strike continues and the endian govt is oblivious as always
Peaceful Human rights activist has been on hunger strike for 199 days! 🙏🏼
"The only political activism recorded of Nzimande was that he took part in a hunger strike at the University of Zululand – fo…
another Dramebaaz Ex PM Deve Gowda going on Hunger Strike bcoz of Farmers Suicide.These Politicians think Ppl dont understand
Happy Fathers Day to who has been on Hunger Strike for 157 Days. . His demand? India must release all Pol…
Lets on Father's day!. Salute to Father of Sikh Nation who is on Hunger Strike for Sikhs
Reaching Jantar Mantar-. Ex-contractual teachers of Delhi Govt are sitting on Hunger Strike after losing their jobs.Our full …
5 day of Hunger Strike. Need your help if you care 4 commonman.
5 day of Hunger Strike. Media need your help if you care for common man. Its National News
How can the priest's failure to recognize the efficacy of the hunger strike be likened to Manoni's concept of psychoanalysis in madagascar?
2 bad 4 them “Colombian toreros are nearly 3 weeks into a hunger strike demanding the reinstat…
Dr Shankar on hunger strike to get what is legitimately his, same plight of all DLF customers. DLF dsnt care
“Dr shanker's hunger strike against monster dlf on 3rd day. Hats off doc. Fight continues.
First time in Sri Lanka Parliamentary history, MPs launched a Hunger Strike. Sleepless Night !
I think that if Al Sharpton does go on a hunger strike the Senate should never put a vote for Loretta Lynch come forward.
is he still on hunger strike? I'm disappointed with no coverage of his suffering
Anyone know how much weight Al Sharpton has lost on his hunger strike?
Assyrians in Turkey go on 100 hour hunger strike against denial of the Genocide.
Hunger strike on day 5,1900 buyers waiting for flat since 6 years at DLF bangalore, Please help,
hunger strike day 5, DLF is asking for 25% extra cost at the time of handover, No promised Amenitites
It is shocking to know DLF is behaving kiddish with the hunger strike that is going…
Support for Dr. Shankar, 1.30am hunger strike day 5
Sir 1900 families fighting to get possession for past 7 yrs. Customers on hunger strike for 5 days.
5th day Dr Shankar's hunger strike.1900 families on road to get possession for past 7yrs Paid 125% money.…
- 5th day of Hunger strike. See the plight of the Buyer. Builders still …
Hunger strike by Buyers2Demand their flats 17th April se
5th day of hunger strike to get DLF flats in BLR...plz help
DLF Bangalore- Hunger strike continues DLF Shamless day today all over india ht…
Day 5 of hunger strike. 1900 families waiting for possession for 7 yrs.
Fight4justice. 4th day hunger strike continues. Justice mustbserved.
4th day Indefinite Hunger Strike cont. http…
please report DLF harassment towards buyers and the hunger strike . Today is 5 day.
never never. Feeling the pain. Waiting for years for flats from Dlf. Doing hunger strike. No results …
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Hunger Strike since 40 days Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. plz look into this matter seriously.
Eddie Vedder & Chris Cornell singing on the same song. What more could you want?: Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike
Hunger Strike by the Fighters entered second day on December 13, buoyed by the huge support received from public for the cause on day one. On the second day protesters and volunteers tied black ribbons as a mark of protest. Today protest was also joined by Laxmi, recipient of International woman Courage Award and herself a stop acid attack fighter. Laxmi, while extending her full support to the cause said that the protest will not stop till all the demands are met. Paltan volunteers, who have put their full energy behind the protest kept the venue lively and engaging throughout the day. The protesters also sent letters to National Commission of Woman and Governors of UP and J&K, seeking their intervention and demanding regulation of acid sell in open market. In the afternoon, Social activist and actor Arvind Gaur also joined the protest. His Street theater group ‘Asmita’ performed a play ‘Dastak’ highlighting atrocities against woman, including acid attacks and sensitizing public about the menace ...
Via Nihal Parashar Naresh Gupta, a Samajwadi Party strongman from Bareilly has attacked Muskaan Devi, a Ward Member- another politician, with Acid. Muskaan Devi has received heavy burns on her body and has been sent to hospital. The incident has failed to reach the screens of mainstream media. This case was raised by the Stop Acid Attack campaigners at the ongoing Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar. The campaigners have written a letter to the National Commission for Women to intervene in the matter. On 27th November, Naresh Gupta, along with his 7 supporters, attacked Muskaan Devi inside her home in Faridabad area of Bareilly. Naresh Gupta is a local politician from Samajwadi Party, and various serious criminal cases are pending against him. The cases relate to Attempt to Murder (IPC 307), Fraud (IPC 420), Rape (IPC 376) and other serious criminal cases. At present Muskaan is critically admitted in Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Hospital, Lucknow. Sadly her condition is deteriorating with each day. At the same time ...
Tony ashby christmas with the Camerons christmas hunger strike
The stake of the (so called) state always comes first in autocratic societies. Hunger strike can make a political statement to sympathetic international community but that oftentimes doesnt mean the demands are met. Unfortunately, resorts are running out in this case.
More than 250 asylum seekers are on a hunger strike on Manus Island, refugee advocates say.
Iran: 13th day of political prisoners’ hunger strike
Iran: Sannandaj political prisoners on hunger strike in support of Urumia striking prisoners
Manus Is detainees on hunger strike: Refugee advocates say more than 250 asylum seekers are… ht…
Scholarism's Joshua Wong ends hunger strike: Joshua Wong -- the convenor of the pro-democracy student group Sc...
Doctor advised to stop hunger strike for his blood glucose level lowered to dangerous limit
After 108 hours, Joshua Wong has ended his hunger strike and gone home on doctor's advice. 3 other students will strike on.
Joshua Wong ends hunger strike. still looking for martyr says
Following medical advice, student leader Joshua Wong has ended hunger strike after 108hrs. ht:
Unrest on Manus Island as detainees sew their lips together and go on hunger strike in mass protest due to horrific…
Island detainees on hunger strike, refugee advocates say
Joshua Wong vows to return and consider resuming the fast to press for universal suffrage -
JW is off hunger strike? Instead of drinking 5coke a day he drank 4 and now is back to 5
Re. hunger strike: Prince Wong is last of orig. 3 & has striked for 112h counting. Gloria Cheng&Ng Man Him f…
announcement "Asphyxiating for a breath of freedom." Day 26th
SCMP: Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong gives up on hunger strike after five days: . . ...
"The hunger strike is spread between the detention centre's Oscar and Mike compounds, where protesters have...
Greece: 15,000 or more in a massive demonstration of solidarity with hunger striking prisoner & anarchist Nikos Romanos happening now in Athens. Solidarity rallies happening in several cities: Thessaloniki, Patras and Chania. Twenty days ago anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos went on hunger strike to demand his educational furlough. His situation is described as ‘critical’.
Joshua Wong started his hunger strike to demand a meeting with Hong Kong leader C.Y. Leung over electoral reforms.
Two asylum seekers sew lips together, as part of 250-person hunger strike on Manus Island
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have threatened to launch an open-ended hunger strike against their harsh conditions. They specifically want an end to night inspections, solitary confinements and administrative detention.
On 1 Dec - the 65th Day of Umbrella Movement, Joshua Wong, Isabelle Lo and Prince Wong of Scholarism starts their indefinite hunger strike. This is to urge the government to relaunch political reform and resume the open dialogue. However, Chief Executive responded by saying that all acts of disobedience are "futile". On 3 Dec, 2 more students - Eddie Cheung and Cheng Yik-lam join the hunger strike. As Joshua Wong mentioned in his statement earlier, the hunger strike aims at awakening public concern and he hopes that citizens and students would fight shoulder to shoulder together.
Apple Daily News Take care! [Wong Chi Feng announced to stop the hunger strike] member Xuan Lin Atsushi said Wong Chi Feng hunger strike after 110 hours, at noon today to stop the hunger strike, after the health care proposal, has returned home to freshen up and eat liquid food.
If blacks are so tore up over the state of affairs in our country these days why don't they all go on a hunger strike?...Lol, like that would ever happen.
Is Gandhian Mode of Protest (Satyagraha) still relevant? Satyagraha is the method of resistance and mass movement developed by Gandhi during his days in South Africa and later epitomised in India during its freedom struggle against British Empire. Satyagraha was developed as a broad term for techniques of civil disobedience, non cooperation, hunger strike and protest. Satyagraha is a portmanteau of the Sanskrit words Satya (meaning "truth") and Agraha ("insistence", or "holding firmly to"). For Gandhi, Satyagraha went far beyond mere "passive resistance" and became strength in practising non-violent methods. Later on Satyagraha went to become the most successful resistance technique and inspired many other great leaders like Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela and others. Not only it led to freedom of our country but also created a cadre of thousands of activists for whom it became a mode of life and they were there to shape India's future in right form to ensure not just independence but also to th ...
Will the law change in time for jailed inmate who is on the 27th day of his hunger strike?
Normal ways of protest are abandoned for its avail but its not equal to finding more and more other aggressive measures, It doesnt mean hunger strike is useless at all. Im not objecting occupying but I hope this approach will not bring us to violence and blood
Further to the recent police clearance of Kowloon occupiers blocking the MK Zone, CY rejects calls to meet student hunger strikers. He gave a lukewarm response to calls from pro-establishment lawmakers to speak to 5 Scholarism members who gave a hunger strike this week to press for real universal suffrage.. These students in fact, are incited by the political liars, destroyed the rule of law in their recent occupy Central movement.
A hunger strike of the Kurdish political prisoners in the central prison in Urmiye, sentencing practices and oppressive rule of the prison regime entered the 16th day, instead of investigation and authorities requests, the strikers had been threatened with execution if the prisoners continued on the…
Morcha start at Gurdwara Sahib Keysborough (Melbourne) to support Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa Hunger Strike by 5 SINGHS
A hunger strike touches on the the things all human beings share: the way pain and deprivation are written on the body.
On December 2008 a 15 year old boy Alexis Grigoropoulos was shot and killed by cops while taking a walk in Exarchia district of Athens. Following his murder, riots and clashes with the police took place all over Greece. Alexis' friend, Nikos Romanos has been on hunger strike since November 10. Romanos was sentenced to 15 years of prison for being involved in an armed bank robbery in Velvedo. During his time in prison he prepared himself for entrance exams of the School of Business Administration of Athens which he eventually passed. The state awarded him 500 euros for his success and invited him to meet the president of the Republic, both of which the 21-year-old refused. Romanos applied to attend his university courses as he is so allowed by Greek law. According to the pertinent regulation, he may leave his cell for 24 hours in order to pursue his studies, as long as he returns to prison in the evening. Regardless, the Greek state went on to refuse his request. WE DO NOT FORGIVE - WE DO NOT FORGET images ...
chewin of grass is d nxt option, since pocket dry n bank account don go empty. Hunger strike! Thinkin mode!?!
The hunger strike of an anarchist prisoner and the reaction on the streets are rekindling long-standing conflicts in Greek society going back to 1944.
Why there is "Hunger Strike" infront of the Parliament building in Syntagma - Athens? It's been going on for 3 weeks now they say...
Tom Grundy 2h2 hours ago 70 DAYS of the umbrella movement. Student leader Joshua Wong & others over 100hrs into hunger strike.
Students of 學民思潮 Scholarism have already gone on a hunger strike for over 100 hours by now. Chairwoman of the Civic Party, Audrey Eu, believes that meeting the students is the bare minimum of what government officials should do; however, they have not yet done so.
Mrs.Gandhi for Hunger Strike to restore dignity of Mrs.Gandhi BJP jump into Arabian Sea immediatly - "Last In First Out" ROFL
Enjoying a nite with my friends Nora Jones, SoundGarden, Tom Jones, Florence & the Machine, Brian Wilson, Pearl Jam, & Neil Young.. Oh, and Jenni at the Shoreline Amphitheater supporting the Bridge School. Here is the Ultra Rare and pinnacle moment of the nite; Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell jamming Hunger Strike together.
What has our country come to.Gary Coleman has began a hunger Strike tonight outside Cork City Hall against Water Charges.Anyone down that way,please give him a bit of support.Not that the Politicians will listen to him,but none the less,he has chose his way to show his defiance to the Water charges.
Part of All India hunger strike by NEXCC workers in Kerala. Glimpses of Two Districts.Resounding success on All India Basis in 27 states..
From 'Sydney, Australia' urgent hunger strike and protest in solidarity with October 10, 2014
One Friday morning, Peter woke up hurriedly and prepared for work. He worked in a busy institution and was expected early at work. His wife worked a distance from where her husband’s office was. As a result of doing things in a hurry, Peter unknowingly, carried his wife's mobile phone leaving behind his own. After he was gone, his wife, Jane noticed the mix-up but it was too late for her to do anything about it. She thought for a while and decided to carry her husband's phone in case he came back for it. On arriving at his place of work Peter noticed that he had confused his wife's phone for his but decided not to go back for it. He sighed deeply because he knew his wife could access romantic messages sent by his many mistresses. His wife too was disgusted because she had several toy boys. Drama began to unfold when Peter received an SMS intended for his wife sent by somebody saved as ‘John-Taxi’, which read, "Hi sweetie, ope yo monin’ is fine, 4 me am okay just mad! My love 4 you kills me. I coul ...
I'm on hunger strike from now (00:49) until 7:00 in protest at continued suspension of Goodnigh…
Kurds from Belgium are on hunger strike against ISIS attacks in Western Kurdistan (Syria) city Kobanê. The hunger strike has been going on in front of the European Parliament since two days and it will continue until next Monday.
Palitana declared Vegetarian Zone every jain must thank P.M.MODIJI Aadinath Good news...Palitana becomes the first vegetarian city in the whole world. Thanks to pujya sadhus and sadhviji for going on hunger strikes and pressuring the Gujarat govt to imposed ban on animal slaughter and sale of meat and egg.. Jai Jinendra...
British-Iranian woman goes on hunger strike after arrest for attending men's volleyball match | via
Network technician to begin counter-hunger strike
One Corkman feels so strongly about water charges that he's on hunger strike. What about you - if you could decide one thing in today's Budget, what would it be? 1850 715 996
What kind of administrative detention legal system Israel used?? about Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike??
Benny is now on Day 13 of his very civil hunger strike
Gary Coleman plans to stay on the hunger strike until 25 October, when a march is planned against the charges in Cork.
it will be called "Hunger Strike, How I survived the worst 55 mins of my life"
So some bloke is going on hunger strike over water charges is that wise? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Could everyone like and share this page too support gary.. He is going on a hunger strike outside city hall too have the water charges stopped in Cork... Tv3 and radio stations are involved he would appreciate all yere support
Some man in Cork goin on hunger strike to protest water charges bit drastic to say the least
man on hunger strike over water charges - Irish Times
Surely the guy hunger striking against water charges in Cork should be on water strike?
Cork man on hunger strike over water charges
Sources outside the court in Tehran say Ghoncheh looked v calm but signs of the hunger strike evident with black eyes
friend who saw her enter court say she looked calm. Family say she is pale and thin from 14 day hunger strike
This chap is on hunger strike in Cork in protest against water charges
DBP Amed branch co-chair starts hunger strike: The co-chair of the Amed provincial branch of th...
Political prisoner on hunger strike
Breaking tell the 220jailed kurdish to hand the back to or stay in jail they are on hu…
Gary Coleman, 28, who has started a hunger strike outside Cork's City Hall in protest at water charges
Hunger pangs strike. No time to cook. Need sustaining healthy homecooked lunch or dinner? Our daily menus are...
This Cork man is on hunger strike to protest against the water charges (via
1 yr after 2013 Cal Prisoner Hunger Strike, struggle against solitary continues! Letter from 2 prisoners in solitary http…
protester goes on hunger strike over water charges - Irish Examiner
NEPAL: Parents on hunger strike demand impartial investigation into murder of daughter
British-Iranian woman detained in Tehran for watching men's volleyball goes on hunger strike. http:/…
Cork protester goes on hunger strike over water charges -
Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike for 24 days via
A man in Cork is going on hunger strike against water charges. Surely a thirsty strike would be more relevant to the cause.
Mashallah Haeri and her daughter Negar on hunger strike http:…
Iran: political prisoner on hunger strike
Yer man on hunger strike wants Water Rates "Demolished". Genius. Betcha he got a sneaky Dinos last night too. .
Aaah there u n ur dad goes, the same drama again... 26th day of hunger strike? But jasmis,exceptional
Neil is speaking to Gary Coleman (27), a Corkman who started a hunger strike at Cork City Hall last night in protest against
So this guy in Cork is on Hunger Strike against water charges. Bit extreme. Ur no Bobby Sands.
Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike for 25 days Raed Moussa is held in Israeli admin detention without trial . http:/…
Gary Coleman is on hunger strike in Cork you say? He looks a bit different...
SSGOA, SSGCL put DHARNA n MD,s room to protest against NTS TEST for promotion. SSGOA is going to hunger strike n
13th Day of Hunger strike: Benny Mok vs Police.
AnnA ji IS ON Hunger Strike for right cause, But some jurnalist like sanjay jha taking pro govt stant or opposing him to get cheap attention
I added a video to a playlist Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike
Finger in your ear - A weekly playlist from finger eleven Scott - "Hunger Strike" - Temple of the dog James - "Hunger of the pine" - Alt-j Rick - "Hungry Heart" - Bruce Springsteen Sean - "Hungry for your love" - Van Morrison
If u die,I no go cry 4u!!! Tnk God say candle cheap and I still gt a black top Am going on Hunger Strike till Nigeria Wins a match
Mindy: Rolling Stone has another list for us to disagree with! The Greatest Duets of All Time. Some of the highlights: 1. Queen and David Bowie, "Under Pressure" (1981) 2. Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (1981) 3. Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, "Leather and Lace" (1981) 8. Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, "Hunger Strike" (1991) What’s on your greatest duets list?
Me gustó un video de de Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike
Outside the mural of Bobby Sands MP - who died along with several other Republican Comrades,Hunger Strike, H Block
When People protest for the justice , I support them But when people protest like hunger strike for unreasonable demands, There should be law against them to stop them. Human Rights also needs to speak against self immortalization like sitting on Hunger Strike for so long. Instead Human rights awards them for doing hunger strike for unreasonable demands?? Which is encourages to break the nation and hinder the security of ones nation. Unity and Security of ones nation is very important . Hunger Strike in your own nation for so long is like bullying your nation .. Do we know ? Civilian should also take steps to protect themselves as well as Military needs to take precautions to protect Civilians . Starting in 1980, it was often claimed that 90% civilians are victim of modern wars, Proxy wars without detailed examination of evidence. Please all nation should stop hunger strike . Today we all have voice. We belong to Global Village where Voice is stronger than hunger Strike. Yes We have to learn to he ...
Pakistan has become a heartless society; hunger strike can't get people's attention
The Jerusalemite lawyer Shireen Issawi started an open-ended hunger strike today
When a child brings a smile to a man's face who is on hunger strike for a month. That's the best gift to anyone
My uncle (left) shares cornflakes with Dominic McGlinchey & Francis Hughes (mid) who died on Hunger Strike 2day 1981 htt…
proud on Minnesota Oromos ! You did an amazing struggle. A three day hunger strike came to an end with resolution.
In Oslo today we're opening an exhibition of paintings made in front of Nadya's prison during her hunger strike
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) invites you to the following rally at the White House: Not Another Broken Promise! Not Another Day in Guantanamo! DC Rally to Close Guantanamo and End Indefinite Detention When: May 23, 2014 at 11:00am Where: Lafayette Square in front of the White House On May 23rd of last year, President Obama again promised to close the detention facility at Guantánamo. His pledge came in response to the mass hunger strike by men protesting their indefinite detention and to renewed global calls to close the prison. One year later, far too little has changed: few detained men have left the prison while hunger strikes and forced feeding continue. Join us in Washington DC to urge President Obama and Congress to end indefinite detention at Guantánamo and close the facility.
Youth group organized a solidarity demonstration with prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.
Memory to F. Hughes dead on hunger strike in 1981 fighting against illegal Brit occupation in Ireland
AWP-Sindh leadership in solidarity with Live stock employees alliance's token hunger strike at press club Hyderabad
Al-Jazeera's statement on ElShamy being moved from prison. 269 days of unlawful detention, 112 days of hunger strike
Remember a fearless soldier of the IRA who refused to be criminalised and died on hunger-strike this day in 1981.
Ayyaantuu News Online: Effect of Hunger Strike: Resolution passed by state of MN supporting ... - . - For More Click
Afghan asylum seekers went on hunger strike and sew their lips together in Turkey via
Bitter Fact: If not by hunger-strike, this is how Baloch students like Latif Johar are highly vulnerable to die
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